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CHAPTER 1 and 2

Hi it's me again. Since I'm too lazy to write down any new materials, I decided to release the first 2 chapters on my novel JEREJAK. I would like to thank Ms.HH, The½EmptyParadox & Siti for their help in assisting me completing these chapters.

Author: AfterDark
Gammar Correction: The½EmptyParadox

It was pitch black yet I saw it happening around me.

The things you see when people fight, and the gush of fear that hits them. That’s me in the center of the ring. That’s me, in fear. Like a coward. And its my first time in the ring. Being a target. And wailing like a walrus in fear.

What a mess…

My name is Muhammad. In the internet I am known as AfterDark.

This is my story.

Author: AfterDark
Grammar Correction By: Ms.HH, The½EmptyParadox & Siti

So how in the world did I get myself into this mess?

Well, for a start I would very much like to blame the creator of the television series “the X-files” for the chain of events. In 1993, Chris Carter from the Fox Network came up with the 90’s cult TV series ‘The X-Files’. I believe many people of my generation (the 30 something) still remember the show about FBI agents Fox Mulder (played by actor David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (played by the beautiful redhead Gillian Anderson). In the series, the two agents were assigned to investigate some paranormal stuffs and government conspiracies which involved the highest order within a Secret Organisation.

The show depicts the general idea that there’s a bunch of very powerful men out there controlling the world. I guess the idea is not even new to most people. Since the 70’s Hollywood came out with James Bond movies portraying several villains who are all out for world domination. However, the ideas behind these villains are all wrong and clearly impossible to exist in real life. The villain in James Bond movies would usually be just one man against the world. These villains (in all the James Bond movies) were very wealthy up to the point where they could own spaceship or stealth submarine or nuclear warhead without the film having to explain where the funds came from. Therefore the idea that such super villains exist is clearly laughable. It goes without saying that Bond films in the 70’s were as dumb as the blonde characters portrayed in them. Men thronged into theatres not to work their brains out, instead they were just there to watch the Bond ladies in skimpy dress, cool Bond gadgets and the highly entertaining action packed scenes.

The X-Files is much, much different. It amplified the whispers in the ‘underground’ that the United States government was not what it seemed to be. The idea itself was ‘modified’ here and there to spread misinformation to the general population. Nonetheless the world was captivated by an idea that the government was actually controlled by a few very powerful men in expensive suits who could determine who should live and who should die. To the American public, who had long been told about the assassination of JFK and the Roswell Conspiracy, the idea behind the X-Files came to as no surprise. But for those who live outside United States, the X-Files gave them the inspiration to learn more about what was happening in their own country.

I am one of those very few people. Interested to know more about the X-Files in my own country, I began to read. In the era where the internet was only 14.4 kpbs at its best, finding information was definitely scarce. In fact, I relied on my dad to tell me a few bits about what was happening in the world which could give me the general idea of what I was looking for.

It was from my dad that I knew about the arrest of Siddiq Mohamad Ghouse in 1981 for his alleged involvement with the KGB. Three other Soviet officers were also expelled in connection with the case. Later in his memoir ‘A Doctor in the House’, the former Prime Minister wrote that the then Security Minister Tan Sri Ghazali had shown him several pictures of Siddiq Ghouse meeting with several Singaporeans. This was the first time I heard about Singaporeans clandestine activities in our country that had stirred up an interest in me to know more.

I will further explain more in this book about how this new found obsession had sunk me further into the underground world especially in my involvement with a group known as the ‘Watchers group’.

In 1998, I was in my fourth year studying Law in one of the local universities. This was a memorable year because a year before that the whole South East Asia was economically attacked by currency traders in what was known as ‘The Asian Currency Crisis’. Despite the fact that the Internet was still 28.8 kbps at that time in Malaysia, our law library was sufficiently equipped with enough bandwidth for students to browse the Internet for news of what was happening in Indonesia and the rest of Asian countries affected by the attack. To avoid congested traffic in our university Internet server, I performed Maghrib prayer in the faculty surau before I started my daily ritual of reading the news of the world. At dusk, very few people were utilising the Internet and therefore the speed improved significantly.

To address the economic woes, the then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Mr. Anwar Ibrahim adopted a wrong strategy. Being his admirer back then, at first I thought these errors were unintentionally made. But later I came to believe that the so called ‘errors’ were all intended. Not long after that he was dismissed from the Cabinet by our Prime Minister and lost all his privileges. This is when I began to realise that he was up to no good. Being an avid reader of this horrible thing that had happened in Indonesia consequent to the currency crisis, I was horrified to learn that Anwar had adopted the same strategy to topple down the government.

