Sunday, July 24, 2011


Like I said, the Sufyani is coming.. (Click Here To Read My Previous Post)

Here as first person perspective of what is now happening in Syria.

P/S: when will the idiots in Malaysia realise that the same 'organisation' behind what is now happening in Syria and the rest of the Middle East is the same one behind Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition front?


Mojo Watcher said...

1. The Syrian government was not responsible for the escalating death toll from unauthorized sniper fires. Claimed their official source.

2. The interesting part reported by the media is the term unauthorized sniper fire. At least the Syrian government admitted killing its people but not to the magnitude reported by the reformists.

3. There is a third party responsible for the killing spree and puts the blame at the authority. We could guess the same party that uses the same modus operandi.

4. What happened in Syria is pure evil. Faith and sense of spiritual to Allah Almighty are almost dead there and in almost all middle eastern countries. Religion is just a common ancestor ritual to them. The more you show off the higher is your status. Being humble and high humility have disappeared and disaster awaits.

5. Faith has never been the main objective in the political agenda. These parties use religion when even they don't have faith in them. Local scenes are plenty of these characters. Pretending rather than believing. Pretend when the signs are against you. Still pretend even when the signs are sided to you. They are ever ungrateful. Takwa has truly deep meaning...

Afterdark replied...

This things happens a lot.. and yet the majority of people are yet to realize it..

In Iraq, the American invaders were almost defeated in the early stage of the invasion.. I still remembers how desperate the American were when Syiah and Sunni came hand in hand in the battle against the American.. The the CIA came up with a brilliant idea to blow up a Syiah mosque and blame the Sunni for that.. It's went down from there on with Sunni and Syiah killing each others while the American watch in distance smiling..

Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm so pissed today.. Some asshole by the name of Naruto19746 (not his real name of course) send me an email regarding my previous article SUGIHARA-CONSPIRACY OF KINDNESS and dare to dispute a sentence in my article where I stated "The majority of Japanese were raping and killing the innocents during World War 2 and yet there's someone like Sugihara who could exist amongst them". This Naruto guy practically bombarded me with the "F" words throughout his email.

Hey Naruto! If you're reading this.. Here's a piece of your history on Youtube!!

CAUTION: Viewer's Discretion Is Advised. For me this is more disturbing than watching Japanese Horror Movie because at least we know Sadako is fictitious chick. All the dead bodies you'll see in this documentary and the horrific stories told are unfortunately a real deal. Our brothers and sisters in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq had suffered the exact same fate and I'm sure somewhere in the Middle East now someone is also being stabbed, killed, raped, beheaded and butchered. That's what war will do to human's sanity and that's what waiting for us if the next Great War or political upheaval brought by extremists befalls this country.

P/S: The Funny Thing Is.. the majority of Chinese (who supports the opposition) in Malaysia now accused the Malaysian government of being cruel and tyrant against them.. I wonder if they only knew how lucky they're under the rule of liberal Malays all these years.. I know there're some Chinese in China who would risk swimming on all four limbs to come and stay in Malaysia.. If you don't believe me, just ask all those "China Dolls" prostitutes who smuggled themselves into this country. Would they be willing to gave up China if there's a way to secure citizenship in Malaysia?.. I bet my Hari Raya Bonus they would.

And Naruto19746.. I hope you'll go to hell


Mojo Watcher said... :Like Yoda said in Star Wars, "Fear leads to Hate, Hate leads to Anger, Anger leads to Suffering" ...

History has shown the fear of losing or "kiasu" brought down an entire civilization in different form and perspective. Now the kiasu of "land of the rising sun" is being hammered down with daily and continuous earthquake and tsunami warning it never faced before in history.

Every known civilization has its own kiasu that leads to lots of suffering to others. The direct opposite of kiasu is humble and humility. Not so sure whether Malay culture has "kiasu". Read Dr Ridhuan Tee details about Kiasu and how Islam and Malay culture transformed him.

The time Allah decided to create Prophet Adam as Khalifah to this "world" had triggered the kiasu mental of Iblis. Why we were given the "Khalifah" title? Allah knows best. There are beings preventing us at all cost from doing our "Khalifah" responsibilities to lead, administer and bring peace and harmony for all other beings in this world. Good knowledge and wisdom set us apart from other beings.

There is a theory saying Allah intends to place His Khalifahs in His "World". The universe is expanding. So many planets, galaxies, clusters of galaxies were and are being created as detected by Hubble. Earth has the strongest electromagnetic shield against solar wind amongst the planets that could burn the planet in seconds without the shield. The electromagnetic shield function against high charged burning particles has been lab tested and proven. There were reports of astronauts suffered severe burns when accidentally exposed their skins near orbit where earth's electromagnetic shield was weak. The burns were instant just like in vampire movies. Solar winds travels in far distance in vacuum space. This explains well why earth is being chosen.

There are many of us who are being very ungrateful. The game of hate and anger is being played very aggressively by the luciferans in new forms. We haven't seem so much hate, unknowing hate and pretending hate for unclear and unknown reasons among the young generation. The hate and anger was shown in Norway recently.

Sufyani is being triggered in Mid-East. The chain of events is happening faster that we expected. Here we have the provocateur agents inciting too much hate and they have no time to be grateful and be responsible Khalifahs ...

For sure, Ahlul Baits escaped the persecution. They shall return to Hijjaz. They remained anonymously unknown.

AfterDark replied... :I'm quite convinced by now that you own a blog or a website yourself. I noticed your distinct style of writing.

If you do, then please don't hesitate to share with the rest of us the link to your blog/website.

If you don't have one yet, then you should start having one.

It would do much good to the world to share good knowledge with others.. and I would like very much to have much more peers in the internet world who uses their brain to write something original and a food of thought rather than blogger who merely copy and paste from other anti-Illuminati sites.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The Watchers Group is sad to say goodbye to Mr. Sean Hoare, recently assassinated by the Illuminati for his role in exposing the role of the senior Illuminist Rupert Murdoch in the phone hacking scandal in Britain.

Now, for those in Malaysia (and the rest of the world) who have no idea how brave Mr.Sean Hoare was.. well, he’s a brave soul who at the age of 45 discovered that the company he worked with was deeply involved in trying to cover up the death of a missing teenager Amanda "Milly" Dowler.

Amanda "Milly" Dowler (Milly), who only took a different route home from school on the day she disappeared, was "gone in the blink of an eye" in what was every parent's worst nightmare. The way she disappeared was similar to the way others children had been abducted by special team within the Illuminati ‘kidnapping department’.

On 23 June 2010, the Jury convicted a former wheel clamper, bouncer and body builder, Levi Bellfield as the murderer. How I think he fits into the whole Illuminati thing will be a topic of my future article.

The death of Milly triggered a rebel within Mr. Sean Hoare (a Freemason himself I suspect) who follows the suits of other former Illuminati defectors in exposing the Illuminati secret. However, unlike other defectors who had been wise to conceal their identity under various pseudonyms, Mr.Sean went kamikaze by becoming a whistle blower to the Scotland Yard.

I was reading the STAR free e-newspaper few days ago and found a report about Rupert Murdoch's aide Rebekah Brooks now under investigation for hacking the voicemail of a murdered teenager Milly Dowler.

Rebekah Brooks was implicated in the scandal as the person who ordered the hacking of the Milly Dowler’s voicemail after her disappearance.

Not surprisingly, Rebekah Brooks is considered the right hand of senior Illuminist cum media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

Now, for those who still unfamiliar with the Illuminati, then I say that all you need to know is that Rupert Murdoch is definitely on the who’s who of the Illuminati. He'a a confirmed 33rd degree Freemason and he controls the world newspapers and media, and this Rebekah Brooks is his proxy in Britain. Being a close lieutenant of one of the top Luciferian around means only one thing, that Rebekah is also a Luciferian herself.

