Saturday, May 5, 2012


My Facebook friend Mr.Faiz keep promoting this TV3's show 'Al-Kulliyah' in his Facebook that eventually I took some time to watch it last night. Unfortunately, the show can only be watched via because no one upload it yet into Youtube and the internet streaming itself cannot be captured via FLV downloader software. So because of that, I plugged my Laptop with a PC-to-Av converter and connected it to my other computer which has a TV-card and I manage to record the show from http://tonton albeit with a loss of quality.

So if anyone wishes to see what Faiz's keep promoting about, you can watch it here.

The show was handicapped by two things namely

(a) the use of malay language and
(b) the two wasteful questions by the first two callers

Mr.Jerry clearly would be in better position to explain if he is allowed or chose to answer in English. Despite his good command of Indonesian language, he wasted the two good questions at the end because he didn't understand what the questions were all about. The question by the third caller is good because he actually wanted to know whether the Illuminati is here in South East Asia but the Ustaz himself interpreted it wrongly. One question by the ustaz is good because the ustaz was actually referring to 'Singapore' as a 'SuperPower' country in South East Asia, but that question was wasted too because of lack of understanding in malay language.

The first two callers wasted the time with their mediocre questions that I was covering my face in embarrassment. I hope that in the future TV3 would filters questions like this.

All and all, it's a good show and suitable for people who did not have clue about the existence of Illuminati.