Friday, April 27, 2012


BERSIH 3.0 - Sekadar Klip Hiasan
Lot of things happening currently. Other than the BERSIH 3.0 that is going to take place tomorrow (another attempt to spark a riot of course), the opposition is now attacking the credibility of the military by accusing the military of plotting something with the Prime Minister.

The fact that this character attack was launched just a few days before BERSIH 3.0 could means several things. It could either be the Luciferians is planning to frame the military for something bad which might happens tomorrow during BERSIH 3.0 .. or they are trying to install negative image on the military to agitate their supporters tomorrow into attacking the military and security personnel.. or they simply trying to 'psych' the military not to intervene to mantain peace and order..

Frankly speaking.. I don't know for sure.. I just hope no one dies tomorrow like what happens in Indonesia in 1998 or otherwise the military or the police will be blamed for it.

Anyway, the reason behind this article is to share a bit of information which we (the Watchers group) has shared since 2010. In due time this might explain these current skirmish between the military and the opposition pact.

Now, as most of you have suspected, Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition pact are being funded and aided by the Luciferians overseas. This also means that they are privy to some intelligence reports provided by the Luciferians intelligence community.

So when they accused the Malaysian military is up to something, that means that the Luciferians intelligence had reported that the Malaysian military is up for something. Such reports has weight because like it or not, the Luciferians intelligence department is very good at spying.

I can say for myself that I do believe that the Malaysian Military is probably up for something, but whatever it is they're planning is necessary for the good of the country. Believe it or not, our intelligence community is also very good at spying the Luciferians.

I have been thinking about writing the next installment of my "2013 Illuminati blueprint" but previously I was adviced not to due to security concerns. However, since the Luciferians already made the first move against our military, then I think this would be a good time to allow bits of pieces of information leak.

Just make sure none of you spread this in any of your blog.

In the first article "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT" (2008) the Watchers allowed me to write that the Luciferians are planning a riot. Now we all know that is as true as it gets. I also write that KJ might played a role from inside. For a moment that doesn't seems to materialize after he failed to get appointed as cabinet minister. But now nearing PRU13 his popularity suddenly soars and it seems he might regains his political weight inside UMNO to be a force to be reckoned with. Please don't trust that guy regardless of how good his current performance is.

I also said that there's another 13 May coming. That may or may not come true but the fact that Bersih 3.0 is taking place on April creates the possibility that what happens in April may be a spark for what is going to happen in May. Hopefully I was wrong about that.

In the second article "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT - THE (UN)HOLY RELICS, SYRIA AND THE GREAT WAR" wrote in January 2010, I wrote that the Luciferians will attack Syria. That 2010 article was loooooong before the spark of the middle east revolution. Now as we nearing 2013, the newspaper reported today that France has proposed that Syria be attacked.

Then in my previous article 'PRABOWO, THAKSIN, ANWAR IBRAHIM AND THE 1997 CURRENCY CRISIS' I have mentioned about these three servants of Luciferians. Now as we are nearing 2013, Thaksin has returned albeit via proxy in Thailand. Prabowo chances is getting brighter to be next year Indonesian President and Anwar might conquer Putrajaya next year. All dominoes seems to falls nicely.

These information were gathered by the Watchers and the credit should goes to them. But let's pray that our group's profiling of the upcoming event will not materialized. If in the future someone say to me "you're flat wrong on all your previous articles!".. then I'll be glad.

Anyway, back to the information leak I promised you.

The blueprint reveals that after Anwar Ibrahim become Prime Minister, his Master's next standing orders are to weaken the military and the police force. This will be carried out hastily within a year by replacing a lot of Generals in the army, cutting spending on defense and appointing lots and lots or non-malays in keys position. This is necessary because the Luciferians don't want the Malay Muslims to posses the armaments and ability to intervene.

During the short term Anwar become Prime Minister, a massive investigation process will be launched against the army to weaken it. Scandal upon scandal will be reported by the newspaper about corruption charges against Generals and the army. These charges are framed to destroy the army as a whole, with special focus to the Malay Regiment.

