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I've received several protests regarding my previous article "Lucifer vs Monkeys"..

East-mAn_345 wrote to me: It's arrogant of you to call Lucifer stupid! If he's stupid how come he have so many worshipers?

Johanshah wrote to me: Do you have any other authority to rely other than infinite monkeys theory?

Conner_McCloud wrote to me: So you're saying that if God made Adam immortal he too could develops superpower mind? How do you know? Could you named any known immortals other than Lucifer to support your argument?

illuminatiwatch11 wrote to me: Tidak setuju. it is not about stupidity. please read the Tawasin of Mansur Al Hallaj about Lucifer. Lucifer eternally hates us not because of his stupidity. he is the smartest creature after all, he has fooled all the world juntil now. there is no such thing as evolution, it is a false scientific theory. Don’t they worship lucifer? so lucifer is not stupid after all!


Wait a minute! Yes I did said he (Lucifer) was stupid, but that doesn't means that he's still stupid.

Please understand my argument thoroughly, in my article "Lucifer vs Monkey" I was presenting my opinion by comparing two species - Lucifer and Humans. All I was saying was that humans are biologically more superior in terms of potentials. Humans can developed their mind more rapidly than Lucifer, provided that humans are given enough time for development. Unfortunately, humans are being handicapped by their own mortality. Humans only live on average 80 years and within that years an average person only spent 30 years of his life being productive while the rest is wasted. But that 30 years are sufficient enough for most humans to achieved something which Lucifer could never do. Albert Einstein wrote Annus Mirabilis (E = mc2) at age 30, Paul Langerhans discovered Insulin at the age of 22, Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin at the age of 47 and Heinrich Rudolf Hertz discovered radio waves at the age of 31. These are some example on how humans could come up with something even in their very short life as mortals. Compare that with Lucifer and Satans who had yet to come up with anything tangible to proof their superiority, then you know why I think humans who worships inferior species like Satan are indeed retarded.

Can we, as human performs better than Lucifer if our handicap is removed?

Of course we could. In fact, any dumb-ass who is cursed with eternity will eventually have no choice but to become a genius eventually. You see, immortality is not as much fun as you thought it would be if you're a homo sapien. Eventually it will feels like being trapped in a small island. If you're immortal than after a few centuries of partying the world will eventually stop offering anything exciting to do. It will become "been there, done that" all the time and depression will eventually sink in especially when you start seeing people you know and care died of old age. The only things remains to do out of boredom is to fill your time with learning new things. So of course after a couple of millennium becoming a bookworm anyone could be a genius.

Ok ok.. I'm not an immortal to know how an Immortal would feel. My opinion above is basically influenced by watching too many "Highlander" movies and reading the "Twilight" saga. But other than the fictitious "Conner McLoud" (The Highlander) and "Edward Cullen" (Twilight), I do know three real life immortals I can based my argument on.


The first immortal human being who definitely will performs better than Lucifer is Dajjal himself. Now, contrary to the the Hollywood propaganda in the movie "The Omen" and "The Devil's Advocate" that the Anti-Christ is a Child of Satan, we as Muslim ought to already know that Dajjal Al-Masih is, biologically speaking - all human. Despite the fact that his parent is a bit freakish (His father will be tall, thin and his nose will be pointed like a beak while his mother will be fat with two long hands), the fact remains that Dajjal is still from our species.

The hadith pretty much concluded that Dajjal is an immortal. However for those who new in this topic, please don't start thinking that his immortality here is the same like Connor McLoud in 'Highlander' (cannot be killed, heal instantly even when stabbed by villain Kruger) or Edward McCullen in Twilight (insanely gorgeous, strong and with skin as durable as granite). All real-life immortals are totally humans in every way, except that they don't aged. Two of them stop aging after they drank the elixir of life ((Arabic: إكسير الحياة‎, Exeer Al-ḥayat) while the other one stop aging when he left Planet earth. Other than maintaining their youth, all immortals can still bleed and be killed.

No one know for sure when Dajjal was born. But it's pretty conclusive via hadith that Dajjal was already alive and chained in an Island somewhere very east of Medina (Yathrib) since the day of Prophet Muhammad . Ironically, it's the Christians who first met Dajjal. According to the hadith a man by the name of Tamin Al-Dari and 30 others (presumably Christians as well) had sailed in a ship from Banu Lakhm (Iraq) and Banu Jadham (Syria) when they encountered sea storm which lasted for a month before they landed near to an island, at the time of sunset.

Explanation: Banu Judham is not a place but a Yemeni tribe that emigrated to Syria and Egypt. Previously they were a group of South Arabian Christian tribes that emigrated in the early 3rd century from Yemen to the Hauran in southern Syria, Jordan and the Holy Land where some intermarried with Hellenized Roman settlers and Greek-speaking Early Christian communities. Most of them only embraced Islam is 636 after the battle of Yarmuk. However, in 636 their territory is still part of The Eastern Roman Empire (or Byzantium). Pompey the Great captured Antioch and turned Syria into a Roman province since 64BC before this region was passed to the Romans and then the Byzantines. it was only in 640 (eight years after Prophet Muhammad) that Syria was conquered by the Rashidun army led by Khaled ibn al-Walid, resulting in the area becoming part of the Islamic empire.)

