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Mike Billington from Executive Intelligence Review in his article "British Empire Tool To Recolonize Malaysia" wrote as that When Soros led the speculative assault on Malaysia and its neighbors in 1997, Anwar, who served as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister to Dr. Mahathir at the time, had demanded that the speculators be given free rein, and imposed "IMF conditions without the IMF," Mr. Billington further stated that Anwar defended the speculators, admitting that he had circulated Soros's papers to policymakers in Malaysia, and defended Soros when Mahathir called Soros a thief and a moron. In response to a public question from Mr.Billinton in 2005, Anwar defended his effort to impose IMF austerity and free-trade dictates on Malaysia, despite the fact that such policies subsequently destroyed the economies of Malaysia's neighbors.

Above are some of the excerpt from Mr.Billington's article and ought to be read in its entirety (click here).

The first definite indication that the Illuminati has launched a major offensive towards South East Asia was in 1997 when they engineered the regional currency crisis with Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as the major target. The offensive was mostly a success with the exception of Malaysia. Lots of people died and the Illuminist successfully overpowered the Thailand and Indonesian's governance.

In a way, there was a similarity in the offensive carried out against Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. First of all, of all the 9 nations directly affected by the crisis, only these three were politically aggravated by the crisis. Other nations especially those which are known as allies of the United States (such as Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Philippine) were spared from suffering the same fate. Secondly, the political event consequent to the crisis happened during this period was later found out to be the key event behind the rise of certain politicians link to crisis itself. For example, consequent to the reformist demand, In 1997 Thailand adopted a new constitution which aimed to reduce the number of parties in Thailand. It was later agreed that as a result of these new constitution, the majority of smaller parties in Thailand banded together under Thaksin Shinawatra's Thai Rak Thai party (a new party formed merely a year after the crisis) to capture a majority of the seats. Ironically, it was later disclosed that Thaksin Shinawatra was one of the man who had played a role in the 1997 crisis, It has been investigated by the court of justice and as leaked by Thaksin's former cabinet member Sanoh that "There were four people who got involved in the Baht depreciation, i.e. Chavalit, Thaksin, Thanong and Pokin,".

In Indonesia, it was agreed that the fatal shooting of four students of Trisakti University was a planned triggering mechanism of the Indonesian riot which had lasted for three days but resulted with the death of as many of 5,000 peoples comprising mostly the ethnic Chinese. A government minister reported the damage or destruction of 2,479 shop-houses, 1,026 ordinary houses, 1,604 shops, 383 private offices, 65 bank offices, 45 workshops, 40 shopping malls, 13 markets, and 12 hotels. It was reported that shooting was deliberately done by an unknown men on motorcycles who appeared on the flyover which overlooks Trisakti. The identity of these men was never known.

It was many month later that a theory surfaced that the instigators to these riots were from the military itself. An independent investigation into the events managed to record a testimony from a taxi driver reported hearing a man in a military helicopter encouraging people on the ground to carry out looting; shop-owners at a Plaza claimed that, before the riots, military officers tried to extract protection money; a teenager claimed he and thousands of others had been trained as protesters; a street child alleged that Kopassus officers ordered him and his friends to become rioters; there was a report of soldiers being dressed up as students and then taking part in rioting; eyewitnesses spoke of muscular men with short haircuts arriving in military-style trucks and directing attacks on Chinese homes and businesses.

It was later believed that the mastermind behind these riots is the Illuminist General Prabowo Subianto. Prabowo whom was lionized by his American counterparts as a future national leader; is believed to have used Kopassus and the army in general as the instrument to trigger the chaos. It was also later implicated that Prabowo is the man behind the formation of 'ninja squads', presumably the same squad behind the murder of numerous religious men in Banyuwangi and the one operated by the paramilitary groups in East Timor.

It is interesting to know that Prabowo has once utilized the tactic of marrying a President Suharto's daughter in order to gain access to the presidential palace. The same tactic adopted by Khairy Jamaluddin of Malaysia who once announced his dream of becoming the next Prime Minister before his age of 40. Prabowo also has the same background profile with Anwar Ibrahim and Khairy Jamaluddin. All of them actually harvested billion dollars state's money through corruption loopholes in the government.

