Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So someone sent email to me asking "PRU13 is coming.. how's your prepping sir?"

I saw this in facebook, holy crap! those idiots really want these? 

Also I saw this in a blog (click here) which signals for street revolution, really?

I'm not one to brag (usually) but I do think I need to proof to my readers that I'm still prepping and I'm dead serious about this illuminati blueprint shit (click here to read my 2008 article  2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT ) .

So just as a last minute reminder and to boost your motivation to prep (so that you know you're not the only paranoid person in this country), here's some photos of my latest prepping.

I will try my best to write an article on surviving Malaysian-Spring if that really happens this May. But for the time being I'm a bit busy adding rice and canned foods on my prepping list.

medicines.. lots of it for the whole family

lady stuffs and baby stuffs

mobile cooker, cooking oil and a few canned foods. 
(tomorrow I'll make sure every inch of remaining spaces will be filled with rice)

vacuumed rice and canned foods

 There's more and more of these inside my house, my parent's house and my in-laws house.

 car batteries (2), portable fan & lamp (2), tent (2) and portable solar panel.

 when the shit hits the fan, there will be a looooong que at the fuel station. There's 3 of these all filled up with with petrol in my house, another two at my in-laws and another four at my parent's.

  rice only provides carbohidrat.. so you need protien too.. I spent quite a lot foe these boxes of canned foods (mostly sardines though because it's cheap).

I need to buy more of these.. I don't think 50ml of nicotine is enough for the whole year

 three babat guns version 1.0 and 2.0.. a slingshot with marbles as projectiles and several commercial arrows for slingbows.. On the far right is a handfull of chopsticks with iron nails tied on top.. I made  almost a hundred of these projectiles for my babat guns.

Hmmm.. hopefully this roof rack will come handy.


Dari Abu Hurairah ra katanya- Rasulullah SAW bersabda " nanti akan berlaku fitnah (kekacauan). Orang yang duduk dalam menghadapai fitnah itu lebih baik dari berdiri. Orang yang berdiri  lebih baik dari berjalan. Orang yang berjalan lebih baik dari yang berlari. Siapa yang kemuka hadapan semasa kekacauan, nescaya akan dimurkakan Allah. Maka siapa yang memperolehi tempat berlindung, hendaklah dia berlindung" Hadis Sahih Bukari no 1871 m/s 130  

(sumber dari blog Anakbukitgantanag in Putrajaya)


  1. Salam to u. I hope you and your family will survive if something bad happen. Sir, if the revolution really happen and the Muslim get slaugthered in this golden land, will you and the watchers come and help us? I hope the best but I think someone will revive May 13 version 2.0 and it will be the worst...

    1. Walaikumsalam.

      For your info, the Malaysian Watchers is just a sub-group of the Watchers International. Prior to its disbandment there were about 200 of us from all over the world, but after the Wikileaks incident the group was disbanded and the forum was closed.

      Then due to the Arab-Spring, almost the entire groups of the Middle Eastern Watchers also disappeared from internet and no longer can be contacted.

      It's now just me and a few of Malaysian Watchers still contacting each other (and occasionally a few ex-members from other South East Asia). I'm the only Sabahan in the group and the rest are in Peninsular.

      The Lashkar Es-Said Ul-Aswad does exists but in different name. I'm sure they will come to assist but it's not like what you think. Similar in one way to Al-Maunah group but with different principles and approach, many of them however are related to the military and therefore operated within the security forces. So you won't see them wielding machete or keris on the street. They will operate within an army ops instead.

      I think our Imam will emerge in 2020 because there need to be either a civil war or anarchy in Saudi Arabia first as the blood of Moslems will be spilled into Jamratul.

      Untill then.. Just try to hang on, survive and wait for the black banner.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I hope the best from Allah and I believe the Sabil groups are still around us. when King Abdullah dies, there will be a bloodbath.. Again, the fast approaching Rajab al Mudar, Syaa'ban and Ramadhan... I hope you will be among the chosen ones.

  2. thanks for your prepping update and sharing
    at least there is someone out there takes this preparation very seriously
    my good friend also starts buying important foods and stuffs from nearby grocery store
    he mentioned that the pre-election climate is very hot between parties members
    i guess other than people is wondering and thinking whom to vote, they are also planning where to go for shelter in case anything bad happen
    one question - what do you think of our police/royals/mkn/armys' preparation to face all these possibilities?
    i read somewhere that our army would be in alert status during any election in malaysia
    you also know that those uncle sam war ship would always having friendly voyage to south east asia ever time when there is an election going on in malaysia

    but this time they really intend to complete up the job once and for all since the plan to conquer malaysia has been delayed for many times

    my friend's tariqah tok guru has reminded his followers to keep praying and practice specific zikir especially to face any possibilities in coming election

    1. I think our security forces are ready to take orders and carry it out excellently.. but then again Hishamuddin is technically speaking still our minister of internal affairs and judging from how he handled the Lahad Datu incident there's no doubt he sucks.

