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So let’s leave the Malaysian politics for a moment and get back to some silly stuff which I really like to share with those who don’t mind reading a bit about paranormal stuffs.

What I about to share with you is a theory by bunch of people (I’m talking about my friends in the watchers group of course) about Dajjal and the earth energy field. But before I go on, I have to explain a bit on why I write this topic from a secular point or view. Otherwise someone might start thinking I’m spreading heresy.

Eventhough we in the Watchers Group discussed on Dajjal/AntiChrist a lot, we tried our best to discuss it on a secular point of view.

Why? Well the answer is easy. If we start too early with Hadith and Al-Quran as preludes to our argument, then we will end up selling our ideas to only Muslims within the group. The non-Muslims will immediately steer away from the discussion because they won’t be comfortable being presented with religious texts so early in the discussion. Alienating the non-Muslims so early like that would defeat the purpose of dakwah. I mean how could they listen to what we want to say if they abandoned the quorum in its earliest stage, right?

So we usually start on topic they’re comfortable to begin with, and making Dajjal sounded like Science stuff seems to be a good idea. We started out in secular mode, then gradually upgrading our argument to religious mode before finally nailing it with a quote taken from religious texts. The Hollywood has been doing this for millennia. They always started a movie with something secular and non-offensive such as the earth being destroyed by solar flares before moving on to subliminal religious propaganda. The propaganda was subliminally conveyed with the heroes saying something like “the Bible had predicted this.. yada yada yada”. And it works!! The Bible always sounded impressive in the movies. Sadly speaking the Muslims had failed to adopt a better strategy. I wonder why?

Lets go back to what I want to write about.

Okay, here’s a quiz? What does Bermuda Triangle and Mecca / Medina have in common?

Tick tock tick tock.. Buuzzzz!!… and your time is up.

Don’t you know it yet? these three places were said to emit a very strong energy field. The Bermuda Triangle had been known to emit strong electromagnetic field whereas the Holy Land is said by Dr, Abdul Baset Sayyid to emit strong radiation energy. Isn’t that interesting? Considering that recently there’s been very interesting theory surfacing about these places that is Dajjal related.

Whenever we talk about Dajjal and Mecca/Medina, we already know about the hadith where it is said that Dajjal is prohibited from entering these two Holy Land. According to the hadith, these holy lands will be heavily guarded by sword wielding angels who scare the wits out of Dajjal from trespassing.

Recently, there has been a very interesting theory about Dajjal and the Bermuda Triangle. Muhammad Isa Dawud in his book “Al-Khuyut al-Khafiyyah baina al-Masikh ad-Dajjal wa Asrar Muthallath Bermuda wa al-Atbaq at-Ta’irah” theorized that there’s a secret kingdom ruled by Dajjal in the Bermuda Triangle.

I haven’t had the opportunity to read in full the whole book (could someone email the English or Malay version to me?) but I personally couldn’t agree at this time with the gist of Dawud’s argument. I mean, if Samiri is Dajjal and Dajjal is Samiri (Samiri is that mysterious guy who duped the Israelites with the golden calf as the false God during Moses absence) then how come Dajjal hadn’t ruled the world since then?

Secondly, Dawud’s argument didn’t make sense from the hadith perspective. The hadith clearly stated that in the lifetime of prophet Muhammad, the Dajjal is still imprisoned in a mysterious island somewhere and guarded by Al-Jazazah. So unless Dawud can come up with a theory why during Moses Dajjal was a free man and during Muhammad Dajjal suddenly ended up chained in an Island, then I couldn’t entertained the idea that Samiri and Dajjal is the same entity.

Thirdly, whereas it is true that the bull head Satan “Moloch” had been around pretending as God since the days of the Sumerian, the replica of Moloch as the golden calf was only introduced to the Jews during Moses lifetime. Now, we know that Dajjal is a Jew and his parents are both Jews as well. In fact, both Dajjal’s parent are worshipper of the golden calf ever since before Dajjal was born. Therefore the timeline between these two information doesn’t corresponds to each other. If Dajjal parent worshipped Moloch then that means Moloch as a golden calf had already been introduced to the Jews when Dajjal was conceived. But our religious texts sufficiently indicate that the first time the Jews were introduced to the golden calf was in the early days before the Exodus. Therefore, the only sensible explanation is that Dajjal was born after the golden calf had already been introduced by Samiri to the Jews and not before. That alone should be enough to convince us to say that Dajjal and Samiri is not the same person.

However, from a secular point of view it is a conceivable that Dajjal’s island is located within the Bermuda Triangle. I based my idea upon the fact that Bermuda Triangle is known to emit strong electromagnetic field.

Now, one could only be imprisoned if there’s something that prevents him from escaping, right? In the normal world, this usually refers to four walls built around the prisoner. Similarly, we also need a wall or a fence to prevent anyone from trespassing into our yard.

Building a wall is usually the most cost effective and practical method. However sometime the prisoner himself is so dangerous that even four corners of walls won’t stop him from moving in and out. Hence other than having a wall, fully armed security guards are usually placed all over the guarded area. The more dangerous the prisoner are, the more security guards needed to ensure security days and nights.

The fact that energy field is being emitted from the Bermuda Triangle and Mecca/Medina is very interesting if it is true Dajjal’s island is located somewhere in Bermuda Triangle.

The first secular theory about this came from American in the group (hey, he can have his say too because the story of the golden calf and the coming of antichrist is also mentioned in the bible). His said that it is possible that these electromagnetic shield somehow act as a “wall’ preventing the Antichrist from escaping the Bermuda Triangle. According to him, there’s a medical condition called “neuropathic pain” which could caused extreme pain to some people suffering from “Electromagnetic Hipersensitivity” (EHS).

A person who suffers Electromagnetic Hipersensitivity avoids MRI machine at hospital at all costs. They even avoid other normal things such as using the subway and talking via handpone too long.

