Saturday, May 5, 2012


My Facebook friend Mr.Faiz keep promoting this TV3's show 'Al-Kulliyah' in his Facebook that eventually I took some time to watch it last night. Unfortunately, the show can only be watched via because no one upload it yet into Youtube and the internet streaming itself cannot be captured via FLV downloader software. So because of that, I plugged my Laptop with a PC-to-Av converter and connected it to my other computer which has a TV-card and I manage to record the show from http://tonton albeit with a loss of quality.

So if anyone wishes to see what Faiz's keep promoting about, you can watch it here.

The show was handicapped by two things namely

(a) the use of malay language and
(b) the two wasteful questions by the first two callers

Mr.Jerry clearly would be in better position to explain if he is allowed or chose to answer in English. Despite his good command of Indonesian language, he wasted the two good questions at the end because he didn't understand what the questions were all about. The question by the third caller is good because he actually wanted to know whether the Illuminati is here in South East Asia but the Ustaz himself interpreted it wrongly. One question by the ustaz is good because the ustaz was actually referring to 'Singapore' as a 'SuperPower' country in South East Asia, but that question was wasted too because of lack of understanding in malay language.

The first two callers wasted the time with their mediocre questions that I was covering my face in embarrassment. I hope that in the future TV3 would filters questions like this.

All and all, it's a good show and suitable for people who did not have clue about the existence of Illuminati.


  1. Another angle of the conspiracies many of us missed.

    Mojo must have the scope for further research. Mojo has the same scope but unsuccessfully made the color coding translation working.

    The author was very creative in putting up another angle of the conspiracies. The info is very disturbing as it fits the current trends and the agenda.

    1. the author of that article has a very unique style of writing indeed.

    2. i like reading the blog. but sometimes the articles are quite confusing.

    3. Me too lah ct.. but later I manage to grab what the author was saying about..

  2. The April 28 event involved financial support from the "two brothers". What's more disturbing it came from businessmen with intel rank. The other came from greedy businessmen using NGO platform. Most probably it came from the same source.

    It is like the famous notion "why have one when you can have two for the price of one". The conspiracies are getting very interesting. Now we have two sides to watch when the older brother gets media attention in local blogs and mainstream news. The other half brother remains hidden in the conspiracy. Both brothers are very good in deceiving the world since history. And seems they have common "Master" using different approaches but specific agenda.

    Now we already have "Penipu-penipu dunia!" not just "Penipu dunia".

  3. The time is getting too close. Irony, most of the charades related to Isfahan. Their agenda is very clear. History had shown they were very merciless. When the two brothers combined in strength they are unstoppable. They have no heart of compassion. Their hearts are solid rocks. Mojo had opportunity understanding them.

    All the events happening in the past 50 years fits the descriptions foretold 1400 years ago. Allah knows what best for us. The trials are real. When Mojo found the walls collapsed in Syria early this year observed the evil the two brothers had done at our fellow brothers and sisters there. Carnage being conducted by the two brothers mercilessly and we have done too little to help.

  4. The walls have collapsed in Syria. Mojo saw them from the sky.

    Who are the two brothers?

    We now see how evil and merciless the two brothers became when the walls crumbled in Syria with clear evidence. Previously, we could not see and without evidence. The step brother was very good in deceiving the world community previously. Mojo had many occasions deceived by the step brother. Mojo felt terrible providing critical know how to them. They were really smart!

    More about the two brothers.

    The author was half right and half wrong. Intel suggests the step brothers residing mainly in modern Turkey. Sounds familiar in the media. Iran and Iraq are pawns to expedite the agenda. Now they controlled all the nations surround.

    Now the agenda has particular interest in this region with the two brothers involvement lately. Why the rush? Seems they have specific dateline to meet?

    Has the older brother fail to complete the mission when needed the step brother intervened?

    Many many credits to Afterdark for untiring efforts to reveal the agenda of the two brothers. While Afterdark mainly focused on older brother, be wary the agenda has now involved the step brother so sudden and very aggressive in their mission.

    We can see now so many people becoming their pawns and preys willingly sacrificed for the Master. What made them obsessed for the Master? Power? Wealth? Position? Naive and dumb? Shortcut to Heaven?The Master's fitnah seems so sweet? Be very wary.

    1. Thank you for crediting me as such, of which I dont think I deserve because (a) I'm a coward who knows too much but afraid to reveal it for fear being discovered and (b) I'm lazy who can write more but allowed myself to be susceptable to the whispers that told my left ear that I'm tired and (c) I'm selfish because from time to time I let my mind wonders why am I doing this blog for free. There are others out there who will thenselves to perform better than me and I envy them. Please pray for me so that (a) The whispers from my right is louder than my left and (b) that all my predictions will turned out absolutely false so that my kids can have a better future prospect of living in peace.

  5. Mojo really hoped we were all wrong and the agenda was foiled. Good inspiration and wisdom are selective divine gifts for a reason.

    Must be wondering what keeps whispering your conscious all these time ...

  6. Salam bro Afterdark. I just want to share a free tool to download from tonton.

    Tq for the latest entry.

  7. Salam,

    On different perspective, I found out a disturbing trend/agenda is coming to Malaysia - the emergence of LBGT and human rights movement. I highly suspect Malaysia in under trial or maybe even under attack - socially and its more specifically geared towards Islam/Malaysian Muslim.

    Consider current theme -
    Ambiga stuff - twice already
    The Canadian homosexual
    Immoral youth of today
    Conversions of Malays Muslims to others

    maybe its few event and you think its a weak cause, actually its a really MAJOR MAJOR test. The test was performed on Indonesia years ago, different channel, same main agenda - failed but almost succeed.

    Why I'm bringing this up ? Because it will determine Malaysian politic and of course will steer Malaysia to a different direction. I'm maybe bias PAS, coz its about Murtad but! it also will affect UMNO.

    Consider a chunk of Murtad Malay voter switching side to the LBGT movement - human rights and religion expression mingled together case, how much actually will be left to vote either PAS or UMNO ? Guess what, if Anwar suddenly say, "Hmm OK I agree with these human rights when I'm PM" boom! I like Anwar before but now, hmm, its about the PKR Illuminati eyes that made me skeptical, plus the budget used on BERSIH 3, its staggering and even that just by cincai-cincai calc.

    Its very troubling stuff for PAS and UMNO IMHO and Malays specifically. Do spread the idea so people alerted about the matter.