It was in this island that these men encountered a beast who identified itself as Al-Jasasah. The beast them told them to go to a monastery to met Dajjal. Tamim Al-Dari described Dajjal as a huge man with his hands tied up to his neck and with iron shackles between his legs up to the ankles. The date of this encountered with Dajjal has been narrowed down to the first of year of Hijra (622) when Prophet Muhammad already left Makkah and settled in Yathrib.

So Dajjal already shackled up to his ankles since 1389 years ago and in a very near future he will reveal himself in Syria. This pretty much the authority to support my argument that Dajjal is indeed an immortal human being.

One of the biggest bullshit Lucifer had ever spread to non-Muslims is the lie that Lucifer and his army will once again wage a war against God. According to the christian mythodolgy, Lucifer once waged a war against God (but lose) and since then had been plotting for a re-match. What a crap! Lucifer couldn't even fart if God didn't want him to, let alone waging a full scale war against God.

The fact that Lucifer, as a species, is far too inferior from human is a good reason why the biggest deception of all time will not be carried out by Lucifer or Beelzebaub or Moloch or any other Satans. Instead, the biggest liar of all time worthy of Lucifer's envy and worship will be performed by an immortal human being. For those who have decoded all the available hadith regarding Dajjal will know that Dajjal is bad to the bone not because Lucifer made him to. Dajjal is bad because he is destined to be bad to the bone. In 622 when Tamim Al-Dari met Dajjal, Dajjal fully acknowledge prophet Muhammad as the `unlettered Prophet'. He even knew that he is the Dajjal whom will soon be permitted to leave the island and travel about the earth where in 40 nights he will pass through every town, except Makkah and Madina.

If assuming that As-Sufyani does emerge in 2012 followed by Al-Mahdi sometimes around 2020 or after (a friend of mine is of opinion that Al-Mahdi could emerge as sooner as 2015 - Noooo...! Please don't! Not yet!), then means that Dajjal has already been an immortal for 1398 years! Just imagine yourself what 1389 years can do to his human brain.

Another friend of mine in the Watchers group once said that Dajjal is the one and only case in history where a human brain's maximum potential had be multiplied by another factor - geniuses. He argued that Dajjal is a prodigy child since birth who unfortunately been destined to suffer the worst fate that could befalls to any person with the IQ beyond 140 - immortality.

He then joke that people got it wrong on the shackle. People always assume that the reason why God shackled him up to the ankle with hands tied up to his neck because God didn't want him to escape. But, he's already imprisoned in a remote island with a hairy beast as a his prison guard, so what are the chances of escapes? The shackles won't do any good to stop his escape if God permitted people to find him because sooner or later someone will found a technology to break it open. He said the only reasonable explanation is that God is preventing him from committing suicide out of boredom because that what most geniuses will be thinking of doing if they don't die early!

I laughed so hard upon hearing the joke. What a funny way to proof Dajjal is a prodigy child. But I guess I should expect that from a person who introduced to me the infinite monkeys theory in the first place.

It's true however that Dajjal is probably a prodigy child. According to hadith Dajjal is a one eyed son with biting teeth born with heart awake while his eyes remain sleep. Dajjal is said to be a child who sleeps all the time. Since birth, he didn't cried, didn't opened his eyes, and there's no attempt to awake himself from slumber (he even feed with his eyes closed). It goes to the situation where his parents had to put their ear on his chest to make sure he's still alive.

Sounded lots like a baby still in a womb to me.

It is accepted fact that most of the brain's cells are formed before birth. Is also accepted fact amongst pediatrician that children born premature are at higher risk for having a lower IQ than children from a full-term pregnancy. On the same token, there's also accompanying theory saying that babies who overstays his time in the womb will sometimes end-up overdeveloping his/her brain brain cells. This is because the brain's neurons begin to develop 18 days into pregnancy before going into overdrive, producing neurons at an unbelievable rate at the rate of neuron development as high as 250,000 brain cells per minute during peak times. This continues up until before birth where baby’s brain manufactures many more neurons than she or he will ultimately need. Alternatively, it's also accepted fact that sleeping is extremely related to brain development during infancy, which would explain why infants spend much more time in REM sleep than adults.

I don't have any idea yet on what will happened when a toddler's brain is overdeveloped. However, Albert Einstein is one fine example of a person with too much neurons since birth. Whereas our normal human brain only has 9 billion neurons in it, Einstein brain had over 25 billion neurons in it. So is it a coincidence that Einstein was also a case of two months late delivery?

I think it's possible that Dajjal's strange sleeping behavior at infancy had somehow mimicked the development of neurons in womb. In a way his neurons continue to develop in overdrive speed up to four years since his birth. Now if Albert Einstein ended up with 25 billions neurons after two months late delivery, then one can imagine how it could affect a toddler who had 4 years to begin with.

