Monday, March 5, 2012


by: afterdark
proof reading by: miss.hh and akkuzio

So this is what it had come to... My average life as a normal dude who earns a living from nine to five has ended. Since AnwarGate 1998 I spent a great deal of time covering my tracks to make sure 'AfterDark' only exists in the make believe world of the world wide web. But now, in just a single month, the people I have tried to avoid has now suddenly appeared from the realm of Internet searching for me.

First, there was this sexy Jesuit with her five million ringgit who came to my office. Then, a bunch of guys from the Watchers group sent their greetings to me. Now, as I’m driving my car to the most Freemason infested state of Malaysia, I cannot help but to wonder what else may lie ahead.

I turned my head slightly to my left to see Syafiqah snoring at the passenger seat like a cow. A minute ago I was unfortunate enough to witness her - in her sleeping state - licking her drool of the tip of her lips. There is a joke saying that men wake up as good-looking as they went to sleep but women somehow deteriorate during that process.

The car radio was playing a song by Whitney Houston when my mind went back to what happened today when Syafiqah told me about her encounter with the Watchers Group.

In Chapter Five I have explained that there were several sub-groups in the Watchers Group. This is inevitable because the group itself were basically multi-religious and multi racial. We have Americans with their secular point of view. Then there are Europeans and Christians from some Asian countries with their bible based argument. We the Muslims stick to our hadith and Al-Quran’s perspective although I did occasionally mixed scientific and religious points of view too.

For reason which is too difficult for me to explain, I have always sensed that many of my peers in the Watchers group have this aura of either secrecy or militancy in them. Take MGS for example with her espionage duty for the Vatican and I rest my case. I also sensed the same with several of my Muslims counterparts. For example, there was this guy from the middle east of whom I am quite certain a member of the Palestinian Hamas Brigade. Then there were several characters within the group whom I'm pretty sure are from National Security and armed forces.

When Fatimah was about to be buried a group of three guys appeared from no where to assist the burial. Their appearance did not attract any suspicion from the rest of the crowd because they seemed helpful. Some even thought they were friends of Fatimah from the city. However, when Fatimah's corpse mysteriously gained weight, one of them came forward and offered his advice. He was the Ustaz who later torched all Fatimah's belonging into ashes.

Later that afternoon before saying goodbye, he told Syafiqah that someone might come later with the answer she desperately needed. According to him, that person - whom turned out to be me - is a stinking rich Internet blogger under payroll to negotiate a compensation settlement.

The words 'stinking rich' means that my money stink, which was metaphorically correct because it was the Jesuit’s money to begin with. So I guess they have figured out whom I was currently working for.

But lucky for me, Syafiqah did not notice this hidden meaning. I was relieved to know that the man who had spoken to Syafiqah did not show any signs of animosity towards me other than a bad joke on how bad my grammar was in my blog.

(P/S: English is not exactly my first language. Being a local graduate, I have been struggling with my grammar since my days in school. In fact, I had gotten myself a C during my SRP. The only reason why I choose to write in English is to share this novel with my friends in the Watchers group).

Based on what Syafiqah had told me, I was convinced the three men who visited Syafiqah that day was the Muslims group within the Watchers group. There are twelve Malaysian Muslim Watchers, I just have to figure out which three from the group came in contact with Syafiqah.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I had no choice but to strike a deal with Syafiqah later. Whoever these men are, they told Syafiqah that I would be investigating Fatimah’s death and that led to Syafiqah's decision to tag along with me to Penang. At first I tried to resist her demands but in the end I ran out of excuses and energy to make up new ones.

Damn this group! With these pictures of dead Fatimah as proof, clearly they as members of the Watchers group and they would have known that Syafiqah and I were now venturing towards the dark side of the Illuminati.

Since day one when I wrote 'Novus Ordos Seclorum & The All Seeing Eye' for Mykmu.Net, the loudest dissenting opinion I've received from some of my readers was that the Illuminati had no interest to come here because Malaysia had nothing to offer. This is the most naive stupid opinion one could come up with. It is the same as saying that there's no Satan in Malaysia because this country has nothing that Satan wants. Uh heloooo? Even Satan would disagree with that.

However, some readers did managed to throw a more challenging question. Because the Illuminati is basically all about bloodline, then logic dictates that in order to become one, the wannabes must be related in some way to the ruling hierarchy of the Illuminati aristocracies.

If that is true, does that mean that the bloodline are here too? In Malaysia? Who?

Anwar Ibrahim?

My answer on that is : Nothing is impossible but still highly unlikely.

Whereas I am certain that Anwar Ibrahim is a Freemason and a Luciferian, I don't think he has the blood in him to join the ranks of the pure blood. The fact that the Illuminati allows him to campaign his goal to be a Prime Minister does not mean that he is the boss, it just goes to show that he is being controlled by one.