The Luciferians will tell Mr.Anwar that this steps are necessary because the army is plotting to carry out a coup de etat against his government (Still remember that idiot Mahfuz Omar from PAS and his accusation that the army will carry out coup if the opposition wins election? where's that coming from?). What Anwar didn't know was that the Luciferians never intended for him to stay in power more than 2 years either.

So you see, that's why the military top brass hates Anwar Ibrahim. They too know what he's up to.

Is there a possibility that the army in the future might carry out a coup? Yes, because the army will bring down the government by force if the government tries to strip the monarch from their royal power - which is exactly what Anwar and the opposition are planning to do.

(And that's explains why currently the monarch hates him too.. they know..)

The mother of all riot - one which can rivals East Timor - shall be released only after the military has been put in dissaray and division. Once the Malay regiment and the Military lost its Malay dominance, the monarch will be stripped of their power and a full blown anarchy is expected to follows. By this time Anwar Ibrahim will be despised so much by the Malays that the Malays will take it to the street to bring him down. Unfortunately, the racial violence between Malays vs Chinese on the street will open the door for the Lee bloodlines in Singapore to intervene too. That's bad.. mainly because by that time our Malays Regiment is too weak to resist any intervention by that tiny Singapore (what an embarrassment).

Anwar Ibrahim is actually planned by his own Masters to falls from grace in the most disgraceful way. But by then this country is in such a bad shape that all this things we currently enjoy would no longer be enjoyed by our children.

My advice?

Lets pray.. Fortunately this is not a prophecy.. but just a prediction based on our profiling on what the Luciferians has done with the rest of the world.

My next advice? Flee to Borneo and wait for the rise of Black Banners from.. tuuutt (censored) .. and there's hopes that Sabah and Sarawak won't fall to the opposition..


  1. definitely corrupted people will leave...hopefully "our intelligence community" could provide clear evidence to strike corruption or those "grand thieves" running the country.

  2. Before I read this,I always wonder how DAP ,anwar and pkr will overthrown the monarchy system.I always debated the outcome if the pakatan rakyat win the election,well I tell my fellow pakatan rakyat supporters especially malay,that malay will lose our power.then they say the word that full of hatred to me like penjilat umno and something and someone say that perlembagaan will defend malay power and malay monarchy.after that I try to study perlembagaan and find lawyer that understand perlembagaan.oh,well.I never find one.then i never advise any pakatan rakyat supporters after dad.

    I forgot ,will talk about luciferian planning right.they always have something up in their pocket.Oh,well,I hope malay will realize these as soon as possible and I hope some malay men can unite us like srivijaya king unite all the kingdom in malay archipelago .I will pray with all my might that it will never occur.

    I just hope malay will realize that anwar is very bad man,have jew bloodline.Hope nik aziz come back to the right path and just forget the hatred toward umno and hope nik aziz can bangga become malay..

    malim demam

    p/s:sorry for rojak and my English.I'm just a humble malay and soldier of allah

    1. Ya, penyokong pembangkang memang begitu. Susah nak beri penjelasan kepada mereka. Tapi diharap saudara teruskan usaha memberi pandangan kerana saya percaya ini adalah dakwah dan jihad dengan cara kita tersendiri.

  3. Kebanyakan melayu penyokong bersih semua tak nampak secara global, dorang hanya nampak apa yg ada didalam malaysia sahaja...i myself disagreed with kerajaan kita, but I totally disagreed "bersih" infact more than I disagreed with our kerajaan...they are even worst...pengkhianat terbesar..


  4. Bro Afterdark

    Your imagination has gone little bit too wild. May Allah forbid hat to happen in the near future. Your imagination has some fact and some don't. What is worrying our close neighbors are supporting and funding these idiotic troublemakers to destabilize for specific economic reasons and as proxies for another global agenda for specific parties. What is worrying is another sect unexpected is added to the list. The sect is clever in deceiving the mass through their charades for religious sympathies and hypocrites. You can see the character how they like to show religious they are. They need to show to the people that they have faith and religion but actually they don't.

