Saturday, October 27, 2012


If you're a prepper then you ought to know why I posted this youtube video here.

If you own a gun that would be great. If you can afford to buy a crossbow that would be awesome because a crossbow can be used to shot both a metal ball or an arrow. However if you couldn't afford a crossbow, then you can opt to buy at least two high velocity slingshots, several boxes of metal balls and a minimum of 10 arrows.

(you need two slingshots - one to shoot a metal ball and the other to shoot an arrow)

When a marauder with a baseball bat is at the gate you can start pelting him with metal balls just to deter him from entering your house, but if he came with a machete then switching to arrows might be unavoidable.


High Velocity Slingshot = RM13.00 x 2 = RM26.00 (click here)
Metal Balls (100 per box) = RM20 x 5 boxes = RM100 (click here)
Arrow = RM18.00 x 10 minimum = RM180.00 (click here)

Update: A fan by the name of fadz sent an email to me strongly advised me not to buy any arrows from because according to him he had recently purchased RM18.00 x 10 arrows from the seller Josef and was shocked to see that all the arrows he received are uselessly blunt. According to fadz It turn out that there are two type of arrows, one with a blunt point (for playing-playing and target practice) and the other is the sharp one for hunting. The one for sale in Lelong is blunt arrow and is no doubt useless for preppers like us. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GPS versus AES

Thank God I'm staying in Sabah because:-

  • There's no Tol here
  • There's no AES (yet) here
  • By average, due to zig-zagging condition of the road, the average speed is 80-100KM per hour anyway.

But even as I drove around town and during long distance journey to Labuan, I always manage to control the cruising speed of my car below 110km/h tops. This is thanks to the cheap GPS software I installed in my phone. The software I currently use were originally created to remind users of approaching locations such as bus stops and train station. In my case however, I use it to remind me the approaching 'hotspots'.

(Note: Android users can download 'GPS Alarm' from Googleplay for free. In my case I'm using 'GPS-Action' for my Nokia phone)

Because in Sabah the road condition are severe at certain area, then I have develope this habit of programming my phone GPS with my own `hotspots' (actually in GPS language it's called 'waypoint'). Currently my 'GPS hotspots' are:-

  • Pot holes
  • Damaged road
  • and suitable places by the road to stop and pee

If AES ever reached Sabah (of which I doubt it due to possible widespread vandalism), I have my own plan against it. Instead of risking having to pay RM300 per summons, I will try to make sure that every places where the cameras are located is programmed as 'hotspots'. That way, as I was approaching the AES cameras, the phone will issue an alarm and let me know that I should slow down my car.

I'm not sure if thare's a way to stop the implementation of AES. From a legal standpoint alone, issuing a polical order stopping the AES is like giving away money for free to those companies who already been contracted to install and make money from the system. Oh I'm sure they wouldn't mind Najib banning the AES now.. All they have to do is call their lawyers and the government will have no choice but to pay hundreds of millions of ringgits to compensate them for breach of contract. Remember those companies already contracted to build Jambatan Bengkok during Tun Mahathir era? They make a huuuuuge profit after Pak Lah issued a stupid order terminating the project.

Furthermore, I think we all ought to think outside the box. The implementation of AES is actually a perfect crime prevention tools. Criminals who have just robbed the banks, snatch a beg, murder someone or kidnap a children are prone to drive over the speed limit during gateaway. I actually would recommend the government to upgrade the AES camra lens and make it able to snap a picture of EVERY cars on the road in the past 3 months. This way the police will be able to track the movement of every cars driven by criminals in this country.

In my Facebook recently this 'Facebook friend' of mine Syed Alfian Barakbah told all his 'friends' that due to AES summons he just received, he just discovered that there's an impostor out there using his car's plate numbers. Yes it's rather troublesome to lodge a report to the police and the JPJ but at least he now knows about it before that impostor did something worse like running over someone on the road. See the beneficial side of AES in crime prevention?

I personally think that all BN bloggers out there ought to tackle the AES issue from outside the box. Yes it's absolutely true that implementing the AES before the general election is politically very unwise indeed. However what's done is done and at this point trying to pressure the government to temporarily stop the AES is equal to a huge legal mistake that will translates into huge financial loss if the government abide to such demand.

