Thursday, January 17, 2013


I've been trying to figure out the simplest and cheapest way to make a home defense weapon.

Yes, there's a lot of youtube videos out there of how to make a homemade lethal weapon but almost all of them involve the use of some sort of electric machines such as a heat gun to make a PVC crossbow or an electric power drill or electric chainsaw. Furthermore most of them also tends to use wood.

I know that these home made weapon look awesome and some even as good as the commercial weapon, but some husbands who earn a living behind an office desk really have no talent in DIY stuff. Even worse, some people cannot even saw a plank let alone carving it into a shape of a weapon.

So far in Youtube the easiest weapon to make is a 'slingbow'. A slingbow is an ordinary slingshot (lastik) which is used to shoot an arrow instead of a round projectile (such as a rock, marble or metal ball). It work of course and I've tried it myself. The only problem is the cost of acquiring a commercial arrow in Malaysia is RM18.00 each and that is waaaay too expensive. Just imagine having to defend your house from marauders at the cost of RM18.00 per shooting?

So I've been trying to figure out a way to make a weapon from everyday materials available in any hardware stores which is easy to cut and shape. The projectile also have to be cheap enough that you can buy it from any supermarket in boxes.

And I come up with this... a cross breed between a crossbow and a slingbow which was made entirely (almost) from cheap PVC pipe.

  • PVC pipe & PVC fittings
  • Elastic Sling Rubberband *
  • Zip Ties
  • Broom handle that can fit into a PVC pipe
  • Cheap hand drill (RM25) and 1 Small drill bit
  • Superglue & PVC glue
  • Mini saw to cut PVC pipe and broom handle
  • Sharpened chopstick as arrow

(* Note : You can buy the rubberband from at the price of RM10 per meter)

Since this is sort of my idea then that's mean I can name it, right? So I decided to name it 'Babat' which in Brunei language means 'Fatso'. Yes the name is irrelevant to the design but that's the nickname of my youngest daughter :)

I have no time to explained the process step by step but the 'Babat Gun' is so simple that I am sure you can understand it simply by looking at the pictures below.

Remember guys, this is for home defense only. I've tried it once with a large blunt chopstick at 15 meter and the choptick was able to penetrate a plywood door. I reckon if the Babat is made from iron pipe that can withstand a tension created by several loop of rubber band, that would significantly increase the distance and penetrating power.



  1. ahaa…babat gun! a nice idea! 15m : almost 45 feet, wow that son of a gun is damn powerful!! respect you for that…
    maybe some suggestions …but no harm trying isn’t it?
    i. try to position the chopstick bigger/heavier part at the babat’s front..use rubber band to tie nail at that chopstick front….once being released, law of physics should create sort of projectile effect.

    ii. some of us used to play what my home town called ‘leletup or seletup’, made from bamboo…concept using air pressure..creative dudes might use pin/needle instead of the normal ‘buah cemperai’ as bullet…not able to kill, can hurt a lot in short range.

    iii. cheap arrow? wait..maybe u can try to use motorcycle spokes, flattened one front with hammer to create the arrow/sharp point, use rubber band to make it slight heavier at the sharp point…..manila card can be used as the tail fin, just taped it, it will airborne with ease and smooth…those days I did use bicycle spoke bought in pieces for homemade firecracker.

    as for item ii, if u used to see homemade harpoon (masa geng budak2 nangkap ikan kat sungai), it is quite similar to yr babat concept…just becareful in shooting trial stage, it can be deadly.

    1. Thank you bro for your suggestion.. By the way, the next chapter of 'Jerejak' shall be emailed to you tomorrow so please assist me again on the grammar.

      Now, about the gun..

      1. Yes I am working on that. I am thinking about tying a cheap drill bit (90 cent) to the front of chopstick with a zip tie and then glue a manila card as tail fin as you suggested. If the idea work out I will publish the result on this blog.

      2. I played that too when I'm still in school but it's getting harder to get a hand on bamboo in the city. Fortunately I now own an airsoft BB gun capable of shooting metal balls. I also own several regular slingshots and a few bags of marbles. The idea is that I shall first use the slingshots to deter intruder and while my wife will use the BB gun. I will only use lethal force as a last resort. I heard that there's a way to make a pump gun using a bicycle pump, do you know how to make that?

      iii. Bro, I don't know where to buy motorcycle spokes and I certainly have no DIY skills to hammer anything flat. Hopeless guys like me probably opted for chopsticks because they're easier to get by over the counter.

      iv. I tried to acquire a spear gun from internet but no one want to sell me. A few seller in Lelong are willing to sell a commercial 'crossbow' smuggled from Thailand (yes, illegal) but it cost a lot (RM1500) and it scared me to have to bank in the money to a strangers account. I guess I will have to make do with my babat gun and perhaps build a more powerful one using iron pipe.

  2. Great idea. I want to make it.

  3. Making a gun from iron pipe would be no more powerful. The PVC pipe will hold the elastic just as well. You could make better arrows by using wooden dowels with nails in the end. You can easily do the arrow fletching with any kind of tape.

  4. this is a nice gun and it has made good gun of pipe.

  5. A great creativity,interesting way to make a gun..:) .Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. wonderful, it is really amazing and creative work. this gun is amazing

  7. this is a certain creativity and I wanna try it myself. really you made good gun. thanks for sharing with us.

  8. You don't need to get fancy. Sharpen the point with a pencil sharpener and use duct tape for your arrow flights. Works well.

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