    The two brothers from the same father but two different opposing mothers have been very aggressive in their global agenda to deviate the mass and serving their common master. The wall has collapsed in Iraq. They are building their strength every minute. The two brothers have similar characters with common master and agenda. Why they have so much interest in the Peninsula fits the riddles and the 1400 years recorded statements. The Peninsula has been spared from many tragic and catastrophic events for so long. The reason we know why and a very safe place for the family. Peninsula is the last place they just started to search lately.

    1. Afterdark's imagination is not too wild but may turn-out to be real (may Allah SWT forbid so though), if The Malays are not careful and become too complacent of the past & present political scenario.

      The Globalists cum Imperialists' foreign funding in their evil agenda to subtly interfere & subvert in the internal political affairs of other nations is nothing new to those evil foreign powers.

      The 'Colour Revolution' is their latest subversion 'signature & trademark' mode to draw world attention for such 'uprising'.., and without the local participants involved in such 'colour themes' ever realising that they are mere tools & pawns of those (behind the scene) foreign Globalists cum Imperialists.

      Let this beautiful & articulate girl explain the Globalists cum imperialist's modus-operandi for their so-called 'Colour Revolution', as below:- (Syrian Girl - Colour Revolutions Soros or Levi Flavours)

      Make no about this.., that the colours of the attire (T-Shirts) donned by the those Bersih 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 participants are the themes & signature of those evil Globalists cum Imperialists in subverting in the internal affairs of Malaysia. This has been going on since the Reformasi Movement.

      Sadly though.., many Malays (especially those blind fanatics from the parti PAS) simply fail to realise they are mere tools of those evil Globalists cum Imperialists.., that may enable Malaysia to be re-colonised & enslaved by foreign powers.

      There is not much time left. It is time for give Malaysians an urgent wake-up-call.., otherwise we may be subjected a rude awakening.

    2. Yeah.. I've heard that often.. and I hope I'm wrong not only on a few things.. but on ALL things. But still I'm gonna stockpiling rice, gas, canned foods, and baby diapers just in case. My motto nowadays is better being paranoid than being too late.. haha..

      Anyway, don't you think it's time to let it out all in the open whatever it is you have in your closet of knowledge? The general population don't have the privilege of knowing what we know and I think we ought to tell them flat to their face so that they can choose what to do next for the sake of their own survival.

      The way you write always too mysterious for me. I'm sure most readers doesn't have a clue what "The two brothers from the same father but two different opposing mothers" means. I think I speaks for a lot of my readers when I say "tell us the brothers names!"

    3. can I make a guess??? two brothers...sunni & shiite? hahaha, don't see relation with same father but two different opposing mothers...or, Ali descendants from Fatimah & other wives (Rukayah if i'm not mistaken)...

    4. Not that lah! He was referring to the children of Israel and the bloodline of Prophet Muhammad. The israelites has been searching far and wide trying to locate the emergence of Mahdi and black banner armies but they misinterpret the scriptures. Recent reviews suggested that the very place that they should pay attention to is none other but our peninsula. That is why their sudden interest in our country has risen. Get it?

    5. in literal sense the clue could be found in

      The two brothers literally refers to the same race that made up modern Jews, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afgan. They share the same common genome. The opposing mothers literally means they professed the religion and belief the placed the migrated.

    6. thanks to both KPA & MW for the explanation :-)

    7. geez mojo.. i mistakenly thought you were referring to Lim Guan Eng and Lee Hsien Long.. hahaha.. there's funny rumours that they were both fathered by Lee Kuan Yew... Hahahaha.. my mistakes..

      Thanks for clearing that up.

    8. Now we have 2 parties very interested in all events happened in the Peninsula. Sources of funds have been traced from these two groups channeling through NGOs and political parties. Back in the 80s, most of the direct illegal foreign funds for political and economic sabotages came from the tiny South, the Soviet and the Kingdom. All these while, the tiny South has been putting huge funds for economic sabotage and instability for the country. The Kingdom failed to find what they were looking after 9/11. Now, the two groups of "opposing brothers" are searching what the Kingdom failed to find. The best way to find a needle in a haystack is to own the whole haystack. 2 is better than 1 when looking for the needle.

