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Correction / Ralat: A visitor by the name of Pengikut Nabi Muhammad has straighten my mistake in this article. Being human myself, I have to admit of the serious error when I said that the Chinese made up of 45% of the whole population. I mistakenly made an oversight regarding the information sourced to me about last year's Banci data without bothering to double check for authenticity. Upon reading his comment, I contacted my sources and demand clarification. It seems that there has been a slight communication. In a haste during telephone conversation, he said 45% actually refers to his estimates of Malaysian Non-muslim and not merely Chinese. I have decided not to rewrite the mistaken parts in this article otherwise some might accuse me of trying to cover my previous mistakes. Instead I made my correction transparent here (shown in red) without deleting my previous mistake :)

Ros858 sent the following question to my email:

In part one you said that the domino’s still falling, I’ve read your 2013 Illuminati Blueprint article and most of the thing you said there never came true. Khairy never made it to the cabinet and the Indians support seems to return to BN. So? What's next?

Well, I have this habit of wanting to answer short but end up rambling and eventually veered off from topic. So I figured why not shares? Here's my answer to Ros858:

2013 article is not a prophecy. As the title suggests, it’s a blueprint. It’s the same when you are planning to build a house where you needed an architect to draw the plan. The plan itself is drawn pursuant to several formulas and variables. If there’s no change to the variables then you can expect to see the house end up exactly the same as transpired in the plan. So in a way a blueprint can be misunderstood as a prophecy. But there’s a major difference which in dire need of explanation here. I think the best way to explain it is by first telling you the history of what used to be a watcher’s group.

You see, not a longtime ago a friend of mine come up with a brilliant discovery that the most stupid creature ever created by God is Lucifer (Iblis). I’m not talking in haiku or figuratively here, I’m talking about stupidity in its most literal way. At first it seems hard to believe. I mean how come a creature who is worshipped by maybe millions of people around the world be stupid?

Here’s the reasoning in its most sarcastic form:

Using “infinite monkeys theorem” pioneered by Émile Borel and paraded by atheists of the world, it is suggested that if you have enough monkeys banging randomly on typewriters for infinite amount of time, they will eventually type the works of William Shakespeare. Well, not many of us know this, but Lucifer had been in existence much longer prior to Adam. Considering of his previous rank as the leader of the archangels, then we can even assume that Lucifer has been around million if not billions of years before Adam was huffed and puffed to existence from clay. According to scientists, the age of our earth since the big bang is probably 13.75 ± 0.11 billion years. Assuming that somehow true, it’s a wonder why Lucifer has not able to achieve more than what the simians could have accomplished if God created immortal monkeys. Lucifer didn’t come up with “McBeth” or “Romeo & Juliet”, William Shakespeare did.

It’s fair to say that since his descent to earth, Lucifer didn’t come up with anything at all be it useful or wasteful. It is men that invents wheel to move the car, light bulb to brighten the night, bricks to build the tallest building in the world and nuclear warhead to kill each other. Lucifer never did any of these things. In fact, even the Djins has been known to build a temple during the reign of Prophet Sulaiman. Lucifer by himself never manages to build anything.

It is men and not Lucifer or Satan who came up with scientific findings which were then used to develop and destroy the surface of the earth. It’s men who discovered electricity, bacteria and virus, the anatomy of human body, quantum mechanics, theory of relativity, the nuclear power etc etc. Lucifer never comes up with anything.

Now, if a bunch of monkeys could come up with a text of “Romeo & Juliet” after a few million or billion years, then certainly Lucifer who dared to speak against God would fare much better. Because he was dumped to earth in about the same time with Adam & Eve’s arrival, then by logic Lucifer because of his age and seniority would be capable of fooling and enslaving the humanity in a blink of a few thousand years. But he never did despite that being his greatest desire.

Thus, by natural & deductive reasoning we can say that Lucifer’s brain (if he has any) actually has a very low IQ compared to monkey. We are lucky then that it’s Lucifer who eternally hates us. One could imagine the destructive nature the monkeys, the cows and even the lizard can bring if it was them who was bestowed with immortality and vow vengeance against humanity. Given a couple of million years to live and evolve, the lizard could evolve into ‘Cicak Man’ and drove us all into extinction .. ha ha ha..

So, if Lucifer is so stupid, how come he manages to accomplish what we have seen today? Thousands of world’s most brilliant, richest and most powerful men all joining secret societies which clearly worship the all seeing eye and other unholy deities.

