Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So I met a guy few days ago. He came to my office to get my advise on legal matters but in the course of normal client-solicitor conversation these issue came up.

Him: "PAS said that the Christians and other non-Moslems has the right to say that their God is Allah.."

Me: "True.. True.. True" (in Upin and Ipin style of pronouncing)

Him: "What do you mean true? You support PAS?"

Me: "No"

Him: "Are you okay if the non-Moslems say that their God is Allah"

Me: "No problem"

Him: "So you're OK with Allah in the bible?"

Me: "Not ok"

He was confused with my answers so I figured I might as well put down my pen and start explaining. The explanation took 35 minutes of my time being unpaid. It sucks but it seems necessary. Same to this article, it's totally FOC but I figure some of you might had to deal with the same argument sooner or later.

Now, the way I see it - any creatures of this universe be it human, animals, djin, Satan, aliens etc etc can say that their God is Allah. But whether the holy scriptures they're following is the words of Allah or not is another issue.

So for example, the Christians is saying that their God is Allah. I am okay with that. But if they say that the bible they are currently using is the words of Allah then I am NOT OKAY with that.Why, because that bible they are using now is fake.

You have to understand the different between these two issues.

The opposition parties (mainly PKR & DAP), the Liberals and certain media quarters are trying to portray that the so-called "Radical Moslems" are preventing the Christians and other non-Moslems from wanting to worship "Allah" as their God. So according to them, why couldn't they too worship "Allah"? Is "Allah" only exclusively God for the Moslems?

This issue is just a smokescreen to dupe the majority of Malaysians. The real issue had been twisted and spin to confuse the Moslems themselves.

The real intention behind all they're doing is actually them trying to say that the Bible is the words of Allah. That's all. It's very simple trick of mind. If we allow them to use the name "Allah" in the bible then they can say that the Bible is the word's of Allah, that the teachings of the Bible is the the commandments from Allah and that the stories of their "Lord" in the Bible is the story about Allah.

That's the real bullshit that forever shall not be acceptable.

So why is it not acceptable?

Well for one things, the mightiness of Allah as depicted by Quran is sooooooo awesome alas compared to the Christian's 'Lord' in the bible. Allah in Quran has NO LIMITATION compared to the 'Lord' depicted by the Bible which has his own limitation.

For example, in Quran is is said that when Allah wanted to create earth and heaven all He had to say is one word which "BE" (Al-Baqarah 117). Also Allah in Quran feels no fatique and and is all knowing (Al Baqarah 255).

On the other hand, the 'Lord' in the Bible was exausted and had to take a rest after creating the world (Genesis 2:2-3). The 'Lord' in Genesis also also had to pronounced a lot of commands in order to get the work done. So compared to Allah in Al Quran who simply have to say one word 'kun', in the Bible the Christian 'Lord' had to say things like:-

"Let there be light!",

"Let there be a canopy between bodies of water",

"Let the water beneath the sky come together",

"let dry ground appear!",

"Let vegetation sprout all over the earth!, ,

"Let the oceans swarm with living creatures, and let birds soar above the earth throughout the sky!",

"Let the earth bring forth each kind of living creature, each kind of livestock and crawling thing, and each kind of earth's animals!",

"Let us make mankind in our image, to be like us. Let them be masters over the fish in the ocean, the birds that fly,ll the livestock, everything that crawls on the earth, and over the earth itself!"

Boy, the 'Lord' as depicted in the Bible sure need to say a lot of things to get things done.

There is a lot of things that clearly differentiate the qualities and awesomeness of Allah in accordance to Al Quran and the 'Lord' as depicted in the Bible. Another fine example is that in accordance to Al-Quran there is only one God - Him alone to be worshiped and he does not procreate whereas in Christianity there is a concept of trinity - the Lord, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I guess at this stage I need to apologize for belittling the Christian's God. From a secular standpoint I shouldn't do that because frankly speaking I really don't care if the Christians still wanted to worship their God who needed rest on the 7th day and who had Jesus as a son. But all I am saying here is that clearly Allah as mentioned in Al-Quran and the 'Lord' mentioned in the Bible is not one and the same. Why? Because the the description of God in Al-Quran and the Bible is different. The teachings on how to worship God and explicit commandments are also different. No need to explain further on this right? It is a matter of general knowledge.

The fact that God as described in Al-Quran and Bible has difference characteristics lead to the following question which needed to be answered by the Christians if they still insist on using Allah in their bible:-

1. If the God of the Moslems and the Christians are the same but there are two scriptures that described Him differently, then it can only means that one of the two holy scriptures is a fake or had been tampered with.

