Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I figured I need to update my blog ASAP but I can't come up with anything good. Hence the title "Yadda Yadda" which sounded gibberish. To add salt to injuries this blog is getting ridiculously difficult to update no thanks to japanese manga comics which had been robbing my concentration ever since I discovered I can read one for free in the internet. First it was "Naruto" and then followed by "One Piece". Now I have finished both I hope there aren't anything better than these two manga titles.

So I decided to write this article which is solely based on my personal belief and experiences. I hope that's okay for now because my mind is still blank for better ideas.


 Long time ago in one one of on January 2012 I wrote "CHAPTER 7 - WHAT'S BLACK AND POTRUDING?" as part of my "Jerejak" series. That story is looooong overdue but for the sake of some troublesome nagging readers I intend to continue with the next chapter as soon a possible. It was supposed to be written starting last December but like I said "Naruto" and "One Piece" had gotten in the way. So I guess the next chapter of Jerejak will have to wait until next month.

Speaking about the 'Jerejak' series, in "Chapter 7 - What's Black And Potruding" I had told you (I hope you have at least read "Chapter 7") of a true story about an Indonesian girl named Jurmayani (not her real name) who committed suicide in central Java in the 90’s. Taking a moral story from his experience, Imam has been telling the story repeatedly as part of his lecture on the topic of “the devil’s final deception”.

Now, the final deception here is actually that very short period of time before a Muslim is about to die when the Devil or Satan appears before him (or her) and tries to trick him into worshiping other than Allah. Imam Ali referred to it as "the final deception" but I personally like to rename it "the final whisper" because it that sound much creepier and Gothic (which is cool).

There are already several stories about how the Devil was able to con even the most pious of men. Perhaps the most familiar is the story of Barshiha (Barsiso) who was duped by the Devil into committing the worst sin ever. The story goes that Barsisa was a monk that had spent 60 years of his life worshiping Allah. Lucifer tried hard to seduce him, but could not. So Lucifer put the highest bounty of Barsisa's soul for any of its minion capable of tricking Barsisa. One cheeky Satan with the expertise of sex and deception accepted the challenge. That Satan went to a beautiful woman and possessed her (maddening her). The same Satan then disguised itself as human and told the woman's brothers to take her to Barsisha to receive treatment. So they did and after much begging by the brothers, Barsisha - out of the kindness of his heart - reluctantly accepted the task of healing the ill beautiful woman.

However, for the purpose of treatment the woman has to stay for a while at his house. One thing led to another and one day he unable to control his libido and slept with her and she got pregnant. Satan then whispered to Barsisha to kill her and the baby (noticed 'human sacrifice here?) to conceal his crime. Afterwards Satan came to the brothers in their dream and told them about the whole crime. So the brothers went to the king and appealed for his help against the monk. The king’s troops came to arrest him and he was taken away. At the final moment before his death the Devil appeared before Barshisha and promised to rescue him if only Barshisha agreed to worship the Devil by simply nodding his head. Barshisha nodded once and at that moment the final deception was completed and the Devil abandon Barshisha leaving him to die as "al-Kafiruun" (disbelievers a.k.a people who worship other than Allah a.k.a Non-Muslim).    "

Being a lawyer by trade, I often heard light and yet modern version of such story from countless numbers of my clients. For example, in numerous cases the wife (or husband) discovered the promiscuity of their spouses after reading their spouse's sms. I found it amusing thinking that a wife who had never bother to inspect her husband's handpone before had - out of pure whim - suddenly decided to read the SMS at the perfect moment when the cheating bastard had forgotten to delete all his sex SMS. Like in the story of the Barsisha man where Satan went to report to the King about the princess' death, it seems that Satan is also whispering to the ear of the wife persuading the wife to inspect that phones exactly at the right moment. What happened next is rather predictable. There would be hatred which led to divorce and other sorts of litigation between the once loving couple.

I also came to my own theory that the so called "Subtle Strategy" once employed on Barsisha had been such a huge success that Satans all over the world are now copying the gist of this strategy in order destroy other people life. Who knows, the Satan community might even named it the "Barsisha Strategy" to commemorate one of the biggest success Satan had achieved. The "Barshisa Strategy" is rather simple and yet effective, conned a man to commit crime and then alerted the "authority" to punish that man. Then if the opportunity presented itself corner than human into the brink of misery or death before conning him/her into becoming an Al-Kafiruun.