      Life in Peninsula is very and truly diverse. Mojowatcher saw other life forms could not been found elsewhere. Need to use special equipment to see them. Peninsula has most of the solutions to our modern problems. For whatever outcome, Peninsula offers a safe place to live peacefully and remain anonymous for everyone of us and the family.

  5. i truly believe that the Malays will not rise in the near future. in order for the great Malay-Islamic rise, is when when are at a great oppress state. we will end up fighting and defending our Sultans and definitely, primarily our RELIGION no matter what. 'We will rise, only when we have fallen'.

  6. yes, I also believe that Malays will rise after it has fallen, but my understanding of Qada and Qadar made me pray and do whatever I could to prevent the 'fallen' part (which is why I create this blog to spread awareness) and if I couldn't prevent it then at least I'm preparing to mitigate its effect (which is why I'm stockpiling rice at kampung). It is still crucial from time to time to leak information like this in order to tell the Luciferians that their grand master plan has been known. For my group, even we manage to force the Luciferians to "tweak" their original plan, such tweaking will contributes to delay and that will buy us time to prepare. The first "2013" article (and the earlier 2008 article "Novus Ordos Seclorum & The All Seeing Eye") is a success (I think) because it was republished many times in the internet and I like to think it it was not a waste of energy. Hopefully with the latest disclosure of this latest profiling of future event, all of us can better understand the event that may or may not come in the near future. We may not be able to prevent it, but knowing it is coming is good enough to some to start stockpiling food or pumped gas into the car for fleeing purpose. Seriously, living in ignorance is no longer a bliss.

  7. Each time reading your post never stops me on finding information about Illuminati. I've been exposed about this since 11 from my parents who found it first time through you blog after Anwar's sack in '98 and since then we never stop digging up until today. Thank you for helping others on finding the truth through this view. I'll do the same to others. Please continue writing such entry.

    1. for this tree I've planted since 1998, i am glad to know that at least it has produced a few apples.. thank you so much for tor kind words. independent webmasters / bloggers like me need that to keep our engine running.

  8. Hi everyone,

    We all seem cannot do anything against these torrential corruption, disarray, distrust and blaming. All of them in the Democrazy cronies politic try their hardest to climb to the top with corruption and trickery and yet they say it is normal, inevitable and don't argue your master who feed you they said. For those at top, certainly they will slow down those who climb.

    Even if we know who the enemies, we the people also cannot do anything. Indeed, we even play their games by freewill, already knowing what to play, must follow their rules they said, its the only way they said, they are friendly and not harmful they said, who said they are the enemy they said, don't think too much boy you got a bright future they said and etc the ready excuses on the list go on and on and on and on.

    I think the real elite Luciferians, their Masonic lodges offshots with so many creative to re-branding their symbols and logos, the puppet presidents, the illuminati Symbolism MSM and those many who follow them really are big in numbers, follow on the plan and they grip tightly on their global projects. The goy masses don't mind to be dumbed down via GM foods and controlled as long as they get the money and live life to the fullest their said.

    Even if you take many time studying and researching to know who is them, you cannot do anything to them. If fact us the people have high chance suspected to join under them as work slave agents if they give us money, women or gay depend, luxury house, luxury car, luxury gadgets, political power and etc that suits our desire. The money they give not thousand but million depend on the slave usefulness and crazy loyalty to their projects.

    London ZION 2012 the time is near. Everyone feel the heat of the ritual Olympic opening? 63336 number certainly not enough to cope the increasing number of goy masses whom follow them. Resistance is futile, tiring and slowly faded away. They use your emotions, egos and resistance to further their agendas. Even if with so many warning, people will hit those warning.

