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Members of the watchers group are not supposed to debate against each others. That's probably one of the rules which led to the feeling of camaraderie between members. The rule stated that each any everyone are free to writes their opinion on latest events for others to read. Once the opinion is posted then that will be the end of it. There shall be no debate whether the opinion is correct or not and if there's any disagreement, such disagreement shall be kept to one self. The rule specifically stated that the group shall not be a platform to show-off superiority, but merely as platform to gather information and a place to know how others might viewed similar event from a different angle. When two members from different school of thought (usually the Muslims vs the Christians) are on collision course, they will be reminded, reprimanded or banned from entering the forum.

This doesn't means that we practice 'pluralism' like Anwar Ibrahim did. The Christians, the muslims and the Jews consistently maintained that they're the one to go to heaven. The Christians for example, constantly interpreted the prophecies in their favor indicating that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) will come to to save them. The Muslims on the other part consistently posted their opinion that Jesus Christ will indeed come to save the Christian and the Jews by converting them to Muslims. One time, the Christians declared that the arab world will be the catalyst of the coming of Antichrist, we agreed but countered by posting our opinion that the actual catalyst is the Illuminati which currently Christians in majority.

Another memorable 'debate' happened sometime in September 2006 (if my meory served me correctly) between a Syrian guy and a Norwegian Jewish Lady. It started out when the Syrian guy posted his article on the extinction of Jews in the war between Dajjal and Isa Al-Masih. He said that after the Dajjal had been killed, Isa Al-Masih and the Black Banners will pursue a war against the army of Dajjal which will end up with ALL Jews being killed except for those who embraced Islam. The Lady was quite offended and cannot restrained herself from posting a retaliatory statement stating that the Muslims is obsessed in plotting another holocaust.

Each of them manage to post one more retaliatory articles before they were permanently banned from joining our underground 'Forum' in the internet. Whereas their first article still sounded professional, their second article clearly carried a sting of racism in it. Fortunately, all other members refrained from joining the debate. It's also fortunate that the decision to ban these two were 100% supported by all members including the Muslims.

I know some of my watcher's friend still visit my blog. Since the watchers group no longer exist, I think I am now at liberty to comment a bit on the 2006 debate.

In all fairness, I think that both of them made a grave error when interpreting the meaning of the prophecy. Yes, there's a prophecy about the the extermination of Jews in the upcoming the war. In fact, the hadith stated that even trees and rocks will speak to reveal the Jews hiding behind its. However, it is wrong and premature to assume that ALL jews will be killed. In fact, the hadith specifically indicated that only those who refused to embrace Islam will be killed. Therefore any jews who embraced Islam will be spared from his edict.

It is also wrong to call the killing a holocaust. Yes, I agreed that what the Nazi did to the Jews is completely unjustified because the Jews in World War 2 were not at war with the German. The Jews back then was civilian Jews who merely did their own thing as part of the community. They're no difference from some expatriates of Jews ancestry who are now staying and working in Malaysia (what? you didn't know there's Jews in Malaysia?). That's what made the Holocaust so terrifyingly inhumane, because civilians Jews consisting of old people, woman and small children were stripped naked and gassed to death.

In contrast, the death of the Jews mentioned in al-hadith will happen in a completely different situation. These Jews are the soldiers of Anti-Christ. They're fully armed with guns, bullets, missiles and bombs and are joyful in killing the Muslims. Their faces are the face once donned by the SS Nazis during the holocaust. These Jews are no longer merely the descendants of Bani Israel. They're the new breed of Zionist Jews.

A total of 70,000 of them will served the Anti-Christ's military campaign and will be the first to launch the attack on Al-Mahdi and the Muslims. Unlike in WW2, the Jews here shall be the aggressor. In fact, Dajjal and his entire army will surround and blockade Baitul Maqdis causing starvation and famine before the Muslims finally strike back.

Therefore it's wrong to say that it's another round of Jews holocaust. During Word War II the Germans was killing civilians. In this Final War 4 the Muslims will have no choice but defend themselves against the Jews military campaign led by Anti-Christ. All the Jews in this war are legitimate target

(Legitimate military targets include: armed forces and persons who take part in the fighting; positions or installations occupied by armed forces as well as objectives that are directly contested in battle; military installations such as barracks, war ministries, munitions or fuel dumps, storage yards for vehicles, airfields, rocket launch ramps, and naval bases.)

Another thing which all Jews need to know is that the Jews will not be the only one who will be exterminated during the war. This already been indicated the following hadith (in Malay):-

Daripada Hudzaifah bin Yaman ra, berkata Rasulullah saw" Dajjal musuh Allah itu akan muncul dengan tenteranya yang terdiri dari orang-orang Yahudi dan bangsa-bangsa lain. Dan ada bersama dengannya Syurga dan Neraka dan orang-orang yang akan dibunuhnya kemudian akan dihidupkan semula dan juga bersamanya segunung dari Tharid (roti yang bercampur dengan kuah daging) dan sungai air tawar"

Those who really study the hadith will know that the Dajjal army will not only consist of Jews. Within the period of 40 days he walked the whole world, he will not only spread his deception on non-Muslims, in fact most of his targets will be Muslims. According to hadith, 90% people approached by Dajjal will embraced him as the false God. Another good authority indicating Dajjal's deceptions on Muslims is a hadith stating that when Dajjal set his feet on the outskirts of Medina, the earth will shook causing those with of a weaker faith to run out from Medina. They will then met Dajjal and embraced him. These people who escaped Madina are certainly Muslims and all of them will embrace Dajjal.

Therefore it would be arrogant to presume that no Muslims will be joining the Muslims Dajjal's army. I mean, if some Muslims could be stupid enough to join the As-Sufyani, then how impossible it is for some Muslims to be deceived by Dajjal to join his ranks, right? That being said, no muslims of today can be sure that their descendants will not join the Dajjal's side when he finally appeared. His deception is too great at the odd of 9/10 against everyone. So great his deception are that not even the muslims stayed in Makkah and Madinah is guaranteed to survive the deception

So it's not only Jews, the edict involves everyone. However, in all fairness, prophet Isa (Jesus) will offer salvation for everyone who are willing to repent. For the Jews and the Christians, this will be the rarest situation where the Jews and Christians will be left with no more loopholes and excuses. Because both religions are waiting for the emergence of Jesus Christ, all of them will know at that moment that Isa is telling the truth about who he said he is. They will all saw him and hear his words and they will be left with no doubt that he is the Jesus Christ they've been waiting for. Unlike the previous Crusade where the Christians were duped to believe they're the soldiers of God, this time they'll be duly informed that they're standing on the wrong side because Jesus himself said so. But they will not listen to their own Jesus. The Jews will refused out of envy that Jesus is not a Jew. The Christians however will refused out of despair that Jesus actually came to denounce Christianity.

So they will be killed for their stubbornness and stupidity.. and that's that.

The point here is that it's not Holocaust. When Jews are joining a military campaign as an aggressor and start aiming their fully automatic weapons against the anyone, then a retaliatory military maneuver against Jew soldiers cannot be termed as Holocaust. It's just plain war.

Not every killing of Jews constitute Holocaust.

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