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In 2008 I was instructed to write an article "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT (TOP SECRET REVEALED". The intention back then was as a attempt to stop an event from ever taking place. It was sort of prediction so to speak.

Writing doomsday prediction is not something that can helps build credibility for my blog. Even if the intention is good, every time a prediction did not became reality it takes a toll on author's credibility. A very good example is the "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT (TOP SECRET REVEALED)". What was written there didn't happen. Malaysia and its ruling party BN survived the general election. I received quite a numbers of email from people who have no other intention but to tell my I was wrong and that I was a hoax. So be it. The Watchers Group like it when any doomsday prediction turned out to be bollocks.

But then again if the prediction became reality, that's for me is even worse. A good example was "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT : THE (UN)HOLY RELICS, SYRIA AND THE GREAT WAR" also in 2008. Everyone in the group were really hoping and praying that will turned out to be bullshit. But it didn't. I loose quite some sleep over that after it was first reported by the news.

The Watchers group is no more now. Just three of us left now occasionally using Skype to text to each other from the comfort of our home. But the three of us have decided to share with you another troubling prediction of what we believe things that may happen if not intercept immediately. This is not prophecy because all our prediction is based on profiling (reading news and connecting the dots). Frankly speaking, it might not happen at all (i.e bollocks). But hey, doomsday prediction should be shared amongst friends right?

So here it is.. my latest profiling about how the next Malaysian riot might came to be..

What actually worry me is this troubling indication that the Illuminati might still attempting to execute the 2013's plan. Yes, the blueprint which was meant to be execute in 2013 didn't happened but I really think it is still ongoing. In 2008's article I wrote (quote) "The next riots which will happen on the 13th day of that month and will mimic the complete profile of what happened on 13th May 1969. Only this time instead of a clash between a Chinese Youth and the Malays, the clash will be between the Indian and the Malays gangsters pretending to be heroes for their respective races."

In 2008 I really didn't think why the riots is planned to be between the Indian versus the Malays. I was merely writing things that were told to my group by that a mystery guy who claimed to be an Illuminist from Penang. But now that I think about what's happening around us, it concern me that we're still heading that way.

You see, it is beginning to make sense why it will be the Indians whom will be pawned by the Illuminati. It all goes back to Illuminati basic manipulation technique of Problem - Reaction - Solution. This basically means that the Illuminati will create the problems, wait for the reaction and then step in to offer the solution.

In Malaysia, the Illuminist are by majority Chinese. Hey I am not being racist or saying all Chinese are bad  but that's just happens to be the truth. By analogy the majority of Illuminists in the United States and Europe are Caucasian but we are ready to accept the notion that not all Caucasians are bad. Same with the Chinese. Its nothing personal but over the centuries the Chinese in Asia and Caucasians in the west have develop similar ideology when it comes to their purpose of living - which is money. When any group of people or better yet an entire race has subscribed to the idea that life is all about worldly pleasure then of course Lucifer will be very interested to ensure they with their ideology populated the world.

Remember this, not all Chinese are bad people but it happens to be that the majority of Illuminists in Malaysia are Chinese. I am not sure how or what are the current numbers of Freemasons and Jesuits in Malaysia but amongst them are probably a thousand powerful people who are planning to establish New World Order in Malaysia and they - which consists mainly Chinese - were told that New World Order can only be established if the Chinese rule Malaysia. Why? Well as I said before it's all about spreading ideology. It's not the Chinese as per-race that the Luciferians are interested at, it's the Chinese urban way of life and liberals idea that is necessary for creating the masses who will prefers the 'dun'ya' (the world) over the 'jannah' (the afterlife). 

  Freemason in Penang (majority Chinese)

Once we identified the Chinese as the selected race for running NWO in Malaysia then it is easy to understand why the clash had to be between the Malays and the Indians. Under the "Problem - Reaction - Solution" technique, the "Problem" is created by the Illuminist within DAP who had inflamed the racial and religious tensions in Malaysia since more than a decade ago. They will be the one who who will execute a triggering event that shall start a massive racial riot - using the Indian gangsters as their foot soldiers. Lots of Malays will be killed by these gangsters disguised as civilians and in return lots of Indians will be shoot and killed by the Malay Police and the Arm Forces. There will be panic and the Malays as the current ruling race in Malaysia will be portrayed as irresponsible, cruel and incompetence. As Malaysia descends chaos and dead bodies piling up, the DAP will step forward with a "solution" to save Malaysia and the majority of people (even the Malays) will agree to surrender to them the country.

Of course DAP as the designated "Solution" will not involve the Chinese in the clash. They need the solid support of the Chinese to elevate them to the throne. This is democracy remember? so they need the Chinese votes to be in power too. If the Chinese were involved and died in the clash then not only won't they received the political and financial support from the Chinese, the Indians and the Malays too will never accept them as the "Solution".

I've received a tip off that some Indians gang members are believe to worship the Hindu deity Kali, goddess of death and destruction. They believed if they can pleased Kali then she will bestow upon them dark powers that can make them invincible. Needless to say, those who worship Kali has become the Indian version of satanic worshipers.

The best way to please Kali is of course by way of blood sacrifice. I've meet an Indian friend who work with the force and he said that there were Indian gangs who performed a child sacrifice for Kali before executing large scale robberies. After beheading a child they will be temporarily untouchable by cops. Cops couldn't see them (invisible) and even bullets wont penetrate their skin (invincible). I've heard similar story before. In Discovery Channel there is this story about a Liberian former commander named  Joshua Milton Blahyi who also called himself "General Butt Naked". He testified before the camera that  during his military career he would beheaded small children, drink their blood and eat their heart. After that he would be so invincible that he will go to the battlefield stark naked to proof his power. Bullet didn't affect him and at one time, he even awed his soldiers by deflecting the trajectory of an incoming RPG.