      If there is ever civil anarchy in Malaysia, our only hope is for the monarch to be decisive. We the Watchers have study the role of the monarch in ending the riot in Bangkok and we are quite impressed with how effective it was. When the monarch issued orders, not even the opposition leaders can effectively politicize it.

      But Thailand only has one monarch, we on the other hand has nine. For these nine to come together an make a decision as a single unit is indeed time consuming and challenging enough.

      Last week my group has suggested me to write about these but I scolded them back for telling me to write too much thing in a single month. Furthermore I think nobody in Putrajaya is listening anyway.

      But I guess I should write about it, but in the meantime I also need to prioritize my prepping because my family need to be prepared.

      Please read my April 2012 article "PROBABLY JUST MY IMAGINATION RUNNING WILD?" because a lot of what I am about to write is related with what I already told in that article.

  3. rilex brader...nothing will happen

    it will be another 2012 hoax

    1. Anwar Is dead Serious about going to the streets if he does not win n not becoming prime minister..there will be some havoc..but we all hope nothing will happen..Allah safe guards Us All

    2. Anonymous 6:52 AM

      I fervently hope so.. nothing made me happier than being proven wrong.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. So marilah kita berdoa PAKATAN menang supaya tak perlu ada arab spring di malaysia :)

    1. 2013 adalah tahun mencabar kerena berdasarkan blueprint:-

      (a) jika BN menang mereka akan buat Malaysian Spring (rujuk artkel 2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT)

      (b) jika PAKATAN menang maka tak lama selepas tu (dalam 2013 juga) DAP akan pujuk MCA untuk lompat masuk PAKATAN dan kemudian dump PAS. Akhirnya pengikut PAS marah dan semua orang melayu mengamok dan berlaku juga rusuhan (rujuk artikel September 2010 bertajuk DAIRY SEORANG PELARIAN)

      So kesimpulannya, tak rugi beli beras di tahun 2013 ni.

    2. nampaknya ada yang berminat sangat untuk tentera parang panjang muncul...

    3. Tak jumpa link September 2010. Only Dec 2010 (3 articles). Teringin nak baca. Boleh bg link article tersebut?

    4. Anonymous 0:07 AM

      Alamak sori silap info.. Bukan 2010 tapi 2012..


    5. anon May 1, 2013 at 9:55 AM

      "kali inilah", jika mereka mahu membuat kacau seperti dahulu, bukan setakat parang panjang yang keluar, bapa dan mak parang panjang pun akan keluar sekali. Ilmu Sabil tetap diwarisi dan parang parang panjang yang berterbangan akan mencari mangsanya sendiri, dengan izin Allah.

  5. Satu prepping yang bagus. Kami di sini baru berjinak2 maybe baru 10% dr simpanan tuan. Semoga kita dibuktikan bersalah. Tetapi berSEDIA mmg dituntut.

  6. saya telah mula menyimpan beras sejak tahun lepas, sekarang sudah hampir setahun dan bekalan beras itu hampir habis.. saya menyimpannya biasa-biasa saja tanpa seal/vakum. walaupun sejak bulan ke 7 telah hadir bubuk tetapi bila beras dibasuh tiada kesan pada nasi yang dimasak, maksud saya nasi itu sempurna tiada berbau atau berasa lain. sekarang dah hampir satu tahun ni makin banyak la bubuknya, rasanya dalam satu pek 10kg beras ada sekitar 400-500 ekor bubuk. tetapi nasi tetap sempurna lepas beras dibasuh dan dimasak. 2 petua untuk orang yang mahu simpan beras dan menghindari kutu beras/bubuk tanpa seal/vakum:

    1. ambil beberapa tangkai cili kering dan serai lalu dimasukkan ke dalam bekas beras

    2. meletakkan daun limau nipis/purut dan masukkan ke dalam bekas beras (Selain tidak berkutu, beras juga akan berbau wangi)

    sepanjang simpanan selama hampir setahun, saya tidak mengamalkan petua diatas. selepas melihat banyaknya bubuk, baru saya mencari petua untuk menghindarinya. saya akan cuba petua tersebut insyaAllah dan selamat mencuba juga pada semua.

    nota: beras yang saya simpan dan makan adalah dari kategori beras wangi gred aaa. saya harap semua jenis beras pun tiada masalah jika mengamalkan petua tersebut.

    1. terima kasih atas petuanya.. cara lain yang pernah dicadangkan dan didakwa terbukti berkesan ialah:-

      (a) cara bandar paling sengkek ialah simpan beras dalam botol plastik biasa 1.5L tu. Masukkan beras guna corong - hentak-hentak sampai padat sambil isikan beras sampai penuh - dan tutup mulut botol kuat-kuat. Oleh kerana botol plastik ni berbentuk seperti tiub maka beras akan padat dan kurang udara di dalam botol.

      (b) ada yang vacuum beras guna vacuum kereta RM40 dan plastik sealer RM40 saja. Saya tau macam mana dia buat tapi memandangkan saya ada food sealer saya yang khas untuk vacuum makanan maka saya tak plak pernah cuba guna vacuum kereta ni.