2. If one of the scripture is fake then it can only means that the religion that follows that scripture is fake or tampered with too.

So for me, if the Christians in Malaysia insists on using "Allah" in their Bible then they have to tell us which holy book they believe is a counterfeit. Do they dare to say that the Al Quran is fake? Even those so called Moslems Liberals who supported the use of Allah's name in Christians Bible dare to say that Al Quran is a fake?

I don't think they have the balls or even a conviction to say that. Why? Well because mainly the demand to use Allah's name in the Bible is not based on belief that they're doing something which is religiously right. I don't think they have a self conviction that Allah is their God. They won't be able to find a solid argument to back such claim. Even the Vatican as the foremost authority in Christianity and believed to be in possession of the oldest copy of Bible in the world refuse to acknowledge the Moslem's God 'Allah' as the identity of their Lord. In fact In the Hebrew Bible the Christians God's name actually is "Yahweh" before later on described as "Elohim" and later "Jehovah".

So that's my stand. If a Christians or Jews or Hindus or Illuminati came to me and say "My God is Allah" then I will answer "Of course your God is Allah, that is what you supposed to worship in your life". But if he then said "Allah said this in the Bible" or "Allah said that in the Torah" or whatever, then my reply shall be "No, those are not the words of Allah. Allah words is truly contained only in Al-Quran."

The ruling by the Supreme Court of Malaysia is correct when the judges disallows the Churches from distributing their magazine 'the Herald Tribune'. As one can correctly assume, all the materials printed in The Herald Tribune is either quoting or a reference from the Bible. Therefore the Herald Tribune is basically trying to say that Allah is saying this and that in the Bible. We cannot agree for that because those are not the words of Allah. Historically and as can be verified by the Pope himself it was the words of their God "Elohim". Therefore if they truly believe in "Elohim" then they should stick to Elohim's original name be if Yahweh, Jehovah or whatever

The attitude of some of the Christians I encountered in internet demanding to use Allah's name is - in my opinion - rather illogical. Some of them try to argue that "Allah" in Quran and "Elohim" in the old Bible is the same - only pronounced differently by previous christian scholars to adapt to different culture.. This is lame reasoning because I mean, if they really have faith in their God then why on earth they want to change their God's name in the first place? And without His permission? That doesn't make sense. By analogy, lets say your mom's name is 'Faridah" and you claim to adore her then why on earth would you say to your visiting friend from US "Yo my mummy's name is Fareeda yo..". Are you ashamed her name is plain "Faridah" that you decided to change it to "Fareeda" just to make it sounds more modern and mainstream? What kind of son/daughter are you to do such dishonorable things!?

Only ingrates would changed the name or misrepresented anything that identified who their parents really are. The reason is certainly because they're ashamed of their parents and family. The Christians keep saying that they're the 'Children of God" and yet they wanna change the name of their God, does that means that they're ashamed of having 'Elohim' as their God?

There are also some Moslems who actually supports the Christians on the use of the name of Allah. Whether they actually meant well or simply being dumb, hard to tell but according to these liberals scums we need to liberalize Islam in order to adapt to the modern world and the changing of culture. Thus according to them the hukum-hakam (religious commandments) ought to be relaxed in order to make Islam more attractive and acceptable by rest of the world.

Oh man, listening to these liberals really can make my blood boils. I mean, if such ideas came from the people who barely knows about Islam - for example those who just converted into Islam - then that would be understandable. I know about some converts in Europes and United States who barely apply the full extend of hukum in the early stage of their new life as moslem (for example some women who pray with their hair still showing) but at least these converts never claim that they are scholars of their newly embraced faith.

For the liberals moslems who think that Islam need an 'upgrade' to be more adaptable to the changing world, I wish to point out that there is no need for Islam to change in order to adapt to the world. Islam is the will of Allah who creates heavens and earth and ultimately had control of past and the future. Thus it is the entire universe who will change to adapt itself to Allah's will. Yes, you heard me right. I said that is shall be the entire universe that will eventually adapt itself to Islam.

You might think that I am so full of myself for saying that but I don't care because that is what I believe the extend of my God's awesomeness. My God 'Allah is so awesome, so mighty and so unlimitedly powerful that the when He created the entire universe with a single word, He had already dictates the fate of the universe from the beginning till the end. There is absolutely no reason for his words to change in order to adapt to the world, instead it is the world who will bow to His each and every words. So for example if in Quran or hadith there are certain prophecy of how things is going to be, then it doesn't matter how people tried to change the world to avoid it - such attempt is futile. The reason is because the universe together with space, time and continuum simply had been commanded by the Almighty to ensure the prophecy becoming reality.