There are two well known stories from the news that indicates the practice of human sacrifices amongst the Indian gangsters. The first is the murder of the two year old Siti Sofea Emelda whom was kidnapped from the mall and then beheaded by the Indian guy next to Klang River. That guy having been imprisoned before for robberies and drug related crime and thus was definitely a gang member. His action of abducting a small child then beheaded her near water has all the characteristics of satanic worshiper. In case you wondered why he performed the killing in broad daylight in plain sight of public, then you have to think about Mona Fendey chopping up the state assemblyman Dato Mazlan Idris into 18 parts. These people - due to their own fault of dabbling in black magic - had lost their mind at the time of the murder. The demon - who give no shit if the crime had no chance of escaping the gallows - had taken over them and told them to perform the human sacrifice.

The second case that indicates mass murders being carried out in this country is the murder of millionaire Dato Sosilawati Lawiya. In what could have been a Hollywood horror story, she and her men were kidnapped by N. Pathmanabhan and his men, brought to the orchard before killing them and burning them to crisps. The most chilling aspects about N.Pathmanabhan's crime is the fact that Sosilawaty and the 3 mens accompanying her was not Pathmanaban's first.  At least two other businessman by the name of Shafiq Davendran Abdullah and Allal Kantan Muthuraja were killed and burned the same way. It is now believed that there might be others that has been lured by Pathmanaban into his orchard, only to be killed and burned so their remains can be dumped into the river.

It is hard to believe that in Malaysia there can be a mass murder so grisly almosy the like of "The Cabin In The Wood" movie. We used to think that perhaps people being lured to a hut or cabin in the middle of nowhere to be killed is something that happens only in the United States. But it happens in Malaysia, and with satanic worshipers growing in numbers in Malaysia then of course it happens more frequent than we would like to know. Pathmanaban has proven that it can be done and if Pathmanaban can do it so does the gangsters who worship Kali'ma. If not because Dato Sosilawaty was a famous millionaire of which her disappearance caused media uproar, it is possible that the police might have not be aware of serial killer at lose in Malaysia and thus more people will go missing after entering his orchard.

Over the years I've noticed troubling development of the growing numbers of recruitment by Indian gangsters. Their numbers are sky rocketing noticeably after the previous General Election in 2008. You have to remember that prior to that election there has been indeed an aggressive attempt by HINDRAF to rally to to the street to trigger racial riot. That attempt failed to gain momentum because at that time the Indians were still remembering how they were ousted from Kampung Buah Pala by the Penang State Government. However, in the years following 2008 there was the increase of Indian gangs activities in Malaysia in particular states that were controlled by the Opposition.

In the past 5 years the Indian gangs such as 'Geng 04', 'Geng 08' and Geng '36' has became the dominant force in the underworld. For example here are the names of the branch leaders who are believed to be controlling the most infested areas in Malaysia.

The sudden growth of gangsterism amongst Indians youths is due to the fact that they're funded and protected by certain individuals. Take Geng 36 for example, it is already an open secret that they were being financial backed by Chinese tycoons and high ranking politicians from the opposition. In fact in cities like Selangor and Pulau Pinang ruled by PKR and DAP, there has been an immense spike of high profile robberies and vice activities, making us wonder whether the opposition parties are deliberately allowing these gangsters to spread their wings in these two states so that they can make an immense amount of profit. Not to mention the indication that since 2013 that these gangsters are arming themselves. For example, in just one operation in 2013 th police has seized 10 firearms, 10 air rifles, 10 home-made rifles, 11 bullets, 21 swords, 68 knives, 45 parang, six axes, 12 iron rods and four wooden rods. Then there was that grenade explosion in Bukit Bintang on October 2014 also attributed to the gang's war. Seriously? they have military hand grenade now?

It beg to question then what are PKR and DAP's real purpose of allowing these gangsters from one ethnic minority to grow their army and armed themselves?

I think the dots is connecting there. I believe the whole idea is to let these gangs grow in numbers and strength so that they can be used as a front line during the racial riots. It's like the Luciferians are sending these gangs to kills the Malay civilians , the Malays will retaliate while being back-up by the police and the army, while the Chinese sit back or goes overseas pending designation by the Luciferians for them to be the fake "Solution".

It does make sense you know. After 13th Mei 1969 the Malays as the ruler has taken initiative to ensure that the police force and the army is being dominated by Muslim Malays. It is well know as a general knowledge that the malays who hold political position is safeguarding that position by making sure that they are in possession of the country's firearms. It will be pointless for the Luciferians to send the Indians to 'battle' if the Indians doesn't own their own 'trained and fully armed soldiers'. This is why it is a good idea to let the volume of Indian gangsters to grow exponentially especially in States where the riot is planned to take place (Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Penang). With 71% of gang members in the country being Indians and disguised as civilians, it will be extremely difficult for the police or even the army to contain such enemies in a hide-n-seek urban war, especially now in the absence of once feared Internal Security Act (ISA).

On March this year, P.Ramasamy from DAP has issued a statement as follows: "I have never been afraid to face the Malays if the bloody riot ever happens again because I have long been prepared. MIC, GERAKAN and MCA might be afraid. If you want 13 May, bring it now"

I have shared this statatement in my facebook and challenged my friends to profile the hidden meaning behind his statement. No one get it right so I decided to explain it here.

