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Question From Pengikut Nabi Muhammad: "Ive just watched Aftermath without oil in US - national geographic, I hope you could share with us, there are many prediction and planning that we can make....there are possibility of that situation will happens now the middle east is having massive demonstration....there is possibility.....the time is so near...I dont know what we should do ...hope you can share with us..."


It's not just you, I'm freaking out as well. Two nights ago I was corresponding with a friend of mine (former member of the Wacther Group), a 37 years old former employee of Al Watany Bank. I asked her who she think funded the middle east "revolution". Her answer is "who else u think if not those bastards! And the FFF is one of them!!"

Note: FFF here stands for Foundation of the Future

The trouble in the middle east is not a good sign. Few days ago I read several comments in a segment in Berita Harian Online. Seems that some of our local are very much happy with the development in the middle east today. It's a religious fight against tyranny they said.

Good grief, if they only knew who's behind the riot, they wouldn't commented like that.

For those who care to listen, this is what I have to say. I'm pretty sure God would want nothing to do with any 'revolution' sparked by multiple suicides. First there was this man Mohamed Bouazizi who committed suicide by self immolation. This is the spark of the Tunisian revolution. Then an Egyptian guy followed his steps by committing similar suicide in front of the Egyptian parliament. After that five more men tried to kill themselves. Regardless of how sorry I am to learn about the reason behind Bouazizi's suicide, I think it's safe to say that it was Satan who encourage those men to set themself on fire like that. Bouazizi immolate himself not as part of kamikaze attack against any satanic soldiers. He did it because he lost hope for his impoverish life. His reason is no far different from people who jumped from building when they lost hope in love. Based on this alone, it would be highly unlikely that a revolution inspired by Satan could be attributed to heaven.

A clash between Muslim against another Muslims is not a sign of blessing from Heaven. The riot in Egypt which saw thousands of prisoners escaped prison and another in Libya which saw the country in the brink of civil war another is not a sign of divine intervention. These latest riots carried with it all the profiles of foreign interference. Being fully funded with hired demonstrators and logistically organized, these strategy are just repeats of what previously seen in 1997-98 in Indonesia and one which was deployed by Thaksin in Thailand.

In my previous article "PRABOWO, THAKSIN, ANWAR IBRAHIM AND THE 1997 CURRENCY ATTACK" I have already explained how easy it was to convert a peaceful demonstration into full blown riots. In Indonesia, the bloody domino falls when an unknown person on a flyover started shooting and killing the demonstrators. This is the most known methods of sparking full blown riots. I even wrote about this in 1999 in one of my earliest article in AnwarGate. Similarly in Egypt the same tactics was deployed. The foreign news today are full with stories about protesters in Arab being shot. That's probably true, but as revealed in Indonesia during the 1998 riots, the killers remains virtually unknown until today.

I think the latest story about Raymond Davis, the CIA acting Chief in Pakistan who was indicted for murder in Pakistan is a very good example on how widespread the CIA's intelligence network all over the world. This CIA operatives was caught shooting two Pakistani intelligence agents from behind before trying to flee the busy street in Lahore on January 27. For me what is most outrageous about Raymond Davies case is not that he's killing a Pakistanis spies. Operatives killing another operatives is a presumed hazard in the world of spying. But what happened afterward is totally out of the line. In the haste of trying to pick-up Raymond Davies from the killing scene, his CIA subordinates ran over and killed a Pakistan civilian motorcyclist with a Toyota Prado.

The thing which most frightening for me about the Middle East 'Revolution" is not the riots itself. I think my readers would agree that the Arabs can think for their own and are at liberty to do whatever they they think is right for them (even though it might turned out wrong). We as Malaysian are better off watching our own backyard and make sure we don't end up rioting ourselves.

But Egypt is so damn close to Syria that I have this fear that we might have seen the spark that will be the beginning of the Sufyani.

Now, for those of you who never heard of the Sufyani and wish to be educated about it, you should send your query to this guy who owned a blog called 'Insan-Insan Pendakwah'. I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing his collection of Hadith regarding the Sufyani. But in brief, the Sufyani has been described by Rasulullah as follows:-

Abu Hurairah has narrated that the Prophet said:

A man will emerge from the depths of Damascus (Syria). He will be called Sufyani. Most of those who follow him will be from the tribe of Kalb. He will kill by ripping the stomachs of women and even kill the children. A man (Al-Mahdi) from my family will appear in the Haram, the news of his advent will reach the Sufyani and he will send to him one of his armies. They will then travel with whoever remains until they come to a desert and they will be swallowed. None will be saved except the one who had informed the others about them. (Mustadrak Al-Hakim)

In my article published in MYKMU under the title "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT - THE (UN)HOLY RELICS, SYRIA AND THE GREAT WAR" I have discussed in great length about Syria's notoriety as the future venue of horrific bloodbath. Not only Syria was mentioned in Hadith, Syria is also famous in the Bible and amongst Jews. In the Jewish Bible there's a mentioned about "two little horns". In Daniel 7:8 it was said to spring up within the 4th Kingdom of the Roman Empire. In Daniel 8 the two little horns was said to come out of one of the four surviving components of the Greek Empire following Alexander’s death. This is commonly thought to be the once Selucid Kingdom in today’s Syria.

