Saturday, August 2, 2014


So I guess for this Ramadhan it is appropriate to disclose another ridiculous theory that the Watchers has been thinking of. Seriously, I sometime think my seniors are getting out of their mind and they're infecting me too.. in a good way.

So as usual, I would like to apologize if anything I wrote here offends you. Please consider this article as junk and disregard everything in it. Yes I admit it, it's probably the stupidest thing you've ever read.

Previously on November 2012 I wrote an article "TIADA MUSIBAH DALAM ISLAM (NO HARM FROM GOD)" and since then I received a few emails (just a few) that need answers. To Cairo345 and BerthaJorge whom haven't received my answer since 2012, I would like to say sorry. Both your questions are too complex to be explained in a single email. So I decided to answer it now.. sort of.

Sorry for the 2 years delay.

Their questions can be summarized as follows:-

(a) Cairo345 claimed to be a Moslem. He lost his mother during a mugging went wrong. He said if her mother didn't changed her usual route, she will still be alive. He couldn't understand it because her mother never ever walked that street except on that day she died. Why did God make her changed her mind that day?

(b) Bertha questioned that if Allah is so wonderful, then why o why did He allowed good people to be born, live and die as non-Moslems? Why let someone good to be borne as non-Moslem just to be predestined to go to Hell?

Perhaps you have heard questions similar to these. These are tough questions that even the Jews and Christians prefers to avoid. These questions usually came from atheists and those who lost their faith in God. Perhaps the way I answers it won't satisfy them but it is important for you as Moslems to understand a little bit the way the universe work. I don't think I am capable of saving their souls, but I believe if I spent a little efort explaining to my fellow moslems, then hopefully you can save your own soul when facing something extremely unfortunate in the future.

To start my explanation, I would like to use this  guy as an example.

Most Malaysians have already know this guy from the news but for those who have yet to hear what the these pictures are all about, here it is.

This guy's name is Muhammad Hafiz Abdul Rahman and his story unfolded on 17th June 2014. He was riding a motorcycle on a highway and his wife Noorshah Ahmad was pillion riding. A silver Mercedes driven by an idiot hit them causing them to fall unto the asphalt right under a moving lorry. He survived because he landed right between the tyres but as you can see in the pictures, his wife didn't. She was crushed and her internal organs were all over the street.

The amazing thing here is this guy upon realizing what had happened to his wife, manage to quickly overcame his grief and immediately covered her remains. Then he got up and collected her wife's splattering internal organs one by one and even get himself a broom and cleaned the road. After that while waiting for the police to arrive, he just sat there next to her and recite the holy Quran as a gift to her soul.

The next amazing thing is he didn't even blame that idiot Mercedes driver. He merely said "It's not the car's fault. Everything is as planned by Allah. We ought to be grateful because we can see proof of His power"

So, unlike Cairo345 who blame God for his mother's death, the Malaysian Muhammad Hafiz was feeling all grateful. Why is that?

Further inquiries into his background reveals that Muhammad Hafiz is currently studying Islam in a religious school. So in short, he is a religious person and his belief remains intact. Cairo345 on the other hand despite claiming to be a Moslem, seems to have already lost his faith.

The most unfortunate incident that befallen Muhammad Hafiz occurred somewhere at noon during a traffic jam at Cheras Road when he was taking Noorshah to her workplace. Usually when hearing things like this, people will say things like this:-

"Why didn't he took a different route? If he take a different route to avoid the traffic jam then that thing would never had happened!"

"If only they have a car, the boy would still have his mother.."

"They should have left home earlier than that to avoid congestion. If they did then she will still be alive!"

"It's the damn Mercedes.. the bastard driving it is murderer! He even ran away from the scene!" (Well, I'm actually in agreement with this).

All of above are perhaps true but for Muhammad Hafiz, he thinks differently and we in the Watchers group admire him for that..

You see, I am certain that Noorshah was supposed to die on that day anyway. It doesn't matter where she is because at that specific moment when the clock was ticking - her number is up.

However, if the fabric of time suddenly changed that she did not die,  it could have resulted in something much much worst. Because she was a mother to a 6 years old boy and a wife to a Muhammad Hafiz, then her every movement and decision will greatly influence the destiny of both her son and husband and everyone else around her. Just a second early and her husband would ended up on a slightly different position under the lorry and both of them would be killed, leaving the child orphaned. If they have a car or ride a taxi, the son probably would tag along and all of them would be dead. Should Muhammad changed the route, something else and even bizarre might happen. Their motorcycle could collided with the Mercedes which then collided with a lorry which then could swerve and ran over 15 pedestrians - causing multiple fatalities..

Perhaps some of you might have heard these words of wisdom:

“The universe is a complete unique entity. Everything and everyone is bound together with some invisible strings. Do not break anyone’s heart; do not look down on weaker than you. One’s sorrow at the other side of the world can make the entire world suffer; one’s happiness can make the entire world smile.”
― Shams Tabrizi

Sound legit?

Of course it is. Because thar's the way things work in the universe, and Allah is always TAKING CARE of each and everyone of His creation in a FAIR ORDER.

"Taking care" here means that He will always choose the best outcome for us amongst the rest of other possible outcomes. So if one day you ended up losing a toe in a freak accident, then God had saved you from losing an entire leg in another freak accident supposed to happen. If you cursing yourself for failing to get a driver licence for the third time in a row, then perhaps it is because if you were driving that year you will end up jumping a cliff somewhere.

"Fair Order" on the other hand means that not everyone will be spared from blood and tears. Because of the fact that Allah has allowed each human to exercise his/her own free will and because everything and everyone is bound with the invisible strings of destiny, and added by the fact that these strings couldn't be broken due to the law of physics (For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction - Newton 3rd Law) - then there is no possible way for everyone on earth to win it all (remember that not even Prophet Muhammad was granted all his wishes). By common sense alone it is fair that people with good judgment out to be given priority over the idiots. Similarly under the concept of Qada and Qadar, Allah will favor those who pray and hardworking over the infidels and the couch potatoes.

Need a better illustration to understand the concept? Here's one (and remember that this is just for illustration)

I think it was about a year ago when I was corresponding with a visitor to my blog requesting my opinion of the theory of "parallel universe". Some of you might have heard about it but I'm going to copy and paste from several internet sources anyway.

In 1954, a young Princeton University doctoral candidate named Hugh Everett III came up with a radical idea that there exists many worlds, exactly like our ­universe. These worlds are all related to ours; branch off from ours, and our world is branched off of others. Within these many worlds, there were different outcomes than the ones we know. So let say in this world Muhammad Hafiz is alive, then in another world it was him that was flattened by the tire while Noorshah survived. In fact, if we applied Everett's idea then there were infinite worlds with infinite outcomes, all depending on what decision was made by Noorshah and Muhammad Hafiz on that day. That may sound far-fetched for conventional Moslems, but we must began studying this theory because it's based on real science or otherwise we would end up looking like utter idiots if the non-Moslems began throwing the maths and questions.

I myself have a very vague ideas how to explain the so called parallel universe theories. All I know that this theory is now being explored seriously by prominent physicists and that would only means that they have the math to prove its probability.

However, I don't think the scientists of our time will be able to prove it to the public. All they have so far is good maths written on a a whiteboard. But perhaps someone in the distant future, perhaps a Moslem scientist during the era or Al-Mahdi or Prophet Isa might come up with something extraordinary. Thus I decided to go ahead and write this article with the hope that one day, something like this (see below) will appear.

Hehe.. Me and my stupid wishful thinking..

Notions of parallel universes or dimensions that resemble our own have appeared in works of science fiction and have been used as explanations for metaphysics. However, after the discovery by physicist Werner Heisenberg of Brown University, such notion began to attract real interest of quite a lot of brilliant people (physicists) around the globe. In Heisenberg's experiment (known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) scientists have discovered that photons - tiny packets of light - taking different forms arbitrarily, namely acting as particles when observed at and waves when not.

This idea was then supported by the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics posed by the Danish physicist Niels Bohr. He added that when we observe a quantum object, we affect its behavior. In laymam terms he was saying that quantum particles acted solid when someone's watching, but then acting as a wave when no one's looking. Sounds a lot like the movie "Toy Story" doesn't it? But in extremely small and eerie way - eerie because photons are not 'creature'. Photon is just a quantum of light and a form of electromagnetic radiation.

Bohr's interpretation was widely accepted, and still is by much of the quantum community. Then came Hugh Everett III with his crazy idea of the existence of many worlds (parallel universe). Everett said that it is wrong to assume that photons reacted to human's observation. Photons are not creature with a mind of its own. He said that measuring a quantum object does not force it into one comprehensible state or another. Instead, a measurement taken of a quantum object causes an actual split in the universe. The universe is literally duplicated, splitting into one universe for each possible outcome from the measurement. When a physicist measures the particle, there are two possible outcomes: It will either be measured as a particle or a wave. This distinction makes Everett's Many-Worlds theory a competitor of the Copenhagen interpretation as an explanation for quantum mechanics.

Heavy stuffs.. Yeah I know.. Simply plagiarizing it from other sourced almost make me fallen asleep..

But it is quite interesting when you think about it because if we adopted Everret's idea then the important thing here is human 'free will' (a.k.a choices). When a human (or several of them collectively) make a choice to simply observe photons, the universe suddenly split into two parallel universe. In one universe where human was looking - the photons were acting particle. In another parallel universe however - the photons were acting as a wave.

So, if a simple human decision to look at the photons can split the universe into two or several parallels, then how about an even bigger decision like for example choosing who to marry, or what time to wake up from sleep, or even where to dump your crap?

Wouldn't that means that as we decided to choose from several options that were presented to us, then at that instant moment the universe also split into several parallels that simulate the future and the outcome of or choice?

Crazy idea but a lot of physicists are actually considering its plausibility.. and it's gotten even worse with some weird stories that popped up in the news.

Here's a funny one:-

A curious incident took place in Tokyo, Japan during the early 1990s: a man arrived on a flight with a passport from a non-existent country.

The man expressed anger and shock when Japanese customs officials detained him. Although the officials checked their records carefully, the passport had been issued by a country that did not exist. No record showed the country had ever existed.

Although passports exist issued by non-existent countries (known as camouflage passports), this passport was real and had custom officials’ stamps on various pages including stamps by Japanese customs officials from previous visits.

The man was well-traveled, caucasian, said the country was in Europe and had existed for almost 1,000 years. He carried legal currency from several European countries, an international drivers license and spoke several languages.

Finally, indignant, he demanded a meeting with higher government authorities. He was convinced some massive practical joke was being played on him.

After being detained for almost 14 hours in a small security room at the airport terminal, some government officials took pity on him and transported him to a hotel. They ordered the mystery visitor to wait there until they decided what to do about the matter. From the reports, the Japanese were just as confused and flustered as the mysterious man without a country.

