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So let’s leave the Malaysian politics for a moment and get back to some silly stuff which I really like to share with those who don’t mind reading a bit about paranormal stuffs.

What I about to share with you is a theory by bunch of people (I’m talking about my friends in the watchers group of course) about Dajjal and the earth energy field. But before I go on, I have to explain a bit on why I write this topic from a secular point or view. Otherwise someone might start thinking I’m spreading heresy.

Eventhough we in the Watchers Group discussed on Dajjal/AntiChrist a lot, we tried our best to discuss it on a secular point of view.

Why? Well the answer is easy. If we start too early with Hadith and Al-Quran as preludes to our argument, then we will end up selling our ideas to only Muslims within the group. The non-Muslims will immediately steer away from the discussion because they won’t be comfortable being presented with religious texts so early in the discussion. Alienating the non-Muslims so early like that would defeat the purpose of dakwah. I mean how could they listen to what we want to say if they abandoned the quorum in its earliest stage, right?

So we usually start on topic they’re comfortable to begin with, and making Dajjal sounded like Science stuff seems to be a good idea. We started out in secular mode, then gradually upgrading our argument to religious mode before finally nailing it with a quote taken from religious texts. The Hollywood has been doing this for millennia. They always started a movie with something secular and non-offensive such as the earth being destroyed by solar flares before moving on to subliminal religious propaganda. The propaganda was subliminally conveyed with the heroes saying something like “the Bible had predicted this.. yada yada yada”. And it works!! The Bible always sounded impressive in the movies. Sadly speaking the Muslims had failed to adopt a better strategy. I wonder why?

Lets go back to what I want to write about.

Okay, here’s a quiz? What does Bermuda Triangle and Mecca / Medina have in common?

Tick tock tick tock.. Buuzzzz!!… and your time is up.

Don’t you know it yet? these three places were said to emit a very strong energy field. The Bermuda Triangle had been known to emit strong electromagnetic field whereas the Holy Land is said by Dr, Abdul Baset Sayyid to emit strong radiation energy. Isn’t that interesting? Considering that recently there’s been very interesting theory surfacing about these places that is Dajjal related.

Whenever we talk about Dajjal and Mecca/Medina, we already know about the hadith where it is said that Dajjal is prohibited from entering these two Holy Land. According to the hadith, these holy lands will be heavily guarded by sword wielding angels who scare the wits out of Dajjal from trespassing.

Recently, there has been a very interesting theory about Dajjal and the Bermuda Triangle. Muhammad Isa Dawud in his book “Al-Khuyut al-Khafiyyah baina al-Masikh ad-Dajjal wa Asrar Muthallath Bermuda wa al-Atbaq at-Ta’irah” theorized that there’s a secret kingdom ruled by Dajjal in the Bermuda Triangle.

I haven’t had the opportunity to read in full the whole book (could someone email the English or Malay version to me?) but I personally couldn’t agree at this time with the gist of Dawud’s argument. I mean, if Samiri is Dajjal and Dajjal is Samiri (Samiri is that mysterious guy who duped the Israelites with the golden calf as the false God during Moses absence) then how come Dajjal hadn’t ruled the world since then?

Secondly, Dawud’s argument didn’t make sense from the hadith perspective. The hadith clearly stated that in the lifetime of prophet Muhammad, the Dajjal is still imprisoned in a mysterious island somewhere and guarded by Al-Jazazah. So unless Dawud can come up with a theory why during Moses Dajjal was a free man and during Muhammad Dajjal suddenly ended up chained in an Island, then I couldn’t entertained the idea that Samiri and Dajjal is the same entity.

Thirdly, whereas it is true that the bull head Satan “Moloch” had been around pretending as God since the days of the Sumerian, the replica of Moloch as the golden calf was only introduced to the Jews during Moses lifetime. Now, we know that Dajjal is a Jew and his parents are both Jews as well. In fact, both Dajjal’s parent are worshipper of the golden calf ever since before Dajjal was born. Therefore the timeline between these two information doesn’t corresponds to each other. If Dajjal parent worshipped Moloch then that means Moloch as a golden calf had already been introduced to the Jews when Dajjal was conceived. But our religious texts sufficiently indicate that the first time the Jews were introduced to the golden calf was in the early days before the Exodus. Therefore, the only sensible explanation is that Dajjal was born after the golden calf had already been introduced by Samiri to the Jews and not before. That alone should be enough to convince us to say that Dajjal and Samiri is not the same person.

However, from a secular point of view it is a conceivable that Dajjal’s island is located within the Bermuda Triangle. I based my idea upon the fact that Bermuda Triangle is known to emit strong electromagnetic field.