The story of Barshisha is a true story that demonstrates the basic strategy of how the Devil and Satan messed with human's mind and life. However, most people who have read these stories usually process the moral lesson of these stories from a third person perspective, meaning that we usually view these stories were something that happened to others. It never occurred to us that the things that happened to Barshiha  is actually in the process of happening to all of us.

Satan is always persuading us to do bad things. First small things with little repercussions and later big things with dangerous repercussions if caught. Then when things is big enough to destroy the man's life or the life of others around him, that is when Satan will plot to take him down and destroy everything he has.

The most damaging part of this strategy is that one moment when Satan will try to perform the "Final Whisper" when people are on their death bed. Bad people are always in fear of leaving this world behind so Satan came to them and tells them that he can extend their life if they worships him. This is the ultimate goal of Lucifer & Co against all human beings and is the core to all other strategies that is being implemented on all of us.

The truth is - You.. Me.. We.. Them .. Our parent.. Our Children.. Our Love Ones - We are all Basisha in the making... The only thing that different is how long the deception took place and how we finally responds to the final whisper itself.

**Note: I decided to add a bit from my comments section**

This "last whisper" thing is a very serious thing for all of us. Do not take it lightly. Just think it like this, Satan are willing to wait for the entire lifespan of a human in order to make one single checkmate. That's how serious Satan think it is. So why should human take it less serious?

I would especially like to urge to parents with children to keep this thing in mind at all time. Regardless of what the rest of society is thinking, make sure that your children won't grow up loving this world too much that your children is willing to go against Al-Quran and Sunnah to get it. If you can, prevent your children from planting an ambition to become movie stars, singers, and shrewd politicians when they grow up. Don't let your children to listen that Indonesian song "Aku mau jadi kaya" or that stupid Malaysian song "Kalau aku kaya". Songs from the US should also be off limits.

The point here is not to brainwash your children to grow up to become the sort of person who thinks that wealth, power, and vanity are a token of success. Dying people who cling too much to their worldly possession are most likely to say yes to Satan when Satan came to them and offered to prolong their life in return of them becoming Al-Kafiruun.

In Malaysia we have several politicians whom I believe will not make it through the final test. Especially that Kajang candidate, I don't think he will make it as well as several others with him whom are willing to trade their race and religion for the sake of politics. They love politics and power too much that it will be extremely easy for Satan to come to them with fake promises and seduced them to say something blasphemous on their eleventh hour.

However, I guess we as Muslims must try. Try to visit anyone who is extremely ill and recite Quran and constantly whispers to him so say shahadah. Hopefully the recital of holy Quran from you can eminate enough energy to fuel the nearby Angel whom might be attempting to save his soul.


Now, for those who have read my previous articles 'Lucifer vs Monkey' followed by 'The Immortals', I have explained in length on why I believe that Lucifer as a species - is inferior in terms of intellect compared to human. I was presenting my opinion by comparing two species - Lucifer and Humans and said that humans are biologically more superior in terms of brain power. Basically I was saying that Lucifer is stupid as a species and I still stand by that.

But I also stated there that if there’s any effective cure for stupid being, then immortality is perhaps the best cure. Any species with a will and a mind of its own can learn through thousands years of trials and errors. This is the idea behind the  “infinite monkeys theorem” pioneered by Émile Borel who suggested that if you have enough monkeys banging randomly on typewriters for infinite amount of time, even these monkeys will eventually type the works of William Shakespeare.

However, to survive through thousands of years of continuous trials and errors require an extremely strong will. That being said then 'revenge' is known as one of the forte that can produced such will. We know that Lucifer absolutely despises Adam's children and its promise for revenge is well known.

Because of his immortality on earth, it is also correct to say that "the passing of time" is not an issue when it came to Lucifer and his minions. For an immortal creature who had exist long before Adam and Eve was created, 60 or 70 years (the average lifespan of human being) of plotting against each and single of us is nothing. There is currently 7 billion humans on earth and he only have to plot against 1.6 billion moslems. There is basically no need to whisper on the deathbed of the rest 5.4 billion non-Moslems (the unbelievers) because they're already "in da club".

