Saturday, September 15, 2012


Some of you might have noticed that recently since a couple of weeks ago I was running Nuffnang Ads in my blog. One on top, another on right side and another at the bottom of the article near the comments section.

Why? Well, I want to know if it's true that I can generate money through blogging. I have a cousin who practically resigned from her RM5,000 per month employment simply to blog full time and I envy her.

So one day this fan emailed me and suggested the same and even willing to let me borrow his Nuffnang account for two months just so that I can test myself this Nuffnang blogging money making concept. Needless to say, from the day one I pasted Nuffnang advertisement script on my HTML template, I was already imagining that sleek sexy laptop I've been drooling in my dreams.

Sadly enough, after one month (more or less), my dummy Nuffnang account only managed to generate 40 cents.. I repeat.. 40 cents! (and I would like to say thank you for whoever amongst you whom has been kind enough to click the ad which led to that 40 cents.. Seriously, thank you!)

And later I did find out that my cousin is actually posting thousands and thousands of mp3 music on her blog and let others downloaded the music without paying the artists and I thought - no wonder lah thousands of people visited her blog per day!

So I guess unless I'm willing to post porn, or steal someone's else work, or at least be willing to take money from certain politician to become part of his/her political propaganda machine; then there is no way to make that much money from blogging. No one (especially me) can writes several articles in one day just to keep readers' interest at bay all the time.So I say thank you to that fan of mine and his Nuffnang account.

Goodbye Nuffnang!

But I'm still drooling in my sleep over that laptop! So I decided I have to come up with a better plan to make money.

The question is how to generate money this way:-

  1. while maintaining my anonymity.
  2. without having to subscribe to Lucifer's idea (porn, stealing, selling sex toys, gambling etc)
  3. without accepting any money from politicians
  4. without having to torture my brain to write articles every day.
  5. without having to con anyone. 
  6. and most importantly - being greedy and lazy as most people are - I do hope to make a lot of money despite my menial efforts.

So I surfed the internet searching for all sorts of idea proposed out there on the safest and speediest money making scheme on planet earth.

Fortunately there is one money making scheme you can rely on and the authority who run this scheme is well known for keeping promises. It only take a very minimal efforts to register yourself into this scheme and there's no minimum or maximum amount of money you can invest. You can invest as little as RM.05 cents or as much as half your life savings. And the best part about it is that the profit return is somewhere as little as 10 times and can even be as huge as 700 times of your monetary investment!

There's basically no need to register to join the sceme. However, if you're non-Muslims then it would be advisable to go to the nearest mosque and ask the Imam there on how to embrace Islam. The highest authority who run this scheme is the biggest sole proprietor entity in the whole universe. His corporation has been running the entire universe since.. err what the best word to put here..oh yes!... since the beginning of all things.

If you're non Moslem and yet interested to learn more about this money making scheme, then you can learn about it and the 'Authority' running it in that book we Muslims call Al-Quran (and please buy the one with Malay or English translation if you don't understand Arabic).

However, because the book itself is rather thick, then you can read directly at chapter 6:160

"Whoever comes [on the Day of Judgement] with a good deed will have ten times the like thereof [to his credit], and whoever comes with an evil deed will not be recompensed except the like thereof; and they will not be wronged."

It is also said in the book (chapter 2:261) that the profit return can be as big as 700 times over the initial investment.

"The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing."

By comparison the Amanah Saham Nasional had paid a 6.5% dividend on its investors. Even the fraudulent Ponzi scheme only promised an average of 20% per year and a Pyramid scheme only promises 30% return per month (and even that turned out a total fraud). So it definitely make good sense to invest your money instead in God's scheme, right? I mean, when God promised a minimum of  1000% payout then certainly you can't go wrong!

People with doubts usually uses lame excuses such as "the promises is only valid for the pious amongst us". That's not true because whatever God said in Al-Quran applies universally on all creatures and all things in this world. Therefore even when a Zionist scum or an Illuminati priest occasionally do charity, they will eventually enjoyed the same margin of profit. That explains why there's a huge numbers of wealthy people on this earth who is not even a Moslem.

