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Note: At first, I was actually planning to write about how radio and television was used by the Illuminati to mass hypnotize the general population. But as usual I tend to stray from intended subject and ended up writing something else. So in this article, I ended up writing about the condition of human brain instead. I guess that topic about the Illuminati embedded their subliminal messages in music will have to wait for future writing.. :)

Members of the Illuminati is known to spread the latest updates on Illuminati plans for future through worlds media. The movies, television series, and music videos you and your children are watching at home are 67% embedded with encoded information, subliminal messages and concept inspired from Illuminati. It doesn't matter what channels your children are watching be it the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Star World etc etc., chances are they are watching a show embedded with psychological poison to pollute their fragile minds.

Lets take the music channel for example. For me this is the most poisonous medium of communication. Music is the most effective way to deliver satanic messages to our children. Many years ago when the CIA resume the research of Nazi German in the field of mind control, they were told by German scientists that human brain are more susceptible to suggestion when the brain semi-hypnotic state. In the science world this refers to the theta-state of human brain. To achieve this, a an ideal sound at 4.5 beats, or cycles, per second is usually effective to corresponds to the trance-like state of theta brain wave activity.

At hypnotic state, if someone stood beside you and whispers the word "shoot your head", your brain instead of rejecting the idea repulsively as it normally does - will relax to the suicidal idea. Of course it won't cause you to grab a gun immediately afterward. In fact, if you're happy most of the time then there would never be an opportunity for suicide to cross your mind. But if by coincidence you are a terribly depressed person who happens to listen to the demonic suggestion over and over and over again, then chances are you would start looking at the gun in a whole new lovely way.

So just imagine what will this do to our children if similar technique is deployed in the entertainment industry. In the past, we have had black metal drummers drumming at theta inducing speed while the vocalist repeatedly screaming words like 'kill yourself', 'long live Satan' and 'suicide' over and over to millions of young fans. Nowadays however we have hip hop music where vocalist raps at theta rhythm yelling the word 'whore', 'guns' and 'fuck' over and over through MTV to similar demographic of listeners. I guess in no time we'll going to face a new wave of K-pop culture where a bunch of pretty boys dancing at similar rhythm while telling the girls to go ahead make love in the bushes, in cheap motel and even in kandang kambing belakang rumah.

Now, Before you start getting the wrong idea about our hypnotic state, I must explain first that the hypnotic state is not at all demonic in nature. In fact it should be the other way around. God has made our brain to function in four stages (beta, alpha, theta, delta) since the creation of Adam and when God created something then it must have been for a good reason.

The Luciferians had discovered how to manipulate the brain's theta stage after they studied the use of music by the voodoo witch doctor in Haiti and shamans in African continent. They even allows scientific study on this to be publicized around the world to give credits to the Haiti Witch Doctors, the African shaman, the Tibetan monks etc etc. What they failed to mention (intentionally no doubt) is that there's currently a massive group of people In this world who have voluntarily yet unknowingly entering hypnotic state on daily basis, and while the shaman only enters the stage a couple of times per month at most, some within this group of people had been repeating the same practice on daily basis five times a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year.

This people I'm referring about is the Muslim .. (yay!)

Yes, we Muslims are that group of people and the Luciferians would hack this blog and deleted all its content if they think this article could alerted billions of Muslims in this world of our potentials (fortunately for my own mortality only a few hundreds of Muslims visited my blog).

Here's my explanation. According to their research, what the rhythm had done to the African shaman is inducing a trance like state of theta brain wave activity. The ideal rhythm is rated at   4.5 bps   but further research also tells us in factum that not everyone is affected at speed of 4.5 bps as suggested. Some went to trance like state at higher speed and some at lower speed rhythm. This is similar to how some people can be hypnotized with a slower pendulum swing while others will only falls asleep with faster pendulum.

In Islam, we are encouraged to be 'khusyuk' while praying and performing 'dzikir'. Generally speaking, all Muslims would nod their head if asked whether they know what 'khusyuk' is. In fact, if we asked any Muslim whether he 'khusyuk' during 'sembahyang' he would eagerly admitted so.

The question is, do the majority of Muslims knows what 'khusyuk' really is?

Here's a version of most extreme khusyuk as most of us has heard before. There's a story I heard in 90's about an Afghan soldier who didn't notice bullets flying around him. Weirdly enough though, the soviet soldiers were aiming at him from 300 yards away still misses. Syaidina Ali R.A is so famous for his 'khusyuk' during prayer up to the point he didn't even feel anything when an arrow was pulled out from his body.

