Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It’s November and I have yet to start writing the next chapter of my novel ‘Jerejak’. Sigh.. I fear I’m never gonna finish that story (hope that's okay with many of you).

I would like to write about something else first, something which I’ve been wanting to share with all of you who have been kind enough to read my ramblings here from time to time.

A few months ago I was planning to write an article ‘tiada musibah dalam Islam’ after visiting a staff of mine who had just lost his son to a fatal accident. I barely know the kid but he did came to my daughter’s birthday one time. I remember him as a good looking and cheerful boy and very polite.

Then Allah called him back home to Jannah. From the outset everything must have look cruel and gruesome for fate to destine an eight year old boy being ran over by a Toyota Prado. I didn’t even dare to take a look on the corpse but the investigating officer from the Traffic Department I talk to had told me that the boy died instantly. So hopefully the boy didn’t feel a thing of what was coming to him. Hopefully for him it was more like a time warp experience. One second he was crossing the road and the next second he was standing in heaven wondering what the hell just happened.

That’s not the saddest part for me though (I am blessed with the luck to have learnt how the universe work so I am one of a few lucky people who now believes that there is no ‘musibah’ in Islam). The saddest partI was to see how the mother reacted during the funeral. She was wailing - fainting - wailing - fainting over and over again. When the men were trying to lift the coffin up to the burial site, she jumped and cling to it in her attempt to prevent them from taking her son away. Several family members have to wrestle her down before the body can be taken away.

A mother’s love for her child (especially one still young) is so strong, it’s possible it might even surpassed the love by a loving dad to his child by a hundred folds. Except for Prophet Muhammad, I don’t think any man can correctly say to a woman “I know how much you love your child”.

That being said, I was wise enough not to try to console her grief. I let my wife and the rest of the ladies to do that. The ladies in the house were all crying anyway so I figure let them all try to stop each others from crying instead.

On our drive back home my wife told me the usual story I heard. The grieving mother was blaming God for taking his son away. Luckily the elders immediately consoled her and told her to accept fate.

“So, what did all the makcik-makcik (aunties) said to her” I asked.

“The usual” Said my wife, shrugging her shoulder.

The usual here means the things we have heard before. For example words like “Allah lebih sayangkan dia” or “Dia sekarang di tempat lebih baik” or “Semuanya takdir” or “Nanti kamu akan berjumpa juga dengan dia kembali”.

Of course these kind words are all ABSOLUTELY TRUE. However such words has been repeated so much time in television dramas that it almost become a cliche. Everyone heard it but does anyone really understand what it means?

Kindly allow me to give my humble interpretation on how the universe work as perceived by the Watchers Group and maybe these words can bring more sense to all of us.

A few years back there was a study carried out on a statistics provided by the United States Census Bureau which came with a surprising result. It turned out that by average on all major accidents, many plane crashes/train wrecks have 30% less than the usual person capacity on board. Similarly, I remember a few weeks after 9/11 reading that on an average work day there should have been more people in the WTC than there was.

The suggestion that fate had somehow spared a lot of people from being killed in a fatal accidents is still being debated in the internet. The religious one are saying that these lucky one were saved by guardian angels. The paranormal believers theorized that human’s brain somehow are able to produce an extra perception sensory which had warned and saved them. The skeptics of course are saying that it was all just plain coincidence.

So how does the universe work anyway?

If you have ever watched the Discovery Channel series “Air Crash Investigation” then you would know that it is a FACT that in every fatal crashes involving commercial airliners there were sufficiently rare and freakish events that the explanations of almost all of them tend to involve:-

(a) strings of very unusual circumstances
(b) unfortunate coincidences, and
(c) improbable failures.

These strings of events which led to the crash itself is so mind bogglingly intertwined to each other at specific moments that it seems mathematically impossible for such coincidence to be mimicked by supercomputer.

Still unable to understand what the hell I’m talking about?

Please watch the a video clip from the movie “Final Destination” below in order to understand what was meant as (a), (b), and (c) above.

Now, you might say that the movie scene above is just a result of the scriptwriter's pigment of imagination. That's may well be the case. However, if any of you have ever had the opportunity to show the movie to the experts who had investigated major accidents such as plane crash or train wreck, they will tell you that the movie had perfectly captured the idea on how major accidents happened.

