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In 2008 I was instructed to write an article "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT (TOP SECRET REVEALED". The intention back then was as a attempt to stop an event from ever taking place. It was sort of prediction so to speak.

Writing doomsday prediction is not something that can helps build credibility for my blog. Even if the intention is good, every time a prediction did not became reality it takes a toll on author's credibility. A very good example is the "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT (TOP SECRET REVEALED)". What was written there didn't happen. Malaysia and its ruling party BN survived the general election. I received quite a numbers of email from people who have no other intention but to tell my I was wrong and that I was a hoax. So be it. The Watchers Group like it when any doomsday prediction turned out to be bollocks.

But then again if the prediction became reality, that's for me is even worse. A good example was "2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT : THE (UN)HOLY RELICS, SYRIA AND THE GREAT WAR" also in 2008. Everyone in the group were really hoping and praying that will turned out to be bullshit. But it didn't. I loose quite some sleep over that after it was first reported by the news.

The Watchers group is no more now. Just three of us left now occasionally using Skype to text to each other from the comfort of our home. But the three of us have decided to share with you another troubling prediction of what we believe things that may happen if not intercept immediately. This is not prophecy because all our prediction is based on profiling (reading news and connecting the dots). Frankly speaking, it might not happen at all (i.e bollocks). But hey, doomsday prediction should be shared amongst friends right?

So here it is.. my latest profiling about how the next Malaysian riot might came to be..

What actually worry me is this troubling indication that the Illuminati might still attempting to execute the 2013's plan. Yes, the blueprint which was meant to be execute in 2013 didn't happened but I really think it is still ongoing. In 2008's article I wrote (quote) "The next riots which will happen on the 13th day of that month and will mimic the complete profile of what happened on 13th May 1969. Only this time instead of a clash between a Chinese Youth and the Malays, the clash will be between the Indian and the Malays gangsters pretending to be heroes for their respective races."

In 2008 I really didn't think why the riots is planned to be between the Indian versus the Malays. I was merely writing things that were told to my group by that a mystery guy who claimed to be an Illuminist from Penang. But now that I think about what's happening around us, it concern me that we're still heading that way.

You see, it is beginning to make sense why it will be the Indians whom will be pawned by the Illuminati. It all goes back to Illuminati basic manipulation technique of Problem - Reaction - Solution. This basically means that the Illuminati will create the problems, wait for the reaction and then step in to offer the solution.

In Malaysia, the Illuminist are by majority Chinese. Hey I am not being racist or saying all Chinese are bad  but that's just happens to be the truth. By analogy the majority of Illuminists in the United States and Europe are Caucasian but we are ready to accept the notion that not all Caucasians are bad. Same with the Chinese. Its nothing personal but over the centuries the Chinese in Asia and Caucasians in the west have develop similar ideology when it comes to their purpose of living - which is money. When any group of people or better yet an entire race has subscribed to the idea that life is all about worldly pleasure then of course Lucifer will be very interested to ensure they with their ideology populated the world.

Remember this, not all Chinese are bad people but it happens to be that the majority of Illuminists in Malaysia are Chinese. I am not sure how or what are the current numbers of Freemasons and Jesuits in Malaysia but amongst them are probably a thousand powerful people who are planning to establish New World Order in Malaysia and they - which consists mainly Chinese - were told that New World Order can only be established if the Chinese rule Malaysia. Why? Well as I said before it's all about spreading ideology. It's not the Chinese as per-race that the Luciferians are interested at, it's the Chinese urban way of life and liberals idea that is necessary for creating the masses who will prefers the 'dun'ya' (the world) over the 'jannah' (the afterlife). 

  Freemason in Penang (majority Chinese)

Once we identified the Chinese as the selected race for running NWO in Malaysia then it is easy to understand why the clash had to be between the Malays and the Indians. Under the "Problem - Reaction - Solution" technique, the "Problem" is created by the Illuminist within DAP who had inflamed the racial and religious tensions in Malaysia since more than a decade ago. They will be the one who who will execute a triggering event that shall start a massive racial riot - using the Indian gangsters as their foot soldiers. Lots of Malays will be killed by these gangsters disguised as civilians and in return lots of Indians will be shoot and killed by the Malay Police and the Arm Forces. There will be panic and the Malays as the current ruling race in Malaysia will be portrayed as irresponsible, cruel and incompetence. As Malaysia descends chaos and dead bodies piling up, the DAP will step forward with a "solution" to save Malaysia and the majority of people (even the Malays) will agree to surrender to them the country.

