Friday, July 13, 2012


This is my last article in relation to the death of JayaNegara. After this I will just concentrate on completing the next chapter of 'Jerejak' novel.

I've been surfing the internet quite actively in the past two days to check on something. The latest unfortunate event that had befallen jayanegara had attracted a lot of visitors to this site and I suspect that all eight blogs followed by arwah is experiencing the same.

Also, Recently I had corresponded with an editor of an online foreign news agency about the same. He (or maybe she?) asked my opinion on the shooting of arwah. At first I suspected him/her as pro-opposition like the rest of the foreign news agency reporting in the cyberspace. It turned out that he/she is quite okay for a foreigner. So I gave him/her the benefit of the doubt of not suspecting the agency being another branch of the Luciferians news network and replied the email. I also told him (or her) that I can't be much help on the matters because I barely have enough time to update my own blog. Therefore I suggest that he/she contacted my blogger friend bapak3 instead for an input

(I just assume bapak3 is more motivated and politically connected to give better input).

Anyway, one of the thing we discussed was the shooting itself. Like what I have stated in my recent post, I was (and still) disturbed by the voice of the guy that was heard yelling "tembak" and "berundur" (at first I thought it was the word "bunuh" but thanks to some good people who posted their comments in this blog, it turned out to be "berundur").

Now, I think it's a no brainer that there's a video clip of the whole incident. The pictures above pretty much self explanatory of the fact that there's a video clip of the whole incident out there.

I would like to urge those who in possession of this video to made it public pronto. It quite embarrassing that the first video on the incident was released by pro-opposition blogger. If the police has a better version of the video that can silent all the accusation now being hurled toward the police, then what's the excuse of keeping the video under the drawer?

Upon carefully listening to the video, I now believe that the voice heard in the video did not belong to arwah. Other then the word "tembak" and "berundur", we can also hear the same voice commanding the shooter to shot the deceased's leg. I now believe the voice belong to a third party and the first thing that came to mind is the voice belong to a police officer.

The second thing that still disturbed me is the span of time between the shots. If the trigger was squeezed during a moment of true panic (like when arwah was in close distant swinging his sword to the shooter) there won't be any pause between shots like that. Instead it would be like "bam! bam! bam!" in very quick succession. But the shots we heard has a tale of someone with enough seconds to aim the gun. By logic if a person has enough ime to aim the gun, then it also means that there was enough time to just retreat and run away. When dealing with lunatic with loss of mental faculty like arwah, it would be more humane to just run away if that what it takes to spare his life. A bullet must only be released as last resort when it was clear that there was a clear and imminent danger to shooter's life.

In my line of career I have interviewed several crazy people before. One memorable case was representing a guy who murdered his own grandfather by slitting his throat. During trial he was shown pictures of the dead grandpa and he was crying like crazy upon seeing what he had done. In fact, he was so remorseful that at first he had insisted to plead guilty and be hanged with. Fortunately the Malaysian legal system doesn't work that way when it come to death penalty offenses.

Please understand that people with mental illness must be tolerated accordingly. Most of the time, they didn't know what they were doing. If we can lend them time to regain their mind, then there's no harm of doing it.

Now, if there's a video out there showing that the danger toward the shooter was imminent, then I say good riddance for the shooting. But if it was the other way around, then the police will simply have to brace for impact and take it as a lesson to better themselves.

Some pro-opposition bloggers now are accusing conspiracy bloggers as "pencacai UMNO". All I wish to say is that I believe none of conspiracy bloggers are being paid to blog. Unlike the entertainment, gossips and political blogs out there, Malaysian conspiracy theory blogs clocked very few visitors per day and therefore has no significant impact on the next general election. Whereas I can't make any statement on behalf of all local conspiracy bloggers, I do believe that most of us Moslems bloggers has placed our main loyalty towards the rise of the black banners.

It's not our fault that the leader of opposition front has all the characteristic of being a servant of the globalist elite of the New World Order. It's not our fault that the political dynasty of the Penang-based opposition party is historically connected to the Lee bloodline in Singapore. It's not our fault that the once so-called Islamic Party had abandoned the Ulama and now sworn their allegiance with Kafir harbi.