Please take my word for it when I say that those companies who ran the AES system are probably praying day and night right now hoping that Najib will abide by these pressures from within. If Najib issue a press statement today calling off the AES, they probably will file their legal suit seeking billions of ringgit compensation in less than 24 hours.

Rather than these bloggers spending day and night writing articles trying to pressure the government to call off the AES, why not spend time instead telling their readers the exact GPS location of every AES cameras around their area? That way their readers will know how, where and when to defeat the purpose of the AES.

Now for the PDRM and the National Security Council, since the AES camera is being installed around KL where crimes are rising, then I would strongly suggest to take this golden opportunity to use it as crime prevention and espionage tools. Even better if they can installed one in front of US and Singapore's embassy in the pretext of enforcing road traffic laws there ha ha ha..

And for the government, I think it's time to let the head rolls in order to appease the public's anger. Whoever caused the AES to be implemented hastily before PRU13 without proper studies on how the people will react, that 'somebody' ought to be fired pronto.

This hasty implementation of AES has revealed many weaknesses in its technical aspects which is too unfair for the unprepared public. To fine RM300 at the early stage of AES is too unfair to begin with. The public ought to be given a grace period of one year to familiarize themselves with the location of AES before imposing a full fine of such offenders.

And for all BN bloggers (but I doubt many read this article), I hope some of you can start write a list of all GPS locations where the AES cameras are located. 

Monday, October 22, 2012


I've received my 'Vacuum Sealer' last week but my wife and I only started using it tonight. Tonight we are storing 5 kilogram rice and dried anchovies in several plastic bags.

This thing is rather amazing. It basically sucked out all air from the plastic bag. In this video my wife and I were sealing 10 cups of rice into a cheap plastic. As you can see here, it manage to suck all air out from the bag that eventually the package itself become harden (you can even knock on it).

I'm sure the rice can easily last for many years this way.

(Yes, that was my wife's voice you've heard in the early part of the clip. I was telling her not to let her voice be heard but it was too late. The drumming noise at the background is my two daughters on the first floor playing).

(At first, the video wasn't that bad when I upload it to Youtube. But after allowing Youtube to 'stabilize' the video it's end up getting worse. But at least you can still view it)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The first spark that led me to become a prepper is not the 'doomsday prepper' documentaries by the Discovery Channel. Yes of course the documentary itself is a huge influence that make me feel normal being a prepper (it turned out there's many 'freaks' like me out there) but the first time I began to think about it is when I watched this depressing movie by Isao Takahata. At first I thought this movie is like the rest of Ghibli Studio's happy ending stuff. Boy, was I wrong.. in a good way.

I strongly suggest you to watch this movie. The story is not about a bunch of preppers storing foods for doomsday so it might not struck a chord with everybody. But if you're a parent with small children to care for.. you'll experience the depressing sadness that only a parent could ever understand.

The most memorable statement I've ever heard from a friend a decade ago was when he said "if my baby girl is standing in the middle of the road with a 7 tonnes truck coming toward her and the only way is to save her is to push her aside and let myself be flatten till my brains spilled all over the road - i'll take it smiling ear to ear".

It's touching to hear statement like that especially when it also reminded me the story I read somewhere about what happened during Einsatzgruppen when the Nazi promised the men that their families would be spared if the men let themselves be killed and the men - hoping that would save their wives and children - were all willingly dug the hole before jumping into it and be shot.

It also reminded me to the true story of how the Columbian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar - while on the run in the jungle - didn't even blink when he throw two millions dollars of cash money into the fire in order to save her daughter from hypothermia.

The love parents has for their children is the only consistent feature that God had given too all human beings (which means that those who abused or tortured their children is worse than Pablo Escobar and ought to be impaled to death). It's stronger than love to spouses and for the weak in faith could even be stronger than love to God. This is particularly true for the vast of marjority of people because whenever their children passed away they always have this tendency to blame God for the death of their children.

In situation like this faith and knowledge is crucial to understand that everything happens for a reason. God would never 'punish' the children as some parent would usually think. If God decides its time for the child to return to Him then it must meant that He was rescuing the child from a very terrible thing that would have happened should the child stay on earth.

I will write about this in later article "Tiada Musibah Dalam Islam".

In the meantime, please consider this after you've watched the movie - the only thing you might suffer as a prepper is being considered a 'freak'. Other than that you won't suffer any other loss because like I said in my previous articles, preparing for the rainy day won't lead to any financial loss whatsoever.