Alternatively, you can also subscribed to the Discovery Channel / National Geographic channel and tune in to series like “Air Crash Investigation” and “Seconds From Disaster”. In technical terms, what shown in the movie clip above is known as error chain,  which is a term referring to the concept that many contributing factors typically lead to an accident, rather than one single event. The Tenerife Disaster, the worst accident in aviation history, is a prime example of an accident in which a chain of events and errors can be identified leading up to the crash.Pilot error, communications problems, fog, and airfield congestion (due to a bomb threat at another airport) all contributed to this catastrophe.

Similarly, such freakish chain of events also occurred at other major disasters such as Kaprun Ski Resort Inferno in 2000, the Eschede train disaster that killed 101 people in 1998, a Big Blue crane collapse at Miller Park in 1998,  the 1995 Sampoong Department Store collapse in Korea and the 1987’s famous King's Cross fire in Britain.

Believe me when I said, things that happened in that movie - indeed happened in real life. It goes to show that a force beyond comprehension is pulling the string to make sure you die when your numbers are up.

However, as suggested earlier, study also shows that by freakish coincidence people are being saved from harm everyday. A classic example of such freakish luck is that famous Serbian stewardess Vesna Vulović who currently holds the world record for surviving the highest fall without a parachute (10,160 metres or an equivalent of 26 Empire State Buildings.).

In 1972 Vesna was a stewardess for JAT Flight 367 when the airplane exploded shortly after overflying en route from Stockholm to Belgrade. As a child she was ‘unfortunate’ to be diagnose with low blood pressure and thought that she would never ever be a stewardess. In the end her good fortune in surviving the accident is contributed to her low blood pressure, which caused her to pass out quickly and prevented her heart from bursting. Then there was a serving cart pinned painfully against her spine which coincidentally acted as a safety belt. There were also other ‘coincidences’ that came to play. A German man by the name Bruno Henke stumbled the crash site and spotted her legs sticking out.  Coincidentally he also happens to be a medic in the second world war.

Other stories of ‘misfortune’ which turned out to be the other way around is the story of Cara-Lyn Lappen whom detained in Somalia while trying to board a plane and missed her connection on Pan Am flight 103. Then there’s Jaswant Basuta, another passenger of Pan Am 103 who arrived at the boarding gate too late and The R&B singing group The Four Tops who missed the flight due to overslept. They were probably cursing God on top of their lungs when they missed that flight - that was of course before they learn that Pan Am 103 had exploded mid-air and later became known as the Lockerbie bombing.

Didn’t you noticed that as mankind becoming more corrupt, major accidents and deadly natural disasters became more frequent?

When Titanic sank in 1912 the news was on the front page of the news for months ahead because a death of 1502 people in a single event was almost unheard of at era. By comparison, when the ferry MV Dona Paz sank in the Philippine in 1987 killing 4,375 people, many people still didn’t know about the disaster until today. In fact the only 21st  century modern disaster what managed to compete with the Titanic coverage was the Acheh Tsunami 2004 (226,000 dead) and the Haitian Earthquake  with 222,570 fatalities.

In the past, mass fatalities usually occurred only during war. Yes there were accidents and natural disaster but not as frequent as today. That’s why when major accidents like the Titanic occurred people were understandably shocked.

If my group’s profiling is correct, we predict that as the day of Dajjal emergence becoming near, the mortality rate of children all over the world under the age of 9 will will decrease significantly. More young children will die quickly either because of disease, war, or freak accident. The death will come quick for these innocent children because even though what was happening to them may seemed cruel to the naked eyes, in truth what was happening was a ‘rescue mission’ in progress.

As the world become a dangerous and sorrowful place to live on, the Almighty will call back these children and put them in a place impossible to be reached by Dajjal.

I know.. I know.. Some of you might might wanted to argue with me at this point.. Hold your horses will ya? Please let me explain further as this is a complicated theory to explain.

Some of you might argue that the world has always been a dangerous place for children. In the past there were wars waged between nations and continent, not to mention the lack of medical care in the past which led to the deaths of many children due to diseases which can easily be cured today.

I agree, the revolution of modern technology and the discovery of many new drugs does make it easier and safer to rise a children today. In the past a children might die of drowning in the kampung river but nowadays we can take our children to Sunway Lagoon Waterpark and they can go tubing all day long in a very safe environment.

However, losing a life is not the most ‘unfortunate’ things that can happen to a person, losing his/her ‘faith’ (akidah) is.

Let’s go to the basic question now. What is the worst thing that can happen to us?


