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Since Chapter 13 was posted in September last year, I have stopped writing my 'Jerejak' novel because I shifted my attention to do prepping. My wife and I was busy stock piling rice, dried fish and canned foods and that took my mind from this project. I was also too busy figuring out where and how to get weapons for home defence.

Alhamdulillah, my family now have stockpile enough food to feed us for one year and hopefully that will suffice should civil order temporarily disintegrate in 2013 (lets hope not) and now I can write again.

Thank you to Maizurah, Salmy and Puan Harnita for reminding me to update this story and a very big credit to 'he who wish not to be named' (no, he's not Lord Voldermort), and cacamerba for helping with suggestions and grammar correction.

Oh yes, I noticed an increase of traffic and I would like to welcome a few malaysian preppers who had visited my blog out of curiosity. In case any of you wish to read the 'Jerejak' series from the beginning, just follow the link below

CHAPTER 1 TO 5 (in .Doc format) 










I was sitting in this large air condition room fidgeting as though as my butt was on fire.

Not in a million year I would ever imagine of me being very bold and dare in meeting one of the most influential Freemason in this region. But here I am, still thinking what to say when I finally meet the patriarch of the Pangs in Penang.

I was here upon the instruction of the Watchers Group after they had concluded in yesterday’s meeting (taken place at a restaurant located in an alley I must add). With consensus of all to undertake the following decisions which they believed is utmost important for the sake of the country:-

(a) Decision 1 – The Group instructed me to meet with the senior Pang to deliver a message to him on behalf of the Group.

(b) Decision 2 - That Syafiqah shall return to Kuala Ketil that very afternoon. Her inability to control her fiery big mouth was a potential obstacle to me performing ‘decision 1’. Should Syafiqah furiously objected, Mojo then shall escort her in the bus to make sure that she will arrive safely to Kedah.

(c) Decision 3 - Cacamerba was instructed to track down the location of Pak Erwin and Isa . Imam Ali in particular was interested to meet Pak Erwin.

(d) Decision 4 – After my meeting with Dato’ Pang, I was instructed to go to Imam Ali’s house. The address shall be texted to my phone later on.

(e) Decision 5 - And finally, it was voted by all of them that because I’m rich then I shall pay for the bills, after each of them unashamedly ordered several boxes of takeaway to take home.

“You want me to meet the Masonic old man? No thanks….” I said while shaking my head in disbelief. The truth is - I was terrified.

“Anyway, I don’t think he would want to see me neither..” I added.

Imam Ali just smile wryly seeing my reaction.

“Do not worry, just tell him that there’s a message from Lashkar Es Saif Ul Aswad.. surely he’ll then see you”

“What the hell is that?” I asked while at the same time flexing my jaw.

“Nothing, just a name.. But trust me, he willingly wanted to had an audience with you then” said Imam Ali with an impudent smile.

I was about to repeat my objection when Syafiqah snapped on top of her voice.


Every eyes in the restaurant now aiming at this one crazy screaming woman.

Her eyebrows pushed together as she stares at me angrily, I avoided her stare and instead turn my head to Imam Ali.

“See what I mean? Can you imagine what will happen if this crazy chick starts yelling at Dato’ Pang? Her enthusiasm is impossible to repress”

Imam Ali’s eyes darted ahead and then back to Syafiqah warily.

“You must return to your hometown for now Syafiqah..” Imam Ali repeated his previous decision with a calm tone to avoid further embarrassment in public.

“Why?” she snapped while pointing her finger to my face. “I can control my mouth you know.. and you !!” She now moved her finger to point Imam Ali. “You shouldn’t just trust his judgment on me”.

“It wasn’t that” said Imam Ali thoughtfully, hoping to placate her but I can hear Cacamerba’s low chuckle next to him. “We are very sorry that we have told you things you shouldn’t have known in the first place. The Pangs are dangerous people and it is inexcusable for us to put you in any perilous situation”.

“Wait!” I interjected in a horror struck voice as I heard the unpleasant news. “If the Pangs are dangerous people then how come you let me going to see their leader?”

“You are disposable” said Mojo non-chalantly. Cacamerba laughed while nodding his head.

“AfterDark… He is different” explained Imam Ali to Syafiqah, ignoring the two clowns.

“He knew how the whole situations are (at this point I was shaking my head furiously) and he had taken the oath to perform jihad bil qalb, bil lisan, bil yad and bis saif when he joined the Watchers Group..”

I was about to make another protest when Imam gave me a withering look. Then Iman Ali continues in a sullen voice, “Furthermore he already took five million ringgit of their money and I’m sure he wishes to return that blood money to them..”

Oh crap.. I forgot about the money!

They all could probably hear shame in my head right now. I sighed silently as my shoulders dropped.

“It’s okay Afterdark” Syafiqah murmured to me in a voice that now has changed to a soothing tone. “You didn’t know the whole story when you took the job from them. I can’t blame you for not knowing that my sister and her baby was murdered as human sacrifice”

“It’s blood money” I whispered. “I’ll guess I have to give it back to the Pangs tomorrow..”

* * * * * *

I stepped into a posh like office reception area on the 13th floor of the grand hotel. The walls were paneled in wood, the floors carpeted in deep red. There were glass windows displaying the magnificent view of Penang and on the walls, there were brightly lit paintings of the main focal point. Pale leather couches were arranged in groupings and the glossy tables held crystal vases full of vibrantly colored flowers.