It's very easy to recognise her as a Luciferian. She stated that she studied at the Collège de Sorbonne in Paris but did not claim to have a degree and did not later answer questions about this. Now, Sorbonne is well known amongst Illuminati researcher as the education center controlled by the Jesuits (Illuminati Branch). Sorbonne even earns its way into Dan Brown's novel "Angels & Demons" as a place where several Illuminati's letters was discovered (I don't know whether the novel is based on reality or fiction but mentioning Sorbonne means that Dan Brown is familiar with the Sorbonne connection).

Another thing that makes her easily identified as Luciferian is by looking the people around her. Brooks was a friend of Tony and Cherie Blair and Gordon and Sarah Brown. It's already known in the underground circles that only a 33rd degree Freemason could become the Prime Minister of Britain. She is also close to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Alsaud, another confirmed Freemasons.

The victim Milly Dowler was an English schoolgirl who was abducted on her way home from school at the age of 13 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, on 21 March 2002. Her remains was only discovered on 18 September 2002.

It was later discovered that during the time the teenager was still missing, Rebekah Brooks had instructed several of her men to hack into the girl's voice mail where unknown numbers of Milly's voice mails were deleted.

This is where the uproar begins. Investigators are now questioning Brooks why she had deleted those voice mails. Bearing in mind that when Milly was missing she was carrying a mobile phone with her, there is a possibility that any one of the deleted voice mail (or all of it) might be an S.O.S voice mail came from the girl herself before she was murdered. When Milly's decomposed remains were discovered by mushroom pickers in Yateley Heath Woods near Yateley, Hampshire. The body was already in decomposition stage that no cause of death could be ascertained. She was found naked and neither her clothes, nor any of her possessions including the mobile telephone have ever been recovered.

The fact that she was found naked means that she was sexually abused and that rings a bell with a vague sound of 'Illuminati' in it. But the sound went clearer with the fact that her cause of death could not be ascertained. That to me sounded like a job by pro because that means the bone in her neck wasn't broken (rule out violent strangulation by serial killer) and no traces of sharp of blunt force object found on her other bones (that rule out knife jabbing and head bashing too). So I guess that probably means that she was sliced to death. Now that really reminds me what the Illuminist usually did to kids they sacrificed to Lucifer.

In brief, the way she died doesn't fit with the alleged violent demeanor and the IQ displayed by Mr.Levi.

I think the answer is clear to any Illuminati's enthusiasts on why a 33rd Degree Freemasons like Brooks would want to delete the girl's voice mail. The remaining question is, will this lead to the downfall of Murdoch or the exposure of child sacrifice within the Illuminati?

Highly unlikely.. but let's hope for the best.

As reported in the local news today, Sean Hoare as the whistle blower which exposed the hacking was found dead. The 47-year-old was found dead at the apartment he shared with his wife, Joanne, in Watford, Herts, on Monday morning the 18th July 2011.

I would like to say that Sean Hoare death was annexed with all the tell tale signs of being assassinated by a pro. Just on the same time during his defection against the Illuminati, he was discredited by the newspaper as being an alcoholic and a drug addict.

I say farewell Mr.Hoarse. The rest of the idiots in this world might never knew how brave you are, but I promise I will try my best to make your death means something to this world.

Friday, July 15, 2011


A visitor by a nickname talkingMIND had posted a comment to my article “What If…?”

She said:

can u prove it to me about they who believed to anwar ibrahim are under illuminati charm (being utterly and completely idiots)? or is it they who believed and keep on believing najib-apco are instead, under the charm of illuminati. they trust najib 100%, with the helps from mainstream media especially, he can lie to those who do not have other source to refer. and yet, it is the illuminatis ways to manipulate peoples mind through their own manipulated media. moreover, i dont think they can charm the whole nation, the method they used is just to manipulate the medias (which is what najib is doing currently, not only najib but the other whole PM previously). thank you.

Several things struck me odd about this visitor. That’s nothing weird about the question itself, her question is normal and I even assume at first that he/she is s another pro-Anwar who was willing enough to read my article. But he/she uses the word ‘najib-upco’ and not `umno-apco’ which usually used by others opposition supporters who were `kind' enough to send me an email before. He/she also spelt “UPCO” wrong (the right spelling is APCO). This to me is odd because could be no typo error there because the letter “U” and “A” are far away on QWERTY keyboard so he/she probably not familiar that much with the APCO controversy in the first place.

So naturally, the instinct to profile kicked in. I hope she won’t mind me profiling her first. This is my profile of her:-

The way he/she types (with due disregard to upper case where it needs to be) is similar to the style young people use when texting on the phone or while chatting in the internet. So that’s indicates he/she is a young. Probably 25-30 years old.

The lingo of his/her language tells me that she’s 75% a female.

She said ‘thank you’ at the end, which means she’s a civilized person. Therefore I think she maybe (a) is a government servant who type “thank you” a lot in many formal letters or (b) she in real life also end her sentence with the word “thank you”. That reminds me of people who in real life teaches toddlers to say thank you a lot..a nanny by profession or a young mother perhaps?

English doesn’t seem to be her first language. So that 90% showing she’s like me – an Asian by birth and breed. But I need to narrow down where she came from, be it from Malaysia our our neighbors Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, or Philippines. But it’s highly unlikely the Thais would comments, so I throw Thailand from equation. That leaves us with Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.

It’s interesting that she commented for my article “WHAT IF”. “WHAT IF” talks about the children sacrifice by the Illuminati. However, as you can see yourself, all other readers who comments on this issue choose to comment under my latest article SAVED FROM CERTAIN DEATH which is a sequel to “WHAT IF”. So that makes me thinking, why “WHAT IF” instead of “SAVED FROM CERTAIN DEATH”?

Well here’s my theory. I think she doesn’t understand Malay! She’s didn’t understand the newspaper clipping I annexed in “SAVED FROM CERTAIN DEATH” about Noramani Rosli who was abducted by the Illuminati scums in white van because the newspaper clipping is in Malay. Not understanding any Malay means one thing only – She’s not local, she's from Philippines (She’s not from Singapore because even Singaporeans understand enough Malay even though not enough to speak with it).

So if she’s from Philippines, that means she’s a Catholic too, and I don’t know whether she would like to me to answer he question about how the Illuminati can charm the people all over the world. I mean, in order to explain on that, there’s no other way than to tell her about the Jesuits (an Illuminati branch) and the 13 chambers catacombs under the Vatican which is where child sacrifice is taking place in Rome.

Would she like it if I tell her what actually happens under the Pope’s feet?

I hope she could tell me first if that would be too offensive for her.

On the bright side, I also notice that the idea that toddlers are being killed as human sacrifice really hit her nerve.. enough to compel her to pick her keyboard up and comments on political issue which is foreign to her. So she most likely a lovely lady who by nature loves children. So either she has children her own, or siblings under her care, or probably working in the industry dealing with cute bubbly toddlers.

To talkingMIND,

If you’re reading this, please be informed in advance that I will answer your question and if you really are a catholic.. then you wouldn’t like it.

I don't think explaining to you our current political climate will benefit you in any way (this is me politely saying that we shall deal with our politics ourselves.. foreigners are welcome to watch, but not judging). Similarly, I wouldn't trust anything I read in foreign newspaper about your country either. The mainstream media of the world is controlled by the Illuminati, you should know that already.

If you still want to know, please visit me again when I write in details why I believe children are being sacrificed not only in Malaysia, but in Philippines and other Asian countries as well.

P/S to talkingMIND: If my above profiling of you is wrong.. the I'm sooooooo sorry.. My Bad :(

Thursday, July 7, 2011


In preparation of profiling the upcoming 'seven eleven' (9-7-11), I was perusing several the newspapers trying to look for any sign of Illuminati ritual being performed. Bearing in mind that the the seven eleven thing could be one of the biggest 'project' since 2008, I need to know the possible outcome of seven eleven.