It is worthy to note here that the Indonesian riot happened sometime between 13-15 May 1998. The riots were triggered by the 1997 currency crisis which subsequently led to food shortages and mass unemployment, and eventually the resignation of President Suharto and the fall of the government. A government minister reported on the damages or destruction of 2,479 shop-houses, 1,026 ordinary houses, 1,604 shops, 383 private offices, 65 bank offices, 45 workshops, 40 shopping malls, 13 markets, and 12 hotels.

In terms of human misery, it is reported that more than five thousand people died in the riots, at least 168 rape cases were reported, and material damages were valued at more than Rp 3.1 trillion. However, the actual numbers of rape cases alone were in thousands.

Overall, the Indonesian riot on 13th May 1998 is far worse than 13th May 1969 riot in Malaysia.

For me, the decision by the said Anwar Ibrahim to follow the Indonesian so-called ‘Reformasi’ is the only reason I needed to convince myself that this lunatic is no longer worthy of my admiration. It was merely 7 days after the Indonesian riot and I managed to access the news and stories posted in the Internet about the murders, rapes and devastation that had engulfed Indonesia in the aftermath of the political demonstration turned riot. Therefore it really struck me to realise that a Deputy Prime Minister whom I assumed had better access to these information would choose to follow the same path of destruction for my country. Hypothetically, it was like seeing your neighbour set his house on fire in May and then oddly enough you decided to do exactly the same in September, how was that making sense at all?

My dad told me that the 13th May riot in Malaysia was orchestrated by ‘outsiders’ who were back then trying to destabilise the new Malaysia. For me, this was no longer rumours but a fact. Unfortunately in 1969 the media was still at its infancy and therefore not much information was properly recorded to prove this. But thanks to the Internet and new age media, there are plenty of information about the riot in Indonesia to back up the allegation that the riots was meticulously planned. Evidence about the rapes proven that the whole thing was orchestrated. The rape victims’ age ranges from ten to fifty where it was executed systematically and well-organised, since most of the perpetrators were not from the area, but came from elsewhere in groups.

The Indonesian riot was triggered by the fatal shooting of four students from Trisakti University who partook in a demonstration against the Government on 12th May 1998. It was reported that the shooting was deliberately done by several unknown men on motorcycles who appeared on the flyover which overlooked Trisakti. The identities of these men were never known until today.

It was many months later, a theory surfaced upon which the instigators to these riots were from the military itself. An independent investigation into the events managed to record a testimony from a taxi driver reported hearing a man in a military helicopter encouraging people on the ground to carry out looting; shop-owners at a Plaza claimed that, before the riots, military officers tried to extract protection money; a teenager claimed he and thousands of others had been trained as protesters; a street child alleged that Kopassus officers ordered him and his friends to become rioters; there was a report of soldiers being dressed up as students and then taking part in rioting; eyewitnesses spoke of muscular men with short haircuts arriving in military-style trucks and directing attacks on Chinese homes and businesses.

It was later believed that the mastermind behind these riots was the Illuminist General Prabowo Subianto. Prabowo who was lionised by his American counterparts as a future national leader, was believed to have used Kopassus and the army in general as the instrument to trigger the chaos. It was also later implicated that Prabowo was the man behind the formation of 'ninja squads', presumably the same squad behind the murder of numerous religious men in Banyuwangi and the one operated by the paramilitary groups in East Timor.

Prabowo and his billionaire brother Hashim were also the men behind the formation of 'Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya' or Gerindra in short. The purpose behind the formation of Gerindra was somewhat similar to Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR party in Malaysia, namely to promote Prabowo as the next President of Indonesia. After he failed in his attempt to be nominated as presidential candidate for Golkar Party, he egress Golkra and instead used Gerindra to nominate him as the Presidential candidate for the 2009 General Election. However due to his history which was perceived as a liability against his chances, he was advised by his advisor Alex Castinallos (a U.S. Republican Party political media consultant and also top media adviser to Bush Cheney '04) to shift his strategy by agreeing to be nominated as vice president alongside Megawati Suekarnoputri as Presidential candidate against Susilo-Boediono team. It is very interesting to note that Prabowo like Anwar Ibrahim seemed unable to escape the influence of Illuminati even for a minor detail such as choosing the logo of his party. Whereas Anwar Ibrahim had chosen the "all seeing eye" as the logo for Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Prabowo had chosen an emblem very similar to the Illuminati's eagle emblem. Coincidence you say? I think not.

