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One of the benefit of being a member in the Watchers Group was hearing stories from other members from other countries. Some of the stories are very enlightening and entertaining as well. However, most of the stories has the quality as doubtful as urban legend, meaning there's no way to verify whether it's really happened or not. I would like to share some of these stories with you. If you happened to have heard it before or can verify it's truthfulness, kindly provides me with any information through the comment section


This story was told to me in 2000 by an Indonesian friend. Like I said, I have no way of knowing whether this really happened or not, so consider it strictly for your entertainment only and please share it only with your friends

It's was said to happen in 1996. An American family bought an old house near the Savannah River (or maybe the Seneca rivers) without knowing the house's history. The house was a troublesome to live with because it was haunted by few entities including children and a woman whom can be heard sobbing in the basement and a man in a black suit who was capable of inflicting pain on the occupants of the house. The family was terrified by these entities especially the the black suited man who roamed the first floor of the house where the master bedroom are. But not wanting to attract any unwanted attention from the press, the family stay put in the house and spend most of their time in the living room where the disturbance less happened.

Needless to say, living in close proximity with troubled souls is not good for anyone's luck. The youngest child in the family was suffering from asthma and his health deteriorates and the family was also suffering continuous financial problem. Finally losing hope on the house, they contacted a real estate agent for wanting to put it up for sale.

One day, a young man came to town and start asking around for lodging. He said he's an Indonesian student of University of Georgia and he was looking for an affordable place to stay for a week while doing some research to complete his papers on the American Civil War (The Province of Georgia was one of the Thirteen Colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution by signing the 1776 Declaration of Independence).

One thing lead to another, he ended up asking the real estate agent about the cheapest place in town for a week stay. When asked why he didn't tried a motel, he said he preferred renting a room in house due to prior unpleasant experiences staying in motel where other guests had complained of his 'singing' (adzan) at dawn. The agent then made a joke about his menial budget can only afford him a week in a haunted house and he said he would like to look into the offer. So the agent arranged with the family to have the student rent one of the room on the upper stair of the house. Desperately in need of some cash, the family agreed to take him in for a week.

All hells break lose on his first day in the house. First, he felt someone tried to push him when he reached the front door. Then the house start to shake once he was inside. The entire family was running helter skelter looking for cover when the 'earthquake' began but the student stood his ground and started 'singing'. The house stop shaking but all sorts of voices started ran amok all over the house. The ghost of the child and the woman were heard screaming for help from basement while the voice of a man could be heard from upstairs screaming and cursing God. The student stomped his feet towards the room allocated for him upstairs and closed the door. The disturbances stopped. The house went quite for the entire 7 days during his stay with the family. On his last day there however, he advised the family to move out as soon as they can because the house was infested with evil spirits. The spirits stayed away from his recital of Ruqyah but would no doubt return.

My indonesian friend said he was told the story personally by the Indonesian student who later in lifeturned out to be amongst influential figures in Nahdatul Ulama. The student told him about the horrific scene he'd seen in his dream after a recital of Al An'aam 103 for thirty-three times on the 6th night of his staying. In his sleep, he saw human sacrifice being performed in the house's basement by a group of thirteen Luciferians prior to the era of the Civil War. The head of the group was the former owner of the house, a man in hud who'd sacrificed his own two children to please the demons. During the ritual his wife was seen screaming, crying and begging for the life of her children while she herself being chained to the floor. After the group finished slitting the throat of the children, the husband bludgeoned the skull of his wife with rock to death.

Despite the impossibility of authenticating the truth of the story, my friend promoted his theory on why there are so many haunted houses in US while almost none can be traced to any Muslims countries. He suggested that when extreme dark rituals involving human sacrifice were being performed in the name of Satan, the house will become haunted. He also suggested that these haunting could be by the spirits of the victims, or probably by the djins and satans that are attracted to the place where blood had been spilled by satanists.

His idea is intriguing, but totally unproven. If his theory hold water that would means that thousands of satanic rituals had been performed in the United States because this is one country famous for its haunting buildings. I am intrigued however when he directed my mind to several well known places in the world where human sacrifice had been known been performed, which by coincidence also reportedly haunted. The Stonehenge for example, is a place many believes once to be the druids and some says it's haunted. The Colosseum (The Temple of the Sun) in Rome where Benvenuto Cellini performed necromancy in the 16th century is also reputedly haunted. The Nazi's Wewelsburg Castle (Temple of the Black Sun) in German is also said to be a creepshow. Similarly, Satanist Ricky Kasso had a demonic ceremony at the reputedly haunted Amityville house before he went on to commit what he called human sacrifice by killing a 17-year-old Gary Lauwers in Northport, Long Island, New York on June 16, 1984.

It is interesting to know that some of the famous haunted places in the world did share a history of sorcery behind them. The famous Bhangarh Fort Ruins in Rajasthan India for example, legend has it that a black magician called Singhia became a victim of his own sorcery before the place was haunted. The Babenhausen Museum in German has a history of a witch burned at the stake. Since then, her ghost has taken the lives of several German soldiers and that even now, if a soldier were to visit the museum and pick up a telephone, he would hear the voice of a woman talking backwards.

The George Stickney House n McHenry County, Illinois is believed to be once used by its owners to perform séances in the house to contact their dead children. Other known haunted places which shares similar history of satanic rituals are the Bass Cemetery in Jefferson County Alabama, Prospect Place in Trinway, Brigham Old Indian schools, Provo Rock Canyon in Utah, The Hellfire Caves in England and Campbell House in Washington (to name a few).

So is it possible that most of haunting cases in the US could be caused by the Luciferian's satanic rituals? I have no idea but at least we don't have any famous haunted houses in Malaysia yet, right? But does this means that our country will be infested with haunting cases once the Illuminati get hold of this country?

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