Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hi, I've decided to take a break for a while. I'm thinking about completing a novel which had been on delay for several months already.

However, I noticed on the news just now that MTUC is planning to hold a nationwide picket on 3.11.11. I'm probably paranoid but it's already a habit of mine to be wary of any massive rally scheduled on any Illuminati numbers 3,7,9,11,13,33,39.

So I hope none of my readers would join the picket unless the picket falls on any other numbers. If you do share MTUC opinion, find other ways to voice your grouses. Start a Facebook petition, begin blogging, hack the government website, or erect a gigantic billboard in front of your house displaying your protest (that ought to bring attention!), just don't join any public rally.

Bearing in mind the purpose of the picket is to condemn the proposed amendment to Workers Act, I have no doubt that the majority of people whom are dying to go to the street are pro-opposition.

Me paranoid? Maybe.. But we're living in the age of the Illuminati. It's always better to be paranoid than being too late.


  1. Faham wpun rasa sedih sedikit kerana tak dapat baca tulisan saudara dalam masa terdekat ni. Apa-apa pun all the best dalam penulisan novel saudara dan InsyaALLAH saya akan menjadi antara pembeli pertama novel saudara.

  2. Thanks so much puan, you already gave me a lot of support. Terharu rasanya.

    Anyway, bulan october ni saya tak nak posting apa-apa sebab saya nak sambung tulis novel yang kita discuss hari tu. Saya dah dapat complete report dari tech guy dalam group yang monitor trafik ke blog saya dan conclusionnya ialah "your effort to spread awareness through by blogging is by far unsuccessful'.

    So nak try cara lain lah, tulis novel plak cuma lemah gak nak tulis novel ni memandangkan novel tu pun I predict takda company nak publish (ada member kat Karangkraf bagi general idea gitu based on demograph). So silap-silap I sebar kat internet free jak kot.

    Anyway, I akan completely shut down blog ni pada 31 Disember 2011 nanti. In the meantime I will write 2 or 3 more articles for november and disember. Saya masih perlu explain in full kenapa saya berpendapat Anwar Ibrahim tu adalah Luciferian, pastu nak explain kitaorang punya 'SUBO' profiling project dan completekan article mengenai Khidir tu.. InsyaAllah

    Pastu.. nak menghilang.. Hahaha..

  3. Assalamu'alaikum. I don't think your effort is totally unsuccessful. I first read your work in myKMU and searched for your blog. Now that I have found it, I do come here regularly. The problem is not because you are not generating awareness, but that not many people want to see it, or even capable of seeing it, in the context that you do. I got it, and I am sure there are others who do too. However, being a complete novice in this field makes it difficult for me to make a meaningful contribution here, but I do appreciate your effort. And thank you for bringing to light, at least to me, a new world view of the happenings around the globe. I wish you well.

  4. hmm cant wait for yr next articles!

  5. Assalamualaikum bro. Those opposition leaders are actually behind the picket. You should write about how the worker's union originated. Is it some kind of an Illuminati plan to disrupt the economic stability of the country by hiding behind the worker's union?