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My article as published in MYKMU on Sunday, May 16.
I was surprised to read the statement by Tan Sri Sanusi Junid a while back. It was published in a national newspaper and his blog where he recounted his days when serving the Ministry of Internal Affairs long time ago. It’s not the content of his statement that surprises me. His revelation that the late Tunku was an inactive member of the Freemason’s movement is something which had been speculated by the watcher’s group.

But what’s really a surprise to me was the willingness of Tan Sri Sanusi to sort of indicates that the Freemason has been here in Malaysia since before the days of independence. He goes even further by saying that he used to know several of them which I presume also by their names. From his statement, we can also assume that he know the identities of some of Malay Leaders back in 1978 whom were the Freemasons.

Oh yes we probably suspected it about it al along.. nevertheless it is so unfamiliar to see it indicated in black and white in Malaysian newspaper.. It’s get better because he is a high profile figures who used to be working side by side with our intelligence unit under Tun Ghazalie Shafie.

Now, I am going to republish his statement here for all to reads. Maybe we can together extract some information from a single paragraph published by Tan Sri Sanusi Junid.

On February 3, 2010 Tan Sri Sanusi Junid wrote to the newspaper and also published in his blogs as follows:-

"Saya memberi contoh pergerakan Freemason yang tersangat rahsia pergerakannya. Saya kenal ahli-ahli Freemason Melayu waktu saya bekerja di The Chartered Bank, Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur di mana terdapat akaun Freemason di bawah nama bendaharinya, yang bekerja di UOB di Singapura. Saya kenal siapa yang menjadi ahli pergerakan ini apabila mereka memasukkan yuran mereka ke akaun berkenaan. Saya perhatikan apabila keadaan dalam negara telah heboh mengutuk Freemason maka pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu yang menjadi anggota Freemason telah berhimpun di Equatorial Hotel untuk membuat penjelasan bahawa mereka tidak akan mengkhianati bangsanya dengan menjadi ahli Freemason. Perdana Menteri Tunku Abdul Rahman sendiri telah menjelaskan bahawa beliau menjadi ahli sebagai 'cara nak berkawan saja ... tak ada apa-apa pun.... bukan badan politik pun. ... kalau mereka rugikan Melayu saya takkan ikut mereka..."

Hence, here are some of the information confirmed by him:-

(a) Quote : “Saya kenal ahli-ahli Freemason Melayu waktu saya bekerja di The Chartered Bank, Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur ..”

Revelation: Tan Sri Sanusi Junid was appointed as Senior Manager of Standard Chartered Bank Kuala Lumpur in 1971. So that confirms that in 1971 the Masonic movement has already been strong in Kuala Lumpur.

(b) Quote: “waktu saya bekerja di The Chartered Bank, Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur di mana terdapat akaun Freemason di bawah nama bendaharinya, yang bekerja di UOB di Singapura..“

Revelation: There was (and still) a Freemason Account in Standard Chartered Bank Kuala Lumpur. The purpose is to collect the ‘fees’ which shall then be forwarded to United Overseas Bank in Singapore. So yes, Singapore has been the Freemason’s Centre of Asian Operation since long time ago.

The United Overseas Bank mentioned here was founded in Singapore in 1935 by Kuching-born Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang. Interestingly enough, Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang also the man behind the founding of Bian Chiang Bank in Sarawak in 1924. Today, the UOB Bank is a leading Bank in Asia with 5 subsidiaries across Asia namely United Overseas Bank (Malaysia), United Overseas Bank (Thai), PT Bank UOB Indonesia, PT Bank UOB Buana, United Overseas Bank (China) and United Overseas Bank Philippines.

On the other hand, the Bian Chiang Bank founded by the same man was purchased by UMNO-owned Fleet group in 1979 and renamed Bank of Commerce Berhad. Today the same bank is one of the leading Bank in Malaysia under the name of Bumiputra Commerce Bank Bank.

(c) “Saya perhatikan apabila keadaan dalam negara telah heboh mengutuk Freemason maka pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu yang menjadi anggota Freemason telah berhimpun di Equatorial Hotel”

Revelation: I assume this statement refers to the year 1978 when the late Haji Sulaiman Palestine challenged the late Tun Hussien Onn in UMNO general assembly because that I was told (I was only 3 years old back then) by my dad that was the first time the issues of Freemasons was highlighted in Malaysian politic and it was quite a news back then. Therefore if I interpret this statement correctly, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid was saying that some of our politician back then whom were members of Freemasons had gathered in Equatorial Hotel in the year of 1978 following the shockwave caused by the late Haji Sulaiman Palestine that year. For those who did not know who Haji Sulaiman Palestine was, well he is Anwar Ibrahim's uncle uses his last breathe to leave a message to Dr. Mahathir never to appoint his nephew as the next Prime Minister. We know that people on death bed would never lie.. So one could only speculate what sort of information he wishes to reveal to Tun Mahathir.

(d) Quote: “Perdana Menteri Tunku Abdul Rahman sendiri telah menjelaskan bahawa beliau menjadi ahli sebagai 'cara nak berkawan saja ... tak ada apa-apa pun.... bukan badan politik pun. ... kalau mereka rugikan Melayu saya takkan ikut mereka...”.

Comments: Well, at least the question whether or not Freemasons has been here since the day of the independence had been answered. Yep, they’ve been here for a very long time. Even now we know that there’s a Dewan Freemason in Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur. Then of there’s the Penang Masonic Temple at the junction of Jalan Utama with Jalan Brown which had exists since 1924 and today managed by Penang Masonic Temple Sdn Bhd. In fact, the British Colonial Period in Tanah Melayu was started by a Freemason by the name of Captain Francis Light who hoisted the the first Union Jack on Tanah Melayu on August 11, 1786 with a promise of defending Kedah from the attack of Siam. He was be the second generation Freemasons after the the first Grand Lodge of England was formed in 1717.

