Friday, July 1, 2011

WHAT IF? . . .

Last night there's an online gathering via Skype amongst the Malaysian members of the now defunct Watcher's group. Two other guests from foreign countries also join the meeting.

The issue was - How come no one amongst us realize about the 'nine seven eleven' (9.7.11) thing? I myself only realize it on 27th June when one other Malaysian member text me about it after reading my article. He also admitted that it only crossed his mind when he read my article where I wrote "..I don't think anything will happens on 9th of July because the Illuminati is all about numerology..". The first thing that clicked in his mind is the numbers 9/11 which is the nickname for the World Trade Bombing. Then a second later he began to remember the rest of seven unholy numbers of the Illuminati (3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39) and he realize the mistakes in my article. So he immediately texted me and called me an idiot.

That's not the point of the meeting anyway, the point is how on earth the numbers 9-7-11 managed to slip from our mind all these time? We're supposed to be the Malaysian profilers for the Watcher's Group for God's sake and we didn't noticed it earlier!

Which brings us to the important question. Have our 'defenses' been overcomes by the Illuminati mantra? I shudders to think that maybe we have.

Now, for you who wonders what the hell I'm talking about. Here's an explanation.

If you read my earlier 2008 article "Novus Ordos Seclorum & The All Seeing Eye", I've already told there about the gruesome fact that the Illuminist Priest performed human sacrifice as a gift to the bull-head Demon Moloch. I put it there (quote) "if one of these days the numbers of missing children continue to spike in our own backyard like what is now happening in US and other parts of the world, the I guess being paranoid is better than being too late."

Yes you heard me right. That was me telling you that some dead children were the victim of this black mass. The first time I've heard about it was from a Christian member of the Watcher's Group who shared with the rest of the group the Prophecy of The Lady of Fatima. Through time, the group share more newspaper clips and articles proving this is true.

The prophecy reads as follows: "Do not laugh and think it has become a big myth in your nation, and other nations of the world, that there is not murders being committed in the name of ritualistic sacrifices to satan. Many children and young have disappeared, never again to be seen, as they were disposed of after being used as sacrifice to satan, Lucifer"

This is as true as it gets, because The Illuminati sacrifice children in rituals eight times a year. According to Illuminati defector, The Illuminati count on people to be incredulous. That's their protection. The more egregious their crimes, the safer they are.

How is this information related to this article?

Well, over the years since the Illuminati started its major "project" in Malaysia, some of us have been counting the numbers of missing children in Malaysia. We noticed that not only the numbers keep adding up from year to year, we also notice that our most powerful Bomoh have been made a fool by the Illuminati over and over again in the media.

Needed an explanation? Okay here it is..

Amongst the Malays practitioners of 'alternative' healing (i.e Dukun, Bomoh, Pawang Etc), the most necessary arsenal needed is the ability to 'see'. Some of the more modern generation of practitioner even nicknamed is as "scanning". The ability to 'see' is very important because it is widely believed that a demon would be weaken if the Dukun is able to tell the Demon what the Demon was and where it came from. This is the reason why in every mantra there's a phrase "..aku tahu asal usulmu..".

Also, the ability to 'see' is necessary to gain respect from the opponent. When two powerfull Dukun met each other, one the first thing they'll usually do are 'scanning' each other and start telling what he knows about the other person. For example:-

Dukun A: Assalammualaikum?
Dukun B: Walaikumsalam. Mu baru sampai dari Janda Baik naik bas?
Dukun A: Wah hebat awak ni boleh tau aku dari Janda Baik walaupun ini kali pertama jumpa. Ya baru sampai tadi. Isteri awak si Zakian, Anas, Jamilah apa khabar? Syukurlah si Jamilah dah mengandung 6 bulan.
Dukun B: Mu pun hebat gak. Tapi janganlah scan bini-bini aku. Scan aku saja dah lah.

In the world of 'Dukun', the ability to 'scan' the other is used as a method to test the power of the other. In most cases, if you're able to defeats your opponent in the 'scanning contest', the other Dukun will acknowledge your superiority and will concede at that instant. A true Dukun will recognize a fight he couldn't win and will graciously withdraw from the earliest stage.

Such an important thing the ability to be a seer is, such supernatural art has been honed to perfection by some of the elites amongst the Malay's practitioners.

Therefore, I couldn't imagine how embarrassing for them to be portrayed by the media as bogus after they've made some off-target reading on our missing children situation. A good example is when the poor little girl NJ (I've decided not to reveal her full name out of respect to her parent) was missing, a Malay Bomoh tried to 'scan' the whereabouts of the missing girl and then proclaimed that the girl was still alive in the vicinity of Setapak. A few days later, the little girl later was found dead in a brand-new gym bag with cucumber and a brinjal was found stuffed inside her genitals.

Her murder caught our attention because of the numerology in this case. The victim was born on 11 September 1999 which make her appealing to the Illuminati. Noticed the number 11 and 9 here just like the 9/11 in the WTO bombing?. Then there's the number 999 which not only 9x3 but also can be flipped to become 666. Therefore 9, 11 and 999/666 are definitely appealing to the Illuminati bastards. It's like in Malay folklore where there's a story about a black magic bomoh who would require a child born on certain day of the weeks to be presented to Jembalang, only in this case the Illuminist probably require a child born under certain date.