The first thing you need to know is that P.Ramasamy is known in Penang for his affiliation with gangsters. In fact, spokesman N. Ganesan from HINDRAF had once lodged police report that thugs were sent by both Lim Guan Eng and Ramasamy to disrupt their meeting and prevent the submission of a memorandum on the poor management of the crematorium by the Penang Hindu Endowment Board (HEB). How close is he with the gansgters? I don't know for certain yet his scope of portfolions within the underworld but there had to be a reason why he is Deputy Chief Minister of the DAP top man. A 'Defence Minister' for DAP perhaps? Whetever it is, it couldn't be because DAP care for the Indians because DAP has been known for treating Indian DAP members like shit. Remember the complaint lodge by Indians within DAP about how 700 Indian members within the party were stopped from attending a meeting in 2012? Also remember Kampung Buah Pala?

Once you get the idea that P.Ramasamy has affiliation with gangsters (Penang itself is home to more than 8000 members of gangsters) then you would know where all his guts came from when he said he has long been prepared for another 13th May. In a way he was actually referring to DAP and the gang's preparation for the upcoming riot. He further challenged the Malays to bring it now which basically means that the preparation has reached its final stages and the DAP now is fully prepared to unleash the Indian gangsters to do their bidding.


If you are Malays or Moslems living in Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, and Penang it would be for the benefit of your mortality to prepare for the racial riots if it ever going to happen. This future riots is nothing the like this country has seen before. Hardcore gangsters whom are already experience in hacking people with machetes will roam the street and target Malays houses.

These gangsters - already high in methamphetamine and also believing they are waging a hindu holy war - will have absolutely no qualms about hacking the entire occupants of that house including women, children and old people. If one of those attackers are worshipping Kali then it might get worse because small children are Kali's favourite delicacy.

Everyone should think of 'robbers' and 'house-breakers' instead of 'zombies' when deciding to fortify their houses. Remember that these gang members had been involved in robberies and house breaking for so many years. Therefore don't bet all your lives on the standard iron bar (grill) because these people knows how to cut and opened them. Some of them especially the leader of the team might had guns. So you better own a weapon that can shoot projectile from quite a distance also (eg: archery or crossbow).

If you live in a housing estate of which Malays are minority, then you have no choice but to assume that your house will be marked as target. Even if there were Chinese around you do not expect them to assist you because they will only care for their own assess. You therefore will have to make a decision whether you want to bug out to a Malays populated area or fortify your house and armed your family the like of the Swiss Bank. Seriously guys, these gangsters - if they managed to capture the entire family - they will kill the husband last so that he can watch, if you know what I mean.

I will stop now because I have said enough. Please remember that NOT ALL INDIANS AND CHINESE ARE BAD PEOPLE. So if there is ever gonna be another 13th May please don't treat them all as enemies. In fact, the Indians in particular are victims of the Luciferians too because in the end, it will be the Indians who will suffer the most being labelled as thugs. Once the Malays unite with the police and the army, it will be hard by then to differentiate the Indian gangsters and Indian civilians and thus even the innocents will have to burden the prejudice. Even if the Luciferians manage to put the Chinese to rule this country they will be treated badly like what had been happening all these years.

Not all people are bad - regardless of their race and religion. Remember that.

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CHAPTER 1 TO 5 (in .Doc format) 












Author : AfterDark
GrammarCorrector : BolhassanIskandar & Someone else shy

Two young girls were being tied to the chairs.

It was Shafiqah and her 17 year old sister Harnita.

In that dark room with no windows, Syafiqah was screaming in horror while Harnita was slumping after being beaten up. There were 2 men surrounding them.

PLAK! One of the guy slapped Harnita extremely hard over her face. The 17 years old girl's face was already swollen and blood was running down from her nose.


That was Syafiqah screaming in anger as she cursed him not to hit her sister again, but the man ignored her and was clenching his fist as if preparing for another round of beating.

"Harnita... Harnita dear..."

The soft voice of an older man filled the room causing everything else in the room to momentarily stop. The guy doing the hitting immediately stepped back to give room to the old man to get closer to Harnita. Syafiqah too stopped screaming as her eyes darted towards the old man in panic.

"Please stop it.. She doesn't knows where it is.." Syafqah turned her attention to beg the old man.

"That depends on her.." replied the old man. "We know she has it... You must persuade her to tell me where it is and I swear in the name of Christ I will make sure no more harm beleaguering to both of you..."
"Nita.." Syafiqah called her sister, agony in her voice. "Tell them where it is if you have it.. Please Nita.."

"She's had a broken nose" a calm voice of the old man assuring Syafiqa before pausing. "and some teeth  too, I think," Then the methodical voice continues "She must tell me now before it's too late. This man here only obey me up to a certain point..""

"It hurts," The voice of Harnita whimpering interrupted the words of the old man. He immediately turned his attention towards Harnita.

"Harnita.. tell me where the CD is.." he whispered softly at Harnita's left ear.

"No..." "Harnita suddenly sighed, her eyes closed. Fear mix with determination were there in her voice.

"Excuse me?" asked the old man.

"You won't have it.. I will not give it to you.." her voice was strained, but somehow triumphant. Then she opened her eyes and gazed at her own left hand. The old man gaze went there too. It was a fist with her middle finger sticking out. The 17 year old girl had just given the old man a 'screw you' universal message. 

"I see.." A new sound darkened the old man's voice. "I guess there's nothing else I can do to persuade you now except this.."

And with that he pulled out a gun from his black coat and pulled the trigger.

The sound of a gun expelling its bullet filled the room followed by a sound of bloodcurdling screaming of a female. It is now Harnita's turn to scream in fury watching her sister Syafiqah being shot. Syafiqah didn't scream at all but her eyes were wide in panic watching blood drenching her thigh.

