Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Every Muslims are currently angry with Sam Bacile for his movie "The Innocence of Muslims"

However, I simply cannot understand why some would kill other people who have nothing to do with that idiot and his movie!

People who absolutely have nothing to do with the movie are dead in Libya and Pakistan? Why?

Why not just concentrate on Sam Bacile instead?

What if I say that rather than rioting on the street, you can expect more impact by donating a couple of bucks?

I think Ghulam Ahmad Bilbour from Pakistan is genius. He is a true man of wisdom. He knows that there's no point (and honor) in targeting a person who has nothing to do with Sam Bacile. So he directed the world attention to the real target by offering to pay a bounty of $100,000 to anyone who killed the person behind the film.

The world media is now screaming against Mr.Ghulam and he is currently pressured by the Pakistani government to withdraw the bounty.

I say let's the bounty stay. I doubt anyone would be able to kill Sam Bacile anyway because the Luciferians, the CIA and MOSSAD are doing everything they could to protect him.

But Mr.Ghulam manage to appease and directed the public outrage to the only person who really deserve it - Sam Bacile. Mr.Ghulan is now telling the Pakistanis the person who truly deserve their wrath.

If any Pakistanis read this article, please find a way to convey my suggestion to Mr.Ghulam to open a bank account to accept a worldwide donation from Muslims who wishes to be part of the Sam Bacile hunt down. It probably won't be as noble as donating to the poor, but it will allow angry Muslims to channel their anger by donating money to the fund that will ultimately attract keen interest from paid mercenaries, hired assassins and bounty hunter worldwide.

Just imagine if the money for Sam Bacile head grew into millions of dollars!! That would scare anyone else from creating another YouTube movie insulting our religion. And I reckon Sam Bacile would be on the run for the rest of his life.

Any Malaysian brave enough to start a public fund rising for the purpose of bringing Sam Bacile down?

I can assure you it's more convenience to donate to the fund online via Maybank2U than attending the demo as suggested by Khairy Jamaluddin.

Furthermore, a demo with a million people attendance doesn't freak out Sam Bacile and the US Government as a million ringgit bounty will do. If there's a million ringgit Malaysian reward for the hunt of Sam Bacile, he will definitely shit in his pant whenever he heard the word 'Malaysia'.

That would really caused an uproar in the media.. ha ha ha.. but I'm not sure how to make it legal though..


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    1. thank you! any idea on who'll be willing to start the campaign of collecting RM1 million for a manhunt of that infidel Sam Bacile?

  2. Forget Sam Bac ile, you malaysians cannot even get Sivarasa or Malaysiakini to shit in their pants.

    Instead, George Soros is laughing at you so called muslims.

    The way you slander the one hand that fed you, the one man in the whole country, perhaps in the history of Malaya that cared for you, the one man who stood up for you and managed to get this backward, agricultural people recognised by not only muslims worldwide, but convinced non-mulims too that muslims are not terrorists and they do wash their backsides and brush their teeth, that muslims can be looked upon for poltical and economic guidance. the one and perhaps the last true muslim leader unfortunately was given by God to the most stupid, ungrateful and ignorant race - the Malays. And yes, i refer to the illustrious, the redoubtable leader you malays do not deserve.

    The leader you deserved in 1997 was Anwar ibrahim, but God acted through Mahathir and delayed his judgement upon you, but that may change and I hope Mahathir and sincere asians, malays, chines and indians migrate to cleaner lands.

    Remember, when a nation forfeits the covenant of God, God creats 'nifaq' in their hearts.

    We are seeing signs of this emerging in your leaders, and as God planned, you get the leaders you deserve.


    1. By the way, his name is not Sam Bacile, but Nakoula Basseley nakoula of California.

      He is an Egyptian Coptic Christian - Most coptic Christians in Egypt love muslims so please dont make things worse. It is only 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants to western countries that become jahil regardless of their religion, race etc, though MTV and Star TV has created jahilliya and asabiya among asians as well...

      Nakoula He is a bank fraud and convicted felon and an FBI agent/informer.

      Where is your outrage at the treatment of Rohingyas or India's Muslims in Gujarat, Assam, or for that matter the Palestinians, or for that matter about the Pattanis, or for that matter about Rwanda, or Vietnam or Guatamala, persecuted minorities of all religions and races??

      Remember Barack Obama changed your 'muslim' outrage into a cause for all humanity by correctly saying to the UN general assembly that many Americans are outraged by this (true or not - this is a very important message to the racist right wing and Zionist lobby - though I doubt you muslims will ever take notice of this). Subtelty is no longer a muslim trait!