Similarly there is no reason why Allah - the one and only - would use several other nicknames or pseudonym. Allah is Allah from the day of Adam to the end of time. Even if there are Aliens in other planets then Allah is Allah billions of light years away from planet earth. 'Allah' does not become 'Elohim' or 'Yahweh' or 'Jehovah' in due time just because of change of geography and culture. Similarly Allah does not procreate in one century (during Jesus) and then becoming solo again in different century. There shouldn't be such thing as old testament and new testament because Allah's words won't ever become outdated. Allah also does not change his characteristics ever which means if one book said Allah created the universe by giving out lots of commands and another book said Allah creates the universe simply by saying "be" - then logic dictates one if these two books must be a lie.

You have no choice but to pick one book you believe to be the true words of Allah.

Once you made your choice then you must defend it and be affirm in saying that the other book is false.

I choose Al Quran as the true words of Allah and I say the Bible is false.

If a Christian choose to believe the Bible and the Elohim, fine by me and I don't care. Just don't try to say that whatever written in the Bible is the words of Allah.


  1. Hands down. This tells enough. A post well done.

  2. Good job afterdark..im impressed..keep opening my mind..thums up!

  3. You know, sadly there are not many Muslims especially of Malay race truly understand this. Most people I met are confuse when comes to Islam. That has led to some ;aktiviti keagamaan or raudhah program what not that they organize, to me, are not promoting Islam but more to maksiat. For example, creating some sort or fiesta or carnivale at mosques where youths playing futsal and the girls all watching and drooling over the player, tabarruj activities for women, in short men and women are in a mix compound, and to most people that is ok because it took place in a mosque. Another thing, often you see tudung wearing women singing on stage at ceramah prog, music and celebrities are the main attraction to religious talks. All these to me clearly tells that the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad saw and the Allah's rule are not attractive enough to pull people together that they have to create a cingko de mayo sort of feel to attract people to visit mosques. That is just so sad for malay muslims in this country. And it only happens in Msia. Not forgetting some programs by astro in search of the next imam or pencetus ummah..for what really? Just so that people will vote by sms and they rake millions out of it? While newly revert muslims in Europe for example are doing their dakwah on the street, out young imams are trying to be on tv just to get astro contract to be famous? Sad sad sad. The worse thing is when I share my thougths on this issue, people would say oh Islam must change to fit into this modern society..maybe to them the Al Quran is not interesting enough without loud music and celebs, and food etc in today's world....

    1. Which is why it is necessary for each and every one of us to try our best to explain to them in ways which is best for them to understand. If we accepted the notion that God's commandments mustn't be relaxed or changed, then what we can do is explained to them in the language they most able to understood on why Islam is Islam the way it is. Changes is permissible in Islam provided that it does not goes against syarak. However, the so-called liberal minds amongst Moslems are now campaigning for syarak to be ignored in the name of moderation while performing what they alleged as dakwah. Dakwah cannot be be performed with maksiat, regardless of how small or insignificant the maksiat are. It won't achieve its purpose because it has no barakah. For example some singers claimed that they sing a song glorifying God as a way to perform Dakwah. Lets take the Indonesian Band UNGU for example. Now, I'm not saying what they do is bad or anything because I listen to their songs too (hehe) but so far as I know no non-Muslim had yet reverted to Islam and no non-practicing Muslim had repent (bertaubat) after listening to their songs. Again I would like to stress that I have nothing against UNGU or other singers singing songs like that (accompanied with musical instruments etc etc). This is just to illustrate that whereas it might not a bad things, it also wouldn't achieve the true purpose of dakwah.

  4. Ask a Jew what Christianity is? Christians will be heading for a shock!!! Are Christians so desperate for followers that you see this fit to lure convert among Malays??? Is not it ironic this so called White Men's religion is no longer selling in the west!! in fact many have turned into unbelievers?? Is Bible the truth? which version?...... by Paul??????????

  5. I love your reasoning in this matter. Kinda makes perfect sense. Thank you.

    1. You're welcome.. Thanks also for all your efforts so far via your blog.

  6. saya di jemput pergi ke pusatIslam Johor yg dekat pantai Lido disana ada penerangan tentang kekecewaan akar umbi pasal pembinaan gereja terbesar di Asia Wallaualam .....

    terlalu byk tipudayadi akhirzaman ini....