These are some of the stories of what happened when a person totally went 100% khusyuk. Of course I don't think any of us can say we have experienced the same level of khusyuk as Syaidina Ali. But I believe some of us can still achieve a 'semi-khusyuk' state if we know the proper technique.

The use of word 'hypnotized' and 'trance' always misled the majority of people into imagining a bunch of witch doctors swinging their body left to right during a healing ritual. This is misleading because it's only a half truth.

A person can sink into theta state both in motion and while being motionless. Therefore in respect of Muslims, what the western scientist refers as 'trance like state' is actually similar to what happens when a Muslim is too 'khusyuk' while performing a 'dzikir', reciting Al-Quran and performing prayer.

Sounded too far fetch? Let's move on..

Have any of you performed a dzikir up or doa or prayer up to the point where you lose all other senses on what's happening around you?

Well,such condition only occurs when our brain is in theta state. I was taught by my group a technique to induce myself into such stage while performing doa and dzikir and usually by the time I finished with doa I would have slight difficulties of coming back to beta state awareness (this happens quite a long time ago in 2000. Since then, I found it quite challenging nowadays to sink myself to the same theta state because my mind tends to lose focus.. my bad).

Most people who have performs dzikir in the middle of the night would no doubt have had similar experience at some point in their life. A person who performs dzikir in the dead of the night while closing his/her eyes would most likely be able to sink into theta consciousness too provided his mind did not wonders somewhere else. There's technique to achieve that which I might share in future article (even though I myself found it difficult to put it to practice nowadays.. shame on me!).

The fact that the rhythm of continuous dzikir can caused our brain to go to theta state had fueled an interesting speculation on the science and paranormal reason behind this (you ought to know by now that we Muslims in the Watchers Group like to discuss our theory from a secular point of view so that we can share our discussion with non-Muslims).

There has been several studies made on what can happen when a person manage to sink into theta. From a psychological point of view, the combination of theta and dzikir explains a lot of cases where some described a situation where they cannot get the dzikir out from their mind even after several hours or days stopping doing it. This happens to me a couple of times when i just could not stop humming the dzikir for the whole day because the rhythm just wont stop in my mind. I think this probably have something to do with the possibility that I might have inadvertently hypnotize myself with the dzikir while going theta the night before.

Other more religious figure has been known to perform dzikir 24/7 while multitasking with daily chores. The Wali Songo for example had been known to count the tasbih beads non stop except when they went to toilet. There has even been story about their fingers still counting the beads even when they’re supposed to be sleeping.

So how does this information might benefit us other than making dzikir look cool?

Well, ever since the inception of project MKULTRA by CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence in 1950’s (I repeat.. 1950’s.. that even before our country’s independence), the Luciferians has long known about the potential of human brain to do some pretty cool things. We all have heard of telekinesis and other physic stuff and we all know these thing is not a pigment of human’s imagination. I mean.. these things a real deal.

The only question is.. is this superhuman ability a mere fluke of nature given only to several lucky freaks? Or can the same ability be unlocked on regular Joe (and Jane) like you and me?

Well,a few years back I was instructed by my group to carry out a minute scale experiment to see if an ordinary men could perform out of ordinary things if they're were duped into believing it. Back then there's an internet forum discussing paranormal things including how to perform jampi pengasih, jampi penunduk etc etc. A lot of people joined in sharing tips and even mantra for love charm and things like that. So I went in and established myself there for quite a while. In the end after 5 moths and hundreds of postings, I earned the status 'Otai' which is all I need to proceed with the next stage of experiment.

The next stage is duping a lady forumer into believing that I can help her by teaching her an effective mantra to overcome her personal problems. But here's a catch.. the mantra is 60% fake. She was told that what she was about to learn is some sort of Ilmu Penunduk. At first I was planning to teach her a 100% fake mantra with no use of Al-Quran in it because I argue that we need to ensure controlled variables. But a senior member in my Muslim group 'veto' the idea because it appears that human are at risk of being 'compromised' by inter-dimensional beings while in Theta State. It is said that if you didn't take necessary precautions while in going theta, an bad Inter Dimensional beings could come close and whispers bad things into you mind. This is why the Haitian witch doctor were able to be possessed by the so-called 'Deities' during ritual.

So in order to prevent her from attracting the presence of Djins and Satan, the mantra was made to comprise 40% Al-Quran (as self defense) and 60% half made up. The whole experiment is designed to let her sink herself into semi-theta state. She was told to do it in the middle of the night with all light shut off. The use of odors such as 'kemenyam' is strictly prohibited (because the smell of Kemenyan attracted Djin).