Although two immigration officials were posted with instructions not to permit the man to leave his room, the next morning the guards discovered he was gone. The only exit was the door they watched and the only window had no outside ledge and was 15 stories above a busy downtown street.

The authorities launched an intensive manhunt throughout Tokyo for the mysterious traveler, but finally gave up the hunt. The man was never seen again.

So what if the parallel universe a.k.a alternate reality a.k.a many-worlds theory one day proven exists? What does that means for us?

In my previous article "YASEEN : STORY OF THE LOST CIVILISATION" I wrote that there's an ayat in Yaseen indicating that the Yaseenites knew about extra terrestrial being.  I was referring to the following verse:-

Now, read carefully the words "able to create the like of them", it is rather obvious that the word 'the like of them' refers to God's ability to create another heaven and earth which is either closely resembled or even an exact replica of heavens and earth (with people, animals, plants and so forth). The next words "of course and He is" tell us that.. well.. most probably He had done so because as "the great creator and the all knowing", He would create whatever He wants out of whim (kun fayakun).

Because the story of Yaseen is about a super advance race that was later wiped out from the face of the earth, then the first theory the Watchers had is that these Yaseenites had acquired a technology to investigate other civilizations from distant planets. But there's an anomaly in these verse. Here no only it said that God had created another earth, it also conceivable that it said that God had created another heavens!

Err.. What does that suppose to mean?

Whatever that supposed to mean, I am not going to think too much about it. Remember that His throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them, for He is the Highest and Most Exalted (Ayatul Kursi).

So that's that.. I've decided not to write anything in an attempt to proof the parallel heaven theory. I worried that my brain might explode.

But the again it does gives me an idea to answer some of the difficult questions posed to me about our life here on earth.

parallel universe or alternate reality?

Before I further explain the Watcher's theory, I need to first tell you that we (Watchers) think what the parallel universe really is (if there is any to begin with). When speaking about the parallel universe, the mainstream idea think of it as an permanent parallel universe that replicate our own but independence by itself.

By analogy it is like putting two balls side by side which is a replica to one another (refer picture below). We however think it is more like putting a ball facing a mirror. We are the ball and the reflection from the mirror is our alternate reality.

There are two differences between the two ideas. With the first idea both universe are tangible, solid and real but is connected by some sort of yet to be understand connection that may have to do with time, space and continuum. With our idea of an alternate reality - only our world is real. The alternate reality is just a by-product of some kind of yet to be understand laws of physic which created a mirror-type image of our own reality. These mirror type images acted merely as simulations of the outcome of each of our future if different decisions were made by us in accordance of our own free will.

The second different is something that we get the idea from the Quran. Have you ever noticed how God always described past and future as though as the it supposed to be something tangible that exists right before and behind us? I mean, if you read it as a literature it sounded okay, but if you try to read and imagine it literally it sounded as though there's more to it?

The following are some of the surahs, such as from Chapter (36) sūrat yā sīn :-

And We have put before them a barrier and behind them a barrier and covered them, so they do not see.

So if I read this surah literally, it means that there is literally something existing in front of and behind our back and it has been there all the time in our lifetime. It is so tangible in fact that we could have seen it if not because of the 'barrier'. Unfortunately, the Almighty put some sort of barrier that prevents us from seeing it. What could it be?

Here another one from another surah namely Chapter (21) sūrat l-anbiyāa (The Prophets).

He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they cannot intercede except on behalf of one whom He approves. And they, from fear of Him, are apprehensive.

This surah - when taken literally - also give clue of something. That thing that exists before and after us is a real thing, something that is tangible enough that there is a person (of whom He approves) can actually intercede it. Apparently we won't know who this person is but if its something that can be intercede, that means its real and not merely a pigment of our imagination.

And a discussion about what's 'before and after' us cannot be complete without referring to one of the most famous surah amongst Moslems - the Ayatul Kursi (The Throne)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Allah! There is no God but He,
the Living, the Self-subsisting, the Eternal.
No slumber can seize Him, nor sleep.
All things in heaven and earth are His.
Who could intercede in His presence without His permission?
He knows what appears in front of and behind His creatures.
Nor can they encompass any knowledge of Him except what he wills.
His throne extends over the heavens and the earth,
and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them,
for He is the Highest and Most Exalted.

My group's discussion didn't actually reached any conclusion on exactly what we thought the parallel universe should be like of even if these surah's refer to it. That mostly because the subject of parallel universe would be pointless without the presence of a physicist amongst us. Unfortunately also none amongst us is one so the discussion end there and the topic is considered K.I.V ( it have the same meaning with put on hold) untill the day we have physicist giving his 2 cents.

But on personal basis, I do not believe that there is a permanent parallel universe out there (the idea as portrayed by mainstream media) where there are millions upon millions of me somewhere in different dimensions marrying someone else, having different kids, and living another life. I believe there is only one me and therefore I can only agree with the suggestion of some of my seniors that there are only mirrored reflections of our past and future that temporarily exists to simulate the different outcome of of my present choices.

So i brief, I imagine it to be sort of like this.

  1. Lets say for example that on 6.00am I decided to ride motorcycle to work. 
  2. exactly at that moment some sort of universe computing program start to kick-in and and a parallel universe was created starting from 6.01 onwards simulating what could happened to me from that moment on.
  3. The simulation starting from 6.01 until the moment I died. Therefore it was discovered that if if I start my move from 6.00am then 15 minutes later I would be fatally hit by a car that would negligently exit a junction 700 meters from my home approximately at 6.15 am.
  4. The program then computes other factors in order to decide whether my death at 6.15 am is the best thing that could have happened to me. Factors to be taken into computation are things like for example: (a) pain and suffering at the time of death (b) the amount of good deeds that I have accumulated as my tickets to go to heaven (c) the global effect from my absence to the world (d) etc.
  5. of course in order to arrive to answers for (c), the program also automatically creates several others parallel universes.
  6. It it was discovered that my good deeds has yet sufficient to guarantee my way to heaven then the program will create several others parallel universe in order to see how I shall spend the rest of my life if I am allowed to continue living beyond 6.15am. Am I going to perform more good deeds later on? Do my extension of life going to benefit people around me and the world? Or am I simply going to perform more sins and bring harm to others?
  7. If the 6.00am simulation shows that it would be beneficial for myself and the world to not die at 6.15am, hence the program will destined that I shall avoid the 6.15am death. How can this be done? Well, at this moment at 6.00am, every particles and human destinies in the world (and perhaps the universe) will re-arranged itself just to safe my arse. It turned out to be that a single jagged pebble that was picked up by one of my children 3 years ago (see how this involves simulation from the past) finally ended somehow inside my shoe. I put my feet in the shoe and suddenly "OWWW!! WHAT THE HELL!! THAT HURTS!!". So I take off my shoe to remove the pabble and that delay me for another minute. So instead of my day started at 6.00 am, it has now started at 6.01 am.
  8. I rode my motorcycle and suddenly this idiot in Proton Saga indiscriminately rushed out from the T junction. Lucky for me I still have time to pull the brake and avoid collision. Otherwise I would be dead at 6.15am.
Again, I wish to say that I'm not sure is that how it happens or even if parallel universe does exists. Like I said, I just like to imagine it to be that way.

But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. (Al-Baqarah 2:216)

I also wish to reiterate that even if the alternate realities do exist, it does not in any way indicates that the Almighty has no control over our future. At the same time it also does not means that he is controlling our future. Yes it does sound contradicting but when it come to Lord Almighty, there is absolutely no limitations and that means that everything is a paradox. Yes He allows human to exercise free will and yet He also knows exactly what choices we're going to make. Yes He put us on earth for a test (heaven or hell) and yet He already knows where we are going to end up. And yes He allows time to flow in our world  but as discovered by Albert Einstein in 1952 - past, present, and future all exist simultaneously.

Einstein's belief in an undivided solid reality was clear to him, so much so that he completely rejected the separation we experience as the moment of now. He believed there is no true division between past and future, there is rather a single existence. His most descriptive testimony to this faith came when his lifelong friend Besso died. Einstein wrote a letter to Besso's family, saying that although Besso had preceded him in death it was of no consequence, "...for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one."

Ok, I know that I am not physicists and so are most of you reading this article. Trying to explain Einstein's 'Theory of Relativity" or Richard Feynman’s "Sum over Histories" would definitely lead us to a few doses of aspirin. I guess the simplest way to describe it is by using the movie "Twilight" and "The Matrix" as analogy ( Please don't tell me you haven't seen either one of these movies yet.. I mean, if you're a guy then it's okay if you haven't seen Twilight but it definitely not okay if you haven't watched the Matrix ).

So, imagine yourself as Edward Cullen ( or Bella Swan if you're a chick ) and you fell in love with Bella and your love story is taking place in a small town called Fork (let's forget about all that vampire stuff for a moment). So you meet Bella about a year ago (the past), and now you and her are married to each other and had a child named Renesmee (the present) but just a second ago your adopted sister named Alice (whom happens to by a psychic capable of seeing the future) had told you that a group of Italian vampires are coming to kill your entire family in three months from now (the future).

Now, from your point of view as Edward Cullen, there is the past, the present and the future. But imagine if there is another character in this twisted plot. Imagine if there is a handsome guy in black coat named 'Neo' who is watching your entire love story from a monitor displaying the Matrix?

See? It happens to be that Edward and Bella, even though they really does exists and has their own free will, are creatures that turned out to live in the world of Matrix! So from Neo's point of view, Edward's entire love story with Bella is just like a 300 bytes data of meaningless PDF text. It's like "oh Edward meet Bella at page 25" and then "Edward married Bella and have kid at page 134" and then "Oh the Voltury vampires will come to kill them at page 300".

Yes, the story started at page 1 and ended at page 300 but that doesn't change the fact that page 1 to page 300 exists in one single e-book and that book can even be printed out and put into your palm ( i.e exists) in one single moment. Therefore, whereas Edward Cullen had made a decision to kiss Bella Swan at page 40, unbeknown to him his future already exist at page 41 while his past still lingers at page 39.

This is how I think (at the moment) how the parallel universe is functioning. However in my twisted version, it is called parallel universe because for each future pages  (page 41) and previous pages (page 39) there are also several automatically 'alternative' pages that were created for simulation and consideration.

So for example, when Edward kisses Bella at page 40, then at that moment there will exists several alternatives to page 41 (and future pages onward). So suddenly there exists page 41(a), 41(b), 41(c), 41(d) and so forth - each with different outcome of the future pages onwards. It is then amongst all these alternative pages that one page with the best outcome (after all things considered) was adopted to be the next page 41 of Edward Cullen.

I hope you already catch my drift on this because I intend to go back to Neo and the Matrix.

Now for Neo there might be some limitations because as human  it might take him a while to peruse the whole pages. But for the Matrix it takes no time at all. Because of the computing power of the Matrix capable of processing unlimited (i.e paradox) amount of data, then processing mere 300 bytes of data literally take no time at all. In fact, the 300 bytes of data is literally like an single electrical pulse that form the entire the entire Matrix universe.

