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This subject had been discussed many times in the internet already. But because I believe its important, I decided to write on this same topic despite my retirement from writing article. Just this once. After this I will resume concentrating only on my novel.

This article is about the weird sounds in the sky as posted in my previous article "STRANGE NOISE FINALLY HEARD IN MALAYSIA.. YAY" (Click Here To Read)

Previously Putri wrote to me asking about the rumble in the sky heard over Samarahan on 11 and 12th January this year. In my reply I did promised to try finding out - from a secular point of view - what might cause the weird sound being recorded around the globe. Well, I did refer to some classified materials, and I think I finally understand what caused the mystery sound.

We have heard the prophecy about 2012 with The Mayan Prophecy being the most popular one. But I think all the crap about Nibiru and the earth being roasted by the sun is bullshit. Yes, it has something with the sun, but No the Sun is not the culprit. The Sun merely aggravate the already damaged situation on earth. I will explain it here.

Be warned that continue reading this and you might start suspecting your time might be up soon and that is the sort of information most people would prefer not knowing. But lets pray nothing happens. If nothing happens this year and next year, I shall either shave my head or donate money to the orphanage. That's a promise.

This article carried bad news, so why not start with humorous topic to cheer us up a bit before moving on to the grim subject.

So what Nicholas Cage has to do with the possibility that some people might die this year?

Other that Tom Hanks, Nicholas Cage is my favorite actor. Not because of his acting quality though because he's not as good as Mr.Hanks.

Nicholas Cage is my favorite actor because I believe he's an Illuminist. However, unlike other Hollywood start who like to show satanic signs with their hand, Mr.Cage has more style in him. Rather than showing the fingers, instead he uses his movies to spread promote Luciferism.

Mr.Cage is well known for playing leading role in Illuminati themed movies. From the "World Trade Center" about the World Trade Bombing to "National Treasury" promoting the Freemason, Lucifersm are everywhere in his films. His superhero role in "Ghost Rider" for example, was promoting ideas that dark creature could be good. Other Luciferian themed movie he played are "City of Angels" (promoting fallen angels), "8mm" (about Snuff Movie), "Bringing Out The Dead" (the title itself is self explanatory), "Lord of War" (the protagonist is arm dealers), "The Wicker Man" (human sacrifice), "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (promoting witchcraft), "Season of the Witch" to named a few.

One of my favorite movie is "Knowing" which tells a story about a Professor who came across the truth about the deadly nature of 2012 solar flare. The special effects in this movie is awesome. In the end the whole world was destroyed by a gigantic tsunami of fire caused by the sun super storm.

Don't worry, that's not going to happens. The movie at best was trying to spread misinformation by promoting the prophecy of the Mayan Calendar. By the end of the movie, audience were led to belief that solar super storm will occurs only for one day on exactly 21/12/2012. That's bullshit.

Now, to more serious stuff.

CAUTION: Reader's discretion are advised. I DO NOT ALLOW any friends, fans, readers, visitors, webmasters, forumers and bloggers to redistribute, republish, or translates THIS article. Something might as well be left unknown, especially this thing which might turns out false alarm after all.

Now, recently the internet has been buzzing with two things namely

(a) the weird sounds from the sky which was heard all over the world in 2011. Recently it was heard in Sarawak too.. And its continuing around the world.

(b) that the solar flare will occurs this year. The popular belief is that it will happens on 21st December 2012.

Let me start with the solar flare first. People who hope that the solar flare will happens on December will be disappointed to know that we've been lied to. Whereas the Sun will approach the peak of its 11-year cycle on December this year, that doesn't mean that this thing will only occurs in December. Let’s not forget about the real keyword here – ‘peak’.

When things peaked, it also means that it has actually started long before it peaked. So if the solar flare is expected to peak on December, when will it start?

This August? September? October? Or perhaps November?

Actually, the solar flare has already started. As you're reading this article (January 2012), the earth is being battered by an M9-class solar flare. The bombardment already begin, which might explains why this month alone the weird sound was heard in Supia, Colombia, January 2nd, 2012. Then at Vina del Mar, Chile on the 5th, later in Samarahan, Sarawak on 11th, then Alberta, Canada on 16th, Then Badajoz, Spain on Jan 18th, 2012.