In Daniel 8:23, the said "two little horns" is referred as a stern faced king, who will come to power by means of peace. The Christians within the Watcher's group interpret this as a man who will bring order to the whole Arab world by promising peace. It was suggested that the whole Arab world will be in such anarchy that in the end the Arabs are willing to let anyone to be their leader as long as he can end the anarchy. This is how the "two little horns" a.k.a the Sufyani came to power.

Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Palestine are all neighboring nations which had been mentioned in prophecies of end of time. Egypt is the origins of the ancient Freemason, Syria is the home of the two little horns, Israel is where the Jews are and Palestine is where Masjidil Al-Agsa is currently stand. So important these nations are to our future that FFF decided to draw a logo based on them. Here you can see yourself it's logo which I believe representing "the all seeing eye" overseeing these nations.

I hope the trouble in the middle east will came to end very soon. There's a lot of former members of the Watchers group from the Middle East and I hope they can do something about this. I have no doubt that the so-called 2011 "revolution" in the middle east is part of the dominoes to attempt the coming of the Sufyani. That pretty much freaks me out because if the Luciferians believed the Sufyani is already here to take power, then does that confirms the theory that Al-Mahdi has already been born?

So many conspiracy theorists predicted that something big will happened in 2012. Theories ranged from as ridiculous as Nibiru and as real as the Solar Flares. Of course these theories were allowed to go on as part of the Luciferian's attempt to spread misinformation. Making 2012 sounded like a Joke is a good way to hide a needle in a haystack. But then again, it also means that the needle do exist. So what will this needle really look like? Earthquakes? Mega disasters? That's even more frightening because earthquakes, natural disasters, mass killings and As-Sufyani are all signs of the coming of Al-Mahdi.

If that is true, we are in deep shit because I don't think we're prepared yet

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  1. masyaAllah.. that sounds scary... ya Allah please protect us..

  2. Masha Allah..., that's great...., but remember, dont let satan corrupt your thinking, you are great analyser and thinker..., this is the way satan has destroyed many great minds..........., discuss things with most knowledgeble..., Aalims and ulemas..., before writing,

    First of all things like these and much worse has happened before in middle east, syria in perticular, in early 1960's and in end of 1980's..., huge confusions have perished in syria.., this may also go, as the previous, Alahu Alam,

    since the death of caliph utman (Razi allahu anhu) there has been a great confusions and perceptions..., from the War of siffin to war of camel, remember the hadeeth of Rasullah (PBUH)on Caliph Umer (R.A), after umer(R.A) shahadat, the fitnas in the religion will get started, as far as mahde is concerned.., he is awaited from 300 Hijri by the ulemas of those times till now, i.e., right from 1100 years ago also there muslims thought these the time for Imam Mahde to appear,
    the youtube is advertising much about Imam mahde..., these thing are a trick of enemies of islam, they want muslims and the other religious people to be in confusions,

    they want to enjoy and take advantage of the time which we are losing,

    so be careful these signs is for us to remember Allah subhhan wa taala and remember and follow the footsteps of sahabas, not to ruin and waste our lives,

  3. May I comment.

    The Iluminati has all the reasons to see the escalation of chaos in the middle east. Syria is a strategic asset for the Illuminati being the location of Sufyiani. The Sufyiani will gain the support from the Arabs as their leader and they will then fight against the Shia. Thus, the Illuminati has all the reason to topple the current Syrian government as it will then bring the downfall of Iran. Sufyiani ends in a sad way as he rejects the leadership of Imam Mahdi.

  4. Sufyani is a sunni wahhabi you to

  5. salam alaykum brothers
    You seem to be very open minded and a great thinker then maybe we should research about the Imam Mahdy in various sources and sects of Islam to be able to identify his project or line of work and recognize the way of his ennemies to better prepare ourselves.
    I have frankly found a big variety of very logical and strong arguments about the Imam Mahdy in the school of thought of Imam Sadeq (the Jaafery)
    It is worth having a look at their infos

  6. if sufiyani comes then we are in a brink of war war in middle east lets keep on doing research and praying to Allah swt

  7. assalamualaikum..please tell me how can i get an access to this blog http://insanberdakwah.blogspot.com/