Ha ha ha.. Nope. Provided that death came to you very swiftly (which would explain why death penalty in Islam is carried out via quick beheading), you actually won’t even feel a thing. When I was 15 years old I was hit by van while I was crossing a street and I still remember everything. I was stepping out from my school bus at 7.00 pm (it was during a school tour) and I can remember seeing two bright light and that was it. There were no pain. My memory only resumed the next day when I woke up on hospital bed with my teacher by my bedside, his face was stricken with horror at the thought that my parent was going to kill him once they arrived. The pain only came later on when the recovery process began.

So I believe to die is not the worst thing that can happen to a person. Provided that you performed enough good deeds on planet earth, then the experience of instant death is actually more like  being beamed from the Star Trek USS Enterprise to the surface of alien planet. A second ago you were there and now you are here. It’s as simple as that.

I believe the SECOND worst thing than can happen to us is actually to end up in Hell. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind being ‘beamed’ to heaven but I do mind leaving planet earth if the next place to go is a place full of brims and fire.

That being said, we can now understand the reason ‘why bad people always seems to live longer than good people’. It quite straightforward when you think about it, God is simply being merciful by giving them more time to perform good deeds so that they too can increase their chances of going to heaven.

Even when it comes to bad people, going to hell is not the worst thing that could happen to them. Bad Muslims people who did not abandon their faith until the day they die will eventually be released after spending several decades burning in Hell. There are many hadith to confirmed this such as one below:-

I know the last person who will come out of Hell and the last one to enter the Paradise. A man comes out crawling and Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) says: Go, enter the Paradise. Then he approaches it and it appears to him as if filled, then he returns back and says: O Allah, I found it full. Then Allah says: Go, enter the Paradise. He approaches it and it appears to him as if filled. He then returns back and says: O Allah, I found it to be full. Allah says to him: Go, enter Paradise, you have what is equal to the whole world and ten folds (or, you have what is equal to ten times this world). He then says: “O Allah, are you mocking me (or laughing at me) while You are the King?” Ibn Mas`ood said: I saw the Prophet, sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam laugh till his molar teeth were seen. Abdullah stated that the Prophet sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam said: “That is the lowest rank of those in the Paradise.” [Al Bukhari and Muslim]

Abu Hurairah Ra. meriwayatkan, Rasulullah Saw. bersabda: “Setiap ummatku pasti akan masuk surga, kecuali yang tidak mau. Shahabat bertanya, Ya Rasulallah, siapa yang tidak mau? Beliau menjawab, Mereka yang mentaatiku akan masuk surga dan yang menetangku maka dia telah enggan masuk surga.” (HR. Bukhari).

Therefore it’s clear that going to hell is technically not the worst thing that could happen to a person, instead the WORST MISFORTUNE that could ever befall a person is to stay in Hell FOREVER.

Ironically in Islam the worst crime a Muslim can commit in his/her lifetime is not theft, vice, or even murder. Instead the worst criminals are Muslims who abandon the all-Mighty Allah. These refers to the apostates, the unbelievers (Al-Kafiruun as mentioned in 109) who worship other beings other than Allah and the hypocrites (Al-Munafiqun as mentioned in verse 63) who pretend to worship Allah but in actuality averted people from the way of Allah. These are the people who will never ever escape Hell.

That being said, Muslims parents nowadays ought to understand why the 21st century is the most dangerous century for our children. The idea of Liberalism and Pluralism that is being widely propagated by the Al-Kafiruun and the Al-Munafiquun are far more dangerous than boarding a crippled plane with its tail already on fire.

Throughout history, the Al-Kafiruun had made so many attempts to deviate the Muslims from the path of Allah. When the Christians waged their crusade against the Arab in the 11th, 12th and 13th century, it was basically a genocide campaign to wipe out the Muslims occupation so that the later generation of Arab peninsular can be converted into Christianity. This works in the Iberian Peninsula but completely failed in the rest of the Islamic Kingdoms. Similarly the Portuguese had tried the same with Malacca and shared similar outcome.

The failure of the Al-Kafiruun  to deviate the the Muslims from their religion is mainly because in the past it was very easy to identify Kafir Harbi amongst the unbelievers. The Christian soldier can easily be identified with a huge red cross sewn on their shirt and are usually busy killing Muslims who refused to become apostate. Similarly, the communists in the 40’s and the 50’s were so verbal and brutal that Muslims has no difficulties to recognize them as enemy of faith. In order to protect the faith of the young, parents can either join the jihad to eliminate the enemy or simply make sure their children are  put far from reach of these unbelievers.