Now, one could only be imprisoned if there’s something that prevents him from escaping, right? In the normal world, this usually refers to four walls built around the prisoner. Similarly, we also need a wall or a fence to prevent anyone from trespassing into our yard.

Building a wall is usually the most cost effective and practical method. However sometime the prisoner himself is so dangerous that even four corners of walls won’t stop him from moving in and out. Hence other than having a wall, fully armed security guards are usually placed all over the guarded area. The more dangerous the prisoner are, the more security guards needed to ensure security days and nights.

The fact that energy field is being emitted from the Bermuda Triangle and Mecca/Medina is very interesting if it is true Dajjal’s island is located somewhere in Bermuda Triangle.

The first secular theory about this came from American in the group (hey, he can have his say too because the story of the golden calf and the coming of antichrist is also mentioned in the bible). His said that it is possible that these electromagnetic shield somehow act as a “wall’ preventing the Antichrist from escaping the Bermuda Triangle. According to him, there’s a medical condition called “neuropathic pain” which could caused extreme pain to some people suffering from “Electromagnetic Hipersensitivity” (EHS).

A person who suffers Electromagnetic Hipersensitivity avoids MRI machine at hospital at all costs. They even avoid other normal things such as using the subway and talking via handpone too long.

His theory kind of interesting, but that didn’t answer our question why Dajjal is able enter all places in the world except for Mecca and Medina. Yes, we agreed that if Dajjal suffers from extreme form of EHS than that would explain why he couldn’t escape his temple in Bermuda Triangle and enter Mecca/Medina. But in order for the theory to be conceivable Dajjal had to suffer the most extreme form of EHS which in the end not only prevents him from entering Mecca/Medina, but also lots of other places in this world such as the subways in New York and near every high voltage electric grid in the world. So the EHS thing doesn’t add up to the literal interpretation of the hadith which stated that the only off limits area are Mecca and Medina.

Furthermore, if its true that Dajjal is suffering from EHS, then our problem is already solved. Just erect a few hundreds tower emanating electromagnetic and we’re saved from Dajjal. But we know it won’t be that easy.

Because our American friend had spoken, then it was understood at that time that the Muslims within the group had to come with something better (yet secular) or otherwise we will lose face to the audience. So the theory below was the best I could come up for such a short time.

I think the presence of strong electromagnetic field in these three places are actually caused by the huge presence of inter-dimensional beings. Therefore whereas the American argued that these magnetic fields are the “Wall”, I on the other hand say it was sort of traces produced by the “security guards”.

Why did I say that?

It is a common knowledge amongst paranormal investigators (i.e the ghost hunters) that the presence of inter-dimensional beings could cause a spike in electromagnetic readings. The theory is that spirits as inter-dimensional beings needed energy to manifest themselves and EMF meter may be able to detect this energy. We have seen this many times in television where paranormal investigators always bring with them an EMF meter to measure the derivative (rate of change) of the surrounding magnetic field.

The fact that all creatures in this world emit energy also had been confirmed by the Russians led by Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. Their technique, known as Kirlian Technique and Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV) are the breakthrough allowing them to capture by a special camera the mental and spiritual energy emanating to and from an individual, plants, liquids, powders, and even inanimate objects.

If it’s true that the presence of inter-dimensional beings could cause a spike in the surroundings energy, then the same spike could also be caused by the presence of angel in Mecca and Medina because angel by definition an inter-dimensional being too.

I think there’s no need to explain what lead me to believe there’s a massive gathering of angels in Mecca and Medina. I mean, the word “Holy Lands” itself should be sufficient to convey my argument. I have read with interest an article in about inter-dimensional beings and it said there the numbers of angel in this world is so large compared to humans that it would be stupid to put it down in numbers (we’re probably talking about quintillions here).

Bearing in mind that Angels were made from Light, then according to Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, ‘Light’ itself is the portion of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency range of about 405 THz to 790 THz. This in physics sounded small, but imagine multiplying that with quintillions of sources at one go and we have a theory why Mecca and Medina emitted unusual volume of energy.

I think it can make sense that there’s also a massive gathering of angel in the island where Dajjal is imprisoned. We’re talking about the most dangerous immortal prisoner the world will ever know. If it took a massive army of sword wielding angel to stop him from entering the Holy Lands, then by logic the same numbers are required to prevent him from escaping the island. These not to mention several billions other unholy beings also congregating near the area probably searching for this prisoner as we speak.

However, this theory of mine is totally unsupported by any proof, which make this article as good as reading a cheap science fiction story. I just came up with it because it sounded like a good idea to save face at that time. I mean, if that American can come up with an interesting theory in such short of time, then how embarrassing it would be if none of us Muslims could offer the alternative? It’s all about saving face.. ha ha ha..