If you as a parent are willing to be flatten by a 7 tonnes truck for the sake of your child.. then why is it so difficult to spend a bit to store food for your children? With a proper technique the food won't go bad for a long time and that means there's no element of waste.

If there's no waste then it's not a sin.. okay!

P/S: This is the perfect movie to 'convert' your wife into supporting your 'prepper' idea. Let her watch the movie until all the tissues in the house were soaked wet before you begin to suggest the prepping idea (for example start with a question "could you imagine our child goes hungry like Setsuko in that movie?". It works for me!! (hopefully my wife wouldn't read this)

Monday, October 15, 2012


1. UMNO itu pernah menjadi pejuang yang tulen, sehinggalah Anwar masuk dan telah merusak dari dalam.

2. Dan PAS itu juga pernah menjadi pejuang yang tulen, sehinggalah Anwar juga masuk merusak dari dalam.

3. Sesungguhnya UMNO pernah memuja Anwar sepertimana PAS kini sedang memuja Anwar

4. Dan sesungguhnya PAS suatu masa nanti pasti akan membenci Anwar sepertimana UMNO kini sedang membenci Anwar.

5. Sesungguhnya UMNO dan PAS sebenarnya adalah bersaudara atas bangsa yang sama dan agama yang sama, cuma nama yang berbeda.

6. Dan sesungguhnya UMNO dan PAS itu juga berkongsi nasib malang yang sama, hanya dalam timeframe yang berbeda.

6. Syukur UMNO telah menyedarinya dan sekarang cuba memperbaiki.

7. Dan mudah-mudahan PAS akan menyedarinya sebelum segalanya terlambat.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Sebenarnya saya pernah bercadang untuk tidak terlalu memberi komen politik didalam blog saya ini. Apatah lagi nak memandai-mandai mengajar hukum hakam lagilah saya tak berani sebab saya pun bukan ulama.

Lagipun ini saya sekarang ialah blogger AfterDarkWrites yang membawa amanah the Watchers Group bagi menyebarkan maklumat yang jauh lebih mendesak daripada sekadar politik Malaysia. Jadi tidak sepatutnya saya terbawa-bawa dengan rentak saya ketika menjadi webmaster untuk laman web anti-reformasi 'AnwarGate' sewaktu saya masih di universiti pada 1998 dahulu.

Tapi isu terkini menyangkut kepada kenyataan terkini ustaz Nasha ni saya kena komen sikit.

Dibawah ini merupakan petikan daripada MalaysiaKini


Kumpulan mahasiswa Islam mendesak Majlis Syura PAS mengheret bekas timbalan presiden parti itu Nasharuddin Mat Isa ke tribunal hisbah kerana kenyataannya tentang kemenangan Islam sebelum ini.

Presiden Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam Universiti Malaya (PMIUM) Syis Abdul Kadir mendakwa, kenyataan Nasharuddin bahawa "kemenangan Islam tak pernah dibantu orang kafir" mencemarkan nama Islam dan memberi tanggapan buruk kepada kepimpinan Islam.

"Tegasnya saya mendesak agar Majlis Syura PAS membawa Nasharuddin ke tribunal hisbah di atas kesalahan yang dilakukan serta memberi hukuman sekurang-kurangnya digantung keahlian PAS.

"Ini adalah demi menjaga keharmonian dan imej Islam," katanya.

Persatuan yang dekat dengan pembangkang itu juga berhujah, terdapat banyak kerjasama politik dan perkongsian kuasa dalam sirah yang membina kemenangan Islam, seperti konsep himayah, peristiwa hilful fudhul dan pembukaan kota Madinah,

"Apakah beliau benar-benar tidak menyoroti sirah Rasulullah SAW serta peranan dan keperluan tahaaluf siyasi (kerjasama politik) atau buat-buat jahil?" soal Syis.

Nasharuddin pada 9 Oktober lalu berlata seorang pemimpin parti itu pernah memberitahunya bahawa kemenangan Islam tidak pernah dibantu oleh orang kafir tetapi hanya oleh umat itu sendiri.

