Saturday, February 19, 2011


I am very sorry to say in advance that I deliberately choose the gruesome title for this article just to mislead you into reading this. This article has very little to do with anyone being killed because of that plant (even though it might not be entirely untrue). I just want to dupe you into reading my article. At first I was thinking something porn-related such as 'Maria Ozawa Orgy With Jathropa' but that sounded too abnormal even for Japanese porn. The I thought about something that would usually attract Malay male readers such as 'Jathropa can make your penis grow 5 inch in 24 hours' but I know about men's tendency to take any penis-growing thing too literally without care to read more, and I fear I might end-up planting hopes on penis-enlargement scheme instead of jathropa. I even thought of something more political such as 'Anwar Ibrahim, Jathropa and dot dot dot' but I think KY Jelly has done more than enough damage. So I put something horror instead like above.

So you've been duped, but since you're already reading this, I reckon you might as well continue to finish it.

Despite my undying support to the Barisan's government, I am still irritated by the government's slow response to address the rise of fuel price. There's a definitive lack of creativity amongst cabinet ministers to find alternative solution to the coming economic disaster. That's one of the down side of too many politics in Malaysia. The opposition and the government are too busy tussling for power that everyone forgets that we are joining the rest of the world tumbling towards the next mega-economic depression. What makes it worse is the community who also joining in these political circus. The old and new media is now swamp with none other than political rubbish with no end in sight. I know some people who said that my blog also full of rubbish, and I also visit some other blogs which published underground news & conspiracy theories which I sometimes waste my time reading. But I think these kind of rubbish is better than those political rubbish. The worst these blogs can do to its readers is turning them into the next paranoid Fox Mulder. But media which concentrate only on political rubbish and racial hatred can do worse to the community in a very short run.

Previously I wrote about Plastic & Bamboo. That article suffers hits so low it's disheartening to spend more time save-mother-earth topic. But I guess I'm not here to join popularity contest's right? So I'm gonna go on and pray that my efforts will help tip the scale in my favor very much later in the afterlife.

Today I'm gonna share a bit about Jathropa - another plant which can saves the planet.. and I'll try to write this as interesting as I could to delay your napping

To prevent you from napping almost instantly, I will start with a scare tactic of telling you the truth. In 2003 US Department of Energy already aware of the scientific findings confirming that the world's oil and natural gas supplies are running out. In fact, since 2003 they already know that at some time between 2010 and 2020 the world's supply of oil and gas will fall below the level required to meet international demand. Total depletion however is estimated on or before 2041.

This paper reports was pretty much the one which later paved the way for the invasion of Iraq. It later also led to the market's manipulation of crude oil by Luciferians in 2009 where they intentionally caused the oil price to plunge to as low as $41.64 per barrel. The reason is quite straightforward, when the oil price plunged, then they'll buy it in bulk and store it for future use when the oil under ground had dried up.

Not scare yet?

How about this, the findings was made back then in 2003. Now we are already in the year 2011. Just seven more years before we reach a mega economic depression caused by the unimaginable price of fuel and 30 years away from zero oil all over the world.

So what will that do to average people like us?

Well, oil is the blood of our economy. Without it the economy will straight away died. Dying economy will no doubt cause a parallel effect on the community. Dying economy will creates horrifying amount of desperate people on the street. There will be hungry people, angry people, hopeless people and even dying people prowling the street - waiting for any hope or means to channel their grievance. Like gasoline flooding the street, it would be very easy to just throw a burning match to spark the fire, and these people will want to burn everything and anything they could reach.

There will be anarchy.. and you'll probably witness it happens from your front lawn.. in front of you and then towards you.

What can we do? We have three options (A) stop it from happens and (B) tell our government to stop it from happens or (C) run away and hide if it still happens.

Lets consider option A and option B.

Ironically enough. Some of the best discoveries in the world happened in the era when men around the world is busy killing each other. In my article "Lucifer vs Monkeys" I gave an example on how the Swedish developed an advance automobile engine which consume very little fuel during World War 2. Then in "Plastic & Bamboo" I told you about how an Austrian scientist had come up with an idea that war machines could be build from a simple reinforced plastic. Jathropa is the same example of human's ingenuity at war. It was the Japanese military who first come up with an idea to force the Indonesians to plant Jathropa in order to fuel their World War 2 machines including airplane and tanks. What lead to the discovery I have no idea. But I'm sure the Japanese had beheaded several villagers to make it work. Unfortunately the idea didn't catch up. Once the Japanese withdraw their forces from Indonesia. Jathropa was then forgotten.. along with the name of people who got their head cut off in the name of Jathropa.