But when 1790 when Siam did attack Kedah, Francis Light turned his back on Kedah which led to the Kedah-British war followed by the total handover of Penang to British East India Company. 19 years later the first Freemason Temple named the Neptune Lodge was build on September 1809. It can be said for certain that from the day the Union Jack was hoisted on Tanah Melayu, Freemason had infiltrated our politics and shaped the history of our nation until today.

The fact that the Freemasons has been in Tanah Melayu 171 years prior to our independence is a solid reason to belief that the Freemasons has been running free in this country prior to independence day. Knowing the purpose of the Illuminati and Freemason as they really truly are, there were an awful lot of things they can do within that 171 years. There’s also no secret that the British East India Company is a company established to carry out Freemason’s purpose of “Ordo Ab Chao” (Order of the Chaos) all over the world. The company which promotes itself as Trade Company is actually the LARGEST Legalized Drug Trafficking and Slave Trading Corporation in the history of the world. The fact that Officials of the British East India Company were prominent among the members of the Grand Lodge of Masonry of England is a matter of general knowledge. The company was responsible in shaping the history of India, China, Australia, and The United States (to name a few). Therefore there was no reason for the Freemasons to wet their feet in our soil unless they’ve planned to stay for long.

The presence of Freemasons 171 years before the independence and is what fuelled the stories behind the independence process and certain events took place after that. Some stories such as the real reason behind the formation of PAS as splinters of UMNO, the formation of the Coalition, the 1965’s parliamentary resolution to have Singapore to leave the Federation, , the May 13 incident, the 1969 sacking of Tun Mahathir from UMNO and many others does make you wonders whether our government was at that time had been infiltrated by the Freemasons. Whatever the truth is, one thing for sure. The Freemasons are here and they definitely been wearing all colors of our political parties.

(e) If Tan Sri Sanusi Junid knew about the Freemasons then definitely his former boss Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie also knew about them, and therefore it’s safe to say that our intelligence agencies also knows about them. I have no doubts that our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir also knew about it as well as all the other former Prime Ministers of Malaysia. People then might ask, why not eradicate the movement under ISA while there is still time?

What attracts people to join the Freemasonry is the assurance of mutual help which its members pledge themselves to give on joining. A Freemason is expected to give unlimited support to other members of the society. Members have certain signs by which they come to know each other, such as the way they shake hands with other people and certain additions in their signatures on letters, etc. I believe this is attraction of joining Freemason as described by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman. However, the support pledged here is not entirely financial. So it’s not that you have to lend your money to whomever members of Freemason coming to you. The purpose of allegiance is not about pledging money; instead it is more on promising a deed to be performed when the time finally came. It sometimes reminds me of the character in the Stepehen King’s novel ‘The Needful Things’ where the Devil character Mr.Gaunt sell items of desire in consideration of not money but a deed to be performed on certain individuals. The victims who accepted this trade thought that the transaction was an amazing bargain because the deed sounds harmless. However through a chain of events where multiple deeds were performed by numbers of unsuspecting people on the same time, the Devil was able to control the whole community and caused an unimaginable damage to the whole town.

Eradicating the Freemasons in Malaysia is not as easy as one could suggest. There’s a legal and common sense reasons against branding all Freemasons as enemies of the state. You have to really understand the thin veil separating the Freemasons and the Illuminati to understand most members of the Masonry are harmless. The existence of the Freemason was designed in a way similar to handful of vein of coconut palm frond (lidi kelapa). Each of the veins is harmless by its own, but a handful of it can be used to whack your ass till it bleed.

Each person who joins the Masonry truly believes that they posed no harm to anyone. If their position remains insignificant, the posed no danger to anyone and can even contributes to the community. But once the position had shifted into something which can be used for the higher purpose, they will find that the Freemasons are more than just a gathering of a bunch of old boys. So you see, the laws and common sense prevents us from arresting the ordinary members who attended the gatherings at Jalan Tun Razak or Jalan Utama. These people are the insignificants who technically done nothing wrong to anyone. The one who posed the threat are not them but those who already sat in the parliament or on their way to become leaders for their respective political parties be it UMNO, PAS, DAP, PKR etc etc. Similarly the danger can also come from the Freemasons who now are stewarding the country’s media, communications and banking. These higher degrees Freemasons no longer attend the Malaysian Temples. Like Anwar Ibrahim, they attend the overseas Lodge and receive their orders from abroad.

This is not to say that we should not try eradicates the problem. We must try because the Freemasons had done so much damage in this world. The harmless Freemason of today is the seeds of humans suffering of tomorrow. Yes some seeds never grow into poisonous trees but that doesn’t mean that we just let it be planted all over our backyards. Freemasons are thought not to believe in another being more superior than the human beings and by principle alone that is against the teachings of all religions. Freemason today is also the main vehicle of the Illuminati because Freemason (who promotes Capitalism) had succeeded where Communism and Socialism had failed. Members of the Freemasons who willing to trade their souls for power and worldly possession will eventually eyed a candidacy for ranks in the Illuminati.

Illuminati are the elites amongst the Freemasons. Once you’re in it then you have bestowed an honor upon yourself to sit next to Lucifer in the burning hell for eternity.

I think the government ought to do something about Freemasons in Malaysia. If the government can make a move against Al-Arqam then there should be no reason not to make a move on the Freemasons. I do not see how the Freemason can be less harmful then Al-Arqam anyway. The Freemasons never made their presence a secret in Malaysia (they have buildings and websites and even registered as companies and organization) therefore no one can make a fun of the government if the government finally decided to acknowledge the existence of Freemason in Malaysia. If no legal action can be taken, at least our Majlis Fatwa must issue a clear edict to prevents the Muslims from joining them. Sometimes I also cannot understand why they can issue an edict against Yoga but not on the Freemasons.