Well, that’s where infinity plays a role. If there’s any effective cure for stupidity, then immortality is the one chosen by Lucifer. Probably thinking along the same line of the stupid monkey’s theory, Lucifer probably figures that time will heal his stupidity. If he just could stay immortal up to several millions more years, he could slowly and gradually learn what make humans great and what make them break. Through experience, he would know how dupe a talented human being into thinking that he is the reason for that person’s success. That person might come up with an idea on how to rocket to space but that dumb ass person would give credit to Lucifer. We are also sort of dumb ass because today we could see a building with the devil’s logo on them and we would think that Lucifer is awesome for having a building of his own despite knowing the truth that the building was build not by Lucifer by a normal human being.

Saying that, it is fair to credit Lucifer the world first profiler, and through times he had mastered what we now referred as “human science”.

Contrary to what other may say, it is “human science” which rules the world today. The scientist who look down at “human science” are usually the same being employed or paid by politicians or corporate figures who made billions not by looking at the microscope, but by mastering the skill of making people do what they’re predicted to do. Needless to say that all politicians (with the exception of the American President because they’re simply puppet) and corporate leaders are talented profilers at some degree.

People who study human’s behavior (Human Science) are called ‘profilers’. However the Illuminati had employed some of the best profilers money could buy. These gifted profilers, together with their unlimited resource of information and money to conduct real time experiments, could predict future human behavior simply by adding and deducting triggering events (variables) which famously known as “dominoes”. Applying the same principle in dominoes, they would put not one, but several triggering events to make sure that the outcome is achieved. Hence if one domino is intercepted, then others are still falling via alternative route.

Which bring us back to what I have said about 2013’s blueprint.

The purpose of the blueprint is to create a new government order in Malaysia sometimes in 2013. Despite whatever euphoria felt following the defeat of PAS in previous by-elections. The fact from the by election still shows that MCA is getting weaker while the DAP is getting stronger. I am sure you will all agree that the DAP is gaining momentum at a much speedier rate than UMNO who still recuperating from the 2008 election disaster. Whereas UMNO is moving uphill on bringing back the Malay voters into our camp, the DAP seems to swim downstream in converting MCA supporters to vote for them. At the speed we’re moving, it is estimated that it will take them less than 10 months to control the Malaysian-Chinese’s votes which represents a total of 45% (correction: 24.6%) Malaysian population today.

In comparison, despite the growing support to UMNO due to crisis in PKR and controversies in PAS, at this rate we still need more than 18 months (correction to: 26 months) before we can bring back all UMNO supporters whom had previously migrated to PKR/PAS during Pak Lah’s era. Even that wouldn't be sufficient to counter the 45% (correction to: 26.6%) Chinese votes because we still need to coax at least 50% (correction to: 32%) of PAS/PKR traditional votes in order to maintain the status quo of governing this nation.

In short, the domino is still falling. To stop it, we need to identify where ALL the dominoes are and take it out.

Here is what I think where some of the dominoes are.


The first domino towards 2013 is the by-election itself. I have this eerie feeling that the illuminati (and PKR and DAP) are very happy if this country continue having an endless queue of by-elections until the next general election. The reasoning are very simple, each by-elections will create infinite opportunity to create racial tensions in this country. Because of recent trend of hatred politics where racial issues being played by all sides during campaigning, the sentiments and divisions which once occurred prior to 13 May 1969 is now gradually growing albeit in an invisible momentum.

Non-stop by-elections will deny the cooling off period for the issues to die out. Furthermore, continuing by-elections will dry out Barisan's campaigning fund. There’s no need to pretend that the previous by-elections had dried several hundred thousands ringgit of funds if not millions. The Prime Minister will sooner or later realized that the remaining funds is only sufficient to held a General Election by which he will have no choice but to call it early than anticipated. If this happened, Barisan will most probably lose in all states where the Chinese votes are the determining factor. In order for Barisan to win, Barisan must create at least 12 months cooling off period where it can concentrate on persuading the traditional non-muslim votes to embrace Barisan.