    Revolution Backfired

    1. From plurality point of view, it seems that humanity ar destined to lose the battle agaist Lucifer's master plan. But just because in plural they are idiots doesn't means in singular we should follow the suits. Each and every single one dictates our own choice whether to join the system by being corrupt or merely survive the system and resist corruption in life. The problem with opposition supporters are they tries to resist corruption in the most corrupt way. For me, since I just want to keep my family at bay and away from all this bullshits that are now engulfing the world. I know theres other parents who think like me too, so this blog is for them to know what I learn. Lets hang on and wait for the coming of Al Mahdi.

    2. Agree we as citizen should at least responsible, careful and not involve with these madness in politic corruption. Our society, opposition and those in power became crazier day by day. Democrazy and demonstration, shouting, act like mad monkey demon break stuffs on the street and telling propaganda between both sides is not good. Democrazy make them fight each other. Darwin is monkey and we the people do not want monkey let loose demanding banana. Had one not so Bersih protester bring real monkey on the shoulder when protest. What kind of tahyul is this?

  9. Salam to everyone,i just have 1 question.
    1.Tun Mahathir has been potrayed as a nationalist and against Zionist, in fact he was our 4th PM. But, his daugther Marina has shown her support to opposite direction, she was at Bersih 2.0(from internet sources), she supports liberalism, SisterInIslam which is I think quite weird for a daughter of former PM. My wild imagination suggest, this is also a well-planned by THH...just like Anwar & KJ. Now, I have suspicions on TDM as well haha...he just passed the baton to Anwar and actually Najib is the real's that?

    1. why I have pre-position like that because, through internet source it has been said that TDM was kinda hiding his origin and fact that he's not 100% Malay blood, he was inferior about his Kalinga blood eventhough his birth and childhood history has been revealed openly, not like Anwar which is still remain uncertain and full of mystery. Like Najib, we all know very well his family history, came from aristocrate family, nothing to hide etc etc etc...ahhh...this conspiracy getting confusing hahah...

    2. Marina is not following her father footsteps? Oh, that's quite common. Even in the story of Noah, Luth etc, their close family are against them, and they are prophets! What's more to say about Marina and her father?

  10. hmmm...I see...okay, ur argument really makes sense. meaning TDM is on the right path and his daughter is not? so sad to think of that...but I realize Marina only being bold on her stand after her father resigned. thanks for ur enlightment Pemuda PAS, and we wait some elaboration from 'afterdark' himself okay :-)

    1. regarding Marina Mahathir, I was about to use analogy "pisang setandan pasti ada satu yang buruk" but the example stated by Kumpulan Pemuda PAS is waaay better.. thanks KPA!

      about Tun Mahathir's bloodlines and your suspicion that Tun might have anything against Najib, I assume you have yet to read Tun memoirs? he explained his family background there and his highest gratitude to Tun Abdul Razak for reviving his political career. That being said, I dont believe he would backstab Tun Abdul Razak's son. But that's just my opinion.

    2. okay...i will accept that...but memoir doesn't necessary have to contain everything (in fact I havent read), and it can always be written to suit with readers' desire; meaning writer give what readers want to read and want to believe.

      move to KJ...he gains sudden popularity since his debate with Ambiga, and soon with Rafizi...if ur prediction true, KJ will shine in this 13th GE, should he won, he might be promoted into cabinet position, right now he already inside PUNB (lots of money to fund any political agenda)'s next for KJ and us???

      last; about the kindnapping of Nayati, a Dutch boy from his school...very recent with BERSIH...anything related to some rituals need to be performed before big events???

    3. lets put it this way, if Tun is against Najib then he could someone else to support BERSIH. Sending his own daughter seems to dumb dont u think?

      Marina Mahathir is probably the biggest embarrasment Tun Mahathir currently have to bear. Its a complicated things when family members are involved. A colombilan drug lord can put a hole on someone's head yet still couldn't find the will to slap his own daughter. It's just the irony of life.

      That's KJ thing, I don't ever trust him. i will say no to KJ forever.