His theory kind of interesting, but that didn’t answer our question why Dajjal is able enter all places in the world except for Mecca and Medina. Yes, we agreed that if Dajjal suffers from extreme form of EHS than that would explain why he couldn’t escape his temple in Bermuda Triangle and enter Mecca/Medina. But in order for the theory to be conceivable Dajjal had to suffer the most extreme form of EHS which in the end not only prevents him from entering Mecca/Medina, but also lots of other places in this world such as the subways in New York and near every high voltage electric grid in the world. So the EHS thing doesn’t add up to the literal interpretation of the hadith which stated that the only off limits area are Mecca and Medina.

Furthermore, if its true that Dajjal is suffering from EHS, then our problem is already solved. Just erect a few hundreds tower emanating electromagnetic and we’re saved from Dajjal. But we know it won’t be that easy.

Because our American friend had spoken, then it was understood at that time that the Muslims within the group had to come with something better (yet secular) or otherwise we will lose face to the audience. So the theory below was the best I could come up for such a short time.

I think the presence of strong electromagnetic field in these three places are actually caused by the huge presence of inter-dimensional beings. Therefore whereas the American argued that these magnetic fields are the “Wall”, I on the other hand say it was sort of traces produced by the “security guards”.

Why did I say that?

It is a common knowledge amongst paranormal investigators (i.e the ghost hunters) that the presence of inter-dimensional beings could cause a spike in electromagnetic readings. The theory is that spirits as inter-dimensional beings needed energy to manifest themselves and EMF meter may be able to detect this energy. We have seen this many times in television where paranormal investigators always bring with them an EMF meter to measure the derivative (rate of change) of the surrounding magnetic field.

The fact that all creatures in this world emit energy also had been confirmed by the Russians led by Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. Their technique, known as Kirlian Technique and Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV) are the breakthrough allowing them to capture by a special camera the mental and spiritual energy emanating to and from an individual, plants, liquids, powders, and even inanimate objects.

If it’s true that the presence of inter-dimensional beings could cause a spike in the surroundings energy, then the same spike could also be caused by the presence of angel in Mecca and Medina because angel by definition an inter-dimensional being too.

I think there’s no need to explain what lead me to believe there’s a massive gathering of angels in Mecca and Medina. I mean, the word “Holy Lands” itself should be sufficient to convey my argument. I have read with interest an article in about inter-dimensional beings and it said there the numbers of angel in this world is so large compared to humans that it would be stupid to put it down in numbers (we’re probably talking about quintillions here).

Bearing in mind that Angels were made from Light, then according to Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, ‘Light’ itself is the portion of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency range of about 405 THz to 790 THz. This in physics sounded small, but imagine multiplying that with quintillions of sources at one go and we have a theory why Mecca and Medina emitted unusual volume of energy.

I think it can make sense that there’s also a massive gathering of angel in the island where Dajjal is imprisoned. We’re talking about the most dangerous immortal prisoner the world will ever know. If it took a massive army of sword wielding angel to stop him from entering the Holy Lands, then by logic the same numbers are required to prevent him from escaping the island. These not to mention several billions other unholy beings also congregating near the area probably searching for this prisoner as we speak.

However, this theory of mine is totally unsupported by any proof, which make this article as good as reading a cheap science fiction story. I just came up with it because it sounded like a good idea to save face at that time. I mean, if that American can come up with an interesting theory in such short of time, then how embarrassing it would be if none of us Muslims could offer the alternative? It’s all about saving face.. ha ha ha..

The truth is, no one could be sure why Mecca, Medina and the Bermuda Triangle emitted such volume of energy field and whether this has any future correlation to Dajjal. Bermuda Triangle as a place where the island is located sounded like a good possibility because there seems to be a mysterious force of nature there preventing humans from entering it. The numbers of missing ships and airplanes is quite impressive in the Triangle, almost as though as these vehicles were approaching a restricted top secret area where they have to be shot down to protect its secret.

There’s a mainstream theory saying that the electromagnetic field in the Triangle is so strong that it’s capable of pulling down the airplanes from the sky. This is supported by discoveries of quite a numbers of shipwrecks in the bottom of the sea around the area. Hearing this theory I couldn’t help but remembering what my boss had said about her Umrah trips to Mecca recently. She showed me a video of her and a bunch of other passengers travelling by bus at the outskirts of Medina when suddenly the bus become heavy as though as it was moving uphill. She said this is a common knowledge amongst bus operators in Medina. This area right at the outskirts of Medina (which happens to be the border of Tanah Haram) has the reputation of causing automobile engine to work extra hard. It really does look like the bus was driving through a giant magnet.

Another thing about the Bermuda Triangle that reminds me of the Holy Lands is the Elixir of Life (Fountain of Youth). For those who have read my previous article “The Immortals”, I have explained in there that the Elixir is the real motivation behind Christopher Columbus journey to the New America. At some point when traveling through the Sargasso Sea and Bermuda Triangle, unusual things started to happen. In September 1942 the navigational compass went crazy for almost the whole month and in between of these events Columbus saw a phenomenon he described as “marvelous branch of fire fall from the heavens into the sea” on September 15th. Then on October 11, 1492 He saw another light on the horizon that remain unexplained until today.

There’s been intense debate in the Internet on what could cause the light that Christopher has seen on October 11. It would be interesting to know that prior to the light their navigational system went crazy in September as though as something was preventing them from moving straight ahead. Then after they had safely zigzagging through area, a light appeared in October as though as someone was sending them an emergency flare up in the sky telling them they have missed a an island.

There’s a strong opinion in the group that the Elixir of Life is located in the same island where Dajjal is imprisoned. That could secularly explain the immortality of Dajjal and why Christopher Columbus was instructed to sail there by Queen Isabella of Castile who probably heard it first from Ponce de León (Ponce de León later joined Columbus during the second Voyage just to search for the Elixir of Life).