THIS REPORT was published today in local newspapers. If you have read my last article "WHAT IF? . . .", you would know where I stood on the missing children issue in our country, and if you have read several newspaper reports on the kidnapping case of Nurin Jazlin, you would know that Nurin was last seen being pulled into a white van.

Well, apparently, the mysterious white van who was last seen kidnapping Nurin Jazlin is still around kidnapping children, and this little girl Noramani Rosli had survived four most dangerous bastards in this country. If the police want to crack Nurin's case, they better start interviewing this little girl and get the latest photo-fit of these suspects.

I bet my wages they're the same killer. For one, I'm not surprise this latest abduction happens in Tasek Gelugor, Penang. Have I told you yet that Penang is currently infested with Freemasons? Secondly, these latest abduction happened on 06th July which is a day before 7-7-11 and in close proximity with 9-7-11. Thirdly, they couldn't do it in KL or Selangor this time because of the road block and security tightening around KL.

Oleh Zulfa Mohamad


TASEK GELUGOR: Seorang budak perempuan berusia 10 tahun yang hilang secara misteri di Kampung Padang Tonson, dekat sini, petang kelmarin, ditemui dalam keadaan bingung sambil memegang senaskhah al-Quran, pagi semalam.

Noramani Rosli yang hilang secara tiba-tiba ketika pulang dari Madrasah Al-Nushu Wal Irtiqa, Lahar Yooi di sini, jam 6.15 petang, ditemui penduduk jam 7 pagi semalam, selepas keluar dari kawasan semak yang didakwa tempatnya tidur.

Murid Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Padang Menora itu ditemui hampir satu kilometer (km) dari rumah keluarganya oleh penduduk yang terserempak dengannya yang sedang berjalan kaki sambil memegang al-Quran, sedangkan usaha mencarinya sejak jam 6.30 petang kelmarin, menemui kegagalan.

Noramani yang masih lemah mendakwa dia diculik empat lelaki menaiki van putih sebelum dikurung dalam sebuah pondok kecil tanpa diberi makan.

"Ketika pulang dari sekolah agama petang kelmarin, saya menunggang basikal bersama beberapa rakan. Namun, saya tidak sedar tiba-tiba saja hilang hingga menyebabkan ibu dan ayah susah hati," katanya ketika ditemui, semalam.

Noramani berkata, dia tersedar sebaik mendengar azan Subuh lalu melompat keluar melalui 'tingkap' pondok untuk pulang ke rumah sebelum ditemui penduduk.

Bapanya, Rosli Mat Desa, 40, berkata anak keduanya itu selalu pulang jam 6.15 petang setiap hari selepas belajar di sekolah agama, namun dia bimbang sesuatu berlaku apabila anak perempuannya tidak pulang kelmarin.

Berikutan itu katanya, penduduk dengan kerjasama Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia (JPAM) dan polis melancarkan gerakan mencari Noramani sehingga jam 3 pagi, namun gagal.

"Saya terkejut apabila jiran menghantarnya pulang pagi tadi (semalam). Dia mendakwa diculik empat lelaki bertopeng dan dikurung dalam rumah kecil sebelum berjaya melarikan diri," katanya.

Bagaimanapun, Rosli percaya anaknya itu bukan diculik, tetapi 'disembunyikan' makhluk halus kerana polis yang menjalankan siasatan menemui basikal dan begnya di bawah pokok manggis, hampir satu kilometer dari rumah.

"Apa yang menghairankan, kami melalui tempat sama petang kelmarin, tetapi tidak menemuinya. Kemungkinan juga Noramani menggunakan kain telekung dibawanya sebagai alas tidur kerana ada beberapa helai daun kering. Kawasan di bawah pokok manggis juga seperti dibersihkan," katanya.

Apa pun, Rosli dan isterinya, Jamila Ariffin, 37, bersyukur kerana anak perempuan mereka ditemui semula tanpa kecederaan, kecuali kesan gigitan nyamuk.

Her dad was wrong to assume that her daughter was kidnapped by Bunian. I say that because no Bunian or makhluk halus would let a child to starve hungry. Whenever they kidnap a child, the first thing they always do is fed the child. I mean, even Jembalang Hutan would fed a child albeit with worm. Furthermore, I never heard any story about the sort of Bunian or Jembalang who would disguise hide his/her face with a mask and let the child to starve. Inter-dimensional beings can change their appearance at will, so there's no need for cheap terrorist fashion.

But I would understand that any ordinary Malay would assume as such when faced with situation sounded so supernatural in nature. It sounded like supernatural because the suspects do practice black magic.. in particular the art of pukau. I wonder the level of black magic they currently practiced. Must be a very powerful one.

Thank God to Al-Mighty Allah, the sound of Azan saved her from being being one amongst the statistics. Maybe all UMNO members should perform AZAN if they're forced to confront the seven eleven. If Azan can defeat the pukau in this case, then maybe Azan can also break the spell which undoubtedly will be performed on thousands of idiots during the rally.

On the bright side, at least now we know there are four of them in the white van.. :)

But in the dark side, we now know they really meant it with this seven eleven thing.. :(

P/S: The respond I've received recently has been great. Therefore to make sure my readers won't missed any of it, I've annexed it here as part of the article itself.


Mojo Watcher said...

Bro, Your blog contains arguments that are far fetching and provide completely different point of view. I came across your blog recently and had been reading all your posted article in these couple of days. I had meeting with high ranking people. What you argued had some truth and others required some evidence about the involvement of the bastards. Didn't realize I'm not fighting against the bastards alone in this country. We must make preparations ...


Thank you for supporting my views., and yes, you're not alone. Then again, you ought to know by now that I am a coward and so does some of my friends from my group (and we're reluctant but not ashamed to say that.. being a family man and all). Therefore I'm not sure how I can help you (and your friends) to prepare for anything. The wikileak incident is the proof that the bastards can track anyone of us if we speaks the truth too much and that spooked my group up to the point all of them voted to disband. However, if you think there's a way to assist you without having to expose my true identity, I am more than happy to help.

Mojo Watcher said...

Somebody in high place didn't like what you revealed. What you argued had some truth. So continue revealing what you know among your watchers circle. I came to know your blog because of those bastards. Remain anonymous for all you can. Those doomsday bastards might try to get you someday. They are really sick psychos and they'll do whatever to stop you. They've already penetrated into our politics big time. Yesterday event was quite a setback for them. They were shocked and awed by the huge presence of so many "black" shirt defenders. One thing for sure they really feared the "black" shirt defenders from the east because of the prophecy! Yesterday, the black shirt defenders carried batons performed their duty well. We had to mobilize the "color" to warn those bastards that we were and are always ready now since we are also in high place. They thought we Malays didn't know about their sick intention, well they were wrong. We have the gears that will surprise them. They most feared when we are united and become an unstoppable nation. Their favorite pawns had failed them miserably.


Thank you bro, and I will try my best to share the knowledge to my best ability. In the meantime, you're also welcome to share your knowledge with the rest of us. Every little bit of help is needed right now. It's like how Edmund Burke put it ""THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING" (and yes I know.. That's an irony coming from Edmund Burke the Freemason..")

Mojo Watcher said...

