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I guess you all should have known by now that I'm planning to stop writing for this blog by the end of this month. I'm pretty much repeating what I've done with Anwargate in 1998, writing for a bit more than a year and went AWOL.. It's Afterdark style! Haha..

Anyway, also similar to what I've done to Anwargate, I will end this blog with a Q&A to tie lose some ends. I've selected several questions from my readers which I believe need answers. Some of these questions were posted in this blog's comments section, some were sent via Facebook while the rest were emailed to me.

Here it goes:-

Kardogan765 was referring to my article "MECCA, MEDINA & THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE" when he sent this by email:

Q & A - 1

Kardogan765 = I've already drank several bottles of Zam-Zam water I bought from the stores. Nothing happens. I'm still diabetic and still have to go to the Hospital once a month to get my prescribed medication. So what's next?

Me = You can't get the full benefit of Zam-Zam water by drinking the bottled and/or commercialized version. Zam-Zam water lost its healing property once it leave Tanah Haram. I know this sounds like me trying to make a pathetic excuse, but it's true.

How do I know that? Well my group sort of assumed that from our own study and discussion. Assuming that the Fountain of Youth has a healing property like the Zam-Zam Water, then why do the Luciferians spent billions of dollars trying to make sure the island belongs to them exclusively? Assuming that the rumors is true that Ponce De Leon did found the Fountain of Youth as instructed by Queen Isabella of Castile, then why did the Queen still died? And assuming that Khidir became Immortal after he drank from it, then why does he need to guard it until today?

The answer is simple if you think about it. Because the water only heal you if you drink it fresh from its source. The water and the geographical location where it located is one and together. That's why despite the trailing evidence of Khidir traveling around the globe, he still guarded the source of the water which suggests that he too need to from time to time drink the water from its source.

Furthermore, of all the stories about Khidir around the world, my group found no stories which suggests Khidir has ever bringing along a water container with him. If the water of life can be bottled then of course he (like anyone else) would bottled it up and bring it along either for emergency or sentimental purpose. But he haven't done so because he knew it would be useless to do so.

In my group, we interpret EVERYTHING LITERALLY. In fact, the rule said that everything that did not fit the literal interpretation of the source is considered tampered. That's the first thing we need to do before we start figuring out what the literal meaning will lead us to. LITERAL interpretation of Zam-Zam water is the water which sprang from the spot where Gabriel (Jibril) kicked the ground. Unfortunately that spot is now bricked and covered with steel, preventing public access to it. The one we drink today is from a tap piped out horizontally by the Saudi authority. In the good old day the water from the well was drawn via ropes and buckets, but today the well itself is in a basement room where visitors are not allowed to enter. Scientifically speaking it's still Zam-Zam water, but if I have my way I would prefer to drink from that exact spot where Gabriel's feet had landed before, and I would prefer to drink it while I'm still in Tanah Haram.

Q & A - 2

talkingMIND was referring to my article "WHAT IF?" when she posted this comment:

talkingMIND = can u prove it to me about they who believed to anwar ibrahim are under illuminati charm (being utterly and completely idiots)? or is it they who believed and keep on believing najib-apco are instead, under the charm of illuminati. they trust najib 100%, with the helps from mainstream media especially, he can lie to those who do not have other source to refer. and yet, it is the illuminatis ways to manipulate peoples mind through their own manipulated media. moreover, i dont think they can charm the whole nation, the method they used is just to manipulate the medias (which is what najib is doing currently, not only najib but the other whole PM previously). thank you.

Me = Yes, it's true that present Najib-led government controls the cpmpany which aired the media, but the government did not controls the content of the media itself. The Luciferians does.

I've been planning to write extensively about this but there simply isn't enough time. Therefore, I will try to make my point across as briefly as possible.

The government do controls the news - I admit that. The newspaper and the 8 o'clock news were understandably tailored to favors the government - I admit that too. In fact, newspaper editors and television producers in Kuala Lumpur are probably instructed to make the opposition look bad and Najib look good all the time - I have no problem admitting that may be the case.