The Elixir of Life is an interesting subject for me, especially I think about the healing properties of Zam-Zam water in Mecca and the stories I heard about the healing effect the Holy Land has on its population. I don’t know personally whether these stories can be confirmed (I haven’t had enough money to perform Umrah yet) but my mom keep saying that she feels very healthy when she stepped in into the Holy Lands. Currently my mom is planning to perform her 3rd Haj this time with my dad tagging along. My mom is quite convinced that once they both arrive in the Holy Lands, my dad’s health problem will temporarily healed during the duration of the Haj.

The healing property of Zam-Zam water was reported in Saheeh Muslim where the Prophet SAWS (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to Abu Dharr, who had stayed near the Ka’bah and its coverings for forty days and nights with no food or drink other than (Zamzam):

“How long have you been here?” Abu Dharr said: “I have been here for thirty days and nights.” The Prophet SAWS (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Who has been feeding you?” He said, “I have had nothing but Zamzam water, and I have gotten so fat that I have folds of fat on my stomach. I do not feel any of the tiredness or weakness of hunger and I have not become thin.” The Prophet SAWS then said: “Verily, it is blessed, it is food that nourishes.” (Narrated by Imaam Muslim, 2473).

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) also once said:

“Myself and others tried seeking healing with Zamzam water and saw wondrous things. I sought healing with it from a number of illnesses, and I was healed by the permission of Allaah. I saw someone who nourished himself with it for a number of days, half a month or more, and he did not feel hunger; he performed Tawaaf along with the other people just as they did. And he told me that he consumed nothing but Zamzam water for forty days and he had the strength to have intercourse with his wife, to fast and to perform Tawaaf numerous times”. Zaad al-Ma’aad, 4/319, 320.

I’m not really sure how earth energy and fountain of youth could correlates to each other. Whether the concentration of earth energy is what caused the healing properties of the elixir of life and the zam-zam water or whether it is the water itself that emits the massive burst of energy. This thing shall remains as mystery.

I do know however that the Luciferians had long equipped their satellite with the GDV technology that enables them to see aura around the world. That is probably the coolest technology ever. Not only they can watch us in night vision mode or infrared mode, they can even see all the way to our soul! Needless to say, the best upgrade of Kirlian and GDV technology could easily allow them to see inter-dimensional beings wandering in our world too.

I think I understand now why Imam Mahadi is just an ordinary men before he reach the age of 40. If God make him special from birth then for sure he can be detected by the satellite as a young boy with highest concentration of aura bursting from within him. It would be very easy then for the Luciferians to zoom in on him immediately and killed him while he’s young.
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COMMENTS: Someone send me email yesterday asking me why I seldom update my blog. The most honest response I can give to that is that I'm busy and lazy at the same time. Busy because I have tonnes of things to do in office, and lazy because I actually hate writing. In the Watchers Group its members very seldom write (we use SKYPE even though we avoided turning on the webcam feature) and even when we wrote it usually very brief because there's no need to explain the background behind every theory. However, I always notice that there are around 100 people who visited my blog every single day. Thanks to "cookie" in the Javascript, I noticed these visitors are the same visitors which comprised almost 70% from the United States and other western countries. Therefore for their sake I have decided to update more regularly even though it may not be with my own writing. There were times when I found a very good article in the internet, so I decided from now on to adopt the famous "copy and paste" tactics more frequently. Don't worry, I only reproduced the best of the best. Furthermore, you will know which one is mine and which one is not because I will add the word "My Pick" in front of the article

By Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad (

1. The dollar i.e. the US dollar has been depreciating against the Ringgit. It is now hovering just below RM3.00 to 1 USD. Obviously this currency crisis is not over yet. Obviously the US is still in trouble. Europe is also in trouble and so is the rest of the world. This is the longest financial crisis in history. It is now in the fourth year.

2. This crisis started in the US in 2008 with the banks going bankrupt because the sub-prime loans defaulted and Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. Since then the US Government has been printing money by the trillions to bail out banks, insurance and automobile companies.

3. Currently Greece is still unable to repay loans caused by the switch to the Euro.

4. Malaysia appears to have escaped much of the crisis. Our currency is in fact getting stronger and our economy is growing at a good rate.

5. Why has a serious currency crisis affected the developed countries and not as much the developing countries? The answer is that we have not been trying to get rich quick through playing the money market.

6. I am not a financier of course and my knowledge about finance can be written on the back of a postage stamp. So no one should take what I say about finance seriously.

7. Still, I would like to hazard a theory.

8. The US was, after the Second World War, the richest nation. They have companies like General Motors, General Electric, Caterpillar Tractors, McDonnell Douglas & Boeing, great manufacturers of household appliances, radios and television, machine tools, precision instruments and of course a massive weapons industry.

9. They were so confident of the superiority of their industries that they did not mind teaching the Japanese the importance of quality and expertise in manufacturing.

10. To cut a long story short, the Japanese mastered manufacturing so well that their high quality but competitive products displaced those of the Americans and much of the Europeans in the world market.

11. After Japan came Taiwan, South Korea and then China. The products of these countries even displaced American and European products in their own countries. The last straw is the invasion of East-Asian cars into the American and European markets.

12. Instead of trying to compete, the Americans in particular, and the Europeans opted to surrender the markets to the Asian newcomers. But American and European economies continued to grow and they remain as prosperous as ever.

13. To remain ahead in wealth the Americans and Europeans invented a new market - the money market. They invented ways of making money from money. These they call products although they cannot be eaten or used.

14. The banking system they created was for the purpose of lending money to finance business enterprises. To do this the banks were allowed to lend more money than they have as capital, assets and deposits. In effect this means the banks could create money. In fact in the past banks issued banknotes to pay for goods and services. Later the banknotes were replaced by cheques. Everything can be paid with cheques. No cash is needed any more.

15. It was fine as long as the Government oversees the money created by the banks and limits it to ten times the banks assets. Then the American Government decided that it should not supervise the banks. The market would regulate itself.

16. Freed of Government oversight the banks began to lend far more than ten times their assets. They lent even to people with no income and no capacity to repay the loans, especially for houses.