A good example is Barrack Obama. Other than the fact this his mother is a jewish cousin of vice-president Dick Cheney's wife Lynne Cheney, Barack Obama did not share any Illuminati bloodline to entitle him as a part of the family. However, as a servant he did get selected by the Tri-Lateral Commission, the CFR and The Bildeberger Group, who picks and chooses who get to be nominated for presidency.

You see, the Illuminati's agenda nowadays is not on winning a popularity contest. They have no problem with someone else being a poster boy as long as they can dictate the agenda. In fact, the last true blood who ran for US presidency was John F Kennedy and look what that had gotten him into? Two bullets shot through his brain.

The Kennedy story was fascinating. There are so many conspiracy theories out there on his death. There is a story of him being killed by the mob, or the Cuban, or the Russian etc. But all these theories failed to take one important clue, John F. Kennedy was a true blood from the Kennedys family. No one kills Illuminati aristocracies except the Illuminati themselves. Five years later his brother Robert was killed by Sirhan Sirhan in a clear attempt to stop him from winning the US Presidency.

I will repeat this to make my point clear, it's impossible to kill a president and a presidential candidate unless the killings was sanctioned by the Illuminati, and there is only one reason why the Illuminati would want to kill their own - a threat of exposure.

Which brings us to what John and Robert had done which earn them both a death warrant?

Ever heard about the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis? No? Well, The Cuban Missile Crisis was a confrontation between the Soviet Union and Cuba on one side and the United States on the other in October 1962 and is generally regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to turning into a nuclear holocaust.

President Kennedy's respond to the crisis was a shocking flip from the master plan. Some even said that the ending of the crisis greatly influenced the domino effect that led to the fate of USSR in later years.

According to plan, John F Kennedy as a pure blood President would dance along with Russian President Nikita Khrushchev to escalate the crisis that should then led to millions of people perished in nuclear war. However, to the anger of other pure blood families, John refused to allow the nuke from flying. Instead, it was the USSR that had retreated from Cuba willingly.

Up to this day, many people still wonder why mother Russia allowed herself to be embarrassed that way. Is its true that the Russian President had lost the 'chicken game' with one of the youngest president in American History?

The truth is, the war was aborted because the Illuminati had been blackmailed, and the only human being on earth that can blackmail all 13 families of the Illuminati is of course - a family member of the Illuminati itself. In order to force the Illuminati to abort their biggest project of the 20th century, John and Robert both threatened to appear on national television to expose themselves, their bloodline, and the entire Illuminati royal families to the world.

Can you imagine how such announcement by the US president (John) and US Attorney General (Robert) could change the course of our history?

So now you know why John and his brother was swiftly assassinated. The Illuminati was such in a hurry to kill him, they didn't even bother to come up with a good plan. In the end, because of the poor planning, many loose ends were left untied and hence the conspiracy theory was born.
There are currently 13 families bloodlines of the Illuminati namely;

1. Astor,
2. Bundy,
3. Collins,
4. DuPont,
5. Freeman,
6. Kennedy,
7. Li,
8. Onassis,
9. Reynolds,
10. Rockefeller,
11. Rothschild,
12. Russell, and finally
13. Van Duyn Bloodline.

So far I have yet to find any trail of evidence suggesting that Anwar Ibrahim has the royal blood in him but that can be explained. If I'm the Illuminati I would take my lesson from the Kennedy incident that is not to employ your immediate family members to work under you because if he betrays you it will be difficult to dispose him. I once employed one of my wife's cousin to work for my firm. It turned out to be a bad decision because when her temper caused one developer company to walk out from the panel ship agreement, I found it difficult to fire that bitch. So if I'm the Illuminati, it would be better to employ someone more expandable. Take Benazir Bhutto for example, they funded her and used her to destabilize Pakistan and when they were done with her, they just bombed her to smithereens. Now, that’s a good way to do business the Illuminati way.

So, if Anwar Ibrahim is just a sheep, then who's the shepherd?

We have to refer to history to make an intelligent guess. Here's a clue as suggested by one of my colleagues in the Watchers Group - what does Singapore and Penang have in common?

When asked this question, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind would be that both are islands. Geographically, that's true. However, the question is not about their similarity but what these two islands really have to offer.

No, the answer needs to be searched from historical and political point of views.

In the early paragraph of this chapter, I did say that the Illuminati's agenda nowadays are not about winning popularity contest. I also said that a good way to do business is not to employ your immediate family members. The Illuminati adopts this policy when selecting a candidate to contest for political office but this policy of flying below radar only came to place after President Kennedy betrayed them in 1960’s. Prior to that, the Illuminati have no problem letting the Illuminati bloodlines appear on public radar. In fact, they even insisted for it in the area where no such radar exists.

One area in this globe where no such radar exists in the 60’s is South East Asia. Frankly speaking, public awareness on the existence of the Illuminati is so low in this region that you can candidly walk to a person and ask him/her whether he/she knows what Illuminati is and the respond to that question would be “is that food or something?”