  7. Harap panjangkan pada mereka pendapat dibawah ini bagi pihak saya:-

    1. Tak usahlah merancang untuk berdemo atau berhimpun buat bantahan. Dah jadi cliche dah dan banyak dibuat oleh NGO dan pendemo-pendemo lain. Tak berhasil untuk tujuan ini malahan hanya mengalihkan perspektif dari perkara sebenar yang 'mereka' takuti..

    2. Meluluskan resolusi bertujuan untuk dipanjangkan kepada pemimpin-pemipin politik adalah cliche juga. Boleh dibuat tapi patut bukan agenda utama. Malahan sepatutnya agenda sampingan melukut di tepi gantang yang walaupun dibuat - tapi tidak diharapkan sangat. Selepas Tun Mahathir, belum ada lagi pemimpin melayu yang benar-benar bersemangant dan ikhlas mempertahankan Islam. Sepertimana PAS, pemimpin UMNO juga kebanyakannya sekarang dah tercemar dengan pandangan liberal.

    2. Tumpuan harus diberikan kepada membentuk suatu pergerakan yang tujuannya ialah berdakwah all out sahaja kepada kesemua orang bukan Islam. Pendakwah-pendakwah kafir ni tak takut kepada Perkasa dan ISMA sebab Perkasa/ISMA pun setakat ini cuma menumpukan usaha kepada cuba 'menghalang' saja. Andaikan saja bahawa pendakwah kafir itu umpama air toksik yang cuba mengalir ke dalam tasik. Perkasa/ISMA setakat ni cuma menumpukan usaha membina benteng penghalang saja. Pendakwah kafir tak kisah sebab mereka pun bukan nak cepat-cepat limpahkan air toksik tu sekaligus ke dalam tasik. They take their time. So sementara Perkasa/ISMA sibuk kat permukaan membina penahan, air toksik terus dialirkan dibawah tanah dan melalui mana-mana jalan belakang. Pendakwah kafir juga tahu selagi mana Perkasa/ISMA hanya sibuk bina benteng maka Perkasa/ISMA akan terlepas pandang kepada usaha pendakwah kristian untuk terus menambah volume air toksik tu. Akhirnya kalau isipadu air toksik dan meningkat umpama bah maka benteng pun akan roboh juga.

    3. Sementara Perkasa/ISMA sedang menggandakan usaha membina benteng ni (yang mana merupakan usaha yang murni), maka perlu ada pergerakan lain yang menambah volume isipadu air tasik pula. Ini boleh dilakukan samada dengan mendapatkan sumber air bersih lain atau membersih/menapis air toksik dari pihak musuh dan kemudian dimasukkan kedalam tasik. Inilah tujuannya kumpulan pendakwah. Kena ada kumpulan dakwah yang all-out berdakwah kepada orang bukan islam dan men'tarbiah' golongan non-practising serta liberal Islam agar kembali kepada Islam yang sebenar. Mana boleh harap pendakwah sedia ada yang berkerja keras berdakwah atas pentas dan saluran media saja (macam UAI, Kazim Elias dan lain-lain). Kenalah tanya kat Arqam dan Tabligh bagaimana nak menyusup ke masyarakat termasuk bergerak dari pintu ke pintu untuk berdakwah. Insya Allah jika berlaku peningkatan mendadak isipadu air tasik maka suatu hari nanti kita boleh buka terus empangan dan biar deruan air tasik yang menghanyutkan pergi air-air najis tu.

    3. Cuba cadangkan agar diadakan pertemuan ikhlas dengan kepimpinan lelaki Al-Arqam dan Tabligh. Al-Arqam (walaupun pernah dikata sesat) tapi mereka dah mengaku dan dah isytihar taubat. Lagipun kita bukan nak belajar fahaman Aurat Muhammadiah mereka, tapi Al-Arqam ada kepakaran men'tarbiah' orang sehingga orang terpikat masuk Arqam. Saya difahamkan strategi mind game Al-Arqam adalah mensasarkan golongan yang dalam kesusahan yang diberikan peluang untuk menjalankan kegiatan ekonomi (saya tak pasti plak ini betul ke tidak). Sama juga dengan Tabligh yang mempunyai pengalaman berdakwah secara nasional dan global. Kedua-dua pergerakan ini mempunyai strategi propaganda dan 'mind game' mereka yang telah dibuktikan sukses. Kalau kita nak lawan mind game dari puak Syiah, Liberals, Luciferians, Jesuits etc etc maka pandai-pandailah berbincang dan bertanyak kepada mereka yang arif asalkan mereka pun confirm ASWJ macam kita.