Of course DAP as the designated "Solution" will not involve the Chinese in the clash. They need the solid support of the Chinese to elevate them to the throne. This is democracy remember? so they need the Chinese votes to be in power too. If the Chinese were involved and died in the clash then not only won't they received the political and financial support from the Chinese, the Indians and the Malays too will never accept them as the "Solution".

I've received a tip off that some Indians gang members are believe to worship the Hindu deity Kali, goddess of death and destruction. They believed if they can pleased Kali then she will bestow upon them dark powers that can make them invincible. Needless to say, those who worship Kali has become the Indian version of satanic worshipers.

The best way to please Kali is of course by way of blood sacrifice. I've meet an Indian friend who work with the force and he said that there were Indian gangs who performed a child sacrifice for Kali before executing large scale robberies. After beheading a child they will be temporarily untouchable by cops. Cops couldn't see them (invisible) and even bullets wont penetrate their skin (invincible). I've heard similar story before. In Discovery Channel there is this story about a Liberian former commander named  Joshua Milton Blahyi who also called himself "General Butt Naked". He testified before the camera that  during his military career he would beheaded small children, drink their blood and eat their heart. After that he would be so invincible that he will go to the battlefield stark naked to proof his power. Bullet didn't affect him and at one time, he even awed his soldiers by deflecting the trajectory of an incoming RPG.

There are two well known stories from the news that indicates the practice of human sacrifices amongst the Indian gangsters. The first is the murder of the two year old Siti Sofea Emelda whom was kidnapped from the mall and then beheaded by the Indian guy next to Klang River. That guy having been imprisoned before for robberies and drug related crime and thus was definitely a gang member. His action of abducting a small child then beheaded her near water has all the characteristics of satanic worshiper. In case you wondered why he performed the killing in broad daylight in plain sight of public, then you have to think about Mona Fendey chopping up the state assemblyman Dato Mazlan Idris into 18 parts. These people - due to their own fault of dabbling in black magic - had lost their mind at the time of the murder. The demon - who give no shit if the crime had no chance of escaping the gallows - had taken over them and told them to perform the human sacrifice.

The second case that indicates mass murders being carried out in this country is the murder of millionaire Dato Sosilawati Lawiya. In what could have been a Hollywood horror story, she and her men were kidnapped by N. Pathmanabhan and his men, brought to the orchard before killing them and burning them to crisps. The most chilling aspects about N.Pathmanabhan's crime is the fact that Sosilawaty and the 3 mens accompanying her was not Pathmanaban's first.  At least two other businessman by the name of Shafiq Davendran Abdullah and Allal Kantan Muthuraja were killed and burned the same way. It is now believed that there might be others that has been lured by Pathmanaban into his orchard, only to be killed and burned so their remains can be dumped into the river.

It is hard to believe that in Malaysia there can be a mass murder so grisly almosy the like of "The Cabin In The Wood" movie. We used to think that perhaps people being lured to a hut or cabin in the middle of nowhere to be killed is something that happens only in the United States. But it happens in Malaysia, and with satanic worshipers growing in numbers in Malaysia then of course it happens more frequent than we would like to know. Pathmanaban has proven that it can be done and if Pathmanaban can do it so does the gangsters who worship Kali'ma. If not because Dato Sosilawaty was a famous millionaire of which her disappearance caused media uproar, it is possible that the police might have not be aware of serial killer at lose in Malaysia and thus more people will go missing after entering his orchard.

Over the years I've noticed troubling development of the growing numbers of recruitment by Indian gangsters. Their numbers are sky rocketing noticeably after the previous General Election in 2008. You have to remember that prior to that election there has been indeed an aggressive attempt by HINDRAF to rally to to the street to trigger racial riot. That attempt failed to gain momentum because at that time the Indians were still remembering how they were ousted from Kampung Buah Pala by the Penang State Government. However, in the years following 2008 there was the increase of Indian gangs activities in Malaysia in particular states that were controlled by the Opposition.