There were other things about Dajjal which could be use as indication. Dajjal as a child is said to suffer from a very late motor-skills development. He didn't walk until he's five years old and he stuttered very badly compared to other normal children. These are the classic symptoms known as "The Einstein Syndrome" suffered by many children with overdeveloped brain (Einstein Syndrome is a term used to describe exceptionally bright people with a slow development of motor/speech who unlikely to have conversations before age four. It is believed that these children talk late because parts of their brain are developing at a faster pace than other children, therefore, their language suffers.). Einstein as a child seldom spoke. When he did, he spoke very slowly because he tried out entire sentences in his head (or muttered them under his breath) until he got them right before he spoke aloud. According to accounts, Einstein did this until he was nine years old which caused his parent to be fearful that he was retarded.

According to Thomas Sowell in his book "Bright Children Who Talk Late", other geniuses who had suffered the The Einstein Syndrome are Edward Teller and Richard Feynman; mathematician Julia Robinson; and musicians Arthur Rubenstein and Clara Schumann.

So maybe Dajjal is a Genius blessed with IQ higher than William Sidis, Einstein, and and the rest of the world's savants put together. But as history had shown again and again, a brilliant man doesn't necessarily end up as a wise man. On the contrary, the history have shown that some of most brilliant man in history always ended up making the biggest mistake in life. As we know, The Einstein's letter was often cited as one of the reasons President Roosevelt started the secret Manhattan Project to develop the atom bomb. Then there's Ted Kaczynski, another genius who ended up as a self proclaimed anarchist famously known as the Unabomber. Even in Malaysia we have Sufiah Yusof, a child prodigy in maths who ended up as a 23 years old prostitute with a £130-an-hour income.

So there you have it, a prodigy human being who also happened to be an immortal. I have learned that some geniuses ended up choosing a anti-social belief. Ted Kaczynski ended up as an anarchist and Neo-Luddite. William Siddis later in life declared himself an atheist and a socialist. Ted Kaczynski and William Siddis are way below the level of Dajjal, so it make sense that a bad to the bone genius of such magnitude like Dajjal eventually ended up declaring himself as God.

The point here is to say that the biggest war between God and Evil will not be waged between human vs. Lucifer. The mother of all battle will be between human vs. human. Yes, Lucifer and his army of Satans will greatly of assistance to Dajjal. But on paper it will still be human vs human. What Dajjal will do in mere 40 days will supersede what Lucifer had done since the descent of Adam and Ave to earth. I think it's irony that Lucifer, who looked down on Adam eventually had to rely on another human being to head the ultimate war on his behalf. This support my contention that Lucifer as a species is incapable of doing what human could do. Once a human shares the benefit of immortality, that human will end up doing things which Lucifer could only watch in envy.


"There Can Be Only One!"

Fans of the Highlander movie undoubtedly would recognize that line, powerfully delivered by actor Christopher Lambert who played the immortal Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod who fictionally born in 1518 in Glenfinnan, Scotland near the shores of Loch Shiel. I first saw the movie when I was in form 5 in Full Residential School. Me and the rest of my friends (back then we called ourselves "The Macleod") couldn't stopped ourselves from repeating the line all over school all the time. Whenever any of us were competing for the biggest chicken leg during lunch, the winner will said "There can be only one". Whenever someone manage to get into the toilet first in the morning, you can hear him said "there can be only one..." to the rest of suckers who line up outside waiting for their turn to answer the call of nature.

When a Muslim lady in the Watchers group first posted an article about the real life immortals according to Islam, most of the non-Muslims at first thought we were pulling their leg off. Eventually we have to explain to them that the stories of the Immortals were not just a methodology or a cultural myth from some Arab country. Dajjal as an immortal would constitute a myth if not because of the hadith by prophet Muhammad confirming the encounter of Tamin Al-Dari and his former Christians friends with Dajjal in the year 622. The story of the second immortal Al-Khiḍr (Arab:الخضر, Khaḍr, Khaḍer, al-Khaḍir) would also be considered as a mumbo-jumbo if not of Surah Al-Kahfi verses 65 to 82.

I have to admit that my knowledge about Khidr was quite limited myself. Whereas I've been the fan of the fictional Highlander character since I was 17th years old, the story of this real life Immortal only came to me when I joined the Watchers group. The one who educated us in the Watchers group about Al-Khiḍr was a mysterious Muslim who claimed to be from China. She posted a brilliant article entitled "The Quest For Immortality" which explained in detail the four immortals she referred as Dajjal (Anti Christ), Khidr, Ilyas (Elia), and Isa (Yesus). It's a jaw dropping theory she had and her article still inspires me to write this one. Later someone within the group pointed out that the article was possibly a republication of one of Annemarie Schimmel's many unpublished articles but no one was able to verify that because Annemarie Schimmel had passed away since 2003.