In the middle of the room there was a high polished mahogany counter with a beautiful woman standing behind it. One look at her immediately a vivid vision struck into me that I have seen her face before.

“Miss Pang?”

I stared at her for a long moment with both eyebrows raised in shocked. Apparently the feeling was mutual because I could see her eyes widened as she stared at me with a stunned expression.

“What.. what are you doing here?! You shouldn’t be here unless if I say so!” She was clearly angry and panicking.

I smiled dryly at her. Apparently, she didn’t know that I hadn’t been expecting to see her either.

“I’m not here to meet you.. I wish to see your dad Dato’ Pang” I explained my purpose of being there as my heart began to race and my palms started to sweat.

“Why?” She demanded.

I was about to answer her question when a ringing sound interrupted me. Her eyes flitted from mine to the phone next to her and she hastily pushed a button and held the phone to her ear, but she didn't speak at first, someone else was speaking at the other end of the phone.

"Yes father" she breathed as her face looks scared. Then she said “He is here, father”

She listened for a long moment before turning her head towards me again, her ear still on the phone.

“Dato’ said he wished to see no one. Come here only after you’ve finished the job.”

Sometimes being polite will get you nowhere so I decided to say what Imam Ali told me to say.

“Okay, I’ll come back later” I said as I pretended to walk towards the door. “One other thing, please tell Dato’ that Lashkar Es Saif Ul Aswad tells me to say hi to him, okay!”

There was a beat of dead silence as I intentionally dragged my feet slowly to the door. A few seconds later I heard a sound of a door opened followed by a voice of a man.

“Are you one of them, Mr. Muhammad?”

I turned around to see an old man in his late sixties wearing an expensive suit. I glanced to meet his curious gaze for just a second before replying.

“Maybe yes.. maybe not.. but I was told to meet you about something.”

“And that something is..?” he asked me with a deep voice.

I pondered for a moment then replied.

“I was told to stop being your lawyer for Fatimah’s murder case”

Dato’ Pang’s forehead creased as he signaled me to come forward.

“Come, let’s talk in my office.. Cecilia dear, cancelled my appointment for this morning..”

It was a lavish room, brimming with only the best that money could buy. It was decorated in the tasteful tones of cream and light peach. A bay window seat was the main feature of the room with the two large comfortable couches situated across from each other. Other pieces of furniture in the room were made of a darker hued oak. The room felt comfortable and welcoming as the senior Pang invited me to sit on the guest chair.

As soon as I turned to sit in the chair, I saw it - the Masonic emblem of Square and Compass beautifully carved of an antique ornate serving table before me. From the look on it, the table must have been very old indeed.

"I got it from a friend in England" Dato Pang explained to me proudly as he must have noticed the way I stared at the table. "According to him the table was once part of Mary's Chapel furniture. Beautiful isn't it?"

"They've been using the square and the compass as emblem since the fifteen hundreds? I didn't know that" I asked.

The old man laughed.

"Very good young man! It seems you know history a bit. Yes, the Mary's Chapel is the oldest Masonic Lodge in the world dating back to 1599. But to tell you the truth I'm not quite sure whether the emblem has been there since 1599 or someone else had carved it later on. I'm not that good with antiques, I just like it because it's rare"

I smiled to him and pretended to be impressed at the provenance of the table before us. The truth is I wasn't that interested on the old Masonic furniture. The thought of having to return my newly acquired wealth was tampering with my mood today.

"Ehem.. Dato’..?" I have to clear my throat to get his attention since he was still saying something revering about his favorite table.

The old rich man stopped talking but doesn't seems angry at the interruption.

"Yes?" he asked, waiting for my question.

I swallowed. His gazing eyes made me nervous.

"Would you mind if I stop being your lawyer for this case?" I said, forcing the word out through my teeth

There was a very deep silence for a moment. "Why?" he asked flatly.

"Err.. conflict of interest.." I tried to shorten my reason but he waited for more explanation, so I pointed a finger to myself.

"Me.. connected to Lashkar Es Saif Ul Aswad.. remember? " I reminded him.

Suddenly his face expression changed as if in a very unpredictable mood.

The wary look on his face already made me wish that I hadn't brought that up, but then he nodded once and back to his businesslike face.

"Ah, yes.. The extremist soldiers of the black sword.. So, are they going to kill me anytime soon?”

* * * * * *

The conversation that took place between me and Dato’ Pang was quite long and I don't have the patience to go into details in this book. But basically I was caught by surprise when he told me that the soldiers of the black sword had threaten to assassinate him at one point of time in the late 1990’s.

When I asked him why they would want to kill him, Dato Pang at that time realized that I wasn't a member of the extremist group and therefore refused to tell me the reason. Instead, he then demanded to know how I came to contact with the pack and I told him that a member of the pack (Imam Ali) happens to be my acquaintance from the Watchers Group. This attracted more of his interest as he inquired more about the Watchers Group and our knowledge on the history of Freemason. So I told him a few myths and stories I heard from other members of the Group of what was happening in the world not known by many.