The sun attack on the earth magnetic shield will continue this whole year and expected to peak to the worst in history. Maybe I should tell this to my Chinese friend who's planning to be knocked-up and have 'dragon' baby this year. But she just got married so I don't think such news will deter his husband from any of his bedroom plan.

I’m not happy to report that our Sun in fact has been accumulating extra energy since 2010 when passing through an interstellar energy cloud which energizes it. NASA, along with The National Academy of Science and other world renowned scientist have known this since 2006 which led to the famous solar storm warning for 2012.

Contrary to popular belief, No scientists (the real one.. not the fake one appearing in television documentary) had ever said that the solar storm will happens exactly on 21st December 2012. The Luciferians propaganda machine to spread false information probably generated such myth. Using the Mayan Prophecy as a bait and movie script, they created a mainstream idea that the solar flare will occurs exactly on 21/12/2012.

Scientist Mausumi Dikpati of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) for example, only said in 2006 that the flare will occurs in 2012. Then Solar physicist David Hathaway disagrees, saying that it may even happens earlier in 2010 or 2011. Nevertheless despite their disagreement, it goes to reason that the period of greatest concern for solar storms will be six months to a year either side of the suns solar maximum, which supposedly takes place around 2012-2013 with no exact date.

So, what’s the correlation between the solar flare and the rumble in the sky heard in YouTube?

I found out that other than HAARP, the solar flare can also caused damage to the magnetosphere. Coupled with the damage already caused by HAARP since 2001, the current disturbance of the Earth's magnetosphere by solar flare’s continuing bombardment can lead to a severe geomagnetic storm.

Now, I am not going to details the correlation between geomagnetic storm to the pole shifts and the natural disasters follows. I’m a Malay and I know Malays in general hates mathematics and Science. I hate to think that I might be typing this article at 1:05 am only to have some of readers falls asleep after reading 1/3 of this. So I’ll simplify.

Enough for me to say that the hypothesis about polar shift caused earthquake had been around since 1872. Some suggests that there has been four periods of global cataclysms that had begun since before 10,500 B.C. Remember how God destroyed the homosexuals in "Soddom & Gomorrah" and the super flood in "Noah's Ark"? well you get the idea.

According to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, whereas it is not claimed that geomagnetic storm is a primary cause of any earthquake, there’s evidence that if conditions for an earthquake are ‘ripe’, then solar storm could be a trigger for it, and bring it forward for few hours or days. In in scientific language they said “electromagnetic processes responsible for earthquake triggering”. In layman terms it means in 2012 the earth is expected to shake heavily which might caused us to soiled our pants.

I now believe that the media has been lying to us all this time. In its attempt to dismiss the dangers of the 2012 solar flare, the media told us that the last time solar superstorm hits us in 1859, no one died and nothing happens except for a massive display of aurora borealis.

That’s true. But the situation in 1859 is different from 2012.

In 1859 the earth geomagnetic shield was strong enough to protect us from solar winds, radiation, cosmic rays and maintains the location of the north and south poles. In the past 20 years however, the magnetic field has become so erratic and unstable that earth's poles had shifted regularly causing airport and aeroplane equipment be readjusted.

This weakening of the geomagnetic shield means that we’re not as protected as in 1953. Recently, as the magnetic field fluctuates, NASA has discovered “cracks” in it. This is worrisome as it significantly affects the ionosphere, troposphere wind patterns, and atmospheric moisture. All three things have an effect on the weather. The continuing battering of our geomagnetic field only accelerates the shift, which affected the ionosphere, troposphere wind patterns, and atmospheric moisture. The disruption between the layers is what caused the loud sky roaring that we’ve heard in the Youtube.

There, you got the answer to what caused the mystery sound.

The solar flare also weakens the geomagnetic fields, which resulted with natural disasters around the globe. No doubt that 2011 smashed all modern world records when it comes to the most natural disasters in a single year, breaking some three thousand records. That alone says something. Should this trend escalate greatly 2012, mankind will face calamities such as floods (Noah's Ark?) and tectonic events (Sodom & Gomorrah?).