Prabowo and his billionaire brother Hashim is also the man behind the formation of 'Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya' or Gerindra in short. The purpose behind the formation of Gerindra is sort of the same with Anwar Ibrahim and his PKR in Malaysia, namely to promote Prabowo as the next President of Indonesia. After he failed in his attempt to be nominated as presidential candidate for Golkar Party, he exited Golkra and instead used Gerindra to nominate him as Presidential candidate for 2009 General Election. However due to his history which was perceived as a liability against his chances, he was advised by his advisor Alex Castinallos (a U.S. Republican Party political media consultant and also top media adviser to Bush Cheney '04) to shift his strategy by agreeing to be nominated as vice president alongside Megawati Suekarboputri as Presidential candidate against Susilo-Boediono team. It is very interesting to note that Prabowo like Anwar Ibrahim seems unable to escape the influence of Illuminati even for minor detail such as choosing the logo of his party. Whereas Anwar Ibrahim had chosen the "all seeing eye" as the logo for Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Prabowo had chosen an emblem very similar to the Illuminati's eagle emblem. Coincidence you say? I think not.

As to date, General Probowo continues his mission to be next president of Indonesia in 2014 when Indonesia held its next Presidential Election. It seems that the Illuminati / Masonic mission to establish Novus Ordos Seclorum (New World Order) is the almost in synchronize in Indonesia and Malaysia. Furthermore, due to the recent more event which saw natural (or as I personally prefers it as 'unnatural) disasters, political issues and spiraling economy due to current world recession (all directly or indirectly contributed by the Illuminati themselves), it is predicted that there is now an ongoing efforts to shift the blame on the president in order to destabilize the government so that the election to be brought forward in 2013. Whether this prediction will materialized is yet to be seen.

Prabowo, Thaksin, Anwar Ibrahim route to power (and later humiliation) shares quite a handful of similarities. For one thing, all of them are corrupt and corruptly uses their power to harvest their wealth. Prabowo is well known using his proximity to the presidential palace to enrich his brother Hashim Djojohadikusumo who is amongst the richest men in Indonesia. Anwar Ibrahim on the other hand uses his former glory as Finance Minister to enrich his dad (Datuk Ibrahim A Rahman) as shareholders of IOI, Pengkalen Holdings, Nissan Industrial Oxygen Inc) and his brothers Farizan, Marzukhi, Rani and Rosli (Pengkalen and Penas Corp). Thaksin on another hand was already found guilty in a Thai court of corruption and currently a wanted criminal by his own country. The corruption charges against him are quite a handful, from purchase of four 772 million baht plots of land from in 2003 to issuing an unlawful cabinet resolution approving the spending of state funds to conspiring to evade taxes of 546 million baht (US$15.6 million) in a 1997 transfer of Shin Corp shares. Like Anwar and Probowo, Thaksin uses his wife, his children and his relatives as proxy to accumulate his wealth.

Other similarities between these three men are their history in politics. The most outstanding similarities were the fact that all these men seems to have a single political goal in life that is to become the number one person of their respective country. Like Anwar Ibrahim, Thaksin was actually a Deputy Prime Minister during the 1997 crisis and was involved in the decision to float the baht which led to its devaluation and the ignition of the crisis. During a censure debate on 27 September 1997, Democrat Suthep Thaugsuban even accused Thaksin of profiting from insider information about the government's decision. In the aftermath of the crisis, Thaksin then founded the Thai Rak Thai party in 1998 which he uses as a vehicle to ride on people's resentment towards the government in order to won a sweeping victory in the January 2001 elections. So you see, what Thaksin has done is quite similar to what Anwar Ibrahim is doing. Anwar as we know it, was personally responsible for attempting to adopt the IMF-style policy in Malaysia in 1997. Such Indonesian style disaster was only avoided when he was out maneuvered by Tun Mahathir who corrected the policy and sacked him from his post. He then started his reformasi movement and founded PKR as a vehicle to do exactly the same as what Thaksin had done. The only difference was that where Thaksin had succeeded, Anwar had not.

Thaksin, Prabowo and Anwar also shared the same tendency to run away when the future looks bleak. Thaksin as we know is now hopping from one foreign soil to another seeking asylum to escape prosecution. Prabowo shared the same strategy of hiding in Jordan in 1998 when his role in the riots was known by the public. I don't think there's any need to explain the same tendency adopted by Anwar Ibrahim. I believe everyone still remembers his hiding in the Turkish Embassy in 2008 and his others exploits of trying to run to other countries whenever he believes he is in trouble.

These are some of the examples on how stereotypes the Illuminati plan. Because all three men received instruction from the same source therefore for those who care to read in details on the stories behind the 1997 currency crisis will realize the rhythm of Illuminati's in these entire event and the men benefiting from it.

The above article is a few examples on how Illuminati’s agent works. It is therefore advisable to all to be aware about any individuals rising to power which shares the same profile as these three.


  1. Anwar Ibrahim not only wants to be the prime minister of malaysia but he realy thinks that he could become the president of The new world order in the sector of our asian region because of his tight–knit relation with the Illuminati Bankers..because there will be 10 sectors once the new world order take place

  2. Silent is golden, as long as centuries the dark is always gone and The Native Creator is always save the world until now. could you see?.