17. The loans were then either mortgaged or insured. The belief was that they were safe. In any case if the borrower defaulted the property would be worth more than the loans as property prices seem to appreciate all the time.

18. Other ways of making money were invented. Hedge funds, carry trade, currency trade, mergers and acquisitions, investment in 'emerging markets' (formerly known as developing countries), junk bonds, securitised mortgage, commercial paper, short selling, index funds, sub-prime loans, private equity funds, repo market, structured investment vehicles, etc etc

19. Any of these things can give huge profits. For the astute players any of these things can make them millionaires or billionaires overnight, practically overnight.

20. The money market products yield nothing substantial. They create no jobs, no tangible products, no trade in goods or services, no spin-offs in terms of business, no transportation of goods by land, sea or air.

21. Yet the size of the transactions in monetary terms is mind-boggling. The trade in currencies is said to amount to four (4) trillion US dollars a day. It is the size of the total German productivity for a year. Yet no jobs are created, no goods or services are produced, no movement of anything is seen.

22. Of course the people involved in the trade make billions of dollars. Operating out of tax free havens, they report to no one and pay no tax.

23. The money market players and the billions they make contribute to the high GDP and the Per Capita incomes of America and Europe.

24. Then came the collapse. The bubble bursts. And there was nothing spilling from the burst bubbles.

25. The money market players know nothing about other business, about the production of goods and service, about real trade in these things. Actually all of them have become poor.

26. And so they resort to printing money, to remain rich. But the money they print is as valuable as toilet paper.

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Melayar internet sambil makan nasi adalah merbahaya di zaman sekarang.

Itulah pengajaran yang terbit di fikiran saya apabila saya tersedak nasi ketika membaca petikan berita di yang ketara pro-pembangkang pada masa kini.

Yang menyebabkan saya tersedak tu adalah apabila membaca tajuk berita berikut.

Pakar: Malaysia tiada agama rasmi, Islam cuma agama persekutuan.

Berita (ini pun boleh dianggap berita ke?) merujuk kepada komen seorang `pakar’ iaitu peguam Syahredzan Johan daripada Tetuan RamRais & Partners yang pada hari ini menjawat jawatan ketua jawatankuasa perlembagaan dalam Majlis Peguam.

Saya pun sebenarnya tidak tahu apa sebabnya penulis berita tersebut iaitu Debra Chong daripada the Malaysian Insider boleh mengiktiraf Encik Syahredzan sebagai ‘Pakar’ dalam hal ehwal perlembagaan. Setakat maklumat yang saya perolehi Encik Syahredzan hanyalah junior partner di Tetuan RamRais & Partners, malahan senior partner a.k.a boss Tetuan Ramrais iaitu Encik Hariram Jayaram belum pernah lagi diiktiraf secara rasmi sebagai “pakar” dalam mana-mana bidang so bagaimana pula Junior Partner lebih dulu dinobat sebagai “Pakar” dalam perlembagaan?

Setakat yang terkini, Tetuan RamRais & Partners tidak pernah pula menyatakan bahawa firma tersebut pakar dalam undang-undang perlembagaan. Kalau dalam bidang lain itu iyalah iaitu Intellectual Property Law, Arbitration & Mediation, Litigation, Corporate Law dan Information & Communications Technology Law tetapi belum pula dinyatakan disitu bahawa firma tersebut specialised dalam Constitutional Laws. Jadi saya tak faham dari mana datangnya pengiktirafan ‘Pakar’ tu.

Saya nak katakan secara profesional kepada Encik Syahredzan supaya janganlan memalukan profesion guaman. Kalau baru tiga-empat tahun jadi lawyer tu (beliau bertugas sebagai peguam semenjak pada 5 October 2007) tak usahlah buat komen yang bukan-bukan. Kalau baru 3-4 tahun jadi peguam tu taraf `senior counsel’ pun belum lagi, apatah lagi menganggap diri `pakar’.

Sebenarnya saya menghormati hak mana-mana peguam untuk membuat komen. Jadi kalau dalam blog tertentu peguam kepada Pemimpin Hindraf ini pernah menulis menyokong perhimpunan haram (tulisan beliau bertajuk ‘Sekatan Halal dan Himpunan Haram’6 February 2011), menyokong non-muslim memasuki masjid ( ‘Membangsatkan Nama Islam’ 4 October 2010), merujuk kepada hak orang melayu sebagai retorik (‘Omong Dusta Hak Melayu’ 30 August 2010), menyokong Hindraf dan sebagainya, maka lantak dialah.

Malahan saya tak kisah pun sekiranya Encik ini pernah menulis secara terbuka bahawa hobi beliau adalah menulis rencana yang mengkritik mereka yang ‘mempertahankan Melayu dan Islam’ (‘Perlembagaan dan Pemijak Lembu’ 22 December 2009). Iyalah itu kah hak Encik Syahredzan untuk bersuara. Dia memang tak suka pro 1Bumi seperti orang UMNO so apa nak kata kan? Kalau dia nak membelot itu urusan dialah.

Cuma dalam hal ini perkataan '‘pakar” yang dirujukkan kepada Encik Syahredzan terlalu misleading dan memalukan profesionalisma guaman. Encik Syahredzan bukannya pakar dibawah maksud sekyen 45-51 Akta Keterangan. Malahan oleh kerana beliau ketara condong kepada pembangkang (Encik Syahredzan bercita-cita menjadi calon MP bagi daerah Pekan, Pahang) maka beliau tidaklah layak menjadi pakar kerana beliau adalah bias (Expert briefly means means: a person is deemed an expert if he has special expertise that is crucial in the pursuit of a fair decision).

Malulah sikit.. nanti orang kata masuk bakul angkat sendiri pula.

Anyway, pengajaran yang saya cuba nak sampaikan disini ialah (a) pulaukan (b) mudah-mudahan Encik Syahredzan kembali ke pangkal jalan dan (c) jangan makan nasi sambil melayar internet.