Think about it and I would love to hear your comment on this. Most of all I would love to hear Tan Sri Sanusi Junid's view if someone can bring a question to him on why our intelligence department never made a move against the Freemasons in our country.


  1. This is a very intricate subject with global legal implications. Officially, the FM register their lodges and members. And officially, as members of lodges, they are on track record of being of great service to the nation. And it is clearly stated that the FM will follow the law of the land. And the first Malay Sultan to join FM was Sultan Ibrahim - who joined on the 11th April 1906 in Empire Lodge No. 2108 in London. You can read it all here ( - it is an open source and there is no hiding it.
    I studied FM for so long and I do have some good info on the matter.
    I have not traced Anwar Ibrahim's official membership in FM, although in my own personal opinion Anwar is not a member of any regular FM lodge in Malaysia, but it is possible that he might have been intiated in a non-regular lodge elsewhere outside Malaysia.
    But my deeper studies lead me not the FM as the world's biggest menace, but the JESUITS - and I have discovered that a lot of Anwar is to do with Jesuits. And the Jesuits run the world's freemasonry.
    So, I have a different view of FM now, although I do believe that FM has a profound impact on our history and our nation - but I do not view FM as separate from the Jesuits and the Vatican.
    FM has been the scapegoat in conspiracy theories, but the real enemy are the Jesuits - and I happen to be studying this subject, perhaps the only one well informed on the subject here in Malaysia.
    There are lots of other info, and the connections, but it is not possible to write here.

  2. Anwar Ibrahim is a Freemason.. Recently his name popped out in Ottawa Masonic Centre, Canada under Civil Service Masonic Lodge No. 148. Certainly you have heard that. But I agreed that Freemason is not the world biggest menace. As I've put it in my article, most members of the Masonry are harmless. In America most of them thought they were being patriotic. Some in the world even believe they're serving the Lord. But, lack of understanding on how the Devil's mind work does caused some organization to deviate from the path it originally intended. So the Freemason, the Jesuits, The Bilderberg Group, Ordo Templi Orientis, The Black Hand, The Knights of the Golden Circle, The Rosicrucianism etc etc .. I'm sure none of them actually wanted to start out as servants of Satan but eventually they veered into that path anyway and serve Luciferian purpose. As avid reader and researcher of Freemason's history, I'm sure you would agreed that Anwar's choice of emblem for his political party ('an open eye which lighten up the path') is very very conspicuous indeed. I am glad you commented on my article. I would love to hear more from you and to share your knowledge. I hope you can write and tell the rest of Malaysians more.

  3. Salam. I think the mind of all of you guys have been trapped. Just look at our PETRONAS twin tower. What can you see from that tower? Does it look like one of the Masonic symbol. Remember the .... Solomon Temple. Actually, it was who's idea to develop the PETRONAS twin tower. Do you get what I mean? If so .... then why don't you use your intelligence to trace those guys. ...... Definitely, it is not Anwar Ibrahim.

  4. I just watched "THE ARRIVAL" video... Basically they say everything is freemason...Sounds gibberish to me...but everyone is entitled to their opinion...
    what I'm trying to say is, freemason or not who are we to judge...
    BTW, Wan Solehah Al-Habani is one crazy chick. Dont listen to her... Read the Quran lah Solehah..Be faithful to your God, Rasul and Ulil-Amri (those who have the authority amongst you)...taat pada Allah, Rasul dan Ketua kamu.. you cakap macam Taliban Mabuk ganja...fikir sebelum cakap...orang macam kamu ni zaman Rasulullah panggil orang2 khawarij tau...wajib bunuh..bertaubatlah segera...

  5. Salam Sdr Soffian Shariff,

    Komen anda terhadap saya terlalu umum. Saya tak dapat respon.Boleh spesifik sikit? Mungkin saya mula dgn elaborate sikit bahawa Malaysia adalah kafir kerana NWO. Kemudian sdr boleh komen lebih lanjut lagi.


    1. Kerajaan Allah sahaja yang tertinggi dan paling berkuasa yang mengatasi dan menundukkan seluruh kerajaan manusia dan undang-undang manusia yang selain daripada Allah (9:33);

    2. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menguat kuasakan undang-undang Allah ke atas manusia (5:44);

    3. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk membuat undang-undang untuk seluruh umat manusia (12:40);

    4. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang Allah (5:44);

    5. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk memerintah bumi (3:26; 7:54);

    6. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menghamba abdikan manusia kepada kuasa Allah, iaitu manusia menjadi para hamba kepada Allah (1:1; 21:24);

    7. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk disembah oleh manusia (4:36);

    8. Kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ bererti penafian, penolakan, pengingkaran dan penentangan yang aktif dan total terhadap kerajaan dan undang-undang manusia seperti kerajaan dan undang-undang demokrasi Malaysia kita ini (4:60; 60:4);

    9. Kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ bererti tidak wujud sikap dan dasar berkecuali, berdiam diri dan tanpa tindakan terhadap sesebuah kerajaan manusia dan undang-undang manusia yang kafir (4:97);

    10. Kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ bererti memerangi kerajaan yang kafir dalam bentuk peperangan yang ofensif untuk kemudiannya digantikan dengan sebuah kerajaan Allah (2:251, 193; 22:40).