It's a grueling exercise I must imagine, because in order to reach the theta stage she had to repeat the mantra at least 15 times with each cycle consume in about 10 minutes. So that means she had to spend 2½ hours every day for 7 days.

The good news was 10 days later she sent me a very emotional thank you message. Her Indian boyfriend for the past 3 years who keep stalling his promise to convert into Islam and marry her had abruptly changed his mind. He had agreed to make appointment with the religious department on the date of conversion and even had met her parent. (If you're reading this then I'm happy for you Zue and sorry Zue for that 60% fraud I committed)

The downside was this experiment still unable to answer the question whether or not ordinary person could produced extra-ordinary results if she self hypnotized herself into truly believing it, Bearing in mind that the 40% use of Al-Quran is equal to 40% possibility that Allah might have listened to her doa and granted it. If this is the case then this experiment couldn't be used to answer my curiousity about stories from various Illuminati's defectors who claimed that the Illuminati had found the technique to unlock human psychic ability.

According to several defectors known in History, the Illuminati had been successful in combining black magic and science in their efforts to develop elite soldiers to carry out their black ops. Remember my argument in my article 'the Immortals' where I said that human have so much potentials but are limited by their own mortality?

Well, apparently the Illuminati had found a way to bypass into some of that potentials through the use of black magic and science. These elite soldiers who were mentally tortured (shock therapy programming) and repeatedly hypnotized from as early as 4 years old eventually manage to performs two amazing mental feats namely:

  • the ability to control target's mind which works in similar function with malays pukau, pengasih and penunduk.
  • the ability to do remote viewing which sounded a lot like 'scanning' (click here if you don't know what scanning is). There's a science behind their technique.

If you read James Casbolt's confession about Illuminati's 'Project Mannequin', he said that The brain has the ability to receive, give off, and manipulate radio waves. The brain has a telepathic receiver and transmitter that uses sound waves. In fact, thoughts are simply scalar sound waves that most people cannot see but are very real.

Mr Casbolt claims that during his years in Illuminati he was instrumental in influencing millions of people through radio shows, magazines, and the internet using the methods taught by this positive cell in the NSA. They call this MPO (Manifest Production Observership) and LERM (Light Encoded Reality Matrix). Without getting into the technical nitty gritty, LERM relies on the integrated functioning of three important organs in the body: the cortical brain complex, the heart, and the visceral or enteric brain. LERM is taught to initiates of the highest levels of Freemasonry.

He also said that the Illuminati are basically sort of religious cult with religious centers where so-called ‘black magick’ rites are performed, ancient deities worshiped, and children sacrificed. As former Illuminati member Leo Zagami says, Black Magic (the control of electro-magnetic energy for harm) is the oldest form of military technique known to man.

Surprised? Why should you?

We ought to realized by now that the Illuminati's technique has similar principal with what our black magic bomoh had exercised since time immemorial. All apprentices to black magic are told to mediate in very remote places like in mountain or cave somewhere during which they're required to be alone and eat less. They're expected to meditate so deeply that they will forgot to take bath, to eat and all other worldly things

What the do you think the whole purpose of 'bertapa' if not to expand his mental energy through theta mediation? Its no secret that the longer these bomoh mediate, the stronger their power are. Some even take months while the most extreme take years. Of course just expanding your mental power is not cool enough, if you're able to attract the assistance from several hundreds inter-dimensional beings like Djins that would make you able to fly like superman or walk on water.

During my early years in the Watchers Group, I was so shocked to learn about this that at one time I questions my Seniors why don't we train and build our own army to counter this threat. I pointed out that if another 13th May occured in this country and we don't have our own army like the Selempang Merah in 1969 then there's no way to neutralized the next coming danger.

My Seniors then carefully explained to me that it's impossible to create an underground army like that. In order to train a huge numbers of people into such exercise, that group would eventually be misunderstood as a religious cult. The technique to simultaneously sink a group of people into Theta will never be approved by Religious Department regardless of the use of dzikir and Al-Quran in it. In the end someone will accused them of spreading 'false teachings' and all of them would be hauled to Court. I mean, if Al-Arqam and Tabligh couldn't survived the crackdown, then what chances could any of us have as a bunch of self-proclaimed anti-Illuminati soldiers? Sad right?

Well, at least now you know the importance of 'khusyuk' in solat and dzikir especially the fact that inter-dimensional beings are attracted to human theta brain wave. The deeper you sink yourself in theta while praying, the more powerful the frequency emitted by your brain which will act like a beacon to good inter dimensional beings (angels). They will surround you, calm you and whispers the truth to your soul.