If PKR or PAS leaders wish to find out whether this profiling is correct or not, all they need to do is to invite the DAP’s candidate to contest in the next Merlimau by-elections or any other by-elections after that. I will assure you that DAP will “politely” reject the offer. The DAP is now trying very hard to conceal their efforts to secure 47% (correction to: 26.6%) votes in this country while in the same time let the PKR & PAS fight and died. This tactic is famously referred by Tun Mahathir as fighting and ruling in proxy. Anwar Ibrahim had done well in mentoring DAP this technique which was pioneered and is still adopted by the Jews.

In order to take out this domino, it is advised that all Barisan’s YB’s must do their best not to lose their seat and not to DIE. I will not dwell much more on my suggestion about the latter because I’m sure no Barisan YB want to die on purpose. However, it’s strange that since 2008 a lot of Barisan YB had passed away. So my advice is for the living to take care their health, don’t eat stuff from unknown source and increase alertness on their surroundings. I’m sure that PAS or DAP would not go to the extent of poisoning anybody. But bear in mind the Illuminati and foreign agents had been around since 1786 and I do believe they assassinated Tan Sri Yahya in 03 March 1997 in order to clear the way for 1997 Financial Crisis and the rise of Anwar Ibrahim. Therefore we wouldn’t want any of our YB to die in any car crash or heart attack which leave the SPR no choice but to held another by-election.


In every place in the world today, people are moaning because of the rising cost of living caused by the hike in the oil price. Fortunately for us, due to the fuel subsidy no widespread riots had erupted in our nation yet.

It is true that the government cannot control the external variables such as the rising price of crude oil. But our government still can control in the internal variables to cushion the effect of the rising fuel.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when the price of fuel goes up, then transporting people and goods gets harder. So the key word here is “transportation”. If transportation can be governed to make it more effective, then inevitably the amount of fuel used can be reduced pending efforts to seek replacement to black oil.

I am sure Tun Mahathir and Tan Sri Yahya had thought of this before. That’s the main reason why Malaysia tried to procured the M.V Augusta technology before it was sold to GEVI SpA for merely a 1 euro no thanks to that dumb ass Khairy. The Watcher’s group was sad to say goodbye to M.V Augusta because we know Tun probably wanted it after learning about the Husqvarna technology controlled by M.V Augusta.

This is what you need to know about Husqvarna technology. During World War 2, Sweden was subjected to British and German Naval blockades which led to severe decrease of petroleum products by 88% and coal by 53%. The Swedish government therefore was desperate to find a way to develop a solution to address the fuel problem. It happens to be that Husqvarna was at that time an armament firm which had supplied the Swedish army with rifles since 1689 and motorcycle since 1903. Husqvarna then secretly develop a small, simple, inexpensive three wheels car (two front, one back) with an unusual split rear window. A prototype was built in 1943, powered by a 20 hp (15 kW) two-cylinder 500 cc DKW motorcycle engine with chain drive to the rear wheel. However, the project was mysteriously cancelled in 1944 and the prototype was scrapped at the end of the 1950s but the technology is still with Husqvarna.

In 1987, the Husqvarna was sold to Italian motorcycle manufacturer Cagiva and became part of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A.. In December 2004 MV Agusta was bought by Malaysian car maker Proton for 70 million euro before Proton sold it 12 months later to GEVI SpA for a mere 1 euro (my God!)!. Totally aware about the existence of the Husqvarne automobile potential, the BMW in 2007 purchased from M.V Augusta the Husqvarna for 93 million euros!

There’s no doubt that Tun had wanted Proton to adopt the Husqvarna fuel efficient technology for its future model. I just can imagine my daughter driving a small inexpensive proton car (albeit three wheels haha) to workplace with merely a gallon of fuel for a total of 7 days! Sigh.. Will anybody slap Khairy Jamaluddin like yesterday please!?

Even if Khairy would let us slapped him for 70 million times, it wouldn’t change the fact that the technology the world desperately need to curb human’s dependency to oil is now secured inside BMW’s vault somewhere. So the government ought to try other ideas such as one which was once was pioneered by Tan Sri Yahya - that is to increase the efficiency of public transportation. Tan Sri Yahya was the man behind the Intrakota consortium. The idea behind it was to establish a fleet of efficient and comfortable buses for public use. Intrakota busses was remembered fondly for its efficiency and reasonable fare during the tenure of Tan Sri Yahya at DRB Hicom. However after his assassination, Intrakota had reportedly accumulated losses amounting to RM450mil from the 1997/1998 financial crisis until SPNB took over in 2003. Frequencies and service deteriorated as buses began breaking down and the public transport usage in the Klang Valley area dropped to about 16% of all total trips, one of the lowest in the Asian region.