    1. Artikel 4 Perlembagaan Malaysia meletakkan status Perlembagaan Malaysia sebagai undang-undang yang tertinggi yang mengatasi al-Quran dan Hadis;

    2. Artikel 43 Perlembagaan Malaysia memberi kuasa kepada para pemerintah untuk menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia ke atas umat manusia;

    3. Artikel 44 Perlembagaan Malaysia memberi kuasa kepada para pemerintah untuk membuat undang-undang manusia;

    4. Artikel 161 Perlembagaan Malaysia memberi kuasa kepada mahkamah untuk menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang manusia;

    5. Perlembagaan Malaysia menyerahkan kuasa dan hak kepada manusia untuk memerintah ke atas seluruh umat manusia (artikel 43, 44, 161);

    6. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan sistem manusia menjadi para hamba kepada manusia kerana manusia berada di bawah kuat kuasaan undang-undang demokrasi ciptaan manusia(artikel 43);

    7. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan sistem manusia menyembah manusia (artikel 43, 161);

    8. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang membuat undang-undang, yang memerintah ke atas manusia dan yang disembah oleh manusia (artikel 43, 44, 161);

    9. Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan dalam Rukun Negara mempunyai pengertian mengiktiraf kesemua Tuhan sebagai Tuhan-tuhan yang sah;

    10. Kerajaan Malaysia mengimani, menganuti dan mengamalkan agama demokrasi yang kafir dengan sekali gus ia manolak dan mengingkari kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ.

    Wan Solehah al-Halbani

  6. BODO LAH U...

    1. Sila pergi sekolah, banyakkan membaca kitab² ilmiah dan hentikanlah sikap berlagak tak tentu fasal ni.

    2. Bro...
      ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ bermaksud - tiada tuhan selain Allah
      maknanya hanya ada satu tuhan saja dalam alam ini
      agama lain punya tuhan tu tak wujud pun...

  7. salam saya tertarik dgn komen wan solehah. Kalimaah Lailla Ha illalah sudah cukup menerangkan bahawa tiada kuasa yg ada selain kuasa Allah..(samada Manafaat atau Mudarat)

    Bab Freemanson ni: Its just a story of world.
    kalau Allah nak adakan dia adalah...kalau Allah tak nak..kuasa Allah akan musnahkan dia..tugas u didunia ni ialah hambakan diri u pada Allah couse u r poor, u have noting...

    Paudzi Yahaya
    December 2011

  8. Perlembagaan Malaysia adalah Islam -rujuk TG Abdullah Sammah-ulama yg mana keturunannya dan ulama Pattani memainkan peranan menderaf Perlembagaan dr The Medina Charter

    Perkara berikut dirujuk
    3(1) Islam adalah ugama rasmi negara
    11 Penduduk bebas mengamalkan ugama amseng maseng (spt Medina Charter) tapi
    11 (4) tertakluk kepada Islam-maksudnya mengamalkan ugama lain boleh sperti di zaman Rasulullah tapi Islam tetap DI ATAS (above all reigion)

    153 Melayu adalah pendudk Peri Bumi Malaysia dan berugama ISLAM , mengamalkan adat Melayu /Islam dan bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu

    159 Ketua Negara Malaysia (YDP Agong) BERUGAMA ISLAM dan Kuasa eksekutifnay memveto/ menerimapakai undang undang yg di deraf oleh legislator (ahli politik di Dewan Rakyat)

    1. Bukan orang Inggeris dengan orang India ke? Hehe.

  9. Wan Soleh Al Habani dan sesiapa sahaaj lihat artikel Taat Kepada Pemimpin yg dikarang TG Abdullah Samaah AMK Pondok di Kelantan-menyatakan bahawa Perlembagaan Malaysia adalah Islam

    Apa fatwa awak berbanding Tuan Guru yg juga menjadi leader kepada Persatuan Pondok Islam ASWJ di Kelantan? Dan juga utk makluman Perlembagaan itu di deraf juga dari Kitab Munyatul Musolli

    Fatwanya berdasarkan beberapa kitab- sila nyatakan kitab rujukan awak

  10. Salam sdr agzamry,


    Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan :

    1. Allah swt

    2. Jesus Kristus

    3. Tuhan Buddha

    4. Tuhan Hindu

    5. Tuhan Zoroaster

    6. Tuhan Appolo

    Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan dalam Rukun Negara dapat dianalisiskan sebagai mempunyai dua permasalahan yang besar:

    1. Tuhan tidak terkhusus kepada Allah sahaja dan dimaksudkan kepada semua Tuhan;

    2. Tidak ada penafian dan pengingkaran terhadap Tuhan-Tuhan yang lain, malah Rukun Negara mengiktiraf dan membenarkan kesemua Tuhan selain daripada Allah s.w.t.

    Bagi maksud Rukun Negara, Buddha juga Tuhan, Vishnu juga Tuhan, segala patung di kuil-kuil Hindu dan Cina itu juga Tuhan-Tuhan yang layak disembah, kesemua Tuhan itu diiktiraf dan diletakkan sama taraf dengan Allah s.w.t. Rukun Negara yang mengiktiraf dan yang menyama tarafkan kesemua Tuhan adalah kafir.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Wan Solehah al-Halbani
    Lubok Terua, PAHANG DM

  11. Salam,


    1. Kerajaan Allah sahaja yang tertinggi dan paling berkuasa yang mengatasi dan menundukkan seluruh kerajaan dan undang-undang manusia (9:33);