      The kidnapping of children and killing of young people si getting worse nowadays. By preference, black magic practitioners in Malaysia prefers to sacrifice a child under the age of 13, the best would be below 8. The rituals sometimes deferred but the draining of blood seems common on all rituals. Sometimes in order to conceal the evidence the blood is drained through a small hole before he corpse is burned. Other times the corpse dismembered to conceal wounds inflicted on major arteries. By practice, whenever a major events is coming (like BERSIH), then someone somewhere will die as sacrifice to demons. I am planning to include this in my novel so you all just have to wait. I will say one thing though, only a massive energy produced by praying can neutralize the dark arts of Illuminati. If there is a way to convince several thousand people to recite minimum 3 times Yaseen for each and every missing child, then maybe we can defeat the dark arts. Unfortunately, that maybe too hard for many to accomplish.

    4. Mojo agrees with Afterdark. The early life of this character is full of deception. We could observe similar characters everywhere.

      Be wary, they are already in the Government, politics, celebrities and religious figures. These figures are undermining the safety of our children, family and our future.

      Mojo has no answer why all the deceptions. Greed? Serving the common Master? Maybe Afterdark has the answer.

  11. Can ask? is these so-called sacrifice really for daemon or just merely fancy psychotic nut job acting duck magic? How to know if it is involvement of some sort daemon and magic because we probably cannot see these daemon trolls play hide and sick. Does these daemons really materialize and eat kid crazy stuff? No wonder kids nowadays behave a lot alike demons with loud shouting, yelling and pull the hair. Are pedrofile also one sort of these unseen daemon because nobody seem to know these feared entities until Bukit Aman exorcist come to compels the wicked and evil.

    1. apparently, you are new to this topic :)

      Kindly read my previous article Novus Ordos Seclorum & The All Seeing Eye. I will also eloborate further in my upcoming novel.

      Thank you for showing interest.

  12. greetings,

    finally, I found peoples with same "hobby" (watching and projecting) in malaysia. I thought only my friend and i only (we both live in a small world) that interested in the conspiracy thingy. i will dig your blog later.

    On topic - I was warned by my friend about the probable SHTF, still stockpiling slowly, the question that bother me is where is the kerabats/royalty in this case ?

    Another thing that I think worth looking is the Obama visit (and later UK PM visit), Yes, old stuff but I think its worth looking, the Obama touring seems like an "infiltration" to me, a marine base in Australia, dunno what in Indo and few hundreds of "language specialist to assist teachers" and other things around Asean countries, it sounds quite weird to me, considering our education is british based. Me donno spik Texas maam. Pretty weird to have USA slang in british ex.
    Dont you think so ?

    Hmm a lot more to think and write but for now I'll just keep watching the world stuff, I'm pretty new to Malaysian politic due to lack of conspiracy (being educated slowly now). On illuminati stuff, what date/number is the best to kill people eh ? LOL

    1. Dude, why did you link your username to illmati website? You advertise them?

      Why you want to know where the loyalty? Are you communist or CIA-NED agent? Quite suspected

      Where in the "small world" both you and your friend live?

      And you keen to know illmati thingy, why not you go to the illmati link on your nullvoid username as you provide to yourself.

      You know little about politic and already talk about date to kill are you 11 years old ms nullvoid lol?

    2. So I cant link to anywhere I want ? How inconvenient. The purpose is to bring awareness among us about the thing exist. The website is pretty much fake IMHO.

      Loyalty or royalty ? I'm asking about the royalist in my respond and their purpose/action is much awaited to handle current situation. Unless they too serve the eye :(, who knows.

      I do agree I know very little about Malaysian politic even though I'm Malaysian (I'm fast learner!). But that doesnt mean I dont know how politic workings. I'm more of "world watcher" instead of "malaysian watcher" if you like.

      Sacrifice is made by these scums, and they love to play with numbers, so its a valid question guessing the date of killing, not that I wanted it. Just as precaution/paranoid with a reason.