From Lucifer's point of view, the entire lifespan of a single human being is just like a very long game of chess between the good and the evil. On one side there is Satan trying to score a checkmate in dragging us to hell while on the other side there is an angel trying its best to mitigate the damage by guiding us to do good things.

One of the best example into understanding Satan's standard SOP (standard operating protocol) is by analyzing the story of black magic itself. When listening all the stories of how people got involved with black magic I began to realize one very similar SOP adopted by Satans which is also applied to the general public.Whenever a person is about to dwell into black magic, the conditions of the 'contract' imposed were usually the SIMPLEST thing to do. I mean, the deal offered by Satan always sounded like a steal. It would be shamefull not to grab such a good deal.

Let's take an example of the story of 'Susuk'. 'Susuk' as you know is a magic commonly used by the ladies to look younger and beautiful by inserting magical needles into the flesh of these ladies. The usual condition of the 'contract' is so extremely simple - thou shall not eat satay (skewered food).

How simple is that! Certainly not a problem right?! There's lots and lots and lots of other dishes which are equally or more delicious that satay!! I mean there's KFC, there's rendang, there's ketupat, nasi lemak, mee goeng, Pizza Hut, etc etc etc....

It always amazes me how such a simple 'bait' can eventually led so many people to hell. In this Susuk story, once the contract is agreed upon then Satan will start doing everything it can to trick that idiot lady into eating satay. Satay suddenly look extremely delicious and might even appears in her dream dancing and singing "Eat me! Eat me! Nanananaa..."

It is also the same with other form of black magic offered to beginners. There are black magic which require a person to feed the 'spirit' with just foods, then there's one which requires that person to feed a demon with just a droplet of blood, and in one case happening in my town involving a `love spell', the only prohibition is for that guy not to use the spell on a married woman (but he can use the spell on any single girls out there).

However, just like a game of chess, once the bait was taken then Satan will began cornering that person into doing things he/she was prohibited to do. Like that guy who with the ability to cast a powerful 'love spell', story goes that of all the beautiful girls in my town, he instead fallen in love for a married woman - and not even a good looking one!

Satans are of course responsible for all these events taking place by influencing you or people around you to do certain things. Once you entered into a contract then Satans will give its all to make sure you breached the contract and earn the penalty. It can either be some sort of misfortune or extreme sickness befalling you. This is where the subsequent stage of the strategy take place where you're offered a "cure" but must re-entered into Contract version 2.0 which is more malicious and require heftier 'payments'. Some payments might even involves of doing something very nasty like performing human sacrifice of killing other people. Then on the day when death appears to collect the damage soul, Satan will come to him with an offer he wouldn't refuse - a cure that can rejuvenate his life - provided of course he worship Satan.

He then worship Satan..

And then DIE to go to hell.. because not even Satan can stop death when the number is up.

Like I said, it always started out as small things but can end up as huge things in the end.

What's important to note here is the strategy deployed by Satan. Satan being not so bright creature seems to  rely on this old SOP all the time. The tactic seems to have never changed for millennium. Just make sure to offer human a deal which sounds too good to be true. Something extremely easy to perform in return of a benefit which sounds a thousand folds better. This is just a bait which is offered to all human beings. Once you've taken the bait then it's like one domino is down and they move other. In a lifespan of each human there's probably hundreds or thousands of domino to be gradually taken down one by one. However, what's most important is of course the last domino itself.

Then there were times when people thought they were doing good things when in fact they're doing the opposite. Like in the story of Barshiha, he started out helping the girl because he thought he was performing a good deeds. Another example of this happening to me is during solat. Whenever I was concentrating on my solat that Satan make me think 'good things' just to make me lose concentration. Like this one time when I was at 90% level of khusyuk and suddenly Satan was sort of saying to me "Whoaaa good job bro, 90% khusyuk? Impressive.. you should write that in your blog". Because of that my mid start wondering for a few seconds on what to write in my blog rather than thinking only of just HIM.

Speaking of solat, I noticed however that whenever I spent like 20-30 minutes reading Al-Quran (my personal preference is Yaseen) at dawn (after solat) then it greatly improved my personal 'barrier' against Satan. I know this for a fact because whenever I read Yaseen in the morning after performing solat Subuh, it's becoming very easy to concentrate my mind during solat for the rest of the day. Just 20-30 minutes reading Quran at and it seems like there's an invisible fence being erected around me preventing Satan from messing with my mind and stealing my concentration during solat.