"It is unwise to be recalcitrant and rude, young lady." The old man growled but his expression was pained. "Furthermore I happens to know another way to make you tell me what I want to know. I am only trying to avoid having to do that to either one of you.."

"Shooting either one of us won't help in your quest you no good stupid fuckhead!" Syafiqah now yelling, slightly more breathless. Even after being shot she still had the guts to yell.

The old man stared at her earnestly, hoping to disguise his admiration as impatience.

"What? this?" He pointed at his gun. "Oh no I'm not talking about the gun here. I have known  since long ago that some people won't talk even in death. But the Luciferians had other method of controlling other people's mind and they can find a way to control Harnita's body and soul if they wanted to. Its just that I am personally trying to spare her from having to lose her soul.."

"What do you mean losing her soul?" asked Syafiqa, still battling the pain.

"I'm sure Mr.Leong had told you about the demons of Jerejak Island, right? Well, there's this demon - the worst amongst all other demons. It can swallow a human's soul. Neither you or Harnita will have a chance to hide anything from him. But. I don't want the same things happening to either one of you. believe me when I say that death by a gun is a thousand fold better than being handed over to Molokai."

The old man shuddered as he finally mentioned the name of the Demon - Molokai.

"I don't think I have any choice but to kill the both of you now," he muttered. Then he glanced at Harnita with unreadable eyes and his voice was suddenly soft "I don't like it but it is only kindness left which I can afford for both of you. Please tell me where the CD is Harnita and we can end this here and now.."

"No..." Harnita whispered. Just like her sister she is still defiant.

Syafiqa was proud of her.

"Not even killing Syafiqah here will change your mind, won't you?" The old man asked Harnita ina  chilling tone.

Her beautiful eyes were intense with determination. "No" she answered. "I won't trade the children's lives for anything else.."

The old man's eyes were filled with admiration and yet sadness. He then turned towards Syafiqah and placed the nozzle of the gun unto Syafiqah's forehead. Syafiqah understood and braced herself. She didn't even closed her eyes as she stared into the eyes of the old man. The old man was astonished.

"You Malays are amazing. I envy you for the heaven you're heading in the afterlife. I wish I could be like you. I bear none of you any enmity. I am sorry.."

The sound of a gun echoed the whole room. 

The silence lasted less than a second when another woman's voice was heard roaring.


Moving closer to Syafiqah was a beautiful and young pan Asian Chinese woman who just seconds ago had appeared out of nowhere with a gun in her hand. She had just entered the room when she saw her father about to shoot Syafiqah and by instinct grab her own gun from her handbag, fired a warning shot on the ceiling and then shouted

The old man's face was white like seeing a ghost.


Cecilia Pang - the daughter of Billionare's Dato Pang - had just stepped in into the room with a gun held up and pointing towards her own dad as she moved slowly inch by inch toward Syafiqah. Everyone else in the room especially Dato Pang were clearly shocked by her sudden appearances. His eyes were stricken with panic and his face turned pale by the minute.

"Cecilia.. you don't understand.. You must not involve yourself into this.. go home"

Cecilia didn't answer him. She was now standing next to Syafiqah.

"Are you hurt?" She questioned Syafiqah with a stern voice but refusing to let her eyes wander from her father and his cohort in the room. The guy who earlier had beaten Harnita had willingly distanced himself away from the girls.

"Yes.. help my sister there.. please" pleaded Syafiqah for her sister Harnita.

"Her face is swollen but she doesn't seems to be seriously injured. Can you run?" Asked Cecilia again.

"I.. I don't know if I can.. " Answer Syafiqah. Her eyes now on her injured thigh.

Cecilia understood. With her gun she ordered her father's men to cut all the ropes binding both sisters to the chair. He complied and then hastily went back to the corner of the room.

"Get out from here.." She ordered Harnita. Then she throw to he a set of keys. "Here take my car, it's parked in front of this church but don't wait for me and your sister. I will try to take her to the hospital with some other car. You just get going now."

Harnita's eyes flashed over to meet Syafiqah. For a moment it seems like both sisters were communicating without uttering a single word. Harnita's eyes were pleading but Syafiqa's eyes were stern. Then Syafiqah made a small gesture with her head telling her baby sister to leave. Harnita's bursts into tear and quickly left the room. Harnita cried because her sister's eyes was actually saying goodbye.

Cecilia then turned her full attention to her father.

"Now father, explain me this crap. Since when did you worship Lucifer?" She ordered with gun now focusing on that exact spot on her father's forehead.

Mr.Pang : (Pleading) Cecilia.. please.. go home.. before it's too late.. 

Cecilia Pang : Father. You are a Christian. A pries by rank. How could you do this? 

Mr.Pang : Daughter, I am still a Christian.. I do this for the safety of our family.."

Cecilia Pang : Don't give me that crap. Beside,  I heard what you mentioned the Luciferians and Molokai. Are you out of your mind worshiping Satan!

Mr.Pang : I do not do such thing! I am not one of them!

Cecilia Pang : But you are willing to take human life for them! You are cahooting with the enemies of Jesus Christ, father!

Mr.Pang : Daughter, I had no choice.. They either could kill us or make us lose everything we own..

Cecilia Pang : Does this means you know what happened to Robert and Joyce at Jerejak Island?!

Mr.Pang: (looking down and remained silent)

Cecilia Pang : Well? Do you!? You killed both of them didn't you?

Mr.Pang : I did not!! I did not know Robert could be so stupid! He started this whole trouble while he was under my wing and now the Luciferians demanded that either I clean up his mess or else they'd kill me!!

Cecilia Pang : What kind of mess could that be? Too big even for them to clean up themselves?