Wikipedia Note: Annemarie Schimmel, SI, HI, (April 7, 1922 – January 26, 2003) was a well known and very influential German Orientalist and scholar, who wrote extensively on Islam and Sufism. She was a professor at Harvard University from 1967 to 1992.

Khidr is best known for his appearance in the Qur'an in Surah Al-Kahfi. Although not mentioned by name in the Qur'anic verse, Khiḍr is assumed to be the figure that Moses had meet at the junction of the two seas. Al-Khiḍr, realizing that Moses had the Torah and divine knowledge to draw upon, informs him in a stern manner that their knowledge is of different nature and that Moses wouldn't have patience with him but Moses promised to be patient and obey al-Khiḍr. They set sailed together and during their journey together, al-Khiḍr did a few things which Moses could not comprehend. First he sunk a ship, then he killed a young boy and finally he restored a decrepit wall in a hostile village.

Moses strongly protest against these three action by Al-Khidr despite his oath not to question Khidr's action. Eventually, Khidr explained to Moses the reasons behind his actions before they separated their ways. It seems that Khidr, already 1035 years old immortal prior meeting Moses, had conquered the knowledge to see the future. Al-Khidr had seen how the the boat will be intercepted by a cruel king if he allowed the boat to proceed its journey. He then saw all the passengers on the boat being abducted, tortured and killed by the King's men. Therefore without even bothering to explain, he decided to sink the boat. He also saw the young boy grow up into a very dangerous man certain to end up in the deepest pit of hell for his crime against humanity, while dragging his parent to the brimstone with him. So he took out the falling dominoes by killing the boy, altering the future of mankind while ensuring the boy and his parents to end up in heaven. As for the wall, al-Khiḍr explained that underneath the wall was a treasure belonging to two hapless orphans whose father was a righteous man. Should he let the wall collapse, the treasure will be discovered by the villagers and they probably will kill the children to get their hands to the treasure. He foresee that the children will discovered the treasure when they grew up anyway. So he restored the wall to momentarily conceal the treasure.

Now, Moses encounter with Khidr probably happened around 1596BC (before Christ) when Moses (maybe) around 30 years old. Khidr however was probably born around the same year with Alexander the Great in 356 BC. That means that when Moses met Khidr, Khidr was already around 1240 years old! Not bad for a very old men eh!?

The story on how Khidr become immortal is rather entertaining and filled by irony. Before turning into an immortal, Khidr is believe to be about the same age with Alexander the Great (for hypothesis sake, lets momentarily adopt A. Yusuf Ali's opinion that Iskandar Zulkarnain and Alexander the Great is the same person). Alexander was a very powerful men who spread prophet Ibrahim's teaching around the world through military conquest. However, another story circulating about this great military man is that he originally embarked on a world wide voyage in search of the legendary mythical island where the fountain of youth is located. The story was supported by a former Freemason in the Watchers group who published in details about the goal behind the Masonic movement to secure the the fountain.

The Illuminati is said to firmly believed of the existence of the Fountain of Youth because of the ancient documents about Alexander's conquest. The documents is said to contain some very explicit instructions by Alexander himself to all his subordinates to double their efforts to locate the fountain. I was utterly intrigued by a suggestion in the article ""The Quest For Immortality" that Alexander and his quest for immortality is directly responsible for the wide spread stories of the elixir around the globe. This is a fascinating theory, considering that the same legend in China only came out roughly after Alexander set his foot there. The legend grew up to the point where about a hundred years later Emperor Qin Shi Huang sent Taoist alchemist Xu Fu with 500 young men and 500 young women to the eastern seas to find the elixir. Alexander the Great was also blamed for the same idea in India (Alexander the Great had invaded India in 325 BC). In fact, the oldest Indian writings, the Vedas (Hindu sacred scriptures), contain the same hints of alchemy that are found in evidence from ancient China, confirming the fact that Alexander had introduced the idea both to China and India during his conquest. The idea even spread to Europe which was also part of Alexander pit stops.

Alexander's voyage to locate the elixir was continued by the Illuminati when they ordered the famous Christopher Columbus to start a voyage in search of island where the elixir is supposedly be. This lead to the discovery of America during the first voyage. However, the major purpose of this expensive voyage failed when Santa Maria (Columbus Ship) navigational system went crazy near the Bermuda Triangle. Undeterred, in September 1493 Christopher and his 1200 men went again for a second time. This lead to the legend of Fountain of Youth and Juan Ponce de León y Figueroa.

How does Al-Khidr relevant to any of these story?

Al-Khidr was one of Alexander's men. His association with Alexander was mentioned in several collections of legends called 'Alexander romance' concerning the mythical exploits of Alexander. When Alexander started his voyage, he didn't exactly told all his men that he's looking for the way to immortalize himself. Telling his men that they're leaving their life behind so that the king can be young forever weren't exactly a good idea to boost soldier's morale. So he came up with a perfect uplifting speech - to spread religion all over the world.