We also actually believe that the Bomoh was trying to help in good faith. Bearing in mind that when he performed his "scan" the little girl was still alive (her death has been determined to be later on September 16, 2007), the group is still wondering whether his vision that the girl was alive somewhere in Setapak at the time he scanned it is something that worth to be look into. We also consider the time of her death. She is said to die on 16th September 2007 due to bacterial infection. However, from a medical point of view a death due to bacterial infection is a slow agonizing death which can take up to 2-3 days afterward. Therefore there is good possibility that whatever being done to her was done on 13th September 2007 before she finally succumbed 3 days later. Taking the number 13 and 9 into consideration, the group just couldn't help to wonder "what if?" until now.

However, we also have to include the possibility that the Bomoh was wrong in his scanning. This is especially true if the Bomoh performed the scanning with the help of Djin. A text book case would be the missing of the 5 years old Sharlinie Mohd. Nashar on 9th January 2008. On January 23 in about 50 bomohs unanimously proclaimed that the captors are practitioners of black magic and that Sharlinie would be found within a week. Unfortunately, she is still missing.

To be fair, I have to explain here that "scanning" and "predicting" is two different thing. A clairvoyant who claims to see the future is different from a seer who can only see the present (i.e "scanning"). A clairvoyant's claim should be dismiss from our religion point of view. Then there's two type of "scanning". One is using a Djin and the other one pray to Allah for guidance (i.e reciting certain verse). The method between them is completely different but in most cases, the public are easily impressed by the one using a Djin even though this would be a wrong thing to do. The purpose of this article is not to defend our Malays Bomoh or encourage you to dwell in such practice. I'm simply discussing my opinion why I believe something happens the way it was)

The fact that our Bomoh had been humiliated again and again for their error when performing mystical reconnaissance lead me to speculate that there's maybe a reason for this. In truth, sending a Djin to investigate is like sending a spy drone to do spying. Therefore, there's always a chance that someone with better weaponry could trick and hacked the drone into giving false information. So, is it possible that all this time our bomohs 'drone' had been hacked by the illuminati's priests?

That is something for me to think about, especially now that I found out something is wrong with me for not realizing the 9-7-11 sooner.

As stupid this may sound, I have a feeling that all of us (that includes you who read this article) had been charmed by the Illuminati. Some like those who supported Anwar Ibrahim had succumbed to the charm to the point of being utterly and completely idiots. Others had not succumbed completely and therefore still hates him but yet to fully appreciate the true danger. Then there's someone like those in the Watcher's Group who supposed to memorize the Illuminati's numerology and yet still failed to notice the three illuminati's numbers 9-7-11.

So what if?... dot dot dot

From now on, I shall be extra cautious about all the illuminati date. Bearing in mind that the year 2011 shall be as dangerous as 2013, then I need to be alert with all illuminati date this year including 13-7-2011, 3-9-2011, 7-9-2011, 9-9-2011, 11-9-2011, 13-9-2011, 3-11-2011, 7-11-2011, 9-11-2011, and 13-11-2011. I'm sure the illuminist out there is also keeping an eye on these dates.

P/S: I guess that answer the question why the Middle East was destabilize this year and why the Illuminati took over Egypt on 11 February when Vice President Omar Suleiman announced that Mubarak would be stepping down as president and turning power over to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. It's no surprise that the potent force behind Egyptian demonstration is Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei who happens to be the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an inter-governmental Organisation under the auspices of the United Nations. Everyone knows that in order to head any major department in the United Nation you have to be a Freemason.


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  3. Salam bro Wake Up, you may use my article as always. I just hope my article won't be read by parents of the missing children. I don't want to bring unnecessary sorrow to anyone.

  4. can u prove it to me about they who believed to anwar ibrahim are under illuminati charm (being utterly and completely idiots)? or is it they who believed and keep on believing najib-apco are instead, under the charm of illuminati. they trust najib 100%, with the helps from mainstream media especially, he can lie to those who do not have other source to refer. and yet, it is the illuminatis ways to manipulate peoples mind through their own manipulated media. moreover, i dont think they can charm the whole nation, the method they used is just to manipulate the medias (which is what najib is doing currently, not only najib but the other whole PM previously). thank you.

  5. ahh.. pro-opposition I suppose? Thank you for visiting my site and I'm so glad you asked me so politely. I guess it's time to write my reason for believing Anwar is an illuminist pawn. But I also asked you to read my other articles, coz if you do, you will notice that not only I write against Anwar, I also reveals that there's other members in UMNO who also members of Freemason. My article "COMMENTING ON TAN SRI SANUSI JUNID'S MENTION ON FREEMASON" is prime example on how much I went against on all of them regardless of which side they played their role on. Anwar however, acquired my special attention because he's now on the same level with Thaksin (Thailand) Prabowo (Indonesia) Benazir (Pakistan) Karzai (Afghanistan) and several other major pawns of the Illuminati. So please don't be offended by any of my article, I'll go against all of them regardless of who they are. In due time I'll write on the topic you've requested. You may have to be patience a bit coz I actually hates writing.

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