Maybe that's why Muslims who performs Dzikir 'La Illa Ha Illalah' repeatedly in the dead of the night would feel very good by the end of it. Every time he uttered "I witnessed there is no God but Allah" the inter-dimensional beings would probably said "That's True!". His ear probably couldn't catch it but the replies is caught by his brain wave.

People who performed dzikir also most likely able to expand the function of their brain. There has been true reports about a verse "Latud rikuhul absoru wahwayud rikal absoro wahuwal latiful khabir" (Al-An'am:103) in Al-Quran which if repeatedly cited during theta state can caused that person to perfom remote viewing when he sleeps. Similarly the Al-Hasyr :21-24 is said to be quite effective as 'Ilmu Penunduk' against bad people who wanted to do harm to you. Cool eh being a Muslim?

P/S: If you don't like my ideas, then hates me and leave comments but kindly use civilised language.

Another thing I would like to add, DO NOT listen to theta inducing sound while you're sleeping. There's a lot of this sound available in YOUTUBE for free and according to the author it's supposed to sink your brain into Theta while sleeping. Well, unless your set up good personal defenses then avoid this thing at all cost. Once you go theta then you're brain is exposed to all sorts of influence by Inter Dimensional Beings and the Illuminati long range scalar mind influencing wave. Before long you would probably falls in love with Anwar Ibrahim and joined PKR.

If you have a teenage child with a habit of listening to MP3 music (especially western music) while sleeping. Please advice him/her not to do this. It's dangerous. If he/she argue he/she cannot go sleep unless there's music around, then advice him/her to listen to local music instead.


  1. Salam bro. I had been reading about mind control too for some time including the Silva Mind Method. Also been to some mind control training. I think what you had written is true. But sometimes, we will not do what had been taught or lapse it because it is quite boring after repeating it for some time.

    In one testimony of the Silva Mind Method, a woman had won every contest she had entered using the Silva Mind Method.

  2. yes the boring thing could be true for those who have yet to benefit the spectacular benefit of 'khusyuk'.. In my case, I didn't found it boring because I was saved from black magic attack once and I also experience remote viewing twice.. the only obstacle I have now is lack of time to do it properly.. My ritual of dzikir consumes minimum 30 minutes and ideally done at 11.00pm onwards.. The problem for me is that I have a lot of office documents to type and I can only do it after my children go to sleep. So by the time I finished my midnight chores, I barely able to open my eyes :)

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  4. and dont to forget to selawat.. whenever u have time.. while driving to workplace etc... Allah loves people who selawat..

  5. I am reading Hypnosis While Your Eyes Open. tried to integrate that with my solat. I find it easily to go kusyu'. Well the concept is quite easy.

    Remember what we learn abt the rukun for solat. the very first is to stand quite and still. This is the moment we you need to focus, calm down and try hard to get in initial trance state. When this first step is accomplished then all the rest will be quite easy. You can get kusyu' no brainer.

    The writer also mentions about how he discovered trance state while he was reading the suggestions loudly while attending a patient. And when I relate to this I found that by citing surah loudly or up to the level of only our ears can hear, it is where the alpha wave kicked in. I once heard a documentary on the radio, an ustaz told that when we read any surah, it will make our brain goes to alpha wave state. for those who can get surpase this level, they can reach theta level easily.

    Additionally, why we are urged to say our prayer when we are in the sujud, remember the verse that we recite during sujud "Subhanarabiyal 'ala wabihamdih" which means "Ooo Lord of Sublime (The Highest, The Gloriest) and all of praise to Him". When we zikr the word 'ala ('aliy) for numbers of times it will take us to glory.

    only my two cents...i am still learning and researching

  6. betul....itu illuminati...kedengaran ruhnya...
    setiap.illuminati.akan.di.matiin. jackson,
    witney houston, dll.

    anggun c sasmi...manusia cloacking

    Ternyata dajjal...ada di jatibening/jakarta mesjid syairullah.
    Dan sudah dilihat orang banyak.
    Akan tetapi, semua kena fitnah yang melihat/bermatian.
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  7. ya, khusyuk dan istiqamah, sangat penting, dalam amal ibadah, inilah mungkin sebabnya ditekankan khusyuk dan istiqamah dalam beribadah, untuk menangkis yang jahat-jahat. sekadar berkongsi pengalaman, ada satu doa saya amalkan supaya hati/jiwa lembut dan bersabar, masyaallah, bila saya amalkan saya jadi lembut dan penyabar. untuk pengetahuan saya ni bukan penyambar dan cepat marah, yang saya perasan bila saya tak amalkan doa tu, saya jadi seorang yang cepat marah dan asyik nak cepat saja dalam kata lain , saya kembali kepada sifat semulajadin saya tu.huhuhu