The truth is, no one could be sure why Mecca, Medina and the Bermuda Triangle emitted such volume of energy field and whether this has any future correlation to Dajjal. Bermuda Triangle as a place where the island is located sounded like a good possibility because there seems to be a mysterious force of nature there preventing humans from entering it. The numbers of missing ships and airplanes is quite impressive in the Triangle, almost as though as these vehicles were approaching a restricted top secret area where they have to be shot down to protect its secret.

There’s a mainstream theory saying that the electromagnetic field in the Triangle is so strong that it’s capable of pulling down the airplanes from the sky. This is supported by discoveries of quite a numbers of shipwrecks in the bottom of the sea around the area. Hearing this theory I couldn’t help but remembering what my boss had said about her Umrah trips to Mecca recently. She showed me a video of her and a bunch of other passengers travelling by bus at the outskirts of Medina when suddenly the bus become heavy as though as it was moving uphill. She said this is a common knowledge amongst bus operators in Medina. This area right at the outskirts of Medina (which happens to be the border of Tanah Haram) has the reputation of causing automobile engine to work extra hard. It really does look like the bus was driving through a giant magnet.

Another thing about the Bermuda Triangle that reminds me of the Holy Lands is the Elixir of Life (Fountain of Youth). For those who have read my previous article “The Immortals”, I have explained in there that the Elixir is the real motivation behind Christopher Columbus journey to the New America. At some point when traveling through the Sargasso Sea and Bermuda Triangle, unusual things started to happen. In September 1942 the navigational compass went crazy for almost the whole month and in between of these events Columbus saw a phenomenon he described as “marvelous branch of fire fall from the heavens into the sea” on September 15th. Then on October 11, 1492 He saw another light on the horizon that remain unexplained until today.

There’s been intense debate in the Internet on what could cause the light that Christopher has seen on October 11. It would be interesting to know that prior to the light their navigational system went crazy in September as though as something was preventing them from moving straight ahead. Then after they had safely zigzagging through area, a light appeared in October as though as someone was sending them an emergency flare up in the sky telling them they have missed a an island.

There’s a strong opinion in the group that the Elixir of Life is located in the same island where Dajjal is imprisoned. That could secularly explain the immortality of Dajjal and why Christopher Columbus was instructed to sail there by Queen Isabella of Castile who probably heard it first from Ponce de León (Ponce de León later joined Columbus during the second Voyage just to search for the Elixir of Life).

The Elixir of Life is an interesting subject for me, especially I think about the healing properties of Zam-Zam water in Mecca and the stories I heard about the healing effect the Holy Land has on its population. I don’t know personally whether these stories can be confirmed (I haven’t had enough money to perform Umrah yet) but my mom keep saying that she feels very healthy when she stepped in into the Holy Lands. Currently my mom is planning to perform her 3rd Haj this time with my dad tagging along. My mom is quite convinced that once they both arrive in the Holy Lands, my dad’s health problem will temporarily healed during the duration of the Haj.

The healing property of Zam-Zam water was reported in Saheeh Muslim where the Prophet SAWS (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to Abu Dharr, who had stayed near the Ka’bah and its coverings for forty days and nights with no food or drink other than (Zamzam):

“How long have you been here?” Abu Dharr said: “I have been here for thirty days and nights.” The Prophet SAWS (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Who has been feeding you?” He said, “I have had nothing but Zamzam water, and I have gotten so fat that I have folds of fat on my stomach. I do not feel any of the tiredness or weakness of hunger and I have not become thin.” The Prophet SAWS then said: “Verily, it is blessed, it is food that nourishes.” (Narrated by Imaam Muslim, 2473).

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) also once said:

“Myself and others tried seeking healing with Zamzam water and saw wondrous things. I sought healing with it from a number of illnesses, and I was healed by the permission of Allaah. I saw someone who nourished himself with it for a number of days, half a month or more, and he did not feel hunger; he performed Tawaaf along with the other people just as they did. And he told me that he consumed nothing but Zamzam water for forty days and he had the strength to have intercourse with his wife, to fast and to perform Tawaaf numerous times”. Zaad al-Ma’aad, 4/319, 320.

I’m not really sure how earth energy and fountain of youth could correlates to each other. Whether the concentration of earth energy is what caused the healing properties of the elixir of life and the zam-zam water or whether it is the water itself that emits the massive burst of energy. This thing shall remains as mystery.

I do know however that the Luciferians had long equipped their satellite with the GDV technology that enables them to see aura around the world. That is probably the coolest technology ever. Not only they can watch us in night vision mode or infrared mode, they can even see all the way to our soul! Needless to say, the best upgrade of Kirlian and GDV technology could easily allow them to see inter-dimensional beings wandering in our world too.