In the past 5 years the Indian gangs such as 'Geng 04', 'Geng 08' and Geng '36' has became the dominant force in the underworld. For example here are the names of the branch leaders who are believed to be controlling the most infested areas in Malaysia.

The sudden growth of gangsterism amongst Indians youths is due to the fact that they're funded and protected by certain individuals. Take Geng 36 for example, it is already an open secret that they were being financial backed by Chinese tycoons and high ranking politicians from the opposition. In fact in cities like Selangor and Pulau Pinang ruled by PKR and DAP, there has been an immense spike of high profile robberies and vice activities, making us wonder whether the opposition parties are deliberately allowing these gangsters to spread their wings in these two states so that they can make an immense amount of profit. Not to mention the indication that since 2013 that these gangsters are arming themselves. For example, in just one operation in 2013 th police has seized 10 firearms, 10 air rifles, 10 home-made rifles, 11 bullets, 21 swords, 68 knives, 45 parang, six axes, 12 iron rods and four wooden rods. Then there was that grenade explosion in Bukit Bintang on October 2014 also attributed to the gang's war. Seriously? they have military hand grenade now?

It beg to question then what are PKR and DAP's real purpose of allowing these gangsters from one ethnic minority to grow their army and armed themselves?

I think the dots is connecting there. I believe the whole idea is to let these gangs grow in numbers and strength so that they can be used as a front line during the racial riots. It's like the Luciferians are sending these gangs to kills the Malay civilians , the Malays will retaliate while being back-up by the police and the army, while the Chinese sit back or goes overseas pending designation by the Luciferians for them to be the fake "Solution".

It does make sense you know. After 13th Mei 1969 the Malays as the ruler has taken initiative to ensure that the police force and the army is being dominated by Muslim Malays. It is well know as a general knowledge that the malays who hold political position is safeguarding that position by making sure that they are in possession of the country's firearms. It will be pointless for the Luciferians to send the Indians to 'battle' if the Indians doesn't own their own 'trained and fully armed soldiers'. This is why it is a good idea to let the volume of Indian gangsters to grow exponentially especially in States where the riot is planned to take place (Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Penang). With 71% of gang members in the country being Indians and disguised as civilians, it will be extremely difficult for the police or even the army to contain such enemies in a hide-n-seek urban war, especially now in the absence of once feared Internal Security Act (ISA).

On March this year, P.Ramasamy from DAP has issued a statement as follows: "I have never been afraid to face the Malays if the bloody riot ever happens again because I have long been prepared. MIC, GERAKAN and MCA might be afraid. If you want 13 May, bring it now"

I have shared this statatement in my facebook and challenged my friends to profile the hidden meaning behind his statement. No one get it right so I decided to explain it here.

The first thing you need to know is that P.Ramasamy is known in Penang for his affiliation with gangsters. In fact, spokesman N. Ganesan from HINDRAF had once lodged police report that thugs were sent by both Lim Guan Eng and Ramasamy to disrupt their meeting and prevent the submission of a memorandum on the poor management of the crematorium by the Penang Hindu Endowment Board (HEB). How close is he with the gansgters? I don't know for certain yet his scope of portfolions within the underworld but there had to be a reason why he is Deputy Chief Minister of the DAP top man. A 'Defence Minister' for DAP perhaps? Whetever it is, it couldn't be because DAP care for the Indians because DAP has been known for treating Indian DAP members like shit. Remember the complaint lodge by Indians within DAP about how 700 Indian members within the party were stopped from attending a meeting in 2012? Also remember Kampung Buah Pala?

Once you get the idea that P.Ramasamy has affiliation with gangsters (Penang itself is home to more than 8000 members of gangsters) then you would know where all his guts came from when he said he has long been prepared for another 13th May. In a way he was actually referring to DAP and the gang's preparation for the upcoming riot. He further challenged the Malays to bring it now which basically means that the preparation has reached its final stages and the DAP now is fully prepared to unleash the Indian gangsters to do their bidding.


If you are Malays or Moslems living in Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, and Penang it would be for the benefit of your mortality to prepare for the racial riots if it ever going to happen. This future riots is nothing the like this country has seen before. Hardcore gangsters whom are already experience in hacking people with machetes will roam the street and target Malays houses.