      Honestly I think you misinterpret my respond or maybe some probing ? LOL :)

      27/4 -- 2 + 7 + 4 = 13, whew, BERSIH miss it by 1 day. Lucky us ?
      [Check my nick link! Nice song]

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. NULLVOID,

      In Malaysia Rulers are forbidden to interfere with political issues,
      but with the current scenario, i do believe that they are aware of it. Did you read the speech by Raja Nazrin? He mentioned that only the countries which had monarchy
      system can declare Islam as the official religion and those affecting the MAlays enshrined in the Constitution should not be compromised at all.
      I think its a slander for u to said they 're probably on the dajal's side .Are u a Malay muslim or what? I dont thik our Rulers here in Malaysia are on the
      dajal's side when they are still still concern for our religion, race and country .

    5. Sorry, I'm not aware of it, not well versed in Malaysian stuff. But as source of power they should take the country matters seriously, it will affect their subjects either way. I'm pretty much frustrated about Perak situation, the king should enforce and perform his part IMHO. I'm more focused on world conspiracy compared to Malaysian ones so I guess I close the matter.

      As with constitution stuff, its pretty much semantic IMHO, but not that bad. We are still in good shape, but cant say much about the future. Sooner or later, human right (mostly religious stuff but will affect the Malay supremacy) vs current situation will have a day - reason I'm leaning to PAS. I'm might be biased but conclusion from recent news says this - 2 major lost on Muslims.
      UMNO getting soft.

      As for the Illuminati stuff, never under estimate their grasp, what bothering me is - Why TPTB bow to such agenda, isnt there not enough power already ? The kings might be clean or might be not, doesnt really matter, in anyway Illuminati can overshadow this easily.

      I guess we can say the same thing in Malaysia - follow the money.
      Good day :)

  13. salam, i just want to share this link long before but I always forget.,
    basically this author summarize that believing in conspiracy theory is foolish, because we (Malaysia, Malay, Muslim) have nothing to offer to these Zionist/Illuminati/Luciferian. they better focus on Arab region rather than this small country.
    any comment? coz, sometimes I do feel alone in this matter. I'm starting ask my families to recite doa to avoid from Dajjal trial after last tasyahud in prayer and surah Al-Kahfi...but I guess people are too busy in this material world and think i'm paranoid and idiot hehe...and what about the video of 'Arrival', lots of pro and cons-make me feel out of world once again :-)

    1. Salam,

      That blog is a very good sample of ignorance, totally opposite this blog. LOL.
      Once, I'm on the skeptic side. Then saw Masonic and Illuminati stuff, still OK, still skeptic, still make joke of people 2 + 11 = 13 and LOLed at them.

      Then somebody post a sample of hidden messages. A Playhouse Disney short clip displaying the eye woke me up. I go WTH the eye have to do with kids ? Then after reading lots more, I'm now looking at numbers + events and adding it up and its all there. I'm sold to the conspiracy.
      Illuminati love playing with 1, 3, 6 and combination of these numbers - 33, 66 etc right ?.
      Now, 3162... is like 31 + (62/2) right?, 31(31*2), we can make it 3131, 3166, 3162, 3126 etc, sounds playing nice with the numbers eh ? Fits the tinfoil mentality, castle in the sky dumb people.

      Lookup H.R 3162, that document kill hundred of thousands and trouble to millions others, its one of the manhunt effort by the Illuminati.

      In Malaysia, the effect is not that blatant, but the grasp of Illuminati pretty much everywhere in the world, non spared, maybe Easter Island is spared. The thing is how do you beat hundreds of years continuous planning and execution to hunt and kill this 1 guy ?

      Sauron is hunting in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran currently, what if the eye shift focus and look for Frodo in S.E.A? Which country do you think it will focus ? whaoahhh!
      Simply said, I susah hati living at the end of the world :(
      Click my nick for related link.

