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Amazingly enough, the 13th May 1969 riots have a striking resemblance with what we're about to face on this upcoming 9th July 2011. You have to watch these documentary to understand the whole argument.. WATCH IT!!

Now, in 1969 the 1st domino falls when an incompetent Prime Minister was elected to be the first PM to run the nation, leading to the protest votes amongst the Malays back then which resulted in a disastrous election result in 1969. The results showed that the Alliance had gained a majority in Parliament at the national level, albeit a reduced one, and in Selangor it had gained the majority by cooperating with the sole independent candidate. The Opposition had tied with the Alliance for control of the Selangor state legislature, a large setback in the polls for the Alliance.

My father once told me and I quote "I would never thought I would felt the same way again since 1969". Of course he was saying this in 2008 when we have Tun Abdullah as the second incompetent PM of Malaysia, so he was referring to the exact same feeling amongst the Malays in 1969 and 2008.

The new generation of Malays ought to understand one thing very clear. The Chinese led opposition in 1969 didn't performed better in the election because of the Chinese votes. Despite the solid 100% votes garnered from their own race, the Chinese back then was even smaller in number compares to today. The Chinese in 1969 is only 10.5 million in population in contrast of today's 28.9 million. Compared that vis-a-vis with the Malays and there's no dispute that the Malays was partly to blame for their own semi defeat in 1969.

It is the fact that the shocking outcome was due to the attrition of Malay support which was much higher than that of the non-Malays. Malay opposition parties’ vote shares in the peninsula increased drastically from about 15% in 1964 to 25% in 1969 while the support for non-Malay opposition parties remained roughly the same at 26% in both elections.

Therefore, what happened in 1969 is exactly happening now. The Chinese back then was getting stronger not because of the Chinese votes per se, but because of the Malays who voted blindly for them. We Malays are one pathetic race, aren't we? Our forefathers had made a mistake in 1969 and now some of their children and grandchildren are repeating the same. When will we ever learn?

In 1969, the Chinese Opposition were led by The Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan) and the Democratic Action Party (DAP), which had campaigned against Bumiputra privileges outlined by Article 153 of the Constitution. This is exactly the same thing the DAP and PKR are currently doing. In fact, to add salt to injury, they even throw in religious issues as addendum. How repetitive is that? And yet we have the Malays who still willing to die for them..

The other thing everyone ought to know is that the 13th May incident didn't exactly started on May 13th. The journey of the bloody dominoes started out on May 09th when some 3000 LPM members supposedly wanted to "peacefully" marched from Kuala Lumpur to Kepong in violation of actual permit issued to them. It was during this march they provoked incidents with the police.

So here we are in 2011 and a bunch of people also wanting to march - albeit "peacefully" they said - on July 09th. I wonder whether the Illuminati was recycling the same old blueprint with the same numerology and the same tactics all over again. If that's the case, I'm kinda offended by their thoughts that we are a bunch of losers not even worthy of a novel idea. But then again, they could be right on that assumption too.

On the good side, I am well aware that our security forces and all our intelligence officers had been burning the mid-night oil trying to prevent a repeat. Very good sir! Keep up the good work! I hope all our security forces converge on 9th July to ensure that NO opposition supporter is shot to death. I know how the Illuminati like to recycle the idea of deploying assassin to shot on unsuspecting crowds during a "peacefull" march. They've deployed their assassin in Indonesia in 1998 when they shot four students of Trisakti University as a triggering mechanism of the Indonesian riot which had lasted for three days. It was later discovered that the shooting and the whole riot was masterminded by the Illuminist General Prabowo Subianto.

Similarly, the same tactic were deployed in all other major riots around the world with the latest casualty being Libya, Egypt, and Syria. In all these cases, the demonstration turned violent and destructive only after rumors spread that someone had been killed by the police. The media then jumped in hyping the rumors which then lead to full blown riots. Up to this day, the opposition never bother to investigate who actually pulled the trigger.

I truly hope that as much people stayed indoor on 9th July. Whether you're siding with the government or the opposition, you should know by now that this BERSIH march has no sense attached to it. On a political point of view, there's seems no need for this demonstration to act as vehicle for the opposition to gain political momentum. We have seen from Sarawak Poll that the opposition led by DAP has gained more than enough momentum to possibly win the 13th general election. The support they currently gained from the Chinese is almot 90% at this point. There's also no need for PKR to hold this march because Anwar had fully understood his role as "vote breaker" amongst Malays. As long as he continue to say yes to DAP and firmed his grip on PAS, then the Malays vote will continue to split untill 2013 which is enough for DAP to win election.

As I see it, this demo only serve a purpose of being a bait to lure as many targets to congregate in one place. I appeal to the Security Forces to do whatever necessary to prevent any fire from being shots. It is very important to prevent the crowds from being lured into a street where there's a lot of high rise building ideal for assassin's hideout. It's also very important for each commandant to watch out their subordinates. It's no secret that the CIA has the tendency to recruit two type of people as their agent (a) politician and (b) military/police personnel.