Komen Saya:

Saya akan cuba sampaikan point saya seringkas dan se'universal' yang mungkin. Para pembaca pun tahu bahawa kami di dalam kumpulan Watchers mengambil pendekatan menjelaskan Islam secara common sense yang boleh difahami oleh semua orang tidak kira samada Islam atau bukan Islam. Lagipun Islam itu kan 'straight forward' dan mudah difahami oleh itu walaupun saya tidak terlalu merujuk kepada kitab pun sepatutnya boleh juga point sampai.

So kepada puak-puak yang sekarang tengah 'membelasah' kenyataan Ustaz Nasha tu, saya cuma nak tanya soalan ini?

"Dalam sejarah Tahaluf Siyasi di Zaman Rasulullah dan Sahabat, pernah tak Tahaluf Siyasi itu berlaku dalam keadaan di mana pihak Islam adalah pihak yang lemah sehingga yang menetapkan kandungan persepakatan itu adalah sebenarnya orang bukan Islam?"

Get my point adik-adik mahasiswa sekalian?

Saya bukan ulama tapi kalau persepakatan atau perjanjian itu orang kafir sebagai penuntut (kerana kuat) manakala orang islam sebagai tukang ikut (kerana lemah), itu bukan Tahaluf Siyasi adik-adik mahasiswa oiiii..

Sewaktu Peristiwa Sirah memanglah Rasulullah ada membuat perjanjian persepakatan dengan golongan musyrikin, tapi jelas tu disitu bahawa Islam di pihak yang dominan manakala musyrikin pula adalah pihak yang mengharap. Walaupun perjanjian Hudaibiyah seolah-olah melebihkan kepada orang musyrikin namun hakikatnya kaum musyrikinlah yang menghantar Suhail bin Amru menemui Rasulullah terlebih dahulu kerana takut dengan tindakbalas kaum Muslimin setelah tersebar khabar angin mengatakan Uthman bin Affan telah dibunuh.

So secara common sensenya, persepakatan pembangkang sekarang bukan Tahaluf Siyasi sebab yang dominan dalam persepakatan bukanlah PAS tapi DAP. DAP yang dominan manakala PAS pula ikut-ikutan sebab nak merayu undi cina (ini bukan saya cakap.. Niz Aziz sendiri yang mengaku).

Kalau penyokong Pakatan betul betul nak lihat contoh Tahaluf Siyasi yang pernah berlaku di negara Malaysia maka sila baca sejarah persepakatan UMNO dengan GERAKAN selepas peristiwa 13 Mei. Haaaa itu barulah Tahaluf Siyasi yang sebenar. Generasi muda sekarang semua dah lupa bahawa Parti Gerakan pada tahun 1969 adalah parti ektremist cina anti-melayu yang sama harbi dengan DAP dulu dan sekarang. Malahan peristiwa 13 Mei itu sendiri bermula apabila Dr. Tan Chee Khoon dari parti Gerakan meminta kebenaran polis untuk berarak meraikan kemenangan parti tersebut di Selangor.

Tetapi selepas 13 Mei orang cina dalam ketakutan kerana takutkan pembalasan orang-orang melayu. Pada waktu itu boleh saja UMNO membalas dendam dengan menindas orang-orang cina jika UMNO mahu tapi Tun Abdul Razak memilih untuk ber'tahaaluf siyasi' dengan parti Gerakan dengan menerima permohonan maaf parti Gerakan dan membenarkan Gerakan join Perikatan. Tun Abdul Razak buat begitu sebab tidak mahu kitaran keganasan dan dendam berterusan.

Lihat saja bagaimana UMNO telah men'convert' parti Gerakan selepas itu? Parti Gerakan selepas itu bertukar daripada parti ekstemist cina kepada parti liberal cina yang mengiktiraf kekuasaan politik orang-orang melayu.

Pernah tak selepas 1969 parti Gerakan menuntut agar hak orang melayu dihapuskan? Pernah tak Parti Gerakan menentang Raja-Raja Melayu? Pernah tak parti Gerakan menuntut menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri? Pernah tak parti Gerakan mempertikai dasar Islam di negara ini?

Tak pernah bukan?

Persepakatan di mana kaum Muslimin mengetuai persepakatan tersebut barulah boleh dianggap Tahaaluf Siyasi. Dalam Barisan Nasional UMNO adalah dominan manakala MCA dan GERAKAN adalah sekunder. Dalam Pakatan Rakyat pula keadaannya terbalik di mana DAP yang dominan manakala PAS dan PKR pula adalah Sekunder.