These gangsters - already high in methamphetamine and also believing they are waging a hindu holy war - will have absolutely no qualms about hacking the entire occupants of that house including women, children and old people. If one of those attackers are worshipping Kali then it might get worse because small children are Kali's favourite delicacy.

Everyone should think of 'robbers' and 'house-breakers' instead of 'zombies' when deciding to fortify their houses. Remember that these gang members had been involved in robberies and house breaking for so many years. Therefore don't bet all your lives on the standard iron bar (grill) because these people knows how to cut and opened them. Some of them especially the leader of the team might had guns. So you better own a weapon that can shoot projectile from quite a distance also (eg: archery or crossbow).

If you live in a housing estate of which Malays are minority, then you have no choice but to assume that your house will be marked as target. Even if there were Chinese around you do not expect them to assist you because they will only care for their own assess. You therefore will have to make a decision whether you want to bug out to a Malays populated area or fortify your house and armed your family the like of the Swiss Bank. Seriously guys, these gangsters - if they managed to capture the entire family - they will kill the husband last so that he can watch, if you know what I mean.

I will stop now because I have said enough. Please remember that NOT ALL INDIANS AND CHINESE ARE BAD PEOPLE. So if there is ever gonna be another 13th May please don't treat them all as enemies. In fact, the Indians in particular are victims of the Luciferians too because in the end, it will be the Indians who will suffer the most being labelled as thugs. Once the Malays unite with the police and the army, it will be hard by then to differentiate the Indian gangsters and Indian civilians and thus even the innocents will have to burden the prejudice. Even if the Luciferians manage to put the Chinese to rule this country they will be treated badly like what had been happening all these years.

Not all people are bad - regardless of their race and religion. Remember that.


  1. Superb n "Thanks for the heads up" Bro

  2. Semoga Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala membersihkan bumi bertuah Malaysia daripada golongan yang mahu membuat kerosakan. Insya-Allah.

    Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami turunkan RahmatMu. Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami turunkanlah hujan yang membawa RahmatMu di mana-mana bumi yang dipijak oleh Umat Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Amin.

    1. Ass...saya tidak menyanka kalau saya sudah bisa sesukses ini dan ini semua berkat bantuan MBAH RAWA GUMPALA,saya yang dulunya bukan siapa-siapa bahkan saya juga selalu dihina orang dan alhamdulillah kini sekaran saya sudah punya segalanya,itu semua atas bantuan beliau.Saya sangat berterimakasih banyak kepada MBAH RAWA GUMPALA atas bantuan nomor dan dana ghaibnya,alhamdulillah kini saya sudah bisa membuka usaha kembali yang dulunya pakum karna masalah faktor ekonomi dan kini kami sekeluarga sudah sangat serba berkecukupan dan tidak pernah lagi hutang sana sini,,bagi anda yang punya masalah keuangan jangan sungkan-sungkan untuk menhubungi MBAH RAWA GUMPALA karna insya allah beliau akan membantu semua masalah anda dan baru kali ini juga saya mendaptkan para normal yang sangat hebat dan benar-benar terbukti nyata,ini bukan hanya sekedar cerita tapi inilah kisah nyata yang benar-benar nyata dari saya dan bagi anda yg ingin seperti saya silahkan hubungi saja MBAH RAWA GUMPALA di 085==316==106==111


      Ass...saya tidak menyanka kalau saya sudah bisa sesukses ini dan ini semua berkat bantuan MBAH RAWA GUMPALA,saya yang dulunya bukan siapa-siapa bahkan saya juga selalu dihina orang dan alhamdulillah kini sekaran saya sudah punya segalanya,itu semua atas bantuan beliau.Saya sangat berterimakasih banyak kepada MBAH RAWA GUMPALA atas bantuan nomor dan dana ghaibnya,alhamdulillah kini saya sudah bisa membuka usaha kembali yang dulunya pakum karna masalah faktor ekonomi dan kini kami sekeluarga sudah sangat serba berkecukupan dan tidak pernah lagi hutang sana sini,,bagi anda yang punya masalah keuangan jangan sungkan-sungkan untuk menhubungi MBAH RAWA GUMPALA karna insya allah beliau akan membantu semua masalah anda dan baru kali ini juga saya mendaptkan para normal yang sangat hebat dan benar-benar terbukti nyata,ini bukan hanya sekedar cerita tapi inilah kisah nyata yang benar-benar nyata dari saya dan bagi anda yg ingin seperti saya silahkan hubungi saja MBAH RAWA GUMPALA di 085==316==106==111