P/S: one more thing Encik Syahredzan, sekadar tulis beberapa artikel dalam blog mengenai perlembagaan belum boleh dianggap 'pakar' laa.. takkan itu pun confuse bro?

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In May this year UTUSAN MALAYSIA reported about a secret pact among the opposition party and pastors at a hotel in Penang on Wednesday

Another dominoes has fallen right there..

As always in life, there’s always a good news and bad news about it. The good news is, there’s still hope to stop this crisis from spiraling out of control, the bad news is we probably have less than 12 months to do it.

So every self-proclaimed liberals in Malaysia are now demanding that few heads from Utusan Malaysia rolls. “Unethical and dangerous!” they said when commenting what Utusan had done.

Unethical? Maybe Yes

Dangerous? I guess so, Yes..

False? Ha Ha.. Nope..

The Catholic and Evangelical movements in Malaysia is one of the finest example of Malaysia’s “Open Secret Movement”. Probably no one knew this better than the people of Sabah and since I was born, raised and currently typing this article from that beautiful State, then I am also guilty for knowing such things since I was in primary school.

It’s not that big secret in Sabah you know. Bearing in mind that Sabah was once ruled by Christians State Government (the PBS), the people of Sabah are already immune to the sight of Christian Missionaries wandering around from town to town. If fact, if you ever visited Sabah, don’t be surprised to see a bunch of white people on bicycle cycling towards the rural area. They’re Christian missionaries and they have been quite successful in their overall mission.

Not that I don’t feel threatened by their presence, I’m simply pointing out that we in Sabah had known about the Christians ambition to spread Christianity in Sabah since the 70’s and when I was studying in local university I also knew about their attempts (albeit more secretly) to do the same in Peninsular.

So my message to all those high ranking priests who vehemently denies this in the newspaper.. stop the pretense lah. We all know you all want to convert each and every one of us into Christianity as much as we want to convert each and every one of you into Islam.

In Sabah, the Muslims here pretty much tolerate the presence of these missionaries. These missionaries are free to roam the whole state of Sabah and no one bothers them. Of course this tolerance came with one silent condition. One head village from a rural town in Sabah told me about it which pretty much simplified the Sabahan’s cardinal rule : “asalkan jangan kacau kita bah” (translation: “as long as they don’t bother us”)

What the head village means (as I understand it) is this;

The presence of missionaries are tolerated provided that these missionaries didn’t try anything funky or funny towards the Muslims. This cardinal rule can be branched into several sub-rules such as

(a) don’t do your business in our kampung 
(b) don’t even think about doing your business to our children 
(c) don’t say a single word about how we run our kampung 
(d) don’t bad mouth our religion 
(e) don’t enter our politics.

The missionaries in Sabah had understand the cardinal rules pretty well. They strictly limits their physical presence to areas predominantly Christians and never even bother to enter any predominantly Muslims village. They understand very well that entering any predominantly Muslims village with breach of social contract in mind could led to their unexplained disappearance.

The cardinal rule had been very effective in ensuring the tolerance of religion in Sabah. If you travel on land in Sabah, you could see churches co-exists in such numbers in Sabah that it would be normal to see a church standing practically side by side with surau and mosques (with only the road dividing them apart). In Sabah, you could see a very big blue board displaying churches name every 2 or 10 kilometers all the way from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. Who funded all these churches I have no idea yet.

I think at some point, the tolerance in religion in Malaysia also based on the same rule. As long as the Christians didn’t “kacau” us then the status quo since 1957 can remain undisturbed.

Therefore as long as the majority of Muslims in this country can feel safe that the Christians won’t be knocking their front doors with bible in hands in near future, than everything can remain sweet and peachy with sugar on top. Of course the only way to do that is by ensuring that country will forever be govern by Muslims or at least by a predominantly Muslims political party. Otherwise if the Muslims began to worry that one of these days their Prime Minister could be a Racist Christian Chinese from Penang with no sense of respect to the long standing social contract, then any sane Malays will start feeling that the cardinal rule had been breached.

If it come to the day when 64% of Malays in this country began to realized that the cardinal rule indeed had been smashed into thousand of pieces.. the consequences would be unimaginable in Peninsular. Luckily for me then that I’m in Sabah :-P

The thing about the Malays is, I think we’re biologically programmed to be very defensive about two things namely (a) religion (b) race. In a way we share the same program with the Arabs. In contrast, in the west a white man can either be a Jew or a Christian or Atheist. Similarly in Malaysia the Chinese are synonymous as either a Christian or a Buddhist or Taoist. These characteristics shared between the Chinese and the white men is the reason why they accepted pluralism in religion so well. In the west you could be a Christian, a Buddhist, an atheist or satanic worshipers and it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re a white man. Similarly in Malaysia a Chinese could be a Christian or Buddhist or whatever and it also didn’t matter as long as he is Chinese.

This is not the case with the Malays. For Malays race and religion is socially non-negotiable. A person could be eating dirt due to poverty but it's still okay to him long as he remains a Malay and Muslim. Therefore like the Arabs, we don't mind if our economy was sucked by foreigners or non-Malays as long as our race and religion remains safe and intact.

Unfortunately today, these two issues are being hijack by DAP (which unfortunately a predominantly Chinese party) as vehicle to power. It is true though that DAP had been playing these cards since its inception. But the difference between now and then is that the Chinese used to distant themselves from DAP, therefore leading the Malays to assume that not every Chinese is a DAP. Now that favorable presumption had ceased.

It would truly unfair to blame UTUSAN alone for the controversy. Like I said it would be stupid for The Christian Federation of Malaysia to believe that merely denying the report would suffice to hide what most Malays had known since long time ago. This is not a new issue for the majority of white collars Malays. This issue had been circulating in the internet and from mouth to mouth even prior to UTUSAN’s report. A lot of people had heard the rumors of Dato Azhar Mansor’s conversion to Christianity in 1999 and even though we had yet been told about Police’s investigation into this issue, the fact that the same year Lina Joy started entering our picture really didn’t help to slow it down.