On 3rd September 1998, Anwar Ibrahim was dismissed from being the second most powerful man in Malaysia. The man I would like to say thanks to this is none other than the previous number one most powerful man in Malaysia - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad. However, from the information I later gathered from my friends in the Group, I learnt that Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘reformasi’ movement was not a result of his dismissal. In fact, a group member who was there joining groups of a thousand people who surrounded the UMNO headquarter that night (the night Anwar was sacked) had told me that the tendency for violence was clearly visible by then. Remembering that night, he now believes that Anwar’s dismissal from the cabinet was anticipated by Anwar himself, by which he planned to use that as a pretext to start street violence in Malaysia. In fact, a day before his dismissal, Anwar had already moved his propaganda agenda/‘machine‘, in comparing the Indonesian Reformasi and Malaysia.

Anwar Ibrahim was certainly a drama king that night. Despite the full opportunity given to him to defend the homosexual allegation alleged against him, he chose not to proof his innocence. Instead, he was barking on irrelevant topics such as the so-called political conspiracy against him. Down below on the street, his propaganda machine led by Dr. Rahim Ghouse started the hate campaign against the government via the spreading of poison letters and flyers to the crowd. It was clear to my friend by then that Anwar’s propaganda machine had long been prepared to create havoc in Malaysia similar to the chaotic situation in Indonesia.

Alarmed by Anwar’s clear intention to ‘import’ the Indonesian style of violence into Malaysia, it took me a while before I eventually started my own battle against the Malaysian ‘Reformasi’ movement. I went to Imbi Plaza at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and bought myself a pirated software of the most basic HTML editor I could find and learned to create my website. After two days of self-learning, I registered myself with a free account at and began writing.

And hence ‘AnwarGate’ website was born.

I’m still quite proud with my achievements through AnwarGate. I can honestly say that ‘AnwarGate’ was the first Anti-Anwar ever to emerge in the Internet. By that time the Internet was filled with several Pro-Anwar websites led by a website known as `MahaZalim’ and these websites were clocking thousands of visitors. By comparison, AnwarGate was virtually unknown and didn’t even manage to clock any visitor 36 hours after I posted my first article. So I decided to be creative. I spammed my first article to hundreds of email address I could find in the Internet forum. That really helped started the traffic to my website.

It was through AnwarGate I hurled my first innuendo that Anwar was recruited by the CIA. I found this picture of an American Eagle in the internet so I pasted Anwar’s picture below it and wrote a big bold sentence above it “THE EAGLE HAS LANDED”. I then uploaded the picture onto my website so that anyone can download it for free as their PC’s wallpaper. Needless to say, I received almost 145 emails from Anwar’s fans condemning me. That lifted my spirit and made me spend several more nights designing several other wallpapers. One particular wallpaper even had the CIA emblem on it.

Unfortunately ‘AnwarGate’ only managed to survive for a year. Anwar Ibrahim went to jail not long after that and Tun Mahathir were still there to lead the government into general election victory. I wrote my last article in 1999 before saying goodbye. Some mystery guy from PERWAJA actually offered to buy the website from me and I said yes for a cash of RM5,000.00 (Hey, I was graduating that year and I needed money to spend while looking for a job) but before the deal was closed my account got hacked and the password was changed. That effectively ended AnwarGate for good.

Apparently, that was not the end of this story.


  1. as salam AfterDark

    finally....thank you..!!

    13th may 1969 riot in malaysia versus 13th may 1998 riot in indonesia..coincidence for having the same 13th of the date??

    ~ "Overall, the Indonesian riot on 13th May 1998 is far worse than 13th May 1968 riot in Malaysia." --> 1969

    ~ "Bush Cheney '04) to shift his strategy by agreeing to be nominated as vice president alongside Megawati Suekarboputri.... " --> SuekarNOputri

  2. hi afterdark,
    just to share what i've been thinking.
    if in Indonesia, they can manipulated the defense forces to carry out their mission, what about ours? particularly ATM & PDRM. many writings sparked the question about PDRM been penetrated by these illuminist in organization & system. so far nothing i've found with ATM.

    our current defence ministry is (or was) a close associate with AI long ago, in youth...hopefully he's not one of them like prabowo.
    and hope from the generals to the privates will use their right judgement instead of just following orders from the politicians. can't imagine if our military being used to commit such crime, it's beyond our imagination as human being.

    right now, i think every political parties n NGOs already been influenced, planted by them, be it the prominent frontliners or the invicible think-tanker. so, for coming soon GE, solely the so-called rational and logic thinking is not enough in deciding whom we should vote...maybe we need to perform 'solat istikharah' to pick the right candidates.
    but 90% people will say we are paranoid and conspiracy-theory sucker.

    1. You have asked me this before, and I can understand your concern.

      Last year I did planned to write another "2013 Illuminati Blueprint" to address you concern but the plan never went through. Instead, I will try to address it in my novel, maybe in chapter 10 or 11.

      We the Watchers knew what Anwar plans to do with our security and armed forces. Our intel is quite reliable on this issue.

      All will be revealed in this novel, insyaAllah