  3. wah... i pray this not to happen. Insyaallah

  4. hope it will not happen. but if it really happen, it could be the trigger for the real black flag to come, fight and overrun the country. no more shit democracy, no more racial fight. No more thagut, no more dajjal systems for the whole country and the regions.

    who's Kali? are they think they can fight an army who can stand a nuclear blast with blank protection (I mean the real black flag)? think it again. In Penang, there was a king, in Selangor, there was a Warrior, Same as Negeri Sembilan and Perak. Their descendents just waiting for the sign, a clear sign from the The Only One.

    hey Afterdark, can you update your team profiling about The One? I already miss him, really miss him. Is he arrived?

    1. I am going to answer the first paragraph of your comment because this is important. I am gonna share this answer in my facebook too. Hope you're okay with that.

      First I am going to deploy an analogy, and to do that I am going to use the only thing that is certain to happen to us individually, which is death.

      Death is as you know, is certain to happen and the time and place of our death has been set already. It doesn't matter whether in your lifetime you choose to care for your health or not, it's gonna happen and we don't know how and when. But just because it has been fixed doesn't means that we shouldn't try to prolong our health and age. It is part of sunnah for each moslems to try to care for his life and take car of his health. Yes we know death is coming but our religion are preventing us from trying to expedite it or do thing to our body to cause it. In fact, the only permissible way to anticipate the coming of death is by performing the sunnah and increasing the amount of good deeds in this world.

      Similar explanation if you say you are anticipating the coming of Mahdi. Because Mahdi has been mentioned in hadith then his coming to establish the khalifah is considered certain. It's gonna happen but we don't know how and when. But just because it the destiny is fixed doesn't means that we shouldn't try to prolong the health of our country. Because Islam is all about good deeds then I believe it is sunnah for us Moslems to try to prevent bad things from happening to the people. Mahdi is coming you know and fate doesn't need anyone's help to expedite it or trigger it. In fact, the sunnah things to do should be to perform good deeds for this country and that includes doing all we can to prevent this country from falling to enemies hand.

      If it destined that we lose and that this country becoming hell on earth for Al Mahdi to come, then so be it. But I doubt Al Mahdi would be please if he learn that we malays are all a bunch of losers who didn't even try to fight back the New World Order.

    2. I absolutely agree with you. Don't get me wrong. In the above comment, I did not mention just sit and wait, never. Let me tell you and the rest of readers (hey Lucifier, you know right :P). Al-Mahdi is Clearly mentioned in the Quran, not just in Hadis. The story is complete but we only don't know when. My word just to calm the people. As your header, ..."nothing serious"... right?

      the real black flag is still in formation, not enough member, yet, to move and there are no clear sign for them to come out. Their leaders are walking around the globe and of course they are not IS. Once the sign come, they'll come. Once they come, nothing can stop them. That's the destiny.

      I thought my last paragraph is the most important point. Last time you said he walk to the Middle East. Is he arrived?

    3. the time frame of his emergence is becoming difficult to profile because so so far the Sufyani had yet to come forward. Previously we predicted that the Sufyani will come in a about 2 years after Syria descended to chaos but that 2 years have passed and IS has yet to be led by someone named Suffian. Also the Saud King has died and yet the civil war that will lead to the bloodbath in Mecca and Medina still seems distant. If I have to pick a numbers, I think it will happen either in 2017 or 2020. Just a hunch of course.

    4. Mr Afterdark, thank you.

      It is seldom to get something like the information from your (former) team profiling. May Allahu Hafiizun take care yourself and your beloved family. And May Allah has mercy to us if it happen.

