Sunday, December 16, 2012


So I was browsing the internet reading some old news when I came upon this the strange case of a decomposing body of a drowned man inside a tank supplying water to over a thousand residents in Sabah.

According to the report, residents of Taman Sri Titingan, a government housing project, are demanding compensation for the “trauma” of knowing that they had been consuming befouled water and they also want all the pipes supplying water to their homes and water tanks replaced. The story goes that the dead guy went into the tank to swim in the middle of the night when the grim reaper decided that he shall die there.

Hilarious, but looking at the picture, something else came to my mind.

How big is the water tank?

Can I afford to buy one?

Unlike a shipping contenna, plastic water tank is fairly easy to get from nearby hardware store. Any person can buy large water tank priced under a thousand or two ringgit. Below are some images I found in the internet of large water tanks affordable by any middle income preppers.

Forget about buying shipping contenna. There's not much time left and definitely not enough money in the savings account for me. I need something cheap and fast.

Burying a metal shipping contenna underground would be great for any preppers. Having an underground bunker is like a wet dream come true for most. But shipping contenna is so damn expensive and attract too many unwanted attention. Just imagine paying the truck driver to haul your recently bought contenna to a middle of nowhere and then told him to put it down into a huge hole so you can bury it.. in Malaysia that will definitely get people talking.

Being pathetic and poor, I don't need a bunker capable of withstanding a nuclear explosion. I just need a foxhole large enough for me to hide during civil unrest until members of society come to their senses.

So my question is, will the illustration below work in real life?


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Brothers, when I read your articles, somethings in my mind wanna tell me about the preparation before 'anythings' would happen.

    My Auntie and my grandmothers want to buy a large contenna. It is for 'simpanan air' for the future. I dont know why both my aunty and my grandmother thinking like that.

    When I asked them, they tell that 'hati mereka tergerak ke arah itu'. I'm scared something would happen for next day,week,month,year, or maybe nothing gonna happen at all.

    Maybe Allah SWT wanna give clue to 'them' about what will going to happen. Because my aunty and my grandmother always 'take care' about sembahyang,air wudhuk.

    So together we prays to Allah SWT and request some clue to us, make a du'a so we can become more 'Beriman' to Allah SWT. Amin

    1. Lucky you! If anything happen you can just go there and stay with your aunt and granny.

      Prepping for doomsday is not about being paranoia or paranormal. Unlike some American preppers who cross their fingers hoping for doomsday to proof they are right, each and every Muslim preppers ought to pray that we are wrong and everyone else is right. Nothing should please us more than people saying to us "you see, nothing happen.."

      You should ask you granny / aunties whether they had stock some food (at least for a year). Sounded like they already solved the water problem. So I reckon it's time to prepare for possible fuel and food problem.

      I hope you can

  2. As salam,

    Seems to be practical. But I would consider a few things:

    1) As water tanks are supposed to be good at containing waters, we don't want to be drowned while sleeping during rainy days. So make sure there's holes for water to drain out quickly.

    2) Heat will be a main concern. Haven't tried being inside a plastic / fiber tank so I'm not sure how hot it is. Air circulation will be a priority.

    1. 1. The foxhole I have in mind is for my mom and dad because currently their bungalow 10 kilomters from town might attract too much unwanted attention. The tank will be buried in my dad's dusun backyard so I think the solution for that is to make sure that the opening hatch is slightly taller than the ground.I have to disguise the hatch to make it look like bushes or natural hole though so that even when left open, intruders wouldn't know it's an entrance to a hideout. Believe or not, my wife suggested to make the hatch look like a dilapidated toilet (jamban). I know for certain my mom would veto that idea.

      2. Yes heat is a problem needed to be address. There will be a PVC pipe (the size use for toilet - of which why my wife suggested to make it look like toilet so that marauders wouldn't be suspicious if they discovered the pipe) connected to the foxhole to ensure access to air. But that wouldn't solve the heat problem unless if there's electrical outlet inside the tank so that mom and dad can bring with them one of those Midea portable air condition. A friend suggest to me that I can attach the air condition with two parallel pipes - one for fresh air intake and the other to blow hot air out - and that will solve both the air circulation and heat problem.

  3. hi, bro...
    since ur parent can afford to 've bungalow, why don u ask thm to build an underground house fr ur family at ur dad's dusun...

    1. Ha ha.. Because building an elaborate underground house would attract too much unwanted attention. With so many laborers involved it bound to be the talk of everyone in our small town and before you know it the 'house' might become the next 'tourism' attraction.

  4. Salam Afterdark,

    My concern about the Dajjal and Illuminati became huge (it pushed my 'serious button') after visiting this website: I'm in no way affiliated with them (not promoting their link though they will give a free 1-day subscription to their book if their link is promoted online). I would appreciate your opinion (perhaps even a post) about that website, with the knowledge you have now.

  5. Salam Afterdark,

    The Ebook "End Of Times" has been released for free (my previous post is above). I'm curious what you think of the book? If you have the time, can you review the content or part of it? With the knowledge you have now (which is more than me regarding the Illuminati and perhaps ends of times), I hope to know your opinion about it (it's more of an intellectual opinion, I'm not asking for any fatwa or religious views). The Quran and sunnah must come first in any reading - that's how I filter any information I get. Allah knows best. I don't want to be part of any lie-spreading mechanism. If something isn't right about it, please delete this post and my previous post so that other people don't know about it. Thanks. To other people who might be reading this - read anything with caution! Lies are common nowadays. Only the Quran and the prophet's sunnah can be trusted completely. May Allah protect us from useless knowledge and lies.

    1. Walaikumsalam,

      I will look into it but I don't think I would be able to give any useful comments right away. Malaysia is facing general election and I have to focus on that instead at the moment.

    2. Understood. When you have time. Thanks in advance.