Saturday, July 19, 2014


After what happened to MH17, me and my itchy fingers start writing craps and posted on my facebook as follows:-

  1. In order to start World War 3, the attacking forces against Russian has to be "international coalition" led by America.
  2.  In order for the coalition to be legal and international so to speak, it has to be mandated by the UN security council, eventhough I wouldn't know how they are going to deal with Russia's veto power.
  3. In order for for the UN's resolution to be passed, Malaysia (as a potrayed victim) must side with the US and even support the resolution.
  4. And that decision from Malaysia lie on the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak.
  5. But Najib also has the tendency to act based on the most popular notion percieves by the media and most trending in social media. It gives him political mileage.
  6. Therefore in conclusion, if most Malaysian can be convinced that the tragedy of MH17 is a false flag operation against Russia, Najib might be able to say no to Obama regardless of the pressure.
  7. We the Malaysian people might be able to prevent nuclear war.
  8. your future is in your hand. Whether you live or die a year from now might depends on what you did or 'Share' or 'Like" today.

So few of my Facebook friends and blog readers demanded that I write something about the MH17 tragedy.

Why Malaysia they said?

I shall obliged and give out my theory.. but only in this brief article..

I shall remind you.. this is a stupid theory.. It has no weight and it is utterly rubbish.. a mere product of an imaginative mind.

Now if you have been with me since 1998 or at least since 2008, you should be able to remember that on December 20th, 2008 I wrote an article "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT : THE (UN)HOLY RELICS, SYRIA AND THE GREAT WAR". It was published in MYKMU in 2008 (I haven't started blogging yet) but the article survived in Mr.Azhar's blog 'Apa Nak Dikata'. Click here if you haven't read it yet.(and thank you Mr.Azhar for re-posting it in your blog.)

Anyway, there is a hadith there that I had referred to, as re-posted again below:-

"kamu akan mengadakan perdamaian dengan bangsa Rum (Kristian) dalam keadaan aman, lalu kamu akan berperang bersama mereka melawan suatu musuh dari belakang mereka. Maka kamu akan selamat dan mendapat harta rampasan perang yg byk, kemudian kamu akan sampai ke sebuah padang rumput yg luas dan berbukit-bukit, maka berdirilah seorang lelaki Rum. Lalu dia akan mengangkat tanda salib (tentera kristian) dan melaungkan salib telah menang maka datanglah kepadanya seorang lelaki muslimin dan membunuh lelaki Rum tersebut , kemudian tentera Rum mengkhianati perdamaian dan terjadilah peperangan demi peperangan, dimana mereka akan bersatu menghadapi kamu di bawah 80 bendera , dibawah setiap bendera terdapat 12 ribu tentera"- Hadith sahih riwayat Imam Ahmad,Imam Abu Daud, Ibnu Majah dr Zu Makhmar RA.

or a brief translation in English:-

 "You will make peace with the People of Rome and then you and they together will combat an enemy. You will be victorious in that battle. After that all of you will stay at a pasture, at that time a person from among the People of the cross will raise a cross then a Muslim will get angry and rise to him and push him away. Thereafter all the People of Rome get together and attack you under eighty flags and under each flag is 12 thousand army…"

What does this hadith had to do with MH17?

Now, if you read the hadith carefully, you will noticed that the war will be waged by three parties namely:-

  1. the Muslims
  2. the Roman
  3. the Enemy
We know who the Moslems are. The remaining mystery is who shall be the Romans and who is this 'Enemy'.

Apparently, this 'Enemy' is also the enemy of the Moslems and the Christians. Despite the fact that Moslems and Christians don't mixed well and will ever be foe, the Moslems and the Christians in the future hated the 'Enemy' so much that they temporarily agreed to be allies.

Undoubtedly there is only one enemy that the Catholic Church and the Moslems has been fighting since the dawn of ages and that enemy is 'Lucifer' a.k.a the Devil.

Well, not that 'Lucifer' literally but it refers more towards Lucifer's worshippers.You know what I mean - those satanic cult also known as the Luciferians or in the internet mainstream media known as the ILLUMINATI.

And unfortunately for the American, that means that America is the enemy because the fact that United States government is most infested with Luciferians is now already a matter of general knowledge.

So if the United States is the potential 'Enemy' than who would be the 'Roman'? Will they be the people of Rome, Italy?

In this case, I don't think the 'Roman' of the future will speak Italian.

It is becoming an increasing popular belief that the 'Rise of the Third Roman' is now happening in Russia. As America de-Christianize itself through the subversion of media, control of government and the opiate like addiction to materialism, Russia became increasingly Christian. The Kremlin and the Orthodox Church have the ability to use Traditional social values and a resurgence of nationalism to inoculate Eastern Europe and an increasing number of Western sympathizers against the spread of the globalist agenda. Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union has emerged as the standard bearer of the Christian Faith globally, leaving the rest of West behind.

Now, immediately after the downing of the Malaysian MH17, President Putin immediately seek the help of Russian Orthodox Church leaders at a monastery Sergiev Posad, near Moscow. There, Putin seek for the influence of the Orthodox Church to call for ceasefire between the pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces fighting in eastern Ukraine to allow for negotiations.

I'm not sure how the story will unfolds in the future. Will Malaysia as a Moslem country allied itself with Russia against the attempt of the United States to start a World War 3? and if that happens, how can Malaysia possibly helps to gains support from the rest of Moslems world?

I don't know... I don't want to know... I am hoping for a peaceful future where everything is calm, peachy and colorful. Those 'End of Days' prophecies? I don't want it to happen in my lifetime and my daughter's lifetime.

But I did write about Malaysia in my previous article "Malaysia In The Eye of Dajjal", didn't I?