Mr.Pang : He.. He captured it on tape with his phone..

Cecilia Pang : He did what?!

Mr.Pang : The ritual.. and killing.. Robert had the recording in CD form and before Henry here managed to kill him  and the other witnesses, he managed to send one copy to that Harnita girl.

Cecilia Pang  : (shocked) Even so father, why do you have to get involved with this? Let them clean up this shit. Why are you willing to take a human life for them?"

Mr.Pang : Like I said, they claim I was partly responsible because Robert was technically under my wing.. Furthermore, they also said that they will kill you for your mistakes.."

Cecilia Pang : What? Why me? What mistakes?

Mr.Pang : Daughter. You're the one who contacted that lawyer. He is connected to this so-called Watchers Group whom coincidentally is also connected to the Lashkars. And now the Lashkars will probably enjoin themselves with that powerful half-breed Indonesian man. Those Malays are euphoric now."

Cecilia Pang: But..I didn't know that lawyer is connected.

Mr.Pang: They don't care! And do you think we can fight against the Luciferians? You of all people should have known that even the Vatican was taken over by them! They killed the pope remember?.The only reason why they allow the Jesuits to prevail is to stray the Moslems from their religion!

Cecilia Pang: But father.. we are unlike those Christians.. our family had a promise to keep.. you yourself told me that our great great great grandfather had made a promise not to physically harm the moslems anymore..

Mr.Pang: What are you on about?! That is just a bedtime stories! I never expect any of my children - especially you - to take that story seriously!

Cecilia Pang: Father.. it's historically documented.. our forefathers had promised his Majesty Saladdin..


Cecilia Pang: Forgive me father.. but I will not!

On December 22, 2009, I posted an article in regarding our (The Watcher Group) profiling on what is to become in Syria many years later. On July 4, 2011 I re posted the same article in my blog after being requested to do so by many readers.

In that article titled "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT - THE (UN)HOLY RELICS, SYRIA AND THE GREAT WAR" I have told my readers about Renaud de Châtillon who is a significant figure behind the final Crusade between the Christian and the army of Salahuddin Al Ayubi. He was a member of Knights Templar who served in the Second Crusade and remained in Jerusalem after its defeat. He then moved to Antioch, Syria which was then a Crusader State and assumed a title of Lord of Kerak and Montréal. He is a true hater of Islam.

in 1160, Raynald carried out a plundering raid against the Syrian and Armenian Muslim peasants of the neighborhood of Marash. During the raid however he was captured by Muslims and was confined at Aleppo, Syria for seventeen years. However, as the stepfather of the Empress Maria the daughter of Constance of Antioch, he was ransomed for the extraordinary sum of 120,000 gold dinars.

Empress Maria had a husband of whom she re-married in 1177 after the death of her first husband King Amalric I. Her second husband is famously known in history as Belian of Ibelin (character played by Orlando Bloom in the 2005 film Kingdom of Heaven). How they met? Well, because Belian of Ibelin together with his brother Baldwin of Ramla were famous Templar Knights who had led and fought against the Muslims (led by Salahuddin Al Ayubi a.k.a Saladdin) at the Battle of Montgisard, Jerusalem by which the Muslims narrowly escaped. Christian legend has it that the Knight Templars had had summoned the powers of all three relics kept within Jerusalem to raise the crusader’s fighting spirit to win the battle.

Saladdin spent the subsequent year recovering from his defeat and rebuilding his army, renewing his attacks in 1179 to provef that God’s will cannot be defeated by mere relics. He defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Jacob's Ford, Jerusalem after which a truce was declared between Saladin and the Crusader States in 1180. Amongst those captured by the Saladdin's army was Belian's brother Baldwin. Balian helped arrange for his ransom and release the next year.

Belian was known by Saladdin for his courageous exploits during the battle of Montgisard and Battle of Jacob's Ford. He was also actively involved in negotiations for the 1180 truce between Saladdin dan the Crusader States. However just one year later in 1181 the truce was broken by Renaud de Châtillon who had attacked Muslim caravans, insulted prophet Muhammad before murdering and torturing a number of them. Upon hearing this, Saladin swore an oath to personally execute Raynaud. As a result of the breach, war broke out between Salahuddin and three Christian Kingdoms in 1182.

Everyone at that time understood that the war between Saladdin and the Christians will ultimately be played out at Jerusalem where Belian's wife Empress Maria and her whole family stayed. So Belian whom was at that time was in Tyre asked Saladin for permission to return through the lines to Jerusalem to escort his wife and their children out to Tripoli. Saladin allowed this, provided that Balian leave the city and take an oath to never raise arms against him.

However, upon arrival in Jerusalem, the leaders and inhabitants of the city begged Belian to stay and take charge of the defense of the city.  Patriarch Heraclius and Queen Sibylla of Jerusalem argued that if Jerusalem falls into the hand of Moslems, the Moslems will massacre every Christian in the city in revenge of what the Christians had done in 1099 (the great massacre by the Crusaders where not even women nor children in Jerusalem were spared).  Patriarch Heraclius convinced Belian to abandon his oath to Saladdin, saying that the greater need of Christendom was stronger than his oath to a non-Christian.

The fear of massacres as spread by the Christians priests worked in causing the Christians to reject Saladdin's generous offer to take the city without bloodshed. Belian said that the defenders would rather destroy the city along with the holy places, slaughter their own families and the Muslim slaves than to surrender..

Thus the siege began. The walls were pounded by the siege engines, catapults, mangonels, petraries, Greek fire, crossbows, and arrows until a portion of the wall collapsed on September 29. The crusaders were unable to push Saladin's troops back from the breach, but at the same time the Muslims could not gain entrance to the city. Soon there were only a few dozen knights and a handful of remaining men-at-arms capable of bearing arms and defending the wall.