Tahaaluf siyasi apa ke bende macam tu?

P/S: okey penyokong pembangkang..  bring it on... tapi sila guna hujah common sense ye.. biar fair.. kalau asyik nak spin dan menyalahguna maksud hadis dan al-kitab.. ko pergi berdebat dengan kawan aku blogger Insan-Insan Pendakwah tu.. Dia ada CD collection kitab-kitab ulama.

Monday, October 8, 2012

JOM STOK BERAS - SINBO DZ-280/A Vacuum Sealer

Saya dah decide nak berkempen agar semua pembaca saya stok makanan dan jadi Malaysian preppers. Maklumlah tanggal 3-11 ni ada lagi BERSIH 4.0 katanya so nampaknya memang blueprint 2013 tu masih berjalanlah kan.

Okay, so saya ada terima beberapa tiga email dari `makcik-makcik' yang beri pandangan mengenai kempen stok beras saya (seperti dalam banner blog ni).

secara amnya, semua makcik-makcik tu kata beras rugi simpan lama-lama sebab masalah kutu beras.

Betul betul betul betul.. Saya pun tahu pasal kutu beras sebab saya dan isteri pernah simpan 12 karung beras selama setahun sebagai eksperimen. Beras ke-12 yang dimakan di bulan terakhir eksperimen memang tersangatlah banyaknya kutu. Tapi lepas dibasuh dan kutu dibuang masih boleh makan tau! Tak rasa berbeza pun.

Anyway, saya pun sedar gak untuk jadi 'doomsday prepper' saya kenalah simpan beras dan makanan kering lain untuk jangka masa melebihi 12 bulan.

So penyelesaiannya ialah.. Jeng Jeng Jeng

SINBO DZ-280/A Vacuum Sealer

Kalau nak beli sila masuk dan search keyword "vacuum sealer". InsyaAllah boleh jumpa. Harga RM300 lebih tapi berbaloi.

Rasanya para pembaca pun akan dapat tangkap point saya kenapa vacuum sealer ini boleh menyelesaikan masalah kutu beras.Vacuum Sealer menyebabkan segala udara dari pek simpanan disedut keluar. Oleh itu kalau tak ada udara, kutu beras dan bakteria pun tak boleh hidup. Masalah selesai.

Pasni ni Meggi Cintan dan Mee Kuning pun saya nak lenyek dan kemudian simpan dalam plastik vacuum. Pastu saya nak simpan tepung, ajinomoto, garam, gula, ubat-ubatan dan lain-lain.

Berdasarkan apa saya baca di forum 'Preppers' di Amerika, ada yang dah simpan beras 10 tahun pun masih nampak baru. Dengarnya susu tepung pun boleh tahan 5-6 tahun woooo. Lagipun vakum yang terjadi juga menyebabkan barangan menjadi 'leper' dan menjimatkan ruang.

Ada juga di tu vacuum compression bag untuk 'mem-vakum' dan 'meleperkan' pakaian. Saya nak beli gak ni untuk stok pampers hehe..

Kalau nak beli sila pergi Lelong dan search keyword 'vacuum bag'

P/S: Kalau nak beli vacuum sealer di, pastikan penjual online tu mempunyai reputasi yang baik. Kalau boleh belilah dengan cara C.O.D supaya barang confirm sampai kat tangan.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


My favorite show in the National Geographic Channel!!

My advice to all my readers is to watch the show and think hard...

Remember.. It took less than a year for a street demonstration in Syria to turn into bloodbath civil war as it is today.

The biggest Illuminati project "NUMBER 13" is looming around the corner of our country. It started out with the the rise of the Illuminati proxies on 13th February 2008 before the general election and now we are nearing the 13th General Election that took place in the year 2013.

Maybe it's just paranoia over the number 13, but then again - storing a few bags of rice, flour and canned foods won't caused financial bankruptcies.

Last year they have BERSIH 3.0 on 7-11. This year they're doing it again by planning BERSIH 4.0 on 3-11. Bearing in mind again that the Illuminati numbers are 3, 7, 9,11,13,33,39 then surely it couldn't be more obvious of who's sponsoring the opposition parties in this country.

Please don't give a crap of what others might say. Your friends might say you're weird. Your wife might say you're paranoid. Even your parent might say you're going overboard.

