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What happened when a man, once known to be good, eventually be corrupted by mortal sins? The answer is King Henry VIII, the perfect example on what happened when a man eventually submitted himself to wills of Satan.

(Watch the documentary 'The Madness of King Henry' VIII below)

What happened when a woman was blinded by GREED for wealth and vanity? Henry's second wife Anne Boleyn is the perfect example how things that go around does come around.

And what happened when people who supposed to guard the sanctity of Religion eventually politicized it for personal gain? The sad ending of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, the plunder and burning of the church, and the secularization of the entire nation is the classic example of the result when you manipulated religion for worldly gains.

The story of King Henry VIII is a real life example of how false Satan's promises are to those who crossed to the dark sides to commits mortal sins. The story itself is filled with the elements of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.

The real life characters in this bloody drama, The King, his second wife, the King's Cardinal and Legal Advisor finally meet their tragic end and are certain to burn in deepest pit of hell. To make it worse for them, the sins they've committed didn't end with their death. King Henry's policy on religion eventually left behind a deep hatred and divisions amongst the English people causing bloodbath amongst themselves for centuries to come.

Henry VIII is one of Lucifer's finest work in human's history, demonstrating Lucifer's virtue and patience of understanding human nature. The once religious young king, who once was dubbed as 'The Defender of Faith' by the Pope was eventually turned into monster not because of wealth and power (because he has already have that) but by the game of mind played by the queen's young maid Anne Boleyn. It's amazing to reveal how a man's LUST alone could start the political and religious upheaval which killed so many people. Some historians estimate the King ordered about 120 executions per month, most, but not all, beheading. Using these figures the total number of deaths would exceed 54,000 over the course of his 38-year reign. Other estimates have been as high as 72,000.

Watching documentaries like this, I wonder how long would we have to wait before the History or Discovery Channel makes another documentary with the title "The Madness of Anwar Ibrahim". 10 years? 20 years? It's doesn't matter because I'm sure sooner or later he and his entire family will star in similar documentary because they has and will always be remembered as the Malaysian's biggest mistake.

It also made me realize how history always repeated itself, albeit in a different form and figures. Anwar Ibrahim and his sexual exploits (with man and woman) instantly reminds me to King Henry himself.

Then we have Cardinal Thomas Wosley, whose character could be played by today's PAS. He is the person who supposed to protect his religion beyond politics. However he instead prioritized politics over religion and was involved in the plot to pursue the King's LUST. He admitted this before his death when he remorsefully said "IF I HAD SERVED MY GOD as diligently as I did my king, HE would not have given me over in my grey hairs.". In the end he was almost beheaded by his King but he died during journey to the executioner.

After the downfall of Cardinal Wosley, the next person who came to advise the King is a crooked lawyer by the name of Thomas Cromwell. He was one of the strongest advocates of the secularization and the English Church's break with the papacy in Rome. He was also responsible behind the beheading of Bishop John Fisher (officially beautified by the Vatican to sainthood on December 1886), the only bishop openly opposed the King and known for his words "that the King was not, nor could be, by the Law of God, Supreme Head in earth of the Church of England"

Things that go around does come around in the case of Thomas Cromwell. He was also beheaded by the King on 28 July 1540 merely 5 years after he orchestrated the death of John Fisher. Sadly, his executioner was a novice axe-man. It took the axe-man three chops before his 55 years old head was detached.

Thomas Cromwell is well portrait today by none other than DAP. It just happens by chance that DAP is also known for their lawyers and legal arguments to drown common sense and the truth.

So there you have it the Malaysian drama which equal to the Tudors. The Mad King played by PKR and his leader Anwar Ibrahim, together with his two advisers PAS (Cardinal Thomas Wosley) and DAP (Lawyer Thomas Cromwell Esq). Whereas Anne Boleyn was probably the spark of King Henry's Lust which started the dominoes journey, history has named the King, the Cardinal and the Lawyer as the men responsible behind the series of events in 16th-century England by which the Church of England broke away from the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. These series of events is now known as the English Reformation

So braced yourself for the the future documentary by the History Channel 'The Malaysian Reformasi - The Madness Of Anwar Ibrahim', coming to your telly after we all had lost everything we have today

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