Al-Khidr on the other hand joined the army not because he wanted to live forever. He merely look for an opportunity to die as a Jihadist. He is like a true Klingon of Star Trek Universe carrying his swords all over the world alongside Alexander in search of the perfect battle and a good day to die.

It's hilarious indeed that both these men ended up not with what they want, but with the other had wanted.

After they parted their ways, destiny led Alexander to the perfect battle; the one Al-Khidr have been drooling to join for decades. Alexander eventually fought as true jihadist against Gog and Magog (Al Kahfi verse 98). The battle against Gog and Magog was said to be the most brutal and take a heavy toll on Alexander's men. while Al-Khidr on the other hand ended up drinking water in a mysterious island and later probably be annoyed by the fact that he has stopped aging.

For me, Khidr is just another example on what any ordinary human being are capable of if his/her potential is allowed to expand biologically. He was plain ordinary man during his military career under Alexander but a thousand years later he was found by Moses to be a servant of God who possessed great mystic knowledge. In terms of age, Khidr is older than Dajjal because Khidr had lived a thousand years before Moses. Dajjal on the other hand, is said to be born during or after Moses. Members of the Watchers group pinpoint this to the story stating that Dajjal's parent worships a golden calf, a false god which first appeared amongst the Israelite prior to Moses's Exodus.

There's a very strong opinion from other members in the Watchers group that there's only one place in this world where you can find the Elixir of Life (Fountain of Youth). That lead to a subsequent theory that the same Island where the elixir was discovered by Khidr was the same Island where Dajjal was imprisoned. This theory for me is based more on common sense rather than solid authority but I might write about it anyway in my future article about the immortals.

It is interesting however to know that the immortals will appeared in the end of days to face each other. Al-Khidr's wishes to be the ultimate Jihadist will be fulfilled when he later confronts Dajjal himself.

Some of you probably have heard the hadith about a man who will confronts Dajjal outside Medina. In a lengthy Hadith narrated by Abu Saeed (R.A.), Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) is reported to have said: "Dajjal will come but it will be prohibited and impossible for him to enter Madina. He will set up camp in a barren land outside Madina. One person who will be the best of persons will confront him by saying: "I bear witness that you are the very Dajjal about whom Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) has informed us.". This man is Al-Khidr, a man in a green robe who will be the turning point of Dajjal's fate. Dajjal will kill him (according to another narration he will split Al-Khidr in two) but Al-Khidr will sprang back to life simply to mock Dajjal by saying "I am totally convinced more than ever before that you definitely are Dajjal." Dajjal will attempt to kill Al-Khidr again but his efforts will now be in vain because Khidr neck will be impenetrable as iron. Panicking at this point, Dajjal will order his followers to throw Al-Khidr to the pit filled with fire where Allah will make Al-Khidr felt as though he was being thrown into a comfortable hole equipped with air-condition. He will then died the way he always dreamed of - as the ultimate Jihadist who will sit very near to Prophet Muhammad in heaven.

There's a very fascinating theory amongst members of the group about this hadith. The theory stated that if it's true that this man is Al-Khidr the immortal, then that would explain why he sprang back to life after Dajjal killed him. It's not because Dajjal had superpowers to rise people from the grave, but its because the man he killed is - well, an immortal - who probably had drink too much of the elixir. Some even suggested that when Dajjal saw Al-Khidr, he immediately recognize him as an immortal being. So knowing that Al-Khidr can not be easily killed, then it would be a good opportunity for Dajjal to deceive his followers into believing that he can bring back dead people. What Dajjal had failed to calculate is that the healing rate of Al-Khidr is a blink of an eye compared to Dajjal. So Dajjal was taken by surprised to see Al-Khidr mocking mere minutes after he was last seen sprawling dead.

I have written too much on this topic. I guess I will stop here. There's no need to write about the 3rd immortal because all of you would have guessed it right by now that I was referring to Jesus himself. There's not much I can write about Jesus except that he wasn't dead as the Christians have thought, but merely lifted from planet earth to God knows where. I will write more in near future about the mysterious island where the elixir is located.

Just to straighten the record before I end my writing, I wish to add that Khidr, Dajjal and Jesus are not the only real immortals in this world. Dajjal's prison guard Al-Jasasah is also technically qualified as an immortal. In fact, some belief that Gog and Magog are also immortals (but I haven't made any research on that yet). If that's true, than it would explain why we as mere mortals have no chance against Dajjal and Yakjuj & Makjuj. These immortals are no longer normal human beings. They're superior human being who represents the best of what the human species could become if given enough time to develop their potential. It took two immortals to end Dajjal's military campaign and it took divine intervention to kill Gog and Magog.

It would goes without saying that Lucifer as a species, would never be able to do what Dajjal had done even when he had a head start since before Adam. Lucifer as a being, is so far inferior compared to human. So why does anyone wants to worship Lucifer again?