Today it’s a different story because the Al-Kafiruun are now joined by the Al-Munafiquun who work together to seduce younger generation to become one of them. To make matter worse, some of these Munafiquun did not even realized they had become a Munafiq who is assisting the Kafir Harb to deceit their own children. For example in our country we have a politician Muslim father and daughter who are openly endorsing the idea of LBGT and pluralism. Few weeks ago the daughter even issued a statement that a young Muslim should be given the freedom to deviate from the path of Allah at the age of 18.

Hmmm.. If they both become leaders of this country I’m sure they would contributed the the spike of apostasy amongst Malays Muslims and that means that both of them (and probably their supporters) will have no chance of crawling out from Hell.

People said that the biggest pain for parents is to bury their own child.

Errr.. not exactly. That sounded true but only because the sentence had been repeatedly popularized by the mainstream media. In about a year ago I had spoken to a mother who had just lost her 28 years old daughter to breast cancer and she was actually smiling when she kissed her daughter’s forehead for the last time. It was only a week later when she came to see me in my office (she needed an advice on how to deal with her daughter’s KWSP) that she broke down to tears as she recalled the pain and sufferings her daughter have to endure months before she dies.

Believe me, it is much much much much worse to watch your dying child suffers pain for a prolonged period of time. Ask any mother who is now sitting next to their child in hospital ward and you’ll find out that almost all of them are willing to have their children’s pain and sickness transferred to them if there’s a possible way to do it. Fortunately for us Muslims we have the Al-Mighty Allah to guide us on what to pray and what to do. Like that lady who met me in office, she said she had no choice but pray to Allah five times a day for Him to spare her daughter from the misery. After a month of praying her daughter finally told her the pain had mysteriously disappeared and a month later she passed away.

Unlike Muslims, the western secular mothers sometimes resorted to wrong measures such as that Canadian lady Kay Gilderdale who had to watch her daughters suffered chronic fatigue syndrome for 17 years.  On 3 December 2008  her daughter summoned her mother by tapping on the intercom she used for that purpose . She then told her mother Kay that she could no longer tolerate the pain. The mother eventually fetched two syringes to her daughter who administered herself with air to cause a fatal embolism. Similarly in India, an old woman by the name of Lakshmamma  has filed a petition in a local court in Chittoor, asking for permission for a mercy killing of his brain damaged son because she fear what will happen to her son after she dies ( the father had passed away ) .

Yes,  it is much much worse to watch your child suffers..

Therefore you should now imagine your child in one of the following situation and choose your answer carefully:-

(a) Imagine this happening to your son.

THE FUTURE: Your son is screaming in pain while he walks buck naked in the fire amongst poisonous snakes who bite him all over his body. His face is black and his penis is rotten with all sort of nasty gooey things flows from between his legs. From time to time fire caught his penis and he began to roll on the floor in pain as the fire razed his private parts inside out. He screamed and crying calling for her mother all in vain. All this will happen to him for another 10 years in Hell.

THE REASON: After PRU13 liberalism and the rights for free sexual orientation (including Lesbian, Bisexuals, Gay, and Transgender) are promoted in Malaysia by a new Government. Despite your best efforts to shield your son from the so called new ‘era’, He grow up as a handsome playboy who prefers to have sex  out of wedlock with God knows how many girls.

(b) Imagine this happening to your daughter.

THE FUTURE: You daughter ended up at the bottom of hell being razed alive by the blackest of fire that had burnt for millions of years. Each time the fire touches her, her skin melt and all the fluid in her body are heated as hot as magma until the fluids flow out from all orifices in her body. There were nine giant snakes chasing her. One will bite her head while the other will bite her breasts, hands, torso, legs and private part and these snakes will yanked it in opposites direction until she was torn apart all bloody and gory. In between becoming a dragon’s meal, she was also being beaten alive with a hammer causing her skull to crush, bones protruding out and her eyes popped out from socket. She too will scream calling your name in vain. The worst thing about her suffering is that unlike her playboy brother, your daughter will end up like this FOREVER.. I repeat.. FOR ETERNITY.

THE REASON: After PRU13 pluralism in religion are promoted in Malaysia by a new Government. As a result, there is no longer compulsion in religion even to Malays. Despite your best efforts to shield her against these new development, your daughter came to you one day and told you that she had fallen in love with a loving Christian man who wanted to make her his wife once she converted to Christianity. You pleaded and cried to stop her from leaving Islam yet she instead leaves you for her man.