However, being a non-Moslem means that he or she will missed one bonus scheme that matters the most in the end - the Retirement Scheme. There are actually many high return schemes in Al-Quran and the profit making scheme is just one amongst many. Moslems who invested their energy, time, and wealth to these schemes usually will earn themselves membership in the Retirement Scheme which promises an eternity of non-stop ten star vacation on a huuuuuuge mansion surrounded by hordes of beautiful people in this place called 'Paradise'. The non-believers on the other hand will have to make do with that of a less comfortable place that run on brims and fire.

So what all these have to do with me quitting Nuffnang?

Well, because so far my investment in this money making scheme is just a few hundreds ringgit per month, I was hoping to triple that as soon as possible in order to reap a speedier profit return. Hopefully not only can I buy that laptop soon, I also need money to finance that bunker I've been planning to build before 2013. So taking the cue from chapter 6:160, I've decided to placed advertisements in my blog promoting this money making scheme. Because chapter 6:160 mentioned the words 'Good Deeds" then hopefully when any of you out there decided to donate to these poor children in need then not only will God pay you 1000% in dividends, He will pay me 'commissions' for running the ad too.

I don't think he'd mind of paying me a few percent commission though. He is well known for being the nicest Boss in the entire universe.

So dear readers, please be kind to respond to these advertisements ASAP - and even if you don't have that much money to invest then please placed the same kind of ad on your blogs. It's a win-win situation because if you make money then I get the commission and when you inspire others (downline) to make money for themselves then I get more and more commission!


P/S: before someone any PAS supporters start calling me heretic for writing in such style above, my automatic reply shall be 'go get yourself a sense of humor!"


  1. The best money making scheme in the whole universe. Insyaallah, I will join the scheme ASAP. Thank you very much for the enlightenment.

  2. Sometimes we need a wake up call! Thanks bro.

  3. Thanks bro 4 da information..may Allah Bless u 4 ur effort

  4. But it is not cash on delivery....
    if you are willing to wait....

    1. Every investment has its waiting period. However, the waiting period for God's scheme is one of the shortest. Below id my illustration on how it works.

      So lets say for example a guy donate $100 to the needy. Then based on chapter 6:160 the payout shall be as follows

      1. RM100 x 10 = RM1,000 (chapter 6:160)

      2. Based on personal testimonies our group were able to record, this payout of RM1,000k is usually paid in cash within a year. For some reason, a 'cash payment' is always around a year time. Take muhabalah for example where the judgment usually come out in within year. On personal level, I can vouch that it had happenned to me in less than 2 months.

      3. The rest of the divident under Chapter 2:261 (RM100 x 700 - RM1000 = RM69K) are usually credited to your 'other' accounts. For example, your sin account might have already accumulated debt up to the point where the Grim Reaper as credit officer already listed you out for repo tomorrow. But what will happen instead is the Boss will transfer your RM50k to the Sin Account to set off your debt and hence saved your ass from tomorrow fatal accident. Most money are usually spent this way for most people but a few good men who don't have that much sin in their account has been known to receive full amount in cash. Now, dont start with me by saying that its not fair for the Boss to use your money this way without your consent. Read the Al Quran and you'll see that there's a mentioning about this (or you can email that blogger Insan Insan Pendakwah and he'll be able to point the chapter to you)

      3. The rest of the money (that if there's any money left) will be credited into your 'KWSP' account. It will come useful in the future when He decided you need to withdraw it in time of desperation or when you're dead (yes the account still valid even after were dead).

      4. All and all, I still think a cash payout of 1000% within a year is still pretty awesome scheme. I don't think there's any scheme out there that can match this payout. Even Berniee Madoff ponzi scheme only promised 20% return in a year and his clients ended up losing all their savings!

      5. However, keep a look on those salesman from the competitors company who came to you on daily basis to lure you away from God's scheme. They all con men with horns on their head and whispers doubt to you or promised you a better payout via a fraud ponzi scheme. The most usual con they whispered are "But it is not cash on delivery, can you wait?"

  5. such a unique way of doing islamic propagation...

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  7. come back to your blog. Honestly i respect your principle.

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