    5. Menurut naluri saya, selewat-lewatnya tahun 2017 suatu perkara (antara beberapa perkara) besar akan terjadi di Malaysia. Olehitu, semua petanda-petanda mulai 2012 hinggalah 2017 hendaklah diteliti dengan mata hati. Banyakkan baca surah al kahfi supaya kita terang dengan maksud-maksud tersurat dan tersirat 'bencana-bencana' terpilih di bumi ini.

      Banjir di kelantan dan Pahang yang lalu, bukan banjir biasa. Allah Maha Mengetahui rahsia yang kamu tidak ketahui.
      Dialah sebaik-baik perancang untuk menggagalkan atau merencatkan kadar hitung jahat manusia (musuh).

      Mestilah jugak dengan sebab doa mustajab wali-wali, sufi-sufi dan orang agama akhirat (pondok) di tanah melayu. Syukur, tiada kematian tragik beribu-ribu. Hanya kerosakan harta benda sahaja. Sekali lagi Malaysia terselamat! Amin Ya Allah, Engkau Maha Tinggi Kasih Sayang & Maha Hebat Belas RahmatMu.
      Namun, kami (yang buta mata dan hati) tidak mengerti semua kejadian tersembunyi ini, hanya mengganggap suatu 'bencana alam'.

      2020, ASEAN (Nusantara) akan mula rancak memacu ekonominya melawan (bersaing) dengan acuan ekonomi israel. Kenapa di sini? Kenapa ASEAN akan jadik tumpuan nanti? Jawapannya, lihatlah nanti dengan mata sendiri......

      Kemakmuran ekonomi China (kita patut sedar siapakah yang sebenarnya menaikkan ekonomi China & tujuannya kenapa) hanyalah bersifat sementara sahaja. China (zionist) akan runtuh jugak nanti sebagaimana runtuhnya kuasa The Great Britain, Soviet Union dan Amerika.

      sementelah Jazirah Arab pula kecundang menjadi neraka dunia satu persatu. Tiada value di sisi ALLAH RABBI lagi. Bangsa mereka (jahat atau soleh) akan mati. Itu sudah janji ALLAH. Nabi sendiri mengiyakan.

      Maka, tiada syak lagi, Israel akan menjadi NWO yang 'kekal dan abadi'. Semacam karen magnet, semua akan 'menyambah' dan 'bersujud' pada mereka. Itulah matlamat mereka. Persoalannya, KUASA MANAKAH YANG AKAN MELAWAN ARUS MENENTANG MEREKA?

      Siapakah ASEAN pada 2020? Adakah ASEAN seperti sekarang atau adakah ianya sebuah gagasan 'negara' baru bagi semua bangsa tanpa kawat hadangan (no borders) lagi? Siapakah yang akan menjadi RAJA yang diiktiraf oleh 'ASEAN' itu nanti?

      Sekian pandangan saya.

  5. However, malays nowadays has been teached to look down on the army and police force. it was since the first himpunan bersih. Seems like if ur predictions come true, the malays wont necessarily unite with the police. In fact nowadays, youngsters questions what our army are doing.

  6. Salam afterdark, this one sent chills down my spine as i've seen the dots but didn't know enough to connect them. In the book the Hand of Iblis by dr omar zaid, published in 2009, he interviewed a triad gang leader who claimed that the triads r protected by important politicians n high ranking police officers. Their main activities, drugs n prostitution, their target, the malays n their balachis r indian gangs! May Allah have mercy on us all....

  7. samseng galaxy s6April 27, 2015 at 9:51 AM

    Lawak tu bugil tapi kebal ya bebal. Yeketu makan budak pastu kebal? atau berterusan tambah bebal?

    Geng 04 08 36 dan lain2 tak boleh dibasmi sebab gangsterism, polis, kerajaan, politaik dan bisnes kawasan tak dapat dipisahkan saling memerlukan.

    Kan Disember2013 dah buat OpsCantas banyak melay kena tangkap, tapi yg Tamil dibiar rank ke-2.

    ditetak pepehal msia masih aman.
    ditetak tetak lagi pepehal pun msia tetap masih aman sabar ye
    Ahh sudah tetak lagi dan lagi isteri pulak dilogol tatkala anda di wad cedera parah? Takpa anda disyorkan boleh marah2 tapi setakat ugut watsapps sebab biasalah msia kena tetak masih aman jangan marah ye

    Bila anda baca sampai sini u just lost the game
    Sila masuk ke lobang jamban

  8. chinese worship money=lucifer
    chinese worship THE ONLY ONE GOD=?