(c) Imagine this happening to you.

THE FUTURE: You are a father and you are dead since a week ago. A chain of event after the fall of former government led to a civil unrest which is still ongoing in your country. This led to famine and as a result your head was hacked splitted opened by a guy on a street who tried to rob from you a bag of rice. You never made it home to your hunger stricken family who’s waiting for you. Now you are back as a wandering soul searching for your family to say goodbye for one last time. When you discovered them you found out that your six years old son are being slapped and beaten for begging for food from strangers and your wife are crying and pleading to the aid workers for a can of food. You finally knew why you were send back to earth a week after your death, it’s because your 4 years old daughter is dying of malnutrition and was lying on the floor sucking marbles. She saw you and she smiled and you take her back where home really is.. yet you still worry about your son and your wife left behind.

THE REASON: because of Anwar Ibrahim.

Dear fellow parents,

Taking into consideration that we are all now living in the era bordering the coming of major world upheaval and ‘Dajjal’, than the situation above is very much plausible for each any every one of us. In fact, situation (a) already happens in this country whereas situation (b) is now happening in Indonesia. I guess there is no need to tell you that situation (c) is now happening in the middle eastern countries torn by war.

I think I speak from common sense when I say that any parent, if presented with an opportunity to stop such things from happening, will do absolutely everything and anything to save their family. Of course all of them wanted their family to survive but what if there is only one option? What if God Himself knows that in order to save our beloveds from the eternal damnation of Hell or the misery of this world then He must take them back ‘home’?

Will you let Him 'rescue' your beloveds?

God’s love is the basis of the Watcher’s Group theory that many innocent children will be ‘taken’ away before the coming of what is known by Muslims as ‘The Biggest Lie’ (Fitnah Terbesar). Muslims all over the world has been warned about the dangers that shall come during this period of which some of our young generation will be tempted by the idea of liberalism to subscribe to free sex and LBGT. Then there's war and anarchy being waged around world tempting others to perform murders and violence. As moral decay and human misery reaches its peak, Dajjal will come pretending as 'savior' of humanity and claimed himself as God. As our children loses hope then they will embrace Dajjal, and by doing so they will all commit the biggest sin of all which will forfeit their rights to ever escape hell - apostasy.

So I ask you again, Will you let God 'rescue' your children from the lie of Dajjal?

Such a way the universe works has been cryptically hinted in Al-Quran (Al Kahfi 18:65). Remember the story of the immortal Khidir? The guy referred in by Allah as “servants to whom we had given mercy from us and had taught him from Us a certain knowledge”? Khidir who had informed Moses isternly that their knowledge is of different nature and that Moses would not have understand him because Moses’s knowledge  is not complete?

During their journey together Khidir had sunk a ship that was bound to be boarded by people wanting to migrate to a better place, killed a boy and then repaired a decrepit wall in the hostile village. For these three action even Moses make his protests known.

Finally Khidir said to Moses "This shall be separation between me and you; now I will inform you of the significance of that with which you could not have patience."

It turned out that many acts which seem to be evil, malicious or somber, actually are merciful. The boat was sunk to rescue the would be passengers from falling into the hands of a tyrant King. As for the boy, if he was let to live he will end up in Hell and drag his parent as well with him (as the boy die at young age then the boy will go to heaven instead). Upon his death God will replace the boy with one better in purity, affection and obedience. As for the restored wall, Khidir explained that underneath the wall was a treasure belonging to two helpless orphans whose father was a righteous man. As God's envoy, Khidir restored the wall so that when the wall becomes weak again and collapses, the orphans will be older and stronger and will take the treasure that belongs to them.

We human being have this normal tendency to love things that was created (or sort of) by us. The best example is of course our own parents, who for reasons not explainable by science would love us no matter what and no matter how we love them less. It rather mind boggling to think that mom and dad only contributed an egg and a swimming sperm and still they love us to death. Of course occasionally our dad have to slap us and mom have to deliver a spank but these act of ‘cruelty’ and  ‘child abuse’ (from our point of view when we were 5) are meant to prevent worse thing from happening to us.

Similarly, God created each and every cells, atom and quarks in our body and God love us much more than our parent could ever love us. Like the slapping and the spanking by mom and dad, there were things happening to us that may looked cruel or unfair and yet we must maintain our belief that these things happens for a reason.

As we venturing into the future which might seems bleak, just remember that “there is no harm coming from God”, OK?