Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GPS versus AES

Thank God I'm staying in Sabah because:-

  • There's no Tol here
  • There's no AES (yet) here
  • By average, due to zig-zagging condition of the road, the average speed is 80-100KM per hour anyway.

But even as I drove around town and during long distance journey to Labuan, I always manage to control the cruising speed of my car below 110km/h tops. This is thanks to the cheap GPS software I installed in my phone. The software I currently use were originally created to remind users of approaching locations such as bus stops and train station. In my case however, I use it to remind me the approaching 'hotspots'.

(Note: Android users can download 'GPS Alarm' from Googleplay for free. In my case I'm using 'GPS-Action' for my Nokia phone)

Because in Sabah the road condition are severe at certain area, then I have develope this habit of programming my phone GPS with my own `hotspots' (actually in GPS language it's called 'waypoint'). Currently my 'GPS hotspots' are:-

  • Pot holes
  • Damaged road
  • and suitable places by the road to stop and pee

If AES ever reached Sabah (of which I doubt it due to possible widespread vandalism), I have my own plan against it. Instead of risking having to pay RM300 per summons, I will try to make sure that every places where the cameras are located is programmed as 'hotspots'. That way, as I was approaching the AES cameras, the phone will issue an alarm and let me know that I should slow down my car.

I'm not sure if thare's a way to stop the implementation of AES. From a legal standpoint alone, issuing a polical order stopping the AES is like giving away money for free to those companies who already been contracted to install and make money from the system. Oh I'm sure they wouldn't mind Najib banning the AES now.. All they have to do is call their lawyers and the government will have no choice but to pay hundreds of millions of ringgits to compensate them for breach of contract. Remember those companies already contracted to build Jambatan Bengkok during Tun Mahathir era? They make a huuuuuge profit after Pak Lah issued a stupid order terminating the project.

Furthermore, I think we all ought to think outside the box. The implementation of AES is actually a perfect crime prevention tools. Criminals who have just robbed the banks, snatch a beg, murder someone or kidnap a children are prone to drive over the speed limit during gateaway. I actually would recommend the government to upgrade the AES camra lens and make it able to snap a picture of EVERY cars on the road in the past 3 months. This way the police will be able to track the movement of every cars driven by criminals in this country.

In my Facebook recently this 'Facebook friend' of mine Syed Alfian Barakbah told all his 'friends' that due to AES summons he just received, he just discovered that there's an impostor out there using his car's plate numbers. Yes it's rather troublesome to lodge a report to the police and the JPJ but at least he now knows about it before that impostor did something worse like running over someone on the road. See the beneficial side of AES in crime prevention?

I personally think that all BN bloggers out there ought to tackle the AES issue from outside the box. Yes it's absolutely true that implementing the AES before the general election is politically very unwise indeed. However what's done is done and at this point trying to pressure the government to temporarily stop the AES is equal to a huge legal mistake that will translates into huge financial loss if the government abide to such demand.

Please take my word for it when I say that those companies who ran the AES system are probably praying day and night right now hoping that Najib will abide by these pressures from within. If Najib issue a press statement today calling off the AES, they probably will file their legal suit seeking billions of ringgit compensation in less than 24 hours.

Rather than these bloggers spending day and night writing articles trying to pressure the government to call off the AES, why not spend time instead telling their readers the exact GPS location of every AES cameras around their area? That way their readers will know how, where and when to defeat the purpose of the AES.

Now for the PDRM and the National Security Council, since the AES camera is being installed around KL where crimes are rising, then I would strongly suggest to take this golden opportunity to use it as crime prevention and espionage tools. Even better if they can installed one in front of US and Singapore's embassy in the pretext of enforcing road traffic laws there ha ha ha..

And for the government, I think it's time to let the head rolls in order to appease the public's anger. Whoever caused the AES to be implemented hastily before PRU13 without proper studies on how the people will react, that 'somebody' ought to be fired pronto.

This hasty implementation of AES has revealed many weaknesses in its technical aspects which is too unfair for the unprepared public. To fine RM300 at the early stage of AES is too unfair to begin with. The public ought to be given a grace period of one year to familiarize themselves with the location of AES before imposing a full fine of such offenders.

And for all BN bloggers (but I doubt many read this article), I hope some of you can start write a list of all GPS locations where the AES cameras are located. 


  1. Excellent article. Complaints on AES is not something new. They have complained about saman ekor, speeding tickets, speed limits and anything that is on the road. Let's face it, most people do not want anyhing regulating them from doing whatever they want on the road, but on the other hand, regulations on other people is ok with them. I feel that AES is good, but certain groundwork should have been implemented first. Regulating on plate number manufacturing should be regulated. In the caseof your fb friend, JPJ and PDRM must have enough manpower to look into this matter.

    People can talk, debate and demo on the subject of AES, but safe to say that, if you are a law abiding driver, you won't even complaint about it.

    Instaed of mounting fb campaigns on "How To Bankrupt AES Company" and "No To AES" etc,maybe it will helpif they instead, drive carefully and safely, and caremore about their family and other road users.

    1. your point on regulating plate summoned recently due to my plate number not to the required standard...ok, maybe i m not a law abiding citizen or due to aesthetic feature of 'ah beng'car accessories shop..ha ha ha

      agreed , we should have long time ago standardize our plate number...interesting, like in some countries merely using prisoner to manufacture it...a job they called 'pressing plates'.

      and also tinted glass....wait, i ll just stop at that coz again due to aesthetic factor, mine sure 'kantoi' one ha ha ha!