I think I understand now why Imam Mahadi is just an ordinary men before he reach the age of 40. If God make him special from birth then for sure he can be detected by the satellite as a young boy with highest concentration of aura bursting from within him. It would be very easy then for the Luciferians to zoom in on him immediately and killed him while he’s young.
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  1. ok i read your story.. what a mixture of science into your al quran..... nice ,, definitely satisfied your denial syndrom...why rewrote scientific fact that already written by atheist white ppl? then blend into al quran? (haram lah)the fact is western ppl discovered electromagnet and put good use into our daily live...if al quran don;t know how to use nothing contribution to our world except violence in middle east then shut the fuck up..
    europe more advanced then middle east..because god blessed them more than you who bullshit about lie and story..observed your self and look at the mirror
    the fact is .. atheist is the one who know how to use electro learn from them how to use it.. not tried to related thier knowledge to your bible book to convince ppl.. that is pathtic loser.. if i were you.. i will keep al quran pure instead of bastardise the prayer into western technology advanced which make your story more rediculous and stupid..

    why not tell your story in the europe? they probably ask you to go back to your own cave..

    if white ppl didn;t discovered electromagmet... you won;t be writing this wont you ? you own version of al quran..

    ok your next story is al quran already mention about iphone before iphone is invented... because iphone is made of silicone electronic.. silicone was already discovered and mention and invented by god in the al quran... yeah right..

    1. @kas00, if u know such a great deal about the electromagnets then you should be sufficiently sensible not to misquote the person you are having a grudge against. The article was marvelous and you are just gibbering because you have no alternatives or contradictions......he never said that the hollywood sci-fi is mentioned in quran, he was just giving modern day proof of some incidents narrated in quran.....That's why they say....think before you u don't make a fool of yourself in front of the whole world!!!!!!

    2. awesome bro AnonymousJuly 19, 2012 at 11:04 AM, @kas00, you are like your name full of zero. Have some manners too. Im sad for you...

  2. @kas00 : maybe i'm wrong about this, but are you a western atheist? because i got several signals from you here. At one part you praised the western civilization for discovering electromagnet and accused Al-Quran for contributing "violence" to the middle east. Then there's a part where you want me to keep Al-Quran pure. If you're Atheist, and you pissed up with my article here, then I actually take it as compliment to get you so worked up with my article. Haha

    Please come back again and comments as you see fit. Maybe as time passes, you'll be blessed with wider perspective and we can have meaningful civilized discussions. One which is beyond just labeling each others.

  3. @kass00 : thank you again for commenting. you're a very interesting person of which I cannot made my mind yet of your profile. You are probably Malaysians and I assume you're a Non Muslim but I cannot made my mind on your race yet because you said "the reason why WE chase british out of malaysia". Usually only Malays consider themselves as the race who chased British out from Malaysia but how could you be Malays because you don't like any idea that science can be contributed or even linked to Al-Quran? The best I can guess so far is that you're a Malaysian non-Muslims, probably a white collar around 27-32 years old, a Non-Chinese perhaps, still single perhaps and a lady perhaps.

    The most interesting thing is you didn't even angry with me for assuming you an Atheist. I always thought any Muslims or Catholics would deny that at the first opportunity presented. Hmmmm.. :)

    Sorry for trying to profile you rather than answering you issue. It's a habit hard to get rid off especially when I encounter an intriguing person as you.

    Amazingly enough, what you have said are so similar to what some islamist extremist (I assume from PAS) had said about my previous article. So if it's okay for you, I will definitely reply to your issues in my upcoming article. You have given me an idea on what to write!! Horraahh..

    Please come back again once I posted my full reply in June (or maybe July depends on my work schedule) publication of my reply to you and several others who voiced out the same concern as you are.

  4. i enter mecca before.. there is nothing in it

    see here

    make sure you write this down ok?

    i don;t believe malay al quran.. but i do believe in arab al quran.... malay al quran is modified version to cater politic interest..that why i prefer video than reading your book that fool people..

  5. @kas00 : cool down Kas. Why are you getting worked up so much all the sudden? Did I hit a nerve or something? Anyway, you're can always delete my Blog from your memory bank if you don't like what I write. Remember Kas, my article is for those who wish to read it at their own free will and I never push my opinion down anybody's throat. I'm not even the in top ten thousand in bloggers sphere. So just relax, I doubt my article would change the course of history or change the way you are as much as you wouldn't be able to change the way I think and write. So just chill :)

  6. kas00,

    malay Al-Quran / arab Al-Quran? Wow that's a good one. Al-Quran is still Al-Quran, you cannot read just the translation of the Al-Quran, be it in Malay/Indo/Germany etc without the original arabic text. It's like reading Revised Standard Edition without the original Aramaic text, because Isa don't speak roman or english. And mind you we have plenty of Malaysian scholars who can speak/read/write arabic. I wonder how many can speak Aramaic. Do you?