I say if you have nothing to lose by being a 'prepper', then it means you only have something to gain.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Strange Rituals
Director, Producer, Writer: Jan Wellmann

From Pol Pot's Cambodian genocide in the 1970s to Celtic druids of Ireland 2000 years ago, human history is filled with ritual killings. Some ritual deaths are voluntary as Rio Di Angelo tells an insider’s story of the Heaven’s Gate Cult, who committed mass suicide in 1997.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Seorang pembaca bernama 'zarconia' menghantar email kepada saya yang mana jawapan ingin saya kongsikan di sini (lain kali kalau nak komen penulisan saya boleh tak guna ruangan komen supaya jawapannya boleh dishare dengan yang lain?). Anyway saya cuba nak guna ruangan komen untuk menjawab soalan Zarconia tu tapi rupanya kat ruangan komen ni tak boleh menulis panjang sangat. So terpaksalah saya guna ruangan post artikel baru ni saja.


Terlebih dahulu ingin saya katakan bahawa saya ini manusia biasa yang khilaf dan pasti melakukan kesilapan. Jadi kalau tafsiran saya dibawah silap di mana-mana, harap tegur tapi janganlah maki plak. Kesian saya. Lagipun saya ni mentafsir secara sekular. Ramai lagi bloggers yang berilmu yang tafsiran mereka lebih tepat.


Saya nie peminat blog-blog dakwah dan kospirasi dan saya sering follow blogger seperti Mistifiles, Abatasa, Insan-Insan Pendakwah dan lain-lain. Dalam banyak-banyak pandangan mengenai kebangkitan panji-panji hitam di Malaysia, pertama kali saya membaca pendapat mengatakan bahawa tentera Imam Mahadi adalah berasal dari pelarian perang yang melarat! Bukankah kajian bloggers lain menyatakan bahawa tentera panji hitam itu akan bangun dengan gah menuju ke Mekah? Saya tak setuju dengan cerpen tuan itu dan saya harap tuan dapat membatalkannya dari blog tuan kerana ia merendahkan martabat pencetus tentera imam mahadi.


  • Alaaa.. sekadar cerpen hasil imaginasi saya jak. Bukan tulis dengan serius pun :)

  • Lagipun saya ni sekadar 'profiler' yang dalam bahasa melayunya bermaksud 'pentafsir' so cerpen itu hanyalah sekadar tafsiran yang sudah pasti tidak perlu diambil serius. Lagipun follower blog saya bukan ramai pun. 107 orang saja. So toksahlah cemas hehe.

  • Anyway, saya cuma memberi tafsiran alternatif kepada ramalan ramai bloggers Malaysia yang siang malam mewar-warkan panji hitam itu bakal terbit dari Tanah Melayu. Sekadar ingin saya peringatkan diri saya dan sahabat-sahabat bloggers saya bahawa kebangkitan Sinar Islam itu mungkin akan didahului oleh zaman kegelapan dan kesengsaraan. So saya yang pengecut ini personally lebih prefer kebangkitan itu bermula di negara lain (yang sudah memang sengsara seperti Iraq atau Afghanistan) sebab saya tak nak hidup sengsara. Saya nak terus berkereta, makan nasi dan hantar anak sekolah sementara menunggu kedatangan Imam Mahadi.

  • Bayangkanlah jika Afganistan yang sengsara itu ditakdirkan bukan tepat terbitnya bendera hitam, maka sudah pasti negara terbit itu akan lebih sengsara dari Afghanistan! Mak oii.. Simpang malaikat empat puluh empat! Anak-anak saya masih baby lagi.

  • JIKA panji hitam terbit dari Malaysia, maka tafsiran saya secara logik dan sekular adalah berdasarkan pemahaman kumpulan saya bahawa the universe work (a) literally (b) in a circle and (c)therefore causing repeated events like dejavu.