    2. saya dah baca pendapat dia dalam blog tu.. tak apalah, itu kan hak dia.. sayang saja tulisan dia tu terlalu keras dan egoistik bahasanya, kalau tak memang ada point gak dia tu.. Actually saya pun harap agar para pembaca tidak terlalu taksub dengan mana mana konspirasi teori.. ambik mana yang membawa manfaat dan mengelak kerugian saja.. selagimana kandungan sesuatu artikel itu tidak merugikan maka tidak rugi sel otak pun jika dibaca. Asal saja jangan ada yang tak nak bekerja (sebab yakin dunia.nak kiamat) atau tak nak berjihad (sebab nak menunggu imam mahadi saja) atau tak nak belajar sains (sebab nak join tarekat). Itulah sebabnya saya agar gemar membawa pendekatan sekular dalam penulisa saya, sebab Alhamdulillah saya beruntung didedahkan serba sedikit keindahan Islam melalui teman ex-watchers yang pro-sains. Sebagai kesimpulannya, sederhanalah dari segala serba serbi dan jangan extreme. Tak rugi berdoa mengelak musibah, so itu sangat sangat sangat sangat digalakkan.

    3. Another significant year is 2020. The two brothers are obsessed by that year; so does the government. Coincidence?

    4. Whilst scientific communities waiting for great solar flares to happen circa 2013-2014 when we are least affected, but the after event could heavily affect global crop yields. High charged particles from the sun could further thinning the ozone and strastospheric layers. Significant rise in temperature is unavoidable. What other global parameters are affected are many. Will the event affect mankind on global scale? Maybe. More becoming "Sewel" (could not find the right English word) or equivalent zombie like behavior ...high chances. Event on 28th is just the start.

      We just wait for the event and hopefully it would not happen at all.

    5. The anti-conspiracy author was using his logical sense since he was the math expert. Mojo has experienced events when math and science could not explain. Mojo had to use extra sensors and faith to understand something that seemed illogical.

      Conspiracy does not always hold the truth as it is based on assumption. The agenda is real from the beginning of prophethood. Time will tell ...

    6. Salam all, thanks for the encouragement words haha, at least I'm not paranoid alone-I have a bunch of paranoid people together with me :-),Actually other than doa, what we need is some logical analysis so we can make preparation.

      I read from EraMuslim (Indonesian web), Rasulullah was quoted as saying, 3 years before the appearance of Dajjal, Allah would hold rain from pouring the earth, there would be lack of food. When asked by sahabat, what would Muslim people eat during that trial? Rasulullah answered; takbir, tahlil and tahmid will help them to feel full (not hungry).

      2013-2014-2015, solar flare if happen, world will witness the greatest famine. And the next great depression is expected to happen between 2017-2019. Yes, financial crisis have their own cycle, which known as 9/56 years cycle.

      Then 2020, the establishment of NWO??? If so, we only have 7 years from now? I do not intend to create panic or chaos, but I think it's beneficial to discuss the signs further.

      When I first think about this very seriously, it really make me so down and hopeless. I keep saying to myself, it would be unfair for those who are poor and can't afford to keep gold as economic means when trial comes. And, what about rich people who has tonnes of food and gold but has no faith to Allah? Is that gold and food can save them from Dajjal?

      But, regardless where we live town or village, rich or poor, Allah has given us the weapon to protect us and our family from Dajjal.
      1.Doa after tasyahud akhir.
      2.Surah al-Kahfi (first 10 verses & last 10 verses)

      Sorry for taking a quite space this time :-)

  14. as salam AfterDarks,

    sourced from Anak Bukit Gantang's blog.
    And this is the "I" Files,

    AfterDarks dear, how is the progress of your novel?
    yup, the "I"-Files has been released, now we waiting the birth of your first writing.

    selain drpd versi pdf, nanti bolehlah buat versi on-line macam blog i-files ni - insya-Allah pasti akan dpt sambutan hangat...

    selamat berkarya!

    1. My novel? Not good! I'm again bumped by the lack of motivation to write. It's clear that I was not meant to make a living as writer. Fortunately I have a steady job to earn money from. Unfortunately, my steady job demand to much of my time to do anything else. I will try my best to update my blog this month to compensate for the lack of progress in the past two months.

  15. Two brothers of the same father different mother,
    can be Shiites and Wahhabis?

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