  7. First, as a "unbeliever" we don't get caught up in what we call "street level differences" especially when you are aware if the absolute truth. The absolute truth is the fact that these religious scriptures be it the Quran the Torah or the Bible are not speaking literally. These books personify natural forces like earthquakes lightening volcanoes and more importantly the stars planets moon and sun. These books contain important encoded messages through esoteric knowledge passed down through history, the earliest known document is the clay tablets speaking about the epic in Gilgamesh. These stories can easily be decoded today with advanced knowledge in astrology and recognizing the 4 seasons. Jesus is nothing more then the personification of the annual cycle of the sun. Jehova is Jupiter, Judaism is based on the worship of the planet Saturn, hence the six pointed star. Lucifer the morning star is Venus, Abraham is abram which represents the zodiac age oh Aries and so on... Every religious character is simply a personification of a force of nature. Pagans know this, and have for years shown how Christianity is nothing original, all of it's stories are plagurism of ancient Pagan myths.

  8. On another note, besides the blind organized religious overtones, the idea of an ancient culture aware of and perhaps building megolithic stone structures in order to amplify a natural force is interesting. I remember seeing a massive stone, in Balbeck I believe, or maybe south America? Either way it had a snake carved into it and the stone itself was magnetic, so I figured maybe there was a connection to snake symbolism and magnetic energy. What is more exciting is the prospect of an ancient culture that unlocked the true mysteries of nature. Only to latter have it destroyed by religion? Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, government destroys freedom and religion destroys spirituality

  9. On another note referring the triangle, there is no mystery to it at all, human error combined with the fact that the compass points to the geographical location of the north pole instead of The magnetic location, along with the ocean currents and scattered islands explains how all the planes and ships disappeared, no methane gas or wormhole included! It is possible that because of the high electromagnetic energy that instruments for navigation failed or were interrupted. Disorientated pilots flew further out to sea when they thought they where going the other way, same with ships, major waves are possible. The triangle has nothing to do with the devil, or demons, or lost lands of atlantis

  10. Hi Afterdark,

    As salam. Bacalah surah Al-Hijr (terutama ayat 88-99). Selamat berjuang ya. We are with you.


  11. Since you talked about magnetic or electromagnetic field, let me point a few things which might be of interest to you:

    1. when u intersect a magnetic field, u can and will generate electrical energy (e.g. rotating dynamo on a bicycle, to generate light)

    2. the movement of people around an object in a circular motion (e.g. tawaf) generates some energy directed towards a certain direction (e.g. right-hand thumb rule)

    3. All types of water has different capability in storing energy. This is measured in Eh (Reduction potential). So, it might be possible that by having a different Eh, zamzam water has this distinct taste (when drank outside Mecca), and has powerful ability of healing (esp. in Mecca) due to high amount of energy adsorbed by the water. Please check

  12. Is there any other divine scripture that define the development of fetus inside mother's womb as perfect as the scientific facts?

    @kas00 the denial syndrom starts from you....yes absolutely inside Kaabah is empty. That's is not what is all about. It is the manifestation of believe. Please research more on this instead of learning from your master online (lowyat forum!!!???)

    There are evidences of Kaabah is the center of the earth and it is proven scientifically. Explanation of development of fetus where the doctor himself embraced Islam. Please watch this movie and you'll be amazed and surprized

  13. Kas 00 I think your comments were actually ridicules become this guy just has shown his opinion and then you Said that he was enjoying it but as a reader and philosophy teacher in university I think he reacted more like an adult become I would get pissed ate your comment when you swore at him to not mix culture when he wasn't he was just showing in his article facts that are releted in his opinion.
    I can say just this to the maker of this article well done because your article was interesting and at the same time it wasn't offensive to anybody I really enjoyed your article keep up with articles showing your opinion . One thing I know for sure is no matter the religion but we live for others and share our opinion help the other.
    Don't get demoralized by people who doesn't understand and make it personal I'm expecting another good article soon good luck ;)