I apologize if I had to use the term "bastards". For some reasons for years of profiling them, they disliked to be called "bastard". If you were pure evil, you wouldn't care much. "Bastard" has bio-logical link to them. Since beginning of time, evil doers & true dictators regardless of religion they professed were "bastards" in part of their unknown dark histories. There existed scientific reports on them by most reknowned org but could not be published for specific reasons. I had the opportunity to access them but could not justify their facts. The reports stated people who were born out of wedlock have tendencies to behave super abnormal and are easily influenced by emotional rewards (You can interpret who provided emotional rewards!). Though not all, but the numbers are very disturbing and the so many important figures associated with "bastards" in the study, all around the world including here. They could be in any character they chose in life but they tended to be abnormal to follow human norms for peace and responsibility. Some could be saved but the majority were in confused state and easily influenced through "unauthorized" emotional rewards. No wonder Islam strictly stressed on wedlock for many reasons. Allah knows best and good for us. It has to do with creation of life in wedlock form. Purity that we seek good wisdom and divide guidance. We don't ask much for rewards in this life but to be His chosen servant and humble in all our daily practices. Unfortunately, we have flaws. Wisdom and humility are the key factors. These are the best qualities our Creator is looking from us. So that we would not easily influenced through emotional rewards. You could identify many of these characters in our political scene. They have unknown dark histories. Their birth and childhood were usually less known or completely unknown. Suddenly, they gained their powers and wealth out of nowhere. They like publicity stunts so much. This is how they boost their emotional rewards.


i don't know why you need to apologize for using the word 'bastard'. Who give a shit whether they like it or not.

Isn't it their preferences to have a child be born out of wedlock in order to breaks God’s commandment on adultery? and also gives them more leverage to destroy the child’s self-esteem?

I was told that during Illuminati ceremonies, pacts which concern having the child out of wedlock to mock God are made. So I guess the word 'bastard' here is appropriately used from a technical point of view.

The only thing which probably unfair a bit is the fact that no child should be blamed for being a bastard. Furthermore not all children born out of wedlock grow up being 'a bastard to humanity' like what the illuminist had become. whether a child become a true 'bastard' will depends on nurture rather than nature. Hence, some bastard will only be bastard on paper but eventually go to heaven. Some children will be born all legal and fed with a silver spoon and still grow up to be a bastard on earth and in hell.

Karl said...

Bro, Time is our enemy. Instead of waiting for the black banner, maybe some of us are destined to initiate it?


To tell you the truth Karl, I'm actually hoping that our country will be spared from any of the end-of-time prophecy. As a dad, my biggest wishes is to live in a fervently boring country where nothing exciting ever happens. This possibility that this country might be the place where the black banners might rise is not something which get my juice flowing you know. And this possibility that my children might live through an era where they and thousands other Muslims might have to ride a horse or a tank to Jerusalem with a left hand holing an AK47 shooting the Illuminati scums and the right hand holding a Black Banner is not something I look forward. I know that sounds cowardly, but that's just me being a dad. Therefore, the idea that we ought to initiate the efforts to build the Black Banner Army won't get my vote. But then again destiny plays a major role here. If this country is the one destined to be the place where the black banner rise, then no one can stop it. Everything and anything can be the spark, from title of a book or an article in a blog or even a words in the street. A young man or a boy could be walking right now somewhere in the world - stuttering and walking limp with other kids making a joke of him - not knowing that this boy is Al-Mahdi. Similarly an orphan could be begging for food on the street of KL right now not knowing he will be one of many who will lead the attack against the Illuminati. For some reason I have a good feeling about this girl Noramani Rosli. I have learn from history that destiny always have a sense of humor again and again and again. Someone or something is watching over her, I don't think this will be the only time she'll survive the Illuminati. Time will tell.

Karl said...


Far from wanting to be a hero, I'm also hoping that our country will stay like this, till the doomsday. But, by the look of it, watching how "unfortunate" events unfold every now and then. I don't think we're going to be spared from their scheme. Now I think it's either our time, or our children's time. And being a dad, I somehow hoped it to be in our time, while we knew what to expect, while we're somewhat capable. Rather than while my kids are still young and hopeless. The choices are hard to make, if there's any.

NWO are being fed more aggressively than ever. Psychological warfare, political, religious, trends, embargoes heck even democracies are sugar-coating the evil schemes. Bloodshed aren't coming, yet; but seeing how things went, I'm more convinced that now it's either we're with them, or against them. Neutrality has extinct.

Maybe there is 1 of the 9 black banners now. Maybe one of us will be the first few in it. But I do hope if it's in our time, all of us will hold the banner proud. For our children.


Well put Karl. (and sorry for assuming you're still single just because you're currently rocking in a rock band though.. My bad)

I wish there's something more we can do. If I have my way I probably would start stocking massive quantities of guns and artillery in a secret bunker right now (like Sarah Connor in the Terminator Movie). But that's impossible, so instead I spent a few thousands building a small 3 bedroom house under my in-laws house in a very remote malay kampung. At least if there's a racial riot, my family have a place to go, a place where there's only Malays around. This is the place where there's a way to feed ourselves even when the food already gone from all the shelves in stores.

At the moment I'm planning to enroll my children in martial art classes. I want them to be agile and quick - just in case.

And the most important thing is religion. When the time come I'll teach them the selected Quranic verses which is now ritually recite by Muslim members of the group on daily basis. I'm still not sure whether I should write about it. I know 'it' somehow protects my family but none of us in the Watchers Group can vouch for the origin of these practice. Hence, I'm still doubtful whether I should be the one who leak it to the general public.

Thank you Karl for your response.

Mojo Watcher said...

Afterdark has already made very good preparation. Good job bro. Most of us made the same preparation. Live in remote area like kampung, prepare your children in martial arts, grow your on food supply if you have the access. Most of all, if you have extras, invest in HF and CB radios for communication (have your own callsign if necessary) and 4x4 pickup truck. FYI, I built my own HF radio that could reach anywhere around the world. Another most important thing is "Doa". This is the most feared weapon of all time. Sadly, speaking, majority Muslims don't "doa" in honest sense and they don't have faith in their doa though they performed their solat like crazy. If you had opportunity to travel, observe and ask even in the holiest places. Our samples were quite restricted for fearing that our profiling could reveal our identities. This is the most major weakness of Muslims all over the world. They don't have faith in their own religion. They did't believe in their doa and they only performed doa when required and yet they don't have faith.

FYI. This is very interesting facts when I worked in geology. They are 3 places in the world that were not affected or moved from its original location by changes happened on earth through continent creation. Hijjaz, Palestine and Malay Peninsular. These are 3 places known to have very high concentration of inter-dimensional beings and very rare elements. Bermuda triangle is not one of them. This is surprising. To measure concentration of inter-dimensional presence you need very expensive and very wideband geiger scope. Similar like the one we use to measure radiation which is very short wavelength region and could not detect these beings. These being are in wideband region. You cannot detect these beings using thermal camera like the one use by ghost hunters and seekers. The detector device is so expensive and requires "rare earth metal" to increase the bandwidth. 97% percent of world REM came from China and China decided to band export for military reason and supply exhaustion next year. Irony speaking, we have Lynas producing REM in Kuantan starting next year. We have abundance of REM here that we didn't realize. Why these people objected Lynas beats me. REM is not radioactive unless you change its form. Its a metal that is very sensitive to any form of radiation wavelength and EM field. REM is used to make military and precision devices like lasers, sensors and detectors, and also all portable devices that have position control like iPhone, iPad and low power memory. REM is the material that made spy gadget and UAVs possible. Our country is totally blessed! People protesting Lynas because fearing that we might develop device that could see and detect inter-dimensional beings, who knows? The intelligence we obtained is totally divine and there are specific reasons why Allah gives us. Devices made from REM are strictly export restricted. You know why. So you have to make own your REM devices for local consumption.

Maybe this explains why these "bastards" have interest and will do whatever it takes to control our beloved country. Believe or not REM is so precious than oil and steel today.

Coincidence is the year 2012.


Wow Bro, with that kind of access to sensitive information you better make sure your identity remains top secret. It's the profiler's rule not to reveal too much or otherwise we will be the one being profiled and then zoomed into. On the other hand, what you have there is like gold. I'm drooling to know more on this. Please please please please please share more with the rest of us. Do you mind if I start sniffing around and then write more on these golden stuff? If you can tell me more that would be awesome.. i repeat.. awesome as well.

shumyla said...

Afterdark, Just gone thru ur one ov the blogs pasted abt Mecca, Medina & Bermuda triangle. The logics u developed I this article does make sense & have strong points to be work on with. What if I want to u to share ur writings with me in future thru a way u manage the best?