At the end of September, Balian rode out to meet Saladdin, offering the surrender that he initially refused. After lengthy negotiations, terms of surrender were agreed since Saladin wanted to take the city by as little bloodshed that he could. The Crusaders were to unconditionally surrender and could leave by paying a ransom. On Balian's orders the Crusaders surrendered the city to Saladin's army on October 2. The take-over of the city was peaceful and Balian paid 30,000 dinars for freeing 7000 of those unable to pay from the treasury of the city.

Saladin allowed many of the women and children of the city to leave without paying any ransom. The Native Christians were allowed to remain in the city while those of Crusader origin were allowed to leave provided that they performed an oath of promise never ever to raise arms against Moslems.

After that Belian never really returned to battle except one time when he commanded the rearguard of Richard's army at the Battle of Jaffa (the rear guard rarely seen any action). Later, he helped negotiate the Treaty of Ramla between Richard and Saladin, ending the crusade. After Richard departed, Saladin compensated Balian with the castle of Caymont and five other nearby sites, all outside Acre. (sources: mostly Wikipedia)

From history we know that many of those Crusaders had broken their promise to Saladdin because many of them returned for a war against the Muslims in the 3rd Crusaders War. But it is also a fact that some of them uphold that oath till they died. My friend MGS once told me that there are others like her - descendants of the Knights of Templars who had refused to join the 3rd Crusade- who still uphold that promise not to raise arms against Moslems. Some of them might as well the reason behind the act of sabotage done by someone inside the Illuminati themselves.

MGS also told me "Our ancestors was so grateful to receive his majesty's kindness that they swear that they and their descendants would not harm another muslim or otherwise misery and death befallen them."

But then again, MGS also told me that their numbers were very small.

The sound of another gun expelling its bullet interrupted the conversation between a daughter and her father. Cecilia Pang went to the floor with blood sprouting from her neck. She got reckless and failed to notice that the other guy in the room had reached for a gun strapped hidden to his back.

A maddening cry of pure rage filled the room as Mr.Pang flung himself at his daughter's side. Then as he saw the blood gushing out from his daughter's neck he shrieked wordlessly and aim his gun to the guy who had shot Cecilia. But he was a bit late and that guy sprang to deliver one brutal punch to the old man's face. The old man crumpled to the ground next to his daughter and lost his grip on his gun. In just a few seconds both daughter and father were unarmed.

The guy who shot Cecilia was now aiming at Mr.Pang.

"What the meaning of this, Henry?" Asked Mr.Pang to the man he thought his loyal henchmen. Hostility rolled off of him in waves.

Henry face was tight as he answered. 

"Sorry old man but I had my order to kill anyone that might get in my way to protect my master. Personally I like you and Cecilia but you two were yapping damn too long just now. Now I have to kill you too for knowing that I'm not really a good Christian.."

It took the length of one heartbeat for Mr.Pang to comprehend. 

"You Luciferians.. I'll see you in hell..!"

Another gunshot sound filled the room. Sprawling on the floor beside Cecilia was the infamous billionaire who had spent his entire life amassing fortunes while at the same time secretly led one of the most well known secret society in Penang.

Then the guy called Henry turned to gaze at Syafiqah with curious, misty eyes. Syafiqah decided to brace herself just in case she might receive another bullet..

"Do you know where your sister might have hidden the CD?" He asked coldly.

"Fuck you!" Answered Syafiqah sticking her tongue out

"Where is she heading now?"

"Fuck you!.. Fuck you!.."

"You ain't gonna tell me anything, aren't you?"

"Fuck no until I lay the smack down all over your candy ass!"

"Sigh..." Henry fumed upon being yelled at by the Rock's ultimate fan. Syafiqah could hear a rumble in his chest, building toward a growl.Then he pulled a small silver phone from his pocket and starts dialing the numbers.

"This is Henry, I've killed Cecilia and her dad.. Cecilia caused the young one to escape but the older sister is still here.. What do you want me to do?"  His voice whipped through the words.

He paused now, listening with an expression that grew nastier every second. Then his eyes flashed and narrowed.

"Understood.. I will take her to the Island... just make sure the boat is ready at the jetty.."

He then turned his eyes towards Syafiqah with bemused expression.

"Whatever you're thinking, I'm not doing it! Better kill me now!" Yelled Syafiqah to him. Her voice was very hard and her lips were pulled back from her teeth.

Henry jerked his thumb toward the door. "Like it or not.. you're going to meet our Lord"

"Fuck you Jabronie... Jesus ain't no Lord.. and I ain't coming"

A mischievous grin rearranged Henry's features.

"Oh not Jesus.. I switched to a different God long time ago. It happens to be that tomorrow is September 21st so my superior said that if I present you to our Lord tomorrow it might be enough to appease him to forgive my mistake today.."

"I don't know what stupid god are you talking about but you people must be out of your freaking mind!" Syafiqa's replied with  her expression of rage and eyebrows pulled together. "Besides, I don't care! Once my sister show to the Lashkars whatever it is in that damn CD. They gonna take a stick, shine it up real nice, turn it side ways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!!"

"How odd. Even after being strapped to a chair and shot you still aren't afraid" His dark eyes assessed her with interest. "And let me tell you another thing, Harnita and those other friends of yours won't be able to save you and  I suspect they too will be dead very soon. We have ways to make people either dead or disappear just like what we have done with Robert and that Isa guy. Before long there won't be anyone left in this world who can leak the story of our existence in this country."