If the awareness is low in the 21st century, then such awareness was almost non-existent in 1960’s. Only a few people would know about it by then. Therefore it is correct to say that in 1960’s no one knew that amongst the 13 royal families of the Illuminati, there are two Asian families. One of them is known as ‘The Li Family’.

To understand about the Li’s connection, one has to understand how the Chinese name are joined. A Chinese name is made up of a family name (surname), which is written first, and then comes the personal name. Family names are usually of one character each and the surname Li is amongst the 5 top families in mainland China (others are Chen, Zhang, He, and Huang).

According to the Chinese dictionary of surnames (the Xing Zuan), the Li surname has a long history which goes back to Emperor Zhuanzu who was the first Li and lived before 2000 B.C. Then there was Li Yuan as the founder of the Tang Dynasty that lasted from 618 to 906 A.D. His son who ruled after him was Li Shimin. In their dynasty, printing and paper money were introduced to China.

It was during the Tang Dynasty that about 15 different surnames were given the honour of having the Li surname. One of these surnames is Lin.

A Chinese who with the same surname has more loyalty to someone else who has the same surname. For instance, two Chinese with the Li name would consider themselves relatives even if they were totally strangers. Even if two people have no blood ties, if they have the same surname it is generally considered incestuous to marry each other in China.

As some of the Li and Lin migrated to other continents, the spelling changed too. Hence, in Singapore and countries of South East Asia, the Li family name is spelled Lee. Alternate Romanizations include Lai (in Cantonese), Lý (Vietnam), Lí (Vietnam), Lei (Macau), Lie (Indonesia), and Lê (Vietnam).

I guess the fact that LEE Kuan Yew (of Singapore) also share the same surname proves nothing at all at this point. Taken collectively, these surnames make Li the most common surname in the world and I’m sure we have met some Lee’s in our own neighbourhood and it proves nothing but biology.

But then again, we have to take into account the historical background of PAP and it’s connection to the Li’s family who controls Mainland China. If there’s a connection between PAP and the red party in China, then definitely there’s a connection between the LEEs in Singapore and the LIs who controls China.

Not many people would know this, but when PAP was inaugurated in November 1954, the communists and the Freemasons were invited as VIPs. The VIPs representing China’s communists are Fang Chuang Pi ('the Plen'), Lim Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan. Then there’s Devan Nair as pro-Communist and also present was our Masonic Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman (read my previous article “Commenting on COMMENTING ON TAN SRI SANUSI JUNID'S MENTION ON FREEMASON to learn more on Tunku).

In his later memoirs, Lee Kuan Yew admitted that it was the communists who supported him in becoming the Prime Minister in 1959. This is an important admission because that means the Li dynasty in China was responsible in putting the Lee dynasty in Singapore to power.

The Li dynasty in China is certainly a force of power to reckon with. When the Premier Li Peng goes to New York City, amongst his top agenda was meeting another prominent Illuminati dynasty - the Rockefellers. Of all the dictators in this world, Li Peng was amongst a few whom somehow managed to escape media persecutions by the West despite being the person behind the "Tiananmen Square Massacre". Li Peng also shamelessly make use of his premiership to enrich the Li’s family. He spent much of his premiership staffing the State Power Corp with his relatives. Li's management effectively transformed China's energy industry into a "family fiefdom". At its height, Li's power company controlled 72% of all energy-producing assets in China, and was ranked as the sixtieth-largest company in the world by US magazine Fortune. Two of Li's children, Li Xiaopeng and Li Xiaolin, inherited and ran two of China's electrical monopolies.

Another Li currently in power is the Li Ka-shing . This richest person of East Asian is the eleventh richest person in the world with an estimated wealth of US$ 22 billion as of 2011. Presently, he is the Chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) and Cheung Kong Holdings; through them, he is the world's largest operator of container terminals and the world's largest health and beauty retailer.

The trend continues in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew’s youngest son, Lee Hsien Yang, was a former President and Chief Executive Officer of SingTel - one of the largest mobile network operators in the world. He is currently the Non-Executive Director and Chairman of F&N Limited - a company with total assets of over S$13 billion and employed over 13,000 people in 20 countries. Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter, Lee Wei Ling, runs the National Neuroscience Institute while Lee Hsien Loong's wife, Ho Ching, is the Executive Director and CEO of Temasek Holdings - an investment company owned by the government of Singapore with a portfolio of about S$193 billion (US$157 billion), end of March 2011.

So, if there’s a connection between the Li’s in China and the Lee’s in Singapore, then what’s the connection between the Lee’s in Singapore with the Island of Penang?

This might come as a surprise, but while the Li surname has evolved into Lee in South East Asia, so does the surname Lin. The Lin surname is sometimes pronounced as LIM in Singapore and Malaysia.