It's definitely not our fault that the opposition is now possessing all the characteristic of being the biggest mistake in the history of Malaysia.

We are not pencacai UMNO. Some of us didn't even like UMNO that much. But what else can we do? Where else can we search for hope when UMNO is the only remaining party with a prospect of being used to defend future generation against the coming of New World Order?

When you're left with several bad apples, then strategically speaking the only thing you can do is to pick the best amongst the worst. Yes, UMNO is currently corrupted, but until the time when all of us swore our allegiance to the army Black Banners, UMNO is the only party left we can cling for a borrowed time.


  1. if i say both party can bring NWO to malaysia did you agree?

    1. Oh I certainly would agree with your first notion. Any party can be manipulated by the Luciferians to bring NWO to Malaysia be it UMNO, PKR, PAS, or DAP. It goes down to which party most infested by agents of the Luciferians, that's all. If Anwar Ibrahim wasn't kicked out by Mahathir in 1998 and succeeded in becoming the 5th UMNO Prime Minister, I would definitely be fighting UMNO right now in 2012. But it turned out the he now lead the opposition front and that give me no choice but to support UMNO, doesn't it?

  2. get out from politics bro. jangan sebelahi mana2 parti kalau anda betul seorang penyiasat teori konspirasi. that time you will see what happend all around you that malaysian sebelum merdeka lagi sudah menjadi sasaran Freemason dan Illuminati.

    1. Oh I do wish that possible.. I really do.. If the Luciferian adopted a straight forward strategy of invading this country through the use of war machines then all I have to decide is whether to join the jihad or run like a coward. Unfortunately in the conquest in the 21st century had changed a lot since the fall of formers Empire. Before sending the killing machine the Luciferians would send thousands of trojan horses first. They all will act as virus infiltrating ALL political parties and major organizations in the targeted nation. I can say for certain that there were several of them in UMNO now as we speak and some of them managed to do some serious damage during Pak Lah era. But unfortunately for you, whereas there is still hope for UMNO to get rid of the infestation, there are no longer hope for the opposition because all three parties within (PKR, DAP, PAS) has been totally taken over. First there PKR funded by US, then there's DAP assisted by the Singaporeans, and there PAS being outrun by Anwarinas. So you see, it's nothing personal. My friend and I in my group simply have to decide the best course of action based on current situation. After considering all current and future variables, we have decided that if PKR win, the NWO would arrive in Malaysia at great speed but if UMNO survive at least there would be a considerable delay. So we choose the latter.

    2. Dear Sir,

      I would appreciate your expert views on the following organisation and the possible National Security threat they may pose to our belover country:

      Malaysian Defence League


      Please See their mission statement below:

      There can’t be a moderate Islam just as there is no such thing as healthy disease or sensible insanity. Islam is extreme. To fight Islamic extremism you have to fight Islam. There is no middle ground. Either you eradicate Islam or Islam will eradicate you. The choice is yours.

      Malaysian Defence League is a local human rights group that is inspired from English Defence League (EDL) that has a special focus on local issues concerning Islam in Malaysia.

      Disclaimer: we presently have no official association with EDL nor do we have any official endorsement from officers of EDL (yet). For official statement and information on EDL, please visit – We do now

      We at Malaysian Defence League share the similar goals with English Defence League. However, considering the political nature of Malaysia as a constitutional Islamic nation, we integrate special goals and strategy to realistically act as a representative voice in the Malaysian society for an alternative opinion about the real dynamics of Islam in the Malaysian society – uncensored.

      Malaysian Defence League has a goal to systematically limit the power of Islam in the dictates of judiciary and social dynamics of Malaysia while promoting basic human rights according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) as our standard guideline. We believe in true democracy and we strongly condemn ideologies that promote or attempt to exercise totalitarian, dictatorship, violent militant regime such as political Islam.

      We believe in freedom of choice and freedom of religion and that each individual has his/her own birthright to choose to profess the religion he/she wishes and chooses to express. And thus we promote these values, honoring individual rights before any collective community rights (ex. Islamic community/the ummah).

      Islam is an evil totalitarian political ideology pretending to be a religion. The only reason Islam manages to stand today is due to the western empathy to accept this eastern ideology while Islam confronts the world as a wolf under a sheepskin.