In the previous chapter I have told my readers about the landing of the Englishmen in Jerejak Island and Penang. Well, usually when a Freemason landed for the first time on a new place or country, that place will become either a historical Masonic site or a Masonic center of that country. Take Virginia in United States for example. Freemasonry in United States started out when Sir Walter Raleigh was granted a royal patent in 1584 by Queen Victoria 1 to explore the ‘New World’ which later paved the way for future English settlements in the United States. Sir Walter Raleigh then sent his first colonization mission to the Island of Roanoke (in present-day North Carolina). This was the first English settlement. In 1587, the first English child born in the New World was named Virginia Dare.

Also in previous chapter I have told my readers that Jerejak Island had once suffered a mysterious fate of having its entire population mysteriously wiped out by what was believed to be a bubonic plague. I can’t tell for sure whether the black magic war between the Bugis and the Englishmen was the caused. But I do know that the Bugises were only targeting the white people. Furthermore at the time of the attack the Englishmen were mostly already settling in Penang.

But it is true that Jerejak Island had suffered a population wiped out at one point of time. That was why there can be found no historical record of any Malays settlements in Jerejak Island prior to the English’s arrival.

Coincidentally, the same fate had once occurred to the Island of Roanoke.

For any of you who love to read mystery books, ‘Roanoke’ is probably familiar name. Roanoke Island is famous mainly for two things. First for having the first ever English colonial settlement in the New World and secondly for the colonists mysterious disappearance without a trace. This unsolved mystery is now popularly known as “The Lost Colony.

About a month after the colonists arrival at the new settlement, Virginia Dare was born on August 18, 1587 as the first English child in the New World. A week later, his grandfather, Captain John White set sail for England to bring them back food supplies and materials. What Captain White expected to be a short trip turned out to be a long stay in England. The Spaniards attacked England, and there were many other unexpected events, and so he only managed to return to Roanoke Island three years later.

What he saw at Roanoke was mysterious and utterly unbelievable. His daughter Eleanor Dare, his granddaughter Virginia Dare and the rest of the people had disappeared! The place was bare from any signs of life as even the houses were nowhere to be seen. There was no sign of fighting or distress or that the colonists were abruptly carried away by natural or unnatural forces. He only found eight simple letters, C-R-O-A-T-O-A-N that shall forever be a mystery to all who hear it. These letters were found carved into the post of a fort and C-R-O carved into a nearby tree. The loss of more than a hundred people consisting of 90 men, 17 women and 9 children marks the mysterious end of the first ever attempt to establish a permanent settlement in the New World.

There are multiple hypotheses as to the fate of the colonists, the principal one being that they were absorbed by the local Croatans tribe on Hatteras Island or another native tribe. An investigation of this hypothesis is ongoing in the form of the Lost Colony DNA Project in Houston, Texas, but its findings remain inconclusive. Another theory is that the Croatans turned on the settlers and wiped them out but this is highly unlikely because the Croatans were a friendly tribe. Furthermore no bodies were found at the time and no archaeological evidence has been found since then to support this claim. Then, the Croatan tribe themselves began to slowly disappeared and disappearing with them are the legend that the Roanoke island had an evil spirit with power to change people into animals, trees and rocks.

Three hundred years after that, the mystery intensified as the same word ‘CROATOAN’ has accompanied other inexplicable disappearances in North America in the last few centuries, often in places far away from Roanoke Island.

On September 27, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe left Richmond, Virginia, on his way home to New York when he disappeared. No reliable evidence exists about Poe's whereabouts until a week later on October 3, when he was found delirious on the streets of Baltimore a few days before his death. While on his death bed in a state of delirium, whispered the word “Croatoan” to Dr. John Joseph Moran, who was Poe's attending physician.

The same word was found in other places at other times: scribbled in the journal of Amelia Earhart after her disappearance in 1937, carved into the post of the last bed that the celebrated horror author Ambrose Bierce slept in before he vanished in Mexico in 1913, scratched on the wall of the cell that the notorious stagecoach robber Black Bart inhabited before he was released from prison in 1888 never to be seen again. The most disturbingly of all, written on the last page of the logbook of the ship Carroll A when it was found ran around with no one aboard on Cape Hatteras in 1921 (not that far from Roanoke Island).

Roanoke Island is located within a state today known as Virginia. Virginia later become a prominent Masonic center of America producing from it prominent Freemason figures who later shaped and sized a country  known today as the United States. Take George Washington for example, he was born and raised in a wealthy family in Virginia and later become the 1st President of the United States. He also presided over the convention that drafted the United States Constitution.

Whereas in the US they have the Roanoke Island, we in Malaysia have Jerejak Island. And if the Freemason has the state of Virginia, then in Malaysia we have the state of Penang. Following the tradition of the masonic order, Penang has been the center of all Masonic and Luciferian movement since Francis Light set foot on it in 1786. Needless to say, the Freemason has been using Penang to spread their agenda from the 18th century.

One of this country's major event that has a Masonic tell-tale is none other than the racial riot that took place on 13th May 1969. Not many people know this but that the chain of events that eventually led to the riot had started out 17 years prior with the formation of Pan-Malaya Labour Party (PMLP) on 26th June 1952 by a Freemason who was inducted in Cambridge. In 1953, sixteen members from the Fabian Society of Penang (The Fabian Society is a British intellectual socialist movement) joined the PMLP By early 1954, the PMLP had come to resemble the British Labour Party.

