Monday, March 14, 2011

MY PICK : A Homosexual in the House

Excellent article from Malaysia Instinct! I just couldn't help myself from republish it here. However, there's a pro-opposition blogger who recently denied that he is the one who contributed this article to Malaysia-Instinct (Click Here). So out of respect to the real "Tarmizi" I've decided not to named Tarmizi Md. Jam as the writer of this article. But I hope the real writer won't mind me putting it here.

Tun M’s latest book, A Doctor in the House, not only hit the store yesterday but the faces of his critics too. But the hardest hit is on Anwar’s face when Tun M revealed everything that happened since the very beginning.

Of late, Umi Hafilda has been doing the same, revealing everything fiercely in talks and in her blog about Anwar and Azmin, her own brother.

Apart from that, Rahimi, Anwar’s ex-assistant and Nallakarupan, Anwar’s ex-buddy have been very vocal in doing the same. Along the way, there were also numbers of ex-friends, ex-PKR leaders, ex-inner circle of Anwar who came out and told the truth about Anwar.

These ‘series of revelation’ is suffocating Anwar and PR the same. Although the service was back to Anwar in the court room with a winning point when the judge rejected the hard DNA evidence laid by the police, Anwar’s breath is still stuck in the throat.

I always believe that you can’t run away from the truth because the truth is inside you. The truth always comes out no matter what – either in your own words or on your face. Even if Anwar was lucky enough to be acquitted of the charge, his future will never be bright.

It is important to note that Karpal, Anwar’s lawyer, holds the key to Anwar’s life and death.

And of course, Karpal shares the key with Lim Kit Siang and God knows who else in DAP. And we must never forget that Karpal is a politician first, lawyer second.

Karpal was the first to accuse Anwar of sodomy and had no problem in making a U-turn later as it benefits his party. And Karpal can always make another U-turn when the right time comes, for the benefit of his party.

The right time would be when PR made it to the throne and Anwar became the ultimate power of the country – or sort of.

In actual, with Anwar’s life in their hands, Karpal or DAP will be the one having the real power over the country. And the fact that Singapore has the evidence of Anwar’s homosexual activities makes our ‘beloved neighbor’ the co-holder of the key to Anwar’s life. Not mentioning the neo-cons who almost openly declared that they own Anwar.

By then, Anwar would be considered lucky if Karpal or DAP decided NOT to throw him back into jail, where he belongs. But it would also means that he will never ever have control over his own life again, even if he managed to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Forever, Anwar will always be someone’s puppet, tool or slave and live in fear for being ‘eliminated’ should his service is no longer needed.

Anwar has sold his soul to the devil or more correctly, devils. But it looks like Anwar is determined to go along with the devils even though knowing it all too well that when dealing with devils, an ugly and tragic end is certainly unavoidable and guaranteed.

To summarize it all –– in one way or the other, convicted or acquitted, Anwar’s life is finished.

Comment: Actually Mr.Tarmizi, if he become PM, we're the one who finished

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  1. He and his family had lied too much to the Malaysian, with the image of Islamic, while his family wearing hijap and appear to court together with him, make almost everyone belief that this is conspiracy, but thank to Allah we are saved from DAJAL of Anwar