      As it is in Malaysia, we aim to dismantle syariah court and social powers that Islam imposes to the people of Malaysia, be it Muslims and non-Muslims, by the following methods:
      ■Telling the truth about Islam
      ■Exercising our basic human right to freedom of expression and fighting against censorship
      ■Supporting and encouraging apostates of Islam (murtads) to stand tall and to not be intimidated by Islam
      ■Peaceful demonstrations to raise awareness about the true nature of Islam in the Malaysian society
      ■Being a representative voice in Malaysia about the problem of Islam in Malaysia
      ■Providing a place for an honest public dialogue to discuss and debate about Islam between Muslims, non-Muslims, murtads, muallafs, and those investigating to embrace the Islamic faith

      Malaysian Defence League is a non-political, and non-profit organization. We express our cause through a single-issue debate that is taboo in the Malaysian society and often censored by the Malaysian government.

      We support the following local communities, individuals, and causes:
      Malaysian Christian Defence League
      Murtads in Malaysia and Singapore
      Kelab Taat Suami
      Makcik Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara
      The Anti-Jihadist
      Malaysian Atheists Organization

      Please also enlighten us of the possible links that exist between this Foreign/Israeli inspired
      anti-muslim hate group and other destabilization groups in particularly BERSIH and the so called ‘Malaysian Opposition’

      Thank you and Salam.

    3. MDL inspired by EDL? Lol klon ikut klon. EDL ni kan grup fanatik salib. Mampukah MDL hasilkan teroras macam si Anders Breivik? Tak mampu. Setakat pakatan kencing rakyat macam DAPIG, PKR & Bersiht bolehlah kah kah.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Salam @ Putera bin puteri,

      Enemies of Islam who boldly announced themselves and their hostile intention don't worry me. In fact, the samurai would give more respect to another samurai who stood in plain view facing him while holding a sword. Contrary to what the Hollywood movie wanted us to belief, it's the Ninja that was perceived dishonorable because Ninja stabbed people while people were sleeping or behind the back. The Ninja has no honor because they hide their faces and assassinate victim without warning.

      The Malaysian De fence League (if it's real of which I still doubt) I believe are just a bunch of losers. But kudos for their way of telling us straight forward that they hate us and our religion because we at least know he/she/they are our enemies. That way we know for certain that if given the opportunity in the future when NWO finally stood, they willwant to kill us and that we should return the favor too.

      What we should fear most is not people who hates us, but those who pretend to love us or our religion while concealing a dagger behind their back. There are so much of them leeching themselves in ALL our political parties that it's hard to identify who is our friend and who is our enemy. The mission of my bloggers friends and I is to spread the information as wide as we can, and as quick as we could so that you and those who wish to prepare themselves would know when the time come.

      They're here, and you will know them soon. When that time come, all of you must decide whether to join them, join people like us or simply just watch from aside.

  3. Salam Bro. I agree with you. Suka tak suka the latter still a good option for our future nation.

  4. ....BARANGKALI...

    waktu nak dibagikan namanya UMNO, Dato Onn ada buka Quran dan perkataan pertama yang dilihatnya adalah "aamanu" iaitu maknanya orang-orang yang beriman

    almaklum ler...dato onn bukannya ngaji agama habis sampai ter ralat nak baca jadi aamanu jadi amnu...last ly jadi UMNO

    bertuah punya parti...parti orang-orang beriman...insyAllah mudah-mudahan

    1. sorry bro.. kenapa tetiba Dato Onn kuar UMNO.. rasanya dia tau apa yg akan dibawa oleh UMNO... UMNO adalah penyambung Illimunati di Malaysia

    2. parti apa pun anda... illumminati ada di belakang anda... Taksub kepada parti politik? Jadi ucaplah terima kasih kepada mendiang encik Adam Weishaupt selaku pelopor illuminati moden setelah diperkenankan oleh encik Rotschild dan buah tangan encik Adam yang hebat adlh termetrai declaration of independence yang menjadi titik tolak dunia di pegang nilai 1 USD. Hebatnya illuminati hinggakan tak kira samada republikan atau demokratik yang menang election di US, illuminati yang menaja kedua-duanya... kalau setakat Malaysia negara yang mereka iktiraf dunia ke 3 ni? ada 20 parti dalam negara ni pun mereka boleh sponsor semua asalkan niat mereka tercapai dalam setiap tangga-tangga yang diiringi pillars-pillars kegemilangan mereka untuk menjadi NWO. So, pilihlah sendiri. Anda semua dah besar panjang. Kalau masih kecil mungkin boleh disebat kalau merepek tak tentu hala tapi dah besar panjang takkan nak kena smackdown pulak? Anda sendiri yang tentukan.... pilih jalan politik atau.... jalan Allah....

