Saturday, December 1, 2012


Delivering the Umno presidential briefing on 27th November, Dato Seri Najib adviced the UMNO general assemby to be prepared in the face of the next general election.

That was a sound advice and I strongly advised my readers to prepare the best they can.

Tonight my wife and I did just that. As part of our plan to be prepare for whatever coming in 2013, we spend half an hour to sort out all the items in our storage.

For those who have yet to my previous articles, they'll be puzzled on what food storage had to do with the coming year or the general election.

For those who know me and shared my idea, I posted these pictures to show them that they're not the only paranoid person in Malaysia.

IKAN KERING and UDANG KERING - my idea of the cheapest and easily preserved delicacy.

 CANNED SARDINE - Lots of it.


 ETHYL ALCOHOL - for cleaning wounds

IKAN BILIS - my daughters favourite thing to eat with rice
SOAP & TOOTH PASTE - this is my wife's idea


 AFTER (and more to come)

There's a lot more that I'm not showing here like my weapons of choice and electrical device. I'm simply showing off my food storage here in order to proof that I do take the prepping idea seriously.



  1. Be careful bro...

    People will look and search for you or KxxL you for your stuff later coz' everybody know that you're having food and all sort of medication. What I said might become reality if your prophecy on riot/war/whatsoever become true!

    Better be quiet and humble on your preparation..

  2. Thank you brother for the reminder. I only show off my food storage in this blog where I am certain no one would know my identity or where I live. In real life, none of my neighbors knows I'm a prepper and my wife duly understand the necessity of sealing our lips tight. When shit hit the fan, my whole family will simply pretend as though as we're also starving like the rest in the neighborhood.

    p/s: I decided to post the pictures because I believe no one will take my previous articles seriously unless I show them that I walk the talk.

  3. Salam bro. What is the easiest food to store and how to store it? Thanks.

    1. The easiest food to store is rice. The prepper's most common way to store rice is to fill a a dry and empty mineral bottle with it (because you can squeeze it). Make sure to fill it all the way to the top so as to leave as little space as possible for air to remain. Also squeze the bottle a bit while putting the cap. This will create a vacuum environment in the bottle.

      If you decided to store rice using a Tupperware container, it is advisable to draw air out from the container before sealing it. It's rather easy using baking soda, water and candle.

      (a) Add rice first into the container but not so full. Leave about 1 inch of space on top.
      (b) light a birthday candle stick it in the middle of the rice.
      (c) put baking soda inside a cup and add water. The carbon dioxide gas that results tends to settle to the bottom of cup because it is denser than air.
      (d) slowly 'pour' the gas into the container. You won't see the gas but if done right it will extinguish the candle's fire. The purpose of doing this is to use carbon dioxide to push air (oxygen) out from the container replacing it with carbon dioxide.
      (e) then slowly pulled the candle out (better use benang)
      (f) sealed the container tightly.

      Kutu Beras won't be able to thrive in vacuum environment because it needed oxygen to breath too. Similarly, kutu beras cannot breath carbon dioxide. This will help you to preserve rice for many many years ahead.

      If you wanted to preserve rice in a plastic bag, then you need vacuum sealer like the one I have. You can order Sinbo Vacuum Sealer from the internet. Please read my previous articles about this.

  4. kalau Iran dan Amerika berperang tahun depan this same problem akan jadi's good that u have prepared 4 this..

    1. Thank you.. But I think I need to speed up increasing my storage before the price of food soars in 2013.

      (a) Global Food Reserves Have Reached Their Lowest Level In Almost 40 Years. World grain reserves are so dangerously low that severe weather in the United States or other food-exporting countries could trigger a major hunger crisis next year (2013), the United Nations has warned.

      (b) World’s Oil Fields Drying Up at Frightening Speed. According to the IEA’s numbers, production would fall off a cliff — to just 52 million barrels a day by 2013 despite the fact that the current world oil demand is 85 million barrels a day.

      (c) Oil trade between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world is carried out via American Dollar. Currently dollars have no precious metal content - none. If dollar collapse, the entire Saudi Arabia and the United States will have nothing to use for trade except for tons of useless papers. The economy of both countries will collapse bringing with it the world oil production.

      Can people imagine how these equations will affect Malaysia?

      No Dollar + No Oil + No Food = ?

      No wonder the National Geographic and Discovery Channel is making tons of documentaries on how families are to survive civil unrest.

  5. As salam,

    Firstly, I think there'll never be a war between Iran and America/Israel. It's all wayang. Syiah killed more sunni muslims than American/Jew has ever done now. Maybe on par.

    I read that canned sardines will last for 3month++ if you dried out the sauce inside, then grill the can. With air-tight container, I think it'll be more longlasting.

    1. but we sured... saudi arabia and qatar are not wayang

  6. What about your cash savings...have you converted them into gold or silver??

    1. I'm planning to survive the doomsday so food is priorities. Gold and silver are good only after the doomsday is over because you may then trade it back into whatever currency exists afterwards. Only a few of very rich preppers converted their money into gold and silver. The majority of the rest thinks that food, water and security is what's prepping is all about.

  7. Sir...
    I m one of the unfortunate few who has no tanah kampung to run back to. Kalau ada pun, jauh nun berdekatan dgn the Lion's den down south.
    My worry would be on the supply of clean(drinkable)water. Living in the city though I have a bit of land to grow lemongrass, does not allow me to dig a well to get water supply. What are the options for me? :(


    1. you need to create your own water catchment, water storage and water filtration system.

      This might sound funny but having a number of extra large umbrella with a 'U' handle might come handy as a mobile water catchment system. Just hang it upside down during rain and that may work. But it would be better to own a large plastic sheet or canvas.

      Bathtub can be used to store water indoor. Alternatively you can also use a cheap children swimming pool.

      Learn how to make water filtration system using charcoal. You can use it to filter water taken from river. You can also filter your pee to make it drinkable. (all filtered water must be boiled first except for pee because fresh pee is sterile)


      This might come in handy. ;)

    3. This Atmospheric Water Generator is great.. but there's an issue of electricity because the power plant might not be operational by that time :(

      How much electricity does it uses anyway?

  8. salam bagus u punya blog - banyak belajar tentang vacuum seler, beras dan harap ada banyak lagi info

  9. You may consider to store chia seed as well. it is super food and last long. google it for its benefit. Selling at or ebay.