      This is simply a Netanyahoo and Romney stunt to defeat Obama!

      Anyway, please do your research before you go and assassinate an innocent human being!

    2. So, I guess you're not a Malaysian. I guess that's probably explain your ignorance of the emerging fact that George Soros is currently funding Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts in SUARAM. It certainly explains that funny thing you said about Anwar Ibrahim cared for us and making Malaysia recognized worldwide.

      Seriously girl (you have that girly lingo style of writing but I might be mistaken), when abroad Anwar Ibrahim only talk bad thing about Malaysia so that doesn't count as a good thing. The only leader who have championed Malaysia was Mahathir.

      From the way you write, it clear that you're not a Malay and probably not even a Muslim. That explains why you would never understand that true Muslims would never accept a leader like Anwar Ibrahim who supported LBGT, who said that other Gods and Deities are equal to Allah (pluralism), and who supported the existence of Israel.

      Why? Well, it's difficult to explain in brief. Maybe I'll write an article about it next time and hopefully you'll visit again my blog to see if I posted the answer.

      If you're a Muslim from foreign country, you're either (a) too liberal for Islam or (b) too ignorance of who Anwar Ibrahim really is or (c) too stupid to understand your own religion. But I still think you're non-Muslim. If you're non Muslim, then I take it as a simple case of misinformation and that's fair enough.

      Anyway, thank you for commenting. It's interesting to know how some people view things differently. Please visit my blog again from time to time.

    3. And another thing is.. I know his real name is Nakoula Basseley and I know his background.. I know how to Google too *wink*

    4. one other thing, this not just a netanyahoo and romney stunt as it was a Saudi funded Salafist channel that aired an english translation of this video on live Eqyption Television.

      This video was released i think in February or May, why did this Salafy TV channel wait until after Barack Obama's Democratic nomination to release the arabic translation on TV?

    5. You really are as stupid as I feared.

      When I said you deserve Anwar Ibrahim, I meant that you malays have displayed the same hypocrisy in your hearts that Anwar Ibrahim always has.

      I knew him and I fear he is the judgement of God upon Malaysia.

      I pray every moment for Dr Mahathir who is the last Muslim leader that Malaysia may ever have.

      If you still dont get it, I am a Mahathir supporter, you idiot!!

    6. I guess in my haste to answer your comment, I misunderstood your first comment. But at least I'm think I'm still right about you not being 3M (Muslim, Malay and Malaysian). Did I get it right about you being a girl too?

      I don't get it why are you so angry at us Malays. You ought to know that I'm pro Mahathir and Anti-Anwar. So why so worked up all the sudden?

      A majority of Malays are now struggling in an effort to stop him from winning the election. In fact, he had lost so many votes from Malays that Anwar Ibrahim is currently relying on votes from the Non-Muslim to win the election.

      Another this is, can everyone just narrow down the issue for once? This article is about me suggesting to my readers to establish a fund to hunt down Sam Bacile. Can we keep it relevant one at a time? If readers deviates from topic it caused confusion to me as well as what happened here when I misunderstood what she actually said in her first comment.

      About Rohingya and those other issues, of course I care. But just because I hadn't write about it doesn't mean I don't care or the Malaysian government don't care. If I say that our special ops are probably there right now infiltrating the Myanmar border to help the refugees.. would that count?

    7. I am sorry if got carried away.

      I see a lot of malays at home and abroad who have nothing good to say about their benefactors. It is a sign of nifaq and it affects muslims from the Atlantic to the Sulu Sea.

      Again i state, when a nation breaks the covenant of God, he create 'nifaq' in the people's hearts. Please study the term 'nifaq'. a munafiq actually thinks he is muslim, but he will be damned to the bottom of the pit. God advised the final apostle that he can beg 70 times for their pardon, but He WILL NOT FORGIVE THEM.

      Now look at 'muslim' leaders, with the exception of mahathir and maybe some iranians?

      when God brings his judgement, be warned you will see (persian term) adhab-i-adna followed by the final adhab al akbar.

      be wary of false leaders and bawa meja ulama.

      I understand you can do all you can and the road is long and treachorous.

      So please show patience and minta maaf.

      I am not 3M (Frankly, it is no one's business but mine and my Lord's as instructed by the last and final messenger Muhammad, pbuh)

    8. I can assure you we Malays are currently trying our best to stop Anwar Ibrahim from spreading World New Order into Malaysia.

