Friday, July 15, 2011


A visitor by a nickname talkingMIND had posted a comment to my article “What If…?”

She said:

can u prove it to me about they who believed to anwar ibrahim are under illuminati charm (being utterly and completely idiots)? or is it they who believed and keep on believing najib-apco are instead, under the charm of illuminati. they trust najib 100%, with the helps from mainstream media especially, he can lie to those who do not have other source to refer. and yet, it is the illuminatis ways to manipulate peoples mind through their own manipulated media. moreover, i dont think they can charm the whole nation, the method they used is just to manipulate the medias (which is what najib is doing currently, not only najib but the other whole PM previously). thank you.

Several things struck me odd about this visitor. That’s nothing weird about the question itself, her question is normal and I even assume at first that he/she is s another pro-Anwar who was willing enough to read my article. But he/she uses the word ‘najib-upco’ and not `umno-apco’ which usually used by others opposition supporters who were `kind' enough to send me an email before. He/she also spelt “UPCO” wrong (the right spelling is APCO). This to me is odd because could be no typo error there because the letter “U” and “A” are far away on QWERTY keyboard so he/she probably not familiar that much with the APCO controversy in the first place.

So naturally, the instinct to profile kicked in. I hope she won’t mind me profiling her first. This is my profile of her:-

The way he/she types (with due disregard to upper case where it needs to be) is similar to the style young people use when texting on the phone or while chatting in the internet. So that’s indicates he/she is a young. Probably 25-30 years old.

The lingo of his/her language tells me that she’s 75% a female.

She said ‘thank you’ at the end, which means she’s a civilized person. Therefore I think she maybe (a) is a government servant who type “thank you” a lot in many formal letters or (b) she in real life also end her sentence with the word “thank you”. That reminds me of people who in real life teaches toddlers to say thank you a lot..a nanny by profession or a young mother perhaps?

English doesn’t seem to be her first language. So that 90% showing she’s like me – an Asian by birth and breed. But I need to narrow down where she came from, be it from Malaysia our our neighbors Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, or Philippines. But it’s highly unlikely the Thais would comments, so I throw Thailand from equation. That leaves us with Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.

It’s interesting that she commented for my article “WHAT IF”. “WHAT IF” talks about the children sacrifice by the Illuminati. However, as you can see yourself, all other readers who comments on this issue choose to comment under my latest article SAVED FROM CERTAIN DEATH which is a sequel to “WHAT IF”. So that makes me thinking, why “WHAT IF” instead of “SAVED FROM CERTAIN DEATH”?

Well here’s my theory. I think she doesn’t understand Malay! She’s didn’t understand the newspaper clipping I annexed in “SAVED FROM CERTAIN DEATH” about Noramani Rosli who was abducted by the Illuminati scums in white van because the newspaper clipping is in Malay. Not understanding any Malay means one thing only – She’s not local, she's from Philippines (She’s not from Singapore because even Singaporeans understand enough Malay even though not enough to speak with it).

So if she’s from Philippines, that means she’s a Catholic too, and I don’t know whether she would like to me to answer he question about how the Illuminati can charm the people all over the world. I mean, in order to explain on that, there’s no other way than to tell her about the Jesuits (an Illuminati branch) and the 13 chambers catacombs under the Vatican which is where child sacrifice is taking place in Rome.

Would she like it if I tell her what actually happens under the Pope’s feet?

I hope she could tell me first if that would be too offensive for her.

On the bright side, I also notice that the idea that toddlers are being killed as human sacrifice really hit her nerve.. enough to compel her to pick her keyboard up and comments on political issue which is foreign to her. So she most likely a lovely lady who by nature loves children. So either she has children her own, or siblings under her care, or probably working in the industry dealing with cute bubbly toddlers.

To talkingMIND,

If you’re reading this, please be informed in advance that I will answer your question and if you really are a catholic.. then you wouldn’t like it.

I don't think explaining to you our current political climate will benefit you in any way (this is me politely saying that we shall deal with our politics ourselves.. foreigners are welcome to watch, but not judging). Similarly, I wouldn't trust anything I read in foreign newspaper about your country either. The mainstream media of the world is controlled by the Illuminati, you should know that already.

If you still want to know, please visit me again when I write in details why I believe children are being sacrificed not only in Malaysia, but in Philippines and other Asian countries as well.

P/S to talkingMIND: If my above profiling of you is wrong.. the I'm sooooooo sorry.. My Bad :(


  1. The large haldron collider was built with almost 3-4 years of total world REM demand. The collider discovered something alien that was not made public. Another example of large REM application is Hubble Telescope. REM allowed NASA to see something they shouldn't see. It gave them the chill. REM was the alien technology we wouldn't have thought 20 years ago. It is sensitive to all electromagnetic spectrum known to man whether it's man-made or alien-made signals.

    Lynas was setup as REM refinery to process slightly radioactive thorium ore from mount weld australia. Shipping radioactive materials from far places is not making any sense. REM in natural state is stable and non-radioactive except promenthium of the 17 REM elements family. REM can also be extracted from uranium ore. Peninsular has one of the highest dysprosium REM deposition in the world. The fact nobody knows where it is. We have the instrument to detect the presence from space using very much bigger equipment. The location is classified. The fact that we have been living with uranium and thorium ores all around us for thousand of years in harmony without any radioactive sickness. Peninsular is blessed. If there is gold, then there is uranium or thorium ore and there might be large dysprosium right underneath in natural state. You don't have to spend multi-million dollar ion exchanger to refine radioactive ore in far place from mine. The geologists could have stumbled on large dysprosium deposition in stable state. Kuantan was the perfect location.

    It was very wrong to get the opinion from medical background. Radioactive study was not covered in depth in their discipline. Lynas became hot when politicians and medical practitioners trying hard to be stupid. Should ask why Lynas was so interested in the first place. Knowledge on the alien technology evolved too fast for the past 20 years.

    According to a theory, we were the aliens that shouldn't be on earth in the first place. That made the beings before us pissed with us forever for the invasion. We were capable in growing and creating new knowledge and creating many wonderful things and technology that the other beings couldn't. We were blessed with divine wisdom.

  2. Ouch! :(

    Unfortunately I'm not a fan of any notion that the alien has any major roles in the upcoming event. It's not that I'm against the idea that the 'truth' might be out there amongst the 400 billions of stars in our milky way, it's just that i have yet to find anything which can convince me of such idea. Furthermore, the Illuminati has been promoting the same idea throughout the whole world through movies, books, newspapers and documentaries, therefore if they're saying we're aliens, then it must be the other way around.

    Therefore, I'm not in favor of the idea that we're progeny of aliens as much as i can't digest Darwinian's idea that we're descendants of monkeys.

    The REM thing sounded cool though and i'm still looking forward to write about it once i finished sniffing around.

    Still look forward to hear more and more from you.

  3. after QE than the POPE....seeking advice from the elite of illuminati

  4. Bro AFTERDARK. Could it be that the so called 'alien' technology is actually the satan's technology since they had been living forever?

  5. Are you still alive ??? if yes, please write something about the current situation. We are moving to the darker age. No one is sure what to do. It is Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indian and Isreal alliance. Please write something. Need your guidance.