  • Didalam hadis sahih mengatakan bahawa tentera As-Sufyani akan cuba menghalang panji hitam tetapi tentera As-Sufyani akan ditelan bumi akibat gempa bumi di pertengahan jalan. Kalau tidak silap saya dalam peperangan mijahidin umat Islam adalah jarang sekali Allah menurunkan bencana alam untuk mengalahkan musuh Islam kecuali jika (a) tentera Islam itu sendiri dalam keadaan tidak berdaya (b) keadaan adalah sangat genting sehinggakan hidup matinya Islam adalah bergantung kepada menang kalahnya orang Islam. Kalau tak percaya lihat sahaja perang Khandak di zaman Rasulullah. Dalam banyak-banyak perang dizaman baginda hanya itu sahaja sekali perang dimenenangi kerana bencana alam. Lagipun mujahidin fisabilillah sebenar jika berpeluang untuk menang pasti akan diberi peluang oleh Allah untuk mati syahid kerana itulah tiket ke syurga (bukan macam tiket PAS). Lagi satu kita lihat senario Yakjuj dan Makjuj dimana selepas orang Islam dibawah nabi Isa gagal mengalahkan Yakjuj dan Makjuj dan hampir kebuluran barulah Allah menurunkan penyakit yang menghapuskan golongan Yakjuj Makjuj itu sehingga mayat mereka bergelimpangan. Kejadian yang sama juga seringkali berlaku di Chyechnya dan Afghanistan. Oleh itu berdasarkan pemerhatian ini saya memprofilkan bahawa gempa bumi yang menenggelamkan tentera As-Sufyani itu mungkin kerana tentera panji hitam pada ketika itu berkeadaan 'pasti kalah' dan 'pasti dihapuskan' jika bertempur dengan tentera As-Sufyani. Dan memandangkan senario itu adalah sama seperti perang khandak dimana ianya menentukan hidup mati Islam di bumi ini, maka Allah memerintahkan bumi menelan tentera As-Sufyani itu sebelum mereka sempat memintas tentera panji hitam.
  •  Okey, memang ada hadis (tak pasti hadis soheh atau meragukan) mengatakan bahawa tentera panji hitam itu tidak pernah terkalahkan dan malahan mampu mengalihkan gunung. Oleh itu mungkin tafsiran saya tersasar jauh. Tapi saya mentafsir bahawa tentera panji hitam itu hanya akan menjadi tentera fisabilillah imam mahadi apabila mereka diperakui (dibaitkan) oleh imam mahadi sendiri. Saya mentafsir bahawa tentera panji hitam itu tidak akan wujud secara masuk bakul angkat sendiri (self-proclaimed). Samalah juga Imam mahadi tidak self proclaimed dirinya Imam Mahadi semasa di Mekah. Oleh kerana dunia ini selalunya ironi dan lucu, saya mentafsirkan bahawa Imam Mahadi akan dibait oleh 9 orang yang salah satunya pemimpin kumpulan muslim yang membawa bendera hitam manakala tentera panji hitam itu sendiri akan dibaitkan oleh Imam Mahadi. Selepas dibait barulah mereka menjadi 'tentera mahdi' yang tak terkalah.
  • Saya mentafsir bahawa kebangkitan profile kebangkitan panji hitam itu ada ironinya dengan sejarah islam itu sendiri. Contohnya hadis mengatakan bahawa panji hitam dipimpin oleh 313 lelaki berhati waja yang secara kebetulan sama dengan sejarah perang badar yang tenternya juga 313 orang. Salah satu elemen penting dalam sejaran islam ialah 'Hijrah' dimana orang islan yang sengsara berhijrah untuk mengelak dibunuh. Elemen-elemen tafsiran ini saya saya ingin terapkan di dalam novel tetapi sebab saya ni pemalas sangat maka saya tulis cerpen di atas saja hehe.
  • Kepada penyokong PAS dan PKR yang mungkin kecil hati dengan cerpen saya di atas, saya nak minta maaf tapi apakan daya, kain hitam memang lebih sinonim dengan UMNO pun. Salah satu punca kemarahan orang melayu sewaktu pra-merdeka adalah pengenalan bendera Malayan Union. Orang melayu melilit kain hitam sebagai tanda bantahan. Malah ada yang mengatakan bendera hitam juga dikibarkan di Johor. So tu sebab saya tafsirkan bahawa jika Sang Saka Malaya yang bodoh tu dikibarkan menggantikan Jalur Gemilang maka orang UMNO akan kibarkan plak bendera hitam.
  •  Tapi mudah-mudahan cerpen saya tu sekadar satu repekkan saya saja hehe. Marilah kita berdoa bersama-sama agar Malaysia ini tidak ditimpa musibah. Kalau musibah sekalipun biarlah macam zaman jepun iaitu masih boleh balik kampung makan ubi.