There is no need to panic now. Just make sure you watch my PREPPERS video and the article about it. Simply prepare yourself as best as you can, and hopefully nothing serious will happen. Read my previous article "Malaysia In The Eye of Dajjal 2" and understand my argument there that our country's location is protected by Java and Phillipine from the effect of Ring of Fire's subduction zones. So InsyaAllah this country might be spared from the worst if super earthquake do happens.

But that doesn't change the fact that there will be shortages of food. So storing at least 10 bags of rice per family rice might not be a bad idea. We must keep in mind that should any one or more of these events actually happen, each and everyone of us will have no choice but to fend for our own food and water as well as protection from the elements and would be predators for months, possibly for years to come. If you are way up in your years, most likely you really don't care at this point, that is, unless you have family you might be concerned about.

And finally, always be ready and keep an open mind. If one of this day the 8 o'clock news are filled with story on how the mystery sound is suddenly heard all over the world, it would be a good idea to leave the city and head back to kampung for 5-7 days. Just think of it as a short holiday. If nothings happens, then resume your normal life.


  1. I am open minded to the extend of letting my butt be sodomised.

    1. Bro, I know you're trying to lure visitors to your blog by commenting in such a gay manner. I understand your strategy and appreciates the fact that you deleted your previous comment which contained some very explicit homo thing. However, try to tone down the gay thing okay? If you want to make sex jokes, at least make sure the heterosexuals will find the innuendo funny too. Too much of this homo thing make me lost appetite.

  2. delete orang gila tu, bro.. masuk sana sini buat haru

    1. dia tak gila tu, cuma cara approach dia kat blog tu pelik.. ntah berkesan ke tidak apa yang dia nak sampaikan kat blog dia tu..

    2. Kesian tul la.Certain ppl really dun understand sarcasm.keh keh keh

  3. itu seperti apa yang saya mimpi, saya memang ada tergerak tuk simpan beras, barang2 makanan kering, kerana akan berlaku shortage pada masa tu....apa pun yang berlaku, kita tak perlu takut....kita sbg org islam kalaupun mati kelaparan demi mementingkan org lain, syurrgalah tempat kita....jadi takutlah pada DOSA kita sendiri....

    1. saya tak takut kalau saya tak makan.. saya lebih takut kalau anak-anak saya tak makan.. biasak laa perasan sebagai ibu-bapa lebih memikirkan anak-anak dari diri sendiri..

  4. satu lagi...jangan lupa tuk tukarkan duit pada syiling emas

  5. Salam..I am a new guy like to join here..

    Why not if all of us must to 'dead Before die' know meaning of it's like has do the 2/3 of preparation for what will happen future from is some of my feeling...what say you Afterdark..tq

    1. I want to reply.. but I don't understand.. :(

  6. elok la kite menyediakan payung seblom ujan.sedia beras sebelum rmh aku tgkt 16..tgh pk mcm mane ni..

    1. letak beras kat rumah keluarga di kampung, bro. Simpan 2-3 karung ja kat rumah sendiri.. pastikan ja tangki kereta full tank sentiasa.. malam ni dengar bunyi mengaum kat langit, besok dan cabut lari ke kampung..

  7. So, bila agaknya bencana ni akan terjadi? So brother afterdark, what u reckon?

    1. kalau nasib tak baik, tahun 2012 ni atau 2013.. kalau tak jadi kat Malaysia, jadi kat luar Malaysia tapi kesan keruntuhan ekonomi sampai Malaysia gak.. tapi kalau tak jadi, Alhamdulillah.

  8. Jadi, this year, global economy collapse might happen? Howbout The pole shift rumour tu, betul jugak ke?

    1. aduuuh, kan artikel saya kat atas tu pun pasal polar shift.. belum baca yek? :(

    2. Baca, tapi mcm beyond belief je pasal pole shift ni.. like, how it will happen? Berlaku tetiba atau berperingkat2? Y dont u explain a bit detail about polar shift in ur next artikel, bnyk kebaikan n manfaat of knowledge we will get from u, esp kpd silent reader mcm saya ni bro..