Whereas UTUSAN is probably the first real counter offensive launched by the Malays, it is not.. I repeat.. is not the first domino.

I couldn’t be sure how to put my finger on the first domino. But UTUSAN’s domino fall this year in May, whereas DAP had been harping on LINA JOY’s case since 2007. They commented on it in newspaper, blogged on it and even organized a public forum on it. Their stand on LINA JOY is clearly supporting Muslims’s conversion into Christianity. The DAP is also the one which capitalize on the 2009’s “ALLAH-in-the-bible” issue up to the point where they relied on it heavily during their offensive in Sarawak recent election.

Similarly, it was DAP who mastermind the political chaos is Perak when they openly challenged the legality of the Sultan of Perak's action. It was DAP's involvement in Perak that lead to Malay's presumption that DAP intended to dethrone the Malays Monarch if given the opportunity to rule the Malays.

So my message for The Christian Federation of Malaysia, if they want to silence the issue, they better start by putting themselves in far distance from DAP. Otherwise there's no way to stop the Malays from gearing up in response to fear of losing this country as an Islamic Country. It's bad enough that the Malays are starting assuming that every Chinese in this country as DAP supporters. We wouldn't want such dangerous presumption to be extended to all Christians regardless of race.

And to DAP, since you are the one who played up the issue in the first place, what do you expect? That the Malays simply lie and be steamrolled to die?

If these things spiraled out of control (bak kata orang Sabah: “palis palis jauh lah bala.. simpang malaikat empat puluh empat.. fuh fuh fuh fuh tiup kiri kanan depan belakang”), then all I can think is the real culprit to be blame is the one who first breached the social contract which is none other that DAP. And who caused DAP to rise?

Anwar Ibrahim of course..

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I received an invitation from Admin of FreeMalaysiaKini to visit its site. So I visited it and one email from readers commenting the 1Malaysia project caught my attention.

Click HERE if you want to read it too.

The thing in that article that really make my jaw dropped is to know that the government would be charged RM0.50 for every e-mail sent.

If this true, then someone with access to the Prime Minister must advise him now to disassociate the government from this project. In my 1st article I was supporting the idea of nationwide email project purely based on practicality and costs, but if this 50 cents per email go on, then I have to entirely agreed with the author that something stinks is blowing in the wind.

I don’t know how come an email could cost up to 50 cents per sending. Whereas I am an avid supporter of Barisan government, I still cannot find any angle whatsoever to justify a 50 cents email. Therefore in the interest of my beloved government and the people I write for, I have to say that necessary changes need to be implemented quickly before this project will become one of the dominoes that lead to the downfall of Barisan Nasional.

When the government announced that it would cost RM50 million, I am also of the opinion that the cost sounded too expansive. But since the alternative suggested by the opposition (natiowide wifi) was even more stupendous, then I was then had something to write in support of this project.

Furthermore, RM50 millions actually sounded very reasonable if the email is free. Since at the time of writing the first article I was not aware about the 50 cents thing, I was then assuming that it would take a couple of months if not 2-3 years for the company to start reaping the profit from the project. Hence I figured it’s understandable why Tricube’s Board or Directors would want to tell the world the project cost RM50 million (even though I doubt such figures could be justified). It's the old propaganda tactic similarly deployed by dominant players in the internet industry such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo as a future justification to push advertising down consumer’s throat. That's okay I guess, considering in the end we still enjoyed a free email services.

Then there’re other reasons why the project could cost RM50 mil. Since security is the most crucial aspects of this project, then maybe the actual cost could be more than RM50 million to build a secure servers to host the system. In the United States, sensitive military servers are build not only to withstand cyber attack (i.e hacking) but also physical damages caused by something as big as hydrogen super bomb. Therefore these military grade servers are usually installed underground or deep inside a mountain with bunkers, artillery and men with guns guarding it. One fine example of this is Wikileaks where it is currently served up from hard drives spinning deep inside this nuclear-bomb-proof bunker in Bahnhof's ultra secure facility in Sweden.

Also, it also takes lots of money to develop a system which can withstand hacking. In the United States, one of the usual steps taken whenever a new system is being developed is to offer a reward to any hackers to hack into the system so that security vulnerabilities in the system could be discovered. Some hackers in the US even registered a legitimate company where they get paid up to USD10,000 just to test the system. Google also did this is 2010 when it offers to up to USD3,133 to people who can hack into its Website and online applications.

But with 50 cents per email guaranteed to be paid by the taxpayers, Tricube no longer can get my understanding on what could lead to that RM50 million. If fact, the only groupd of people who’re silently happy about all this is probably the opposition, praying day and night that Tricube will sucked billions of taxpayer’s money so they can capitalize the issue during 2013 campaigning period.

Maybe the government ought to think this over. With 50 cents per email, I don’t think the email will inspire the general population to use it. The failure of this project would add salt to the injury already inflicted to the Prime Minister image. If this project failed to inspire the nation, it will not be Tricube but the Prime Minister who will suffers the most. The word “1Malaysia” attached to the project itself already gave wrong impressions that this project is the brainchild of the Prime Minister. If this thing goes down, the Prime Minister could go down with it too.

My suggestion to Tricube (which I’m sure will be a waste of my time because none of Tricube’s board of directors are going to read this article) is to go slow but steady. Taxing the BN government 50 cents per email seems to me like a rush to make profits. It projected a bad idea that the company is trying to reap as much profits as possible in less than two years. Why Tricube dear? Afraid that the BN government will be toppled in 2013 eh? No? So why the mad rush!?

Slow and steady is the key to long period of profits to come. Even if it’s impossible to make it entirely free, then at least taxed a fee of around 10 to 20 cents per delivery. At least with these numbers the company could argue that it’s cheaper than buying stamps at Post Office.

