Saturday, October 27, 2012


If you're a prepper then you ought to know why I posted this youtube video here.

If you own a gun that would be great. If you can afford to buy a crossbow that would be awesome because a crossbow can be used to shot both a metal ball or an arrow. However if you couldn't afford a crossbow, then you can opt to buy at least two high velocity slingshots, several boxes of metal balls and a minimum of 10 arrows.

(you need two slingshots - one to shoot a metal ball and the other to shoot an arrow)

When a marauder with a baseball bat is at the gate you can start pelting him with metal balls just to deter him from entering your house, but if he came with a machete then switching to arrows might be unavoidable.


High Velocity Slingshot = RM13.00 x 2 = RM26.00 (click here)
Metal Balls (100 per box) = RM20 x 5 boxes = RM100 (click here)
Arrow = RM18.00 x 10 minimum = RM180.00 (click here)

Update: A fan by the name of fadz sent an email to me strongly advised me not to buy any arrows from because according to him he had recently purchased RM18.00 x 10 arrows from the seller Josef and was shocked to see that all the arrows he received are uselessly blunt. According to fadz It turn out that there are two type of arrows, one with a blunt point (for playing-playing and target practice) and the other is the sharp one for hunting. The one for sale in Lelong is blunt arrow and is no doubt useless for preppers like us. 


  1. Salam bro,
    maaf aku off topic..
    Khasiat 'durian belanda' dalam melawan pelbagai jenis barah..
    Juga 'buah tunjuk langit','pokok belalai gajah'dan 'daun tujuh jarum'.
    Minta disebar luaskan info.
    Tersentuh betul hati aku,melihat anak-anak aku sedang derita.

  2. As salam,

    Bro, AFAIK, buying/owning bow will not be an issue in our country. Crossbow is not legal here. Guns are a big no no. So in these "calm" times, it's a good investment to own a bow or two. Slingshots are great! I used it when I was still a kid back then.

    1. yes, fortunately a bow is still legal to buy in this country. I am thinking about buying one but the cheapest cost RM380 in Not that it's expensive though but I'm still hoping if I can buy a crossbow through a black market (few years back I manage to buy one for my dad). The good thing a bout slingshot is that you can shoot either a metal ball or an arrow with it, and most importantly it's cheap. A replacement rubber is easy to find around too.

    2. As far as i know ,sir.

  3. Prepper bros and sis ...

    The most importing thing in any critical prepper situation is clean drinking water. In any major natural disaster, war etc clean drinking water signifies the real and true situation between life and death, even how much you prepared. Water is everywhere but also contamination, pollution and waterborne diseases in these events.

    Clean drinking water allows you to reduce greatly on medication for waterborne sickness, contaminated drinks and foods.

    MojoWatcher has this great portable water filtering system. It is bit costly due to membrane nanotech (filters all viruses and bacteria) but it is worth as the life saver item. It can filter your urine! This is not ad promo. Worth checking out:

    1. It's an impressive technology.. but damn expensive :(

    2. Really damn expensive. Making graphene membrane is not so cheap even raw material graphite is. The membrane tech is so cool the size of the pores is less than 15 nm. The best water filtering is nanofilter it filters all viruses bacteria and dangerous multi-ion compounds (bigger size like salt etc) while allowing water and mono-ion elements to pass through unlike reverse osmosis that makes your water completely dead!

      Again on the pricing side it is very much cheaper that those multi-stage water filters ceramic based on local market via MLM that claim to cure so many things and forcing you to listen to their circles2 riching scam.

    3. If you put it like that then it's true.. The price is RM481.728 for LIFESAVER bottle 4000UF which definitely so much cheaper than the cheapest but non-mobile water purifier one can find in If you put it that way I guess RM481 is a good way to spend my money on. However I'm still wondering how much the final figure is especially if shipping cost to be included. Maybe it would be a good idea for me to write an article promoting this item if it turned out to be a wise prepping investment.

      However, as we're nearing 2013 then food should be on the top list because clean water is rather abundant in Malaysia. My biggest concern right now is not the nuclear fallout, virus outbreak or corona mass ejection that could wipe out the electrical grid. Instead I'm worry about how to future might hold in the aftermath of the 13th general election. I have this frightening nightmare about my family barricading ourselves in our house while youngsters were fighting with machetes on the street. That is one damn scary nightmare.

      P/S: can it filter pee and make drinkable?

    4. Start learning to grow ubi kayu. The roots are very rich with all the needed carbo and protein. Grows fast 4 - 8 weeks. Our ancestors survived on ubi kayu during dark periods for thousand of years ...

      Yes it can filter your urine and drinkable on emergency. Not recommended due high salinity of urine. As long your body can absorb then no hazard ... but your are putting back the salts your body removed initially ...

      Today very difficult to get clean drinking water except from tap and bottle. Kampung waters are not like 20-30 years ago unless you live at very top of the upstream.

      I invested on the Jerry-Can, can filter over 15000 liters per filter cartridge lifespan. Should be enough to provide a family clean drinking water for 5 years.

    5. A good water filter requires high pressure to push water molecules small enough to pass through small pores. Without high pressure, water molecules bonding force is so strong to let its molecules to break to pass through very small holes with ease defies laws of physics.

      So any water filter that claims to filter almost anything on normal water pressure or no pressure is a bull claim. Unless the holes are big and does not filter at all.

  4. Uyoo.. You spent over RM800 to buy the Jerry-Can size? Impressive! I wonder how much you have spend already buying rice? :)

    Anyway, now that you have bought one of this, please share with the rest of us its effectiveness and the total cost you've paid for it (I wish to know about shipping cost).

    I hope you can write in detail the benefit of this device in your blog and I will re-post it in my blog so as to spread the knowledge.

    I guess in survival situation this shall come extremely handy. I think those who planned to bug-in inside their house during riot ought to buy one just in case. Who knows we might have to drink water from trenches or polluted river while waiting for rain.

    Can it be bought online from any Malaysian re-seller?

  5. S&H around 55 pound for few bottles and cans. For really survival stuff get the bottle. It comes with scavenging sponge to suck up valuable water in the sponge.

    No local reseller. All online.

  6. Afterdark you should be very concerned of so many UFO sightings in the middle of night during moonlightless night nationwide. Lots of colorful flashes could be seen. What these UFOs searching beats me. Seems they were looking something important. Many sightings were unofficially recorded.

    1. Irony I used the same flashing technology to search something that couldnt be seen at moonless night. Daylight,lots of interference from the sun.

      Wow something or someone is using an alien technology. Now who suddenly has accessed to alien technology.

  7. assalamualaikum brother,
    i've been reading this blog while doing own reading about dajjal and kiamat few years back..saya beriman dengan hari kiamat, oleh itu sy percaya dengan peperangan akhir zaman.i dream of syahid..because of that i'm enthusiast of weapon collection and martial art..( i have to say here, i only collect legal weapon..hehe..)

    my brother in iman, if you do need bow, high velocity slingshot, arrow or 'the thing that u managed to buy for your dad' that u posted earlier, do email me at like you, i also keep my identity to myself, therefore it may take a while to respond..

    as for the water purifier, if u can get cheap price if buy in bulk, then count me in.i'm also being taken aback by the price of the item.huu..