    3. Oklah, since I owe it to you for telling me about that Tabligh place where Khidir used to lepak (which lead to some interesting information I obtained from a fellow Watchers friend) then in near future I will explain about the polar shift and how it scientifically explain how Kiamat occurs.. heh he he.. But you have to wait untill I finished chapter 8 of my novel coz that's more urgent.

    4. Assalamualaikum...can i know about the Tabligh place Khidir used to lepak? If he is still alive and you have a chance to meet him, send my salam to him. When I was a kid, I wanted to meet him so much

    5. Assalamualaikum...can i know about the Tabligh place Khidir used to lepak? If he is still alive and you have a chance to meet him, send my salam to him. When I was a kid, I wanted to meet him so much

    6. I haven't reached that level yet where I can met him. Like Superman, I'm sure he's too busy helping people around the world who suffers from war, natural disasters and other mishaps.

      Generally speaking, one cannot seek him. However, those who really wish to meet him can try Salawat Nabi. But I have been told that even if he did met you, you won't know its him. He is not in the habit of appearing before ordinary people and declares he's Khidir. To do so will give the opportunity for the Devil dan Satan to impersonate him and fraud the idiots. There has been numerous accounts of him appearing as a man of different ages and appearance. So we can assume that in this modern world he will disguise himself accordingly too. You could never know whether the nerd in thick glasses you have a chat in the airport or in the bus is him or not.

      One thing I can say is that only Batman can met Superman. I plain word this means that you must possess honorable conduct to attract his interest. He has this old habit of wanting to meet another warrior-like person. If a man is brave, intelligent, honorable, stick to his promise, treat women kindly, help the needy and fight for truth and justice, then chances are good. That's why he appeared numerous time during the Russia-Afghan conflict. Later when the Russian withdraw and the Afghan started fighting against each other for power, he disappeared.

      He will only reveal his identity to the selected few. For example, he appeared in Java before several ulama in the era when the Ulama was murdered by the Dutch.

  9. salam...about the video clip, sorry afterdark...couldnt find the clearer version...but i thought the breathing sound was the humming sound, or it wasn't? *LOL*

    btw, just read in Berita Harian (today version), the meteorology department will give explanation scientifically pertaining the Suara Dari Langit issue...can read from this link.

    hope they will not give us something stupid, referring it to sounds coming from factory nearby...*sigh*,

    well, i hope the 'time' will not come as early as this year or next year...haha, still lots to accomplish, to achieve...*sigh again*...

    hope Allah hear our prayers or the prayers of pious people (all wali)...afterdark, write more...i know many silent readers like me waiting for your next posts...:-)

    thanks for the enlightment...

    1. If they tells something stupid I'm not surprised.. if they tells something brilliant which proves me wrong then I'll be surprised yet relief.. If they tells exactly what I wrote in this article, I'll probably going to take some panadol..

  10.'s me some free time, so while surfing the internet, i found rest plz read urselves :-)

    SHAH ALAM - Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi (Mosti) menafikan dengkuran kuat diselang seli bunyi nyaring frekuensi radio di Kota Semarahan pada 11 an 12 Januari lalu berpunca daripada High Frequancy Active Auroral Research Programme(HAARP) yang dijalankan di Amerika Syarikat.

    Sebaliknya bunyi berkenaan datang daripada sebuah kilang kelapa sawit di Kampung Endap.

    Timbalan Menteri Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi (MOSTI), Datuk Fadillah Yusof berkata, kilang berkenaan telah membuat pengujian terhadap tekanan dandang secara automatik pada 11 dan 12 Januari 2012 sehingga menyebabkan kewujudan bunyi seolah-olah orang sedang menjerit dan mengejutkan penduduk kampung di sekitarnya.

    p/s; which one should we believe? MOSTI or villagers???...but if the sound came from the factory nearby as claimed by MOSTI, what's the explanation for similar sounds all over the world (London, Norway etc...aha...i guess they have branches there...)