So is this single electrical pulse important to the Matrix?

The answer is YES and NO. Why?

Well, it is important because to the Matrix, that existence of that single pulse triggers the future chain reaction of other electrical pulses in the Matrix system. Other than that, it might also carries with it electrical signal that can launch a software or start hardware that will eventually change the future course of the entire Matrix.

But at the same time, the pulse by itself is so tiny and insignificant that neither its existence nor absence can jeopardize the running of the Matrix universe. Should the administrator of the matrix decided that its existence is no longer needed, the matrix is already equipped with necessary program that can swiftly terminate the pulse and then rearrange the entire Matrix to continue its usual operation.

So in short, every pulses in the Matrix are at the mercy of the Matrix administrator.

Now you get the simple idea of the theory, then imagine if the assumed power of the Matrix is multiplied by infinity. Would you, being Edward Cullen living in Fork, be able to speculate the spectacular power of the Matrix?

Of course not. Hence if you no longer can assume the answer to the question of "The Matrix's Power multiplied with infinity", the it would be impossible to even comprehend the actual universe that we actually live in right now.

We are halfway through this article and again I would to remind all my readers that the Matrix mentioned above is just a scenario taken from a movie to illustrate my theory on what might led to the existence of future and past parallel universe (if there is one).

Please do not think about it seriously. It's just silly things for leisure reading only. Ok?

I think what made it fun to think about the idea that parallel universe exists, and the idea that past/present/future happens at the same time, is because these two ideas compliment each others. They even compliment the third idea namely that the world is sort of like an Illusion (Yep.. like the matrix in that movie).

Hey wait your horses and be calm. The idea does not try to invalidate your or other people's existence. No one is saying that your kids are just hologram or that you've been married to your own pigment of imagination. Don't worry.. you are real, your family is real and so does people around you.

I merely entertain an idea that we may not be as solid as we think we are. I know everyone had heard stories about demon or djin entering and possessing human. We also had heard stories about angel who can be in any places at such indescribable speed. We also heard about bunians who can established a village or town with houses and buildings overlapping in the same exact place where there is only jungles. It has been an accepted notion to us human that these beings are not 'solid' beings as we are. If an ordinary human tries to punch one of them, our physical hand will simply went through their face.

But ever heard of a djin possessing another djin? Or two bunian kingdom exists on the same spot overlapping each other existences? I don't know about you but I certainly never heard any.

So I believe that it is all about perspective. We saw them as something not solid, they on the other hand see themselves as something entirely solid but with different ability. They can hit each other, build houses, or do whatever things that human do.

Like I said, it is about perspective. You are what you think you are, but that is not necessarily the way others see at you. Lets accept it, being solid and being real are two different things. The air is real but has no solid form. Atom is real too but can turn into many different form.

The notion that the atom was the smallest particle in the universe fell with the discovery that the atom itself is made up of even smaller, subatomic elements. What was even more shocking was the revelation that these subatomic particles emit various “strange energies.” Proponents would argue that the findings within quantum physics only apply and are significant at the subatomic level, but to those I say, are we not all existing at the subatomic level? When we observe ourselves and our physical environment at the smallest level, are we not made up of atoms?

It is interesting to point out that if you believe yourself and everything around you is made up from atoms, then you to know by now that only one percent of every atom is composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The other 99% is empty space.

That being said, the next time you stand in font the mirror, you should look at yourself and acknowledge that only 1% of you really exists while 99% of what you is actually isn't really there.

Yes it does sounds eerie but if we take into consideration that 99% of us and things around us is some sort of Luh Mahfuz's projection of grand illusion, that would explain why it is extremely easy for God Almighty to move each and every particles in this universe in order to fit every 'laws' that fit into the Islamic teaching of Qada & Qadar. If you ever think that it sounded improbable for a single jagged pebble to be moved by the All Merciful God to that specific location in my shoes 3 years later, or too difficult to arrange the chain of events that caused Muhammad Hafiz to end up between the tires of a truck, then you should know by now that is a matter of nothing for Him to do as he wish.. and He only wish the best outcome for each of His creation. 

'KUN FAYA KUN' - Quran made it sound effortless for God to do and create as He wish. A trillion time more effortless than a keystroke of "Enter" on my keyboard as I launched a virtual world of "The Sims" in my computer.

So if the the parallel universe do exist but totally is unneeded by the Almighty (because the story of our life has already been known since before the Big Bang) then to what purpose will it served?

Well, first of all I think parallel universe is just a by-product of our reality. It s like a reflection of our image in the mirror. Totally useless except for the purpose us evaluating ourselves. I think alternate reality when finally observed by Moslems in the future will finally led to the understanding that people cannot blame God and their surroundings when it comes to how their life began and how it end.

Using the parallel universe as an analogy to answer the question why some people were born as Non-Moslems, I began to understand that The non-Moslems no longer can blame God for their death as an infidel because that what they have chosen to be no matter which path of life they have chosen. Because faith is indeed a matter of free will, then no matter in what universe they were put into, these people will still refuse to embrace Islam. They can either be born in Malaysia in one universe or Saudi Arabia in another universe and they still refuse to embrace. In fact even if they were born as a child of a religious moslem in another universe they will still choose to sprinkle their head with holy water and became a Christian. It's pointless, these people regardless of how good they are or in what situation you put them in or what evidence you shown them - they will still refuse Islam. That is just what they are and how they wanted to exercise their own free will.

Take the son of Noah or the wife of a Luth for example. They were put in the best position to be a person to obey God but it still didn't work out for them. Another very good example is prophet Muhammad's uncle Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib. despite being supportive and protective over prophet Muhammad - he still refused to embrace Islam until the day he died. I mean what better universe can Allah give him other than being an uncle for Prophet Muhammad?

So the best available universe remaining for Abu Talib? He can became a good non-Moslem and a good uncle to Prophet Muhammad. May he and the rest of good Non-Moslems like him receive a lenient form of Hell. Whether they will receive further respite in the day of Judgment is all upon Allah the Most Merciful.

As a conclusion to this article, just remember to say Alhamdulillah all the time even when a misfortune befallen you. Even if you tripped your feet on a nail, always remember that there a godzillion other parallel universe out there where you suffer even worse.

Allah is the Merciful.. only good things come from HIM. Even after we committed a thousand terrible sins, He still moves heavens and earth so that we only suffer a bleeding foot.

No disaster strikes except by permission of Allah . And whoever believes in Allah - He will guide his heart. And Allah is Knowing of all things (Al-Taghabun 64:11).

Happy Ramadhan and Happy Aidilfitri to you all.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


After what happened to MH17, me and my itchy fingers start writing craps and posted on my facebook as follows:-

  1. In order to start World War 3, the attacking forces against Russian has to be "international coalition" led by America.
  2.  In order for the coalition to be legal and international so to speak, it has to be mandated by the UN security council, eventhough I wouldn't know how they are going to deal with Russia's veto power.
  3. In order for for the UN's resolution to be passed, Malaysia (as a potrayed victim) must side with the US and even support the resolution.
  4. And that decision from Malaysia lie on the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak.
  5. But Najib also has the tendency to act based on the most popular notion percieves by the media and most trending in social media. It gives him political mileage.
  6. Therefore in conclusion, if most Malaysian can be convinced that the tragedy of MH17 is a false flag operation against Russia, Najib might be able to say no to Obama regardless of the pressure.
  7. We the Malaysian people might be able to prevent nuclear war.
  8. your future is in your hand. Whether you live or die a year from now might depends on what you did or 'Share' or 'Like" today.

So few of my Facebook friends and blog readers demanded that I write something about the MH17 tragedy.

Why Malaysia they said?

I shall obliged and give out my theory.. but only in this brief article..

I shall remind you.. this is a stupid theory.. It has no weight and it is utterly rubbish.. a mere product of an imaginative mind.

Now if you have been with me since 1998 or at least since 2008, you should be able to remember that on December 20th, 2008 I wrote an article "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT : THE (UN)HOLY RELICS, SYRIA AND THE GREAT WAR". It was published in MYKMU in 2008 (I haven't started blogging yet) but the article survived in Mr.Azhar's blog 'Apa Nak Dikata'. Click here if you haven't read it yet.(and thank you Mr.Azhar for re-posting it in your blog.)

Anyway, there is a hadith there that I had referred to, as re-posted again below:-

"kamu akan mengadakan perdamaian dengan bangsa Rum (Kristian) dalam keadaan aman, lalu kamu akan berperang bersama mereka melawan suatu musuh dari belakang mereka. Maka kamu akan selamat dan mendapat harta rampasan perang yg byk, kemudian kamu akan sampai ke sebuah padang rumput yg luas dan berbukit-bukit, maka berdirilah seorang lelaki Rum. Lalu dia akan mengangkat tanda salib (tentera kristian) dan melaungkan salib telah menang maka datanglah kepadanya seorang lelaki muslimin dan membunuh lelaki Rum tersebut , kemudian tentera Rum mengkhianati perdamaian dan terjadilah peperangan demi peperangan, dimana mereka akan bersatu menghadapi kamu di bawah 80 bendera , dibawah setiap bendera terdapat 12 ribu tentera"- Hadith sahih riwayat Imam Ahmad,Imam Abu Daud, Ibnu Majah dr Zu Makhmar RA.

or a brief translation in English:-

 "You will make peace with the People of Rome and then you and they together will combat an enemy. You will be victorious in that battle. After that all of you will stay at a pasture, at that time a person from among the People of the cross will raise a cross then a Muslim will get angry and rise to him and push him away. Thereafter all the People of Rome get together and attack you under eighty flags and under each flag is 12 thousand army…"

What does this hadith had to do with MH17?

Now, if you read the hadith carefully, you will noticed that the war will be waged by three parties namely:-

  1. the Muslims
  2. the Roman
  3. the Enemy
We know who the Moslems are. The remaining mystery is who shall be the Romans and who is this 'Enemy'.

Apparently, this 'Enemy' is also the enemy of the Moslems and the Christians. Despite the fact that Moslems and Christians don't mixed well and will ever be foe, the Moslems and the Christians in the future hated the 'Enemy' so much that they temporarily agreed to be allies.

Undoubtedly there is only one enemy that the Catholic Church and the Moslems has been fighting since the dawn of ages and that enemy is 'Lucifer' a.k.a the Devil.

Well, not that 'Lucifer' literally but it refers more towards Lucifer's worshippers.You know what I mean - those satanic cult also known as the Luciferians or in the internet mainstream media known as the ILLUMINATI.

And unfortunately for the American, that means that America is the enemy because the fact that United States government is most infested with Luciferians is now already a matter of general knowledge.

So if the United States is the potential 'Enemy' than who would be the 'Roman'? Will they be the people of Rome, Italy?

