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A week ago I had a conversation with someone claimed to be close to Labuan MP Datuk Haji Yussof Haji Mahal. We talk on all sorts of things mainly about politics and the role of Internet as propaganda tools. I even pointed out to him of the need to improve Labuan’s MP blog which I must say in dire need to good writers to prevent it’s readers from falling asleep. Luckily for the MP, his blog seems to 'cosmetically' improve (ehem!) in the past few weeks. Hopefully these cosmetic changes will be followed with better contents soon.

With him in the know, now it makes only two (2) persons in this world of which I have revealed my identity to. The first is this former Perwaja officer who identified himself as NSJN in 1998 and the second is this guy from Labuan.

Anyway, at one time in the course of conversation we talked about Prime Minister’s idea of 1Malaysia email.

Actually it’s not a bad idea. Coupled with a few amendments of the laws and there will be no misses opportunity to know whether our name is currently listed in any court’s proceeding. It’s also a good way of reducing government agency’s dependency to papers which undoubtedly will lead to saving the forest.

Unfortunately the lack of in depth understanding of the IT world had lead to the Prime Minister’s failure to return the salvo when the opposition started firing at him on this. The opposition - no doubt also share the lack of understanding of the real IT world - was merely armed with the RM50 millions issue, a very easy threat to neutralize. Unfortunately the Prime Minister merely replied that the RM50 million would be undertaken by the private sector that will spearhead the project (reference).

Sigh, what a missed opportunity on propaganda point of view.

I hope the project will survive the opposition’s onslaught. The email project would be a very beneficial project, a leap towards others more paperless project nationwide. I think the project will paid itself in due course. Considering how much money the government could save by freeing itself from dependency from papers that alone could save several millions of taxpayers money every year.

Then in due time the email will lead to rapid elimination of red tapes around the country between the government, the private sectors and the public and that would give boost the country’s economy. For example, it would be very helpful for online transaction if buyers and sellers could communicate online knowing well that if things goes wrong, the email could be used non-contentiously as evidence in court. For honest online vendors, it would be a dream come true if they could assure any potential customers that they’re legitimate vendors and traceable. I think the only people who would hates the idea are internet hustlers who over the years depends on ensuring they can mask their identity while transacting online.

The counter proposal by DAP that the government ought to spend RM50 millions on nationwide wifi instead is stupid. I don't know who planted an idea in his brain that the cost of erecting wifi towers nationwide would be cheaper that establishing a central email server. When redtone wanted to expands its paid wifi service (i repeat.. "paid") to Sabah, that alone swallow a cost of RM10 millions and even such money so far only cover the town of Kota Kinabalu and Tawau. Spending RM50 million could probably covers a few other towns in Sabah but certainly not sufficient for the entire country. Even TM needed billions of Ringgit to upgrade its natiowide coverage from GPRS to 3G, so where's the sense that RM50 millions could lead to natiowide wife service?

The only downside of the email project is the indication that it will be the sole property of private sector rather then being controlled by the government. I hope someone close to the Prime Minister could warned him not to let the project be controlled by Tricube Berhad. Having every single Malaysian personal data registered into one single server is a dream come true for any body corporate driven by profits rather than conscience. The money it can generate from advertising alone will make the spending of RM50 millions looks lame, not to mention the intelligence data it can provides to our Singaporean neighbor. They would drools to buy it off. Haven’t we learned from Thailand’s mistakes yet? In 2006 when Thailand Prime Minister sold Shin Corp to Temasek Holdings, every seniors from Thai’s intelligence community was screaming “beware! espionage!” to the government which eventually led to Thaksin’s falls from grace.

Considering that Shin Corp as a dominant player in Thailand's information technology sector would be sold to an investment arm of the Government of Singapore, then the concern is well founded, because as Thailand’s defense minister have said it, the intelligence community was concerned Singapore's takeover of Shin Corp could allow the city-state to eavesdrop on Thailand with the Shin Corp's satellites.

So I hope this 1Malaysian project would not turned out later to be another spying saga of our country. Like Shin Corp, Tricubes Berhad is also a company specializing in information technology and someone in near future would be very interested to acquire it if the government failed to exert total control on the company. And while we are at it, could someone tell Tricube board of Directors to change their company logo?! It always worries me whenever I see any company with logos resembling a pyramid on it. Call me paranoid but anything related to 'tri' (the number 3) and anything looks like a pyramid always reminds me of the Illuminati. But I'm sure this is just me being stupid and paranoid. I'm sure the Prime Minister had instructed the MKN to do thorough check on the company's background.