Do you know the most famous LIM in Malaysia?

Do you know the most famous LIM in Malaysia?

I bet you do.. Hehe

We know now that the Penang Democratic Action Party (DAP) was originally the Malaysian branch of the Singapore People's Action Party (PAP). However, Singapore seceded from the federation in 1965, many of the Malaysian PAP members were instructed to continue the party, including future President of Singapore Devan Nair who stayed in Malaysia to form the DAP in October 1965.

Ever since its formation, DAP has one member who happens to be a relative of PAP leader Lee Kuan Yew. His name is Lim Kit Siang, and in the early years when Lee Kuan Yew was studying in a High School in Batu Pahat, Lim Kit Siang was also schooling there and stayed with Lee Kuan Yew and his family (the historical fact about Lew Kuan Yew’s stay in Johore has been deleted from Singapore texts. So don’t bother yourself seeking verification. If you need corroborative evidence, ask the old folks at Batu Pahat).

I guess you can already guess where I am going with this. Yes, Lee Kuan Yew and Lim Kit Siang are related or at least as close as a relatives as can be. It’s already known in public that Lee Kuan Yew was Lim Kit Siang‘s mentor.

I’m still investigating whether the Lim’s family in Penang has any relationship with the two Lims whom was instrumental in Lee Kuan Yew rise to power. The first one is Lim Chin Siong who is amongst the three founder members of the PAP. He was supposed to be Singapore’s Prime Minister but his political career was assassinated by Lee Kuan Yew who accused him of being a Communist (Note: Lee Kuan Yew only recently admitted in his memoir that the communist put him on power. In 1956 he used communism as an excuse to arrest his political challengers). The other one is Lim Yew Hock, the Minister for Labour and Welfare in 1956 who arrested Lim Chin Siong and put him to jail. In 1956 he blamed Lim Chin Siong for the infamous Hock Lee bus riots and jailed him. In 1964 Tunku Abdul Rahman appointed him as the Malaysian High Commissioner to Canberra, Australia where he went missing for 10 days in June 1966. His wife and daughters went on national television to plead for his safe return after a massive police search was unsuccessful in locating him. Then, just as mysteriously as he had disappeared, a passing stranger had discovered him ill, wandering at Sydney street 10 days later. The stranger then drove him to Canberra to return him to the High Commission.

“Are we in Penang already?”

Her voice took me away from my wandering mind. The Rock’s fan has awakened from sleep.

There was no need for me to answer that because our car was now travelling on the famous Penang Bridge. Certainly she recognized the bridge even if it’s in the middle of the night. We are now entering the Island where the first Freemason had landed in Tanah Melayu.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?” She demanded to know my schedule tomorrow.

I didn't answer that also. Actually, I’m still clueless of my next game plan for tomorrow. Before Syafiqah forced her way (with her mouth) into this trip, I had come up with a brilliant plan to bribe my way into completing my mission. But now the loud mouth is here, I think I might need to find a place to ditch her before I can meet up with the witnesses who could tell me how Fatimah died.

“So what’s our plan for tomorrow?” She repeated her question when I did not answer the first. I grimaced to hear the word “our” in the question.

“I don’t know yet” I answered her question. I lied of course. What I will do is to find a nice hotel for us to stay for the night and by dusk tomorrow I will drive away leaving her behind still snoring in her room.

“You don’t know?” I heard her voice rising. Her eyebrow must be rising up by now.

“I don’t know.. YET” I emphasized on the word “yet” this time because I already sensed some nagging was coming. If that’s the case, my experience with my mom has taught me that the safest course of action is to shut my mouth and momentarily shut down my brain as well.

“We drove this far and you-don’t-know-what-to-do-tomorrow?” She deliberately annoyed me with her syntax.

Actually I’m the one doing the driving while she was busy snoring...

“You guys are hopeless..” She declared while looking through the windshield. "That’s why I need to tag along in this trip.. Otherwise it’ll take forever for you to investigate my sister’s death”

I smiled when I heard her saying that. I was doing fine on my own without her tagging along, thank you. My mouth twitched this time to say something aloud but I sustain the will to remain silent.

“This is your first time in Penang right? Do you even know how to drive there?”

Apparently she is not aware of Nokia N95 and its GPS function. But I was not so mean to make fun of her ‘kampung’ background. I really was trying to avoid an argument. The way the ladies think, an argument for them is actually just a discussion that occurs when they already think they are right, and that it’s just that men just have not realized it yet. If I could represent the men of the world I will beg to differ, but I know there is no winning because a woman always want to have the last word in any argument, anything a man says to her after that is just the beginning of a new argument.

“Not.. yet..” This time I answered. I was trying to play safe and as a lawyer I think this answer seems to be the vaguest answer I could come up with.