Let's start with an eye opener for your sleepy eyes - $$ MONEY $$. How much money can you make from this plant anyway? Well it actually surprise me to know that a metric tonne of Jathropa is currently priced at RM1050 compared to Palm Fruits RM726 per tonne. It also produces fruits merely 6 months after cultivation. There's no need to spend money on pesticides because of its resistant to pest and it also can withstand drought. If you plant only one acre of land with jathropa, that one acre can yield 3.6 metric tons of fruits in the first three years and multiply after the third year. So just imagine, plant one acre of Jathrtopa today and six months later profit RM3780 per month!

Better yet, Jathropa can also adapt to low fertility sites and alkaline soils. Figures from comparable situations in India show that a well-maintained Jatropha plantation only requires one full-time labourer per hectare in the first year, and one for every four hectares thereafter.


So awesome this plant is, that whenever I have the chance I did promoted it to anyone who care to listens. Unfortunately almost all the farmers I've talked to (including my dad and my in-laws) would asked me the same question "kalau aku tanam pokok ni, ke mana ku mau jual hasilnya?". That pretty much ended the topic right there because that is one question I couldn't answer.

What they say pretty much ring the bell of truth regarding our government and private sector's lack of enthusiasm in promoting jathropa. Indonesia had surpassed us a couple of years ahead in mass cultivation of jathropa because of CTI Biofuels efforts in supporting large-scale plantations of Jatropha throughout the many islands of this subtropical country. . Indian government had acted even more milestone ahead in promoting jathropa with most of international investors came from Israel. We ought to be ashamed on how far the Jews always manage to move several steps ahead of Muslims.

In my district, no one had any idea on how or where to sell jathropa seeds once it was harvested. In my profession, I had the luck of meeting several palm estate owners and I always ask them why aren't they planting jathropa instead of palm trees. The answer always the same, lack of knowledge especially where to sell the harvests. I did a few quick research in the internet and found out about BIONAS but the truth remains that BIONAS remain mostly anonymous to the large scale of palm oil planters in my state. I hope BIONAS can be more pro-active in promoting the plants.

I have this super genius idea on how to prompt a race to plant Jathropa in every lawn and backyards in Malaysia. In the beginning od this article I told you about me wanting to dupe you with the wrong idea that Jathropa can enlarge your penis, right? Well, what if it could? I mean what if we could associate Jathropa with men's desire to be superman on bed? It's like what the American used to do with the famous "an apple a day make the doctor stay away" or the British with their "Mommy! Mommy! Ribena if full with Vitamin C" bullshit thing. We're well aware about Malaysian men's 'sensitivity' to all 'potent materials' regardless of how stupid it was to begin with. My suggestion is, if only we could start a campaign "a jathropa's leaf once a day could make your bed breaks away and your wife moaning all day", such misleading campaign would drove our country to the number one spot as jatropha planter in the globe. I based my suggestion on a fact that Malaysian can easily be duped into anything as long as the name or the title sounded interesting (like yourself..).

In fact, I read somewhere that a Jathropa from the family of Euphorbiaceae Macrantha can turned into powder which will perform as good as Vimax or Viagra. I just don't know whether this Macrantha family can also be processed into bio-diesel. I'm sure there's a genius somewhere in Malaysia who could do a lab test whether Jathropa Curcas has in it any quality to enhance our libido.

If there's a way to promotes Jathropa as aphrodisiac, then I say we are on our way to solve our future fuel problem.

Note: Some part of article should be taken as humorous okay! Figure yourself which part that is.

Note: you may republished / distribute my article at will so long as you maintain its originality and a link to my blog, To make your life easy, you may Copy & Paste the article's raw html code below to your blog / website


  1. Is it true I heard that we have massive petroleum researve that is un explored yet somewhere around Terengganu and Kelantan....maybe they are not serious to develop biodesiel...

    I read the economist column of the star, many countries claimed that Malaysia is a miracle countries, despite many economic disastor, high unemployment, rising prices of good and services, Malaysia stil can grow positively, and record very low unemployment rate. Government still have enough money to save our citizen at Egypt, increase mega projects and many others....
    I hope Malaysia can continue to be miracle

  2. I'm not sure about terengganu and kelantan oil reserve. I thin it's unlikely. You have to tell me where did you heard it before. Malaysian government have enough money but currently outgoing is more than incoming. Let's hope that the current political circus will end very soon in favour of peace and properity like during Tun.M era.

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