Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Putri wrote to me (again):

this morning too, i read an article from BorneoPost. What do you think of this???
2012, definitely not gonna be the end of world (kiamat day), as the big signs as the emergence of Imam Mahdi and Nabi Isa not coming to realization yet. But, there would be something BIG enough this year 2012. Nobody wants to discuss about this matter. But, I hope you can write something...for those who care.

Click HERE to read the news

My Reply:

This sounds has been heard all over the world in 2011. Thanks to Youtube people all over the world had submitted their recordings of this weird event. As told to me by acquaintance, it was heard in France, Spain, Canada, United States, Britain, Poland, Russia, and China

I wish I could hear the sound recorded by Mr.Harith in Samarahan. But I assume it's the same sound. It was also heard in Alberta Canada on 16th January 2012

I don't know what it is and my colleagues in the group are still speculating. The best I can say from what their guesses is that the sound was probably emitted by the earth itself. Our mother earth is currently in a very bad shape since the Luciferians unleashed the HAARP weapon on it and it has its own way of trumpeting its alarm system. Whatever that means I will try to find out, but suffice to say that I wouldn't write about PREPPERS if I don't think something bad is waiting in 2012 and 2013

be prepared.. being paranoid is better than being too late..

About an hour later, Putri (again) wrote this to me:

it's me again :-). i give you the original link, where I came across to this latest event. hope you can share in your blog.

My comment:

Putri, which one is the strange noise.. All I hear in this video is the noise of someone breathing.. I need better clips... Anyone?


  1. Nu'aim bin Hammad meriwayatkan dengan sanadnya bahwa Rasulullah saw. bersabda:
    Bila telah muncul suara di bulan Ramadhan, maka akan terjadi huru-hara di bulan Syawwal...". Kami bertanya: "Suara apakah, ya Rasulullah?" Beliau menjawab: "Suara keras di pertengahan bulan Ramadhan, pada malam Jum'at, akan muncul suara keras yang membangunkan orang tidur, menjadikan orang yang berdiri jatuh terduduk, para gadis keluar dari pingitannya, pada malam Jum'at di tahun terjadinya banyak gempa. Jika kalian telah melaksanakan shalat Subuh pada hari Jum'at, masuklah kalian ke dalam rumah kalian, tutuplah pintu-pintunya, sumbatlah lubang-lubangnya, dan selimutilah diri kalian, sumbatlah telinga kalian. Jika kalian merasakan adanya suara menggelegar, maka bersujudlah kalian kepada Allah dan ucapkanlah: "Mahasuci Al-Quddus, Mahasuci Al-Quddus, Rabb kami Al-Quddus!", karena barangsiapa melakukan hal itu akan selamat, tetapi barangsiapa yang tidak melakukan hal itu akan binasa".

    1. hadith ini hadith maudu3..sanad diragui oleh para pengkaji hadith..sila semak http://muis.ismaweb.net/2010/03/bencana-2012/

  2. Salam,

    I'm sarawakian but staying in KL for work. Heard the news shocked me a lot at first. Can it be dabbatul-ard??

    just guest..

  3. @ myQalb : No. Dabbatul Ard (the beast) is amongst the final signs before al Qiyamah. The beast appears very close to the sun rising from the west. Currently we are only at the stage of the emergence of As Sufyani as a precedent to a great war which will be waged against and ended by Imam Mahadi. So the good news is its not the beast, the bad news is we might live to see the great war.

  4. @ SIR : I believe you are right.. Eventhough I hope you are wrong.. Because if this year during Ramadhan we hears the sound all over the sky, which I think we will.. We're surely in deep shit..

  5. these are all making of the Illuminati and they are purposely exposing themselves, believing the the most will not believe that they are behind this.