    2. Allah yang berkuasa dan berhak untuk menguat kuasakan undang-undang Allah ke atas manusia (5:48, 49);

    3. Allah yang berkuasa dan berhak untuk membuat undang-undang (12:40);

    4. Allah berhak untuk menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang Allah (5:50);


    1. Artikel 4 - Perlembagaan Malaysia adalah undang-undang yang tertinggi yang mengatasi al-Quran dan Hadis;

    2. Artikel 43 - pemerintah menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia ke atas umat manusia;

    3. Artikel 44 - pemerintah membuat undang-undang manusia;

    4. Artikel 161 – pemerintah menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang manusia.


    1. Pemerintah dilantik sebagai Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang mempersekutukan Allah;

    2. Manusia memerintah dan berkuasa ke atas manusia;

    3. Manusia membuat undang-undang;

    4. Menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia;

    5. Menghukum & mengadili dengan undang-undang manusia;

    6. Manusia menyembah manusia;

    7. Rakyat adalah para hamba kepada manusia;

    8. Tidak menolak undang-undang manusia ;


    1. Melantik manusia sbg Tuhan-tuhan Manusia;

    2. Justeru mereka sekutukan Allah;

    3. Membuat undang-undang manusia;

    4. Menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia;

    5. Menghukum dengan undang-undang manusia;

    6. Mewujudkan sistem manusia menyembah manusia;

    7. Mewujudkan sistem manusia menjadi hamba kpd manusia;

    8. Setuju, redha dan membolehkan amalan agama yang kafir.


    1. Mereka mempersekutukan Allah kerana mereka adalah Tuhan-tuhan Manusia;

    2. Mereka berkuasa, berdaulat & memerintah ke atas manusia;

    3. Mereka membuat undang-undang;

    4. Mereka menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia;

    5. Mereka menghamba abdikan manusia kpd kuasa mereka;

    6. Mereka menghukum dgn undang-undang manusia;

    7. Mereka disembah oleh manusia.


    1. Umat Islam yang taat dan patuh kpd undang-undang demokrasi bererti mereka menyembah para pemimpin mereka yang membuat undang-undang itu sebagai Tuhan-tuhan yang layak disembah (Taubah 31);

    2. Para pemimpin adalah disembah sebagai Tuhan-tuhan yang layak disembah oleh manusia (Taubah 31);

    3. Para penyembah dan orang-orang yang disembah adalah kesemuanya kafir.


    1. Kufur ingkarkan demokrasi (Nisa 60);

    2. Tidak amalkan demokrasi, kufur ingkarkannya, memusuhi & membencinya ( 60:4);

    3. Tidak membenarkan kuasa politik diperolehi melalui jalan demokrasi (faatir 10);

    4. Rasulullah menolak tawaran menjadi Raja (kafirun1-6);

    5. Hukum Fiqh – DHARURAH, IJTIHAD & MASLAHAH tidak membolehkan amalan demokrasi yang KAFIR;

    6. PAS kafir kerana membolehkan amalan demokrasi melalui Ijtihad.


    1. Isytiharkan kekufuran kerajaan demokrasi;

    2. Akui tidak ada ijtihad bagi membolehkan amalan demokrasi;

    3. Tidak mengamalkan demokrasi;

    4. Menolak dan mengingkari demokrasi;

    5. Memusuhi dan membenci kerajaan demokrasi;

    6. Menghapuskan kerajaan demokrasi melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi.


    1. Deklarasi kekufuran kerajaan demokrasi (Hjr 94, Maidah 67));

    2. Penolakan total terhadap kerajaan demokrasi (Nisa 60,Mumtahanah 4);

    3. Tanpa kompromi terhadap kerajaan demokrasi (Kafirun 1-6, Qalam 8 & 9);

    4. Konfrantasi Terbuka terhadap kerajaan demokrasi (A’raf 110,127, Hud 55);

    5. Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi (Baqarah 193, Hajj 40);

    Sekian, Terima Kasih.

    Wan Solehah al-Halbani
    Lubok Terua, Temerloh, PAHANG DM

    1. Allah ta’ala berfirman :
      اتَّخَذُوا أَحْبَارَهُمْ وَرُهْبَانَهُمْ أَرْبَابًا مِنْ دُونِ اللَّهِ وَالْمَسِيحَ ابْنَ مَرْيَمَ وَمَا أُمِرُوا إِلا لِيَعْبُدُوا إِلَهًا وَاحِدًا لا إِلَهَ إِلا هُوَ سُبْحَانَهُ عَمَّا يُشْرِكُونَ

      ... "Mereka menjadikan orang-orang alimnya, dan rahib-rahib mereka sebagai tuhan selain Allah, dan (juga mereka mempertuhankan) Al Masih putra Maryam; padahal mereka hanya disuruh menyembah Tuhan Yang Maha Esa; tidak ada Tuhan (yang berhak disembah) selain Dia. Maha Suci Allah dari apa yang mereka persekutukan"

      [QS. At-Taubah : 31].

      mne punya kitab hang translate??

    2. seorang sahabat datang kepada Rasulullah s.a.w dan bertanya kpd baginda yg the jews and nasara x menyembah priest dan rabbi mereka sebagai tuhan,kenapa Allah bfirman mcmni?

      Rasulullah reply : tidakkah priest dan rabbi mereka menghalalkan apa yg Allah telah haramkan?

      clean n clear,itu adalah syirik.perlembagaan negara ni menghalalkan yang haram atau x?siapa yg enforce perlembagaan ni?..KEDAULATAN UNDANG2 dan KELUHURAN PERLEMBAGAAN?..jawab dalam kubur nnt ye saudara2..:)

  12. Salam....

    saudara Wan Solehah al-Halbani
    Lubok Terua, Temerloh, PAHANG DM

    Saya sokong hujah2 anda dengan bukti yang kukuh iaitu dalil Al-Quran. Kite kena fahami dengan menggunakan dua mata baru boleh melihat. Jika pakai satu mata memang tak nampak. Sapa pakai satu mata maka jadilah pengikut DAJJAL.

    Siapa2 yang nak faham dunia hari ini lihat lah dengan dua mata.

    Wahai umat Islam sekelian. Kembalilah kepada Al-Quran dan Sunnah. Mari kite fahami Al-Quran, jangan baca bahasa Arab sahaja. Baca sekali terjemahan.

  13. Apa hal la korang bertekak ni.. Susah susah sangat nanti kalau ada masa aku tulis artikel bagi penjelasan..

  14. Wan Solehah al-Halbani saya sokong anda 100%

  15. solehah dgn si ayu ni lain macam je bunyinye? korang ni pengikut abu toto kat indon tu ke? pegi la futuh negara sendiri kat bulan tuh....