  14. Yang mengaku Imam Mahdi sudah terlampau banyak sepeninggal Nabi Muhammad SAW banyak sekali silahkan lihat-lihat yang mengaku Imam Mahdi itu dalam sejarah islam, ditambah lagi gerakan New Age banyak agama baru muncul seperti ahmadiyah yang nabinya Mirza Ghulam Ahmad dia juga disebut sebagai Mesias, kalki avatar atau Imam Mahdi juga ada New Age movement baru yang namanya Agama Tuhan dari Riaz Ahmed Ghohar Shahi (silahkan buka dia juga mengaku Imam Mahdi atau sang mesias begitupun di Iran yang mayoritas beraliran Syiah banyak imam mahdi juga bermunculan mungkin di negeri Anda sendiri telah muncul Imam Mahdi-Imam Mahdi palsu. Mengenai Imam Mahdi malah ana lebih cenderung sosok Nabi Muhammad SAW karena rosullullah akan terus hidup dalam jiwa-jiwa Islam sampai akhir zaman, maaf bukan ana ana tidak mepercayai tentang adanya imam mahdi diakhir zaman berdasarkan al-hadits karena banyaknya imam mahdi palsu semenjak rosullah wafat hingga sekarang Bukti-bukti :

    1. Zoroaster (Persia, 660-583 SM), kitab suci: Avesta. Mati terbunuh dalam perang melawan Bactria (Balkh).
    2. Marcion (Roma, ± 144 M), pembentuk gereja Marcionite dan pemahaman Marcionisme.
    3. Mani (Persia, ± 242 M), pendiri agama Manichaeisme (al-Maniwiyah). Mati dibunuh, dikuliti, dan kulitnya diisi jerami dan digantung oleh Bahram.
    4. Daishan, pendiri aliran Daishaniyah yaitu suatu aliran ber-tuhan dua di Persia dari agama Majusi.
    5. Mazdak (Persia, 487-523 M), pendiri aliran Mazdakiyah (Serba Boleh dan Semua Halal), kitab suci: Zanda. Mati dibunuh.



    1. Amru bin Luhayyi, (dari Kabilah Khuza’ah), orang yang pertama kali merubah agama Nabi Ibrahim dan Ismail menjadi kemusyrikan dan penyembahan berhala.


    1. Al-Aswad al-Ansi (11 H/632 M) atau Abhalah bin Ka’ab bin Auf al-Ansi al-Madzhiji , seorang dukun dari Yaman. Mati dibunuh oleh Fairuz, kerabat istri al-Aswad.
    2. Musailamah al-Kadzdzab (usia 150 tahun, mati tahun 12 H/633 M). Memiliki pasukan 40.000 orang. Mati dibunuh oleh Wahsyi dengan tombaknya pada masa Khalifah Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq.


    1. Sajah binti Al-Harits bin Suwaid bin Aqfan at-Tamimiyah dari Bani Yarbu (mati tahun 55 H/675 M). Seorang dukun wanita yang mengaku Nabi di zaman Abu Bakar ash-Shiddiq dan kemudian dinikahi oleh Musailamah al-Kadzdzab. Setelah Musailamah terbunuh, Sajah melarikan diri ke Irak kemudian masuk Islam dan mati dalam keadaan Islam.
    2. Thulaihah al-Asadi (mati tahun 21 H/642 M). Masuk Islam tahun 9 H, kemudian murtad dan mengaku Nabi di Nejd pada masa Abu Bakar ash-Shiddiq. Setelah Abu Bakar ash-Shiddiq wafat, Thulaihah bertaubat (masuk Islam) kemu-dian mati syahid dalam penaklukkan Persia.
    3. Abdullah bin Muawiyah bin Abdullah bin Ja’far bin Abi Thalib. Sempalan Syiah yang meyakini reinkarnasi (kembali-nya ruh orang yang sudah mati) dari satu orang ke orang lain. Dia mengaku Tuhan dan Nabi sekaligus.
    4. Al-Mukhtar bin Abi Ubaid (Thaif, 622-687 M/67H), pe-nganut Syiah yang mengaku Nabi dan mendapat wahyu. Dia adalah saudara iparnya Abdullah bin Umar radhiyallahu ‘anhu. Mati dibunuh oleh Mush’ab bin Az-Zubair di Harura.
    5. Mirza Ali Mohammad (abad 19). Pendiri agama Babisme dan penganut Syiah, dihukum mati oleh pemerin-tah Iran tahun 1843.
    6. Mirza Husein Ali. Pendiri agama Bahaisme (pengganti Babisme) dan penganut Syiah. Mengaku Nabi tahun 1862 dan mati tahun 1892, kemudian dilanjutkan oleh anaknya, Abbas Efendy yang berpusat di Chicago.
    7. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (India 1835-1908). Pendiri agama Ahmadiyah. Kitab suci : Tadzkirah. Mati terkena wabah penyakit kolera.
    8. Rashad Khalifa (Mesir, 1935-1990), penganut Tasawuf dan perintis Ingkarus Sunnah. Mati dibunuh oleh pengikutnya dengan disembelih dan ditusuk-tusuk dengan pisau dapur.
    9. Asy-Syaikhah Manal Wahid Manna, wanita tersebut mulai melontarkan kesesatan sejak tahun 1995. Dan dipenjara oleh pemerintahan Mesir.
    10. Tsurayya Manqus, seorang wanita peneliti, cendekiawan dalam bidang sejarah dari Yaman.
    11. Muhammad Bakri, asal Yaman dan dibunuh oleh pengikut-nya, kemudian disalib di atas papan kayu.
    12. Muhammad Abdur Razak Abul ‘Ala, asal Sudan. Bekerja sebagai tukang jahit di Kairo.
    13. Santa Riaz Ahmed Gohar ia lahir di India pada 25 November 1941, di sebuah kota kecil Gohar Shah di wilayah Rawalpindi. Ibunya adalah ‘Fatimi’, keturunan Nabi Muhammad. Dia merupakan putri salah satu cucu laki-laki (dari pihak laki-laki) Sayyid Gohar Ali Shah. Ayah Beliau adalah keturunan salah satu cucu laki-laki (dari pihak perempuan) Sayyid Gohar Ali Shah, dan kakeknya terhubung dengan keluarga Mughal. Ia mengaku Imam Mahdi dengan mendirikan Agama Tuhan. situsnya
    14. Dan masih ada yang mengaku mesias palsu dari berbagai negara lainnya seperti di Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mesir, Libanon, India, dan Iran lainnya. Di Indonesia lokal tak luput tentang banyak yang mengaku jadi Imam Mahdi. Contoh : Komunitas Lia Eden, Ahmad Musadeq dan lain sebagai mungkin dinegara malaysia pun demikian pula ada sepeninggal Rosullah SAW.
    Silahkan Pilih Imam acak corak Imam Mahdi yang mana menurut keyakinan anda haa.....haaa...haaa


