Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is something that I don't want to be circulated to others. So kept it to yourself if you don't mind..

The administrator of MyKMU had posted a comment about the recent death of the Customs Officer who was thrown from third floor of the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency). He posted as follows:-

Pegawai Kastam Jatuh Bangunan SPRM Kegiatan Jenayah Terancang?

Beberapa media hari ini melaporkan seorang pegawai kastam yang sedang disiasat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) hari ini mati jatuh dari tingkat 3 bangunan SPRM di Jalan Cochrane, Cheras.

Jika benar laporan ini kerajaan harus menyiasat sama ada terdapat kumpulan jenayah terancang (Organized crime) yang sedang berusaha melemahkan SPRM bagi membolehkan mereka bermaharajalela semula atau terdapat anggota SPRM yang dibayar oleh pihak tertentu untuk menjatuhkan imej dan kredebiliti kerajaan.

Amat mustahil untuk menuduh pegawai SPRM melakukan perkara ini tanpa sebab luar dari siasatan memandangkan mereka sedang dibicarakan atas kematian Teoh Beng Hock (TBH).

Mustahil kematian jatuh bangunan kali kedua ini merupakan kebetulan.

Yang tidak mustahil ialah terdapat usaha memastikan imej SPRM dan kerajaan terjejas. Tidak mustahil juga ada pihak tertentu merancang kematian ini bagi tujuan membentuk persepsi awam bahawa apa yang berlaku ke atas TBH bukan bunuh diri tetapi kerana tindakan SPRM.

Tidak mustahil juga ia terjadi kerana ada pihak yang mahu membela TBH melakukan perbuatan tersebut bagi menunjukkan kononnya memanglah TBH dibunuh oleh SPRM kerana kali ini pegawai kastam pun mati cara yang sama.

He then republished an excerpt from the newspaper about the same, as follows:-

Customs officer dies after falling off MACC building

Apr 6, 11 12:41pm - Customs Department officer who had been questioned over suspected involvement in graft and money-laundering, died today after falling off the third floor of the Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) building in Jalan Cochrane.

According to reports, the officer – the assistant director of the Selangor Customs Department – had been released on bail two days ago.

A total of 62 officers had been arrested in a joint operation in Penang, Johor, Selangor and Pahang by a special task force which comprised the MACC, the Inland Revenue Board, the Customs Department and Bank Negara.

One officer was found to have several million ringgit in his bank account while another had almost RM1 million. Two others had more than RM500,000 each.

The sweeping raid also found gold bars in the house of one officer while another had more than RM600,000 in cash stored in several bags.

The general consensus amongst Pro-government MYKMU readers is that someone who wanted to frame and tarnish MACC’s image orchestrated the murder. That’s half-true, but I think I ought to tell my readers of the other half.

In my MYKMU I commented as follows:-

kunta-kinte, since we’ve been fighting together online since 1998, I guess it would be correct to tell you the ‘hush-hush’ I’ve heard from some ‘sources’ of mine within the ex-watcher’s group. Please don’t spread this all over MYKMU. This is unverified.. I repeat.. Unverified… So just hush-hush it to yourself.

We all been puzzling all these while where Anwar Ibrahim get his million ringgit funds right? We all had guess the money came from the US State Department or the US intelligence but how did the money come to Malaysia? Certainly not through legal means or offshore accounts wire transfer because otherwise the Bank Negara would be able to detect it.

You get where I’m going to now? I’m certain you already understood what I am saying here and how these relevant to the recent busts of the money laundering syndicate via the corrupted customs officers. Just look back to certain allegations about TBH’s activities before he died and you will get my drift on how close all these things connected.

Now you know why the recent bust happened very near to Sarawak polls (which I’m sure in dire need of money by now) and why Anwar look very unhappy recently (other than because of his sex video). But don’t take my words for this.. It’s a hush hush.. So sshhhhhhhh

I waited for someone to show a little bit of understanding of what I have said there. Kunta-Kinte went silent which is good, indicating that he totally get where I was pointing at. Others commentator namely Tokbai and Mohar Menteri no doubt understand the gravity of the situation too. However, without wanting to giveaway to much on the issue, I wish to add more here so that my loyal readers could know where I’m heading about this.

Let’s consider this hypothetically,

We know that the CIA had been involved in covert operations around the world to exert US influences throughout the globe. Politicians especially from the opposition are being funded and strategically assisted to rise to power or attempting a coup to replace any government who refused to bow to US imperial dominance.

So lets say you’re politician “A” (or you could also use alphabet “Y” if you wish. I heard the term “Male Y” is quite popular these days) in Malaysia who also happened to be a Freemason and the pet-boy of the CIA, then how will you do your job in order to establish pro-US government in Malaysia?

You need money, right? Millions of it being funded by whomever is sponsoring your treachery.

The problem is you cannot afford to have the money wired to your account because the Bank Negara will query any sum above RM1 million. Even if the money is wired through multiple accounts below RM1 million each, the Bank Negara and the Intelligence Agency (MKN) will still be able to track the money being moved into this country. If they manage to proof that money is being used for activities dangerous to national security.. then you’re toast.

In 2002, it was discovered that 3.3 trillions dollar was found missing from Pentagon balance sheet, not to mention a missing 8.7 billions dollar supposedly a development Fund for Iraq by the Department of Defense in 2009. It was later discovered that the Pentagon had delivered the bribe money to Iraq by stacking it into several cargo container.. I repeat.. Several cargo containers filled with cash. This is not something out of ordinary, considering that in 1991 a congressman William Alexander had taken a deposition proving that the CIA even moved drugs money by small airplane which landed at Rich Mountain Aviation in Mena, Arkansas.

Another CIA’s method of moving the money discreetly is by way of money laundering. The deposition taken by William Alexander had shown that the CIA would recruit several persons to establish bogus companies to organize and open accounts for the CIA to launder the money. In the case of “Black Bag” operation in Rich Mountain Aviation, various accounts were opened in Panama, New Mexico, Madrid, Brussels, Switzerland etc.

Of course moving money into a designated country would require a local accountant to assist in monitoring the paper works.

So how does all these relate?

Eight months ago, a Malaysian accountant was thrown to his death from 14th floor of MACC’s building when he was about to give evidence about his involvement in money laundering activities implicating a major company and several of its subsidiaries. A a day earlier the deceased’s laptop with sensitive materials in it was taken by MACC’s officers.

Now this month, the MACC’s (probably with MKN’s officers tagging along) brought down a multi billions ringgit of money laundering syndicate headed by a Senior customs officer. Like the former accountant, he also died in exactly the same way, presumably by a hired killer under oversea payroll.

For me, the timing of the recent bust of the money laundering syndicate is too close to the Sarawak poll to be mere coincidence. In war they said it's important to take out the supply first before start aiming the gun at soldiers. Now that politician "A" 'supply' had been taken down, i’m sure that Politician “A” is very unhappy and very much in need of money now considering that Sarawak is a very costly place to campaign. I reckon he started begging for money from his supporters very soon.


  1. Berkenaan dengan pembunuhan Timbalan Ketua Kastam di Putrajaya pada baru-baru ini (2013), saya berpendapat beliau mungkin dibunuh kerana beliau mengetahui sesuatu yang boleh menggagalkan usaha menyeludup wang masuk ke Malaysia sempena PRU13.

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