    1. Masalahnya manusia dah ditetapkan tempat tinggal dan kembalinya di bumi. Kata-kata kamu ini seperti mahu menjual sebuah perperangan merebut siapa yang layak tinggal di atas muka bumi ini dengan cara hidup yang dipercyai. Saya yakin tiada masalah untuk kaum yang mempunyai kepercayaan yang teguh untuk membeli jualan kamu ini. Dah sedia?

  16. Wan Solehah al-Halbani saya sokong anda 100%

  17. Salam,

    Posting yang menarik tapi banyak komen yg terkeluar dari tajuk. Nak tunjuk pandai tak bertempat.

    Hangpa pi buat blog sendiri lah. Bodoh! Akai tarakkk!

  18. mudahnya mengkafirkan orang lain... mcm kopek pisang mudahnya

    1. Kamu ingat mudah dan murahkah nak bangunkan cara hidup berdemokrasi ke seluruh pelusuk rata bumi? Siapa yang suruh ikut perjuangkan ajaran yang bukan-bukan? Baru 55 tahun di Malaysia ini sahaja dah macam semput-semput keadaannya ni. Berani buat berani tanggunglah kan? Tidak mudah.

  19. de Vibratore writes:
    1. proud that we have both sides of argument but sadly it almost turned to bloodshed animosity;
    2. judgemental as we are, please don't embark on hatred and destructive comments which may bring along other readers;
    3. academic should be dealt with academic in debates with open heart and mind JUST to find the best for us to be HIS servant for the onlookers like me who continuously looking for the RIGHTFUL teaching of the Prophet s.a.w for Allah to eventually accept us.
    4. Both sides are bestowed with knowledge and courage to write herein whilst an idiot like me just admiring with envy how Allah is so graceful to lend you all HIS miniscule of drop of His knowledge to you all.
    5. We seek the TRUTH and HE is the HAQ and the Most Knowlegeable; should we feel this when confronting others who are not with same wavelength like us? Did the yesteryears Islamic scholars drew swords after presenting their submissions?
    Please.. I beg you all. Be magnanimous for no one is the righteous except HIM and upon whom HE would bestow the hidayah, please be thankful!
    A lot!!!

    1. Truely agreed. As per factual historical norm, whenever hidayah of HAQ came, the BAATIL shall demise. Alhamdulillahi hamdan daiman abada fi kulli lam hatin wa nafasin 'adadama wasi'ahu 'ilmullah.

  20. Salam,
    Wan Solehah al Halbani, saya amat2 bersetuju dgn saudari. tapi dunia ni dh tua, rata2 manusia sudah lena dgn amalan nenek moyang mereka, demokrasi la, republic la, itu la ini la, sehingga terlupa bahawa kerajaan Allah masih blom tertegak lg..TAPI dah mengaku Malaysia negara islam.. hehehe.. Islam celah mana nye kalo 1st lady of Malaysia tak tutup aurat, seluruh rakyat tgk free2 dpt dosa.. itu negara Islam? isteri2 Rasulullah tak pernah auratnya dilihat sesiapa selain Rasulullah dan saudara mahramnya.. tapi isteri2 pemimpin Malaysia? nauzubillah lah...tgk sdiri lah.. jgn tgk dgn satu mata plak..itu Dajjal namanya.. sesiapa yg iktiraf DEMOKRASI PARLIMEN itu sistem Islam, maka mereka sudah menidakkan sistem SYURA pemilihan khalifah Islam yg Rasulullah ajarkan.. perlu ke bendera parti smpai menelan kos juta2? membazir tu sistem SYURA pemilihan khalifah islam ke? calon wanita diangkat tinggi sedangkan ramai lg kaum Adam yg lebih layak jd pemimpin.. itu sistem Islam ke? terlalu kejar nak jd pemerintah sehingga tercicir kaum miskin nasib x terbela, kalau lah duit utk kempen pilihanraya (RM3juta seorg calon x260 calon parlimen x ribuan calon DUN) berbillion2 abis duit utk BEREBUT NAK JADI PEMERINTAH sedangkan rakyat mati kelaparan masih WUJUD di muka bumi ni.. jgn tgk peta malaysia je, tgk global.. baru lah terkeluar dr JERAT DAJJAL..

    1. Sempena Ramadhan Al Mubarak ini mudahlah kita menyelami serba sedikit apa yang orang lapar mampu lakukan.

  21. berbahas la mcmana pun malangnya kebenaran tak dapat ditentukan didunia ini. Hanya di hari pengadilan di mana semua kita dibogelkan & dibisukan.

    1. Dunia inilah tempat kita menanam dan akhirat kelak tempat menuai hasilnya.

  22. I agree to the fact that Freemansonry has taken over almost all media of the world, including financial institutions. However, Rasullulah PBUH leaves us two important doctrines in which if we followed them rightfully we are not going to be lost. What are those? I knew you know that...Al Quran and Hadith. These two doctrines have stood the test of time and never failed to be the truest guidance of people who seek for the truth.

    do we have what it takes to become leaders who can uphold Allah hudud? Are we strong enough and are we educated enough. This is when ulama comes into the scene. They are the only reference that we have nowadays. So, sekarang Wan Solehah? Saya nak tanya ngko belajar sendiri ka ko belajar dgn tok guru? siapa yg lebih alim dalam perihal agama? klu ngko blaja sendiri tanpa rujukan dan menafsir sahaja ikut tafsiran kamu mungkin kamu terpesong. Berjaga2lah takut kamu yg jadi mcm golongan Islam liberal.