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The above picture was took at Ivangorod, Ukraine in 1942. A woman is attempting to protect a child with her own body just before they are fired on with rifles at close range. The photo was mailed from the Eastern Front to Germany and intercepted at a Warsaw post office by a member of the Polish resistance collecting documentation on Nazi war crime.

This photo is now becoming my Windows XP Wallpaper. It never fails to bring sorrow to my heart. It reminds me to the thing my friend once said many years ago before I got married. I was 27 and during a conversation I asked him how much he loves his children. He instantly answered "if it comes to me or my baby girl standing in front of a moving truck, I would take her place without even thinking". Now that I'm a dad myself, I totally get it.

Another pictures which struck sorrow to my heart are pictures of children taken before they're gassed to death in Auschwitz concentration camp. These children were seen here walking, sitting or simply looking around no doubt puzzled by what was happening. Some of them probably laughing and singing with other children. Yet all the children you see here are dead. Less than 24 hours after these pictures were taken, these little children met their fate in a dark room, choking, coughing and crying in pain and misery for God know how long before they fall sprawling on the floor.

To see the complete Auschwitz Album, please visit

The most horrifying thing about seeing pictures like this is knowing that such indiscriminate killings like this still happens today. Rwanda, Laos, Sudan, Palestine, Iraq, Ethiopia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and more than a dozen other countries have engaged in the mass slaughter of civilians since the end of World War II showing that despite concerns about denials, many have learned the lessons of Hitler’s genocide across the world. Africa, the most war torn continent on the planet is currently in the beginning stages of multiple genocides. In Afghanistan alone, more than half of the casualties were women and children. On March 1st, NATO helicopters killed 9 Afghan boys, and injured one. This occurred without any warning signals as the children were targeted “one after another”. Aged seven to nine years old, the boys were from poor families, and were collecting firewood in the mountains. This is once again an attack on the young children of Kunar. How is it that NATO soldiers, again, confused children for insurgents, and this time by gunfire?

The Ashkenazis Jews, supposedly a descendants of those who suffered German's holocaust, are now the one who now performing genocide, not on the Germans but on the Palestinians. Sometimes I wonder whether their ancestors who died in German's gas chamber would approve the killing done by their grandchildren today. One of my friend used to joke that the reason why Auschwitz isn't amongst the most popular tourism spot for modern Jews is because they know they would be possessed or slapped by the ghosts of Auschwitz whom are ashamed of what the Israelites are doing today.

The most shameful thing the Israelites have done so far is justifying their genocide on the Palestinians by deploying once again their silver bullet - the holocaust story. Therefore in order to justify the Israeli air strikes on civilan population, Rabbi Israel Zoberman of Temple Beth Chaverim simply resorts to the holocaust story: "We can not afford not to have a Jewish state. Israel is determined to fight with all that it takes to survive. The Jewish people can not have another holocaust... I think that this time, Israel has decided to make a difference. It's not going to do it halfway. Because you just postpone evil." (WAVY-TV 10, 29 Dec 2008)

Iya lah tu..

The war also affected the surviving children. When you factor in the lifelong damage this war is causing for thousands of the surviving children, I can’t imagine a single argument that would justify inflicting this kind of psychological pain on anyone.

Imagine having your child forced to watch snuff movie in the internet (movie depicting actual killing footage). Your children will start having anxiety problems , suffer from depression and have problems learning in school. Your child might have recurring nightmares and wet his/her beds. Iraqi children show similar symptoms not unlike children in other war zones such as Lebanon, Sudan and the Palestinian territories. In a World Health Organization survey of 600 children ages 3 to 10 in Baghdad last year, 47 percent said they had been exposed to a major traumatic event over the past two years. Of this group, 14 percent showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. In a second study of 1,090 adolescents in the northern city of Mosul, 30 percent showed symptoms of the disorder.

War is an everyday reality for millions of children. They are killed, disabled or orphaned by civil war, guerrilla insurgency, or ethnic cleansing. They become refugees or displaced persons, often separated from their families. Many die or suffer from starvation, malnutrition, or lack of medical care.

I pray to God everynight that my children will be spared from the upheaval that is to come.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Einsatzgruppen (German: "task forces";[1] singular Einsatzgruppe) were SS paramilitary death squads that were responsible for mass killings, typically by shooting, of Jews in particular, but also significant numbers of other population groups and political categories. The Einsatzgruppen operated throughout the territory occupied by the German armed forces following the German invasions of Poland, in September, 1939, and later, of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. The Einsatzgruppen carried out operations ranging from the murder of a few people to operations which lasted over two or more days, such as the massacres at Babi Yar (33,771 killed in two days) and Rumbula (25,000 killed in two days). The Einsatzgruppen were responsible for the murders of over 1,000,000 people, and they were the first Nazi organizations to commence mass killing of Jews as an organized policy.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

MY PICK : A Homosexual in the House

Excellent article from Malaysia Instinct! I just couldn't help myself from republish it here. However, there's a pro-opposition blogger who recently denied that he is the one who contributed this article to Malaysia-Instinct (Click Here). So out of respect to the real "Tarmizi" I've decided not to named Tarmizi Md. Jam as the writer of this article. But I hope the real writer won't mind me putting it here.