  5. Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad,

    It is with great respect and admiration that I send this open letter, commending you for your valiant efforts toward the recent prosecution of former Bush administration officials who are guilty of war crimes for their endorsement and use of torture. In these trying times, it is clear that International Criminal Court operates with a mandate of selective justice, and is wholly unwilling to acknowledge the crimes committed by the United States of America and the former colonial powers. It is for that reason that the actions taken by the Kuala ....As Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, I implore your organization to investigate one of the most significant events in modern history, and that is the destruction of the World Trade Centre on September 11th, 2001. At just eleven years old, I witnessed the demise of World Trade Cent..In the irregular rapid onset of destruction, the Twin Towers exhibited nearly free fall acceleration through the path of greatest resistance, while multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally, indicating an explosion from within the building. While over one hundred first responders reported witnessing explosions and flashes, isolated explosive injections can be seen 20-40 stories below the demolition front when viewing footage of the collapse. 90,000 tons of concrete, metal decking, and steel frames were completely pulverized. The New York City, and the thousands who have been killed in belligerent wars fought in retaliation of this contrived act of terrorism. Thank you for all you have done for the people of Malaysia and the world.


    Nile Bowie

    Kuala Lumpur

    July 2nd, 2012

    JKR 1258 Jalan Telok, Off Jalan Gasing, P.O Box 288,Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan 46000, Malaysia

  6. Dear Afterdark, tried to email you on Thursday, but I am not sure whether you are still using that 4hire address. Do you mind giving me your email add on my blog? I'll make sure it will not be published. Regards

  7. Oh certainly bapak3.. I already published my email address here for all to see.. Its and everytime someone commented my article or directly emailed me my smartphone will rang.. Hehe.. I love my Nokia Smartphone

  8. I agree that people with mental problems should be treateddifferently, and the based on khalil's blag and his comments on Annor's blog, along with the interview with Muhdalina's husband, it seem clear so far that Khalil is not just slightly off the rail. In defending the public, I am sure that the shot in the arm and thigh were meant to disarm, but as the police also remarked that they seem to register no reaction when they got shot, further action has to be taken. We must understand that there are a lotof people inside JPM itself, and I do not think the two were thereto make appointments. Not trying to defend the police, but simply putting our feet in their shoes.

  9. Dear Afterdark.. i notice you're in the middle of writting 'jerejak' novel... if part of it is about the 'Pulau Jerejak'.. are there any chapter on commodore dragon the size of big crocodile, about 5 meter length and easily about one meter girth and gold in color maybe because of the old age that makes the boatman who accompany me tremble..heheheh.. i was asked to see the sign and saw this creature at noon with sudden hot shower (hujan panas) somewhere in 1997 or 1998 few month prior to demotion of DSAI..and another sign was the name of the last warder.. initially i though it was just a joke...after 14 years i still wonder what it is all about that refrain me from being there 14 years ago... on Jayanegara.. actually there are still many out there.. i met one of them few days before that.. same traits and behavior but maybe less lunatic to the extend of attacking other people, i made this conclusion after reading more than 43000 words of his and his respondent writing ..i presume he lost direction in life and believe due to his own doing...he should built the wall within his inner self first before venturing into the unknown...pity.. that is all i can say...

  10. Perghhh... Imam Mahdi tak tutup aurat... Gila atau sesat?.

  11. Dear Mr Deen

    He never said that he was Imam Mahdi. What he said was that Imam Mahdi will come after his death. so that's is why he said he wanted to stop the coming of Imam Mahdi because he love his family so much that he refused to die early.

    But now he is dead. Will we see his coming in our life time?

    BTW aurat untuk lelaki merdaheka adalah barang antara pusat dan lutut

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