The project should continue of course, provided that there's a way to make sure that there would be no breach of security later. For that, I still think its better to hold a grip on it permanently rather then letting the server’s fate be decided by the board of directors.

I think every major project with such magnitude ought to be tested thoroughly before it’s unleashed to the public. It would be in government’s interest to test any system at small scale to see whether it will poses any unwanted problems later on. That would have been very relevant also to any new political ideas that the government would want to introduce to the society.

The Luciferians had been known to execute a small scale experiments before they went for the ultimate hunt. The 2001’s Malay-Indians riot in Klang Lama carries with it all the usual hints that the riot was part of the sociology/psychology-related experiment to test the limit of racism in Malaysia. Similarly what happened in Perak when the Opposition briefly ruled it was clearly an small scale experiment to see how the Malays would react if the Opposition start dismantling the Malays Monarch in near future. It makes sense, Perak is small yet bestowed with the strongest Monarch compared to other States. If the experiments went out of control then it could be easily dealt with due to Perak’s size. But if the experiments went as good as they want it to be then there’s great deal of hope for them to create a Republic without as much as resistance from the Malays. Unfortunately for us Malays, we failed spectacularly against their plotting in Perak. Many Malays from the opposition party had chosen to hate their own King in Perak. It went up to the point where UMNO itself had to plot to take over Perak through technicality.

Now the Perak experiment had been concluded, our Monarchs are in more danger than anyone could imagine.

I have been thinking of an ideal place for our government to conduct its own experiments. Ideally speaking it has to be a small place and both politically and logistically controllable. An island is a good place if there’s any because what’s in and out of an island can be easily monitored. To make it more ideal, the island must have a good balance of blue and white collars working class to mirror the country’s population. To better mirror the urban cities in this country, the island had to be developed.

Langkawi is probably a good place if not because of its close proximity with Kedah. Similarly Putrajaya a (even though it’s not an island) is a good place too but both these places are now too close to opposition’s base to serve the purpose.

Hence the only remaining good island – I think – is Labuan. Logistically developed but yet still a sleepy island under the firm grip of UMNO government. Better yet, Labuan like Putrajaya didn’t answers to any other states because it is governed directly by the federal government (a.k.a UMNO). However, Labuan is still politically / socially affected by Sabah and Sarawak because of its close proximity with them. This is good considering that these two states are still the strongest stronghold of UMNO.

It’s time Labuan takes its place in our political landscape. Any new technological/political ideas the government wants to unleash to the general population ought to be tested on Labuan to see the pro and cons that will follows. An army of MKN officers also ought to start a base in Labuan to collects data of Labuanites behavioral pattern while these new ideas are being implemented. Knowledge is power and Labuan seems perfect to start a mine.

Prior to my meeting with Mr Labuan, someone emailed to me with with an idea to eject all Chinese representatives in the cabinet as a proper response to the recently held Sarawak election. At the time being I wouldn’t agree with the idea. For me the best course of action for now is for the Prime Minister to maintain (on paper) his politically correct policy in governance, while we in the grass roots start rigorously campaigning for 1Bumi. That way the Luciferians from foreign soil had nothing bad to write about the Prime Minister while we are free to rise the tidal wave of Malays Unity amongst younger generation.

However, since the Prime Minister had sort of announced that no Chinese would be elected into cabinet if UMNO managed to win the election in absence of Chinese’s vote, then maybe we ought to see how that might works in real life. A small-scale experiment should be next in the list even though I’m not willing to write about it here and I’m certainly not saying it should be tested in Labuan.

But on personaly level, I think testing the 1Malaysia email project on Labuan still is a good idea. Let unleash the beta version on them and take notes of what they hate and love about it. Lets new email be displayed via ATM machines and see how that would improve its wide spread usage.

Once the data had been collected and all programming bugs / security leaks fixed, the full version can be unleashed to the entire nation with fewer risks of political ramification.

P/S: The "Labuan Experiment" idea in this article is mine alone and nothing to do with Mr.Labuan so please spare any Labuanites from your prejudice.

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