      Our current PM Najib, even though not as great as Mahathir, is truly motivated to avenge the death of his father who was assassinated by the Luciferian. So I guess that as good as it will be.

      Lets hope the all of us can delay the coming of NWO regardless of our religion and nationality.

    9. Could you please shed some light on how Tun razak was 'assassinated', and more importantly if and how Najib believes this at all?!

      The jews want us to believe:

      Due in part to leukaemia, Abdul Razak died on January 14, 1976 while seeking medical treatment in London. He was posthumously granted the soubriquet Bapa Pembangunan (Father of Development). He is laid to rest in Heroes Mausoleum near Masjid Negara, Kuala Lumpur.


    10. Geez.. How come some of you hadn't read my previous article TUN ABDUL RAZAK & THE 13TH MAY RIOT yet.. ?

      I'm rather offended :(


      Please watch the 2nd video I uploaded at minute 13:05 and try to understand what Tun Haniff Omar was trying to tell all of us regarding the death of Tun Razak. I mean, he was not being blunt about it but do you think someone like Tun Haniff Omar would dare mention it on TV unless he really believes it?

      Note: Tun Haniff Omar which at that time was the head of MAGERAN security forces dealing with 13th Mei aftermath (Ketua Pegawai Turus Polis Majlis Gerakan Negara). He and Tun Razak were amongst a few who was responsible for the establishment of Jerejak Prison for the sole purpose of imprisoning the people responsible for 13th May incident (which also inspire me to write my novel 'JEREJAK').

  3. guys love your discussion. somehow informative and refresher as well.

  4. Here's a sneak peak to Zionist 9/11 Version No 2 coming up for a new War on Islam by murdering more innocent Americans.

    This zionist cockroach is named Patrick Clawson (his jewish name is something else)

    If you want to make someone shit in his pants, I seriously suggest you forget Nakoula Basseley and put a price on this guys head and help the people of America and the Muslim world:


  5. oh.. geez i was wrong this the latest one..

  6. I didn't know too because it was not mentioned in the text. I don't watch the videos.

    1-Was Datuk Onn bin Ja'afar jettisioned out of Umno to pave the way for a week leader by the illuminati?
    2-Was Tun Dr Ismail killed too so as to put Umno in disarray at the time for leadership succession in the eventual planned death of Tun Abdul Razak?
    3-Was it planned by illuminati that by virtue of lacking in patronage and grassroot support made Tun Hussein administration largely uncertain one for Malaysia?

    1. Your questions will take a lot of time to discuss. As you can understand, it is much easier to ask than to answer. Therefore I'll try to answer that in my Jerejak novel.

      However, some might noticed that several prominent figures responsible for stopping 13 May incident in its track was dead soon after. I'm of course referring to Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussien Onn and Tun Dr.Ismail.

      What are the similarities between these three names. Yes, you might noticed that they're all bloodlines of the aristocrats. Taking cue from Tun Abdul Rahman's admission to Sanusi Junid that he was once Freemason, it's rather feasible to assume that quite a numbers of aristocrats back then had been duped into joining in.

      When the Illuminati assassinate top leaders, it is usually done not out of spite but because of necessity. Killing top leaders itself is a hard work and risky and thus should not be carried out of spite alone (or otherwise Tun M would have been dead long ago). The most necessary reason to kill a member of its organization is a matter of policing the 'contract' so that no one else try to go against the 'contract'.

      Members who have sworn the 'Oath of Obligation' must abide by it or die. It's like 'once you're in then you cannot go out' and 'either you are with us or against us'. Otherwise without proper punishment other members might develop conscious and refuse to be obedient.

      This happened to JFK and Abraham Lincoln. JFK stopped the Cuban Missile Crisis and die. Abraham Lincoln ended the Civil War and then die too. John Pope Paul also acted against their will and kick the bucket. Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Dr Ismail, Tun Hussien Onn ended 13 May and they soon die as a martyr.

      Which explain why Tun Hussien Onn chose Tun Mahathir as the next Prime Minister. If you read biography 'a Doctor in the House' you can read that Tun M himself have no idea why he was selected as next PM especially when Tun Hussien Onn personally didn't even like him that much. I think Tun Hussien wanted to stop the dominoes from falling and selecting a commoner who absolutely have no 'contract' with the Order is a good idea for the benefit of the Malays.

      This is of course.. just me mumbling silly.

    2. Then Tun Hussein Onn had done the Malays a very big favour. Thank God for his selfless dedication in bucking the trend.