Tuesday, December 20, 2011


PUTRI send me the following email:

PUTRI: How can I make my preparation other than started reciting al-kahfi(1-10) and doa selepas tahiyat akhir. I don't have enough money to buy land/build house in remote kampung area, just depend on my parent's home. But as I'm living and working in KL, i'm afraid when the disaster/fitna whatsoever come, i'm not well-prepared. i read hadith somewhere 3 years before the emergence of Dajjal, there will be drought condition and water and food supply would be scarce.

ME: Putri, I recorded and posted this documentaries specially for you. I will even write about it. So come visit again and read my answer in full.

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  1. salam,
    firstly sorry for taking some times to respond to your entry dedicated to me.been busy with all 'bread & butter' stuff.actually, after i watched the program i feel quite depressed, and that's why i wrote to you asking about the doomsday prep. personally, i don't think we, can do preparation like that with underground bunker that surely cost a lot. maybe you can suggest something more practical?

    please keep writing...i have so many questions i want to ask. and i'm waiting for your new entry. it's okay for others not to believe there is something hidden beneath/between/under the world we are living today...

    the next questions, i will ask in the emails.
    thanks a lot afterdark for the enlightment.
    may Allah protect us from these fitna.