I think there's one way to know what this demonstration is all about. It depends on whether Anwar is willing to head the march himself or hide behind others. That guy is a true coward. He knows that he's expendable, so he likely wouldn't dare to be the guy in front of the crowd. He very well know what had happened to Benazir Bhutto. That poor woman thought she's the golden child of the CIA, only to be blown to smithereens because CIA decided that a Pakistan is more likely destabilized if she is dead. I actually feels sorry for Anwar, this latest thing with the Sex video really screwed his resume as a Freemason and CIA recruit. The CIA now see him as a burden and I'm sure there's a CIA's plan C somewhere with a bullet with his name. In fact, I assume there's probably a plan B with Ambiga's name on it. That makes sense because if a jailed indian (the Hindraf Demo) still insufficient to throw the entire Indians community into extreme rage against the government, then maybe a dead Indian would.

Another thing which strikes me about the 13th May riot is the fact that the riot was a result of not one but two demonstration.On 13th May 1969 members of UMNO Youth gathered at the residence of Selangor Menteri Besar Dato' Harun Haji Idris in Jalan Raja Muda and demanded that they too should hold gathering. The malays gathering on 13th May was fully intended to clash with the opposition gathering which had also lasted until 13th May. These two groups of extreme angry people eventually clashes against each other and ignited the capital Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding area of Selangor spreading throughout the city in 45 minutes. Many people in Kuala Lumpur were caught in the racial violence — dozens were injured and some killed, houses and cars were burnt and wrecked.

Bearing in mind that PERKASA and UMNO Youth also wanted to gather on 09th May, I'm a bit worry that this gathering will only be a repeat of 13th May 1969. My worry is further amplified by my suspicion that Khairy is - like Anwar - a Freemason.

So what is my advise for my readers (which fortunately enough very small in numbers haha). My advise is not to panic yet on 9th of July. I don't think anything will happens on 9th of July because the Illuminati is all about numerology. However, if the gathering escalated into something uncontrollable, then make sure you bolt your door lock on 13th 09th of July.

My bet? I however bet that there's nothing will happens on 13th July because our security forces won't allowed the momentum to continue beyond 9th. We have to understand that our PM is the son of Tun Abdul Razak. There's a scene in the documentary which reveals to us of Tun Abdul Razak's fear of being assassinated. From the documentary we know that the fear was shared between him and Tun Haniff Omar which at that time was the head of security forces dealing with 13th Mei aftermath (Ketua Pegawai Turus Polis Majlis Gerakan Negara). There's no doubt in my mind that this fear came from knowing the Illuminati's role in 1969 riot. Who could blame him, he was solely responsible in giving the order to imprisoned hundreds of members of Freemason and Illuminati in Jerejak island.

So I think our current PM Dato Najib understand that there's probably a game played by the Illuminati on him too. It's like a challenge to see whether the son can perform as well as the father against Illuminati plotting.

I think our PM will perform well against the challenge.

P/S: Merely 20 minutes after I posted the above article, one of my friend from ex-Watchers Group send me a text message and called me an idiot for saying in this article that we ought not to worry for the 09th July gathering. He reminded me that whereas the Illuminati was well known for number 13, the Illuminati's numbers are actually 3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39. I actually totally forgot that number 9, 7 and 11 are also Illuminati Numbers. Therefore, I am idiot for forgetting that and hence I would instead advise all my readers to be on alert with the upcoming 9-7-11.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


To what extend are the CIA's interference in foreign countries? Well, this documentary shows that the CIA's covert operation in South East Asia had been going on since the Vietnam's war. In fact, CIA's involvement in Laos had been ongoing since 1953 when they assisted the French to fly tanks and heavy equipment into Laos. 1953 - That 4 years earlier than Malaysian independence.

In Laos it was known as the ‘secret war’, a covert operation waged by CIA throughout the sixties and early seventies against communist guerrillas in Laos and the most secret location in this clandestine war was the former CIA air base of Long Chen, in central Laos, a place that remain off limits even today.

Little is known about the Lao conflict despite the fact that it remains the largest and most expensive paramilitary operation ever run by the U.S. It was completely run by the CIA using largely civilian pilots from the agency’s own airline, Air America, and mercenaries recruited from the Hmong, an ethnic tribe living in mountainous areas in central and northern Laos. However, the evidence speaks in totality to CIA's direct involvement with the drug trade when opium was transported in huge volume from the nearby areas.

Learning about CIA' drugs trade around the world makes me realize how similar the American CIA is with the former British East India Company in the 15th century. Both leaves a debris of destruction and misery in their quest to control the world. The only difference is that the British was doing it openly but under the disguise of trade license, the CIA now is doing exactly the same but with covert operations and disguised proxies. But both of them are in many ways exactly the same. They set their feet on someone else soil merely because they want to plunder and they have no problem on killing innocents lives.

Renewed interest in the Laos’ secret war was briefly rekindled in 2003 when two Western journalists made contact with members of the Hmong resistance, the first white people they had seen since the CIA abandoned them 27 years ago. Although pictures from the encounter were printed in Time Asia and won a world press award, U.S. media failed to pick up the story and it died.