“Do you know why the children of Israel wandered around the desert for 40 years? Because even in biblical times, men wouldn’t ask for directions” her voice sounded serious as she told me that.

Ladies in general do not realize that nagging while travelling is not helpful either. Often at the risk of making men having heart attacks or causing motor vehicle accidents, nagging made the men lose focus in finding directions – of which probably why the Israelites have been lost since the day of Moses.

But I continue zipping my lips. Play safe! Play safe! Memandu dengan selamat, ingat orang tersayang.

“Let me ask you something, where would all men be today if it were not for us women?”

In the Garden of Eden eating strawberries! That’s where!

“Why haven’t you spoken to me yet in the past 10 minutes?” She was finally annoyed with my muteness.

“I tried.. But I didn’t like to interrupt you…”

I could almost hear the sound of her blood pressure rising after I gave her that answer. I’m sure she was about to give a piece of her mind about me when my Nokia N95 (I bought one after seeing how good it performed in Fatimah’s case) phone suddenly rang. Saved by the bell! Hurray!

But now, who would be calling me at this hour?

I picked up the phone and said “Hello?”

“Assalammualaikum dan selamat malam.. eeh la ni duk malam lagi ka, dah kira masuk jam 12 tengah pagi? Lantaklah.. Hang apa habaq nooo..” (Peace upon you and good night.. Eeh is it still at night or already passed 12am? Whatever.. How are you?) A man’s voice was at the end of the phone with a heavy Penangite accent..

“Waalaikum salam.. Encik ni siapa? (Peace on you too.. Who are you?)” I didn’t recognize the cheerful voice.

“Aku laaaa si cacamarba… Hang kenai kaaaa dak? Eh betoi jugak kan, konpom la hang tak kenai aku yang hensem ni sebab kita tak pernah sembang lagi.. tapi kita dah pernah chat kat chatroom Watchers Group.. takkan lupa kot. Raplah betoi hang ni. (This is me, cacamerba.. don’t you recognise me? Of course you don’t because this is the first time we speak to each other. But we chatted before via online in the Watchers Group channel, remember?”)

Now I remember him, he is one of the juniors in the Watchers group. Imam Ali recommended him into the Muslims group and later he was allowed to sign in as one of us. He’s bubbly one and he dare to reveal too much information about himself than one is allowed to. He is a pure Penangite and that is quite evident from the accent he was using with me now. I really don’t know why Imam Ali brought him to the group other than the fact that he is also a blogger like most of us in the Watchers group. You too can read his blog at Quite a nice guy and we have been chatting online several times discussing Malaysian politics. He’s a joker and he called me “Bai” (that’s generic name for every male in Penang, I guess) and return, he didn’t mind me calling him “Lahabau” (Lahabau is a slang for “Dam It”. So it is sort of like calling someone “Hey Dam It”. I’m not from Malacca but since he called me “Bai” without my consent, then I see nothing wrong calling him “Lahabau” occasionally. He didn’t mind at all)

“Oh kau ke Lahabau? First time kita borak. Kau kat mana seka… “
(Is it you Lahabau? This is our first time talking. Where are you..?)

Then it hit me, how the hell did he get my number???

“Tunggu sekejap! Bagaimana kau tau nombor handpone aku hah?!”
(Wait minute! How did you get my number?)

Silent. Then..

“Errr.. Takkan Imam Ali tak bagi tau hang lagi? Aku ingat dia dah call”
(Errr.. Didn’t Imam Ali called you yet? I thought he has) His voice sounded surprised now.

What the hell is going on? No one is supposed to know my number except for MGS and I was sure she didn’t share that information with anyone else.

“Tak ada pun.. Lagipun Imam Ali pun tak tau nombor aku.. Takda siapa dalam Watchers tau nombor aku..”
(Nope.. And Imam Ali does not know my number... No one in the Watchers Group knows my number)

He stuttered when he replied “I gave him your number two days ago.. He said yesterday he’ll give you a call this morning, so I figure I’ll say hi as a follow up”

My voice changed into a murderous tone. “YOU-TRACKED-DOWN-MY-NUMBER? HOW?”

Silent again.. From the other end of the line I thought I heard someone said `mampuih dah aku’ before I heard a reply. “I work for a Telecommunication Company? Remember?”

Oh, now I get why Imam Ali wanted him in the group. I’m a profiler, he on the other hand is a tracker. As a profiler I make intelligent guess on a person based on how he writes and behaves. Tracker on the other hand is people who has access to the system and thus is in a position to track down any individual if sufficient information is available. Cacamarba did announced in the forum once that he works for the largest Telecommunication Company in this country. If enough information can be gathered about me, that should be enough for him to find me amongst millions of names in the nationwide user database.

“Who else know my number?!”

“No one.. just me and Imam Ali and Mojo” From the sound of his voice, I was sure he regretted making a phone call to me.