Syafiqah didn't replied. She just stared menacingly like a lioness. Her left eyebrow cocked down while the right one went up.

"That's enough for today. We are moving now" Said Henry and with that he delivered a punch with his left hand towards Syafiqah's face that knocked her unconscious.  


Cecelia eyes started to blink. At lost for a moment staring at the ceiling. Regaining her conscious. She felt wet sticky around her neck….touched with her hands, blood. She looked around but there was no one in that room. Henry had left taking Syafiqah with him.

Then she remembered seeing a quick  flash from Henry’s gun...then all everything went black. The bullet actually had grazed her neck puncturing it on sideways spilling blood profusely. Still lying on the floor, slowly turning her head aside, saw her father laid motion less.  She cried.

Finding ways to move her other hand, she was able to grab her father’s hand. She closed her eyes clutching her father’s hand hard whilst  trying subside the pain of losing her beloved father.

"Father, I am sorry... I am so sorry.." She whispered with tears flowing down her cheek.

After a long agonizing moment she started crawling out of the place on all four. She decided would rather die while trying to live rather than just to succumb to fate.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So I met a guy few days ago. He came to my office to get my advise on legal matters but in the course of normal client-solicitor conversation these issue came up.

Him: "PAS said that the Christians and other non-Moslems has the right to say that their God is Allah.."

Me: "True.. True.. True" (in Upin and Ipin style of pronouncing)

Him: "What do you mean true? You support PAS?"

Me: "No"

Him: "Are you okay if the non-Moslems say that their God is Allah"

Me: "No problem"

Him: "So you're OK with Allah in the bible?"

Me: "Not ok"

He was confused with my answers so I figured I might as well put down my pen and start explaining. The explanation took 35 minutes of my time being unpaid. It sucks but it seems necessary. Same to this article, it's totally FOC but I figure some of you might had to deal with the same argument sooner or later.

Now, the way I see it - any creatures of this universe be it human, animals, djin, Satan, aliens etc etc can say that their God is Allah. But whether the holy scriptures they're following is the words of Allah or not is another issue.

So for example, the Christians is saying that their God is Allah. I am okay with that. But if they say that the bible they are currently using is the words of Allah then I am NOT OKAY with that.Why, because that bible they are using now is fake.

You have to understand the different between these two issues.

The opposition parties (mainly PKR & DAP), the Liberals and certain media quarters are trying to portray that the so-called "Radical Moslems" are preventing the Christians and other non-Moslems from wanting to worship "Allah" as their God. So according to them, why couldn't they too worship "Allah"? Is "Allah" only exclusively God for the Moslems?

This issue is just a smokescreen to dupe the majority of Malaysians. The real issue had been twisted and spin to confuse the Moslems themselves.

The real intention behind all they're doing is actually them trying to say that the Bible is the words of Allah. That's all. It's very simple trick of mind. If we allow them to use the name "Allah" in the bible then they can say that the Bible is the word's of Allah, that the teachings of the Bible is the the commandments from Allah and that the stories of their "Lord" in the Bible is the story about Allah.

That's the real bullshit that forever shall not be acceptable.

So why is it not acceptable?

Well for one things, the mightiness of Allah as depicted by Quran is sooooooo awesome alas compared to the Christian's 'Lord' in the bible. Allah in Quran has NO LIMITATION compared to the 'Lord' depicted by the Bible which has his own limitation.

For example, in Quran is is said that when Allah wanted to create earth and heaven all He had to say is one word which "BE" (Al-Baqarah 117). Also Allah in Quran feels no fatique and and is all knowing (Al Baqarah 255).

On the other hand, the 'Lord' in the Bible was exausted and had to take a rest after creating the world (Genesis 2:2-3). The 'Lord' in Genesis also also had to pronounced a lot of commands in order to get the work done. So compared to Allah in Al Quran who simply have to say one word 'kun', in the Bible the Christian 'Lord' had to say things like:-

"Let there be light!",

"Let there be a canopy between bodies of water",

"Let the water beneath the sky come together",

"let dry ground appear!",

"Let vegetation sprout all over the earth!, ,

"Let the oceans swarm with living creatures, and let birds soar above the earth throughout the sky!",

"Let the earth bring forth each kind of living creature, each kind of livestock and crawling thing, and each kind of earth's animals!",

"Let us make mankind in our image, to be like us. Let them be masters over the fish in the ocean, the birds that fly,ll the livestock, everything that crawls on the earth, and over the earth itself!"

Boy, the 'Lord' as depicted in the Bible sure need to say a lot of things to get things done.

There is a lot of things that clearly differentiate the qualities and awesomeness of Allah in accordance to Al Quran and the 'Lord' as depicted in the Bible. Another fine example is that in accordance to Al-Quran there is only one God - Him alone to be worshiped and he does not procreate whereas in Christianity there is a concept of trinity - the Lord, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I guess at this stage I need to apologize for belittling the Christian's God. From a secular standpoint I shouldn't do that because frankly speaking I really don't care if the Christians still wanted to worship their God who needed rest on the 7th day and who had Jesus as a son. But all I am saying here is that clearly Allah as mentioned in Al-Quran and the 'Lord' mentioned in the Bible is not one and the same. Why? Because the the description of God in Al-Quran and the Bible is different. The teachings on how to worship God and explicit commandments are also different. No need to explain further on this right? It is a matter of general knowledge.

The fact that God as described in Al-Quran and Bible has difference characteristics lead to the following question which needed to be answered by the Christians if they still insist on using Allah in their bible:-

1. If the God of the Moslems and the Christians are the same but there are two scriptures that described Him differently, then it can only means that one of the two holy scriptures is a fake or had been tampered with.