    Baik....saya byk mengkaji perihal zionism (sy pernah melihat video the arriving, baca buku Art of Deception, Illuminati) mmg benar ahli Freemason ada gelaran lodge nya. Tolong berikan fakta jelas Anwar Ibrahim adalah dalam senarai Freemason lodge tu. saya boleh sampaikan kepada pemimpin tertinggi Pas. Takkan selama ini mereka tidak tahu. Even saya sendri pun pernah mencari ttp tidak pernah berjumpa. Kenapa pula dikatakan pemimpin Pas tidak memegang syariat Islam dgn betul. pada ilmu saya yg ada dalam diri saya ini takkan saya bodoh utk mengikut ajaran mereka ini. Tidak pernah menyimpang satu pun dari fahaman saya. Pemimpin UMNO plak pernah kah antara mereka ini mengajar agama di surau dan di masjid.

    Ataupun saya nak katakan pada Wan Solehah anda tak pernah mengikuti ajaran islam secara formal agaknya. Saya ingin mengikuti rumusan anda Afterdark mengenai perkara ini. Ingat tuduhan boleh membawa kepada kebinasaan bukan sekadar dunia ingat akhirat menunggu kita.

    Dan seperkara lagi Pas mengadakan pakatan dengan DAP dan PKR atas tahallul siasi. Utk menjatuhkan UMNO yg korup dan perosak negara yg mencuri harta rakyat. Dan sbb itulah PAS mesih berkeras utk menegakkan huduh ALLAH. sekian wassalam...yg baik dari Allah dan yg salah itu datang dari kelemahan diri saya

  23. Freemasonry adalah pertubuhan yang berasaskan falsafah kesyaitanan,'Luciferian Philosophy'.Asal usulnya berkait dengan 2 peristiwa utama iaitu peristiwa Bani Israil diperhambakan oleh Raja Babylon,Nebuchadnezzar pada lebih kurang 587SM(The Exile) yang mana mereka telah mempelajari sihir yang dipanggil 'Kabbalah' dan peristiwa kedua,Perang Salib yang mana pejuang Knights Templar menjumpai 'sesuatu'(kemungkinan besar kitab sihir) dan mempelajarinya.Akhirnya mereka menukar nama menjadi Freemasons.Kesimpulan yang boleh saya buat ialah:
    1)Sesiapa yang memasuki Freemasonry dan menjadi ahli Freemason adalah KAFIR kerana secara sedar atau tidak mereka sebenarnya menyembah Iblis di dalam upacara(kawad dan sebagainya) tersebut.
    DALIL:"Bukankah Aku telah memerintahkan kepadamu hai Bani Adam supaya kamu tidak menyembah syaitan? Sesungguhnya syaitan itu adalah musuh yang nyata bagi kamu?!Dan hendaklah kamu menyembah-Ku.Inilah jalan yang lurus.Sesungguhnya syaitan itu telah menyesatkan sebahagian besar di antaramu. Maka apakah kamu tidak berakal?!lnilah Jahannam yang dahulu kamu diancam(dengannya).Masuklah ke dalamnya pada hari ini disebabkan kamu dahulu mengingkarinya."(Ya Sin 36:60-64)
    2)Sistem demokrasi adalah kufur dan syirik.Sesiapa yang membenarkannya dan redha terhadapnya(sama ada dengan menjadi ahli parlimen atau mengundi di dalam pilihanraya)adalah KAFIR dan SYIRIK kerana menyekutukan Allah dengan manusia(Tuhan palsu atau Taghut).Sistem demokrasi adalah sistem yang diterapkan oleh ahli Freemason semenjak dari peristiwa Revolusi Perancis pada 1789.Ia menyatakan bahawa manusia yang berkuasa untuk membuat undang-undang,bukan Allah.Jadi secara asasnya,demokrasi adalah kufur dan syirik.
    3)UMNO adalah pertubuhan JAHILIYAH DAN KUFUR.
    "Sesiapa yang tidak menghukum dengan apa yang diturunkan oleh Allah(yakni redha dengan hukum selain hukum Allah),maka mereka adalah orang-orang kafir."(Al Maidah 5:44)
    "Sesiapa yang memperjuangkan asabiyyah(nationalisme,perkauman),kemudian dia mati,maka dia mati dalam keadaan jahiliyah"(Sahih Muslim)
    4)Tahaluf siyasi yang diadakan PAS dan DAP adalah TIDAK SAH,bahkan HARAM dan KUFUR hukumnya kerana berkongsi kuasa dengan orang kafir di dalam memerintah serta jelas melanggar dalil qatie' yang tidak boleh ditakwil lagi di dalam Al Quran.Lebih-lebih lagi DAP dan Parti Keadilan adalah proksi Yahudi kerana ketua-ketua mereka adalah di kalangan Jesuit(contohnya Karpal Singh)dan Lim Guan Eng(Freemason)
    DALIL:"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, janganlah kamu mengambil orang-orang yahudi dan Nasrani menjadi pemimpin-pemimpin(mu); sebagian mereka adalah pemimpin bagi sebagian yang lain. Barangsiapa di antara kamu mengambil mereka menjadi pemimpin, maka sesungguhnya orang itu termasuk golongan mereka. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak memberi petunjuk kepada orang-orang yang zalim."(Al Maidah 5:51)
    5)KESEMUA PARTI POLITIK beserta ahli-ahlinya yang berjuang di dalam sistem demokrasi kufur dan syirik ini adalah MUSUH ALLAH dan mesti dimusnahkan.Terlebih dahulu berdakwahlah kepada mereka dengan berhikmah agar mereka bertaubat.Jika mereka enggan,mereka WAJIB DIPERANGI.
    DALIL:"Dan serulah ke jalan Tuhanmu dengan hikmah kebijaksanaan dan nasihat yang baik."(An Nahl 16:125)
    "Dan berperanglah di jalan Allah akan orang-orang yang memerangi kamu,dan janganlah kamu melampaui batas.Sesungguhnya Allah tidak suka kepada orang yang melampaui batas."(Al Baqarah 2:190)
    "Dan perangilah mereka sehingga tidak ada fitnah lagi(yakni kekufuran) dan menjadilah agama itu hanya milik Allah."(Al Baqarah 2:193)

    True Justice

  24. taubat..

    sementara nyawa belum sampai halkum..
    Entah bila nyawa kita akan di cabut..
    hanya DIA yang tahu.
    dan DIA juga yang Maha Mengetahui..