    1. satu petua cara saya utk berhadapan dgn conman

      " kalau saya dgn mudah boleh trace seorg conman masa tu dia tak layak di panggil conman mungkin lbh sesuai sbgmana istilah dlm satu buku dia nasihatkan jgn kita cuba berlagak spt keldai yg cuba berlagak cerdik ''


    2. alahai.. kat atas tu sekadar pendapat saya jak.. :(

    3. Saya bersetuju dg tuan AF. Sekqrang kita lihat jabatan2 agama negeri terlalu sibuk dengan hal2 yang tidak penting. Usaha2 dakwah kalaupon dapat dilihat hanyalah dipelopori oleh golongan2 selawat burdah. Itupon belom tentu dapat tarik perhatian non muslim lainnya. To b3 honest,msaya pon dah tak tau apa depa buat sebenarnya.golongan berfahaman wahbi jugak katanya sudah memasuki majlis or jabatan agama. Nampaknya benarlah kata2 baginda Rasulullah, kita ini bagaikan buih2 di lautan sahaja. Di serang dari segenap sudut tapi langsung tiada daya untuk melawan, sekadar mampu nbertahan.

  8. Arqam pada pandangan saya ada unsur-unsur jazbah dalam tarbiyah mereka. Jazbah ni macam tarikan dalam alam rohani. Sekarang mereka sendiri kucar kacir sebab center jazbah tu dah tak ada.

    Kalau nak adopt benda camni utk normal organisation, nampak susah sikit lah. Kalau nak carik pemimpin yang betul secara zahir pun susah.

    1. Jazbah ni sy pernah dgr ia termasuk dlm istilah sufi betul ke ?
      tp sy tk brp faham

      tp saya suka point awak nampaknya “ aku dtg dr pantek “pun masa pergi ziarah blog dia pun mcm tgh kumpul ahli saya tak menghukum itu salah tp tau dek SB silap2 GISB kena lagi lah nampaknya dulu ada yg kumpul nak jadi tentera Imam Mahadi ,

      last2 ada yg sampai kena tembak baca blog pembangkang yg kena tembak tu macam pro pada satu parti politik kat Malaysia

      betullah tak perlu memandai 2 akhirnya mkn diri sendiri perkembangan org Malaysia dah cenderung dgn burdah yg dipelopori oleh Ulama pun dah ckp

    2. jazbah tu apa ke bende?
      “aku dtg dr pantek" tu siapa? atau apa ke bende?
      lagi satu pada kopimaster, komen conman dan keldai tu untuk siapa?
      kompius aku

  9. Assalamualaikum saudara..
    Hebat la artikel ni. Banyak menjawab kekeliruan dan fitnah-fitanh golongan yang nak sangat kalimah Allah SWT digunakan dalam Bible. Tapi macam mana kita nak jawab ya jika mereka gunakan hujah yang kalimah Allah itu berasal dari bahasa Arab yang bermaksud Tuhan? Boleh minta tolong saudara jelaskan?
    Cuba tengok link berita dari Russia Today, "We Palestinian Christians say Allahu Akbar"

    Artikel itu menceritakan Archbishop Sebastia Theodosios mengatakan kalimah Allah memang orang Arab Kristian dah guna beribu-ribu tahun dah. Tapi itu la saya rasa banyak orang Islam dekat Malaysia ni pun sokong kalimah Allah digunakan dalam Bible sebab hujah perkataan itu dari bahasa Arab. Jadi apa pandangan saudara Afterdark? Harap boleh terangkan la sikit.

    1. Aaaaaa? "Allah" itu bahasa arab? Biar betik?

      Mengatakan bahawa "Allah" itu adalah bahasa arab adalah sama seperti mengatakan bahawa bangsa arablah yang menamakan Tuhan kita adalah "Allah". Seolah-olah menyamakan agama kita dengan agama Kristian dimana nama "Jesus" (iaitu `anak tuhan' kepada orang kristian) adalah dinamakan oleh manusia iaitu Joseph (berbangsa Yahudi dan sudah semetinya bercakap bahasa Yahudi) sepertimana didalam Matthew 1:20 - ""But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. 21She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus . . ."