I think in order to reduce the burden on the system, all emails should only be in ASCII text format only. This is the only practical way to speed up the delivery and avoid spamming. Spamming never existed when the internet was in text mode in early 1990’s. It was only after Netscape introduced a way to deliver multimedia contents over the internet that advertisers began to send colorful brochures online which evolve into today’s spamming.

Tricubes ought to forget any attempt to compete with Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail in terms of multimedia contents delivery. Tricubes simply couldn’t win. Other local companies such as ‘Cari’ , ‘Murai’ and ‘WebPortal’ had tried offering their own free email service before and still failed to out maneuver the email giants of internet.

The only thing which could make Tricube’s email competitive is in term of (a) cost effective (b) security and (c) accessibility.

Security here means that the laws must be amended to make all 1Malaysia email stand up in Court as evidence. Therefore the system itself must be secure enough to ensure that all emails come from Mr.A did came from Mr.A and not an impostor. As I already explained in my first article about this, security features and the recognition by Court of Laws will be the most appealing feature in 1Malaysia email. In due time all vendors in Malaysia will want to have their own email address so that they can add credibility to their online business. Subsequently as online business progress, all vendors will eventually embark on a policy to transact with buyers who also have a 1Malaysia email address. Ensuring that the identity of the senders could be traced is another feature which will deter spamming and other internet fraud.

Accessibility here means that the 1Malaysia email must be the most accessible email in Malaysia. I would like to suggest that the email could be accessed not only via home computers but through ATM machines and SMS services as well. This way all important notices could be accessed even when there’s no personal computers or broadband around. Unfortunately, the ATM machine and SMS services only works in ASCII text mode, which is okay because that's what I had suggested.

In terms of profit, Tricube can generate its millions ringgit income in due time. If every single loving soul in Malaysia had their email in Tricube’s server, then every single soulless company in Malaysia would beg to pay to advertise. In this case, Tricube will hit a jackpot because only Tricube can advertisement by displaying the banner at the login page or in a seperate HTML frame. Other non-paying companies could not advertise directly by sending emails to consumers because the email is in ASCII format.. well not unless they’re willing to advertise in text mode alone.

I could think of hundreds of ways for Tricube to make tonnes and tones of money and all these are based on idea that the emails should be absolutely free from the consumers point of view. Of course I wouldn’t want to tell it all here. That would be too taxing for me to write.

In case Tricube’s Board of Directors wants any authority to proof that my idea could work, then I suggest them to study the history of SMS. We in the Watcher’s Group had study the SMS evolution as part of our profiling program. Actually this entire article is based on our profiling of SMS emergence as the most powerfully tools of communication aside from internet.

The reason why SMS popular so quickly is because of three factors (a) cost effective (b) security and (c) accessibility. SMS was preferred by billions of people around the globe because they can feel secure knowing that the SMS send from Mr.A’s numbers is almost certainly came from Mr.A’s phone. An then the reason why MMS failed to topple SMS as means of communication is because SMS in ASCII text mode offers more accessibility (compatible with all types of Phone and can even work where there’s no GPRS) and cheaper than MMS.

As we can see, these three factors alone will ensure that SMS will continue to dominate our lives leaving behind MMS and 3G to eat dust.

If Tricubes could emulate the attractiveness of SMS in 1Malaysia email project, then rest assure of the profit it can generate.

Monday, May 2, 2011


A week ago I had a conversation with someone claimed to be close to Labuan MP Datuk Haji Yussof Haji Mahal. We talk on all sorts of things mainly about politics and the role of Internet as propaganda tools. I even pointed out to him of the need to improve Labuan’s MP blog which I must say in dire need to good writers to prevent it’s readers from falling asleep. Luckily for the MP, his blog seems to 'cosmetically' improve (ehem!) in the past few weeks. Hopefully these cosmetic changes will be followed with better contents soon.

With him in the know, now it makes only two (2) persons in this world of which I have revealed my identity to. The first is this former Perwaja officer who identified himself as NSJN in 1998 and the second is this guy from Labuan.

Anyway, at one time in the course of conversation we talked about Prime Minister’s idea of 1Malaysia email.

Actually it’s not a bad idea. Coupled with a few amendments of the laws and there will be no misses opportunity to know whether our name is currently listed in any court’s proceeding. It’s also a good way of reducing government agency’s dependency to papers which undoubtedly will lead to saving the forest.

Unfortunately the lack of in depth understanding of the IT world had lead to the Prime Minister’s failure to return the salvo when the opposition started firing at him on this. The opposition - no doubt also share the lack of understanding of the real IT world - was merely armed with the RM50 millions issue, a very easy threat to neutralize. Unfortunately the Prime Minister merely replied that the RM50 million would be undertaken by the private sector that will spearhead the project (reference).

Sigh, what a missed opportunity on propaganda point of view.

I hope the project will survive the opposition’s onslaught. The email project would be a very beneficial project, a leap towards others more paperless project nationwide. I think the project will paid itself in due course. Considering how much money the government could save by freeing itself from dependency from papers that alone could save several millions of taxpayers money every year.

Then in due time the email will lead to rapid elimination of red tapes around the country between the government, the private sectors and the public and that would give boost the country’s economy. For example, it would be very helpful for online transaction if buyers and sellers could communicate online knowing well that if things goes wrong, the email could be used non-contentiously as evidence in court. For honest online vendors, it would be a dream come true if they could assure any potential customers that they’re legitimate vendors and traceable. I think the only people who would hates the idea are internet hustlers who over the years depends on ensuring they can mask their identity while transacting online.

The counter proposal by DAP that the government ought to spend RM50 millions on nationwide wifi instead is stupid. I don't know who planted an idea in his brain that the cost of erecting wifi towers nationwide would be cheaper that establishing a central email server. When redtone wanted to expands its paid wifi service (i repeat.. "paid") to Sabah, that alone swallow a cost of RM10 millions and even such money so far only cover the town of Kota Kinabalu and Tawau. Spending RM50 million could probably covers a few other towns in Sabah but certainly not sufficient for the entire country. Even TM needed billions of Ringgit to upgrade its natiowide coverage from GPRS to 3G, so where's the sense that RM50 millions could lead to natiowide wife service?