    1. Firstly, I think the explanation is a bit an insult to the people of Samarahan. I'm sure they're not that stupid to differentiate something sounded mechanical and something which was not.

      Secondly, the distance between Kampung Endap where the factory are located is actually 12 kilometeres away from Kampung Meranek where the sound was also heard. In fact, the sound was loud enough in Kampung Meranek that teacher Mohd Ferdauz Jemain was able to record it by his camera. By comparison, thunder can also be heard 10-14 kilometers away and a clap of thunder typically registers at about 120 dB in close proximity to the ground stroke. Bearing in mind that Thunder in close proximity is capable of producing temporary deafness and may cause rupturing of the ear's tympanic membrane that can lead to hearing damage or deafness, then if it's true the sound was produced by the factory's boiler then certainly on 11, 12th and 13th the Samarahan Hospital had received large numbers of deaf patient from the factory and its nearby area.

      Thirdly, the boiler's sound could not have produced strange pattern in the skies in the early morning of Jan 12.

      Fourthly, The sound persisted for 3 hours, what kind of test and boiler do that?

      Finally, if anything could produced such a large sound, then no factory would be stupid enough to do it at 2 am. And knowing during the first test that it would creates a 120 dB sound, would the factory repeated such test for the second day also in the middle of the night?

      MOSTI's explanation seriously flawed.

  11. Afterdark puts very relevant explanation. The sounds came from compressed air in the sky. Compressed air happened when sudden change happened in the atmospheric layers. How geomagnetic fields affect the atmospheric layers baffles me. Geomagnetic field comes from state change of liquid iron inside earth's core. See the movie "The Core". "The Core" has some true facts and don'ts. Something is changing inside earth's core!

    When the sky roars, it means something affecting the weather pattern. I mean severe weather is coming. When and how, I have no idea. Related to earthquakes definitely yes when related earth's core thus affects earth's crust . This year we are going to see many super quakes event around the world.

    Start making a habit of putting reserves on food and gas for few months. Constantly make Doas.

    1. Thank you Mojo Watcher! Your comment helps to explain to the rest of my readers what I'm talking about in my article. To tell you the truth, I didn't exactly understand it myself because I was simply re-explained what I read in some materials provided to me by my group. However, the explanation there were too technical even I almost falls asleep. Bro, haven't heard from you for some time, busy eh?

  12. We found out those areas with true rumble noise in the sky had very weak geomagnetic field not cracked as termed by other opinion. Geomagnetic field is like magnet. If you put iron flakes on a piece of paper with the magnet at the bottom you can see magnetic field pattern showed by the iron flakes. This proves a simple magnet has non-uniform magnetic field. Same goes with geomagnetic field.

    An area with weakened geometric field is in danger with high exposure to cosmic radiation and solar flares bombardment. This creates significant atmospheric density thus affecting air in the atmosphere to be compressed and decompressed producing the rumble sound. It's like releasing air from a balloon. Cosmic radiation and solar flares bring high energy and heat up clouds like steam escaping thru a funnel.If this happened we have less clouds and long dry period.

    What is interesting is that the sky rumbling sound is scattered all over the world which means weakened geomagnetic field scattered all over the world. Something inside and near earth's core is affecting the magma transition and state change of liquid iron flow that produces geomagnetic field. A solid iron has very weak magnet force. When magnetize with electrical current flow the solid iron becomes strong magnet. Hot liquid iron produces magnetic field when in motion. Weakened magnetic field means hot liquid iron in the earth's core is slowing down. There is going to be very dynamic temperature variation affecting magma flow surrounding the continental tectonic plates near the weakened geomagnetic field area. Super quake event is highly possible. Those living near and at the fault lines are in danger.

    Make doa such event would not happen in our region.

    1. If this happened we have less clouds and long dry period.
      Does that meaning we all will start to witness the prophecy of dajjal would appear after 3 years long dry period that made the earth couldnt produce food the first year 1/3 followed by second 2/3 and third year 3/3...i couldnt imagine that the world must be really heaty and dry....Anis