I also began to believe that not only reading Quran helps to re-energize this so called invisible fence, it also physically altered every atoms and quarks in the universe for creating a better destiny for me for the rest of the day. You should try it, spend like 20-30 minutes at dawn reading Al-Quran and if you're lucky, then like my Watchers friends and I you too will notice these two weird coincidences began to happens namely (a) coincidences that prevents bad things to happen to you and (b) coincidence which discourages you from committing sinful things.

I have this imagination that for those who reads and have total faith in God and his wordings (Al-Quran), then even the space time continuum will be moved to accommodate a better destiny for that guy on day to day basis. In my imagination I see the rocks being moved to a precise position so he wouldn't tripped on it while walking, I see the wind blowing the other direction so that his eyes will be protected against dust while he was riding motorcycle, and I even see the sand on the road being moved so his motorcycle wont slipped. This imagination is of course inspired by my personal understanding of the concept "Tiada Musibah Dalam Islam" (I wrote this in my previous 2012 article). The concept is hard to explain but based on the understanding that everything in this world is being controlled by the Al-Mighty. My friends and I believe that everything.. I mean everything... in this world is being put here for a reason and purpose. A rock might have been formed millions of years ago for the end purpose of falling on Anwar Ibrahim's head in near future. A tiny ant might be borne for the purpose of biting someone crotch when he was driving which led to major accident. Even millions of tiny particle of on air might serve a purpose of finally creating a cloud that looks like the word "Allah" and then becoming viral in youtube and led to several hundred people embracing Islam. Who really knows, right? 

How come I am certain about this? From experience of course. I'm not that pious of person you know. There were times when bad habits from my youth days came back enticing me. It's like Satan was saying to me "Remember in the old days, you and the guys used to go to that place to buy uncensored DVD? Don't you wanna know the latest happening in the adult industry?". Alhamdulillah I no longer have that terrible habit because I noticed certain so called 'coincidences' which stopped me from purchasing that kind of DVD (the shop was raided by the police and the vendor was arrested). Occasionally there were times when Satan suggested to me to surf the web in the middle of the night and I just couldn't because I was dead tired and falls sleep instead (I planned to surf the web at 11pm but I catched cold at 6 pm. So I have to take medications for it and the pill caused me to fall asleep like a baby).

Now, you all must also noticed how things like this usually happens in reverse to most people. For example people normally feels dead tired and sleepy while listening to religious kulliyah but suddenly feels fresh and energetic when watching scantily clad women in TV shows. Well, whereas it is true that Satan plays a persuasive role in things like this, one has to remember that for each human being there is a Satan (Waswas) and Angel (Mulhim) always accompanying and trying to persuade human to do bad vs good. It would be wrong to adopt the mainstream views promoted by Hollywood movie that Satan is stronger because it wins more often than Angel. Angel is not weaker than Satan, it all goes down to the human being himself. A moslem who recites verses from Al Quran on daily basis will generates 'fuel' that empower the Angel to win the battle against Satan. Recite Al-Quran as often as possible and you'll find out that you are literally losing energy to go clubbing and might even falls asleep before watching porn. Spend more time reading Quran and the entire universe might be physically altered to your benefits. I know a friend who told me that he was about to go to screw a girl but his car suddenly broke down midway to the hotel. In my case however, in my previous article I have told you about a disease which had caused me to be hospitalized thus stopping me from meeting a former girlfriend and two seductive pinoys.

That's all for now and I hope this article is sufficient as an update for this blog. I will start writing the next chapter of Jerejak stories as soon as possible.

SIMPLE EXPERIMENT : I've been thinking on how my readers can perform a simple experiment to see if reading Al Quran indeed can help strengthen the barrier against Satan. I think this once is the simplest thing that can be done. Download an MP3 file of surah 3-Qul, Kursi and one or two longer ayats such as Al-Baqarah and Yaseen. Play these MP3 files all night next to you so you can hear it even while you're sleeping (lower the volume a bit of course). Now let's see if you can improve your concentration during solat Subuh (dawn prayer). This is the simplest experiment you can try. But bear in mind that simply listening to MP3 player cannot beat reading the Quran itself.