The only downside of the email project is the indication that it will be the sole property of private sector rather then being controlled by the government. I hope someone close to the Prime Minister could warned him not to let the project be controlled by Tricube Berhad. Having every single Malaysian personal data registered into one single server is a dream come true for any body corporate driven by profits rather than conscience. The money it can generate from advertising alone will make the spending of RM50 millions looks lame, not to mention the intelligence data it can provides to our Singaporean neighbor. They would drools to buy it off. Haven’t we learned from Thailand’s mistakes yet? In 2006 when Thailand Prime Minister sold Shin Corp to Temasek Holdings, every seniors from Thai’s intelligence community was screaming “beware! espionage!” to the government which eventually led to Thaksin’s falls from grace.

Considering that Shin Corp as a dominant player in Thailand's information technology sector would be sold to an investment arm of the Government of Singapore, then the concern is well founded, because as Thailand’s defense minister have said it, the intelligence community was concerned Singapore's takeover of Shin Corp could allow the city-state to eavesdrop on Thailand with the Shin Corp's satellites.

So I hope this 1Malaysian project would not turned out later to be another spying saga of our country. Like Shin Corp, Tricubes Berhad is also a company specializing in information technology and someone in near future would be very interested to acquire it if the government failed to exert total control on the company. And while we are at it, could someone tell Tricube board of Directors to change their company logo?! It always worries me whenever I see any company with logos resembling a pyramid on it. Call me paranoid but anything related to 'tri' (the number 3) and anything looks like a pyramid always reminds me of the Illuminati. But I'm sure this is just me being stupid and paranoid. I'm sure the Prime Minister had instructed the MKN to do thorough check on the company's background.

The project should continue of course, provided that there's a way to make sure that there would be no breach of security later. For that, I still think its better to hold a grip on it permanently rather then letting the server’s fate be decided by the board of directors.

I think every major project with such magnitude ought to be tested thoroughly before it’s unleashed to the public. It would be in government’s interest to test any system at small scale to see whether it will poses any unwanted problems later on. That would have been very relevant also to any new political ideas that the government would want to introduce to the society.

The Luciferians had been known to execute a small scale experiments before they went for the ultimate hunt. The 2001’s Malay-Indians riot in Klang Lama carries with it all the usual hints that the riot was part of the sociology/psychology-related experiment to test the limit of racism in Malaysia. Similarly what happened in Perak when the Opposition briefly ruled it was clearly an small scale experiment to see how the Malays would react if the Opposition start dismantling the Malays Monarch in near future. It makes sense, Perak is small yet bestowed with the strongest Monarch compared to other States. If the experiments went out of control then it could be easily dealt with due to Perak’s size. But if the experiments went as good as they want it to be then there’s great deal of hope for them to create a Republic without as much as resistance from the Malays. Unfortunately for us Malays, we failed spectacularly against their plotting in Perak. Many Malays from the opposition party had chosen to hate their own King in Perak. It went up to the point where UMNO itself had to plot to take over Perak through technicality.

Now the Perak experiment had been concluded, our Monarchs are in more danger than anyone could imagine.

I have been thinking of an ideal place for our government to conduct its own experiments. Ideally speaking it has to be a small place and both politically and logistically controllable. An island is a good place if there’s any because what’s in and out of an island can be easily monitored. To make it more ideal, the island must have a good balance of blue and white collars working class to mirror the country’s population. To better mirror the urban cities in this country, the island had to be developed.

Langkawi is probably a good place if not because of its close proximity with Kedah. Similarly Putrajaya a (even though it’s not an island) is a good place too but both these places are now too close to opposition’s base to serve the purpose.

Hence the only remaining good island – I think – is Labuan. Logistically developed but yet still a sleepy island under the firm grip of UMNO government. Better yet, Labuan like Putrajaya didn’t answers to any other states because it is governed directly by the federal government (a.k.a UMNO). However, Labuan is still politically / socially affected by Sabah and Sarawak because of its close proximity with them. This is good considering that these two states are still the strongest stronghold of UMNO.

It’s time Labuan takes its place in our political landscape. Any new technological/political ideas the government wants to unleash to the general population ought to be tested on Labuan to see the pro and cons that will follows. An army of MKN officers also ought to start a base in Labuan to collects data of Labuanites behavioral pattern while these new ideas are being implemented. Knowledge is power and Labuan seems perfect to start a mine.

Prior to my meeting with Mr Labuan, someone emailed to me with with an idea to eject all Chinese representatives in the cabinet as a proper response to the recently held Sarawak election. At the time being I wouldn’t agree with the idea. For me the best course of action for now is for the Prime Minister to maintain (on paper) his politically correct policy in governance, while we in the grass roots start rigorously campaigning for 1Bumi. That way the Luciferians from foreign soil had nothing bad to write about the Prime Minister while we are free to rise the tidal wave of Malays Unity amongst younger generation.

However, since the Prime Minister had sort of announced that no Chinese would be elected into cabinet if UMNO managed to win the election in absence of Chinese’s vote, then maybe we ought to see how that might works in real life. A small-scale experiment should be next in the list even though I’m not willing to write about it here and I’m certainly not saying it should be tested in Labuan.

But on personaly level, I think testing the 1Malaysia email project on Labuan still is a good idea. Let unleash the beta version on them and take notes of what they hate and love about it. Lets new email be displayed via ATM machines and see how that would improve its wide spread usage.

Once the data had been collected and all programming bugs / security leaks fixed, the full version can be unleashed to the entire nation with fewer risks of political ramification.

P/S: The "Labuan Experiment" idea in this article is mine alone and nothing to do with Mr.Labuan so please spare any Labuanites from your prejudice.

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