But that's now how the Luciferians controls your mind. You are not subjected to mind control program while reading the local newspaper or watching the 8 o'clock news. No it doesn't work that way.

The mind control thing happens subliminally through programs streamed from or made by Hollywood or other companies controlled by the Luciferians. You were subliminally programmed since childhood when you watch the Disney cartoon. Then when you're teenager the programs continued when you hear rock n roll music or watching MTV. When you're an adult you were constantly programmed when you watch everything the Luciferians made - from Cartoon to Music Videos to Movies on the silver screen.

These are the things that no government can control because Hollywood stuff is everywhere in our telly today. In fact, the only people who have spared themselves from such influence is the aboriginal type who still lives on the tree and wear bamboo to cover their genitals.

All mind control programs were communicated subliminally. Some can easily be identified such songs and movies which promotes Lucifersm openly. Black metal songs promotes murder, suicide and satanism. Movies like Twilights, True Blood and Pontianak Kampung Batu on the other hand promotes the idea that unholy creatures can be gentle, kind and cute. Then we have movies which promotes the idea that it's okay to commits the most sinful act. The mainstream media in the west have been planting the idea that it's cool being a gangster, committing adultery, being gay etc etc. In Malaysia it seems like lots of movie producers are endorsing the same idea to be brought on screen.

Even the Disney and Nicklodeaon channel has become evil this day. Lucifersm is very much highlighted in the children series 'House of Annubis'. In other Disney produced series, the 7 cardinal sins such as Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Acedia, Wrath, Envy, Pride, Vainglory are constantly promoted to children. This is rampant in television show like iCarly, Victorious and Big Time Rush, where all the main character are singers or dancers or superstars. None of these characters contributes anything tangible to the world. All they knew is singing and partying.

Other more advance type of mind control are even better concealed. Specific sounds were emitted during the TV programs or movies that can affects your brainwave patterns. Combined with specific keywords which were embedded in the scripts or lyrics, the Luciferian can make mobilize you to vote for certain candidate, join riots, topple your government and even kill your mom and yet you thought the idea is entirely yours.

I guess I have to write about this more soon.. :(

Q & A - 3

Zamariah from Sandakan sent me this question through Facebook:
Kamariah = I read in the comments section you mentioned something about a SUBO project. What's that?

Me = Aaaaahh.. I've been wanting to write about that. I guess I will try to explain it in my novel.

SUBO as some of you might have known already, stands for 'SUSAN BOYLE'. A lot of people around the globe didn't realize the significance of of her story. To most people her story is just about an old lady who shot to fame after briefly appearing before Simon Cowell & Co and sang "I Dream a Dreamt". But for the Illuminati and profiles around the globe, the event which follows her rise to fame is the rarest opportunity to study human science.

Unfortunately, our government failed to notice this worldwide phenomenon occur probably once in a hundred years. The last time the same phenomenon occurred, Hitler came to power and millions died. For researchers who study human behavior, it's not the war that matter. What's important is the study on how Hitler came to power so quickly in a very short of time. The Susan Boyle phenomenon surpassed Hitler by milestones. It is quite correct to say that any government who have study the Susan Boyle Phenomenon can used the knowledge to win every major election. It is also predicted that the data collected from Susan Boyle phenomenon will be used for the future emergence of Dajjal.

As a profiler, I must say that Susan Boyle is the most interesting case-study I've ever participated in my life. Lots of my friends say the same.

For those who have never heard about her, Susan Magdalane Boyle (born 1 April 1961) is a 48 years old Scottish spinster who came to international public attention when she appeared as a contestant on the TV programme Britain's Got Talent on 11 April 2009, singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables. When she first walked on stage people expected her to 'quack like a duck' because of her plain appearance. But instead she sang marvelously and won a standing ovation. Within nine days of the audition, Susan Boyle had been watched over 100 million times over the internet. The whole world falls in love with the woman they barely knew. Her fans practically worship her as 'angel sent from heaven'. In brief, the magnitude of her success is out of this world if we take into consideration the brief period of time it took her to reach there.

