Sunday, October 7, 2012


My favorite show in the National Geographic Channel!!

My advice to all my readers is to watch the show and think hard...

Remember.. It took less than a year for a street demonstration in Syria to turn into bloodbath civil war as it is today.

The biggest Illuminati project "NUMBER 13" is looming around the corner of our country. It started out with the the rise of the Illuminati proxies on 13th February 2008 before the general election and now we are nearing the 13th General Election that took place in the year 2013.

Maybe it's just paranoia over the number 13, but then again - storing a few bags of rice, flour and canned foods won't caused financial bankruptcies.

Last year they have BERSIH 3.0 on 7-11. This year they're doing it again by planning BERSIH 4.0 on 3-11. Bearing in mind again that the Illuminati numbers are 3, 7, 9,11,13,33,39 then surely it couldn't be more obvious of who's sponsoring the opposition parties in this country.

Please don't give a crap of what others might say. Your friends might say you're weird. Your wife might say you're paranoid. Even your parent might say you're going overboard.

I say if you have nothing to lose by being a 'prepper', then it means you only have something to gain.


  1. Last year i hav imagine that.

    Still not see any illuminati's actions in olympic2012,bersih campaign....

    But i still not give up. Cause i hav seen a lot of history that made by them(illuminator).

    What will happen at 13th General Election, still waiting it up. So together we pass through this game again.

    Insyallah, together we tied up our relationship, and stand for ummah. Don forget not to forget our 5 times prayer. :)

  2. Thank you for commenting.. Let hope and pray that nothing will happen after PRU-13.

    Nothing make me happier than to close this blog after PRU-13 if everything was as peaceful and peechy as we are now.

  3. Salam bro. The government should not flip-flop and take stern action against those who organize it and those who attented it since this can jeopardize our national security. Heck we should have Patriot Act a.s.a.p.

    1. Patriot Act in the USA is sort of like the Malaysian ISA. So previously we did have laws with similar purpose but unfortunately it has been abolished.