      Jawapan soalan saudara tu boleh dirungkai daripada ayat 12 surah At-Talaq (65) yang bermaksud:-


      Suatu perkara yang boleh difikirkan secara literal dan logik ialah MANUSIA BELUM WUJUD semasa Allah sedang menciptakan tujuh petala langit dan bumi. Ini kerana sepertimana boleh difikirkan dari makna surah Al-Baqarah, nabi Adam hanya diciptakan SELEPAS BUMI sudah diwujudkan.

      "Dan (ingatlah) ketika Tuhanmu berfirman kepada Malaikat; "Sesungguhnya Aku hendak menjadikan seorang khalifah di bumi". Mereka bertanya (tentang hikmat ketetapan Tuhan itu dengan berkata): "Adakah Engkau (Ya Tuhan kami) hendak menjadikan di bumi itu orang yang akan membuat bencana dan menumpahkan darah (berbunuh-bunuhan), padahal kami sentiasa bertasbih dengan memujiMu dan mensucikanMu?". Tuhan berfirman: "Sesungguhnya Aku mengetahui akan apa yang kamu tidak mengetahuinya". (Al-Baqarah 2:30)

      Mengenai Adam dicipta selepas kweujudan bumi juga boleh difahami dari ayat Surah Sad ayat 71yang berbunyi:-

      "(Ingatkanlah peristiwa) ketika Tuhanmu berfirman kepada malaikat: " Sesungguhnya Aku hendak menciptakan manusia - Adam dari tanah;"

      Berbalik kepada maksud Surah At-Talaq 65:12, jelas disitu Tuhan sudah memberitahu bahawa namaNya adalah "ALLAH" semenjak bumi dan tujuh petala langit sedang diciptkan. Oleh itu nama ALLAH adalah ALLAH semenjak sebelum kewujudan manusia pertama lagi iaitu nabi Adam.

      Kalau Allah adalah Allah semenjak sebelum kewujudan nabi Adam maka bermakna Allah adalah Allah semenjak sebelum kewujudan bangsa arab. So kalau bangsa arab pun belum wujud time tu so apa logiknya mereka nak kata mereka nak kata bahawa bangsa mereka yang menamakan Allah sebagai Allah?

      Allah bukan dinamakan oleh Manusia. Allah adalah Allah semenjak azali dan sebelum kewujudan manusia.

    2. Saya harap juga penjelasan ini dapat menjawab persoalan kenapa di tanah arab sudah menggunakan nama Allah semenjak beribu-ribu (malahan berjuta juta) tahun yang lalu.

    3. Maka sbb Krintian lagi awal dari Islam, maka Kristian agama yang ori.. islam agama. Nabi..

  10. Assalamualaikum saudara AD,

    Terima kasih atas artikel yg agak membuka minda. Pada hemat saya isu nama ALLAH ni pernah juga dikupas oleh pendakwah tersohor almarhum Sheikh Ahmad Deedat dalam bukunya "What Is His Name?". Mungkin saudara AD boleh ulas apa yg tertulis dalam buku tersebut.


    1. Ass...saya tidak menyanka kalau saya sudah bisa sesukses ini dan ini semua berkat bantuan MBAH RAWA GUMPALA,saya yang dulunya bukan siapa-siapa bahkan saya juga selalu dihina orang dan alhamdulillah kini sekaran saya sudah punya segalanya,itu semua atas bantuan beliau.Saya sangat berterimakasih banyak kepada MBAH RAWA GUMPALA atas bantuan nomor dan dana ghaibnya,alhamdulillah kini saya sudah bisa membuka usaha kembali yang dulunya pakum karna masalah faktor ekonomi dan kini kami sekeluarga sudah sangat serba berkecukupan dan tidak pernah lagi hutang sana sini,,bagi anda yang punya masalah keuangan jangan sungkan-sungkan untuk menhubungi MBAH RAWA GUMPALA karna insya allah beliau akan membantu semua masalah anda dan baru kali ini juga saya mendaptkan para normal yang sangat hebat dan benar-benar terbukti nyata,ini bukan hanya sekedar cerita tapi inilah kisah nyata yang benar-benar nyata dari saya dan bagi anda yg ingin seperti saya silahkan hubungi saja MBAH RAWA GUMPALA di 085==316==106==111


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  11. Assalamulaikum,

    I read in one of your past posts that you were looking for 'friends' to proof read your manuscripts. I do some editing as well as proof reading of dissertations, journal articles and the like on a free lance basis. I could help you regarding your 'Jerejak'.

    1. Free meh? I can only afford freelance proof reader who provides proof reading free of charge.. hehe..

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