  9. Assalamualaikum...
    A very good and thorough analysis that you wrote there. Apparently your article really did gave me the chills and scared me now because it turns out I do live in a housing estate with my family right now. Any suggestions on how to prepare for this event since grills and fencing are not that good deterrent against these gangsters thugs?
    You know the only option that I see is that to run to my local masjid worst case scenario and it's in walking distant from my home. What you wrote does make sense though because Malays in my area are outnumbered to the Chinese by 3:1 and if these thugs do attack us, I'm pretty sure my neighbors would not help because they are to busy taking care of themselves.
    I'm not saying your prediction will be true. It's just that I want to know all the options that I can take to prepare for this event.
    I hope you respond to my comment and may Allah SWT bless you always. Thank you.

    1. If you think live in ground zero, you have to make an early firm decision on whether to stay (plan A) or bug out (plan B) if these things happens. Unfortunately you can't adopt plan A and B together partially. For example most people tend to decide to wait a couple of days (Plan A) with expectation to bug out only if things deteriote (Plan B). That plan - eventhough sounds reasonable - is not wise. This kind of strategy was widely adopted by flood victims who always wait for a couple of days before deciding to leave home only to realize that the way out is no longer available. The same mistakes will be repeated by many people during racial riots. People will try to leave homes in their car after the street has been dominated by roaming thugs. It's going to be like the lamb walking the street after the wolf had erected roadblocks, ambush points and traps everywhere in the neighbourhood. To the wolves it is going to be dinnertime.

      Once you have decided what your strategy goings to be then develope your survival plan based on that and with the assumption that you are gonna die if you screw up. For example if you think you have a good chance to survive at home, or couldn't leave home because of special reasons, then start prepping for stealth, fortification, provisions and weapons. I might write more on this later on.

      The wiser act is of course bugging out and this does not necessary means bugging out to kampung (eventhough that would be the best option). You can bug out to malays dominated area or places extremely near to the military or police headquarters. Bugging out to the mosque is risky because the mosque is on the top ten of their targets. Furthermore the modern mosque design with huge entry points everywhere is very hard to defend against marauding enemies forces. If you have no choice but to join lots of malays seeking refuge in the mosque, make sure you tell the imam to barricade the huge main entry. It is also a wise decision to start stockpiling weapons in massive quantities from now because you might have to create a small army to defend the mosque.

  10. Illuminati is an interesting topic for me. I have read and watch a lot about this and even until now, I am still mystified with it. I was able to discuss about is at where I was able to speak chinese through skype too.

  11. Baru baru ni aku ada tengok

    The Road

    ada sesaper pernah tengok?

  12. InsyaAllah,...panji2 hitam akan terus bertapak khususnya di Asia Tenggara,..bila takbir bergema maka gerunlah hati2 musuh,...

  13. A very informative article you wrote..thank you for that...I known about the illuminati since a long time because i have do some research on them but not as deeply and in detail like you did...I have a question just out of curiosity and would love to hear you opinion on it...
    I'm from sabah...It's the same thing apply in here because yes there is a freemason building here too located at the center of the city but is perfectly hidden from the surrounding...Everytime i read about the freemason it is always located in the west malaysia,there is little info about it in east malaysia...Would really like to hear you answer on this...Thank you so much..Assalamualaikum

  14. Bismillah....

    Semoga Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala menghancurkan(lebur) gerakan Freemason dan Illuminati. Insya-Allah.


  15. Asalam-o-Alykum, My name is Qasim, from last 26+ years Allah and Muhammad s.a.w keep coming into my dreams, over 460+ times Allah comes in my dreams and 250+ times Mohammad s.a.w comes in my dreams, Muhammad s.a.w is the last Messenger of Allah and I am the Ummati of Muhammad s.a.w, My dreams about to Major Signs of Qiyamah, Gog Magog, Esa a.s, and End of Time. I have shared many dreams on my fb page Allah and Muhammad pbuh in my Dreams and my blog Allah and Muhammad saww in my Dreams

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