Tun M’s latest book, A Doctor in the House, not only hit the store yesterday but the faces of his critics too. But the hardest hit is on Anwar’s face when Tun M revealed everything that happened since the very beginning.

Of late, Umi Hafilda has been doing the same, revealing everything fiercely in talks and in her blog about Anwar and Azmin, her own brother.

Apart from that, Rahimi, Anwar’s ex-assistant and Nallakarupan, Anwar’s ex-buddy have been very vocal in doing the same. Along the way, there were also numbers of ex-friends, ex-PKR leaders, ex-inner circle of Anwar who came out and told the truth about Anwar.

These ‘series of revelation’ is suffocating Anwar and PR the same. Although the service was back to Anwar in the court room with a winning point when the judge rejected the hard DNA evidence laid by the police, Anwar’s breath is still stuck in the throat.

I always believe that you can’t run away from the truth because the truth is inside you. The truth always comes out no matter what – either in your own words or on your face. Even if Anwar was lucky enough to be acquitted of the charge, his future will never be bright.

It is important to note that Karpal, Anwar’s lawyer, holds the key to Anwar’s life and death.

And of course, Karpal shares the key with Lim Kit Siang and God knows who else in DAP. And we must never forget that Karpal is a politician first, lawyer second.

Karpal was the first to accuse Anwar of sodomy and had no problem in making a U-turn later as it benefits his party. And Karpal can always make another U-turn when the right time comes, for the benefit of his party.

The right time would be when PR made it to the throne and Anwar became the ultimate power of the country – or sort of.

In actual, with Anwar’s life in their hands, Karpal or DAP will be the one having the real power over the country. And the fact that Singapore has the evidence of Anwar’s homosexual activities makes our ‘beloved neighbor’ the co-holder of the key to Anwar’s life. Not mentioning the neo-cons who almost openly declared that they own Anwar.

By then, Anwar would be considered lucky if Karpal or DAP decided NOT to throw him back into jail, where he belongs. But it would also means that he will never ever have control over his own life again, even if he managed to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Forever, Anwar will always be someone’s puppet, tool or slave and live in fear for being ‘eliminated’ should his service is no longer needed.

Anwar has sold his soul to the devil or more correctly, devils. But it looks like Anwar is determined to go along with the devils even though knowing it all too well that when dealing with devils, an ugly and tragic end is certainly unavoidable and guaranteed.

To summarize it all –– in one way or the other, convicted or acquitted, Anwar’s life is finished.

Comment: Actually Mr.Tarmizi, if he become PM, we're the one who finished

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Members of the watchers group are not supposed to debate against each others. That's probably one of the rules which led to the feeling of camaraderie between members. The rule stated that each any everyone are free to writes their opinion on latest events for others to read. Once the opinion is posted then that will be the end of it. There shall be no debate whether the opinion is correct or not and if there's any disagreement, such disagreement shall be kept to one self. The rule specifically stated that the group shall not be a platform to show-off superiority, but merely as platform to gather information and a place to know how others might viewed similar event from a different angle. When two members from different school of thought (usually the Muslims vs the Christians) are on collision course, they will be reminded, reprimanded or banned from entering the forum.

This doesn't means that we practice 'pluralism' like Anwar Ibrahim did. The Christians, the muslims and the Jews consistently maintained that they're the one to go to heaven. The Christians for example, constantly interpreted the prophecies in their favor indicating that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) will come to to save them. The Muslims on the other part consistently posted their opinion that Jesus Christ will indeed come to save the Christian and the Jews by converting them to Muslims. One time, the Christians declared that the arab world will be the catalyst of the coming of Antichrist, we agreed but countered by posting our opinion that the actual catalyst is the Illuminati which currently Christians in majority.

Another memorable 'debate' happened sometime in September 2006 (if my meory served me correctly) between a Syrian guy and a Norwegian Jewish Lady. It started out when the Syrian guy posted his article on the extinction of Jews in the war between Dajjal and Isa Al-Masih. He said that after the Dajjal had been killed, Isa Al-Masih and the Black Banners will pursue a war against the army of Dajjal which will end up with ALL Jews being killed except for those who embraced Islam. The Lady was quite offended and cannot restrained herself from posting a retaliatory statement stating that the Muslims is obsessed in plotting another holocaust.

Each of them manage to post one more retaliatory articles before they were permanently banned from joining our underground 'Forum' in the internet. Whereas their first article still sounded professional, their second article clearly carried a sting of racism in it. Fortunately, all other members refrained from joining the debate. It's also fortunate that the decision to ban these two were 100% supported by all members including the Muslims.

I know some of my watcher's friend still visit my blog. Since the watchers group no longer exist, I think I am now at liberty to comment a bit on the 2006 debate.