I am honored if you think so kind of me. You may of course share my writings with anyone and in anyway you see fit. Just do me a favor and tells your buddy in advance that English is not my first language so hopefully they'll undertand why there's grammatical mistakes here and there haha.. anyway, everyone is welcome to contribute a writing, post a comments or directly send me an email for whatever reason. I'm very open minded. I would be very much oblige if anyone can point to me if there's a mistake I've done (like my buddy "insan-insan pendakwah" who keep pointing a mistake of fact and numbers I've made in my previous article).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I found this in the internet just now. If there's ever a facebook discussion about the "seven eleven", this one totally possible hahaha..

Apparently this facebook conversation is fake :) .. but thumbs up anyway for the person who created it.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Versi Bahasa Malaysia - Klik Sini

On December 22, 2009, I posted an article in regarding our (The Watcher Group) profiling on what shall happens in SYRIA. Not many readers read it back then eventhough I'm grateful with two bloggers ( and who re-published it in their blog.

In my March 2011 article "THE 'REVOLUTION' TOWARDS AS-SUFYANI?" I mentioned this article again but without a link to it. Since then I have received several request to have the 2008 article about the Syrian prophecy republished here. So here it is:-


This is my latest article in continuation of the recent “2013 Illuminati Blueprint” which was published in MYKMU and (thanks azhar!) recently.

Several readers already emailed me requesting for further elaboration on the prophecy of the True Cross. Actually the subject had been discussed briefly in respond to
Novus Ordos Seclorum & The All Seeing Eyes articles, but for your further convenience and upon suggestions from other Illuminati watchers from the middle east, I shall now elaborate a bit more about this prophecy which is now in the brink of full completion.
The purpose of revealing this information to you is not entirely to freak you out (at least not intentionally). After reading this article you will realize that our prospect of growing old is better than our Muslims brothers and sisters in Syria. Some might take that as good news, others might take it differently.

(Caution: The content of this article is partly based on Christian’s Mythology)

The “True Cross” here refers to the Wooden Cross believed to be used to crucify Jesus Christ before he was speared by a Roman Soldier named Longinus and bleed to death. Under Christian mythology, the three items involved during crucifixion became a holy relics namely the Wooden Cross named afterward as “The True Cross”, the Spear used which was named “The Spear Of Destiny” (Gospel of John 19:31–37) and the Cup used to ferment the dropping blood which is famously known as “The Holy Grail”. It was then believe that these three holy relics can give ultimate power to those who possessed it especially if combined together.

Now, there are two different viewpoints taken by the Muslims and Christians within the watcher groups which are understandably based on their respective religion. On the Christian’s side, they believe that the person crucified on the cross was Jesus Christ thus all the relics once smeared by his blood are HOLY and the relics powers are divine in origin. With no intention whatsoever to offense any of my Christian readers and friends out there, we the Muslims within the group firmly believe the Quran’s version (An-Nisa 157) that the person crucified was not Isa Al-Masih. Whomever person crucified (Yudas Eskariot?) on that Cross was a person renegade of God because it is our belief that God will never allow an innocent to be crucified in such degraded way. Therefore the relics itself even if posessing such powers, we fear the power are actually evil in origin because the blood which had dripped on its was the unholy blood of Yudas the heretic.


The alleged crucifixion of Jesus took place at Calvary, which was also called Golgotha, outside of ancient Jerusalem’s early 1st century walls. These relics then were kept by his followers in the Jerusalem until it was moved in aftermath of the Crusade War. Regardless of what you might be told about Crusade War, the reason behind the war is actually because of the scramble to seize these relics. This relic has caused the Crusade War in the 11th Century.

According to the text book, The First Crusade was launched in 1095 by Pope Urban II with the dual goals of reconquering the sacred city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land and freeing the Eastern Christians from Islamic rule. On the other hand, what the text book is not telling you is that the real intention behind the First Crusade is not to free the Christians Community but rather to seize and rescue the relics from the Muslims Government. Both knights and peasants from many nations of Western Europe traveled over land and by sea towards Jerusalem and captured the city in July 1099, establishing the Kingdom of Jerusalem and other Crusader states. Over the course of the war, the crusaders murdered almost every inhabitant of Jerusalem. Muslims, Jews, and even eastern Christians were all massacred. These people were murdered in the pretext of siding with the enemies whereas the truth is they were murdered in an attempt to conceal the possession of the relics by the highest order within the crusade..

In the aftermath of the first Crusade, The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici), commonly known as the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR OR THE ORDER OF THE TEMPLE (French: Ordre du Temple or Templiers) were founded with its alleged purpose to ensure the safety of the many Christians who made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem after its conquest. This allegation is of course fake because the Knights Templar were established to safeguard the relics within the wall of the Jerusalem. Legend has it that upon having the relics in their hand, the crusaders discovered the amazing power of he relics capable of empowering its handlers to be undefeated at war. Christian legend has it that the Knight Templars had used the Spear in their most famous victories in 1177 during the Battle of Montgisard, where some 500 Templar knights helped the Crusaders to defeat Salahuddin Al-Ayubi’s army of more than 26,000 soldiers.

The spear of destiny was afterward believed to change hands to the Romans. Queen Helena Augusta of Constantinople (c.250–c.330 AD) was told about the power the relics has and journeyed to Jerusalem to get her hands on it. Upon arriving in Jerusalem she built a Church (some say she actually built the first headquarter fo the Knight of Templar) which the Knights Templar was willing to lend to her the Spears of Destiny. The relic was never returned to the Templars. Instead Queen Helena gave the Spear to her son Constantine the Great whom later becomes the first Christian Roman Emperor who ruled an empire consisted of Britain, Gaul, and Spain. It is therefore believed that the Roman Empire itself was built from the power within the relic.

The spear of destiny itself is responsible for the World War II. It is already well known amongst Illuminati enthusiast that Austria was annexed by the Nazi in 1938 solely for the purpose of seizing the Spear from Sigismund’s (Holy Roman Emperor for four years from 1433 until 1437) Collection of Reichskleinodien or Imperial Regalia which was at time kept in the Schatzkammer (Imperial treasury) in Vienna.

When Austria was annexed to Germany, Adolf Hitler took the Spear and hence the bloodshed which follows through out the Germany’s Military Campaign. This itself was the reason why the United States jump into the war. Later after the war it was seized by American General George S. Patton whom allegedly returned it to Austria to be stored in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The returned spear was a fake. General Patton was an Illuminist under instruction to hand over the Spear to the Illuminati. The Spear has been in possession by the Illuminati ever since pending the coming of Anti Christ and the Novus Ordos Seclorum.

Regardless of how divine the Christians might think about the Spear of Destiny, I agreed with the notion that this relic is purely evil and therefore should not be considered as divine in origin. The trail of blood throughout the century including great wars and bloodshed can be related to this relic. It is indisputable however that a few great empires were established after coming into possession of the relic. The rise of the Roman Empire, the German Empire and the United States Empire today are all attributed to the possession of this relic and all of them had the trail of death and misery behind them.


According to Christian mythology, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate, or cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, said to possess miraculous powers. Because the grail is small and easily concealed, the Knight Templars were able to hide it in Jerusalem and prevented it from being seized by Salahuddin Al-Ayubi. The continuance of the Knights Templar (which later on becoming an apostle in the name of the Freemasons and the Illuminati Secret Society) is also attributed to the continuance possession of the grail by the Templars descendants.

Within the Illuminati watchers, it was suggested however that the Grail was once possessed by Renaud de Châtillon, a Knight within the Templar who who served in the Second Crusade and remained in Jerusalem after its defeat. This is based on story that a monastery of San Juan de la Peña, located at the south-west of Jaca, in the province of Huesca, Spain, was once being tasked to protect the grail. It was said that the artifact is a 1st century Middle Eastern stone vessel, possibly from Antioch, Syria (now Turkey). The story here raised a suggestion that the vessel was sent by Renaud de Chatillon to smuggle the Grail from Antioch,Syria to Huesca, Spain.