Mojo? That Mojo guy from “Nonsensical Insight”? (

“You’ve met Mojo Jojo?.. and told him my number?” I was hissing through my teeth.

There was a nervous chuckle from the end of the line.

“I don’t think Mojo will like you adding Jojo to his name.. and chill out bro… Imam Ali, Mojo and I went to see that Syafiqah chick weeks ago… Pretty hot chick eh? Is she with you now?”

I took a quick look at Syafiqah. She was doing the eyebrow thing again.


“Let’s have lunch tomorrow with them, shall we? There’s a good restaurant in GeorgeTown you wouldn’t want to miss. Mojo is coming and Imam Ali is paying for the treat… and bring her along..”

“I’m busy.. I’ll think about it later..” I really have no desire to actually meet the three stooges whom I really do not know anything about except for their supposedly existence in the Internet. Furthermore, I would not know how to explain to them why I have agreed to be employed by the Jesuits.

Cacamerba was saying something when I switched off the phone.


  1. afterdark,
    is this pure fiction or mixed with some real facts??? why don't u translating it into other languages :-), especially Malay language, and Chinese as well.i can help u translate it to BM.

    Chinese are the hardest one to be convinced, i guess...about this thing. they believe in ghost & superstitious things, but not this kind of stuff. the idea of how Chinese can be related to jew/illuminist is maybe beyond their comprehend. same goes to Malay freemason/illuminist. i read lots of blogs making fun of this :-), some quite funny.

    recently i happened to read in a blog (forgot the url) opposition leader, Teresa Kok is a Chinese-Jewish...kindly google for further details. yeah, it's getting interesting yet chilling.

    how about speculation that KJ is AI's mentee and actually he's in youth, govt just like undercover spy-now he's one of the Rejimen Askar Waraniah (RAW) volunteer army, what's next to our arm forced? the Star online, weather report mentioned that daytime will be getting hotter, the hottest since last decades...more signs to come...may Allah protect us from these evils.

    1. Is it a fiction, perhaps.
      did I mixed it with real facts? Definitely
      The fun part is distinguishing which is which.


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  2. afterdark,
    Kenapa awak buat karya fiksyen yg menghina dan mengaibkan Tunku yg memerdekakan Tanah Melayu? Awak kenal ka Tunku tu? Tidakkah hari ini awak bepeluang merasa kesenangan hasil dari susah payah org dolo memperjuangkan kemerdekaan tanpa pertumpahan darah..sekarang dah senang lenang dan rasa pandai sikit dah boleh mencela orang sesuka hati..apa sumbangan awak pada negara?Cuma sekadar membuat orang menghina Tunku..sedangkan Tunku menggadaikan harta bendanya utk memperjuangkan kemerdekaan..kalau awak x mau kenang dan x reti mengenang jasa pun sy rasa x perlu awak tulis sana sini bagi tau Tunku Freemason...tinkdan awak ni kurang ajo tu dan x hormat pada orang yg telah meninggal..sama aja macam Mat Sabu..x ada beza

    1. I have decided not to respond too much on your comment because it would not bring any good to my cause. When I first wrote "COMMENTING ON TAN SRI SANUSI JUNID'S MENTION ON FREEMASON" for MYKMU in 2010, that article ended up being used as an case point by pro-opposition blogger against UMNO. Later, I received hundreds of emails from readers who angers against me and challenged me to further proof what I write in that article. In my haste to further proof my case, I had written a full article proving that he was what he was as confirmed by Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. Fortunately I found out just in time that most of the so called 'readers' were actually pro-opposition blogger who wanted me to write more about the topic so that they can used it as ammo against UMNO.

      You may read my article "COMMENTING ON TAN SRI SANUSI JUNID'S MENTION ON FREEMASON" reproduced in this blog. You may also read Tan Sri Sanusi Junid's article "TERIMA KASIH TUN GHAZALI SHAFIE" as posted in his blog. You can also read Tun.M memoirs "DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE" if you want to learn more about our first PM. Add all these together and then you can made up your mind.

      Disagreement is normal. I never expected everyone to like my writings anyway. :)

    2. buat sal...

      jika bukan tuanku yang berunding dengan British mungkin nasib orang Melayu hari ini lebih baik dan Singapura takkan menjadi milik LKY .... tuanku hanya mengambil kesempatan atas Datuk Onn Jaafar yang bersusah payah menyatukan orang Melayu.... tuanku bukanlah pejuang cuma talibarut penjajah yang lebih kurang sama dengan "Anugerah Tuhan"...

      Masa 13 Mei 1969 .... Tuanku hanya main judi "Poker" dengan rakan2 cinanya tanpa menghiraukan orang2 Melayu dan Cina yang berbunuhan... dan ianya juga merupakan rancangan Dajjal/Freemason/Illuminati untuk mengawal Tanah Melayu..