On 5 June 1954, the PMLP took the new name of the Labour Party of Malaya (LPM) and elected Lee Moke Sang (I repeat.. LEE Moke Sang.. Get me?) as its Chairman. In preparation of the 1955 Federal Election, LPM released its manifesto that was inclined towards socialist reforms. 4 years later the LPM and the Party Rakyat Malaya (PRM) officially form a coalition called ‘Socialist Front’ to promote Socialism, and since Communism is just an extreme form of Socialism then it was just a matter of time that the Labour Party was eventually infested by the Communist.

Since its formation, the Socialist Front has made it their habit of expressing dissatisfaction through street demonstrations. The LPM in particular initiated regular street demonstrations all over the country which culminated to street fighting that erupted during the Penang Hartal on 24 November 1967. LPM had also mobilized its supporters to gather in front of the Pudu Prison on Jun 1968 to protest the hanging of six members of the communist party who had helped the Indonesian forces to attack south Malaysia. Hence by 1969 the LPM leaders and members had become an expert in street demonstration .

The late Tunku Abdul Rahman in his book “13th May, before and after” made no secret of blaming communist agitators as well as their leftist sympathizers within the Labour Party. On 17th June 1969 a Hong Kong based newspaper ‘The Star’ had reported that the Singaporean branch of the Bank of China was unable to balance its account sheet because ‘several millions of dollars’ had been withdrawn by subversive elements to fund the riot that had taken place in Singapore and Malaysia.

On 24th April 1969, that was two weeks from general election, an UMNO worker by the name of Kasim Omar was on his way home when he saw several Chinese youths gathering at Jelutong (Penang). He was then brutally attacked and murdered by the youths who happens to be supporters of the Labour party. Then on 04th May 1969, three Malays constables stumbled upon a group of youths in Kepong painting a road with red paint. When confronted, the constables were attacked with sharp weapons forcing them to open fire that killed a 24 years old Lim Soon Seng. The Labor party seized this opportunity to hold a funeral parade of 'Red Warrior' on May 9 when some 3000 LPM members marched from Kuala Lumpur to Kepong, violating regulations and trying to provoke incidents with the police. Then after the general election, thousands of Chinese (Labour, DAP & Gerakan) marched through Kuala Lumpur on 12th May, parading through predominantly Malay areas, hurling insults on the Malays.

In retaliation, members of UMNO Youth gathered in Kuala Lumpur on 13 May at the residence of Selangor Menteri Besar Dato' Harun Haji Idris in Jalan Raja Muda, and demanded that they too should hold a victory celebration. However, it was also clear that certain subversive elements from within UMNO too were playing their role to aggravate the matter because headbands and weapons were distributed out of nowhere by an unidentified person.

The riot ignited the capital Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding area of Selangor, spreading throughout the city in 45 minutes.

In the aftermath of the riot, over 17 branches of the LPM were shut down and hundreds of its members were detained by security forces. Eventually the government came hard on LPM which led to its demise in 1972.

However, that’s not the end it.

In what could have been the most ironic decision made by the government , all of these enemies of the state were incarcerated a month later in the island where it all begins. Yes, the Jerejak Rehabilitation Center began operating from 12 June 1969 to August 1993 with its first batch consisted of those detained during the 13th May 1969 race riots. All the masonic subversive elements together with socialist and communist members suspected of playing a role in the riot were detained there.

(Note: Whereas the Labour Party was officially ceased to exist on September 1972. Parti Rakyat Malaysia manage to survive untill its merger with Parti Keadilan Nasional on August 3, 2003 to become what is known today as Parti KeADILan Rakyat)

* * * * * * * *

“So… did the Watchers Group get it right? Is it true that Penang is the Malaysian Capital of Freemasons?” I started out in a conversational tone.

His expression was composed; there was only the slightest hardening of his eyes. “Apparently, you and your friends are in need of some medication for being delusional.."

"You are Freemason, right?" pointing my finger at the emblem on the table as I said that.

"Yes, but I'm Freemason second, a Jesuit first" he answered in a hard and firm voice.

"And you're from Penang, right?" asking him another leading question try to make my next point.

Dato’ Pang shrugged. "Not everyone in Penang is a Freemason". Portraying his true Mason qualities being sharp and tactful, the senior Pang answered as if he was able to read my mind.

I smiled.

"True, most Penangites are not aware of this. I can even say the same about the millions of people living in Virginia or Washington DC but that doesn't change the fact that the Freemasons reigning the city, right?" I was trying to entice him again.

He took a deep breath and answered in a flat voice. "I'm sure you're aware that prominent Freemasons are also presence in other cities in this country".

It's my turn to shrugged. "True…True…but after the 1969 riot, the state of Penang seems to influence the course of Malaysia’s history a lot"

"Such as?" he asked in a disgruntled voice.

Hearing it, just like a wake up call to me. I tried to compose myself again knowing whom I am facing now. This conversation is going to be a mind war game. Here, I am having a golden opportunity face to face with a leading Mason cum Jesuit leader.

If more direct questions being thrown, might end up of me being shown the exit door.

Hell…after coming this far, I will take my chances…

"Anwar Ibrahim is from Penang.." another teaser came out from my mouth.