  16. Lantas mengenai dajjal Musa Samiri saya setuju pendapat Muhammad Isa Dawud karena ada al-hadits yang menceritakan yaitu hadits akhir zaman yaitu Hadits Jassasah, dan apabila dikaitkan dengan Musa Samiri menurut saya cukup relevan karena dalam al Quran setelah nabi musa kalimullah membuang abu lembu ke laut tidak diceritakan tentang kematian samiri ini begitu juga al hadits. Dan karena dajjal musa samiri telah berikrar dengan syaitan maka dia termasuk mahluk yang diberi tangguh hingga akhir zaman. silahkan anda kaitkan dengan ayat ini : Berkata iblis: "Ya Tuhanku, (kalau begitu) maka beri tangguhlah kepadaku sampai hari (manusia) dibangkitkan. Allah berfirman: "(Kalau begitu) maka sesungguhnya kamu termasuk orang-orang yang diberi tangguh, sampai hari (suatu) waktu yang telah ditentukan. (Al Hijr 15:36-38).
    Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal (Bahasa Arab untuk "Al Masih Palsu") adalah terjemahan dari istilah Syria Meshiha Deghala yang telah menjadi kosa kata umum dari Timur Tengah selama lebih dari 400 tahun sebelum Al-Quran diturunkan.
    Menurut tradisi Yahudi, mereka yang hidup pada akhir zaman akan menyaksikan yang tersirat dalam kitab talmud mereka
    1. Dikumpulkannya orang-orang Yahudi di pembuangan ke Israel yang ada secara geografis,
    2. Dikalahkannya semua musuh Israel,
    3. Pembangunan (atau penempatan oleh Allah) kenisah di Yerusalem dan dipulihkannya kembali persembahan kurban dan ibadah di Kenisah,
    4. Kebangkitan orang mati (techiat hameitim), atau Kebangkitan,
    5. Pada suatu saat, Mesias Yahudi akan menjadi Raja Israel. Ia akan memisah-misahkan orang-orang Yahudi di Israel menurut bagian-bagian wilayah sukunya yang asli di negeri Israel. Pada masa ini, Gog, raja Magog, akan menyerang Israel. Siapa Gog dan negara Magog itu tidak diketahui. Magog akan bertempur dalam suatu pertempuran hebat, yang mengakibatkan jauh korban yang besar di kedua belah pihak, tetapi Allah akan ikut campur dan menyelamatkan orang-orang Yahudi. Ini adalah pertempuran yang dirujuk sebagai Harmagedon. Setelah memusnahkan musuh-musuh terakhir ini untuk selama-lamanya, Allah akan mengenyahkan semua kejahatan dari keberadaan manusia. Setelah tahun 6000 (dalam kalender Yahudi), milenium ketujuh adalah masa kesucian, ketenangan, kehidupan rohani, dan perdamaian di seluruh dunia, yang disebut sebagai Olam Haba ("Dunia Masa Depan"), di mana semua orang akan mengenal Allah secara langsung."

