Monday, March 7, 2011


Documentary Overview

The death camp at Auschwitz was considered ground zero for the killings during the Holocaust, a place where thousands were starved and 1.1 million died, but there are only a small number of known photos of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp.

Enjoying a Picnic. Relaxing on a sun deck. Eating blueberries. Flirting.

These are the everyday moments captured in the photos come from the album of SS officer Karl Höecker, the adjutant to the commandant at the Auschwitz concentration camp. They were taken between June and December of 1944 – when the camp’s gas chambers were running at full tilt and crematoriums broke down from overuse during the mass extermination of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews.

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  1. I read that the Nazis were killing gays too during their reign of terror.

    Is that right? You should write a topic specifically on the Nazis killing gays.

  2. yes, the homosexuals were persecuted as well. However, the gays suffer less than jews. the death rate of homosexuals in concentration camps may was only as high as 60% compared to the jews of 95%. Actually the holocaust in its pure terms is not exactly "ethnic cleansing" because even the pure-german homosexuals were included as a target. It just happened that in German at that time, the Jews are the biggest non-german minority who also happened to dominate major sectors of the German's economy (similar to the Malaysian Chinese lebih kurang lah). If it happened to be Muslims in the Jews shoes at that time, then the history would change to "Muslims Holocaust" instead of Jews. This is because, what German feels on the Jews is the same with what the Indonesians of the the Chinese in the 1999 riots.. only Germans did it in a larger scale with killing squads and the gas chambers etc. Thank you for your question, I might write about it.

  3. This has to be the worst answer from the pro Holocausters that I have ever seen to combat us revisionist.

    Apparently this "Nazi scrapbook" showed the Nazi's as real people, as real humans, thus why they were so evil according to this nonsense special. Noting in this photo scrap book shows people being treated badly.

    All opinions by the interviewed are propaganda nonsense especially by one of the "experts" here, a Michael Barebaum. A man of complete nonsense. Statements such as "8,000 people a day went to the gas chambers", 80% within 2 hrs. Absolute nonsense. Do the logistics people. IMPOSSIBLE. Remember, this all goes on for a year, from 1944-1945 they claim.

    According to this shame of a video is the belief that from 1944 to 1945 all the real Jewish gassings took place. NO mention of 6 million Jews that we all were brought up on . The old some went to the "left" and others went to the "right" was mentioned a few times, and never were seen again. The old "flames were coming out of the chimney". They went to the "Crematoriums"

    If this Geographic special is the best these holocausters can do they did a laughable job. Total nonsense. The biggest laugh is when these fools try to link a Karl Hoeker by way of pictures. What a laugh.

    Watch this video. Have a good laugh. Totally goes against all we have been made to believe when we agreed with the holocaust. Now it even gets worse when we know what we know now.

    Joe Rizoli see holocaust links