      Penubuhan Malaysia telah lama dirancang seperti yang disebutkan dalam buku Rupert Emerson (1937). Malaysia: A study in direct and indirect rule. New York: The Macmillan Company.

      Malaysia "merdeka" 1957 tapi nama malaysia telah wujud pada 1937 sebagai tajuk buku dan perancangan Freemason untuk menjajah Malaysia secara terus atau berselinduang menggunakan orang spt TAR ...

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  3. Salam kepada saudara afterdarks..

    saya sudah lama menjadi silent reader dalam blog saudara nie.saya akui mmg tunku abdul rahman ada kaitan dgn freemason.jikalau kita kaji perihal perdana menteri kita akan dapati byk benang-benang merah didalam perihal freemason ini..

    izinkan saya kongsi sedikit tentang kajian saya tentang keluarga lee,li,lin,atau lim....

    saya tidak dapat terangkan semuanya dapatan kajian saya dan saya hanya berikan sedikit input-input sahaja.utk semua pembaca mengkaji perihal ini....

    umum mengetahui tentang perihal yahudi diaspora.dimana semua keturunan yahudi bertaburan dan melarikan diri dengan mengikuti laluan sutera.seperti kita ketahui laluan sutera akan berakhir di china...

    disana kelompak yahudi menetap di kaifeng dan di daerah lain dan berkahwin dgn orang tempatan menghasilkan yahudi kaifeng atau yahudi mizrah(maaf jika silap ejaan).berdarah yahudi tetapi tiada fizikal yahudi.tentera rom pernah datang ke china sbb apa?
    pembaca kajila

    peristiwa perang candu di china pada tahun 1839-1842.tembelang yahudi mizrah pecah.peristiwa kemasukkan cina ke tanah melayu oleh british.kajila peristiwa ini..

    suaikan apa yg afterdark tulis dan kaji budaya cina di malaysia,siapa yang berkuasa,anda akan tahu kenapa keluarga li byk memainkan peranan .....

    1. Perihal warga Asia berdarah Yahudi ini memang merupakan satu topik yang menarik untuk diselami. Saya sedang cuba menyiasat samada `Anugerah Tuhan' dalam parti PKR itu juga berdarah yahudi tetapi agak sukar menemukan salasilah keluarga beliau. Jika di Indonesia memang diketahui ada sejumlah warga elit Indonesia yang berdarah Yahudi namun buat masa ini hanya Ahmad Dhani (Kumpulan Music Dewa) yang 'termengaku' sumber DNA nya itu dari datuknya Jan Pieter Frederich Kohler.

    2. Tentang hipotesis "Anugerah Tuhan " berdarah yahudi tu mmg saya ada kaji.hasil kajian setakat ini,saya mengkaji dan pergi ke tempat dia dibesarkan,tanya penduduk setempat dan tempat dia pernah pergi,kwn-kwn dia .hasil tidak memberansangkan setakat ini.hanya andaian setakat ini yang saya pasti dia berketurunan yahudi mizrah.tapi hipotesis ini tidak dapat saya buktikan.ia cuma hanya andaian saya dapat dari clue-clue yang saya dapat setakat ini..

    3. maklumat yang saya dapat sekarang teressa kok suh sim,berketurunan yahudi mizrah...

      berdarah yahudi dan berfizikal seperti cina dan menjunjung dan bersedia untuk menjayakan cita-cita yahudi teras...

    4. Ya, saya pun ada gak dengar war-war mengatakan yang ANUgerah Tuhan tu bukan anak kepada Mak Yam dan bini muda Pak Ibrahim tu. Ada yang kata dia tu anak kepada perempuan cina. Tu salah satu sebab ANUGerah Tuhan tu kalut sangat masa polis nak swab DNA dia, sebab dia risau betul DNA dia tu akan dibuktikan kelak dia bukan anak Mak Yam. Tapi takpa, kita dah dapat profil DNA dia, tinggal cari DNA peninggalan Mak Yam jak, suatu masa nanti boleh diketahui samada betul dia tu anak siapa.

  4. as salam Afterdark,


    "No many people know this, but when PAP was inaugurated in November 1954......."

    ----> NOT many people know this, but when PAP was inaugurated in November 1954.......

  5. wangsa... izinkan saya ketawa... ha.. ha.. ha...

  6. Buat Enrike,

    Siapa kita Enrike?? utk meramalkan dan memungkinkan jika bukan Tunku yg berbincang mengenai kemerdekaan nasib orang Melayu akan lebih baik??Adakah kita sbg hamba yg lemah lebih mengetahui setiap percaturan dan takdir yg ditetapkan oleh ALLAH TAALA???

    Jika generasi sekarang x mau mengakui sumbangan dan jasa Tunku,esok2 akan lahir generasi yg lebih buruk sikapnya dgn tidak tau erti mengenang budi.Pihak pembangkang akan menggunakan peluang yg ada ini utk memperlecehkan lagi perjuangan UMNO dan org terdahulu.