      (c) cara paling cool ialah simpan beras guna dalam tong kalis udara, tekan sehingga padat, dan kemudian gunakan baking soda untuk menghasilkan karbon dioksida didalam tong tu bagi menggantikan oksigen. Rasanya ini konsep yang sama digunakan oleh US untuk menyimpan bijirin makanan dalam kuantiti yang besar.


    2. as salam

      bagus juga prepping idea dari Afterdark ni, boleh kongsi pelbagai petua rupa2nya - terutamanya petua cara mengawet makanan

      sebab tu juga wujudnya jeruk asin, sawi asin (cara mengawet makanan basah), ikan kering, sotong kering, udang kering (cara mengawet ikan), kekacang dll

  7. masukkan beras dalam freezer sekurang2nya 4 jam. Telur bubuk akan musnah. Lepas tu barulah simpan seperti biasa

    1. takde kesan pada beras ka bro?

    2. insyaalah tiada kesan pada beras, tepung, kacang hijau, spice (benda kering) Kalau benda basah eg sayuran, akan rosak.

  8. syabas... blog yang bagus... banyak info yang berguna..

  9. Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "There will be afflictions (and at the time) the sitting person will be better than the standing one, and the standing one will be better than the walking, and the walking will be better than the running. And whoever will look towards those afflictions, they will overtake him, and whoever will find a refuge or a shelter, should take refuge in it." The same narration is reported by Abu Bakr, with the addition, "(The Prophet said), 'Among the prayers there is a prayer the missing of which will be to one like losing one's family and property." (Book #56, Hadith #799)

  10. of all the items listed, me too...couldn't agreed more that as for item 9 shown in the pic, need lots of it !!! haha

  11. Salam...
    ello bang,kita ni kan hidup dalam aman damai.perlukah semua ni.tindakan mcm ni hanya akan menimbulkan panik di kalangan masyarakat aje.
    12:00 malam

    1. saya dah menulis mengenai perkara prepping ini semenjak 2011 lagi (rujuk artikel december 2011 'I am prepper'.. mengenai kekacauan 2013 pula saya dah tulis semenjak 2008 lagi (MYKMU 2008 : 2013 Illuminati blueprint).. Tujuan saya menulis bertahun-tahun lebih awal dari 2013 tujuannya adalah untuk mengelak panik la tu..

      Sesiapa yang dah prepping dan dah bersedia semenjak awal rasanya tak akan panik.. Sedih tu memang adalah kerana kita semua mengharap apa yang dijangka itu ternyata tidak benar. Tapi rasanya tiada rasa panik kepada mereka yang dah bersedia. Yang panik tu ialah mereka yang selama ni langsung tak bersedia.

      Jangan bimbang sebab saya bukan Nostradamus. Sangat besar juga kemungkinan saya hanya seorang blogger super paranoid yang ada masalah 'short-circuit' di fikiran saya.

      Tapi mengenai persediaan stok makanan sebegini bak kata orang putih "its better to have one but not needed, rather than to need one but not having".

    2. My apologies..
      Bukan apa, saya ni jenis tak suka pada kacau bilau dan huru hara.Tu aje. But still its a good blog.The content in this blog is consistent.
      But if you dont mind, cemane boleh terfikir dan terlintas mengenai apa yg mgkin berlaku pada tahun 2013 padahal artikel tu di tulis sejak 2008.
      whats method that u used.
      melalui pemerhatian sendiri, sumber-sumber 'rahsia', kajian atau something else.
      sbb saya sendiri tak dapat apa yg di tulis dalam artikel
      tahun 2008 dan keadaan in the present skrg ni hampir tepat.
      scenario ke arah itu semakin kuat.just like a timed bomb.tunggu masa aje.
      esok kita akan mengundi, so selamat mengundi kpd semua.
      actually semua ni berkait-kait isn't it.
      but to tell the truth your intinct is impressive.

      11:36 mlm

  12. Salam Sheikh,

    Nak tanya sikit, solar panel tu enta beli mana ye?

    1. beli kat internet.. banyak jual kat

  13. Saya pernah terbaca mengenai persediaan mghadapi kekacauan akibat NWO di fb page dinaremas dirhamperak..digalakkan mwujudkam prkampungan islam,segala kemudahan elektronik perlu dijauhkan bg mgelak dikesan..waktu baca tu terfikir ada ke org nak buat??..lps jmp blog tn br sedar rmi yg dh bersedia.
    Ops..salam perkenalan

  14. salam, saya berminat nak kenal empunya blog.ada banyak benda yang saya nak sembangkan. macam mana cara saya nak contact bloger?

    1. Saya ni pemalu, dan oleh itu sangat keberatan memperkenalkan diri :)

      Tapi kalau nak bersembang, bolehlah add saya sebagai 'friend' di facebook saya 'Afterdark Writes'. Kalau sekadar nak menyampaikan maklumat, boleh kontek di

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