"So? Just because he's in the opposition doesn't means he's the bad guy" he smiled crookedly.

"Pak Lah is from Penang too. He might not be a Freemason but I suspect his son-in-law is.." I pressed him again.

Dato’ Pang's eyebrows pulled together. “You're being ridiculous” he muttered.

"Maybe.. but the Labour Party, Gerakan and DAP were also based in Penang. There was this "anti hadis movement" also started by a Penangite, then there was this Penang school that hosted the very first communist cell ever to penetrate a Malayan school.. What's its name again?.."

I was about to say the school's name when Dato’ Pang cut me out.

"Young man, I can assure you that none of that has anything to do with the Freemasons in Penang."

"Yeah, right.." I threw him a withering look and then rolled my eyes.

“Are you implying something about the Freemasons being an enemies of the state?” he questioned.

"No, not all of Freemasons of course. Certainly not those below the 33rd degree.. but apparently my opinion does not mirror the opinion of my friends in the Es Saif Ul Aswad.. ".

He glowered at me. “Tell you friend to stay away or otherwise we will retaliate”

He was serious and I was curious. “Speaking of that, what’s the thing about they wanted to kill you anyway?”

“Enough with this Saif Ul Aswad horse shit. You can ask your friend about that. Just make sure you tell them what I told you.”

“Very well Dato’’, but it still leaves us with two other things in my mind..”

“As long as we can change the subject and you stop accusing me of anything. What’s is it?” he gave a short burst answer. I noticed his Mason qualities seems shaken everytime Saif Ul Aswad being mentioned.

I then told him about my intention to refund the five million ringgit he had paid me. He was staring at me with incredulous eyes when he asked me for the reason. Convincing that the truth will set me free, I told him everything on Fatimah’s cause of death which I suspected has everything to do with the Illuminati’s ritual of human sacrifice. I also told him everything that happened so far between me and Syafiqah. His eyes flickered as he listened to my story and then widening with disbelief.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this.. Robert couldn’t possible do that to Joyce (Fatimah’s Christian name)! He’s a good Christian man and he loves her! Are you trying to tell me that members from our church are worshipping Satan?! You’re out of your mind, young man!” The old man was fuming visibly.

Thinking to myself , maybe moment of him showing me the exit door is near now.

I stared at him, speculating but he didn’t seem to notice.

“But Dato’.. I’ve met your contractor Mr.Lam and I know you know that places is haunted” I said.

Anger flickered across his face and then he took a deep breath and composed himself. He should know by now that I was accusing him of lying or at least suppressing vital information from him.

“You’re about to make your life harder than it needs to be, Mr. Muhammad,” Dato warned me through his teeth. “I’d really rather you didn’t sniffed around behind my back. Why can’t you just do your job without playing detectives?”

I laughed because I find his response was funny to me. I am a member of a Watchers Group. I like to investigate conspiracy theories and ghost stuffs.

“Dato’, perhaps you should hire someone else from the beginning. To tell you the truth, I was surprised that a prominent Jesuit cum Mason like you would hire a conspiracy theorists like me..”

“I didn’t know your background before today, Mr.Muhammad. I let my daughter Cecilia handle the task of sorting out the Fatimah’s issue”. He said acidly nodded or perhaps I would say with one stiff nod.

“Apparently Cecilia did her job too well for her own good. I will speak to her on that”.

I had a feeling that Cecilia Pang will be in a whole lot of trouble by now. (When she first met me she uses a fake name 'Esther')

“Don’t blame her” I pleaded to him.“She didn’t know whom I was either when she met me. She got my name and address from someone she knows in the internet..” I added trying to assure the senior Pang.

“Well, she should know better than to trust the internet, shouldn’t she?”

I stared at him for one short moment before giving any remark not wanting to get involved with the Pangs family’s affair. There was still one other pressing matter I need to discuss with my ‘employer’.

“Ehem.. and one other thing Dato’, the five million ringgit..” I sheepishly voice out as not to aggravate further annoyance.

“What’s about it?” he asked.

“When and how should I refund it?..”. It pained me to ask that question.

He paused for a moment, then his eyes staring to me directly.

“Did the girl.. what’s her name.. Syafiqah?.. she signed the contract?”

“Yes Dato’..”

“Were there any other eyewitness that saw Fatimah going to or leaving the Jerejak Island?”

“Yes Dato’, an employee of Mr.Pang but there is no need to go after him because Syafiqah already signed a document exonerating the hotel from any liability.” I explained to him.

I was of course referring to Mr.Lam’s employee, Isa. I decided not tell him about Pak Erwin because I’m not sure if anyone would ever be able to locate him.

“Give it to me.. I want to see..”

Luckily I brought my bag with me. I hastily retrieved the signed document and handed it over to Dato’ Pang and he proceeded to peruse over it, his face still hard and cold. Then he stood up and went to a nearby drawer and put the document inside it.

“A deal is a deal” he announced as he turned towards me. “My other lawyers will go through the document and if it’s good as you said then the money is yours. But since you like to play detective so much then I want you to meet Isa and ask him to sign a document denying his ever meeting with Robert or Fatimah. Get me that document and the five million is definitely yours.”

“But.. but..” I stuttered. I was shocked to hear this.