The decades-old conflict again made headlines when U.S. authorities arrested 78 year-old Vang Pao, the head of the CIA’s Hmong forces in the sixties, and indicted him on terrorism charges relating to his alleged involvement in a plot to over throw the Lao government.

The maker of this film believes what happened in Laos in the sixties is relevant in that it shares strong parallels with the conflict in Iraq.

The conflict began in the late fifties, as Washington sought to counter communist Pathet Lao forces and their North Vietnamese allies who had began building the Ho Chi Minh trail through the jungles running down the eastern border of Laos. The operation was placed under CIA control to get around Laos’ supposed political neutrality and the conditions set by the Geneva Accords.

The covert nature of the conflict meant that U.S. forces were able to ignore virtually all the rules of engagement operating in Vietnam. Every building was a potential target and the civilian toll was huge. The situation grew worse in 1970 when U.S. President Nixon authorised massive B-52 bombing strikes on Laos, which remained classified information until many years later. American planes dropped an average of one planeload of bombs on targets in Laos every eight minutes, 24 hours a day for nine years, making it the most heavily bombed country on earth per capita in the history of warfare.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When the clock strikes 10pm on Monday June 21, 2010, the 394-metre stretch of Pudu Jail wall fronting Jalan Pudu was demolished after having served its purpose for the past 100 years. The wall goes down to accommodate the widening of the busy road that fronts it and as one of the major sites for mega development.

It's a waste and pointless, destroying building with such historical value, which should be made a heritage site.

Pudu Prison, or better known as Pudu Jail, was built on the site of a former Chinese burial ground. Pudu was by then a dense jungle area, with tigers occasionally roaming around. Construction began in 1891, using convicts as workforce. It took about four years and was finally complete in 1895.

A few months after its completion, in August 1895, a cholera plague struck the prison complex, killing a few hundred inmates. Later, it was known that the plague was caused by the prison's water supply system. By then, the prison complex's water supply relied on an old well once belonged to the Chinese cemetery that previously stood on the prison's site. An inspection by the British colonial authorities revealed that the water in the well was severely contaminated by deadly viruses. Subsequently, the water problem was not fixed until 1898.

After the fall of Singapore, during World war II, the Japanese occupation forces incarcerated many English, Australian and New Zealand prisoners there.

Early in its history, Pudu prison was the only prison in the State of Selangor and used to imprison men and women with short sentences. The prison was also self-sufficient as it had a vegetable garden that could produce enough food for its inmates annually. It later housed criminals including drug offenders and was a location for administering corporal punishment by rotan caning. The canings were administered in a special "caning area", so marked, not inside the building but in the grounds. It is no longer used as a prison and while it was once open as a museum, it can at present be viewed only from the outside.

There are rumours that Pudu Prison is haunted. There have been reports of a strange Indian man walking the halls of the prison and disappearing around the corner. Screams have been heard from rooms where hangings have taken place, and there are certain areas of the prison that are far colder than others. Russell Lee, the author of the book series True Singapore Ghost Stories included a story of a prisoner in Pudu Prison in one of his books. The prisoner reported hearing screaming from the rotan caning area, and he also heard the story that one prisoner committed suicide in order to avoid being caned. Supposedly his ghost stops the last stroke of the cane being given, and the prisoner personally reported this experience happening to him. According to several websites, the reason that Pudu Prison is being turned back into a prison for low-security prisoners is because no-one would buy it as for commercial property because of the hauntings.

Misc Facts

In 1986, two Australian citizens, Kevin John Barlow and Brian Geoffrey Chambers of Perth, Western Australia became the first Westerners hanged for drug offences that prescribe death for anyone convicted of having over 15 grams of heroin. The executions caused public outcry and strained political relations between Australia and Malaysia at the time.

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Comment: I'm not writing anymore, but I still from time to time upload interesting videos to youtube.


see one of the biggest villains of the 20th Century up close and personal.

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I have decided to stop writing for this blog for a while. So the article "Mecca, Medina & The Bermuda Triangle" probably going to be the last article in this blog.

I don't think it's really important anyway, the dominoes are falling at steady speed towards 2013, the Sufyani is about to emerge very soon in the middle east and imam Mahadi probably already around not knowing he is the chosen one.

This blog was intended to be an experiment to enable me to know the demographic of the majority of local readers who wish to learn more about things that most Malays usually don't like to work their brain about. So far this blog only manage to attract a little bit more than 10,000 hits which is pathetic compare to other political blogs which managed to clock more than 1000 hits per day.

By comparison, my blog only manage to attract in about 100 visits per day, usually from the regular visitors which 70% consists of those from overseas (I suspect these visits are from former members of the Watcher's Group). That means that by average, only 30 Malaysians visits my blog. Even my article in MYKMU only managed to attract around 300 readers per-article, which is totally kesian.

Therefore, I am taking advise from my wife to concentrate more on taking care my family and concentrate more at office workloads.

Thank you for all your support and God bless.

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