After surviving the siege by Salahuddin Al Ayubi, the grail was smuggled and moved secretly by the remaining descendants of the Templars. Finally when the Illuminist decided to based themselves in United States, turn of the century accounts state that Irish partisans of the Clan Dhuir (O'Dwyer, Dwyer) transported the Grail to the United States during the 19th Century and the Grail was kept by their descendents in secrecy in a small abbey in the upper-Northwest (now believed to be Southern Minnesota).

The location of the grail now remains a secret keep tight by the Highest Illuminati Order. However it is believe that the Holy Grail and the Spear Of Destiny has found each other in the United States now, awaiting for its reunion with the relic of the True Cross which will mark the beginning of New World Order under the coming Anti-Christ.


Renaud de Châtillon is a significant figure behind the final Crusade between the Christian and the army of Salahuddin Al Ayubi. He was a member of Knights Templar who served in the Second Crusade and remained in Jerusalem after its defeat. He then moved to Antioch, Syria which was then a Crusader State and assumed a title of Lord of Kerak and Montréal. He is a true hater of Islam and despised every Muslims within sight. He became notorious for his wanton cruelty at Kerak, often having his enemies and hostages (especially Muslims) flung from its castle walls to be dashed to pieces on the rocks below. These murders actually was not carried out of pure joy only, Renaud de Châtillon was actually a Luciferian pretending to be Christian from the out-set. The murders he committed were in truth performed as human sacrifice to Lucifer.

in 1160, Raynald carried out a plundering raid against the Syrian and Armenian Muslim peasants of the neighborhood of Marash. During the raid however he was captured by Muslims and was confined at Aleppo, Syria for seventeen years. However, as the stepfather of the Empress Maria the daughter of Constance of Antioch, he was ransomed for the extraordinary sum of 120,000 gold dinars.

Ungrateful however, In November 1177, at the head of the army of the kingdom, he and the Knights Templar defeated Salahuddin Al-Ayubi at the Battle of Montgisard, Jerusalem by which the Muslims narrowly escaped. Christian legend has it that the Knight Templars had had summoned the powers of all three relics kept within Jerusalem to raised the crusader’s fighting spirit to win the battle.

Salahuddin Al Ayubi spent the subsequent year recovering from his defeat and rebuilding his army, renewing his attacks in 1179 to proof that God’s will cannot be defeated by mere relics. He defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Jacob's Ford, Jerusalem after which a truce was declared between Saladin and the Crusader States in 1180. As part of the agreement and to honor Christian belief, Salahuddin decided not to seize the relics.

In 1181 however, still being ungrateful, the temptation of the Muslims caravans which passed by Kerak proved too strong to Renaud, therefore despite of a truce between Salahuddin and the king, Renaud began to plunder again. He also personally responsible for attacking Muslim caravans, who when in vain besought his mercy reciting the truce between the Muslims and Crusaders, he insulted their prophet Muhammad before murdering and torturing a number of them. Upon hearing this, Saladin swore an oath to personally execute Raynaud. Saladin also demanded reparations from the King but the King replied that he was unable to control the unruly Renaud. As a result, war broke out between Salahuddin and three Christian Kingdoms in 1182 after Salahuddin can took it no more upon Ranaud threatened to attack the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. In July 1187 Salahudin captured most of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. On July 4, 1187, he faced at the Battle of Hattin the combined forces of three Christian Kingdoms. In this battle alone the Crusader and the Templars army was largely annihilated by the Muslims in what was a major disaster for the Crusaders and a turning point in the history of the Crusades. Salahudin captured Raynald de Chatillon and then executed him. That night also, Salahudin ordered the execution of the hundreds of Templar Knights.

One of the items seized after the Battle of Hattin was the relic of True Cross. The relic was brought to Damascus, Syria and the Cross was marched up-side down by the ruler of Damascus throughout the city's street. The relic of true Cross is believed to remain hidden in Syria until today. Take a very important note now that the Relic of True Cross was lost from the Templar’s possession in the 12th century.



On April this year, Illuminati watchers around the world were struck dumbfounded with the news that a key from the 12th century were auctioned off by Sotheby for 9.2 million pound sterling (RM60 juta). Allegedly this key is a Kaabah Key which was stolen despite the fact that no one seems able to verify whether there has been a case of stolen Kaabah key before. Believe what you want but the speculation is rife that the key is the next clue to the location of the hidden Relic of True Cross in Syria. Some of us even dubbed it “Saladdin's Key”.

The Illuminati and anti-Illuminati believe that History will repeat itself again and the Great War of Crusade will be wage again for the fourth and final time at Syria. The Illuminati whom are descendants of the Knight Templars will wage a vengeance against Muslims. The Illuminati with their sense of humor when it come to numbers (pun intended) will wage this war in 21st century in reminiscent of the same thing happened on the 12th century (notice anything peculiar with the numbers here?).

In April 2003, while the U.S. was in the midst of the Persian Gulf War, an American writer wrote a book that ultimately became a New York Times best seller “Beyond Iraq: The Next Move”. In the book, Michael D. Evans alleged that weapons of mass destruction were in Syria. He further accused Saddam Hussien of moving the WMDs and the funds to Syria to disseminate them out of Iraq. In near future, such accusation will become part of the official reason to wage a war against Syria. The main reason however is another turn of event which will be as a pretext to wage the war. The preparation to the war has already taken place when Admiral Millen made a rare guided tour of Syria’s border on 28th June which some speculated as preparation of attack in near future.

Within the anti-illuminati circles, it is widely believed that the whole purpose of the attack is to seize the Relic of True Cross. Legend has it that Lucifer and Moloch themselves had ordered the Higher Order Of The Illuminati to reunite all three relics which they believe shall then restore the invincibility of the army during the next great war against the Muslims.

For those already familiar with countless prophecies foretelling the Great War, it has already been discovered that Syria is the place to be avoided at all costs (unless if you seek to be a martyr). Syria as the place where the blood will spill is already undisputed within the Jewish, Christians and Muslims anti-Illuminati watchers.

In the Jewish Bible the Antichrist is referred as two little horns. In Daniel 7:8 the said anti-Christ was said to spring up within the 4th Kingdom of the Roman Empire. In Daniel 8 the Anti-Christ was said to come out of one of the four surviving components of the Greek Empire following Alexander’s death. This is commonly thought to be the once Selucid Kingdom in today’s Syria.

Hadhrat Umme Salmah (R.A.) once narrates that Rasulullah SAW once said that there will come a time when a citizen of Madina will flee from Madinah and go to Makkah to approach Imam Mahadi between Hajrul Aswad and Makam Ibrahim, and forcefully pledge their allegiance to him. Upon hearing this the enemies of Islam will proceed from Syria in a huge army to attack Mahadi but when they will be at Baida, which is between Makkah and Madina, they will be swallowed by an earthquake into the ground.

In another prophecy based on Hadith, a great period of sorrow will befall on Muslims who would be under severe persecution and oppression from the tyrannical leader of that time who will rule Syria. This tyrant from the heart of Damascus, Syria known as Sufyaani (from the family of Abu Sufyaan) will begin a horrendous campaign of bloodshed and killing, during which no tribe or community will be left alone. Even women and children will be mercilessly butchered. It should be emphasized here that the place of origin of this bloodshed is Damascus, Syria where the relic of True Cross was last seen before it went missing in the 12th Century. According to some anti-Illuminati watchers, this fits the profile of the bloodshed which had trailed the Spear of Destiny since time immemorial. It is therefore widely believe that all the relics will be reunited in Syria to unleash the next Great War.