In this case, I don't think the 'Roman' of the future will speak Italian.

It is becoming an increasing popular belief that the 'Rise of the Third Roman' is now happening in Russia. As America de-Christianize itself through the subversion of media, control of government and the opiate like addiction to materialism, Russia became increasingly Christian. The Kremlin and the Orthodox Church have the ability to use Traditional social values and a resurgence of nationalism to inoculate Eastern Europe and an increasing number of Western sympathizers against the spread of the globalist agenda. Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union has emerged as the standard bearer of the Christian Faith globally, leaving the rest of West behind.

Now, immediately after the downing of the Malaysian MH17, President Putin immediately seek the help of Russian Orthodox Church leaders at a monastery Sergiev Posad, near Moscow. There, Putin seek for the influence of the Orthodox Church to call for ceasefire between the pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces fighting in eastern Ukraine to allow for negotiations.

I'm not sure how the story will unfolds in the future. Will Malaysia as a Moslem country allied itself with Russia against the attempt of the United States to start a World War 3? and if that happens, how can Malaysia possibly helps to gains support from the rest of Moslems world?

I don't know... I don't want to know... I am hoping for a peaceful future where everything is calm, peachy and colorful. Those 'End of Days' prophecies? I don't want it to happen in my lifetime and my daughter's lifetime.

But I did write about Malaysia in my previous article "Malaysia In The Eye of Dajjal", didn't I?


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Yeah.. yeah.. I know it's a bit late ( 12 months late to be exact ) but I promise to try to update more often from now on..

Thanks a billion to HorzePower for checking my grammar.. I'll disturb him again for chapter 17 later on.


CHAPTER 1 TO 5 (in .Doc format) 











Author : AfterDark
Grammar Checker : HorzePower

"Bro, you ought to buy a new and bigger car.. This is old and it sucks !"

"Hey.. hey.. don't insult the Mahathir's car.. This is classic from the 80's" replied Cacamerba in defense of his old and squeaking Proton Saga car.

It took me a second to digest that.  "Is that so? Nope, this ain’t Mahathir's car" I declared.

"Mind you, the old man drove the same car on Penang Bridge in 1985" he growled.

"He drove a 1985 Proton Saga. Yours is 1987 Proton Saga Aeroback.. Ain’t  the same" I made my point. Apparently I won my case because he didn't reply back. He just grunted.

I was sitting in the middle being crushed by the skinny Mr.Lam on my right and the not so skinny Mrs. Lam on my left. Both of them in deep slumber  with both heads on each side of my shoulders. Mrs.Lam was snoring and it was louder than her husband. Pak Erwin on the other hand was sitting in the front passenger seat and fully alert, occasionally glancing at the darkness outside as though as he was awaiting for someone to ambush our car.

"Pak Erwin.. Relax.. We are safe for the time being" I said to him trying to ease him out. He just smiled but still glancing at the dark.

I felt worried and uneasy as I stared at his behavior. Perhaps his sixth sense saw something out there of which we couldn't see? I then decided to keep the spasm of panic feeling inside me, with no question asked.

"So?" I prompted. "Who are these guys? 'Soldiers of the Black Sword'?" I asked Cacarmerba who seems to be driving ever slower after I insulted his car.

Cacamerba remains silent for a few seconds and continued looking ahead at the road. Then I saw him glancing at the mirror as though he was checking out both the Lams’ which were now snoring in harmony on the back seat.

"Except for Imam Ali, I don't know the rest of them that well. I met them since a year ago when I brought one of my friend to seek treatment there". Cacamerba wasn't comfortable, in hesitation telling me this menial information. He quickly glanced at Pak Erwin but the old guy just continued occasionally staring out the windows in silence.

Me: "And?..."

Cacamerba: "My friend at that time was experiencing a problem with his wife. He believed someone had bewitched their marriage to break apart. So I asked Imam Ali for a favor and he agreed to try his best to help out the couple. It happens to be at that time there were five of them.  Men with average age around 40s and 50s. They all practicing silat (Malay form of martial art) on the front yard"

Me: "Who's teaching..?"

Cacamerba: "None.. They were taking turns sparring each other. It was intense because they were actually arming themselves with actual machete and keris. Those guys were crazy, with extremely difficult and complicated silat moves but no one got hurt because all of them managed  to avoid any contact with the blade. They are all extremely good with silat. I would say they all are master of their game ".

Cacamerba then told me that later on during his other meeting with Imam Ali, he was told that the group called themselves as "Lashkar E-Saif Ul Aswad" (Soldiers of the Black Sword) and they were simply a group of people who shared similar interest to learn and master the malays martial art of 'Silat'.

"You bought that bullshit, didn't you?" I said to Cacamerba with amusement.

"Of course not!" He scowled, then chuckled. "When a group of armed people starts naming themselves 'soldiers of the sword' then of course there is more than meets the eye. I began to suspect that these people are some sort of 'pendekar' (warrior) wannabe but it didn't worry me a bit because  though at the beginning, they were just harmless old boys. You know.. Like some of those Freemasons we used to discuss about".

"I hardly think the Freemasons are harmless.." I corrected.

"True.." he noted. " And apparently so does these pendekar wannabe".

"Interesting!". Both Cacamerba and I turned our heads towards where the voice was coming from. Pak Erwin was no longer looking through the car window. He was smiling hugely at us. Cacamerba had caught his interest now.

"So you've known them for a year already?" I asked Cacamerba.

"Sort of, but I'm not one of them" Cacamerba dodged an accusation hidden in my question.

"You've known them for a year already and I know for a fact that you're closer to Imam Ali than the rest of us in the Watchers Group".

"Wow.. its a full moon tonight.. see that?" Cacamerba voiced out as if not to further the subject.

Man, that was one pathetic attempt to change the subject. That irked me a lot.

"You know what, these two people now drooling on my shoulder were attacked tonite and we're about to deliver them to the care of a group of people whom begins to sound to me like Al Maunah. And mind you that my world is spiralling into one which now includes secret societies, demons and perhaps a bunch of dangerous religious fanatics, then don't you think I deserve the right to know what am I getting myself into?"

Cacamerba remains silent for a while. Deep in me he knew more about the Lashkar than he was willing to tell me. He couldn't lie to me. Imam Ali, Cacamerba and I were all in the Watchers Group. I've seen how he communicated with Imam Ali and I easily knew Cacamerba look up to Imam Ali like a teacher. It is my hunch that Imam Ali considered Cacamerba as good friend so it was easy to guess that Imam Ali had told him a lot of stuff about the Lashkar,

"He's right" Pak Erwin finally interjects  with a soft voice to Cacamerba. "You can't drag a man to the violent sea without first warning him while his feet are still dried on the land. It would be  dishonorable thing to do to your own friend."

Cacamerba merely sighed.

“Please tell us who these people are?.." he persuaded. Cacamerba then obliged.

Contrary to what most of you might assumed when you begin reading this story, Imam Ali has never been appointed as an 'Imam' (a person appointed to lead a prayer in a Mosque) by any government authorities. In fact, the word 'Imam' does not refers to his position as religious scholar or leaders. It was merely because when he was born, his father whose name is ALI BIN MISKIN decided to name him 'IMAM'. Hence his full name is 'IMAM BIN ALI'. Since most Malays no longer mentioned the word 'BIN' (translation: "son of") when verbally conversing then whenever he was asked of his name, he said "I am Imam Ali" and people misunderstood into thinking that his name is "Ali" when in fact "Ali" was his father's name. In fact, a lot of elderly in his village thought it was hilarious  to combine his name with his father's and grandfather's name which they ended up calling "IMAM ALI MISKIN" (meaning: Poor Imam Ali).

This things happen a lot amongst the Malays especially in the 70's and 80's. Parents named their newborn with names meaning of good intentions and yet can become either burdensome to respective name beares  and sometimes outright hilarious later on. In the case of Imam, it was clear that his dad had wanted him to grow up as a pious man and hence the name. I've heard other cases where  newborns  were given names such as "Aji" (Haji : men who had performed pilgrim to Mecca) and 'Ostad' (Ustaz : pious young man from Malay's perspective). Then in one hilarious case a toddler who had just entered kindergarten had announced his name as 'Badman Bin Suparman" and it become the jokes of the whole school. In Sabah there is a politician whose name is Datu Nasrun Bin Datu Mansur and everyone, including children called him by his first name "Datuk! Datuk!" because they thought `Datuk' here is his honorary title given by the State Government, totally oblivious to the fact that they were calling a man in his 50s by his first name. I also used to have a friend who's real name is 'Cantek' (Beautiful) and I used to think that was such a huge gamble by her parent. Fortunately she does grow out to be a good looking girl or otherwise it will be awkward to call her by her name if she looks like an ogre.

Anyway, Imam Ali did grow up as a religious man even though he ain't no rich guy. In the year when this story happened, he still just a former marine from a 6th Battalion Royal Malay Regiment. However, he belongs to a  family which had been practicing silat through generations. He had been taught silat gayong by his grandfather and later in life learned how to perform rukyah (islamic healing) by his father. It was from his days with the regiment that he came into contact with five other practitioners of silat. Some of them were former members of Malaysian Special Forces Group and some from 17th Battalion Royal Malay Regiment. All of them came from generation of families who practices silat and they meet often to spar each other.

The formation of Lashkar E-Saif Ul-Aswad was actually inspired from other vigilante group that had secretly existed in 1950's albeit under a different name. However, that group was later officially disbanded under the order from the higher echelon in the government. The vigilante group that was established by Imam Ali and his friends were basically members and ex-members of the Malay  regiment with the determination of protecting the Malays and Islam in Malaysia against 'the enemies of Islam'. Yeah it sounded corny the first time I heard it, that was until  later I realized that when it comes to these people the 'enemies of Islam' they were combating against were the Luciferians and demons.

To understand imagine what kind of people they were, then you should googled the internet and read the story of the militant group Al-Maunah. In terms of secrecy and memberships, Imam and his friends are the same with Al Maunah. Only the goals are different.

The Al-Ma'unah, or the 'Brotherhood of Inner Power' led by Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali was established in September 1998. Their motto at that time was "Jihad is Our Way" and its members include surprisingly large number of the mainstream community including engineers, accountants and former military men.

On 2nd July 2000, fifteen of them dressed in military uniforms approached the sentries at two army camps in Gerik in the northern Perak and demanded be allowed to conduct spot checks on the store of arsenal housed there. The sentries were duped into thinking that the group were military inspectors led by a lieutenant colonel, a major and a captain, complete with berets and epaulettes. Once inside the pos 2 Kem 304, they looted more than a hundred assault rifles, grenade launchers, heavy and light machine guns, communication equipment, mortars as well as thousands of bullets. By the time the authorities were alerted of the heist, they were already hiding in the jungles of Sauk, 16 kilometers of Gerik.