“A deal is a deal Mr Muhammad.. Do your job and whatever you wanted to do with the money later on is not my concern.” He said in a firm tone.

He was right, and he could see that I knew it too. A deal is a deal with both parties have agreed if the other party wanted to terminate it. Unfortunately for me, my employer forced me to take the money and perform the job. But on the bright side, it's five million ringgit that I can still keep.

Maybe I shouldn't tell my friends about what happened today, yes?.

My expression was confused but not upset as I left senior Pang office that morning.


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    Eventhough, I in Sarawak, Doesnt Mean I Didnt Know What Goings On To This World.

    I Hope U Can Continue Your 'Adventures' to reveals the TRUTH going on. May Pertolongan ALLAH SWT sentiasa bersamamu.

    #PSS: Did u Know Why, Nowadays, They (Freemason), their another project to keep searching (Anak Panah) that missing from hand of Napoleone Benoparte And Hitler. Is It Panah Sidi Arab Or Panah Busar Gumbira.

    1. Yes, there're Luciferians within UMNO and they are working in tandem with Luciferians in the opposition group. It's a general knowledge that Luciferians plays both side to ensure winnings so this is not surprising.

  6. very enlightening...
    Now I understand the origin of that "Bull Head". Some political parties in Indonesia are proud using the Kepala Banteng as their logos. The obvious one is Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDI_P), even its Kepala Banteng has red eyes and white mouth, totally satan look. So, nowadays, with Gerindra, Prabowo party, joins the PDI P, they seem like a perfect couple, the eye of horus together with the head of moloch.

    I wonder what kind of miracle that could sweep the horrible things out of Java's island. (Java first, and the rest will follow). Perhaps the Krakatau big eruption.... or the next Bengkulu giant earthquake will awake us.



    1. Salam,
      Glad To See Indonesian Brothers Here :)
      Kepala Banteng logos, seems they have any cooperate between the party.

      Since, I have seen the reasearch about Tsunami that happen in acheh, I can conclude somethings happen between ur goverment and american to demolish acheh muslims. because, Why Two USSR Ships in the coast of Acheh.

      Even India and all around the nations have been warn early about the somethings going to happen.

      When i see the 'mayat' of the acheh people. They skin like to burned. Maybe nuclear explotion in the indonesians sea can burning the skin.

      Because from what i know, when we die in the sea. Sea contains garam that can membuat kulit kita terawet semulajadi.

      Mari kita berdoa agar tidak ada terjadi apa2 bencana di Indonesia mahupun negara islam. Jika krakatau meletus, keluar asap yang tebal... jadi apakah benar Surah AD-Dhukan menceritakan perihal yang akan berlaku kepada umat manusia.

      AD-DHUKAN bermaksud debu. :)
      Salam Dari Serawak, Malaysia

    2. @ riri : the PDI-P emblem does resembles Moloch, doesn't it? And the Garuda's head inside a pentagon? Well, that's something to think about. I truly hope that Prabowo won't be your next President. If Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM and Prabowo becomes President, then the circle of power in SE Asia is complete.

    3. Every person who still have healthy mind won't choose Prabowo as president, but due to the major low awareness, ignorance, and stupidity of rakyat he might be the next president. Indonesianese are longing for stability like they used to have before 1998 (Soeharto era), and perhaps they see a kind of Soeharto personality in Prabowo.

      Here, in recent years almost every month we have riots, rakyat against policemen/ military/ government. The corrupt politicians make us poor and suffer, the multi national corporate invade and exploit our land, the government official do corrupt also, integrity is very rare. We are drowning in huge international debt. Decent food, school, health are so expensive for major people. Democracy do not bring us wealth and happiness. The spiritual community (I mean the dukun group) said that's because our leader was not from the righteous genealogy.

      Then eng ing eng suddenly I heard Prabowo has blood connection with Sunan Giri, so some dukun are standing behind, treat him as our future king, spread this information to the traditional people.

      Mungkin, circle power of illuminati harus dilengkapi dulu di sini untuk sedikit waktu. Allah itu kan Maha Adil, segala usaha para sekutu setan itu dibalas tunai di dunia untuk 2 or 3 years may be, dan kemudian disapu habis oleh kekuatan ilahiah.

      Mudah2an sih tidak, mudah2an sih yang baik2 saja yang terjadi, mudah2an orang yang baik yang menjadi pemimpin negara.


    4. I guess all of us have our own worries about own country. In my country Anwar Ibrahim has a good chance of becoming Prime Minister after the Christian and Chinese community gave their allegiance to him. But it is going to be a close fight because Alhamdulillah since 2008 the Malaysian bloggers has been exposing his true face. Most malays now see what we have been talking about but the Chinese and non-Muslims basically don't give a damn if he is Freemason or even Luciferian. He promised them pluralism, liberalism, wealth and political power - the things they never dream of having before. In short Anwar is selling Islam and the Malay race to them and they hold 40% voting power in Malaysia and he could win as long as Malaysian Malays are split into two groups as now happening.

      Since you're so worried about your country and race, why not write about in your blog? Maybe it's true that we cannot stop their rise to power in 2013, but still we ought to prepare some groundwork for the rise of the black banner, don't you agree?. The Illuminati is actually preparing the world for their public emergence. Once New World Order is complete than they no longer have to hide themselves. We must educate the younger generation about who they are because the young might as well be the one who bears the black flag against the Luciferians.