Regarding the relic of True Cross, most of my Muslim readers probably have heard the following Hadith as recounted by Abu Hurairah:- “"Demi Allah, sungguh putra Maryam benar-benar akan turun sebagai hakim, lalu mematahkan salib, membunuh babi, menghapus jizyah, dan harta melimpah ruah hingga tidak ada seorang pun yang mau menerimanya."

There were many discussions in an attempt to understand what the prophet really means with “mematahkan salib”. I am not going to comment on others who had already made their interpretation because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m simply offering alternative interpretation here that if the hadith is interpret literally, it is possible that the “salib” in this hadith refers to the Relic of True Cross which had been used by Lucifer&Co to misled the Christians for centuries. One can imagine how pissed-off the son of Maryam will be upon seeing the relic which had been partly responsible for thousands years of heresy. I don’t think anyone could blame him for breaking and destroying the Cross the first time he get his hand on it.

Another hadith which in it mentioned a Salib is as follows. However whether the reference to a Salib here actually refers to the relic of True Cross continuously remains as open possibility:-

"kamu akan mengadakan perdamaian dengan bangsa Rum (Kristian) dalam keadaan aman, lalu kamu akan berperang bersama mereka melawan suatu musuh dari belakang mereka. Maka kamu akan selamat dan mendapat harta rampasan perang yg byk, kemudian kamu akan sampai ke sebuah padang rumput yg luas dan berbukit-bukit, maka berdirilah seorang lelaki Rum. Lalu dia akan mengangkat tanda salib (tentera kristian) dan melaungkan salib telah menang maka datanglah kepadanya seorang lelaki muslimin dan membunuh lelaki Rum tersebut , kemudian tentera Rum mengkhianati perdamaian dan terjadilah peperangan demi peperangan, dimana mereka akan bersatu menghadapi kamu di bawah 80 bendera , dibawah setiap bendera terdapat 12 ribu tentera

"- Hadith sahih riwayat Imam Ahmad,Imam Abu Daud, Ibnu Majah dr Zu Makhmar RA.
The hadith here tells us that the Muslims and the Christians will form an alliance to fight a common enemy. Within the world of the watchers, it is no doubt that the common enemy here refers to army of heretics formed by Luciferian/Illuminati. The alliance between the Muslims and the Christians actually already exists today albeit a very fragile one. In the underground world, the war against Illuminati is now fought by operatives from both sides the Muslims and the Catholics in their attempt to cancel or delay the doomsday mission carried out by the Illuminati. It is therefore uneasy to imagine that one if this day our descendants might have to take part in a Great War against each other.

It is prophesied that the war waged by the Muslims/Christians alliance against the Illuminati will be motivated by each others religion. The Muslims is waging a war against in retaliation of centuries of oppression. The Christians on the other hand wage their war against those they finally perceived as heretics who in possession of the holy relics. When the war is almost won, the Christians will search and find the Relic of True Cross. Therefore upon winning the war, a soldier will raise the Relic and proclaimed victory because of the divine intervention from the Relic itself. This will angry the Muslims who had fought more bitterly in the war. The rest of the story is as already foretold in the hadith.


The purpose of article is not to influence your own interpretation of the hadith mentioned herein. A few Muslims scholars with better credentials had already interpreted the hadith too. The purpose of this article is merely to inform you that other people too have their own interpretation of the prophecy and it might be worth it to learn how the anti-illuminati watchers interpret the prophecy.
The purpose of studying the prophecy and the history behind it is to estimate how much time we have left before the Illuminati executed their next deadly blueprint. The Illuminist and Anti-Illuminist are all using prophecy as a time counter. Whenever a prophecy became true or self fulfilled, the Illuminati will works harder to speed up the unleash of the Great War while the anti-Illuminati on the other hand will do what they can to delay it. However based on what is happening around the world today, it seems the Illuminati is scoring big each and every time.

How these prophecies will relate to our own country remains conjecture at the time being. But all Illuminati projects will eventually by synchronized around the globe to serve the ultimate goal. Knowing the Illuminati and their obsession with certain numbers such as 11, 13 and 33, the upcoming year 2013 will have significant risks of becoming the major event for the Illuminati.

Not many of us realize how significant 2013 will be. Our country will held it’s 13th General Election in 2013 by which the RAHMAN prophecy no longer hinted who will be our next Prime Minister. The appointment of Najib as the 6th Prime Minister will marked the end to the prophecy. So why is it no more letters after “N” in the prophecy? What will happen after “N”? Some predicted that the government will cease to exist in 2013 following the Great War. Others believe that the letter N indicate the last Muslim Prime Minister for this country.

In US, one of the briefing attended by Vice President-elect Joe Biden after Obama was elected as President was a brief by “Bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism” led by Illuminist former Sen. Bob Graham of Florida and Jim Talent of Missouri predicting that The United States will be attack by Al-Qaeda with nuclear or more likely biological weapons before 2013. This itself is clear indication that the Illuminati is in preparation to unleash the final the Great Was against the Muslims.

Another hint from the Illuminati is through senior Illuminist John McCain when he publicly used “2013” as a core of his previous presidential campaign. In the infamous presidential advertisement titled “2013”, the senior illuminist made a statement that the Iraq war can be won by 2013 and a significant achievement in National Security will be achieved. Hmm.. I guess this probably means that they will be done with Iraq in 2013 and thus prepare to strike the next Middle Eastern countries such as Syria or Iran or both simultaneously.

To avoid the risk of boring visitors to my website I will indulge no further of the information the Anti-illuminati had gathered on what will happen in 2013. Enough to say that each and every one of us has brain to do research whether of not there’s merits to the abovementioned prophecies. The information is available, abundant and naked before our own eyes.

Unfortunately the majority of us usually prefer to read about the latest happening in the world of entertainment or other internet trash rather than enriching ourselves with information which potentially can save our life.

I say It’s better to be paranoid than being too late.

Notes: Some believes that the Relic remains undiscovered is the Relic of True Cross. This is the opinion of many of my correspondents over the years. I wrote the article above based on their information which was emailed to me over the years. I on the other hand have different personal opinion. I am of opinion that the missing relic is not the True Cross. After readings that best seller Illuminati Code Book "H.... P..... and the Deathly Hallows", I believe the author was under instruction to spread the hidden code that the Illuminati are searching for the Spear Of Destiny instead (which was codenamed "the elder wand" in that book).

I would like to add that my correspondents within the world of anti-Illuminati consist of Muslims and from other religion including those claiming to write in the internet for the Catholic Church. So I hope many of my Christian readers will not be offended by this article. I am not trying to incite hatred against Christians here. Neither Muslims nor Christians desire to see the prophecy materialized in their own lifetime. So I say we must do our best to cancel or delay the prophecy. By attempting to cancel of delaying the prophecy does not means that we are working against God's will or our prophet's message. The prophecy itself never stated specifically when the war will happens therefore I see no wrong in acting in concert against the wishes of Illuminati and their master Lucifer. As good servant of God it is our duty always to hope and do the best for humanity and our children. Even in Islam the true principle of Qada & Qadar teaches us not simply to lay back and watch sin and disaster happening without trying our best to stop it first.

Friday, July 1, 2011

WHAT IF? . . .

Last night there's an online gathering via Skype amongst the Malaysian members of the now defunct Watcher's group. Two other guests from foreign countries also join the meeting.

The issue was - How come no one amongst us realize about the 'nine seven eleven' (9.7.11) thing? I myself only realize it on 27th June when one other Malaysian member text me about it after reading my article. He also admitted that it only crossed his mind when he read my article where I wrote "..I don't think anything will happens on 9th of July because the Illuminati is all about numerology..". The first thing that clicked in his mind is the numbers 9/11 which is the nickname for the World Trade Bombing. Then a second later he began to remember the rest of seven unholy numbers of the Illuminati (3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39) and he realize the mistakes in my article. So he immediately texted me and called me an idiot.