    Saya rasa bagaimana hebat puak2 Freemason mengatur rancangan dunia,tapi Allah Taala yg lebih BERKUASA. Dia yg menulis takdir Tunku sbg org yg berjaya membawa kemrdekaan negara tanpa pertumpahan darah dan MAlaysia lahir sebg sebuah negara ISLAM.Tidak ada orang lain,melainkan Tunku.Kenapa ALLAH Taala memilih Tunku? mungkin ada HIKMAH yg tersembunyi dan ALLAH itu MAHA MENGETAHUI.Dan sy berasa bersyukur kerana itu.Jangan jd spt.puak pembangkang yg mau menafikan segala sumbangan dan jasa Tunku,terima dan akui saja lah. Jangan nampak yg buruk saja.

    Saya heran kenapa ada di kalangan puak UMNO sendiri cuba utk menafikan sumbangan dan memadamkan nama Tunku dalm perjuangan kemerdekaan.

    Seburuk2 Tunku pada pandangan awak semua,saya rasa dia sorang sahajala pemimpin yg ikhlas masuk politik dgn sanggup menghabiskan harta bendanya utk memerdekan negara dan membahgiakan rakyat ,namun orang politik sekarang,masuk politik semata2 utk mencari harta dan kuasa.Sayang sekali generasi sekarang sudah menjadi orang yg x mau mengenang budi.

    1. to enrike & sal

      this debate is counter productive this novel is written from a 1st person perspective and that person is me.. and when it come to this issue then that is my current and personal perspective.

      However as you both can see, I'm still UMNO loyalist which means that regardless of what the history might be on former leaders, UMNO still is the better choice.

      Please read and understand my article "COMMENTING ON TAN SRI SANUSI JUNID'S MENTION ON FREEMASON". I only said Tunku a Freemason because he'd admitted that he's a Freemason. That article is not based on wild allegation, it was based Tunku's own admission. So if Tan Sari Sanusi Junid lied (which I doubt he was), then I lied too.

      Furthermore I also put it in my article that not every Freemasons is bad apples. Who knows, maybe Tunku is one of the good apple (even-though he together with Pak Lah is still not my favorite PM due to their lackadaisical attitude and bad decisions while in office) .

      I will state my formal stand here that I think Tunku is a Freemason. But Tunku is not an Illuminist or Luciferians. Tunku may have been foolishly duped (Sal, don't get worked up with the 'foolish' word, that's my opinion on him), but he is no Anwar Ibrahim. He made it clear that he would not sell his race and country and I believe that. Whatever damage he may be remembered with, I don't think he intended it.

      If he's as bad as Anwar Ibrahim, I think Tun M would have gone all out to bring him down. Tun never did. It's sufficient for Tun that Tunku stepped down. After Tunku no longer in office, the risk of Tunku being manipulated no longer there and Tun M tried to mend fences with Tunku. It's different with Anwar, Tun is still all out against him.

      I hope this will end the debacle. I don't want anyone to present too details evidence on whether Tunku is a Freemason or not. Unfortunately he's a Freemason, but he's not a Luciferian like Anwar. He's still a good guy, he just didn't realize back then that he's being played by the bad guys. It's not his fault.

  7. To Afterdark...
    I respected your view and concern.So, I decided NOT to comment here.

    Kepada sal ...
    Untuk menghormati tuan rumah saya tidak menjawab komen anda disini... namun begitu jawapan saya terhadap komen anda ada di View of Enrike

    Blog tersebut dibuat hanya untuk menjawab komen tersebut kerana saya menghormati tuan rumah yang tak mau rumahnya dijadikan medan perdebatan.

  8. Is Nik "netanyahu" Aziz also a luciferian and atheist? HE went to Al-Azhar whose pro-riba positions by luciferian and atheist muhammad abdu was and is still promoted.

  9. even George Orwell said his "1984" was fiction....anyway, great "fiction" bro!!

    About the illuminatti, outsiders/non ancient elite bloodline candidate(machiavelist minded) will have to make sure at least three of his own bloodline/generations(son,grandson etc) to make it to the top(exceeding the 33rd Degree!the hidden degree,ever heard the term "life begins at 40??) of the secret society hierarchy. That's the main reason why all the politicians around the world have "DYNASTIC" mentality among themselves. Guess who/which family in Malaysia have this mentality and already have in place their 3rd generations candidate???

    i believe the 13 bloodlines is just a smokescreen for the real truly elite bloodlines hiding behind this popular 13 bloodlines revealed by Fritz Springmeier, i believe if Fritz wasn't framed by the elite, he will found out the same thing as he dig deeper...

    Ever heard about Li Zhizao who made way for the Jesuits Matteo Ricci S.J to spread Roman Catholicism in China(1600s era)??? i believe this huge favour makes the "LI" family what they are today....





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