In all fairness, I think that both of them made a grave error when interpreting the meaning of the prophecy. Yes, there's a prophecy about the the extermination of Jews in the upcoming the war. In fact, the hadith stated that even trees and rocks will speak to reveal the Jews hiding behind its. However, it is wrong and premature to assume that ALL jews will be killed. In fact, the hadith specifically indicated that only those who refused to embrace Islam will be killed. Therefore any jews who embraced Islam will be spared from his edict.

It is also wrong to call the killing a holocaust. Yes, I agreed that what the Nazi did to the Jews is completely unjustified because the Jews in World War 2 were not at war with the German. The Jews back then was civilian Jews who merely did their own thing as part of the community. They're no difference from some expatriates of Jews ancestry who are now staying and working in Malaysia (what? you didn't know there's Jews in Malaysia?). That's what made the Holocaust so terrifyingly inhumane, because civilians Jews consisting of old people, woman and small children were stripped naked and gassed to death.

In contrast, the death of the Jews mentioned in al-hadith will happen in a completely different situation. These Jews are the soldiers of Anti-Christ. They're fully armed with guns, bullets, missiles and bombs and are joyful in killing the Muslims. Their faces are the face once donned by the SS Nazis during the holocaust. These Jews are no longer merely the descendants of Bani Israel. They're the new breed of Zionist Jews.

A total of 70,000 of them will served the Anti-Christ's military campaign and will be the first to launch the attack on Al-Mahdi and the Muslims. Unlike in WW2, the Jews here shall be the aggressor. In fact, Dajjal and his entire army will surround and blockade Baitul Maqdis causing starvation and famine before the Muslims finally strike back.

Therefore it's wrong to say that it's another round of Jews holocaust. During Word War II the Germans was killing civilians. In this Final War 4 the Muslims will have no choice but defend themselves against the Jews military campaign led by Anti-Christ. All the Jews in this war are legitimate target

(Legitimate military targets include: armed forces and persons who take part in the fighting; positions or installations occupied by armed forces as well as objectives that are directly contested in battle; military installations such as barracks, war ministries, munitions or fuel dumps, storage yards for vehicles, airfields, rocket launch ramps, and naval bases.)

Another thing which all Jews need to know is that the Jews will not be the only one who will be exterminated during the war. This already been indicated the following hadith (in Malay):-

Daripada Hudzaifah bin Yaman ra, berkata Rasulullah saw" Dajjal musuh Allah itu akan muncul dengan tenteranya yang terdiri dari orang-orang Yahudi dan bangsa-bangsa lain. Dan ada bersama dengannya Syurga dan Neraka dan orang-orang yang akan dibunuhnya kemudian akan dihidupkan semula dan juga bersamanya segunung dari Tharid (roti yang bercampur dengan kuah daging) dan sungai air tawar"

Those who really study the hadith will know that the Dajjal army will not only consist of Jews. Within the period of 40 days he walked the whole world, he will not only spread his deception on non-Muslims, in fact most of his targets will be Muslims. According to hadith, 90% people approached by Dajjal will embraced him as the false God. Another good authority indicating Dajjal's deceptions on Muslims is a hadith stating that when Dajjal set his feet on the outskirts of Medina, the earth will shook causing those with of a weaker faith to run out from Medina. They will then met Dajjal and embraced him. These people who escaped Madina are certainly Muslims and all of them will embrace Dajjal.

Therefore it would be arrogant to presume that no Muslims will be joining the Muslims Dajjal's army. I mean, if some Muslims could be stupid enough to join the As-Sufyani, then how impossible it is for some Muslims to be deceived by Dajjal to join his ranks, right? That being said, no muslims of today can be sure that their descendants will not join the Dajjal's side when he finally appeared. His deception is too great at the odd of 9/10 against everyone. So great his deception are that not even the muslims stayed in Makkah and Madinah is guaranteed to survive the deception

So it's not only Jews, the edict involves everyone. However, in all fairness, prophet Isa (Jesus) will offer salvation for everyone who are willing to repent. For the Jews and the Christians, this will be the rarest situation where the Jews and Christians will be left with no more loopholes and excuses. Because both religions are waiting for the emergence of Jesus Christ, all of them will know at that moment that Isa is telling the truth about who he said he is. They will all saw him and hear his words and they will be left with no doubt that he is the Jesus Christ they've been waiting for. Unlike the previous Crusade where the Christians were duped to believe they're the soldiers of God, this time they'll be duly informed that they're standing on the wrong side because Jesus himself said so. But they will not listen to their own Jesus. The Jews will refused out of envy that Jesus is not a Jew. The Christians however will refused out of despair that Jesus actually came to denounce Christianity.

So they will be killed for their stubbornness and stupidity.. and that's that.

The point here is that it's not Holocaust. When Jews are joining a military campaign as an aggressor and start aiming their fully automatic weapons against the anyone, then a retaliatory military maneuver against Jew soldiers cannot be termed as Holocaust. It's just plain war.

Not every killing of Jews constitute Holocaust.

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