    Sapa kita nak di bandingkan dengan ilmu DIA..

    Tahap mana ilmu yang kita ada ..
    Pandai sangat kah kita?
    Bodoh kah orang lain?

    Imam Shafie umur 9 thn dah hafal quran.
    adakah kita hafal quran dan hadis?

    siapa kah kita nk membodohkan orang lain?

    Siapakah kita hendak memberi fatwa ?
    ini sah..itu tak sah..

    Imam Syafie penentang amalan bidaah. Kata beliau, semua perkara yang diadakan menyalahi Quran dan sunnah atau ijmak ulama adalah bidaah yang keji dan sesat! Manakala mana-mana perkara atau kebaikan yang tidak menyalahi sedikit pun dari kesemua itu adalah bidaah yang terpuji.

    Imam Syafie juga melarang Taklid, baik taklid kepada dirinya sendiri ataupun kepada sesiapa saja. Beliau selalu berpesan: “Janganlah mereka-reka dalam perkara agama mengguna-pakai taklid sahaja kepada perkataan ataupun tindakan yang tidak disertai dengan keterangan ataupun alasan dari Quran dan hadis”. Beliau juga berpesan : “Tiap-tiap perkara yang saya katakan padahal kata Rasulullah bertentangan dengan perkataan saya, Rasulullah itulah lebih utama perlu dituruti”

    Berpandukanlah kepada Al quran dan Sunah..
    balik lah kepada Al quran dan as sunnah..

    sesungguhnya hidup kita ini tidak lama..

    perbaiki diri, iman dan amal..


  25. I didn't read everything, but read enough to say you're a very smart person and a very good writer at that. Anyway, Anwar MAY probably a mason- quite frankly I have no idea, but so are a lot of the higher ups in the government. I know this mainly because:

    1. It's just logical for it to be so
    2. I am closely related (not going to say how I am related, but yes, family) to a mason who holds a huge position in the government and in the masonic brotherhood as well, and from his stories, trust me when I say many elites in the government, be it BN or PKR are masons. I just don't think I have the right to say who. I also know someone who worked as a server during one of the annual masonic lodge dinners, and there were many influential and powerful people, from both political parties, the "entertainment" world etc I cant say too much here once again as it is not my story to tell. Realistically, people can complain all they want, but complaints will fall on deaf ears because the elites rule. Plus, loyalty and the brotherhood of these masons are very strong. If I'm not wrong, it's a rule that masonic "brothers" aren't allowed to go against each other when it comes to arguments/decisions/etc.

    Let us also agree that not all freemasons are bad, some just join for the sake of camaraderie and networking, but like every other organization or group, there are the ones with evil intentions. But let us hope and pray that nothing really bad happens. I used to be so fearful of all this but then realized that on top of knowing my rights as a human being and a citizen of this country, I can't do much to stop them because it's their right to be part of an organization, secret or not. I just think that we should stand up against what we know and fight for what's right. Not saying we shouldn't enquire, but we need to know when to rest once in awhile.
    Another thing, I find it offensive how some commenters above me make it out to be that all jews are bad. I am a christian, and in my bible, Jesus’ descendents were jewish and a big part of Jewish history overlaps with biblical history. I’m saying this because as a MALAYSIAN who was brought up to respect others’ and their beliefs, I think it’s only fair for me to share my opinions.

    Nice blog. Enjoyed your other posts too!
    Thank you

    1. I support your statement saying that not all of the jews are bad. Even the Quran teach us to respect and honor all the prophets including the ones coming from the jewish lineage starting from Isaac (Ishak), Moses (Musa), David (Daud), Solomon (Sulaiman), and even Jesus (Isa) (peace be upon them all). But unfortunately the jews themselves didn't appreciate the special covenant that our Lord has bestowed upon them through Abraham (Ibrahim) pbuh. Instead they are so into their own desire that they choose to disobey their Lord and betray their prophets by killing them. When our Lord bestowed His covenant through the lineage of Ishmael (Ismail) i.e. prophet Muhammad pbuh, there goes the ever lasting hatred of the jews towards the Muslim. And the rest is history. I believed all the muslim scholars are not against all jews in general but specifically to the jews who supported the zionism movement since the Quran also reminded us not to discredit the good jews and christians who are sincerely submit themselves to the one and true God and seek guidance from Him alone.

  26. Surah Al Maidah, Ayat 51

    Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Janganlah kamu mengambil orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani itu sebagai teman rapat kerana setengah mereka menjadi teman rapat kepada setengahnya yang lain dan sesiapa di antara kamu yang menjadikan mereka teman rapatnya, maka sesungguhnya dia adalah dari golongan mereka itu. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak memberikan petunjuk kepada kaum yang berlaku zalim.

  27. Dear writer, readers, and commenters, I agree that Freemason / Illuminati has already been not only in Malaysia but also all around the world. They conquer everything especially the main trunk of communication channel titled the Internet. Allah have described the story in the Al Quran. As what our commenters said, who is seeing with two eyes will see the fact, while who is seeing with one eye cannot see the fact. Please pray that we will all saved from the Dajjal fitnas. The world is going to end soon and there are no more taubat on the Qiamah. Wallahua'lam.


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