      P/S: Not that I have anything against artists, but I simply cannot understand why political parties would want to nominate lots of artists as candidate especially the former models and beauty queens. Playing a role in cinematron or in silver screens is far different from being leaders for the people.

    5. Surely, they use artist as their get voter. This is the era of "image", thanks to the television. The artists almost always look awesome, beautiful, nice, while many people have already get sick watching the politicians. Most of political parties want to win the election for their own interest, not for the sake of rakyat.

      Indonesianese have experience this kind of situation. We have some artists in parliament, being a vice of governor, and as far as I know, they are so uncompetent, only play the safe role. They don't do anything which make everything getting better. They even don't read much.

      My conclusion, the artists are just puppets, their glamorous lifestyle make them far away from the jalan lurus, so easy to drive them into the illuminati dark plan.


  7. hmm...good stuff as always....i'm so fascinated with the historical origins of Jerejak island! may be I shld go there...or may be not since I'm a scaddy cat anyway! well done Afterdark!(pls dont address with as Puan lerr...y so formal one! haha)

    1. You should go there and then email to me some pictures!! Sadly enough won't ever have enough money to fly to peninsular to visit the island. The last time I went to peninsular was 2008 during hari raya holiday and my family only take a tour around KL.

  8. thanks bro for adding links for previous chapters coz ive been having difficulties to trace all the chapters..but could u do same with the rest of the 1st few chapters too..thanks again

    1. Will do.. but you may only interested to read chapter 1 and 2 because chapter 3,4 and 5 were just reproduced articles ffrim my 2008 articles in MYKMU explaining what Illuminati is. Therefore those who already followed me since 2008 may skip to chapter 6.

  9. some what anti-climax.

    so did you get to keep the money and the girl?
    are you sure you are in Sabah as you claimed to be?

    1. because blood starts spilling in chapter 15, then the foreplay in chapter 14 was to create a false sense of anti climax.

      I can't reveal how the story goes but I can tell you that my wife already warn me that I shall have no fictional romantic relationship with a fictional character or otherwise I will suffer non-fictional bruises.

      Betul bah, I am Sabahan and living in a small quite district of Sabah.

    2. ayah saya orang penang dan pernah bersekolah kat penang free school, dan sekarang bekerja di sebuah kilang yang betul2 mengadap pulau jerejak. kali pertama melihat pulau jerejak tu saye rase seram je, tak tahu kenapa sbb rase mcm ade yg tersembunyi kat situ walaopun pade zahirnya dulu seperti kelihatan tiade ape2. timekasih afterdark kerana artikel anda banyak membuat saye lebih mengetahui tentang kampung halaman saye. saye pernah melihat 'takdir' saya di pulau mutiara ini. mudah-mudahan pulau ini, juga pulau jerejak menjadi seperti namanya, pulau mutiara suatu hari nanti insyaallah...

    3. InsyaAllah.. sama-sama kita berdoa.

    4. huh? seram? sah tak nak gi! hehe...

  10. Assalam,

    kalau org kat penang ni mmg selalu dengar hal yang jerejak ni mmg suatu tempat yg keras..ada yg dah jadi gila pon sbb kerja kat sana

    apa pandangan tuan berkenaan lawatan PM ke Gaza berjumpa HAMAS..adakan sebagai amaran kepada Yahudi supaya jgn masuk campur hal dalaman Malaysia?

    1. Alahai bestnya kalau saya ada cukup duit melawat pulau mutiara dan pulau jerejak.

      Mengenai lawatan PM ke Gaza tu, saya ada pendapat saya sendiri tapi tak nak lah komen di sini sebab nanti akan mencetuskan debat polemik politik pula. Bukan saya takut berdebat, cuma 'malas' berdebat lagipun isu tu tak relevan dengan posting kali ni.

    2. Penang dolo2 bess ni x ada la bess sgt...hehehee..sowwwwrryy org Penang..
      Saya kesian ja tengok Melayu2 kat sana ,macam dok negeri Hong Kong plak..
      Dolo kat BAtu Feringgi kalo lalu kat lereng2 bukit boleh nampak pantai2 yg indah hijau biru2 ni dilindungi oleh bangunan2 jaaa,..aikkk mana pi pantai2 dolo?? semua terlindung dgn bangunan jaakk..
      Yg best cuma bleh shopping buah pala dn roti benggali ja...ahaksss

    3. Tuan AD,
      nanti kalau mai p la tidoq 2,3 malam kat jerejak tu..resort dia boleh tahan cantik dan selesa jugak cuma org tempatan seriau nak p tidoq sana sbb macam seram hehehe...harap tuan boleh kupas isu lawatan PM ke gaza sbb saya rasa tindakan PM mmg berani la pi melawat gaza...saya tak rasa ramai pemimpin yg berani buat macam PM, tak kisah la sbb politik atau benar2 ikhlas..hanya Allah yg tau apa dalam hati PM

      Saudara SAL,
      tu la masa kecik2 rasa seronok dok penang ni...bila mai besaq rasa tawaq hati nak dok sini ...ada terpikir nak pindah p kedah saja sbb risau masa depan anak cucu nanti tah macam mana la agaknya...kalau pindah makin kurang la nanti populasi Islam,bertambah sedih bila ramai org melayu yg tak daftar undi sbb tak sedar betapa penting satu undi kat penang ni

    4. Baiklah Penang Mali, saya akan berikan pendapat peribadi saya. Tapi saya harap pendapat peribadi ini tidak diperpanjangkan perbincangannya.