    Untuk point satu jelas telah berdirinya negara israel raya, point 2 dikalahkanya musuh israel dan sekutunya jelas mereka telah berhasil menguasai dunia baik secara peperangan, politik, sosial, ekonomi, dan budaya. Negara anda sendiri sebenarnya secara tidak langsung baik secara ekonomi dan perpolitikan telah dikuasainya. Apa antum bisa menyanggahnya???
    untuk point 3 jelas yahudi sekarang telah membangun bait solomon yang didanai oleh Rothschild family pemilik Bank Uang sedunia dan ionis yahudi dan sekutu masonic dunia.
    Untuk point tiga menurut 4 dan 5 Ana mengisyaratkan yaitu kebangkitan islam dan point 5 siapa yang dimaksud Mesias (dalam islam dikenal imam mahdi) Yahudi akan menjadi Raja Israel itu atau kebalikannyanya kah???? Menurut risalah hadits al jassasah yang dimaksud mesias terakhir menurut keyakinan bangsa yahudi kalau menurut pertimbangan saya yaitu dajjal Musa Samiri tersebut. Siapa lagi emang ada lagi dajjal yang hidup cuma sebentar dan tidak punya kekuatan apapun...

  17. I just wonder why anybody wants to read articles from a blog that he/she dislike? Worst still, insulting the writer when the person him/herself offers nothing new. Keep on wondering.....

  18. Assalamualaikum whr,

    Looking at the date of this article, I thought I would do some necroposting here, but I'm glad that people are still giving their comments.

    Well, would like to share an interesting story that happened when I was a kid... I was in a car with my family members, dad was driving, I was sitting on the left side of the passenger seat. The car had to stop a little bit (not sure if it was due to traffic light or traffic jam). On my left side, there was this giant TNB power plant. I was fascinated by lots of wires and metals crisscrossing it. Then suddenly I saw two objects, metallic grey in color, which really fit the UFO descriptions to a T, sucking some electricity from the wires above me. I thought I saw the lightning buzzing between the wires and the objects, or it could be my imagination. I was a kid at that time, between 11 and 13. I kept quiet about what I had seen for a long, long time. And I've read some books by Muhammad Isa Dawud during my teenage years too, including the one you mentioned above.

    And there was this incident that happened when a colleague and I went to Bukit Gambang Resort, Pahang for a family day. My friend was driving, I was listening to my Sony walkman throughout the journey. Near, but before we arrived at the resort, my walkman was a little bit disfunctioning. I switched it off, afraid it was overheating (which is strange, coz I used to play it more than 6 hours straight without any problem). When we arrived at our hotel room, I tried to switch it on, but it was already damaged. At night, I took some pictures with my digital camera, only to be shocked by the battery indicator. It was almost depleted of power. I had charged it fully the night before, but I forgot to bring the charger for our two days stay. Could it be coincidence, or that we've passed some electromagnetic field that disrupt electronic things?

    I like many of your posts, keep it up!!

    1. Wow Kay, I never heard any stories on UFO's presence in Malaysia before. Yes there were some in the tabloid few years back but the stories about UFO's landing in the middle of jungle or near a kampung was a bit too good to be true. Can you describe the two objects you've seen? Like how big they are and the location of the TNB power plant? I assume the TNB power plant is also in Pahang?

  19. Well, I was describing two different situations here. The UFO thingie happened when I was a kid, the something-disrupted-my electronic-gadgets happened somewhere in February 2012.

    I couldn't really remember the place I had seen the objects, because it was a very long time ago (say 20 years), and my family traveled a lot (at least when I was around that age). Somehow it should be somewhere in Perak or Kedah, if I'm not mistaken. Never in Pahang, coz I just visited Bukit Gambang Waterpark for a holiday last year.

    You see, we can see those tiang elektrik and wires everywhere near the roadsides right? It was about that height, and it looked like they were sucking some power from those wires. Since the power plant was there, of course they were poles and wires leading to that plant too. __ __X| __ __

    __ is the electric wires running along the road, while | is the wires going to the plant. X is the symbol for the objects, each at __ and |. From my position in the car, they were about the size of medium/large cooking kuali, though not like kawah size la... hehe.

    But then, I could be mistaken, you know...

    That explanation aside, perhaps I should have informed you that I've experienced quite a number of paranormal things since I was 4 years old... though now in my adult years the frequency decreases (alhamduliLlah) ^^

  20. Salam... Berkenaan buku Muhammad Isa Dawud, saya dah baca bab 1 berkenaan samiri itu dan kalau lihat jalan ceritanya ada banyak ulang-alik dajjal ke pulau asal beliau semasa diselamatkan dari negeri asal beliau semasa masih kecil... susah nak cerita kat sini, tapi saya cadangkan tuan dapatkan di

  21. AoA
    Afterdark where r u. why silent for last many years?