Police threw a containment cordon of Bukit Jenalik. A number of security personnel were deployed to penetrate the Al-Ma'unah's camp. However, two of the police personnel Sergeant (Sarjan) Mohd Shah Ahmad and Detective Corporal Sanghadevan, as well as civilian Jaafar Puteh and an army personnel, Trooper Matthews anak Medan, were taken hostage by Al-Ma'unah. On the morning of 5 July 2000, a member of Al Ma'unah, Abu Bakar Ismail was shot by the security forces. In retaliation, Mohamed Amin and his followers returned fire against the security forces. During this cross fire, Sanghadevan was shot dead by Mohamed Amin twice in the head.

The Al-Ma'unah group later surrendered. Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali was the last to surrender but before doing so he grabbed the Malaysian Army Field Commander, Lieutenant General Zaini Mohamad Said by his shirt and tried to shoot him at point-blank range. The General flicked the barrel of Amin's assault rifle and the bullet hit one of the militants. Mohamed Amin and his group were brought to trial for charges of “waging war against the King,” and became the first people convicted of such offence in Malaysia. Amin and his two lieutenants, Zahit Muslim (ex-police VAT-69 commando) and Jamaluddin Darus, were sentenced to death.

Believe it or not, there are quite a numbers of groups which were considered as militants in Malaysia. Whereas some can be considered harmless jihad wannabes who has yet to do anything harmful, there are others like Al-Maunah who are dangerous because they just a bunch of idiots who interprets Islam from a very narrow perspective.

Fortunately the guys in 'Lashkar E-Saif Ul-Aswad' were much brighter and well informed than those in the Al-Maunah or other militants that currently exist in Malaysia. Due to their knowledge of the Luciferians role behind the May 13th tragedy and what had been happening in this country ever since, some ex-military men whom were dissatisfied with the government's inability to 'contain' the Luciferians activities in Malaysia had decided to band together and formed a special type of militant cum vigilante group that existed only a few in this world. They then  became an extreme type of anti-Luciferians vigilantes that had been carrying black-ops exterminating the Luciferians in Malaysia.

I do not know that much of what they have been doing so far because they refused to fill me up with what's they've been up to. However, I can make educated guess from bits and  pieces I got that 'assassination' may have been carried out when there were no other option for containment. I always wonder whether they were related to the rumors that there were once an attempt to sabotage a helicopter that were used to airlift a Luciferian former deputy prime minister.

Since the year 2000 however, their scope and mode of operation has changed a lot. The hikes of cases of missing children had really shifted their attention. Nowadays they've concentrated  on tracking and hunting down criminals who were paid by certain Luciferians politicians to kidnap children and perform human sacrifice. When they found one, there will be no hesitation amongst them to exterminate the target with full prejudice. I sometimes wonder whether some of the dead bodies found floating in the river or dumped in the wood were part of their own messy method.

This kind of war between good and evil has been happening in the entire world ever since the the 16th centuries. In Europe it started out as a massive witch hunt triggered by the publication of "Malleus Maleficarum" ("Hammer of Witches") by friars Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger, dictating that Christians had an obligation to hunt down and kill witches. This lead to the emergence of two most well known Witch Hunters in England - Matthew Hopkins (whom were rumored to have stolen one of Satan's address books so that he might copy down the names of the devil's disciples) and his two assistants John Stearne and Mary Phillips - whom carried out an intense 2 years campaign in East Anglia between 1645 and 1647.

In the west there used to be this rumors about a group of monks who called themselves the 'Armor of God' running around hunting demons and satanists. Funnily enough the supposed rumors even made it to the silver screen in the 1986 Jackie Chan's movie eventhough in the movie they were portrayed as villain. Another example was the medieval German 'Holy Vehm' - even though not really the good guys - would still eagerly have hunted and executed members of the Illuminati.

In 2010, the activities of one particular group had exploded all the way into the International news. The name of the group Opus Angelorum, which means "the work of angels" in Latin, made it into the BBC news after The Vatican warned Catholic bishops around the world to monitor carefully a secretive traditionalist sect which prays to angels to combat demons. The group was founded by an Austrian housewife named Gabriele Bitterlich who claimed to have identified the angels and demons who were battling for the control of human beings and that women who have had abortions are possessed by the devil.. She also claimed to have been in contact with an archangel and to have written down the names of hundreds of angels and demons. Operates mainly in German-speaking Europe, Brazil and India, Opus Angelorum members including dozens of Catholic priests and nuns.

Cultic satanists are adults who lure children into underground rituals of a predatory nature. These rituals can include child sex, promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, sacrifice and mutilation of animals, and murder. They are frequently involved in drug trafficking, kidnapping, raping and ritual murder. Sometimes these cults spawn from small groups of dabblers along their descent to madness. Their satanic rituals include torture and humiliation (often of children) over periods that span several hours. Women in this group are used solely to create babies, and during the time they are pregnant the pregnancy is hidden, and the baby is then sacrificed in the rituals. Society doesn't even know these children ever existed. These are family groups who are expert at secrecy.

Some of these satanic cult-religions include Voodoo, Santeria, Hoodoo, Brujeria, Macumba, Quimbanda, Pajelanca, Palo Mayombe, Candomble, Yoruba, Yezidi, The Temple of Set, The Black Coven of Satanas, Cathedral of the Black Goat, Cult of Cthulu, Lucifer's Den, Demonolatry, The Order of the Nine Angels, Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, and many others.

According to a friend of mine in the Watchers group, even in the United States there are just a few of these vigilante groups against the Satanists and Illuminati. Except for the Illuminati, the intelligence community and a very few who might have encountered the secret war, there is no one else who knew what their names are and most importantly what they looked like. However, their existence did manage to reach the silver screen. In the movies they were often potrayed as a gang of misfits hunting down the vampires. In 2009, the American rapper DMX - whom was known as a prominent celebrity against the Illuminati - starred in a film called “The Bleeding”, about a vigilante team battling a secret society of vampires.

* * * * *

It was a rather long drive of 3 hours drive to our destination and when we reached our destination house, it was raining.

Imam Ali's house was as just a common malay house built on stilts with vernacular roof and surrounded by verdant rice paddies. It was dark around 3.00 am and the mosquitoes were attacking me with buzzing sound so loud that I had troubled thinking about anything else but defending myself.

"Where are we?" I asked Cacamerba.

"Kampong Belantek.. 25 kilometers from Pedu Damp.. This is Imam's house.." He replied.

The Kampong Belantek ('Kampong' means 'Village' in English) is located ever far on the north-west of Kedah than Kuala Ketil. According to Cacamerba we did pass  through Kuala Ketil on our way to Kampong Belantek but he decided not to stop by to check on Syafiqah because we were in a hurry to deliver the Lams  to Imam Ali's custody.

"This dilapidated house is the headquaters of soldiers of the black sword??" I frowned.

Cacamerba rolled his eyes then sighed.

"Nope, Imam told me that their usual point of gathering is somewhere inside the reserve forest of the Pedu Damp. But I've never been there".


He sighed again with his face then turns into deep thought.

"I'm not one of them.. remember?" 

In the drizzling rain,  Pak Erwin was already outside the car and standing on the front lawn.

"Assalammualakum!!" he voiced out his greeting (Meaning "Peace be upon  you.", this is a common greeting among Muslims).

Cacamerba and I joined  him in the rain. Both of us folded our arms because it was wet and freezing but I noticed that Pak Erwin clothes remains dry. What a weirdo.

"ASSALAMUALAIKUM!! HELLOOOOOOOO!!" I decided to take over with my louder version of the greetings.

Before I knew it there's a roaring sound coming front distant. I squinted my eyes and saw two bright light attached to a car was heading to our way. The car moved quickly on the pavement and unto the soft ground. then suddenly screeched to a stop 20 metres away from where we were standing and two doors opened and closed. The two strangers now standing 10 meters away from us.

One was slender with his black hair was chin-length and a goatee. The other one was a short fat guy. His black T-shirt strained over his big belly, and he seemed gleefully conscious of that fact. His hair was so short it made him looks like a short fat marine. He also had what seems to me like a short machete hanging on his waist.

"Assalamualaikum" the slender guy greeted us first. His voice was calm and methodical.

"Walaikumsalam.." answered the three of us altogether.  Cacamerba and I were answering in a strained voice which Pak Erwin sounded almost cheerful - like he was greeting an old friend.

Both the men were still standing and staring at the three of us. The slender guy then glanced down, eyes wide, at the poodle of water on the ground, then the sky, then at our car before finally moving his lips.

"Greetings gentlemen. Can any of you tell me in what episode does Mulder and Scully kiss for the first time?" his voice was calm and pleasant.

. . . . . . . ?

For approximately 5 seconds it felt to me like all the stars in the Milky Way stopped orbiting. The cloud stopped raining. The wind stopped blowing, and even the clock stop ticking. The irrelevancy of that question being forwarded at such inappropriate time like this really make me stump. They have got to be kidding us right? Are these guys for real?

I heard Cacamerba clearing his throat…

And then he asnwered. "Errr.. The first time Mulder kissed Scully was in Season 6 episode 'Triangle,' They also kissed in Season 7 'Millennium', Season 8 'Existence, and Season 9 'Finale'..."

There was another 5 seconds of complete silence before the other fat guy broke it.

"Wow... I've never imagined anyone could answer such a nerdy question.. You must have watched all episodes of the X-Files over and over relentlessly.."

"Thrice.. actually" replied Cacamerba. I knew he was lying though because he once told me that he had watched the entire seasons of X-Files for at least ten times now (and he had this weird fantasy about him being Mulder spying Scully in the bathroom).

"So did he get it right? Is he a certified members of the Watchers Group?" asked the fat guy to his colleague as if seeking confirmation

"How the hell should I know.. But Imam Ali said that only a guy known as Cacamerba could answer stupid questions like that.. So he must be Cacamerba then.."

Cacamerba was about to make a verbal objection on something when Pak Erwin decided to interject.

"So you two gentlemen were sent here by Imam Ali, I assume? Lashkar E-Saif Ul-Aswad perhaps?" he asked casually from behind.

"Perhaps... and you are?"

"Oh.. I'm nobody... I was just tagging along with these guys" answered Pak Erwin in cheerful tone with his right hand pointing to me and Cacamerba.

"Oh really? Well, perhaps there is a better way to ask you that question"

Suddenly the slender guy lurched forward and swung a right hook. It was one  heck of a shot but Pak Erwin knew the second he launched it. The smirking Pak Erwin ducked under it and before the attacker could even register the dodge, the old man launched  a body shot with merely a palm of his hand unto his opponent's ribs.

There was a howling of pain as the guy was crouching on the ground with his hand on his torso. Then again  the slender guy charged with a roar like a bull. Pak Erwin sidestepped avoiding one flying fist, then he grinned while slapping his left hand against the middle of his opponent’s back as he slid past. The blow caught his opponent between his shoulder.

