Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This documentary is a must see for anyone who wish to learn what the future might bring if Illuminati is allowed to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER. Every time they established an empire or ruled other states, this thing happens. It happens during the Roman empire, at the time of the pharaohs, when Hitler rise, when Soviet rule, When China communism rule etc etc.. and now the United States about to do the same to the Muslims in a very near future. This had been indicated in the prophecy as a major sign before the coming of Al-Mahdi. It shook me to imagine women and children being forced to strip, then lined up before being shot.

The picture above shows what happens when a mother desperately hugged her 4 year old child before both of them were shot to death. Every mother would no doubt reacted the same regardless of race, religion and belief. Unfortunately what you see above is still happening and will get worse in time to come. We're living in the worst of time and it will get worse before the arrival of Al-Mahdi.

I hope the Malaysian Government could develop a special anesthetic so that a Muslim soldier could continue to fight in combat without feeling any pain or fatigue when suffering injuries with no hopes of survival. Before leaving behind an fatally injured man to fend for himself, the commander can inject him with the drug before bidding farewell. The drug must be designed to ensure that death will only be caused by the soldier's injury and not the drug itself (or otherwise it will amount to suicide) but it will make the soldier feels strong until his final breath. This will ensure that those who wish not to be captured can fight honorable and leaves the enemy no choice but to kill him in combat. I personally would prefer death with a sword in my hand rather than being shot buck naked or tortured to death by the enemy. I think any Muslim woman and child should prefer fending themselves to the last blood rather than end up like the picture above.

The drug will be of most benefit to the Black Banners but will be of no use to the enemies. True soldier of God will welcome death in combat and fear life in captivity and humiliation. Soldier of Illuminati on the other hand would have a very low morale and will always opted to surrender rather than being dead.

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