2. If one of the scripture is fake then it can only means that the religion that follows that scripture is fake or tampered with too.

So for me, if the Christians in Malaysia insists on using "Allah" in their Bible then they have to tell us which holy book they believe is a counterfeit. Do they dare to say that the Al Quran is fake? Even those so called Moslems Liberals who supported the use of Allah's name in Christians Bible dare to say that Al Quran is a fake?

I don't think they have the balls or even a conviction to say that. Why? Well because mainly the demand to use Allah's name in the Bible is not based on belief that they're doing something which is religiously right. I don't think they have a self conviction that Allah is their God. They won't be able to find a solid argument to back such claim. Even the Vatican as the foremost authority in Christianity and believed to be in possession of the oldest copy of Bible in the world refuse to acknowledge the Moslem's God 'Allah' as the identity of their Lord. In fact In the Hebrew Bible the Christians God's name actually is "Yahweh" before later on described as "Elohim" and later "Jehovah".

So that's my stand. If a Christians or Jews or Hindus or Illuminati came to me and say "My God is Allah" then I will answer "Of course your God is Allah, that is what you supposed to worship in your life". But if he then said "Allah said this in the Bible" or "Allah said that in the Torah" or whatever, then my reply shall be "No, those are not the words of Allah. Allah words is truly contained only in Al-Quran."

The ruling by the Supreme Court of Malaysia is correct when the judges disallows the Churches from distributing their magazine 'the Herald Tribune'. As one can correctly assume, all the materials printed in The Herald Tribune is either quoting or a reference from the Bible. Therefore the Herald Tribune is basically trying to say that Allah is saying this and that in the Bible. We cannot agree for that because those are not the words of Allah. Historically and as can be verified by the Pope himself it was the words of their God "Elohim". Therefore if they truly believe in "Elohim" then they should stick to Elohim's original name be if Yahweh, Jehovah or whatever

The attitude of some of the Christians I encountered in internet demanding to use Allah's name is - in my opinion - rather illogical. Some of them try to argue that "Allah" in Quran and "Elohim" in the old Bible is the same - only pronounced differently by previous christian scholars to adapt to different culture.. This is lame reasoning because I mean, if they really have faith in their God then why on earth they want to change their God's name in the first place? And without His permission? That doesn't make sense. By analogy, lets say your mom's name is 'Faridah" and you claim to adore her then why on earth would you say to your visiting friend from US "Yo my mummy's name is Fareeda yo..". Are you ashamed her name is plain "Faridah" that you decided to change it to "Fareeda" just to make it sounds more modern and mainstream? What kind of son/daughter are you to do such dishonorable things!?

Only ingrates would changed the name or misrepresented anything that identified who their parents really are. The reason is certainly because they're ashamed of their parents and family. The Christians keep saying that they're the 'Children of God" and yet they wanna change the name of their God, does that means that they're ashamed of having 'Elohim' as their God?

There are also some Moslems who actually supports the Christians on the use of the name of Allah. Whether they actually meant well or simply being dumb, hard to tell but according to these liberals scums we need to liberalize Islam in order to adapt to the modern world and the changing of culture. Thus according to them the hukum-hakam (religious commandments) ought to be relaxed in order to make Islam more attractive and acceptable by rest of the world.

Oh man, listening to these liberals really can make my blood boils. I mean, if such ideas came from the people who barely knows about Islam - for example those who just converted into Islam - then that would be understandable. I know about some converts in Europes and United States who barely apply the full extend of hukum in the early stage of their new life as moslem (for example some women who pray with their hair still showing) but at least these converts never claim that they are scholars of their newly embraced faith.

For the liberals moslems who think that Islam need an 'upgrade' to be more adaptable to the changing world, I wish to point out that there is no need for Islam to change in order to adapt to the world. Islam is the will of Allah who creates heavens and earth and ultimately had control of past and the future. Thus it is the entire universe who will change to adapt itself to Allah's will. Yes, you heard me right. I said that is shall be the entire universe that will eventually adapt itself to Islam.

You might think that I am so full of myself for saying that but I don't care because that is what I believe the extend of my God's awesomeness. My God 'Allah is so awesome, so mighty and so unlimitedly powerful that the when He created the entire universe with a single word, He had already dictates the fate of the universe from the beginning till the end. There is absolutely no reason for his words to change in order to adapt to the world, instead it is the world who will bow to His each and every words. So for example if in Quran or hadith there are certain prophecy of how things is going to be, then it doesn't matter how people tried to change the world to avoid it - such attempt is futile. The reason is because the universe together with space, time and continuum simply had been commanded by the Almighty to ensure the prophecy becoming reality.

Similarly there is no reason why Allah - the one and only - would use several other nicknames or pseudonym. Allah is Allah from the day of Adam to the end of time. Even if there are Aliens in other planets then Allah is Allah billions of light years away from planet earth. 'Allah' does not become 'Elohim' or 'Yahweh' or 'Jehovah' in due time just because of change of geography and culture. Similarly Allah does not procreate in one century (during Jesus) and then becoming solo again in different century. There shouldn't be such thing as old testament and new testament because Allah's words won't ever become outdated. Allah also does not change his characteristics ever which means if one book said Allah created the universe by giving out lots of commands and another book said Allah creates the universe simply by saying "be" - then logic dictates one if these two books must be a lie.

You have no choice but to pick one book you believe to be the true words of Allah.

Once you made your choice then you must defend it and be affirm in saying that the other book is false.

I choose Al Quran as the true words of Allah and I say the Bible is false.

If a Christian choose to believe the Bible and the Elohim, fine by me and I don't care. Just don't try to say that whatever written in the Bible is the words of Allah.