The Luciferians saw what's happening, and they took the opportunity to use her case as an experiment. Rupert Murdoch instructed two teams to compete against each other using her as a pawn for data-mining. One team based in England were instructed to unleash the most malicious smearing campaign against her. All tactics known in the political arena to assassinate someone character were used on her. The newspaper was filled with news intended to attack her character. They call her ugly, crazy, arrogant, snobbish, senile, horny, etc etc etc. Another team based in America were tasked to defend her. The media was again used to portray her as kind religious, holy, angelic, humble, charismatic, and beautiful.

The clash of these two titanic experiments proof to be a gold mine for anyone who study human science. Because Susan Boyle was able to survive against the onslaught or character attack by one side of the Illuminati, then she had become sort of a landmark case-study for the 21st century for the Illuminati. If certain characteristic of Susan Boyle is duplicated and adopted to politics, then any candidate pawned by the Illuminati will win the election.

Just imagine how useful such knowledge can be to win the Malaysian 13th General Election?

Our group was also participating in our own group study of her phenomenon. 2009 has been a busy year for us. We watch with our mouth hanging as 'team Susan' defeated the nastiest media attacks the 'team anti-Susan' had deployed. this was unheard for. Yes, we have studied the same phenomenon with Mao-Zedong (his "cultural revolution" euphoria which saw youths all over China worshiped him like God) and Hitler, but that kind of irrelevant already because during the era of Chairman Mao and Hitler, there was no 'new media' (internet, satellite TV, independent TV and radio broadcast) and therefore the government media have total control over the population. Susan Boyle phenomenon is better suited for the new millennium. She has no looks, no charisma, no articulacy, no tertiary education, no real ambition, etc etc. In fact, she's definitely the worst candidate to run a country. However, if she could be nominated for Britain premiership during the peak of her popularity, she could probably win.

It was at this juncture that profilers around the world realized that "religion" is definitely the new theme which will dominate the world politics in this new millennium. Susan Boyle was well accepted by her followers - new and young - because "Team Susan" re-introduced the "traditional value" to the masses. Susan Boyle is a devout catholic and whenever she speaks, "praises to the Lord" seems to be the idea behind her every speech and songs. She has an amazing voice, but it only worked with Broadway music which has the church feeling in it. There has never been a real live TV interview (even during Oprah) because she couldn't inspire people with the fruits of her mind. She only inspires people with the lyric of her song (which is not original because she couldn't write her own song and only sing covers) and the story of her background written by other writers.

To tell you the truth, I'm one of her fan too and I bet even she could give the President of US a run of his money if she could run for Presidency and backed by the Luciferians.

There's an interesting theory we have about Dajjal and the period before his emergence which came to mind whenever I look back at SUBO phenomenon. The theory is not mine but is quite interesting. You may have read it is a website somewhere. If you found this website, then you've found one of my friend in the Watchers Group. Like me, he also own a website and writes his own material. He make this prediction based on his own profiling of SUBO phenomenon.

As you might as well already know, Dajjal only walks the earth for 40 days around the globe and yet the influence he amassed in such a short of time is beyond reality. All women would falls in love with him and all men will adore and follows him. In fact, according to hadith, you may have to chain all the ladies in your hour to prevent them from running away from home to embrace Dajjal.

Setting supernatural power aside, such influence can be generated if key ingredients from SUBO project are deployed and amplified shortly before Dajjal emergence. If media is used to dupe mankind into thinking that the "Saviour of the World" is coming, then by the time Dajjal emerged, all he has to do is rides the global phenomenon already corrupting the world.

Dajjal, as we know, will not appeared with smokes puffing and horns blazing. He will appears as a humble and pious person.

Of course I am not saying here that Susan Boyle is a member of the Luciferians. She's a real deal. Sweet, kind and religious perhaps. But that's not the point. The point is she had provides a new case study for the Luciferians and that is something for us to think about.

(I'm going to stop here.. I'll continue next week)

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