That's not the point of the meeting anyway, the point is how on earth the numbers 9-7-11 managed to slip from our mind all these time? We're supposed to be the Malaysian profilers for the Watcher's Group for God's sake and we didn't noticed it earlier!

Which brings us to the important question. Have our 'defenses' been overcomes by the Illuminati mantra? I shudders to think that maybe we have.

Now, for you who wonders what the hell I'm talking about. Here's an explanation.

If you read my earlier 2008 article "Novus Ordos Seclorum & The All Seeing Eye", I've already told there about the gruesome fact that the Illuminist Priest performed human sacrifice as a gift to the bull-head Demon Moloch. I put it there (quote) "if one of these days the numbers of missing children continue to spike in our own backyard like what is now happening in US and other parts of the world, the I guess being paranoid is better than being too late."

Yes you heard me right. That was me telling you that some dead children were the victim of this black mass. The first time I've heard about it was from a Christian member of the Watcher's Group who shared with the rest of the group the Prophecy of The Lady of Fatima. Through time, the group share more newspaper clips and articles proving this is true.

The prophecy reads as follows: "Do not laugh and think it has become a big myth in your nation, and other nations of the world, that there is not murders being committed in the name of ritualistic sacrifices to satan. Many children and young have disappeared, never again to be seen, as they were disposed of after being used as sacrifice to satan, Lucifer"

This is as true as it gets, because The Illuminati sacrifice children in rituals eight times a year. According to Illuminati defector, The Illuminati count on people to be incredulous. That's their protection. The more egregious their crimes, the safer they are.

How is this information related to this article?

Well, over the years since the Illuminati started its major "project" in Malaysia, some of us have been counting the numbers of missing children in Malaysia. We noticed that not only the numbers keep adding up from year to year, we also notice that our most powerful Bomoh have been made a fool by the Illuminati over and over again in the media.

Needed an explanation? Okay here it is..

Amongst the Malays practitioners of 'alternative' healing (i.e Dukun, Bomoh, Pawang Etc), the most necessary arsenal needed is the ability to 'see'. Some of the more modern generation of practitioner even nicknamed is as "scanning". The ability to 'see' is very important because it is widely believed that a demon would be weaken if the Dukun is able to tell the Demon what the Demon was and where it came from. This is the reason why in every mantra there's a phrase "..aku tahu asal usulmu..".

Also, the ability to 'see' is necessary to gain respect from the opponent. When two powerfull Dukun met each other, one the first thing they'll usually do are 'scanning' each other and start telling what he knows about the other person. For example:-

Dukun A: Assalammualaikum?
Dukun B: Walaikumsalam. Mu baru sampai dari Janda Baik naik bas?
Dukun A: Wah hebat awak ni boleh tau aku dari Janda Baik walaupun ini kali pertama jumpa. Ya baru sampai tadi. Isteri awak si Zakian, Anas, Jamilah apa khabar? Syukurlah si Jamilah dah mengandung 6 bulan.
Dukun B: Mu pun hebat gak. Tapi janganlah scan bini-bini aku. Scan aku saja dah lah.

In the world of 'Dukun', the ability to 'scan' the other is used as a method to test the power of the other. In most cases, if you're able to defeats your opponent in the 'scanning contest', the other Dukun will acknowledge your superiority and will concede at that instant. A true Dukun will recognize a fight he couldn't win and will graciously withdraw from the earliest stage.

Such an important thing the ability to be a seer is, such supernatural art has been honed to perfection by some of the elites amongst the Malay's practitioners.

Therefore, I couldn't imagine how embarrassing for them to be portrayed by the media as bogus after they've made some off-target reading on our missing children situation. A good example is when the poor little girl NJ (I've decided not to reveal her full name out of respect to her parent) was missing, a Malay Bomoh tried to 'scan' the whereabouts of the missing girl and then proclaimed that the girl was still alive in the vicinity of Setapak. A few days later, the little girl later was found dead in a brand-new gym bag with cucumber and a brinjal was found stuffed inside her genitals.

Her murder caught our attention because of the numerology in this case. The victim was born on 11 September 1999 which make her appealing to the Illuminati. Noticed the number 11 and 9 here just like the 9/11 in the WTO bombing?. Then there's the number 999 which not only 9x3 but also can be flipped to become 666. Therefore 9, 11 and 999/666 are definitely appealing to the Illuminati bastards. It's like in Malay folklore where there's a story about a black magic bomoh who would require a child born on certain day of the weeks to be presented to Jembalang, only in this case the Illuminist probably require a child born under certain date.

We also actually believe that the Bomoh was trying to help in good faith. Bearing in mind that when he performed his "scan" the little girl was still alive (her death has been determined to be later on September 16, 2007), the group is still wondering whether his vision that the girl was alive somewhere in Setapak at the time he scanned it is something that worth to be look into. We also consider the time of her death. She is said to die on 16th September 2007 due to bacterial infection. However, from a medical point of view a death due to bacterial infection is a slow agonizing death which can take up to 2-3 days afterward. Therefore there is good possibility that whatever being done to her was done on 13th September 2007 before she finally succumbed 3 days later. Taking the number 13 and 9 into consideration, the group just couldn't help to wonder "what if?" until now.

However, we also have to include the possibility that the Bomoh was wrong in his scanning. This is especially true if the Bomoh performed the scanning with the help of Djin. A text book case would be the missing of the 5 years old Sharlinie Mohd. Nashar on 9th January 2008. On January 23 in about 50 bomohs unanimously proclaimed that the captors are practitioners of black magic and that Sharlinie would be found within a week. Unfortunately, she is still missing.

To be fair, I have to explain here that "scanning" and "predicting" is two different thing. A clairvoyant who claims to see the future is different from a seer who can only see the present (i.e "scanning"). A clairvoyant's claim should be dismiss from our religion point of view. Then there's two type of "scanning". One is using a Djin and the other one pray to Allah for guidance (i.e reciting certain verse). The method between them is completely different but in most cases, the public are easily impressed by the one using a Djin even though this would be a wrong thing to do. The purpose of this article is not to defend our Malays Bomoh or encourage you to dwell in such practice. I'm simply discussing my opinion why I believe something happens the way it was)

The fact that our Bomoh had been humiliated again and again for their error when performing mystical reconnaissance lead me to speculate that there's maybe a reason for this. In truth, sending a Djin to investigate is like sending a spy drone to do spying. Therefore, there's always a chance that someone with better weaponry could trick and hacked the drone into giving false information. So, is it possible that all this time our bomohs 'drone' had been hacked by the illuminati's priests?

That is something for me to think about, especially now that I found out something is wrong with me for not realizing the 9-7-11 sooner.

As stupid this may sound, I have a feeling that all of us (that includes you who read this article) had been charmed by the Illuminati. Some like those who supported Anwar Ibrahim had succumbed to the charm to the point of being utterly and completely idiots. Others had not succumbed completely and therefore still hates him but yet to fully appreciate the true danger. Then there's someone like those in the Watcher's Group who supposed to memorize the Illuminati's numerology and yet still failed to notice the three illuminati's numbers 9-7-11.

So what if?... dot dot dot

From now on, I shall be extra cautious about all the illuminati date. Bearing in mind that the year 2011 shall be as dangerous as 2013, then I need to be alert with all illuminati date this year including 13-7-2011, 3-9-2011, 7-9-2011, 9-9-2011, 11-9-2011, 13-9-2011, 3-11-2011, 7-11-2011, 9-11-2011, and 13-11-2011. I'm sure the illuminist out there is also keeping an eye on these dates.

P/S: I guess that answer the question why the Middle East was destabilize this year and why the Illuminati took over Egypt on 11 February when Vice President Omar Suleiman announced that Mubarak would be stepping down as president and turning power over to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. It's no surprise that the potent force behind Egyptian demonstration is Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei who happens to be the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an inter-governmental Organisation under the auspices of the United Nations. Everyone knows that in order to head any major department in the United Nation you have to be a Freemason.