"Adoi!" Screamed the slender guy as he was falling to the ground yet again. He tried to break his fall by planting the palm of his right hand on the ground but Pak Erwin was already jumping with one of his legs out, and then shin angled down.

The slender guy barely  has the time to breath when he quickly dodged just inches away from where Pak Erwin's leg smashed into the ground, slamming into it with his knee and shin flat into a piece of wood which happened to be there, crushing it into a torrent of splinters that rose up around him in the air.
Then with the speed of a lightning - while the splinters were still hanging mid air - Pak Erwin spun his body around and swept his foot towards his opponents head.

At this point of time, for a weird reason I already imagined a watermelon being crushed into smithereens.

But then with his feet just a few centimeters from where the slender guy's eyes were bulging with fear, Pak Erwin feet stopped.

Movement paused.

Everthing seems quiet…Everybody went silence.

Then he stood up, patting the slender guy on his shoulder while laughing a soft, enchanting laugh.

"Young man, I managed to pass your test?"

The rest of us stood frozen with our eyes almost popped out from sockets upon witnessing such a scene unfolding before us. I wasn't sure what had triggered the attack and what 'test' Pak Erwin was talking about but I decided that it's not the kind of test I would like to endure.

The slender guy was panting and shaking as he stood up to shake hand with Pak Erwin. He smiled but his face was blushed, in ashamed.

"My name is Syed Mohamad Omar but people called me Syed only" the slender guy now introducing himself. "I guess you're Pak Erwin that Imam Ali had spoken about. My reading of you is correct. You are one hell of extraordinary old man from across the sea. It is an honor to meet you sir and I apologize for my behavior just now."

"It is okay.. I am sort of used to that already. Wherever I went,  there are always those who wanted  to test me in one way or another... I still couldn't understand its logic though..". Pak Erwin was grinning and slowly his playful smirk appeared again. Then his eyes darted to the burly guy who was now standing beside his friend.

"And you should introduce me to your friend, too, I think."

"Oh, this is Nordin Pabuka. You may call him as Cipoi only. He's my cousin and just joined the Lashkar for over a year now." Said the slender guy 'Syed' who was now extending both his hands and also began shaking hands with Cacamerba and then me. Seeing that the situation has now turned friendly, Mr.Lam decided to exit the car and joined us shaking hands with the two people who had - minutes ago - attacked his friend Pak Erwin. Syed Mohamad Omar immediately took the opportunity to explain to Mr.Lam what actually happened between him and Pak Erwin moments ago. Mr.Lam seems a bit confused but  simply trusted Pak Erwin judgment on the whole situation.

"So Mr.Cacamerba, is this the house where my wife and I should take our refuge for a couple of days?" Asked Mr.Lam to Cacamerba while looking at the empty ordinary Malay house that stood before us. By this time the whole area is still dark but fortunately the rain has stopped.

That reminded Cacamerba of why we were here. "Oh yes, speaking of that. I have two questions for you, Syed." He said to Syed Mohammad. "One, we're looking for Imam Ali, so where is the old man? Two, I haven't told him we are coming, so how come you two seems to know we're coming?"

Syed Mohamad use his fingers to caress his goatee beard, thinking for a second and then asked. "I will answered question number two first. Do you know what 'scanning' is?" 

"Of course I do!" Answered Cacamerba confidently with a proud tone. "I have just bought my own Canon TWAIN flatbed scanner at home. Cost me a fortune but well worth it! But what does a scanner have to do with everything?"

Syed Mohamad pursed his lips then answered. "I don't know what are you babbling about but that's not it. Apparently Imam never told you about some of the weird things he is capable of. Perhaps he'll explain it to you when time permits."

"When time permits? What's wrong about now?" I asked.

His eyebrows shot up. "Wow, really you don't know what's been happening in the past 3 hours?"

I stared at him, remembering what Mr.Lam had told me about the epic kung-fu battle (well, the way he tell the story during our journey does make it sound as though as the pig was performing some serious kung fu shit against some ugly ghostly dudes) that happened in his bedroom, but then I remembered that the pig story occured more than 3 hours ago. So that must not be it.

Realising that none of us knew the latest update, Syed Mohammad grinned at his cousin Cipoi and then turned to us to reveal the update.

"The Lashkars are going to war. Roughly two hours ago those bastard infidels had kidnapped two Muslims girls and injured their motorcyclist friend who happened to be acquintance of Imam. They also killed two other civilians but I'm not sure when and why though. It's something big, ain't it right Cipoi?"  

Myself, Cacamerba and Pak Erwin were flinching.

"Do you know their name? The kidnapped girls and the civilians?" Asked Pak Erwin.

"I overheard Imam spoke to someone over the phone before he left. One of the dead guy is called Isa and one of the girls is called Fiqa"

My throat suddenly felt swolen and I almost chocked on surprise when I heard the name.

"SYAFIQAH HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED!!?" I asked out loud, barely able to contain my surprise and anger.

Damn those Luciferians! .. and I'm totally screwed for real too!

The speed of how things escalated since I arrived in Penang Island was something that beyond the value of five million ringgit I was supposed to profit.When I heard the story of Fatimah, I thought I was only dealing with an issue of the Jesuits.

Then I heard the story of what happened in Jerejak Island and I thought it was some sort of Jesuit + Ghost Story.

Then I was told about the Islamic Militant Group and get to meet Dato Pang and I think to myself.  "Ok Fine!.. Jesuit + Ghosts on distant Island + Militants vs Freemason".

Then a couple of hours ago it was like "O crap!.. Jesuit + Island Ghosts + Militants vs Freemason + Mystical Pig + Sorcery + Demons!"

And now? It all added up to "Jesuits + Ghosts + Freemason + Militants vs Freemasons + Pig + Sorcery + Demons + Kidnappings + Assassination = I AM DEAD MEAT" which is not even worth it for five millions ringgit.

 After the attack on the Lam a few hours ago, I was now certain that some sort of a very powerfull satanic cult was now involved and that they had been trying to silence those whom they percieved as a threat. I also have no doubt that the name Isa spoken by Syed Mohamed was the same Isa that I was supposed to bribe in order to conceal the Pang's dirty secrets. I now realized that the senior Pang (who else could be behind all these?) has never intended to conceal the Jesuits dirty secret with just money. The attack against the Lam, the death of Isa and the kidnapping of Syafiqa can only led to one conclusion, that whoever knew about the hauntings of the Jerejak MUST DIE.

And that includes me.

F**k the five millions ringgit.. I'm a dead man walking anyway.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Saya dah berkurun tak tulis artikel baru. Rasanya semenjak saya berjaya menyelesaikan artikel teori Yaseen tu (yang mengambil masa tiga hari melawan mengantuk yang sangat extreme), rasanya dah ada batalion baru jin yang menghalang saya menulis artikel dakwah terbaru. Setiap kali nak menaip saja mesti tetiba mengantuk menguap-nguap dan lepas tu terbongkang tidur mati.Sekarang tengah cuba selesaikan episod terbaru JEREJAK. Mudah-mudahan dapat diselesaikan.

Anyway, saya ada idea simple untuk dikongsikan bersama dengan ibu-bapa yang mempunyai anak kecil yang baru nak diajar solat. Saya tahu kebanyakan ibu-bapa mula melatih anak solat dengan cara menyuruh anak-anak solat bersama sewaktu berjemaah. Cara tradisional ini memang efektif tapi dalam kebanyakan kes ramai kana-kanak yang membesar solat tanpa mengetahui makna perkataan dalam solat mereka. Malahan tidak salah jika saya katakan bahawa ramai orang dewasa yang solat tanpa memahami apa yang mereka bacakan semasa solat. Saya tahulah sebab saya pun dulu begitu juga. Masa muda-muda dulu makna al-Fatihah pun tak tahu.

So, untuk anak saya yang masih kecik ni saya ambil pendekatan baru. Dia dah hafal bacaan 'Al-Fatihah' (Ustazah di sekolah yang ajar) tapi saya ajar dia solat dengan teknik terkini.

Dipersembahkan.. Teknik terkini saya.. Jeng Jeng Jeng!

(Sebab sesuai untuk budak kecik dan muallaf yang baru belajar sembahyang saja)

 Konsepnya senang saja. Suruh anak kecil berdiri di kawasan yang ada lambang kaki tu, lepas tu start praktikal sembahyang (dibawah guidance orang dewasa) sambil membaca bacaan-bacaan solat yang siap tertulis atas sejadah tu.

Alhamdulillah saya dah buat percubaan dengan anak saya yang berumur 7 tahun (tapi dah pandai membaca) dan nampaknya berkesan. Untuk setiap rakaat saya suruh dia baca "al-Fatihah" dalam bahasa arab dan kemudian lepas tu dia baca maksudnya dalam bahasa Melayu dengan suara perlahan sebelum meneruskan ke bahagian seterusnya. Pada peringkat awal saya terpaksa jaga sambil kata "buat nombor satu... haa pastu buat nombor dua.." etc etc tapi sekarang dia dah pandai solat 5 waktu walaupun buat masa ni masih dalam bahasa melayu. InsyaAllah dalam tempoh terdekat jika dia dah hafal semua makna di sebalik bacaan solat maka saya akan print out sejadah baru tapi semua bacaan dalam bahasa arab pula (tapi tulisan rumi dululah sebab dia masih muqaddam)

Oh ya lupa beritahu. Sejadah ni saya upah kedai print out atas kertas "bunting" iklan tu.

Kepada sesiapa yang nak cuba kaedah ni untuk anak-anak, boleh email saya dan nanti saya akan emelkan fail CorelDraw untuk anda bawak ke kedai printer. Anda juga boleh edit sendiri rekabentuk dan tulisan di sejadah tu tu (kepada sesiapa yang prefer agar anak-anak mereka terus hafal bacaan arab).

Kepada sesiapa yang nak komersialkan idea ni (manalah tau). Dipersilakan juga. Dengan syarat jangan ada sesiapa memandai nak claim copyright dan lepas tu cuba halang orang lain komersialkan konsep yang sama. Saya tak izinkan sesiapa nak ekslusifkan idea ni untuk keuntungannya sendiri saja.

P/S: Kalau anda tak setuju dengan teknik saya, tak apalah. Rilek la bro, saya sekadar berkongsi idea. Bukannya menyebar ajaran sesat.

Monday, April 28, 2014


Berikut adalah terjemahan artikel saya yang diterbitkan pada 1-2-2011 di blog ini. Saudari BlackDragon sekali lagi bermurah hati menyedekahkan tenaga beliau untuk menterjemahkan artikel saya tersebut. Semoga beliau dirahmati Allah dan semakin kiut hendaknya.