The idea of improving our public transportation is paramount in order to cushion the ill-effect of rising fuel price. I’m not talking just about buses, I’m also taking about the use of rail and sea. The government needs to find a way to revive the train and small shipping services for distributing goods to neighboring states. We need a solution to this dependency on lorry to distribute goods in between states. Not only the uses of lorry increase the need for diesel, it also pollutes more and kills more road users. I believe if manufacturers prefers train as a transportation method, a reduce in lorry dependency will eventually led to a reduce on oil dependency.

The other thing which needs to be address is traffic jam and personal vehicle. The more cars congesting the road means more fuel being burnt. Sometimes I just can’t understand why it’s so ridiculously difficult to obtain a class B motorcycle license in Malaysia. In Malaysia it seems that it is much easier to pass the class D (car) JPJ test than a class B2 (small engine motorcycle) test. The hardest part is where a motorcyclist is required to cross a “bridge” a meter wide and 15 meter long for not less than 7 seconds. What make the test so hard is not the test itself, instead it is because the motorcyclist must use the motorcycle provided by the driving school instead of his own motorcycle. If the motorcycle happens to be of different model and weight than what he normally use in daily life, chances are he will lose his balance and veered out of the bridge.

I think it’s time we follow the example of our neighbor Indonesia and Thailand where the government allows a “taxi motorcycle” to be operated. This will help ease the public who needs to get to work speedier and at a cheaper rate. The government also should relax the test and the laws regarding motorcycle ownership and license. In order to curb the risk of adding more mat rempit on our street, maybe it is time to introduce a law making it mandatory of every motorcycle to be installed with front windshield. No dumb ass would dare racing above 50 km/h with a front windshield installed. I guarantee it.

Another missed opportunity in a struggle against oil dependency is the lack of attention to Jatropha oil. What happens to this? A hectare of jatropha can produce up 1,892 litres of fuel! That alone would be sufficient to allow me to send my kids to school for 2 years!! In fact, a class C Mercedes Benz with jatropa diesel had already traveled over 3,500 km across southern India in 2003.

It seems that we have lost a lot of opportunity indeed.


...... ?

Note: To be or not to be continued…. :-P : <

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  1. he population of Malaysia is made up of many ethnic groups. Malays make up 50.4% of the population, with other bumiputra making up another 11%.[2] According to constitutional definition, Malays are Muslims who practice Malay customs (adat) and culture. They play a dominant role politically. Bumiputra status is also accorded to certain non-Malay indigenous peoples, including ethnic Thais, Khmers, Chams and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. Non-Malay bumiputra make up more than half of Sarawak's population and over two thirds of Sabah's population.[2] There also exist aboriginal groups in much smaller numbers on the peninsula, where they are collectively known as Orang Asli.[146] Laws over who gets Bumiputra status vary between states.[147]

    Various other minorities who lack Bumiputra status have established themselves in Malaysia. 23.7% of the population are of Chinese descent, while those of Indian descent comprise 7.1% of the population.----- wikepedia...updates

    contradict to your statement that chinese are 45%

  2. Really? I was told that the chinese population has increased significantly based on 2010 banci.. I have to checked my sources then.. Thanks for checking me out! :)

  3. THE Chinese no longer make up the majority in Penang, having been overtaken by the Malay community, The daily quoted Penang Statis­tics Department director Wan Mohamad Noor Wan Mahmood as saying that there were 18,000 more Malays this year compared to the number of Chinese.The population in the state is expected to reach 1.6 million, - Nan Yang Siaw Pau 2010

    Based on the statistics, I think is is possible there is increased in the number of malay/muslim population more than as it stated by year 2012...

    The main reason of the increase in the muslim population is because of more children comes from muslim family and the trend of poligamy with indonesian women...

    It is recorded every day there are at least 1 case of application of poligamy with the immigration department and this is official ...I believe there are more ...malay/muslim husband marry indonesian women as their second wife....this trend will treathen the Chinese political future if all muslim are united.

    Lets us pray to Allah, so that all muslim united under Barisan Nasional

  4. Thanks for the info.. That's very valuable to me.. I will re-asses my calculation on BN's chances to win the next general once I obtained the result of last year's banci penduduk. You're right about Malay's chances the next Gen. Election. Hopefully we all will eventually prevail.