      Mengenai niat PM melawat Gaza tu, saya tak nak kupas lanjut sebab niat di hati manusia itu hanya Allah yang mengetahui. Penyokong Pembangkang tuduh PM nak cari populariti politik, penyokong Kerajaan pula memuji tindakan berani PM. Masing-masing ada pendapat mereka sendiri.

      Saya cuma nak kata bahawa mana-mana ketua kerajaan yang secara terbuka membantu dan menyokong Hamas pada masa ini adalah pemimpin tulen yang anti Israel, itu saja. Ini kerana inilah satu-satunya cara untuk membuktikan bahawa pemimpin dan negara Malaysia adalah anti Israel. Memang tak ada cara lain.

      Ada sesetengah kelompok masyarakat menuduh negara ini sebagai secara sulit pro-Israel. Alasan mereka? Sebab kapal kontena Israel berlabuh kat pelabuhan Malaysia, atau kerana pasukan kriket Israel pernah datang Malaysia, atau kerana APCO pernah dapat kontrak. Ini adalah alasan orang yang tak belajar prinsip perdagangan, perundangan dan maritim antarabangsa. Tapi berdebat dengan golongan begini memang boleh terikut tumpul pemikiran kita.

      Satu-satunya cara untuk mana-mana pemimpin negara Islam membuktikan dirinya Anti Israel adalah dengan membuat lawatan terbuka dan rasmi ke Gaza bersepakat dengan Hamas. Sila ambil perhatian di sini saya sebut 'Gaza' dan bukan Palestin. Saya juga sebut Hamas dan bukan Kerajaan Palestin.

      Palestin itu sekarang terpecah dua iaitu Gaza dibawah Hamas dan Tebing Barat di bawah Fatah. Fatah sekarang juga tidak sama dengan Fatah dulu semasa zaman sebelum Yasseer Arafat. Fatah di bawah Mahmoud Abbas sekarang adalah disokong, dibekalkan senjata dan dibiayai oleh Amerika Syarikat dan israel. Contohnya Pengawal Presiden dibawah Fatah adalah dibiayai USD$59 juta oleh pentadbiran Amerika. Israel juga membenarkan persenjataan ringan disalurkan kepada pasukan pengawal presiden Fatah.

      Keadaan ini berbeza dengan Hamas yang sangat dimusuhi oleh Amerika dan Israel. Hamas adalah dikategorikan sebagai 'pengganas' oleh Amerika dan sebaik saja Hamas memenangi pilihanraya 2006, Amerika, Israel dan sekutu-sekutunya terus mengumumkan sekatan ke atas Gaza. Malahan pada 2004 agensi perisikan Britain melancarkan pelan membasmi Hamas.

      Oleh itu adalah jelas bahawa Hamas adalah musuh Amerika dan Israel dan bagi mana-mana pemimpin negara Islam untuk secara terbuka mengumumkan persahabatan, sokongan dan malahan melawat Gaza dan ibu pejabat Hamas adalah seolah-olah membuat pengumuman global bahawa negaranya adalah seperi Hamas - iaitu Anti Israel tanpa kompromi (pernah dengar "an enemy of my enemy is my friend"?).

      Kalau ada pemimpin nak buktikan dia anti Israel, dia kena pergi Gaza dan berbaiah menyokong perjuangan Hamas serta pemimpin Hamas yang dalam senarai bunuh Israel dan CIA dulu. Kalau sekadar umum di KL derma RM700 ribu buat masjid di palestin, itu cuma publisity stunt saja tu.

      Itulah pendapat peribadi saya.

  11. this is totally stupid.. it seems like there is no negative comments at all so I assume you just delete them. LMAO.. using politic of PKR saying they are illuminati and everything.. if they are I don see them being the government now.. Y BN still is gov after just getting 46% of vote when PKR has 51%? so who is the illuminati now?

    1. Dear PKR supporter.. Thank you for visiting my site. Feel free to read all my other articles and its comments section to see whether I have a habit of deleting comments of those who merely opined differently. Please don't assume too much on your first visit here :)

  12. salam AD...dari kecil telah diceritakan kewujudan Sang Kelembai yang boleh menyumpah benda menjadi batu termasuk manusia.Masa kecik pernah melawat bekas tapak kaki Sang Kelembai berdekatan rumah tok di Batu Maung..ironinya..nama Batu Maung itu sendiri macam ada perkaitannya.Terdapat berdekatan bekas tapak kaki Sang Kelembai,batu berbentuk kapal.Artikel pernah ditulis dalam mastika tahun 90an.Batu Maung juga menghadap Pulau Jerejak dan diberitahu terdapat sebelah lagi bekas tapak kaki di atas batu di dalam laut antara Batu Maung dan Pulau Jerejak.Mungkin entiti ini yang melenyapkan penduduk Pulau Jerejak suatu ketika dahulu.Jambatan ke2 dibina menghubungkan Batu Maung dengan Batu Kawan...batu lagi