Saya mohon maaf sebab tahun 2014 ini belum sempat update lagi artikel saya. Semenjak kali terakhir saya menulis artikel pada bulan September tahun lalu, saya dijangkiti virus 'PEM-Alas' yang masih belum sembuh-sembuh. Virus ini menyebabkan kepala saya selalu pening dan mata mengantuk apabila mula mengadap komputer untuk menulis artikel atau menonton video dakwah. Yang peliknya kalau menonton video Youtube Naruto tidak pula saya mengalami simptom penyakit ini.

Anyway, saudari BlackDragon menyelamatkan saya kali ini. Saya mendoakan beliau mendapat rezeki dan jodoh yang hensem, single dan beriman secepatnya.

Dalam bahagian pertama artikel sebelum ini (klik di sini jika anda belum membacanya), saya telah membincangkan secara ringkas ramalan mengenai Al-Mahdi dan mengapa rakan-rakan saya dalam Watchers Group (kini dibubarkan) berpendapat bahawa Al-Mahdi mungkin datangnya dari rantau kita.

Tanpa berlengah lagi, ayuh kita teruskan dengan teori kedua yang datangnya dari aliran pemikiran sekular dalam Watcher Group yang sama sekali memisahkan hujah mereka daripada ramalan keagamaan. Kebanyakan mereka bukan beragama Islam, tetapi terdapat juga beberapa rakan Muslim yang berkongsi idea yang sama.

Menurut mereka, ironinya mengenai alam semesta adalah alam semesta mempunyai sifat jenaka. Dalam kesibukan umat manusia menyelongkar alam semesta demi dalam mencari jawapan, rupa-rupanya jawapan itu telah pun berada di depan mata. Oleh itu, sewaktu kita bertungkus lumus memformulasikan teori-teori tentang mengapa Illuminati mahu berada di Malaysia, jawapannya mungkin telah dicetak sejak berdekad lalu dalam buku teks sekolah kita.

Dalam artikel terdahulu "COMMENTING ON TAN SRI SANUSI JUNID'S MENTION ON FREEMASON", Saya telah menjelaskan bahawa Freemason pertama yang menjejakkan kakinya di bumi Malaya adalah Sir Francis Light yang kemudiannya mengibarkan bendera Union Jack pertama di Tanah Melayu pada 11 Ogos 1786. Saya juga pernah menyebut bahawa Syarikat Hindia Timur British ("BEIC") adalah sebuah syarikat yang ditubuhkan untuk melaksanakan matlamat "Ordo Ab Chao" Freemason.

Mengimbas kembali sejarah yang telah kita pelajari tentang kehadiran BEIC di Tanah Melayu, semasa kita berada di sekolah menengah kita diberitahu sebab BEIC berminat dengan Tanah Melayu adalah disebabkan oleh kedudukan geografinya. Bukan sahaja Tanah Melayu terletak di tengah-tengah laluan perdagangan antara India dan China, tetapi lokasi geografi Malaysia juga melindunginya daripada bencana alam. Malaysia dengan uniknya terletak di tengah-tengah kawasan yang dikelilingi oleh Indonesia, Thailand, Filipina dan Kepulauan Borneo yang melindunginya dari bencana alam. Tidak seperti Indonesia dan Filipina, kita amat bertuah kerana kedudukan geografi meletakkan kita jauh dari plat tektonik. Pendek kata Malaysia amat bernasib baik kerana bebas daripada bencana alam seperti kemarau, gempa bumi, gunung berapi dan taufan. Setakat ini, bencana alam paling teruk terjadi di Malaysia adalah banjir tetapi bukan ke tahap yang menyebabkan berlakunya korban nyawa secara besar-besaran.

Jika BEIC telah pun mengetahui akan hal ini sejak abad ke-18 lagi, maka sudah tentu Illuminati juga amat maklum mengenainya. Adakah lokasi kita mempunyai sebarang kaitan dengan pelan perancangan mereka?
Kesemua ramalan dari seluruh dunia mempunyai tiga perkara sama di dalamnya. Pertama adalah mengenai ketibaan sang Penyelamat, kedua tentang bencana alam yang akan datang dan ketiga adalah akhir zaman. Bencana alam juga telah dinyatakan dalam cerita-cerita di dalam Al-Quran dan Hadis. Tanda bencana alam yang paling menonjol sudah tentulah gempa bumi. Gempa bumi telah disebutkan secara khusus oleh Rasulullah apabila dia mengatakan bahawa Kiamat tidak akan datang sehingga tiga gempa bumi memusnahkan tiga tempat. Satu di Timur, kedua di Barat dan akhirnya Semenanjung Arab.

"Rasulullah (saw) datang kepada kami secara tiba-tiba kerana kami (sibuk dalam perbincangan). Baginda berkata: Apa yang kamu bincangkan? Kami menjawab, "Kami sedang berbincang mengenai hari Kiamat." Sesudah itu, baginda berkata, "Ia akan datang sehingga anda melihat sepuluh tanda-tanda sebelumnya" dan baginda menyebut tentang Dajjal (ANTI-ISA), asap, binatang (al-daabbat ard), matahari muncul dari Barat, turunnya anak Isa putra Maryam (saw), Gog (Yajuj) dan Magog,dan gempa bumi di tiga tempat, SATU DI TIMUR, SATU DI BARAT DAN SATU DI NEGERI ARAByang akhirnya akan keluar api dari Yaman yang akan menghambat orang ramai ke tempat berkumpul." (Muslim, Fitan, 39)

Sejak hadis ini mula dikaji oleh Illuminati dan Watcher Group, terdapat banyak perbincangan tentang cara untuk mengenal pasti peristiwa-peristiwa yang diramalkan dalam siri ramalan seluruh dunia. Berkaitan dengan gempa bumi, telah begitu banyak gempa bumi yang besar sepanjang sejarah sehingga mustahil untuk mengenal pasti yang mana merujuk gempa bumi tiga yang disebut dalam hadis ini. Sebelum tahun 2004, kami tidak tahu apakah pemboleh ubah yang diperlukan untuk mengenal pasti kejadian bencana tersebut.

Kemudian kita semua menyaksikan gempa bumi 26 Disember 2004. Seolah-olah pada tahun tersebut, Illuminati telah memutuskan untuk membedil nuklear ke jurang Sumatra sebagai percubaan mereka untuk menghapuskan seseorang atau sesuatu di Acheh. Kami masih tidak dapat mengenal pasti apakah yang menyebabkan Illuminati berbuat demikian tetapi kami tahu ia didalangi oleh Illuminati kerana mereka melakukannya pada Korban di Hari Pagan (Saturnalia). Malah, tepat setahun sebelum itu mereka melakukan perkara yang sama apabila gempa bumi bermagnitud 6.6 skala richter meragut 26 ribu nyawa di Iran pada 26 Disember 2003.

Apakah yang istimewa tentang Iran 2003 dan Acheh tahun 2004? Sebenarnya, setahun sebelum gempa bumi Iran telah berlaku Gerhana Matahari dan Bulan pada bulan Ramadhan tahun 2002. Kemudian tahun sebelum gempa bumi Acheh, telah berlaku Gerhana Matahari dan Bulan yang serupa pada bulan Ramadhan tahun 2003. Oleh itu kami merumuskan bahawa jika mereka bertindak keterlaluan semata-mata kerana dua gerhana di bulan Ramadhan, maka pasti ia berkaitan dengan Al-Mahdi.

Seramai 227 ribu orang menjadi korban di Acheh  pada tahun 2004. Ia merupakan gempa bumi era moden yang pertama yang bermagnitud sedemikian pernah berlaku di Wilayah Timur di bahagian dunia kita dan kami benar-benar percaya ia adalah gempa bumi di Timuryang pernah disebut oleh Rasulullah (Iran 2003 tidak dikira kerana ia bukan terletak di Timur dari Mekah). Golongan Muslim dalam Watcher Group kemudiannya bersetuju bahawa pemboleh ubah yang hilang itu sudah dikenal pasti. Kami kini percaya bahawa bencana itu hasil perbuatan tangan manusia dan bukannya alam ghaib yang akan menyebabkan tiga gempa bumi yang pernah disebutkan dalam hadis. Ia sememangnya masuk akal kerana Allah tidak akan menzalimi umatnya dengan menghantar gempa bumi pembinasa ke atas umat yang tidak berdosa semata-mata untuk membuktikan sesuatu. Illuminati pula sebaliknya tidak mempunyai masalah untuk membunuh berjuta-juta manusia sebelum memulakan sarapan pagi.

Ia menjurus kita untuk membuat jangkaan tentang gempa bumi kedua di BARAT dan yang ketiga di SEMENANJUNG ARAB. Oleh kerana gempa bumi pertama Acheh adalah buatan manusia, maka Watchers Group percaya bahawa gempa bumi kedua di BARAT juga bakal menjadi buatan manusia, dan turut membawa kami mengimbau kembali apa yang telah kami ketahui sejak 1979 - Illuminati sedang merancang bencana berskala besar-besaran untuk menghapuskan bandar-bandar utama di dunia.

BATU PANDUAN GEORGIA (American Stonehenge)

Pada Jun 1979, seorang atau orang-orang yang tidak dikenali di bawah nama samaranR. C. Kristianmengupah Elberton Granite Finishing Company untuk membina Batu Panduan Georgia. Satu hipotesis popular adalah nama penaung itu mungkin satu penghormatan kepada Rosenkreuz Kristian, pengasas Freemasona abad ke-17 versi persaudaraan Jerman iaituPersatuan Rahsia Rosicrucianism (The Rosicrucianism Secret Society).

Mesej pertama yang pahat pada batuan itu adalah kata-kata ."untuk mengekalkan kemanusiaan di bawah 500,000,000 dalam keseimbangan kekal dengan alam semula jadi" Dalam erti kata lain, mereka merancang untuk mengurangkan populasi 7 bilion penduduk dunia kepada 500 juta sahaja. Apa yang terpahat pada batu ini pada dasarnya adalah hasil Simposium Illuminati pada tahun 1957 apabila mereka memutuskan bahawa tindakan untuk mengurangkan populasi dunia perlu diambil terlebih dahulu atau tidak lama selepas tahun 2000.

Keputusan tahun 1957 itu adalah sebab mengapa pemerhati Illuminati seluruh dunia tahu kepentingan abad ke-21. Itulah sebabnya kami tahu bahawa krisis mata wang tahun 1997 adalah perlu bagi mereka. Seperti yang saya terangkan dalam artikel sebelum ini, mereka perlu menyusup masuk ke sistem kita sebelum tahun 2000.

Sejak tahun 1957, Illuminati telah memikirkan pelbagai idea mengerikan untuk membunuh 90% daripada penduduk dunia. Pada mulanya mereka mempertimbangkan idea untuk meledakkan senjata nuklear yang telah pun ada tersedia dalam simpanan. Tetapi perang nuklear akan menyebabkan permukaan bumi tidak dapat di diami sekurang-kurangnya sehingga 20 tahun dan kesannya akan turut dirasai mereka. Jadi, mereka meneruskan rancangan dengan tindakan yang mereka telah lakukan sejak Perang Dunia 1 lagi seperti senjata biologi, pembunuhan beramai-ramai, rusuhan, peperangan dan terkini... bencana buatan manusia atau lebih tepat lagi;GEMPA BUMI.

Saya tidak akan menjelaskan terperinci di sini tentang bagaimanakah mereka kini mampu mencipta bencana tersebut. Cukup sekadar menyebut bahawa Amerika Syarikat dan Rusia telah pun selesai membangunkan "scalar interferometers"(juga dikenali sebagai" Longitudinal Wave Interferometers") sejak akhir abad ke-20. Berikut adalah tip untuk semua pembaca saya.. Sentiasalah mencari awan-awan yang berwarna-warni di langit. Jika anda melihat awam berwarna warni itu terpampang di langit, segeralah KELUAR dari rumah anda dan LARI ke ruang terbuka yang berdekatan. Awan-awan maut ini adalah tanda bahawa Senjata Skalar telah dihalakan ke arah bandar anda. Awan berwarna ini telah dikesan 30 minit sebelum gempa bumi Sichuan itu, 1 hari sebelum gempa Haiti, dan 2 hari sebelum Acheh.

Apakah pula perkaitan Malaysia dengan semua ini?

Hadis ada menyebut tentang gempa bumi kedua yang akan berlaku di Barat, saya percaya bahawa ia akan menjadi satu yang besar. Barat yang kita ketahui adalah kawasan yang menaungi sebilangan ibu pejabat di Illuminati. Oleh itu jika mereka memutuskan untuk menggegarkan rantau mereka sendiri, maka ia pastinya amat berbaloi untuk mereka. Hanya satu alasan yang dapat dirumuskan oleh Watcher Group... gempa itu (atau apa jua bencana yang dirancangkan) mestilah bersaiz gergasi yang mungkin merupakan ibu kepada semua gempa bumi moden. Mereka mungkin mahu menggegarkan kawasan itu dengan sebegitu hebat sehingga ia dapat menghapuskan penduduk dunia

Bolehkah ia dilakukan? Ya, secara teori ia boleh dilakukan. Jika anda antara yang pernah menonton filem "2012" dibintangi oleh John Cusack, pasti anda masih ingat dengan adegan super gunung berapi meletus di Yellowstone National Park di Amerika Syarikat. Adegan ini adalah berdasarkan pada realiti kerana di bawah Yellowstone terletaknya GUNUNG BERAPI SUPER terbesar di dunia yang telah meletus hanya tiga kali sejak 2.1 juta tahun lalu. Malah, pada tahun 1995 imej satelit mula menunjukkan bahawa kaldera Yellowstone telah menaik dan menjuruskan kepada ramalan bahawa gunung berapi super yang terbesar di dunia itu boleh meletus dalam masa terdekat. Untuk membangunkan gergasi pemangsa ini, apa yang mereka perlukan hanyalah dengan meletupkan bom nuklear bawah tanah untuk mencetuskan letusan. Apabila itu berlaku, ia akan meletup dengan kuasa seribu kali lebih berkuasa berbanding Gunung St Helens pada tahun 1980 dan menyebabkan sebahagian besar benua Amerika Utara berada di bawah timbunan abu. Ia juga akan menghalang sinar matahari dari sampai ke permukaan bumi yang menyebabkan berlakunya penurunan suhu bumi sehingga beberapa darjah dan seterusnya menyebabkan kemusnahan tanaman di seluruh dunia. Abu-abu itu seterusnya akan menyebar merentasi Atlantik ke Eropah yang terus melonjakkan lagi angka kematian. Letusan super di Yellowstone akan membunuh lebih ramai manusia berbanding semua letusan gunung berapi sejak manusia mula berjalan di bumi ini.

Bencana super itu akan diikuti oleh gegaran di seluruh dunia. Oleh kerana ia merupakan gunung berapi super, maka gegarannya sahaja mencukupi untuk menyebabkan keruntuhan bandar-bandar utama lain, terutama yang berhampiran dengan Lingkaran Api Pasifik.

Malaysia, seperti yang anda lihat daripada graf di atas, dengan uniknya dilindungi oleh Indonesia dan Filipina daripada kesan subduksi zon-zon Lingkaran Api Pasifik (walaupun menurut Kajian Geologi Amerika Syarikat, kita turut terangkum dalam zon tersebut). Boleh dikatakanb bahawa kita 'dikelilingi oleh' oleh Indonesia, Thailand dan Filipina dan seterusnya menyukarkan keberkesanan 100% teknologi scalar terhadap kita.


Anda semua pastinya pernah mendengar mengenai NIBIRU? Malah, isu turut diperdengarkan di Parlimen kita pada Disember 2010 apabila Senator Datuk Shamsudin Mehat  mengemukakan soalan kepada Menteri Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi  Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili mengenainya. Sebelum anda mula berasa teruja, saya menegaskan di sini bahawa Nibiru hanyalah sebuah cerita 1001 malam. Peristiwa pergolakan planet yang sehebat itu pasti akan disebut dalam Al-Quran dan Hadis jika ia benar. Lebih mengarut lagi adalah cerita mengenai Anunnaki sebagai penduduk Planet Nibiru yang menciptakan manusia. Kisah Nibiru ini jelas bertentangan dengan sejarah Adam & Hawa dan harus diketepikan.

Nibiru tidak pernah mendapat tempat dalam  senarai perbincangan Watcher. Walau bagaimanapun, berlaku satu kejadian yang mendapat perhatian kami. Sewaktu saya mula-mula menulis untuk laman web Anwargate pada September 1998, saya diberitahu oleh seorang rakan (yang kemudian memberitahu saya mengenai Watchers Group) mengenai panggilan telefon yang disiarkan setahun lebih awal pada 12 September 1997. Panggilan telefon itu dibuat dari Pahrump, Nevada dalam rancangan perbualan setiap malam Bell's "Coast-to-Coast". Panggilan telefon itu datangnya dari seorang lelaki yang jelas tidak keruan dan ketakutan dan mendakwa merupakan bekas Area 51 yang baru-baru ini dihentikan kerja atas sebab-sebab "perubatan". Pemanggil kemudiannya menyebut tentang "makhluk antara dimensi" yang jahat di Area 51 dan  bencana yang bakal berlaku dan diketahui oleh kerajaan. Bencana ini bakal melenyapkan "bandar-bandar utama"  Panggilan ini terputus tanpa diketahui sebabnya.

Berikut merupakan antara isi perbualan perbualan tersebut:-

Art: Jadi anda tidak boleh menghabiskan banyak masa di telefon, kalau begitu cepat beritahu kami sesuatu!

Pemanggil [suara terputus-putus dengan nada tangisan yang jelas menahan tangisan]: OK, um, um, OK, Art apa yang kita fikir sebagai makhluk asing, sebenarnya mereka makhluk antara dimensi , bukan seperti yang didakwa telah melakukan kontak oleh pelopor awal program angkasa. Mereka bukan seperti apa yang mereka dakwa. Mereka telah menyusup dalam banyak aspek, di dalam, di dalam pertubuhan tentera, terutamanya Area 51.

Mengenai bencana yang akan datang, mereka, pihak tentera, saya minta maaf, kerajaan tahu mengenai mereka. Dan ada banyak kawasan selamat di dunia yang mereka boleh mula pindahkan para penduduk sekarang  , Art.

Art: Jadi mereka tidak melakukannya, tidak melakukan apa-apa.

Pemanggil: Mereka tidak melakukan apa-apa. Mereka mahukan bandar-bandar utama dihapuskan supaya hanya tinggal beberapa kawasan yang akan lebih mudah dikawal .... "

Amatlah melegakan untuk mengetahui bahawa rakaman itu berjaya sampai ke Youtube dan terselamat daripada penapisan kerajaan sehingga hari ini. Perkara-perkara yang menjadikan panggilan telefon ini "unik" adalah bahawa pemanggil tidak menggunakan perkataan "makhluk ruang angkasa" (UFO). Sebaliknya dia menggunakan perkataan "makhluk antara dimensi" yang dalam bahasa mudahnya bermakna Din dan Iblis (Malaikat juga ditakrifkan sebagai makhluk antara dimensi tetapi dari jenis yang baik). Ini mengingatkan saya tentang perdebatan oleh ilmuwan MUHAMMAD ISA DAWUD yang percaya bahawa punca di sebalik fenomena UFO adalah Jin.

Pemanggil juga bercakap mengenai bencana masa hadapan untuk tujuan New World Order. Dia kemudiannya menyebut tentang "KAWASAN SELAMAT DI DUNIA INI"

Kita sudah tahu tentang kemungkinan kawasan selamat. Oleh kerana bencana itu tidak mungkin kejadian Kiamat, oleh itu masuk akal jika seburuk mana pun ia, beberapa kawasan akan bertahan terhadap pembunuhan beramai-ramai yang akan datang. Walau bagaimanapun, kecuali Mekah dan Madinah yang pastinya akan bertahan terhadap apa jua serangan Illuminati, tidak ada siapa pun kecuali Illuminati yang tahu kawasan mana menahan bencana buatan manusia itu.

Persoalan ini membawa kita kembali ke   MALAYSIA

Apakah mungkin Malaysia mempunyai potensi untuk menahan bencana tersebut? Adakah Tuhan telah merancang supaya negara kita ini letaknya di tengah-tengah Asia Tenggara supaya Indonesia, Filipina dan Thailand boleh menyerap kesan kemusnahan gempa bumi dan dengan itu menyelamatkan nyawa kita?
Jika benar, maka ia boleh menjelaskan mengapa Illuminati mahu Singapura kekal di kawasan ini kerana mereka memerlukan hab untuk mengawal rantau ini selepas bencana itu. Entah apa perancangan Allah untuk negara ini yang umat Islam dalam PAS, PKR dan UMNO sentiasa bertelagah semata-mata kerana politik? Adakah kita yang mahu diselamatkan oleh Tuhan atau adakah negara kecil Brunei?

Anda mungkin fikir artikel saya tiada hujung pangkalnya. Tetapi inilah sebab-sebab yang dispekulasikan oleh golongan sekular dalam Watchers group. Saya percaya bencana itu akan tiba kerana terdapat banyak hadis dan ayat-ayat yang mengatakan kedatangannya sebagai tanda-tanda awal Kiamat. Kita semua telah mengetahui bahawa kesemua 14 tanda-tanda kecil Kiamat telah sempurna pada hari ini dan hal ini amat membimbangkan saya kerana dua orang anak perempuan saya masih lagi bayi. Kini setiap malam saya membaca surah Yaseen setiap malam dan berdoa kepada Allah pada waktu pagi dan senja bahawa agar Allah akan melindungi mereka daripada yang paling buruk yang akan berlaku.